Report: Arsenal 5-2 Sp*rs (inc goal clips)


Arsenal got back to winning ways with a 5-2 spanking of Sp*rs at the Emirates today.

The game started cautiously but Sp*rs quickly exploited some of Arsenal’s weaknesses. William Gallas had a 9th minute goal rightly ruled out for offside but a minute later they were ahead.

A ball over the top left Mertesacker floundering, Defoe ran on, took a shot which Szczesny saved (and probably could have done better with) and Adebayor was there to stab home the rebound from close range.

It might have been 0-2 a couple of moments later when Aaron Lennon fired a shot between Vermaelen’s legs and just wide of the far post.

It looked like it was going to be difficult for Arsenal to get back into it until Emmanuel Adebayor got himself stupidly sent off in the 18th minute. His studs up challenge on Cazorla is the kind of thing more refs should deal with like this, so fair play to Howard Webb for spotting it.

And that reinvigorated Arsenal who made the most of the extra man, particularly down the right hand side with Sagna and Walcott.

It was the latter who provided Arsenal’s first. Good work down the right ended in a looped cross, and Per Mertesacker made up for his earlier error, getting good power on a looping header which went into the top corner. 1-1.

Hugo Lloris was then forced into a brilliant save after a Giroud header and Santi Cazorla’s 30 yard shot dipped and swerved but went just over the bar. Lloris made another good save from Giroud before Arsenal went ahead in the 42nd minute.

With Arsenal pressing the ball came into Podolski in the area, he shot, it clipped off the heel of the penis of William Gallas, wrongfooted Lloris and bobbled in. 2-1.

It was 3-1 in first half injury time, when the effervescent Cazorla picked up a defensive header, ran at goal, was fouled, picked himself up and slid a great ball across the six yard box for Olivier Giroud to sweep home.

Sp*rs went to three at the back in the second half and had a bit too much of the ball early on, but never really threatened. Arsenal went further ahead on the hour mark with a sweeping move started at the back.

It began with a ong kick from Szczesny, Giroud won the flick on, it came to Walcott, he played Podolski down the left hand channel who then fired a ball all the way across goal and Cazorla finished with aplomb at the back post. 4-1.

“Adebayor, what’s the score?” sang the Arsenal fans who were clearly enjoying themselves. Right until the 70th minute when Gareth Bale pulled one back for Sp*rs, at which point every Arsenal fan on the planet had visions of another 4-4.

But after a bit of nervousness, and a wasteful Bale who could have provided Defoe with a tap in, Arsenal controlled the game again. Sensible football, sensible passing and they could have scored more.

Theo Walcott had two good chances, but couldn’t quite make his mind up either time, but late on he made it 5-2 to Arsenal after being set up by Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain.

Ok, there are always some things you can nitpick on, but a day when you’ve stuck five past the scummers is not it.

Three points, three lovely, delicious, making Chas and Dave cry points. Arsenal 5-2 Sp*rs.

Enjoy it!

70 – Bale goal



    • Gotta love Wilshere, I tought he was gonna puch Garath Bale in the face after Adebayor’s foul, why? cause he hates Tottenham

      True arsenal fan he is, true fan.

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      • Ramsey had that good pass, but else? Remember how he lost a ball by not expecting players around him (they were just one man less not 10).
        That resulted in very dangerous counter attack!
        Arseblog you are really boring writing in ramseys favour…

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      • Walcott also gave the ball to their keeper when he was one-on-one and should’ve scored but no one’s mentioning that. Didn’t think Ramsey was too bad today, seen him play much worse recently.

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      • Okej, paddymac what you are saying is Walcott is not so much better then Ramsey? We should let Walcott go, and be very carefull not to repeat this with our greatest talent of all – mental ramsey????
        Hahhahahahhahaa…. very soon all the ramsey lovers will start watching reserve games cos that will be the only place where The talent will play for us!

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      • @Lid No, I’m saying that both Ramsay and Walcott made mistakes but some choose to use it as an opportunity to criticise Aaron Ramsey when he didn’t do a great deal wrong after he came on, in my opinion. Totally happy to give criticism were deserved, and Ramsay has been well below the standard we expect this season. But didn’t see him do a lot wrong today.

