Bradford v Arsenal – player ratings (torture special)


After one of the most embarrassing defeats of Arsene Wenger’s reign at Arsenal, Arseblog News has fingered through its book of Medieval torture methods (a must for every library) in a bid to sum up how bad last night really was.

Wojciech Szczesny: 6/10 – tooth extraction

Bacary Sagna: 5/10 – de-nailing

Per Mertesacker: 5/10 – foot roasting

Thomas Vermaelen: 4/10 – garroting

Kieran Gibbs: 5/10 – tarring and feathering

Santi Cazorla: 7/10 – blackmail

Jack Wilshere: 8/10 – tickle torture

Francis Coquelin: 6/10 – solitary confinement

Aaron Ramsey: 4/10 – eyes gouged out with a rusty spoon

Lukas Podolski: 4/10 – flaying

Gervinho: 3/10 – scaphism


Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain: 5/10 – oxygen deprivation

Tomas Rosicky: 5/10 – waterboarding

Marouane Chamakh: 4/10 – rat torture

Arseblog News would like to highlight that the punishments listed above are representative of the pain each player made us feel during the course of last night’s abject defeat…not what we’d do to the players if confronted by them at London Colney this morning.

Feel free to discuss and post your own ratings, but normal comment policy applies. If you’re not familiar with it, please read.


  1. Thanks for the blog. Cheered me up after last night. Just waiting for the inevitable ‘Wenger Out’ lynch mob to stir things up.

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      • Yep! Wenger out! And since there are no candidates to replace him, lets go managerless for the rest of the season, surely that will get us in the top 4 and win us the FA cup!

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      • And by the way, if we are managerless, Kroenke will definitely give us more cash to buy more players! Of course! Cause and effect! That’s simple logic you learn when you are 3 years old guys

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      • Oh fuck off you cunt! Without Wenger we would be mid-table at best. People like you make me hate Arsenal fans, spoilt pricks who expect, and think think they have the right, to win things! Joke fans. If you wanna glory hunt go support fucking man u

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      • Wenger picked a solid team, if they dont perform, hows it entirely his fault. he made good subs and got the game got fired up for the last half hour, shows hes still got what it takes to motivate them. short of Arsene taking the penalty himself, theres nothing more he couldve done.

        hes got a year and a half left of his contract, with money coming in from the new emirates deal, he deserves the chance to see out his contract at least. Arsenal have been through a similar spell in the past when we won nothing for almost a decade, it happens when theres a big transition, I’d rather still be in our position than Liverpool whose only transition was losing Alonso, Rafa and Torres and look where they are – compare that to us losing RvP, Ade, Cesc, Nasri, Clichy, Toure, moving stadium, limited funds, and we’re still better off.

        bottom line is as gut wrenching, humiliating and down right embarrassing as yesterday was, a bit of perspective is needed and sometimes shit does happen, need to get behind the team and hope Wenger proves wrong his critics (again!) and does the business for us.

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      • Ok well from the comments on the match report article, seems like the reasonable bunch are calling for Jurgen Klopp or David Moyes to replace Wenger. Which is reasonable, they play attractive football and I for one would welcome them. Its up to you guys then to somehow put this forward through the media (ie have the Daily Mail pick it up and turn something out of nothing). Certainly a step forward from just shouting “Wenger out”

        And there are another bunch who are calling for any random person (the name Sam Allardyce is often raised) to replace Wenger. They can fuck off

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      • It’s not a matter of Wenger out in my mind. It’s the board & stakeholders …. they got too used to high returns & forgot about the pride in football.

        They need to be hit in their pockets with the loss of Champions league cup money & the inevitable fall in shirt and season tickets that will lead to …

        I feel disgusted by it because all along the way it was Arsenal fans who PAID for Arsenals not-so-recent fortune but become the donkey upon which the financial whip is cracked with the most expensive season tickets in the country …

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    • Gervinho.

      He’ll find the BEST time to not release a ball and go on ahead and release it

      When you DO want him to release it, he’ll mark time with it, as he ponders which opponent defender to actually SURRENDER the ball to.

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    • I never try to criticize any of our players…I always reserved the criticism to opponents …but Gervinho is really an amazingly frustrating player and even more amazing is the faith shown by wenger to utilize him up front and ramsey in the wings. Gervinho actually managed to head the ball for throw in from 10 yards, was it not for Giroud to actually cancel it because he was in offside position and gerv’s first touch is excruciating to watch …maybe we’re spoilt by the maestros of first touch like TH14 but really gerv really needs to learn a few tricks while playing for reserves.
      Ramsey in wings and gervinho anywhere in the pitch =japanese torture

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      • Bar calling Theo a Maestro of the first touch (though admittably more able player now) spot on. I think the criticism our players have received at times is a bit OTT and often unfair/band wagonning, but Gervinho… Boy, if there ever was an exception, this guy takes the biscuit.

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  2. Gervinho did better than podolski if you’d ask me. Podolski played like a he didn’t give a fuck. I woke up at 3 in the morning in singapore to watch this. FUCK.

