Wenger: Arteta was first on the penalty list


Arsene Wenger says that Mikel Arteta was the designated taker for any spot kicks Arsenal got today.

Despite suggestions the Spaniard should have left it to Santi Cazorla, or even Olivier Giroud (who missed a penalty against Coventry), the Arsenal manager defended the vice-captain’s decision to take it and the fact that Schwarzer made a save.

“Cazorla is second on the list, the No 1 is Arteta. If he doesn’t take it it’s Cazorla, or if Arteta wants to leave it to Cazorla. Cazorla wanted to take the ball. Arteta is No 1 on the priority.

“We had a penalty to win but you cannot blame Arteta for that. It is part of the game. Who hasn’t missed a penalty? From there it finished 3-3 and the positives are that we can score goals now.

“The negatives are to concede three goals at home of course, and the chances we gave away, defensively it wasn’t an historical performance.

“It was frustrating because we had the opportunities to win the game. We were caught in a bit too comfortable a position because we did the most difficult thing – we scored two goals to go 2-0 up, we were at home and yet at half-time we found ourselves at 2-2.

“At that moment we lacked urgency defensively. In the second half we gave absolutely everything and I have to give credit to the players, in the last three games what they have done physically is amazing.

“Even at 3-2 down we didn’t give up and continued to go forward and we had the chances to win the game.”

Yet two points dropped at home means that Arsenal fall further behind the leaders and Wenger is looking for his team to show more fight.

“That is not an ideal situation. We have shown before we can fight and again today that we can fight. There are a lot of positives in our team.

“At the moment, we do not get the points we want. Of course, we now do not have to waste any more time, but I still feel there is good potential in our side.”


    • Actually yes, Eisfeld looks like he can put that round thing in the back of the net unlike Ramsey. Plus his goals won’t kill anyone. Eisfeld!!!

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      • Getting negs cause people can’t take the truth… FFS Jack has been out 15 months and came back like he hasn’t been away and yet people still have the nerve to say their welsh lionheart Ramsey is still recovering lol!

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      • Ohmy, how much of an idiot must you be to complain about gettin thumbs downs?! Take it like a man!

        If you are a man, that is…

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      • I think it’s A BIT different thing psychologically to come back if you have an ankle problem or your leg is literally snapped in two and your leg looks like L.

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      • @lay The Chamakh Down…dont take it personally dude. While this in my opinion is the best Arsenal blog I have ever seen and the article are usually informative and witty, there are so many pricks using this site they thumb you down for not sharing their opinion, instead of replying to your post with their view to construct creative debate on a subject that most of us love, Arsenal.

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      • I’ve never been a fan of it, but the fact is that we are abysmal at zonal marking. The communication and organization at set pieces just isn’t there.

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    • I agree. If Gnabry can get a first team chance, I don’t see why not with Eisfield. He’s creative and knows how to dictate the midfield. We need to shake up our squad to get back on our winning way. Wenger’s conservative in-game management is leaving us many Gooners frustrated.

      I am sure many of us, if not all, were in a tremendous pain when Arteta missed the last PK. I surely was. But I believe we are a team of character. Let’s do this.

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      • wenger isnt shy about starting with younger players if they are ready.

        eisfeld has looked a really good attacking player in cameos so far, but perhaps he isnt quite physically ready to be battered about by premier league teams.

        we can see how even experienced players like walcott, ramsey, arsharvin etc can get get easily knocked of the ball.

        lets not be expecting eisfeld to just start dictating the midflied

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    • Is it just me or was it a bit silly of Wenger not to include Berba in the RVPrick deal with the red nose cunt. Giroud and him could have struck up a glorious partnership, and he’s totally the sort of player we could use at Arsenal i.e. effortlessly link attack with defence and surely he’s still got a couple of years left in him.

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  1. Walcott has a butt muscle problem. Hope he’s back to score a double against the Spuds again, what does everyone think about playing Chamakh up front with Giroud? i thought they played pretty well together against Reading…

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    • Yeah, the quote about lacking urgency today didn’t really even seem to apply… sort of mindless drivel, when I think about how hard our players seemed to be scrambling to get a fourth goal.

