Arsenal 0-2 Swans: lack of application, concentration, and demonstration – by the numbers


Lack of Effort Killing Arsenal

That was one of the worst first half team performances I have ever seen from Arsenal. (Winner marked in red)

First half:

4 – Arsenal Shots
6 – Swansea shots
1 – Arsenal shots on Goal
2 – Swansea shots on Goal
254 – Arsenal passes completed
294 – Swansea passes completed
64 – Arsenal passes completed in the Swansea final 1/3
34 – Swansea passes completed in the Arsenal final 1/3
8 – Arsenal successful dribbles
1 – Swansea successful dribbles
3 – Arsenal tackles
12 – Swansea tackles
10 – Arsenal interceptions
7 – Swansea interceptions
4 – Arsenal aerial duels won
3 – Swansea aerial duels won
7 – Arsenal fouls
4 – Swansea fouls

Second half:

Only better enough to give us false hope.

6 – Arsenal Shots
8 – Swansea shots
4 – Arsenal shots on Goal
5 – Swansea shots on Goal
293 – Arsenal passes completed
194 – Swansea passes completed
121 – Arsenal passes completed in the Swansea final 1/3
29 – Swansea passes completed in the Arsenal final 1/3
2 – Arsenal successful dribbles
5 – Swansea successful dribbles
7 – Arsenal tackles
6 – Swansea tackles
3 – Arsenal interceptions
6 – Swansea interceptions
8 – Arsenal aerial duels won
2 – Swansea aerial duels won
5 – Arsenal fouls
6 – Swansea fouls

In the context of the whole game and the whole season it looks like this:

Errors* Also Killing Arsenal

Jenkinson error Swansea
Vermaelen error Swansea
Sagna error Everton
Aston Villa — clean sheet
Mertesacker error Tottenham
Arteta error Fulham
Arteta penalty conceded Fulham
Vermaelen error Man U
Cazorla penalty conceded Man U
QPR — clean sheet
Mannone error Norwich
West Ham score — NO ERRORS!
Koscielny error Chelsea
Mannone error Man City
Szczesny error Southampton
Liverpool — clean sheet
Stoke — clean sheet
Sunderland — clean sheet

16 – Goals conceded in League play by Arsenal
12 – Errors leading to goals or penalties conceded by Arsenal (only 11 goals — Rooney missed the pen Cazorla gave away)
3 – Consecutive errors leading to goals
5 – Points lost in the last two games because of errors
15 – Points lost because of errors leading to goals (my estimate, what’s yours?)

How much worse is Arsenal this year v. last year?

(Correction: this is an old image, Arsenal lost 1-0 to Man City meaning the totals should read 20-17. Adjust everything accordingly below.)

Here’s something I thought up from the bottom of a glass of whiskey: a comparison of the League matches played last term with their analogous matches this term.

I left Southampton and West Ham off because they are newly promoted teams and their analog in this matrix are Norwich and Swansea (all four were promoted in the same places from the League Championship). Adding those West Ham and Southampton’s six points to this season and nine goals (minus 2 for goals conceded) would bring Arsenal to 21 points but wouldn’t I just have to double the results from Norwich and Swansea, thus adding 6 points to the other side?

I thought about adding relegated teams (since they won’t be repeated again this year) but that would make me include the Arsenal win over Blackburn (7-1) and the win over Wolverhampton away (3-0). Which, again, is actually better than the great results against Soton and WHam (+9 GD last term v. +7 this).

Given the same teams as last season, Arsenal’s much vaunted defensive improvement is a mere two goals over those 13 games and just ONE goal if I add Blackburn and Wolves in. And the dip in offensive production is either six (or seven) goals over the same teams as last season. No matter who I add in there, Arsenal are struggling both offensively and defensively and now need 50 points from their last 23 games to top last season’s total. The December schedule is as easy as it’s going to get but the team are making cheap mental errors on defense and are not applying themselves while making cheap errors on offense.

Tough to watch.


All numbers today via Opta, ESPN, or my personal database

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*Errors leading to goals are a mistake that leads to a goal

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