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    • So did I man, I had slept only at 1, I woke up at 3:30am for the game, Which is fine with me, but the stress i got from the game is just unbelievable. I thought we will win it after TV5 scored. Gervinho has no Brain, Ramsey no common sense, Chamakh! why is he still here.

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    • Sack Wenger now. If he was a strong manager he would confront the board and either invest in proper players or leave. If we can all see the players are not good enough wht can’t he? Will it take finishing say 6th or 7th to make him see sense? We will become like Liverpool if we are not careful. As for Gervinho absolutely useless! Unless ground is first don’t have a recognised centre forward. Thei is out of here!

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    • I thought Ox was decent in that dismal performance, especially when he came on. Made me think he was getting back to his old self, like last year.

      I think the word we’re looking for is composure, or rather lack of. I’d like to see the stats on incomplete passes. I can remember getting agitated as fuck when possession was lost, over and over and fucking over again. Wasted. Gutted. Not amused.

      Again congratulations to Bradford, I salute teams who are deemed underdogs and yet stand firm. Arsenal should take note.

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  3. Chamakh – boiled alive in his own hair oil.

    Pick the bones out of that one the morning after.

    This defeat has totally exposed AW and there’s no hiding place.

    It’s one thing to moan about the lack of a financial playing field with Citeh, the Chavs and Utd, but to put out what amounts largely to your first team against a Division 4 side, and not only not win, but perform so so badly, is completely indefensible.

    A goal conceded from a set piece? No shit. Who saw that coming? Who’d have thought our players would once again be looking at each other wondering how the fuck that just happened? Again.

    And what the fuck was with the crossing? It was atrocious. What they been practicing with, fuckin beach balls?

    The January window can’t come soon enough. Action has to be taken and taken early, and no excuses will do.

    If we continue stumbling on with the same squad, the same players run into the ground, the same players played out of position and the same, in some cases, sub-standard players, we’ll be well and truly up it, and I’ll be fucked if there’s a paddle in sight.

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    • It looks like the team has not been coached at all. The players are technically adept but have no idea how to execute a game plan, moreover you question whether there even is a game plan.

      In my opinion, Arsenal commits too many players forward, leaving the defenders exposed. When Arsenal attacks the build up is too slow, allowing the other team pack the area with defenders. Compare the ratio of attacking players to defenders when Arsenal attacks versus when Arsenal defends.

      Too many times no options are available and I’m looking at the players movement and thinking, make yourself available. Then you’ve got Gervinho…

      It is a nice idea to blame the board and money available, but it does not fly. Wenger chooses the players and the system, and whatever tactics he might employ (I have my doubts, it appears Wenger believes if you stick some technically good players out there the rest will fall into place, as if by magic). Who could replace him??? I think people would be surprised at how much better someone else could do.

      But since this is about player ratings…
      Vermaelen…. what happened to you?
      Ramsey…. sorry you’ll never be good enough.
      Gervinho…. what are you thinking?
      Poldi…. where are you?

      I thought Gibbs did well, but only watched from the second half onward.
      The team looked so much better when Rosicky and the ox came on.
      Cazorla looks a shadow of the player we saw in august.

      last week a corner was turned, this week another…

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    • At least the new generation of fan now know what it’s like to experience the humiliation of giant killing. 25 years on York City still hurts, 20 years on I still have panic attacks when I hear the name Wrexham.
      I think last night finally exposed the squad and Arsene. Only a new manager will look at the squad objectively and make the necessary changes, Arsene has invested too much in certain players and won’t admit he’s wrong. If I missed that Gervinho sitter at 7 a-side my mates would rip me apart. At the moment is be quite happy not to watch another game of football all season.

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      • One word does it for me, Swindon . It was the final and they were division three. I remember the others you mention and more. It happens to all the big teams now and again, life will go onbybut we will always remember last night with trepidation.

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    • Actually when I woke up today, I was expecting Wenger being fired or resigned article in the guardian…I am not a wenger basher but this result just made me fear for wenger’s job. Wenger is looking more like that gambler whose luck has gone for a vacation and lost everything. Whatever wenger is doing, nothing is coming good for him. Lady luck has clearly fucked him. Wenger doesn’t deserve this kind of hostility but he had been digging his own grave for quite some time and he could have steered clear of this misery had he not been a complete gentleman. Wish wenger could have been little more assertive in his approach and should have stood up a little against the board.
      Clearly the players is showing zero respect for wenger now, I can never imagine anyone playing like that under managers like mou or SAF or mancini the way these players are playing under wenger. It almost shows no fear of retribution by the players. Arsene really need to take very hard stance against players now, no more Mr Nice guy approach. Fans can absolutely understand if wenger put verm,gerv,poldi or any other players who under performs in reserve team and promote youngsters. I rather watch reserve team replace the first team bar some players then watch these players shame the AFC.
      COYG…its high time now FFS!

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  4. Somebody said something about Poldi not giving 100% in many of the games he plays. Apparently evident in his Bayern days, and looks like he’s bringing it to the arse. Effortless display from the German, i’m starting to see this now.