        We beat the cunts 5-2, and people like you still focus on negatives. Do one.

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    • I just remembered something, last season after we smashed the Sp*ds 5-2 we went on a 7 GAME WINNING STREAK!!!!! Let’s do that again UP THE ARSE!!!

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    • In all the euphoria,and I am one of the happiest people on earth right now,the first
      17 minutes were pretty scary at the back.We need Gibbs back double quick or some sort of organisation.Adebayor showed us all what a useless individual can really do to a team and thankfully we took full advantage ,in spades.
      Make sure we tighten up in defence against Montpelier and we can put a nice run together.Other teams faltering today Everton,Newcastle and Chelsea as expected over a period of games plus WBA wont keep it going all season.
      Time to put the foot on the accelerator.

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      • I agree, until Adebayor was sent off I thought we were in for a serious beating, so strong was their domination. but I thought Arsenal played well offensively for a change. They are easily counter attacked, but at least they showed bite going forward, much more than in recent games. If that is more up to Spuds, we’ll see in the coming games. The Ox was very impressive when he came on and Walcott is looking worth whatever it takes about now, he could not do more to push his position, both with Arsenal and with potential suitors.

        saw this on the bbc website
        “Cazorla slotted in and although Gareth Bale drilled home to pull one back, Theo Walcott sealed the points late on.”

        only with Arsenal do you seal the points by going 3 goals up in extra time…

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  1. Could Sky please relieve Jamie Redknapp of his pundit post? The poor cunt’s tight suits are squeezing any ounce of common sense he has left in that peanut brain of his. Cunt.

    Oh yeah, thanks Adebayor, you made our job easier. Cunt.

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  2. There are no more Spurs after this!
    Please refere to them as 5pur2, if you already not doing so !
    They want that too, cos otherwise they wont be the only team in the league which are o.k. to play adebayor in their team!

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  3. We needed inspiration and playing against cocks in swim was just about enough .
    Thankyou you cunts to kickstart our season in such an awesome way.
    Come on you Gunners.

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  4. We needed inspiration and playing against cocks in swimsuit was just about enough .
    Thankyou you cunts to kickstart our season in such an awesome way.
    Come on you Gunners.

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  5. Love Sagna’s cold shoulder and icy glare at adebayor’s advances in the tunnel; love wilshere’s unabashed disgust at the sight of any spurs player, particularly at his refusal to join in the friendly banter with bale

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    • Also, at the end of the game Bale was trying to be a nice guy to Walcott, Walcott just kept walking on.. nice to see that from little Theo.

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  6. !!!NEWSFLASH!!!

    A vicious battering has taken place in North London, the victim a well known local tramp called Mr.Hotspur. Eye witness accounts report many vicious blows were landed upon the elderly victim who is now in crtitical condition. There are additional reports of an unshaven man beleived to be of Portuguese origin fleeing the scene with a notebook and poor reputation.

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  7. adebuyer!!! you are the man…hahahahhahahhahhahahhahahha

    COYG…lets keep this momentum running and end up winning some trophies…

    PS. thanks ade…hope AVB kicks your nuts

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  8. Just because they’re down to 10 men doesn’t mean its worth less. Superb offensive play by Arsenal. I hope we could gone on to be better from this result.

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    • And Big Sol! He’s a constant reminder of our superiority over our neighbours – he comes to us and we become invincible – Gallas and Adebayor go to them, one deflects in a goal and lets 5 past him, and the other gets sent off before the 20th minute 😉

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  9. Murray Hewitt, that is what you get for inviting a member of a Togolese Cameo cover group to your band meeting.

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  10. Lovely to see all 3 new signings get on the scoresheet. Giroud, I thought, was excellent throughout. And no matter that it came after a sending off – it was a much needed confidence booster for everyone at the club. Even better that it was against Sp*rs.