      Bigger problem? Tired, overworked players and a weak left side for our defense.

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  2. Shit happens i guess although Im pissed about the result. Im glad it wasnt Giroud who missed now that his confidence and form is on top. Arteta can handle it.

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  3. Don’t fault Arteta for taking the shot, given the fact that he DOES have good PK kicks and the stats to back them up. 10/11 of his last PKs scored, I believe? Plus it takes balls/self-confidence to take a last-minute PK after you already feel responsible for a critical error earlier in the game.

    It was a disappointing end to an already disappointing game, certainly, and only reinforces that fact that we need to provide rest/reinforcements for our overworked midfielders.

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  4. ….reading wengers comments…….same shit, different season. Talk of potential and fight. im sick of this. we like 11 points or something behind already. Have you seen Man u’s next 4 games???? we gonna be like 15 points behind before xmas.

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    • wenger says same shit every time.

      the man is either blind/watching a different game/ or utterly deluded.

      He wouldn’t know team spirit if it bit him on the arse

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    • why are you even caring about 1st place united when we were never realistically title contenders? we should be more worried about spurs taking 4th spot otherwise we’ll lose our only wenger’s trophy.

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  5. “That is not an ideal situation. We have shown before we can fight and again today that we can fight. There are a lot of positives in our team”
    Wenger is senile!

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  6. Team rating, averaged over the season

    5 out of 10

    Wenger rating, averaged over past three seasons

    1 out of 10

    too generous?

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    • 1 out of 10 for finishing 3rd in the premier league last season and consistently finishing in the top four despite big money clubs nicking our best players every season.

      How very generous of you.

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      • Relative to the income of the club and financial outlay on wages that is the very least we should be getting. We spend more than all but 3 clubs and our best players leave because we wont buy good players to compliment them

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  7. No complaints about the penalty, he’s who I would have thought would be most likely to score a pen before the game.

    We plod along on our road to recapturing form with more improvement s in attack whilst in defence we’re still giving the ball away in bad areas and making some silly errors.

    All in all though it’s onwards and upwards. Not playing the kind of football you want to be playing going into a match against spuds though.

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  8. Me and my dad saw a game together for a year and I was sure Arteta would miss. Not because I’m a negative person, but rather because it sums Arsenal up right now. Absolutely gutted that he missed by the way.

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    • Given the fact that he had an awful game and had already given a pen away I think that his mentality was clearly affected and it was therefore a poor decision to let him take the pen.

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  9. Wenger say’s the players were ”jaded after a
    difficult week” The excuses are getting weaker and
    weaker Arsene. Just admit it, our team isn’t good

    But whatever drugs wenger is on i’d like to have em aswell. If it makes one see only the positives then I could well do with it. I’m am arsenal fan with many negatives right now.

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  10. As many before me have said – anyone can miss a penalty. Three points would have been nice. I have no anger towards Arteta. My growing concern is with Wenger. This squad is better than last seasons in my opinion. Yes we lost Van Persie but as a team we are more rounded. I trust Giroud to adapt and his brace today proves that he has the quality. This time last season we were calling for Wenger’s head. This time, I think in the cold light of day, we are seeing that he is not up to task nor his he able to motivate the team as he has been able to in seasons past. Last week against Man U we had a relatively strong squad to choose from but we were limp from start to finish. We looked like a mid-table side. Again, mid-week against Schalke we started well but we lacked the mettal to see through the match. I know for all the theories we have concerning the board, there seems to be something fundamental lacking amongst the management on match days. Wenger came at an era when his philosophy was refreshing and new. From training to dietary regimes, he completely revolutionised the way teams operated. Suffice to say, the majority of Premier League teams have followed suit. The reason Alex Ferguson has succeeded is because he has been able to adapt . Wenger’s refusal to adapt at a macro and micro level has forced Arsenal into a downward spiral where he himself is struggling to see his own faults. I’m sorry but fourth place should not be considered an “achievement”. The toxic mentality of the board is ruining the club. There is no leadership on the pitch or off it. It makes me sad.