    That’s where the difference lies with gervinho. Gerv puts in more effort than poldi but his 120 minutes on the pitch has nothing significant to show for……..

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      • So coz he’s being played out of position he’s allowed to be lazy and not give a fuck?.

        Also poldi can play anywhere on the frontline so all this needs “playing out of position” needs to be stopped. He may not be comfortable on the LW but it’s no excuse to put in a below per performance. Is he silently throwing the tantrums?

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    • I don’t care how out of position you are being played, if you’re the fucking gardener you should still be able to bury a ball from 2-feet away.

      Okay, so he was ineffectual positionally, but he had the best chance of the match and somehow missed it. Christ, should have held on to Bendtner. At least he was so out of touch with his sucking that he was fun to listen to.

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    • I’m actually beginning to not hate RVP as much after what has happened so far this season, if he was going to carry a team he might as well get paid more at United. I still hate him on match days when he’s wearing their shirt, but during the rest of the week when it’s back to reality I totally get why he’d leave. Either that or the competition from Gerv scared him off.

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  5. Des, But surely someone scouts these players over a period and can see that these problems exist with some players.
    I know what you mean about the gerv at least trying but in a team as bad as this we need more.
    We need proven quality forwards to score the goals that will help the midfield relax and take the pressure off the defence. At the moment it’s all panic because we know we are struggling up front and any Goal conceded is a potential disaster.

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  6. The manager is responsible for the type of players he sign. That is the truth.
    The scouts are in some ways responsible as well.

    I’m feeling sorry for Jack. Playing with those kind of ain’t-giving-a-shit-characters. Please don’t leave us 🙁

    This doesn’t happen to a team like United because all and everyone of their players have the winning mentality. Ferguson only plays players who is up to the task, the rest he flog off to the reserves or send to rivals in the Prem. (Nani)

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      • Agreed. Nani is a greedy cunt on the pitch. Buy maybe that’s what were missing… Not a winger whose consistantly passing to mertersacker or vermaelen for 90 minutes.

        All this team ever does is go side to side.. no shots.. no penetration.. having more posession does not mean you are the better team. Someone needs to tell these cunts you don’t get the 3 points based on posession stats.

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      • I would be an upgrade to gervinho on the pitch. Mind you, I’m 38, fat and an absolutely horrendous footballer. I’d still fall over less and give back to the opposition less than that sack o shit.

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    • Exactly ! man.utd have a shit players but they give all on the pitch and have a wining mentality. This is question for all arsenal fans, will you trade our center backs TV5, PER, with evans and ferdidand , will you trade arteta with carick , will you trade sagna with fabio , will you trade cazrola and jack with cleverly and young ? The only 3 players that i will trade with mancs are one is obvious it was our captain the other two are rooney and evra. so how this shit players like evans ,carick , fabio, valencia , ferdinand , can give all week in and out that is down to the manager that’s a fact.

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  7. For me watching gerv try to work his way past a defence has been laughable.

    Each time, i sit back and look forward to a throw in after the ball bounces off gervs forehead and out.

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    • Next time, get Herb Alpert’s ‘Spanish Flea’ lined up for when Gervinho gets the ball. It all makes sense then – Gervinho is soley there for 1950’s style slapstick comedy.

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  8. “It’s not down to a lack of quality. We missed three penalties but we must focus on the next game. We gave everything for 120 minutes. I can’t fault the team’s effort.”

    What the hell are you talking about Arsene???

    1. Yes, it is down to lack of quality… Gerv’s open goal?
    2. Focussing on the next game? Why don’t we focus on this game.
    3. We didn’t give everything for 120 minutes.
    4. I can most definitely fault the teams effort. Overpaid, under-coached pile of tripe.

    For once, just come out and say, “We were shite. Its not good enough and I’m not happy.”

    I need a lay down.

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    • Fucking disgraceful statement after a loss like this. Wenger needs to take some responsibility and stop babying these bottler cunts…… Because I don’t know any babies that are on 50 thousand quid a week. Treat em like men and fucking drop the players who aren’t performing.. I swear Wenger doesn’t even watch his own players performances sometimes.

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    • If Arsenal were an empire last nights calamity was equivalent to the sack of Rome when the Vandals ran amuck. Soon all that will be left will be derelict & skeletal Emirates fulfilling the same historical function as the Colloseum & reminding us of a once mighty football club.

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  9. Podolski pulled yet another vanishing trick yesterday. Gervinho was always involved in the game but brainless…cringeworthy. between the two of them we appear to have one working winger. unacceptable.

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  10. And another thing. Please ban any of the players from coming out with their usual shit.

    How disappointed they all are, how they’re gonna bounce back, how the fans deserve better.

    I don’t wanna hear it, I’m not interested, in fact I don’t give a fuck what they say. Do your talking on the pitch.

    Although the way they’ve been lately you’d get more words that actually count for anything out of a mean pinball player.

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  11. Wenger is ultimately to blame as he has ultimate control over things, but asking for his head seems a bit ludicrous.

    I can think of other games where Arsenal were well and truely thumped by a superior team. The 3-0 Man Utd win in the Champion league at the Emirates a few years back was more painful than yesterday.

