Report: Arsenal 2-0 Montpellier (inc goals)


Arsenal booked their passage into the knock-out stages of the Champions League with a 2-0 win over Montpellier at the Emirates this evening.

Arsene Wenger made just one change from the 5-2 win over Sp*rs with Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain replacing the injured Theo Walcott, while Gervinho and Kieran Gibbs returned to the bench.

The opening minutes were characterised by a series of sloppy Arsenal passes, with Wilshere, Cazorla, Giroud and Podolski all failing to find their men under no real pressure.

Arsenal fashioned the first chance though, Laurent Koscielny smashing a header off the crossbar in the 11th minute after a great cross from the left. From the rebound Per Mertesacker shimmied his way into the box like an elongated Lionel Messi, but was tackled before he could take a shot.

Wojciech Szczesny was then called into action when the visitors broke through, timing his intervention perfectly to prevent a goal.

Arsenal, despite being marginally on top, were restricted to speculative efforts. Olivier Giroud hooked a shot wide from distance, before Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain forced a save from Jourdren with a shot on the turn but it was easy for the keeper.

In the 32nd minute, Laurent Koscielny made a brilliant run from the back, surged all the way to the edge of the Montpellier box, and lost the ball only for them to present it back to us. It came to Podolski, he cut inside, inside again and with his weaker right foot shot from the edge of the box but it rolled just wide.

Arsenal continued their pressure. A fine move worked the ball through midfield to Santi Cazorla, his perfectly timed pass found Podolski running into the box but, under pressure and from a relatively tight angle, he shot wide.

The rest of the half played itself out without much incident, Montpellier’s only real moments of danger came when Arsenal, and Oxlade-Chamberlain in particular, were sloppy on the ball, but shots from distance never troubled Szczesny.

Arsenal took the lead early in the second half through Jack Wilshere. A Thomas Vermaelen cross from the left was headed down by Olivier Giroud and from close range the onrushing Wilshere dinked it over the keeper to make it 1-0. His first Arsenal goal in almost two years.

It didn’t exactly inspire Arsenal, with Montpellier having a decent spell after the goal. Szczesny was forced into a routine save by Cabella before another speculative long-ranger went wide. The linesman didn’t endear himself to the home crowd either, giving Podolski and Giroud offside when they clearly weren’t.

The Gunners doubled their lead in the 63rd minute though. A move started on the right by Oxlade-Chamberlain who came inside and was blocked off. Podolski picked it up, played it to Giroud on the D who dinked it back over the defence and on the run Podolski hammered a left footed volley past the keeper to make it 2-0. A truly brilliant goal and the quality of the finish was just what the pass deserved.

The pair were invovled again when a Sagna cross almost fell perfectly for Giroud to head home, but Montpellier’s defence got a touch and the ball just evaded Podolski on the rebound.

And again the German and the Frenchman combined when Podolski’s cute pass inside the Montpellier defence found Giroud but his right footed shot from close range was saved by Jourdren.

Arsene Wenger brought on Coquelin and Gervinho for Cazorla and the two-assist HFB and looked to run down the clock. The most exciting thing that happened in the final stages was a Montpellier player taking a Vermaelen hoofer square in the face, right on the hooter! Boom, it’s nearly as funny as football to the groin.

With Schalke winning against Olympiacos it means that Arsenal have qualified for the knock-out stages, but will have to win in Greece and hope tonight’s opponents can take points of the group leaders if they want to go through in pole position.

All in all though a good night, good goals, a clean sheet and three vital points.


      • Can anyone tell me how many assists giroud now has? im sure it must be 10 or more after tonights 2. Honestly our forward line is awesome starting with cazorla walcott podolski and giroud backed up by chamberlain arshavin gervinho and chamakh. i want a proper statto to work out how many goals and assists this lot now have between them?

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    • I don’t give a dick on that dutch slunk. Great win after our trademark 5-2. Anyway any body looking for a job? There’s a vacant one at the bridge.

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      • Not anymore there isnt….. theyve got Rafa!! hahahahahahah….. hahahahahhaaha… hahahahahahahahaha….

        Abromovich must of been thinking, fuckkk its going to be cheaper to get a new manager then a new striker. We’ll just get the one cock head in who Torres actually played well for.

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    • Would have really liked a goal for Giroud but a wonder strike from podolski is fine too!. The thing with poldi is that he just too much power!, took it really well.