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  11. Really hope we keep Walcott but if I have to nitpick anything it’s the fact that at 4-2 we didn’t rest cazorla.. What does the little man have to do to get a break. Surely arshavin could have come on for the last 15 or so.
    Great win none the less

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    • Theo’s been immense, i think he will sign. Honestly speaking, he knows his roots, i think he could become one of our loyal players! Come on theo!

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      • I remember thinking the same thing last season when a certain striker who we stood by during all his injuries decided that meant bugger all, the only thing that matters is the bank balance these days. We’ll up our offer to Theo and make it rather generous for a player who hasn’t done much, but his agent will know that he can get more elsewhere so he won’t sign, giving the same old BS about ‘it’s not the money’.

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    • Wenger is obviously trying to save Arshavin’s energy for the Capital One Cup. After all, in the last round, he was sprinting well into the 119th minute.

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  12. Only 5-2? Wenger out! But seriously though, Cazorla’s first touch and control throughout the game was just unbelievable.

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  13. Cazorla is awesome. We must re-sign Theo, play him up front with Geeeeroud.
    I’m sure Theo would like to stay at Arsenal.
    Hope this win gives us confidence too

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  14. Well done. This certainly papers over the cracks that the team have shown in the last few games. We still concede sloppy goals but at least now we know that we have the quality to trade blows with opponents now with Giroud’s airforce and Walcott’s supply. With Ox coming on later on it appears that we have a strong squad but theres something that stops all of them playing well when it isn’t a derby. I don’t know why that is.

    On a separate note, i don’t know what Arsene has against Arshavin but i wonder if he would have put him on if we were losing or leading by a small margin.

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  15. girouuuuudddddddddd!!! cazorlaaaaaaaaaa!!
    lovd d game wilshere u rock dude!!
    giroud is realy realy amzin striker he is
    provin nw!! WE ARE BACK GUYS..WE ARE BACK

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  16. Take that, you cunts!

    By the way, I’m not buying this “Spurs lost because Adebayor was sent off” bullshit. We started slowly but totally dominated the midfield after that first 20 minutes. Walcott and Carzola were sensational; when Theo decides to turn up he can destroy any opposition.

    I loved what we did when it got to 4-2 after Bale’s goal. We didn’t panic and just played possession for 10 minutes – that took the sting out of Spurs and the game. Then we got the 5th, which was the icing on the cake.

    This side, playing this way, is worth far more than the position we find ourselves.

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    • you must have been watching something else mate. The slow start you are mentioning is the phase when tottenham were hunting like pack of wolves and when they scored. They looked confident bunch of cunts. Our defense were still struggling with movement of bale, lennon, adeboohoo and defoe.
      as soon as adeboohoo got his red card for his utter cuntishness, those spuds lost the attacking impetus and like shark smelling blood in the water arsenal made sure adeboohoo’s effort was not wasted and taught spuds mighty fine art of finishing.
      When bale scored 4-2, spuds were already tired and were one cunt down. If in such situation arsenal still had managed to panic and let the lead slip …I would have never ever mention arsenal or watched any arsenal game throughout my life.
      yes arsenal did play with full gusto and outplayed spuds but red card gave arsenal all the momentum for arsenal to shove the game down the spuds throat.

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      • You,ll get thumbed down for saying that, even though you are spot on !!!!!!! You gotta understand most people on here are about twelve and can’t accept ANY critism of the club warrented or not.

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      • @fatgooner: please explain how am I negative where did I gave you a slight hint of being negative.

        arsenal were never comfortable and in complete control until the red card…whether people agree or not but thats the fact…and if you still think the red card had nothing to do with our result of 5-2 then please forgive me for I must be watching completely different game.

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      • I have to say that Adebayor was looking very dangerous and doing well with the ball, I don’t know if Arsenal would have played as well without the red card, but I don’t care. Nomatter how they recapture that fluidity I want them do it, and I want them to do it consistently. Also was awesome to get the same scoreline, I have not smiled so much watching an Arsenal game for a long time.

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      • I remember a game not a long time ago where arsenal were 0-2 down and they finally won 5-2 against sp%, but i cannot remember any red card was given…
        The best team won today!!!