    We didn’t take our chances in the game. All I’m saying.

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    • How do you know he has ultimate control over things? Any links to evidence? There was a remark by Wenger May-ish this year that he had to make a profit on transfer dealings. I’m not posting this in defence of Wenger, merely pointing out we don’t know what is happening at the club and who is responsible for what.

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      • Nobody knows 100% what’s going on at the club but the players we have were signed by Arsene. Every single one of them! If laymen like me and you can blindly identify our lack of quality in the final third, what’s Arsene’s excuse???

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  12. I think it is time we were told what is happening at the club and why. Is money available or not? If available, is Wenger not given any money to invest in players or does Wenger not spend the money he is given? At least this way we know who to complain about.

    Medieval torture of board and coaching staff is on order, I guess, to extract the truth.

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    • The problems with this team are not about money, for the money Wenger spent on these players you would expect them to play better. Hell, the whole of Bradford probably costs less than Gervinho, in both transfer fees and in wages.

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  13. gotta love how arseblogger has conveniently left wenger out, seriously? Make no mistake, we’ve got some awful dross in the squad but who picked/bought/trains/motivate them? Who has failed to get the best outta them, who has failed to get them to just work their bollocks off even though they might be technically ability…?

    Nah, wenger cannot be absolved from any blame, not anymore, this shit has happened one too many times for it to be ‘just a one off’.

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    • The clue is in the title – ‘player ratings’

      We’ve not reviewed Wenger’s performance in these pieces before and we haven’t again this morning. I’m not sure giving him 0/10 and calling for a hot poker to be rammed up his arse really solves anything anyway…it’s hardly the most serious of articles.

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    • It’s a tricky one with certain players. Ramsey was progressing well until you-know-which-cunt-I’m -talking-about, he’s had some decent appearances as a sub this season but generally seems to going a bit Benjamin Button.
      Gervinho has never looked convincing and probably never will, unless someone edits together a youtube video of his runs and dribbling where the final ball is pixelated out.
      The really odd one for me is Podolski. He has played well in a smaller in team when everything went through him but he’s also done it consistently for Germany. He always looks to me as if he’s happier being at the end of move. He’ll shoot on sight and generally seems annoyed if he’s made a run and hasn’t been found. Maybe Internationals aren’t the best reflection because they’re more seldom. It’s easier to periodically put in a shift in a position you don’t prefer that to do it all season with your club. I’d say he’s happier as a striker which, if true, explains his recent vanishing acts. Of course, it doesn’t excuse them, he needs to get his arse in gear and do some fucking work.

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      • Ramsey. progressing well before injury. Wilshere was progressing fine too. Seems like he’s come back alright. In fact he’s been excellent.
        Ramsey should wake the fuck up or ask for a move. Disgusting

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      • Fair point. Ramsey’s was a different kind of injury though, different set-backs to overcome. van Persie spent a lot of time out but he was able to come back to peak form in a way that Eduardo wasn’t. Of course, vP was ultimately a better player and the same could be said of Wilshere.
        Wilshere is also, and always seemed, a more dynamic and confident player. Desperate to play and better suited to picking up where he left off. I think Ramsey is in a cycle of poor preformance-falling confidence-cautious minset. He’s caught between being a sub and a starter and doesn’t have a settled position. He obviously has mental hurdles to clear that Jack doesn’t.
        Again, it might simply be that he won’t fulfil his promise with us and would be better suited to a move.

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  14. To this day I haven’t criticised Gervinho, but he’s bringing it upon himself. Besides the obvious “fuck it, i’m not even gonna try to see where the goal is”, the most frustrating part I find is.. he dribbles rather excellent and then creates chances by taking on defenders of opposite team AND THEN WHAT, instead of passing to the unmarked teammates, he just dribbles on and on, like it’s fucking sunday. It happens too often. Poldi has been, what?, ten games below himself? Don’t get that, at all. Chamakh, seriously? Not even the slightest of effort. At least Gervinho tries. Can’t say that of Chamakh. Scandalous

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  15. Wenger is all at sea and behaving very oddly. He said Arsenal played well and that Bradford would be more disappointed on the performance than him. Erm… I don’t think so you French geezer. Time to put your size 19 shoes on and drive off in your car with the
    doors falling off.

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  16. Why the hell does gerv fell the need to beat a defender 3 times before kicking the ball into the only space in the box with no team mates.?

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  17. Over generous Mr Bloggs, TV, Gervinho, Lucas all deserve 0 and death by a thousand cuts,
    of the rest make you right with Jack would also add Le Coq as an 8 our best player till he was hooked they can be the executioner’s.
    BFG did OK a 6 he can have a go on the rack he won’t feel a thing.
    As for our leader picked the best available side to play the right way sad thing is he’s signed them all think he should be considering the most horrific torture known to man watching that shit again, its timwpeb to go.

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  18. Coquelin and Rosicky deserve massages. Nothing you can do if you play a passing game and the players you are passing to are shite!

    Coquelin, Eisbein, Rosicky, Akpom all need first team football.