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  11. Sad to see the direction our club is heading, not going to win much with this team.

    Teams have us figured out already. Stop Arteta and you stop arsenal.
    Try mix it up a little, we’re to predictable!

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  12. It was right that Arteta took the penalty. If he is the nominated man then he should take it. Presumably, in training he is the best spot-kicker. And it was actually a decent penalty, Swartzer did well to save it.

    The real problem wasn’t the penalty but Wenger’s failure to deal with this defensive problem that we’ve had for at least five years. At 2-0 we should have gone on to win this game comfortably. The rot started with the pathetic defending for Berbatov’s goal. We are just hopeless right now at keeping goals out.

    I am absolutely fed up of 5-7, 4-4, 3-3 and 5-4 scorelines. why can’t we ever go 1-0 up and just kill off the game?

    And why haven’t we got a quality holding midfielder?

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  13. What a rubbish team. Three straight years now out of the title race before December. There is no longer a big Four, just the big three.

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  14. We seem to have lost our sense of urgency ever since rvp left. After going down, we still choose to walk it around. The fans were disgraceful today btw.

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  15. Ít`s getting more and more painful to watch this shambolic team. With the right leadership they could be ok but with Wenger it will only get worse.

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  16. Arsen wenger always talks about the positive side of his team even arsenal is in the down fall. No one ask him to buy Ronaldo or mesi but fans

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  17. Giroud was a welcomed revelation today. He worked really hard when he was both on and off the ball. His aerial prowess was proved once again with the third headed goal in a week.

    How many clearances did he have for us when it came to fulham corners?. I tell you what, he did well today, i’m actually looking forward to more setpiece goals from this arsenal team something we’ve been unfond of.

    We are now scoring again but this comes at a price as we’re now conceding almost at will, seems quite fucked up to me all this. On a normal invisible-esque day this match would have been a routine 4-1 victory for the gunners but we’re well of the pace now, a pale shadow of the arsenal of 2004/5. That team players who played for the name infront of the shirt and are now remembered for the name on the back of the shirt. We can tell ourselves this is jusy a blip but to make things worse, had we lost today then this would have been the worst start to the campaign since 1994, a time in which we finished 12 on the table. As games progress you’ll see that now even that top three place seems more and more farfetched. Mid table clubs no longer fear us and seem to enjoy taking points off us anytime they feel like. 🙁

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  18. Wengers time is up, he has done great things for the club. But the current team isn´t good enough, and i don´t believe that signing young players is the right strategy. The team seems uninspired, he choose wrong tactics.The big question is who will replace him? and when will somebody replace him? The only people that can take that decision is the board or Wenger himself. But changing an manager during an season isn´t an wise decision…. So lets support Wenger the season out, and then see about his future in this club.

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  19. I am simply sick of this team. Wenger is definitely running out of ideas, and the board have obviously made up their minds to settle for a mediocre team. We should all sadly expect the exodus to continue, with Walcott being next.

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  20. How shit was Aaron Ramsey today? I’m so sorry for what happend to him at Stoke, but at the moment he is such a passenger whenever he is in the side. He doesn’t have pace, doesn’t have the vision, can’t beat people one on one, loses possession too easily or stops/slows down the flow of a decent build up and is in absolute terrible form at the moment. Yet Wenger keeps persisting with him. If not a starter, than almost always first choice sub.
    Arsenal’s problems are not just Aaron Ramsey, but it does feel like 10 v 11 when he is on the pitch. Apart from one great game at City and the odd hollywood pass that gets through to someone, I’ve totally lost my patience with this kid.
    He might turn out to be great one day, but he is far from that at the moment and does not look to be developing as he should.
    Loan him out in January please! Maybe he’ll find some confidence in his game again. I would much rather see the likes of AOC or Arshavin or even one of the German B team players we have instead of Aaron Ramsey.
    I’m sorry he got Shawcrossed, but enough is enough!!