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  1. Slightly concerned that we are going to finish second and draw barca or Munich, I’m probably being too pessimistic on a night where we should be delighted

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    • Munich is in second in their group as well…..Finishing first might lead us to facing either of bayern, juventus, ac milan, real madrid, who are all second in their groups for now. Finishing second might not be that bad.

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      • Munich is first in their group, and Juve might yet snatch the top spot. I’d still prefer to go first, you know that we will play barca anyway if we come second

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      • Don’t want to sound negative though, second is fine, some teams have spent billions without reaching it 😀 And Giroud will shoot the catalonian cun*ts down

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      • Personally, i don’t care where we finish. If you want to win the Champions League, along the way you’ll need to play the best of the best. Bring it on.

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    • Barca. It’s a metaphysical certainty. But we’re due to give them a serious rogering up their collective backside.

      We’re through. Without needing a result in Greece. So let’s worry about later, well, later.

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      • I think Dortmund would be the second worse pick after barca..I reckon we’d find bayern munich easier..watched Dortmund play this last weekend..they were fucking incredible..their stadium and fans are scary as well! Bloody yellow catches the eye! Fingers crossed it’s Malaga or porto

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      • Fabregas song xavi iniesta villa the tall gagling cheating cunt all’s only messi who scares the living daylights out of me..(please not barca please not barca please not barca)

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  2. Giroud did have a good game (2 assists) and I thought Wilshire’s energy and work rate was tremendous, love the little guy!

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  3. Haha agreed, And Jack Wilshire is going to be one of the best we’ve ever seen in red and white, if not the best. Big praise too for the much maligned A Ramsay who played great when he came on. Fair dues to the fans who got behind him coming on.Happiness!

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    • And Seb, we qualify from the group, a goal from Jack, a cracker from Podolski, a clean sheet, Gibbs back fit, and all after a 5-2 win against the scum at the weekend, and all you can say is youre concerned that we are going to finish second and draw barca or Munich. Will you just enjoy it

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  4. What a goal by Poldi! and a slick finish by Wilshere! Great game. Credit to Ramsey helped see the game off with ease too, Ramsey bashers need to give credit where it’s due!

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      • No it does not I agree Seb. But it is the likes of you who is on his back the second he does give it away instead of getting behind the players who want to play for us, want to improve and play well with us. You’ll be singing his name when he is playing out of his skin saying you always thought he was great. become a fan dude, it will make you much happier

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    • Would love to see more substitution appearances from Ramsey… a much better way for us to get great performances out of him than playing him as a starter. Definite credit — looked alive today!

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      • I just think the criticism of him is over the top. He has so much talent, I would have him ahead of the likes of Cleverly any day, way more talented and versatile. Despite being broken up by a thug he always battles and does not pull out of challenges or hide. He looks for the ball. its only a matter of time before him and Jack are world renowned for their midfield partnership

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  5. Wow – I must have missed some terrorist threats coming from people liking the Dutch skunk. Use his initials in any context & your comment gets suspended.

    What a goal from Poldi. A couple more like that & we might be threatening a good run.

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  6. I was alive when Ramsey caught his opponent in possession for a change. Brilliant second half; we could have killed them, but i think it was sensible to conserve energy for the weekend. And Podolski; how did we love that! The defensive headache is really one to love. The BFG was awesome with Bossielny today. Enough said about the Bac. And vermaelen may not venture that far upfront as gibbs does, but what the hell – he is a CB. Up the arse!

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  7. Great result obviously, decent performance but what impressed me most was the whole team worked thier nuts off all game, full of running and fighting for every ball. Even had we lost that’s all I would ever ask of my team.

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  8. Did anyone feel like the linesman wasn’t getting the same job as his counterpart on the other side so he decided to pull countless offsides from his arse!.

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  9. Not a single performance to pick apart today… they all played hard the whole game, and everyone did their part. Now THIS is the Arsenal.

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  10. Can’t be unhappy with that at all, good performance, not the greatest but solid and untroubled. A clean sheet is most welcome too. Another happy lil gooner tonight.

    Might be an idea to rest Santi for the Villa game – maybe give Coq a run out, or Ramsey. With Gerv and Gibbs back, we’ve got options again.