    We are a joke at the moment, even from neutral supporters.

    New paradigm is needed in the club!

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  19. “There’s a brittleness and a fragility to our team over the last number of seasons, and it’s hard to escape the conclusion that this comes directly from Arsene. His public defence of his players has been a strength down the years, right now it’s a weakness. A humiliating defeat last night brought the same platitudes from the manager when, perhaps, some public acceptance that it’s just not good enough to perform like that could help.

    I don’t expect him to crucify individuals but when we lose to a team in the 4th division I don’t want to hear about our effort or that the pitch was slippery. It was that way for both teams. Maybe in private he’ll let the players know what he thinks but it would ease some of the frustration to air some of our dirty laundry in public. It might not be the Arsenal way but the Arsenal way isn’t working right now.

    There is under-performance from top to bottom. The lack of drive and ambition from those who run the club is transmitted to the manager who transmits it to the players and that’s why we lose games to Swansea, to Norwich, and to Bradford City. Something needs to change, and needs to change quickly. ”

    That Arseblog has lost patience with Arsenal (Wenger, the Board and Management in general AS WELL AS the players) is indicative of how far things have come. His perspective is often balanced, rational and level headed.

    Yesterday’s nadir is one step too far. In Kampala, Uganda (East Africa), Airtel, a Telecoms giant, has been running a media campaign after tying up a deal with the Gunners. It offers phone subscribers the chance to go and watch Arsenal games in the premiership.

    Considering the potent fan base the Gunners have in Uganda, it was a good idea…at the beginning.

    Right now? Well…as Arseblog likes to say: “Meh.”

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  20. 4th tier team??? What happened to my arsenal..? Where is the team I fell in love with..? The team people feard..the team that, if by some miracle they lost.. They would have at least the stats of a winning team.. Shots on target.. God watching the highlights gervinho such a cunt.. Strong fucking team.. So sad to see.. My Arsenal,not feared, laughing stock.. I remember being able to make fun of Liverpool for their decline.. Now we in the same boat.. Talking about the same problems.. All I want is my arsenal back.. My red and white team
    . My team that dominates games..

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  21. Well that was a grim read. I could have happily lived my life without ever knowing about scaphism. Having said that, I won’t wake up tomorrow thinking “What a fucking horrible dream that was, glad I didn’t actually suffer through scaphism”, in the way that I woke up this morning assuming the same of last night’s farce.
    I feel for Gervinho, it’s like he’s a dog that’s only been half-taught a trick. He know’s that something he needs to do for a treat but has never grasped exactly what it is. When he’s in the position to finally ‘roll over’ (find a team mate with a final ball) he turns and runs into traffic.
    Chamakh and Podolski, however, didn’t even look interested in performing, which is harder to stomach. Chamakh’s penalty and reaction said far more than his “I will stay and fight for my place” half-prattle.

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    • Hmm, Chamakh’s penalty? At least he tried to slot it in the corner where it wasn’t possible to save it and put a bit of hoof on it. Pretty much the mirror image of TV5s on the other post.
      I thought the worst was Santi’s! Short of having a word with the ‘keeper and drawing a picture, I can’t think of how it would be possible to telegraph where it was going more effectively.
      Always shaped to go right, far enough inside the post to be easily reachable, nice height for a good dive to intercept and soft enough to avoid any possibility of it going through the gloves.
      Contrast that with the Bradford effort that went through the same area. SZCZ went the right way but it damned near took his hand off, as it had everything on it including the kitchen sink.

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      • Granted, Cazorla’s was a very poor penalty. It was clear as day what he was going to do.
        Chamakh’s irked me because, for one, I don’t understand why he went for that kind of finish. That kind of assured side-foot effort is well and good if you’re brimming with confidence of putting them away every other week. Arteta is a case in point. He missed against Fulham, made a sensible decision against West Brom and kept his bottle. Chamakh, in my opinion, made a poor decision and executed it poorly. I can forgive him the miss though, as I can Vermaelen.
        Chamakh’s lazy, disinterested approach and his stroll back to the half-way line however, isn’t acceptable. It may seem petty but I’d like him to care that his mistake put up 0-2 down.
        When Arshavin got results, I didn’t mind his muted celebrations. When Eboue was visibly gutted that his cretinous behaviour cost us, I forgave him (a little). You cannot play poorly, fluff your only job and then wander off as it was a game you played on your phone whilst waiting for a train.

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  22. Wenger has ruled whilst our best players are consistently sold green lighting it as he thinks he can buy better ones for 0-10mil or grow them, fail in the last 5 seasons
    Tactically he’s always been quite naive preferring to build an excellent team and if it doesn’t work out just bung Wiltord for example on.
    It gets worse every year why don’t people admit it, this arsenal team is boring and slow and Wenger is as much to blame as lack of investment by the board as he let’s them get away with it, never saying they don’t give money leavin the fans chasing shadows whilst he collects fortunes in wages.
    We do need to spend but I’d prefer our next manager do it!
    Gooner 4 life

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  23. Look, it’s a simple game and it’s all about getting into the sodding box.
    All well and good splitting the defence with a perfectly-weighted pass, but when the receiving player’s only options are either trying to pick out Chamakh[1] or bimbling around at the edge of the 18 yard box and waiting for everyone else to catch up while the opposition’s defence gets its act together, it’s pointless.
    Look at how everyone else does it. Break, two men in box, midfield pelts forward to run onto anything loose. Opposing defence on back foot throughout. It is not fucking rocket science.

