Walcott out, Gibbs back in contention for Montpellier

Kieran Gibbs

Despite being refered to, rather confusingly, as ‘long term’ by Arsene Wenger just a short time ago, Kieran Gibbs is back in full training and in contention for a place in the team ahead of tomorrow night’s Champions League tie against Montpellier.

The left back’s last appearance was in the 3-1 away win at West Ham and the thigh injury has kept him out for eight games (should be make a return tomorrow night). There was also good news Gervinho comes back into the squad having been out since picking up an ankle injury against QPR.

However, Theo Walcott will miss the game with a shoulder problem having fallen awkwardly on it in the closing stages of Saturday’s 5-2 win over Sp*rs. Andre Santos also misses out, like Walcott he took a knock towards the end of the game when Sp*rs lost 5-2 and Adebayor got sent off.

Arsene Wenger is after three points though, knowing his team don’t enjoy Greece too often, saying, “We want to win because we have a good opportunity to finish the job and qualify.”

Injury updates via @arsenal


    • It also sparks up the debate for CB too. I think he’ll stick with TV5/Mertesacker even though Koscielny hasn’t given any reason to be dropped in this second spell in the first team(with TV5 at Left back)

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      • So basically in Arsenal’s case players with long term injuries return after 3-4 weeks and the short term ones return after 9 months

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      • Poldi seems to have developed a rather useful knack for managing the odd goal or assist even when not quite bang in form. That’s something our squad has lacked in the past, and it’s a good trait to have. And just makes me salivate even more at the prospect of a properly in-form Poldi!

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  1. Seeing Walcott on this great run also highlights what Gervinho lacks in his game. I just don’t see the Poldi-Giroud-Gervinho attacking trio being too much successful. The Ox would be better maybe?

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  2. Hear hear, Gibbs is huge to the way we play.

    I loved how Walcott always looked like a great option to break lines on Saturday. He really is so dangerous. With a little improvement at dribbling, he could be even more so.

    If we can’t up our offer to £80-85k for this guy,we could be in real trouble.

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    • The guy isn’t after 80-85, he is after 100k+ and he will do (almost) anything to get them. Though I’m sure whether he would go as far as lpool to get them.

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      • I’ve read that he has lowered his demand to 90,000 a week and we have upped our offer to 80,000 so there is progress. Ever so slowly. Surely 80,000 is a fair compromise… he’s getting an extra 20,000 a week.

        My pay rises are typically in the area of a couple of dollars an hour. Fuck’s sake sign the contract boy!

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  3. I would like to see Chamakh get a chance if this turns into a null and void affair. He played (relatively) well against Reading, and if he isn’t going to be given a chance, AW should simply free up the wages and let him go in Janaury for a box of Jaffa cakes.

    *puts flame suit on*

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    • If only It were that easy. Even if we gave him away for nothing, I can’t see many Foreign team of his standard being able to pay his current salary. My understanding is that because he came on a Bosman transfer, we in effect pay the transfer fee to him over the term of his contract, Consequently his monthly salary is artificially high.

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  4. This is very good news. We need a proper left back to play there, and Gibbs is the only one at the club.

    Shame about Walcott. Bring on the Ox!

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  5. Its a good news but the medics need to learn how to keep Gibbsy from treatment table just as they did to d “little boy crying inside” Gibbs absence has really caused us valuable points.

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  6. I don’t see Gibbs starting, in fact I’d be disappointed if he did because it would probably be Kos making way, I’d like to start:-

    If Vermaelen doesn’t improve and Mertscielny play well then drop Verm for Gibbs at weekend

    Come on Arsenal

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  7. the ox must be the natural replacement for wally walcott

    wouldnt be surprised to see wenger gamble a bit and give arteta or jack a break and start ramsey or the coq instead. Just a feeling…

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  8. I didn’t realise Santos was really injured on Saturday when we beat Spurs 5-2 and Adebayor got sent off. I thought he was just running down the clock as we were beating Spurs 5-2 with Adebayor having been sent off. Good timing for Gibbs to come back to training.

    Will certainly cause a selection headache in central defence though as Koscielny played well on Saturday when we beat Spurs 5-2 and Adebayor got sent off, and the BFG also scored a cracker in our 5-2 win over Spurs when Adebayor got sent off.

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  9. Gibbs will come back and get injured again. Diaby and Gibbs have had similar stories. What a waste of talent and at the moment, it seems it is a waste of wage too

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  10. I would hesitate to start both Gibbs and Gervinho who’ve been out with injury. I suspect Wenger will go with Gervinho as RW and Vermaelen as LB. (Now that I’ve said that, he’ll surely start Gibbs and Ox).

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  11. I’m very happy to have Gibbs coming back. I do hope he is 100% and we’re not risking him. We really need him at LB long term this season for the good of the campaign. I would have to go with Kos and TV5 at CB against Montpellier as their speed will give BFG more than a few problems.

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  12. Gibbs coming back will also allow for some rotation at the moment.

    I fear the the 11 who started on Saturday will become so relied upon, I hope there isn’t going to be some burnout in the future. Everyone needs the occasional rest!

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  13. I like the debate about the defence. Last year we would have given anything to have such a debate. Two starters are mert and sagna and the rest should be picked based on opposition- Gibbs, verm and kos are good enough to be chopped and changed. Pacey wingers = Gibbs. Height from set pieces verm and kos. Here’s one. Rest jack, verm and arteta in def mid. Verm can be our new keown/petit/gilberto.

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  14. Verm is captain so first name on the team sheet. Its harsh on who drops out if Gibbs comes in. Verm will be back to his best soon enough. Bring on a good winning run.

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  15. To whoever makes the call. I hear we are close to turning the financial corner. Just give Walcott the 100k, he’s in form, sign him up and send a message that we are closed for business as a feeder club. JFDI. And let’s get on with winning.

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  16. […] 球队新闻方面,有一些坏消息,小老虎因为肩膀的伤势可能不能出场,桑托斯也同样缺席。祸兮福之所倚,吉布斯有望出场,热鸟也回归比赛名单当中。现在很难预测今晚的首发阵容,如果与上场大胜热翔的阵容截然不同,我也不会觉得意外。今晚的比赛无疑是重中之重,但考虑到周末球队还要远征阿斯顿维拉,教授或许会做一些轮换调整。 […]

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  17. The sooner Gibbs is back the better!

    Without both functioning full backs, running at speed and overlapping the shape of the team and the style of football we try and play never quite comes off.

    Take tonight. There are balls going astray. Looks round from are midfield players. The balance isn’t there.

    When Gibbs is back (and stays fit!!!) we’ll kick on.

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