Wenger targets decisive December push


Arsene Wenger insists that Arsenal will come good in December after a disappointing November which saw his side only garner six points from a possible 15 on offer.

Facing Swansea at the Emirates tomorrow, the Gunners also play high-flying West Bromwich Albion, West Ham United and Newcastle United at home before the end of the year with two away games in the Premier League and cup clases with Bradford and Olympiakos.

Currently sitting in seventh place in the table, the boss emphasised the importance of closing the 11 point gap on table toppers Manchester United and Manchester City.

“At the moment the two Manchester sides [are top],” he told Arsenal Player. “They have not been spectacular but efficient, and they have made the maximum of the chances they have created.

“For example, Manchester United have already lost three games and have lost in the Champions League as well. It is exactly what we have done but they took more points and had less draws than we did. That has been the difference until now.

“We will come back. Now we have six games, four at home, and if we do well in this block I think we have a chance to come back. But of course it is vital for us to do well in these games.”

After a difficult start to the season the boss also reserved praise for Thomas Vermaelen after the Belgian’s impressive performance against Everton. Returning to the centre of defence due to Laurent Koscielny’s injury the 27-year-eased lingering doubts about his ability to cope with the responsibility of being captain by producing a sterling showing.

“It was certainly his best game since the start of the season in this position,” Wenger continued.

“That will boost his confidence and hopefully get out of his mind what happened before when he was not completely confident.

“He was physically sharp, confident, calm and important for us.”



    • Yes!

      3 points would be a nice birthday present for me tomorrow (along with Sp*rs, ManU, ManC, Chels and Liverpoo all losing, of course!)

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  1. If we just win our home games and maybe take 4 points away from home, in addition to a pair of new players in January, the second half of the season might become very interesting.
    Quite optimistic, I know, but yet not impossible..

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    • I am very easy to please , If we win vs Swansea , I’ll be the happiest mofo in the planet.

      Sometimes you shouldn’t look at the bigger picture

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      • But sometimes you should. I’d be over the moon too, but equally sad if we’d lose the next game.
        Guess I’m just dreaming of taking a part in the title race. It’s been a while, you know

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      • Spot on master bates. I think a major problem with this side is they don’t focus on the task at hand. Ya we can give citeh or Chelsea a whooping, and yes we can hammer those pathetic spuds. Unfortunately, more often then not, we fail to turn over the teams we should have no problem with. Three points against swans is the same as three points against citeh. The league is won by beating lesser opposition. The bigger games always seem to even out in the end. Untill we learn this, we will not win the league.

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      • @Frog, I can not agree more.
        If we had beaten Norwich, Fulham, Villa, Sunderland, we would have had 9 points more. Add 2 more for Stoke and just 1 point behind ManUre.

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    • Why not 6 wins if we couldn’t take 6points away against reading and wigan then what’s the point this is the easiest block of 6 games and we should win all of 6 games and take the maximum points , it is time wenger and arsenal to deliver and I don’t see better games than this 6 to do that. COYG I believe we can I’ll even add the 7 game away at Southampton as 3 points.

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    • Why is every match by default not a “final”? The money they get paid and the pride of playing in the shirt should be ample motivation in itself. Give 100% each and every match that is all I ask

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  2. I am sure that Aesene is fully aware that Arsenal have no chance of winning the Premiership. He is playing the game, keeping the foolish supporters living in hope while at the same time emptying their pockets. What better time to go for your hidden pockets – Christmas!!!!!

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  3. Perfect time for Arsenal to get consistent. December should, or rather, must give us maximum points. There’s a reason why title talk is christmas talk. Other clubs surrounding us in the table during this period will drop points. For example, the filth from Manchester will probably do something blasphemous on the 9th. Especially when we consider that January is going to prove that with matches involving Man Shitty, Chel$ki and ‘pool.

    This winter must be RED!


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  4. I don’t trust this wenger guy. He says stuff without thinking.
    He once joked we could go an entire season without defeat.