    Actually, did we go forward at all before Rosicky came on? If we did I must have missed it while I was making the tea.

    [1] And watching Gervinho trying to pick out Chamakh is like watching a parkinson’s sufferer trying to thread a needle with a ship’s hawser.

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  24. There is no way to describe that game from a gunners point of view without swearing for at least 25 mins. They should all be fined for that!

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  25. Am one of those Pro Wenger, but this is getting extremely poor from Arsene, you don’t need Falcao/RVP to beat Bradford. Wenger shld and will be the boss till the end of this season and he shld decide for himself whether he shld stay or leave. Depends on our Final league position and how far we go in CL.

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    • You don’t. But I’m pretty sure they wouldn’t lose to Bradford.
      If there was a time for a Falcao type signing.
      IT IS NOW.

      Thumb up 2 Thumb down 1

  26. That really hurt last nite! the pain was much more than going out the final to Birmingham! What would i do to them this morning? I was thinking let them train just underpants on nothing else! But I think they need the morning off! We just can’t bite anymore! No matter what people say about our strikers option, that team should have some goals in it.

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  27. Wenger has bought a load of freeloading, don’t give a shit cunts to play for this club….Podolski is shit, Gervinho is a pathetic excuse for a man let alone a footballer, Chamakh is a fuckin idiot who can’t even tie his own boot laces…and Vermaelen is a shell of the man he once was, an awful captain whose game has crumbled unde pressure.
    It shows how far you’ve fallen when you wish we still had Bendtner…..he’d walk into this team now.

    Thumb up 10 Thumb down 5

  28. Feel like I’m going through a minor form of torture everytime I watch players like Gervinho, Chamakh and Ramsay. Fucking hell, just be better! Wenger, only now is my faith in you beginning to wane- please wake up and smell the shit before it’s too late and we end up fading away like Liverpool.

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  29. 0\10 for the entire team bloody hell we were playing against a bottom division team. Gervinho might try hard but he is garbage i think he would find a way of missing if the ball was on the goal line. Seriously why is he playing CF his scoring record is rubbish. The crossing through out the game was woeful. Did the Bradford goalkeeper work hard last night. Erm NO. Decline decline decline but dont worry weve loads of money.

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  30. Wenger will never slag his players off in public. Basic management 101. He will, if required, do that on private.

    However, although we (I) love the guy, his biggest strength – loyalty to his staff (players) is also his greatest weakness. Stubbornness in not swaying from the chosen path with those he puts his faith in.

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  31. Please kindly donate to my new charity, “The Gervinho Repatriation Fund”.

    Our sole aim is to provide funds for Gervinho to purchase a plane ticket to a destination of his choice. Preferably France or Ivory Coast where he can continue to show his finishing skills in front of goal.

    Please dontate kindly as we wish to reunite him with relatives as soon as possible, thank you

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  32. Says it all that coquelin was our MOTM and was brought off after 60 mins. And I’ve absolutely had it with vermaelen. Giving him the captaincy has evidently ruined a phenomenally talented athlete’s confidence an seeming ability to defend like an EPL player. The number of times they aimlessly hoofed the ball up and he waited for it to bounce before inexplicable going through his legs and subsequent falling over against a LEAGUE 2 striker says it all. This guy needs to be dropped for a while cause currently I would rather honestly have djourou or ignasi at the back. Last night was one of the most painful nights in my time as an arsenal supporter as from the beginning it was all inevitable: the lack of passion, determination and forward fucking passing (which I why coq was MOTM for me: he was the only one to show any of this). We’ve seen this time and time again and as suffering but enduring supporters we should demand CHANGE. I don’t mean sacking AW as that’s simply foolish but this guy seriously needs to relook his entire policy: you can’t blame the board on his selection last night or why he plays Ramsey and podolski out of position or why we gave a gurless display or why he substituted the only player trying to make things happen, you can only blame HIM. This is the same guy who presided over and built one of the greatest teams in football, one that couldn’t lose. So he hasn’t lost it, it doesn’t work like that in professional sports but he DOES need to rethink his policy and FAST cause I’m sick of staying up all night to watch the team I love implode and throw away chances whenever we’re presented with them. I’m fucking tired of this.

    Rant over.

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  33. I think gibbs, rosicky and coquelin deserve a higher rating!
    I’d give gibbs and coquelin a 7 and roicky an 8 at least. How he speeds up our game and what a big difference he makes, that’s just unbelieveable!
    I’m looking forward to a midfield of rosicky – wilshere – santi!
    Or maybe arteta – wilshere – santi and rosicky on the wing.
    But still we need a top striker in january, otherwise we will have real difficulties to finish in a CL-spot

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  34. When the two Bradford strikers look significantly sharper, more skilful and more threatening than any of our front three my patience with Arsene runs out I’m afraid.