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    • Don’t think resting cazorla would be a good idea..he’s our creative outlet..him out would maybe over burden wilshere a bit too early..maybe substitute him a little early after our 3rd goal..prefer to rest him against the Greeks instead

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      • I’d rather rest him for both games, frankly!

        See, I don’t know. If we had Rosicky fit and well I’d say play him, but as he’s still out I think that showing off our Coq to the Villa would be the best option, maybe push Arteta higher up the pitch for a game. WIth the Greeks, I’d probably play the Ox in that role, he played well for England there a few months back. It would be experimental but it could well work.

        Incidentally I’m not so concerned with playing the Greeks now, I know our record over there isn’t great but they’ve got literally nothing to play for – Montpellier can’t finish 3rd so they’ve still got that Europa League spot. I’d say they’ll probably rest some players, so we should do the same. Chamakh up front, Eisfeld on the right, Wenger in goal, that sort of wacky shit.

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  11. Looking at the way the groups are shaping up, no real disaster if we finish second……i’m sure Man Shitty would like to be in our position…

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    • Think his biggest problem was he thought he could do poldi’s job better than him..kept running inside rather than the outside like Gibbs does..

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    • Podolski celebrating the goal like he’s on fire. Yes poldi, you are indeed on fire!.

      I can’t help but if he gets CF for once the nets might have to be replaced from time to time.
      He just doesn’t hit it to score, he hits it to FUCKING SCORE!, EMPHATICALLY!!!!!!

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  12. Important win, but we are still far from great. It was hard to watch Giroud and Podloski trying to play out something together for the first 60 min. Then it started to work! I wonder why Wenger didn’t make changers after 2nd gola. Cazorla looked tired and littlebit beaten by opposition players. I am afraid of injuries.
    Kos and Per played very well tonight!

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  13. Great night, great week!
    I reckon it would be quite nice to get drawn against Malaga in the last 16 so Santi gets to have a pop at his old team mates, although HFB didn’t get a goal against them he had crackin performances in both games.
    Can’t pick a man of the match such was the quality all over the pitch.
    Well done boys, more of the same if not better against V*lla so we can push on up the table.
    we’re by far the greatest team the world has ever seen!!!! COYG

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  14. The defence now is playin with much more confidence now…knowin that they have their No. 1 behind them. 2 games already now for Szczesny…more games & more confidence!! Just like the Fulham game when AW did not playin him, todae he didnt play Gibbs who is already fit. Again why AW??!!
    If Per & Kos doing well, then keep them…but dont push the capt to LB…just to play him!! Play our best players at their best position…which means Szczesny in goal & Gibbs on LB. if you hav to drop the skipper…so be it!! Arterta will carry the armband as gd as his performance.

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  15. Now, if only we could average the usual 60% average pocession we are used to, I believe we would give any team a chronic headache

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  16. I just hope we can somehow find time to give a few of the “first x1” a breather if we carry on playing them twice a week they will soon be struggling with strains and stuff. i fear for the likes of sagna vermaelen wilshire walcott who always struggle with injuries along with the likes of arteta cazorla podolski who have hardly had any rest this season. we really need the likes of jenkinson djourou diaby rosicky coquelin gervinho ramsey

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  17. great result.. Clean sheet makes me smile even more.. But what made me laugh was….

    Chelski got a new coach lmao..!! RDM is gone.. Benitez is now coach.. God these glory hunters crack me up.. How can u build if you keep removing the head..?

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  18. No complaints at all with that. Professional job done by the boys. Don’t give a shit who we get in the knock-outs – we’ll give em a game.

    A lot of empty seats tonight though by the way. Loads in the upper tier.

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    • Away fans were mental!!!! Loved the bit when near the end they started cheering like they had scored then we followed suit lol…

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  19. Arteta is defo our main man! So consistent and clever! Love watchin him play in a position hes not a natural in but plays like 1 of the best in the league

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  20. Great result, bit frustrating of a watch at times but thats why we love football. 2 absolute gems of goals from the boys.

    My only negative on the game and its actually nothing to do with either team. It was watching it on ESPN and that fuckwit Steve Nichol was one of the commentators. Verbal diahhorea if I’ve ever heard it.