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  21. question. why is wenger praising the players for the way they got back into the game? that’s the least they could do.

    i understand he wants to present the team in a positive light and keep heads up but i doubt he’s criticised them to much in private. its plain for everyone to see that once again we were balls.

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  22. The comments by Wenger above beggar belief.
    He says the same thing time after time after yet another disappointing result.

    His team selection is all wrong, his transfer policy is wrong, his tactics are tired and old, and worst of all he is incapable of inspiring passion in his players.

    If he’s happy to settle for fourth why shouldn’t they be too? C’mon lads let’s fight like tigers for fourth!!!.

    I say this: this Arsenal squad has the players and the talent, one or two new signings not withstanding.
    What is missing is a good manager.

    End of story

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  23. Why is it we can’t defend? Why do we play at such a slow, almost lazy pace? Has to be the coaching. I fear Wenger is out of date and maybe it is now time for a change. Things seem to be the same every year and if anything each year is a little worse.

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  24. Usual shit November results continue. Man Utd go 2-0 down and win the game. We go 2-0 up and we’re lucky not to lose. Why the fuck did Arteta take the penalty? Usually such a top player had a stinker of a game and there was no confidence in the shot.

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  25. Why arteta amd not Cazorla and why not just blast it down the middle like the cowards do. Arteta has been shit last 3 games.I’m sorry lads I love the side too but I’m so sick and distressed at our Arsenal.. I know what it is.noticed it years ago and it’s called luck.We have NONE! NEVER!.Fag Ushited have had it since iv followed football! Luck is something everyone should get a fair share of but man u never fail to have there luck and we NEVER EVER HAVE LUCK! Alwaysget a player injured every match.Never get the right decisions.We always have to score the perfect goal cuz u will never see a fluke goal for us.corners u need a bit of luck from..Thats why we don’t score em.i could go on n on.Also..look what team the lose balls always drop to.Never runs for us… All you need is luck.. Dun du du.da dunn all u need is luck… Luck is all you neeeed..to the beetles song is what we should be singing… I’m sick. Bring in Eisfeld and I still can’t believe he let Song go!Wenger could have kept him!Arteta would have time on the ball a bit.more then and it adds that bulk. It all Sick of

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  26. Does anyone else think that Frimpong should be given a chance. He loves Arsenal and was playing well for Wolves before his injury. He is a very competitive player and would think he would give Arteta the support he needs.

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  27. A couple of years ago we needed two more quality players to really go for the title…..now we need six or seven.
    Walking back past The Arsenal Shop at Finsbury Park Station right after the game and noticed the shop was COMPLETELY EMPTY five weeks before Xmas. There is complete apathy from the board to the fans. No one gives a shit. Faceless players who won’t be there in a couple of years, extortionate rip off prices and a manager who is blind to what we can all see. Stick it all up your arse….we want our Arsenal back!!

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  28. Wenger please stop praising your players for giving up leads and then having to come back!!!! No wonder it seems like they think it’s ok.. Every time the opposing team scores a goal it’s like the whole team expects/accepts it FFS someone needs to shout the bollix off those players. We need a captain.: what pissed me off the most about that penalty miss was that vermaelan didn’t even look.. He was facing his own goal FFS wtf !?! A captain should instill Belief into the players!! He should make them see that missing isn’t an option! Not shit himself. I’m truly sorry for repeating this but the santos shirt swap epitomises arsenal right now. You are paid what? 60k a week to do a job. I don’t go and but fuck my girlfriend when I get a 15 minute break why should santos go and bumfuck van persie and every arsenal fan when he’s paid to do a job(which he is doing shittly). Fuck I’m so pissed off at this arsenal team. I love them to bits but god. I can’t watch a team without belief like this..

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  29. The title? Arsenal will do well if they finish in the top 5. Just watch the Everton and West Brom matches. They are far superior to us at the moment.