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  35. People, its only the league cup, we’ve got bigger fish to fry. Birmingham won this competition recently and where are they now? You think Liverpool wouldn’t trade places with us? Now we see why chamack doesn’t make the bench.

    Thumb up 3 Thumb down 4

    • So what bigger fishes are you talking about exactly? The champs league or the FA Cup? You’re having a laugh mate. A couple of seasons ago, I can’t remember which one precisely, we had all our strikers out and we were playing Arshavin as a lone striker. He despised it and complained but when January rolled by, what did we do? Fuck all that’s what we did. My point is, this shit has been going on for too fucking long and it’s just hit home with most gooners. I really hope there is a fix, either Arsene finds it or the club does. Just fucking fix this shit.

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  36. Maybe it would help Podolski if he actually finished a game once in a while. It must play on his mind at HT knowing he’s only got 15 minutes left before he’s back in the dressing room.

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  37. In January instead of spending big I’d rather pay off the contracts of Chamakh, Squillaci, Gervinho, etc.

    Why do our top players keep leaving? Yes it’s down to money but also because they walk into work and see players not nearly good enough for this club picking up £50k a week.

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  38. Fuck this shit. I might actually go and hibernate. Wake me up in June when this unbearable season is over.
    I really thought it couldn’t get worse than it already had. Last season was torturous enough but this season is just kicking us in the nuts every time we get back up!
    As for Wenger, I don’t know what to think about him anymore. How can he possibly say that this loss wasn’t an embarrassment? Every fan is embarrassed by this. That was close to our strongest 11and they got beaten by Bradford fucking City. We’re the ones who suffer with the ribbing from our colleagues and friends afterwards. He should be absolutely fuming with that gutless performance. The players are to blame as much as him. I’m sick of this shit attitude on the pitch. Where’s the drive to win? Show some fucking balls Arsenal and EARN your fucking money.

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  39. My neighborhood in East Finchley suffered a power-cut last night therefore I missed the entire 1st half. I was delighted when the power was restored during halftime, just in time for the 2nd half. EDF Energy, of al the times you manage to restore power quickly, why you choose this occasion?

    Changing my Username from ‘gunnertrophytime’ to ‘gunnertorturetime’.

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  40. Scaphism is too good for the likes of Gervinho.I swear if he does that stepover/drag back/lose ball shit one more time I’ll…I’ll …I’ll…well I don’t know what I’ll do but it won’t be good!

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  41. I’ve held out hope that I’d see better from them but Rambo and Gervinho are absolute crap. Gervinho can’t pick the right pass or complete one to save his life!!! Chamakh I’ve given up on long ago but at least he could surprise me by pulling out a stellar sub performance. Instead he waffles everything. Absolutely useless that lad. I was happy that Ox called him out on his terrible through ball that had nowhere near enough weight on it.

    The only players I was happy with were Santi (as usual) and JW10 (as usual, when he’s not getting red carded). Ox I think is having a bit of a sophomore slump at the moment because his play is clearly not earning himself more of a look at a starting 11 spot if Theo is healthy.

    Podolski looked terrible last night too. WTF is going on? Last night was truly one of those instances where I could see TH14 coming on as a 15 minutes sub and scoring one as well as giving the lads on the pitch some real leadership & inspiration.

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  42. I never saw this game, but holy shit, I need a rant!

    Why is Gervinho wearing an Arsenal shirt?
    Why is Ramsey not on loan?
    Why does Podolski play like a dull overaged robot (a robot without any fotball skills)?
    Why does bad things keep happening to me?
    Why is Jack the only one playing with his heart outside his body?
    Why are Greeks such lazy bastards?

    Questions that MUST be answered!

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  43. Who here thinks Wilshere should have finished that 1-2 exchange he had with chamakh.

    But he was the only one who initiated the move hence should have been the only allowed to bottle it in the end.

    P/s. In january can the former lille man be the former arsenal man?

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  44. I take a quote from a Star Wars Clone Wars episode, “A wise leader knows when to follow” I think it’s time Vermaelen took a long hard look at himself and his form and resigned as captain and give over the armband… He clearly is not playing well for shit (regardless of his goal he gave away the free kick that led to the goal and lost the match for us and has made at least in my memory 4 fouls this season that have led directly to goals) and if your captain is not playing well then what the fuck are you gonna do? Rio was captain, got injured/played like shit can’t remember and the armband was given to Evra (who is a cunt but I digress) captains can be demoted! Fuck even Gallas got stripped remember! What I’m getting at is that we need a leader on the pitch who the players can look up to when shits going bad not a player who is one of the main culprits of how why we have been playing like shit this season

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  45. Arsene Wenger Out?

    Are you all for real? he is the most decorated manager in the history of our football club!

    Of course yesterdays defeat was an embarrassment but as if it was a suprise to you that he didn’t come out and say as much?

