Super massive mega EXCLUSIVE: Zaha storm all guff


Here’s a question posed to Arsene Wenger in Thursday’s pre-Everton press conference by a bloke looking to write a transfer story because it gets hits for his website and is a good headline in the newspaper:

“Talking of young players you’ve been strongly linked with Wilfried Zaha, he’s an England international now, is there interest there?” 

Arsene Wenger, refusing to name check the young Crystal Palace attacker, responds:

“We are looking at every player that could strengthen our squad, but he’s not more on the list than anybody else.”

A selection of the myriad headlines which appeared in the ensuing 48 hours…

Daily Mail: Get Zaha! Wenger confirms Arsenal interest in signing £20m-rated Crystal Palace and England winger in January Wenger confirms Arsenal interest in Zaha

Daily Mirror: He’s on the list: Wenger confirms Arsenal will move for Zaha in January

London24: Zaha is on Wenger’s shopping list Gunners battle for Zaha


Ian Holloway, who presumably doesn’t have an Arsenal Player membership, gets fed a radically twisted version of Wenger’s comments in his press conference on Friday and retorts:

“Why is he talking about my players? I don’t think that’s right and proper, with the greatest respect.

“I don’t think anybody who manages any other club should actually admit who he likes and what he should be doing. I think that’s totally bad etiquette. He can say what he likes but about his players, not mine.”

Selection of headlines which have appeared in the last 24 hours…

Daily Mail: EXCLUSIVE: Why is Wenger talking about Zaha? Palace boss Holloway with fierce ‘hands off’ warning

The Sun: Holloway Rages at Wenger / Ollie’s not so jolly Wenger’s confirmation of Zaha interest angers Crystal Palace boss Holloway

Sky Sports: Crystal Palace boss Ian Holloway annoyed with Arsene Wenger over talk of Arsenal move for Wilfried Zaha Holloway annoyed with Wenger


Arseblog News isn’t going to criticise Holloway, the bloke has merely been used as a pawn in a game of ‘let’s-write-the-most-extreme-attention-grabbing-headline-ever-fuck-the-consequences-it’ll-be-fun-to-start-a-war.’

We don’t really need to point out where the blame lies, although we do feel it’s worth highlighting the above as a warning ahead of the impending two-month silly season period. Do yourself a favour don’t believe everything you read.

Are we interested in Zaha? Who knows…frankly Arseblog News couldn’t give a flying fuck at the moment.

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