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  30. We’ve consistently done one thing over the past 4 or 5 years, get worse. I’m sick to fuck watching my beloved Arsenal become a mediocre team. It’s time for arsene to go and the board too. I love wenger but he’s just lost it he’s stale and stubborn and aint nothing gonna make it better…

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  31. Arsenal played a good game, lots more crosses for a change. From a strategy perspective, I think teams have figured out how to play passing teams like ours. Even other technical passing teams have been well defended against (eg: Barcelona this season).
    From a personnel perspective, defensively our midfield leave a lot of gaps, it seems. Offensively, not to pick on Ramsey, he just doesn’t seem to pass the ball early enough.
    Still feel these issues can be fixed with the squad we have.

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  32. I’ll get SLAUGHTERED for thinking this but right now were so low and us fans are so low all I can predict is a sperms win next week and another injured player and we will finish either 7th but kinda doubt it but 6 th or 5th.. Also the moment there isn’t any stand out players we can buy in Wengers or t boards price range..

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  33. I once hoped Arsenal were going to sign Mario Goetze as I’ve loved this guy since he 1st started getting noticed in germanys U21s and I live Dortmund so have seen alot of him also Gundogan would be perfect but I.can’t see either wanting to join us if this continues! There will come a time (soon) where we won’t be able to attract the big names and then were fucked and will look back to last season maybe start of this one and the 15 years in the champs league and WISH we bought when we couldve!

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  34. If n1 cud c, Arteta had his poor tme in 2nd half that means he had a bad luck 4 de day so atleast he cud av left de spot 4 OG bcoz it seemed to b his day to score.

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  35. I feel the chemistry in the team just isn’t right nowadays.

    Our passing doesn’t gel and our defensive colloaboration and coordination is just off.

    Furthermore, the body language of our players is annoying with all the theatrics when a player shoots instead of passing to them. I saw it at least twice yesterday when Giroud and Walcott took shots instead of passing. It is an unnecessary public statement of discontent with a team mate. Is it because all of our front men want to play central, and thus try to degrade the efforts of the others? May be to simplistic of an explanation, but I don’t like it.

    This gives basis to think that our team consists of individuals playing for themselves rather than the shirt.

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  36. Here is the worrying fact, the recent Arsenal of old (if that makes sense!) would bounce back very quickly after a bad result. Even if it was against a relatively easy team, we’d bounce back, get a 1-0 win and then more importantly, we’d get another couple to cement our position near the top.

    That has gone.

    The worry is those vital bounce back wins now become a mechanism for keeping us in touch with the ITV4 scum ridden Europa cup places and not the top 4.

    I love him but Wenger must go.

    He has transformed the British game more than any manager in history, since our very own legend, Herbert Chapman but his time with our great club is up.

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  37. Let’s be honest Wenger’s going nowhere, the board will never sack him-ever, and i have always backed him, but i have to say i am becoming more and more impressed with David Moyes…….why have we not got that never say die, fight to the death mentallity?….

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  38. Wenger: ‘we lacked urgency defensively’
    OH…MY…GOOD …FUCKING…GOD…did he really come out with that shit???
    We really are doomed!

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  39. on current effectiveness, i would love to see more of arshavin than ramsey, he’s proved that he’s not arsenal standard at all, i doubt he’d make it in starting 11 of any pl team.

    or maybe the pressure is too much for him, y not loan him to a lower team to get his game bk, (u know less pressure n stuff) and get a attacking mid in jan, looks like arshavin will not be staying after how we’ve treated him.

    besides he’s beginning to show some glimpses of his old self and arsenal have a knack of selling players on form, so he might leave.

    maybe arsene might promote chucks aneke nxt season, so he might not get a player in jan u never know, he should atleast get a replacement for rosicky i doubt he’ll be injury free, i see him playing about 5 games, 8 tops this season or maybe he might not recover at all:-(, shame! he’d be a very good option off the bench.

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  40. though Arteta was first on the penalty list to take the kick but looking at his current form in that game, i think Giroud was the perfect person to take the kick and score a hat-trick. coach Wenger please be watchful next time not all on the book is apply in reality.

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