Arsenal 7-3 Newcastle: half full – by the numbers


167 – Arsenal successful passes in the first half
172 – Arsenal successful passes in the second half
38 – Successful passes in the Newcastle final third, first half
61 – Successful passes in the Newcastle final third, second half
3 – Shots by Arsenal in the first half
13 – Shots by Arsenal in the second half
8 – Tackles by Arsenal in the first half (of 9)
14 – Tackles by Arsenal in the second half (of 15)
0 – Successful crosses in the first half (of 7 attempted)
5 – Successful crosses in the second half (of 13 attempted)
89 – Passes completed by Chiek Tiote²
51 – Passes completed by each of Arteta and Sagna³
21 – Passes completed by Sagna in the Newcastle final third²
12 – Passes completed by Oberon in the Arsenal final third³
4 – Key passes by Wilshere²
4 – Tackles by Wilshere² (tied with Coloccini and Tiote)
2 – Blocks by Wilshere² (tied with Coloccini)
1 – Failed block by Wilshere
4 – Interceptions by Podolski³
6 – Aerial duels won by Demba Ba²
5 – Aerial duels won by Sagna³ (of five attempted)
2 – Aerial duels won by Vermaelen (of five attempted)
1 – Aerial duels won by Koscielny (of two attempted)
3 – Shots by Giroud
2 – Goals by Giroud
1 – Shot that hit the crossbar
39 – Touches by Walcott

16 – Attempted passes
11 – Successful passes
5 – Attempted crosses (2 are corners)
1 – Successful cross (assist to Giroud for the headed goal)
5 – Successful dribbles²
6 – Shots² (Tied with Ba, who also had 6)
4 – shots on goal
3 – Goals²
2 – Key passes
2 – Assists²
6 – Goals and assists Walcott scored against Reading in the League Cup match

92 – Percent of tackles Arsenal won (best all season)*
70 – Percent of all duels Arsenal won (best all season)
120 – Number of passes Newcastle completed above the total that Arsenal completed (339 Arsenal, 459 Newcastle — most against Arsenal this season)
56 – Percent of possession Newcastle enjoyed (most against Arsenal this season)
411 – Arsenal passes attempted (lowest total this season)
23 – Percent of those passes that were aimed backward (lowest this season)
56 – Percent of those passes that were aimed forward (tied for highest this season)

What the hustle board looks like:

4 – League matches in which Arsenal scored 5 or more goals in 2012/2013 (6-1 Southampton, 5-2 Tottencum Hotsperms, Reading 2-5, 7-3 Newastle)
3 – League matches in which Arsenal scored 5 or more goals in 2011/2012 (Chelsea 3-5, 7-1 Blackburn, 5-2 Tottencum Hotsperms)

23 – League games which it took for Arsenal to score 39 goals in 2011/2012
7 – Goals scored in that 24th game (7-1 Blackburn, 4 Feb 2012)

1.95 – Goals scored per game average 2011/2012
2.05 – Goals scored per game average 2012/2013
1 – League matches in which Arsenal scored 5 or more goals in 2010/2011 (6-0 Blackpool)
2 – League matches in which Arsenal scored 5 or more goals in 2009/2010 (Everton 1-6, 6-2 Blackburn)


All numbers today via Opta, ESPN, or my personal databases

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¹Best in the League in this category
²Lead both teams in this category
³Lead just his team in this category

*League stats only in this section


  1. Going by ox’s goal celebration, you could see how much of getting back amongst the goals meant to him. Cracking goal, more of those please.

    P/s does Gervinho need a cameo???. Probably not. Coyg

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  2. When was the last time we were involved in a 10 goal match? Being doing my brain in since the game ended.

    Can’t remember being at one before.

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  3. Is Sagna falling behind in the pace department?. Probably yes, was absolutely skinned by obertan for that cross that led to the 2nd goal. Anyway good to see kos getting a run out and what happened to mert?. Anyway a well earned rest for him. Koscienly is more mobile and we perhaps needed that today, alittle flashes of vermaelens old self today, build on that, get back to your level and let’s keep on this run.

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  4. Great game and surely the best display on Walcotts part to this day.

    PS: i know this is off topic but does anyone have any idea where in the stadium will the Arsenal supporters be seated for the Bayer Munich match in March on Allianz Arena?

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    • It is a bit embarrassing to see him stand next to Jack again and talking about how “you know, these things with contracts take time, you know, but we are working on it but, you know, it takes time, its not like you can work out contract quickly or anything”.

      Still hope he stays.

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  5. If Walcott leaves now he will have proven himself to be a lying judas cunt, “it’s not about the money, it’s about playing as a striker” well now I guess we’ll see.

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  6. 1 – number of swoons when Giroud indulged the annoying, in-your-face celebration camera by blowing a it a kiss

    Walcott, on the other hand, celebrated by attempting to stare down every single supporter in the crowd without cracking a smile

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  7. “23 – Percent of those passes that were aimed backward (lowest this season)
    56 – Percent of those passes that were aimed forward (tied for highest this season)”

    Now that _is_ encouraging!
    If we can build on that…

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  8. That tackle that santon had on HFB that lead to Theo’s hat trick was VERY borderline dirty. I am happy that OG dind’t have a long term injury from getting mugged from behind like that. Bac had a bit of an off day but everyone cant be as consistent as he has been EVERY single game can they?

    It’s been a little bit of time since the camera went to the bench and you saw nothing but pearly white teeth smiling in the joy and appreciation from the total team effort that we put in today. The rate we were going i thought even schz would score lol

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  9. Wow what-a-game!!!
    i think the team is getting more confident and that win vs Newcstle will give us major boost (yes,we can score in other ‘bigger’ teams like Toon n Sp*ds -forgive me bout that -as well not just Southmptn,Reading etc.).

    No MATTER WHAT. we need a few aditions AFTER we clear the bench …

    1.GET RID of Chamach,Bendtner,Vella’s contracts – buy BA.
    Guaranteed PL striker…. so we have….GIROUD,WALCOT,POLDI,BA = NO NEED MORE!!! (we can afford for one more but i doubt it)
    Ok,in times when the scoreline will hopefully be 5-1 , rest the strikers and put Gervi with an advert on his forehead for 10-15mins in order to achieve some extra cash 😛
    2.GET RID of Denilson’s,Arshavin’s,Park’s contracts – buy a good WINGER
    CMF is almost full , a proper winger though in Poldi’s and Chambo’s place would been good for super sub…
    3.GET RID of Squid,Djourou,Santos contracts – buy a proper DM to ‘unlock’ Arteta , wait for Diaby to come back and have him as a sub to the RELIABLE -what health concerns ofc- and get a LB to sub Gibbsy…
    4.GET RID of Fabianski,Mannone(thnx4llbtw),Martinez – Buy a proper G.Keeper to compete with CSZNY- we ARE ARSENAL FOR GODS SAKE!!!
    See…? 4-5 additions with several departures = no MONEY IN TRANSFER – BOARD GETS THEIR CASH-FANS HAPPY = PROSPERITY ….

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    • What do you mean by “get rid of them”? As they won’t sign for another club offering them less money, you must mean just pay them off and give them away!

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      • GER RID – SELL EM , yes they will sign for another club cos they know that if they wont,no new contract will be offered to them, so eventually they will accept it and be kind and leave….unless they will end up free and will be searching for a club..yes we lose but think about it again..its a ‘sacrifice’ worth doin…
        sounds harsh i know…but its bloody true…

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