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    • I think the red card did make a pretty big difference. Arteta has struggled in matches this season where he’s been marked by a physical player. Our game really didn’t get going until Arteta was freed.

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      • Feel like Arteta’s still showing major signs of being overworked. Again, saw him doing a lot of hard defending work on the back end. Would love us to have another midfield option, because while I think Arteta’s an amazing player, we need some rest for him and Cazorla, since they’re both so vital to our strategy.

        (Also, maybe Arsene wasn’t totally blowing smoke about Arteta having a hip injury concern.)

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      • we should have brought in coq for arteta. arteta works his ass off every match and he did deserve to be taken off and rested while giving Coq some quality time in the middle of the pitch. There was not much of a pressure which Coq couldnt handle.

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      • Of course the red card made the difference. But was that the only reason we won is debatable. There will be no way of telling that but Arsenal are usually able to do well offensively against Spurs because these games are so open. So I don’t buy this argument that just because Spurs controlled the game for about 15-20 minutes they were going to trash us. Basically, we just have to get our swagger back offensively. Even the invincibles leaked goals but they were so sure of scoring that letting in couple of goals did not faze them.

        The only issue now is that our squad players are either too young/too slow/too injured/too careless/too mediocre that when injuries happen we lose momentum and end up having the annual end of season collapse. Also, keep in mind that in EPL now, most teams are a lot more tougher than during Invincibles era. So, there are very few easy games these days.

        Kratoshes, I don’t think introducing Coq in this derby would have been a good idea. Offensively, Spurs are a very good team now and if Arsenal had put him in for Arteta and we ended up shipping 2 more goals, he would have been slaughtered by fans and media alike. I think Coq is one for the future. He needs to play a lot more COC games and in a derby where a 10 man team has nothing to lose a mature head was needed. Arteta did that brilliantly. Also, remember that Arteta did not have any friendlies to play mid week. Actually, I hope Arsene buys a DM in Jan to support Arteta.

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  17. I love Arsenal, and I’m simply adoring the football we played, and me and my fellow Arsenal fans here in Pakistan went mad every time we scored!I love love love you Arsenal, till death. Oh, amd my girlfriend loves Arsenal now too. Life is even more blissful!

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  18. First time posting, arsenal have been in the family since before my dad was born. My nephews are named charlieand george. Great result for us. I was just wondering if there has ever been talk of a charity game between the current squad and the invincibles? I know I would love to see it. And side note walcot had a stella game

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  19. Theo and Ox V Bale show, a walkover to the Ox. The new guys scored and now they know what it all means. Giroud and Santi soooo good today. We can leave all our troubles behind and enjoy the day.

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  20. One of my favourite moments of the game was wilsheres turn in midfield in the first half before spraying it wide to walcott.. it was around the centre circle i think. If anyone saw or remembers it I hope you agree. Love that little guy!!

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  21. If every team we play were 5pur2, we would top the EPL charts for points, goals per game, come-backs and laughing out loud at 5pur2.

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  22. just what we needed. a good win. was really surprised at how confident our midfield looked.
    and i just love Jack’s passion.

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  23. What a perfect ending to the night of my birthday. Was just finishing up a late night Halo session around 5am when i realized the game had started. I see we are down 1-0 and pull up a live stream only to see Mertesacker celebrating the equalizer. Great timing, kind of glad i missed the first 20 min. Wish it wasn’t 7am here in California though. Time to pass out. 5-2 repeat! hahahahaha LOVE IT!!!

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    • haha i had a halo session as well and also missed the first 18minutes. the first thing i saw when i turned on the TV was adeboohoo getting a red!

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  24. Can we play them on the first day of the season. It will set our season up nicely..

    If I was AW, I would have got theo signed up tonight.

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  25. jack is back! he had an excellent game and bossed that midfield. he looks like he’s back to his best already. i loved it when he stood up to bale. did anyone see bale call him short? what an idiot. a few more games with wilshere+cazorla together and the future is looking bright. they are so intelligent together. the ox had a great few minutes too. i wish he’d come on earlier, maybe instead of ramsey.