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    • Yes I agree!
      First up, ESPN is shit, they are not even at the game!! When a team scores a goal, they turn the volume down on the tv they are watching and commenting on, so we hear dulled down, muted roar from crowd! Instead we hear the commentator yelling/screaming etc. We want to hear the fans singing, we want to feel like we are at the ground, but it feels like I am watching it on espn tv, in my tv! Terrible. Then that Steve Nicole talking crap only ever talks bout Liverpool in high esteem. He even had the cheek to say that Giroud wasn’t playing well cos a ‘center forward’ shouldn’t be doing any defensive work blah blah, fool. But it’s espn so what do we expect. Foxtel has much better coverage (of games not commentaries) cos they are at the game!

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  21. I know he’s starting to score and all and that’s great but my my my it’s nice to have a big strapping fellow up top that can knock a ball down for you.

    HFB is the sauce.

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  22. Montpelier manager Girard: “We still have a game to play vs Schalke, if we can help our friends at Arsenal to top the group, we will!” Top bloke, french connection in full effect i see .

    Koscielny had a great game again tonight, he’s getting back to his best. Vermaelen was decent, the BFG emulating Messi, Arteta although seemed anonymous was again amazin protecting our back four, inch perfect tackles and passes, Giroud was my man of the match, he was everywhere doing everything right, shame he couldnt round it off withh a goal, but what a player we have on our hands!!

    Jacky boy and Poldi goals were great, their celebrations was with so much passion, i bloody well love this team!!!

    Bring on Villa

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  23. All the doom mongers will obviously be back at the earliest opportunity but, which ever way you cut it , 13 years consecutive progress to the knockout stage is an enviable record.

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  24. Arsenal at the moment remind me of when I can’t get into the flow on FIFA. The second goal was typical of the shit I end up trying (amazing goal mind you but a kind of forced way to score).

    Really happy with the win but feel like our transitions are still missing a bit of pace and confidence.

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  25. Jack MF’ing Wilshere. Passes didn’t get through today, but nice to see him score after so long, just solidifies his comeback, and yea naa naa naaa naaa Giroud (the abs of steel).

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  26. Good result! Don’t see us finishing top of the group’s hoping we draw Malaga next round! (please not barca please not barca please not barca)

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  27. Wilshere’s goal was a left-footer passing to a left-footer crossing to a left-footer heading to a left-footer for the finish. Interesting

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  28. Since we’re in the first four groups, if we finish 2nd, we’ll face one of the teams in E, F, G, H. The only notable teams in these groups are: 1) Certain one-man team from England, who finished 1st in the worst group in the CL this season, 2) UEFAlona who also finished 1st, 3) Juve/Shakhtar, 4) Valencia who are top of their group at the moment or Munchen if Valencia drop points in their final match and Munchen win.

    We may draw against UEFAlona/Juve at worst, or Munchen/Valencia/Shakhtar. There is no easy game in the Champions League KO stages and you should be 100% committed to go through.

    Bring on whoever the fuck we may face, and with the right attitude we may kick them out. Barca have great talent, but without Pep, they’re not convincing and they struggled against Celtic of all clubs home and away. Also they’ve recently become over reliant on Messi, and marking the fucker out of the game limits their overall chances. It’s the best time to play against the fuckwits.

    Juventus play some good football. They’ve got great squad and the confidence of not losing games. But with the right attitude, we can beat them.

    My worry is Shakhtar. Donetsk is the second most difficult place to play an away game, after Stoke (not that they play like the leg-breaking rugby-oriented cunts, but the overall nature of the place). Except an Almunia clone of a keeper, they’ve committed players and one of the best talents in Europe who can hurt anyone, and underrating them will unfold unexpected hell of doom.

    Anyway, that’s a debate for another day. It was great to watch the lads playing in confidence last night. The back four were faultless, Arteta and Wilshere were great and Giroud and Podolisk combined well. Also SCZC showed what we were missing during his injury time.

    Podolisk’s goal was stunner. Jack’s was great too. 2 more assists for Giroud. Overall great team effort and determination. More of these displays please.

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  29. Read many articles and comments this morning on how Arsenal fans would give an eye and a tooth to have the “bought” successes of clubs such as Chel$ki and Man $ity.
    Let me tell you that behind the closed doors of football institutions, we are the envy of the footballing world. To achieve what we have achieved, on the budget that we achieved it on is pure CLASS and genius from Mr Wenger AND the board.
    We are like a railroad that is being built. You can’t see the advantages while you’re putting down the tracks..but we’ll be unstoppable once it is built.
    I LOVE THE ARSENAL and it is by far the greatest and classiest club the world has ever seen!

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