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  5. Bollocks… Until i start seeing the improvements and until we start winning this december, i refuse to believe whatever you say mr. wenger. You just want to make me feel good. Call me doubting thomas, hit the thumbs down button, it aint gonna change my thought. One love gunners.

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  6. once again, what is the need for the this? I go on the Arsenal website and I find this : Vermaelen – We have quality to beat anybody.

    WELL THEN. get out there and beat every body.

    I am absolutely sick of it. these players are not celebrities, they are footballers. no one cares what you say, we don’t even care if you win or not. just show some passion and heart and discipline and no one will complain.

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  7. For some reason i feel december is our month.
    Wenger saying ” we will be back” just confirms it.
    A december push is needed from the likes of everyone in the team, yes tiredness gonna be there for not having depth in squad and if our players do it , lets reward them but signing quality players in january.
    Come on Arsenal.
    Fuck the swans.
    Fuck the cunts.
    Fuck them all without lubrication.
    This is our month.

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  8. If we win all our games in December,we probably won’t sign anyone,if we have a poor December we’re more likely to sign the two players arsene speaks of. Glass half full/empty I suppose

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  9. Arsene I am sick and tired of this bullshit you and the board give out all the time. We have a great team but a weak squad, money in the bank and a fantastic stadium your rhetoric is wearing thin and the fans are a bit pissed off with paying you so much money while team team struggle.

    I love Henry but get real buy a bloody striker and stop taking us for mugs.

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    • I like how you keep changing your name but that picture of the troll follows you every place you go. Is that really your face? Fucking hell mate, if we’re that hideous I’d at least use someone else’s face for me avatar.

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  10. I still believe we can do well in the league (including top position is still a possibility), win at least a domestic Cup, and the big one of course, CL!!
    Why not? We hav many home games inthe league versus stronger teams, we are thruough last 8 in the league cup & last 16 in the CL!!
    So we supporters must keep the faith.
    With stabilised defence including our No1 back, our midfield with our best players available (excluding Ramsey!!) & additions in the forward line…WE CAN DO IT!!

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  11. I personally think we are on the verge of a huge run of good form, if you look at our recent performances we have tightened up the back four, and our pace is getting better, if we can put in a performance like we did at Everton, but create more chances (with I think will happen if Rosicky returns) then we will be in very good shape going into January. My hope is that if this does in fact happen, Wenger will still spend and bring in two quality players, rather than cite the fact the squad is playing well.

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  12. Team selection will be key,
    Without wanting to look overly critical:
    From Feb 2012 Arsenal has played 40 competitive game.
    * Ramsey has started 18 games, with 4W, 7D, 7L (22% win rate)
    * Without Ramsey starting 22 games played with 17W, 4D, 1L (in the 1 loss Ramsey was an 8th minute sub for injured Arteta) (77% win rate).

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    • Bloody hell that stat is incredible!!
      I don’t believe Ramsey could possibly be the sole reason for those losses(as most would agree)
      But its not encouraging for either Ramsey or our beloved Club!

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    • Spot on man. This sucks, it’s not like anyone WANTS to hate Ramsey. Of course we want our players to do well! But how in the hell can you argue against those stats?

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    • Of the 18 games in which Ramsey started, who were the other 10 players who started each game. It seems probable that many other players appeared in all those games.
      How many of the goals conceded in the games lost were down to Ramsey?
      Have you registered your claim on the North London is Red website?

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  13. Come on let’s pick all the points between now and jan and then buy two world class players to push for the title oh shit I forgot this is an arsenal blog ok lets try and get as many points as possible and hope Wenger gets some half decent cheap players who can do an ashavin from jan till end of season

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  14. Giroud and Walcott up top santi attacking midfield wilshere as cm and diaby as cm and arteta as a defensive mid then Gibbs mertesacker koscielny and then Sagna then we can be decent oh and get a new boss WENGER has had his glory days but they are over now and he needs to go and we need more transfer funding to fill in the gaps

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