Arsenal draw Swansea in FA Cup 3rd round


The universe. It’s a funny place. There’s fate, if you believe in that. Coincidence. Providence. Destiny.

Or maybe there is a beardy old bastard up there just having a laugh. Via the medium of Ledley King and Fabrice Muamba, he’s having a good old chuckle at Arsenal fans today as we’ve drawn Swansea in the 3rd round of the FA Cup.

The game will be played in the first week of January at Vetch Field, or wherever it is they play these days, and coming less than 24 hours after being beaten by them in the Premier League, it’s enough to make you have a drink.

Except I can’t, I have to drive somewhere in a little while. I’ll just take some of this lovely morphine instead.

It’s good for what ails ya.


      • Exactly. Wouldn’t it be wonderful if we smash them and go on a run to win the FA Cup, and nick 4th in the league? I’d take that after the start we’ve had, and would definately be something to build from 🙂

        I know, I know, what can I say? I’m an optimist 😉

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    • ffs, if we’re going to complain about the mentality of the Gunners as of late then the least we, Gooners, can do is to get behind them to get that form. After all, it’s Arsenal and we love this team.

      Redemption day, nuff’ said.

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  1. Perfect match for retribution me thinks. The arsenal of 2004 that is!…….we are in 2012 with an average arsenal side. 🙁

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  2. I have it on good authority from a parking attendent yesterday,that he overheard a French sounding accent saying
    :”Ahh oui,Silvestre et Armand Traore is what we need”
    GET IN!!!

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    • For the Swansea at home and 3 points lost he can not do a single thing anymore. Cup is different story and I am afraid if we go there for a retribution everything can happen… good or bad again…

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  3. I’m very happy with this draw it’s reality check for wenger and the team i didn’t want to draw teams like bredford ,bristol city or leyton e go trough if you want to place the statement and turn rhings around this is the perfect game for you wenger so let see how you will turn things around.

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  4. 0-2. Empty seats ☑ Poor football ☑ No passion ☑ Day dreaming☑ Make Swansea look like Real Madrid ☑ Gervinho anonymous ☑ NOT AGREESIVE☑=SHIT!!!


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  5. i think there is too much negativity surrounding the club these days..some positivity will go a long way to help motivate the players and more importantly Arséne Wenger will know tht he has our support..

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  6. Oh FA cup I hardly knew ye… why couldn’t we get someone ‘nice and easy’ like Crawley or Luton or Burton or Harrogate/Hastings. A great confidence builder by thrashing them 2-1 or something.

    but no…we get Swansea.

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  7. In January? When Walcott & Sagna are on their way out and with a great chunk of luck, new player(s) coming in and trying to find rhythm with new teammates? Not good timing…

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  8. Should be a cracker.

    If only we can find the team hiding away in this bunch of players. There is one in there somewhere, I’m sure of it…

    If ever a bunch needed a good shake-up/hairdryer/hot rod in the nether regions it’s this lot… come on you guys!

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  9. Big deal, so we may beat them and that may be some sort of “redress” for yesterday’s result although I don’t see how because there two different competitions so if we beat them 10-0 it won’t change a thing in the real world. It still remains a loss in the EPL and unless the problems this team has are sorted out starting with the manager,another team will knock us out of the cup anyway and we’ll be staring another trophyless season in the face.

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  10. regarding our managerial position, changing it would be suicide. I fully understand we’re a club with the higher standards of competiting for the title every year and we will get to the point again, with Wenger. This may not be grounded in much fact based data, rather only assumption, but everytime I read into the Wenger debate I remember how we were the one team that were a suspicious ref decision from knocking barca off their ‘legendary’ perch in world football. as well, how our team almost overcame a 4-0 against Milan. The fact we were almost there may be the cause of the furor but the reason were a club with massive expectations is down to Wenger.

    Its not complacency sticking with Wenger, it’s the proven solution.

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    • Wenger is unquestionably a legend. However it is possible that he is no longer the right man to move the team forward. The team continue to repeat the same mistakes over and over. Arsene has been the one constant. We cannot deny the correlation.

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    • So by your logic we should buy Henry again and play him till he’s 50. I mean he was great once, surely he’ll come good again at some point right?

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  11. There is no solution in doing the same thing, the same way, with same manager and or players, thats the definition of insanity and is grounded in the fact based data of 7 trophyless seasons.

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  12. Arsene is not the problem..he is part of the solution me thinks, but the solution itself should be different…fool me once-unlucky, fool me twice-stupidity…applies here I guess.
    Dont care abt swansea..the EPL points are not coming back…

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  13. Swansea have been a thorn in Arsene’s …well arse for a long time. Last year we lost there, barely managed a win at home when their keeper made a blunder and this year we just surrendered.
    No better way for a revenge then hearing their 10k strong(?) fans booing their own team when we win 0-3 😀
    Up the arse!!

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  14. I wish arsenal get knocked out and we place 10th or lower in the league. We’ve been too poor over these years. Maybe the board and Arsene can do something about this fuck. If we finish 4th,they will never do anything.

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