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  26. (to the tune of “Hey Jude”)


    Gi-roud, Mer-te-sa-cker,

    Santi Cazor-laaaa, Lukas Podo-oolski,

    Remember, to give the ball to The Ox,

    Who squares for Walcott,

    To make it fivetwo FiveTwo FIVETWO FIVETWO





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  27. Fantastic game. I was a bit worried at 4-2 when we had a 10minute spell of poor passing and being a bit lazy. then the Ox came on, we woke up and should have scored 8!! Get it right up ye tight, 5pur2’s you cunts!!!

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  28. That was great. Got to the ground late for the first time in 20 years, bit of a tetchy atmosphere and then that silly plonker got sent off and it all changed beautifully.

    Basking in the glow of victory, loved the ‘are you tottenham in disguise chants’.

    5-2 again, fucking lovely. Theo, Jack, Santi and Olivier especially, very nicely played lads! I am happy, that is all my lovely fellow gooners 🙂

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    I LOVE YOU ARSENAL, I DO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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  30. Guys you’re forgetting something. MERTESACKER scored! He’s been close quite a few times and I’ve been waiting to celebrate a BFG goal, and that was some header!

    In a game as big as this when there was lots of talk about the new boys not knowing the significance of the North London Derby, who stepped up? After Mert kicked it off, it was Poldy who netted… Then Giroud… Then Santi… 4 goals from the new boys and capped off by Theo ‘Sign Da Ting’ Walcott…. Be proud of our new boys today- they Gooners! COYG

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      • It was a massive pair of steel bollocks of a header by Mert. The sort of goal that, dare I say it, a certain Mister Adams had a habit of producing at critical times in matches against the swamp monsters.

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    • Mertesackers goal had the same “fuck this shit” energy about it that sagnas did last year. Goals scored from open play by our defenders seem to light a fire under the arse of the entire team. It’s beautiful

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  31. Love it, love it, love it… No time to dissect. Just bask in the glow of 5 Gunners finding the back of the net against lily white toilet tissue.

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  32. As Podolskis shot for the second left his foot my stream started sticking, it then moved forward a frame a second, taking about 20 seconds to actually reach the net. I think the vein in my head burst in the long drawn out process.

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  33. …Right until the 70th minute when Gareth Bale pulled one back for Sp*rs, at which point every Arsenal fan on the planet had visions of another 4-4

    soo true!!!

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  34. Fuck. Yes.

    Like many of us, my favourite moment of the match was Wilshere getting into Bale’s simian face. Jack doesn’t take shit from that big eared cunt, nor any other spud.

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  35. I m feeling better now knowing that for 3rd week running teams around us are losing points.. We won’t win title but 3rd is realistic prospect… But we need to buy a LB in January and a striker in Summer.

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  36. No point arguing the toss about what might´ve happened if that silly boy had stayed on the pitch. He´s shown his true colours; the Spuds will just have to get used to him becoming “disappointing”..

    The fact of the matter is we gave an absolute masterclass for the 30 minutes up to halftime on how to play 11 against 10 (it doesn´t always mean you automatically win the game, does it?). Attacking at pace but with precise passing, exploiting the spaces created and using the extra man well…We slowed a little in the second half, probably as a result of our first half efforts that really put the game to bed, but still controlled things by and large against a team that has won at Old Trafford this season.

    Don´t gripe folks, the team ain´t perfect but they´re still very good. And we´ll take confidence from this and move forward. Onwards and upwards.

    P.S. Thumbs up if you think all future NLDs should kick off at five to…

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  37. Everyone was great except defence as a whole,but Kos had a good day individually.The real deal for me is Giroud,whenever he gets it on his head he hits the target,now we have a genuine header of a ball after I don’t know how long.He uses his physique to hold up play,we never had that kind of player at least in past 3 or 4 seasons,4th goal that carzola scored was started by him.But still things need to change and Wenger needs to go,again he goes in with plan A,only the better arsenal team turn up this time and we win.Why can’t he play Arshavin ahead of Ramsey?Why doesn’t he rest Carzola or Arteta?He is overworking a lot of key players,and we have to play 4 matches in next two weeks,if any any of these players were to get injured or play poorly,I would not blame them.I still maintain that Wenger has lost the plot;many fans would thumb me down for being negative on a good day,but we can’t hide the real isues under the carpet.

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  38. High 5 – 2 Sp*urs

    I mean 5pur2.

    Giroud signing of Season anyone…….Cazorla is, but Giroud 2nd.

    Grt to have Poldi firing again.

    And BFG, what a way to get ur first.

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  39. Still look like we forget how to defend! But wonderful result! Love Theo would hate to see him go! So just sign the contract!

    Nice to see Henry in the crowd.
    Lets build on this for the rest of the season.

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    • henry was rubbing his hands smiling.. He wanted to play so bad.. He was thinking what he would do to the spudz with a man down and a midfield being so dominated..!!

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  40. Can we play 5pur2 every week?
    I am looking forward to work on Monday…so I can re-educate my sadly misguided spud colleague who was telling me on Friday that Barndoor was far better than Giroud.The twat!

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  41. Adebayor’s sending off helped us and great win against the spuds. Hopefully,t he guys that scored continue to score goals consistently for the rest of the season. I’m going to enjoy it while I can until we start hitting the self destruct button again!

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  42. Great game !! Like always nice to beat Spurs>We need to keep Walcott ! Lets now grab few wins and we are back in race . . .Greetings from Serbia,we have lot of fans here too 🙂

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  43. Okej, paddymac what you are saying is Walcott is not so much better then Ramsey? We should let Walcott go, and be very carefull not to repeat this with our greatest talent of all – mental ramsey????
    Hahhahahahhahaa…. very soon all the ramsey lovers will start watching reserve games cos that will be the only place where The talent will play for us!

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  44. I wonder if the BBC MOTD really do have something against Arsenal.

    1. ‘Arry was on bench dissing Arsenal only for Kompany ( A top quality player, playing today, disagreeing with the twitchy cunt and saying Arsenal are best team they’ve faced this year and expects them to finish much higher than they are now, above spuds)

    2. That twat Jonathan Pearce saying that Arsenal fans didn’t like/rate Mert until his equalising goal today, fucking knobhead he is.

    3. Having Gary the shittest TV presenter ever alongside a still 89 vintage bitter Mugsmasher Hansen still talking shite every week. Do the BBC really have that much disdain for the fee paying public, those two are held in roughly the same high regard as Garth Crooks

    Come on Arsenal

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    • Thanks for the info Damien, i have to wait for my 100% legal internet coverage of the MOTD replay later on to check that out.

      For what seems like a decade now, I expect everything you’ve described to happen weekly on that show. Least surprising of all, Kompany pitching in and demonstrating he’s got more football nous and suss in his brain than the rest of that studio put together – but I am disappointed in one person….

      Jonathan Pearce – when doing Capital Gold match coverage all those years back, he gave The Arsenal due credit as it was deserved, even when GG was playing the 6-3-1 formation. Why so tetchy – bitchy now???

      Motson’s never stooped to that level, and Pearce wants his job…better buck his ideas up sharpish.

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  45. Now would be a good time to sign up Walcott. I’m sure he is after more loot. But he’s playing well, scoring goals and talking up the team in every interview. Gadzilla says our time is near financially. So why not send a message, give Theo a wedge and sign him up. Cant help thinking, it would put out a great message. Deeds not words, gadzilla?

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  46. Improvement on last week. Better offensive display. Defence is still a little shabby.

    Good to see new signings coming good. Good to see real passion in Sagna and especially Wilshere. He has Arsenal in his blood, top guy.

    Walcott needs to be signed, but I suspect he will most probably leave. His post match interview wasn’t encouraging; “I’ve left it down to my agent and Arsenal”. Mate, if you loved the club, you’d accept the offer and end this bullshit already. Weird world we live in nowadays.

    Also, saw a spud fan on the bus today in the evening and I simply smiled at him while simultaneously raIsing both my hands. One with 4 fingers and a thumb showing, the other only 2 fingers. The life drained out of him and he sat at the back, sad, alone and utterly miserable. Cherry atop my cake!

    COYG! <3

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