    The harsh reality is we have been left behind by the enormous spending powers that are Manchester City, Chelsea and Manchester United. The only feasible way to compete would be to wave goodbye to our current wage structure and transfer budget restrictions potentially leaving us in a similar situation to Leeds and Portsmouth. Where inevitably the likes of the forementioned clubs will find themselves in the year to come.

    Arsene has signed some Donkeys granted we can all list names such as Chamakh and Squliachi. But forgive me if I am wrong but hasn’t he always done this? Anyone remember Stepanovs?….

    I do agree that we miss a Dein type character someone to tie the big names down to contracts sooner rather than let them walk out for half their value.

    We have to sit tight, I remeber when the biggest names in world football were courting our manager and he didnt desert us then so we shouldn’t desert him now!


    Thumb up 5 Thumb down 20

      • State the obvious weedwacker. As your so well informed who would you like to see Arsene replaced by? furthermore what can they do differently?

        Thumb up 2 Thumb down 7

      • Instill a bit of fight, belief, quality in the final third. I don’t care who, it can be Arsene if he thinks he is up for it, really. A change may not be successful first time but we will stumble upon success again eventually. Thats how we got from Graham to Wenger. Its the boards place to select the manager and it is my right to have an opinion on that choice. My opinion is that there is a bad smell about the place so it would be nice to freshen things up a bit. you seem to enjoy sitting around in your own farts.

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    • “The harsh reality is we have been left behind by the enormous spending powers that are Manchester City, Chelsea and Manchester United. The only feasible way to compete would be to wave goodbye to our current wage structure and transfer budget restrictions potentially leaving us in a similar situation to Leeds and Portsmouth. Where inevitably the likes of the forementioned clubs will find themselves in the year to come.”

      Clearly beating a league 2 side would require breaking our wage structure. You’re right, all these problems stem from Wenger only being able to buy 3 players that cost more than 10M each this summer, how can anyone compete under such onerous restrictions?

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      • So Chelsea paid 30 million plus for a player we have been looking at for a while?

        Manchester United signed OUR striker as we wouldnt break a wage structure to suit him?

        People like you make me laugh all you can see is we got beat by a league 2 side? Cannot see the bigger picture naive narrow minded and know nothing about the realities of budgets nor football

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      • @michael

        Don’t be an obtuse dipshit, a number of teams with much less expensive players and lower wages have been making Arsenal look distinctly average. Pointing out that Arsenal cannot compete with Chelsea and City might fly when explaining why they beat us or finish above us, but it does little to explain why this team plays like Arsenal one week and like a pub side the next. This season is the first season that watching Arsenal has made me want to gouge my eyes out with a rusty spoon, after some matches I feel like I’ve totallly wasted my time, or, as in the case of Swans the other week, I’m happy that they won, they were clearly better and more entertaining to watch.

        Furhtermore, I don’t think that any wage increase would have kept Vanpricky, song, fabregas, or any number of players that have recently left Arsenal at the club. Saying so disrespects the players you used to idolize. Maybe they were disallusioned with the lack of investment in the team, or maybe they were sick of hearing Wengers nonsensensical excuses and preplanned 70min substitutions. But clearly you are intimately familiar with realities of football and budgets. Your excuses for the surrent state of this side are cliched and niave.

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    • We cant compete with the finacial might of manure citeh or chelski. Why has Theo been linked with liverpool all season. The wage structure does need looking at its not players demanding sky high wages thats concerning its the ones that we cant sell because of there fantastic wages and theres a few of them. Open your eyes mate last two pre season transfer windows we made profit through transfers. Top three aside the likes of Norwich Swansea Aston Villa oh yeah and Bradford city have made us look very ordinary this season.

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  46. Some of the rating are fair some not. If Chamakh gets a 3 then Rosicky needs more than a 5. In my book Chamakh gets a 1 (for the header that was wide, otherwise zero) Gervinho, nil. Worthless, not worth having on the team. Poldoski a 3 tops. And there you have the attacking force, basically toothess.

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  47. Seriously Arsene? Chamakh as a penalty-taker? A striker that can not shoot, never scores and that may have the worst confidence out of all the players on the payroll?

    No one can blame you for the misses by Verm and Santi, they would have been on every Arsenal-fans list of five. But Chamakh ffs?

    I think you are having a laugh…

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  48. I have 7 hours lag time between England and my country, and I had fever last night, but I still try to watch the match, I was hoping and praying that, my fever could be cured with a big win from arsenal, but what i was saw last night is making my fever worse… i miss RvP, i miss Fab4, even i miss Nasri, they all better than our current squad, our current squad seems doesn’t care about winning, they just go out and play whatever they want to play, just kick the ball and so on… in the next June 2013. Arsenal scheduled to play in my country, and i do believe with performance like last night, my national team will easily, really easily beat the arsenal… FYI, my national team is now rank 165 in FIFA

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  49. This all makes for horible reading!
    Gervinho……………. man if you ever put our shirt on again!!!!!!!
    Is our squad so low on players that we have to resort to him in the starting 11.

    So who will we all feel when nothing happens in January transfer market.

    In wenger we trust…………..fuck me this is wearing thin!!!!!

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  50. We’re in shit aren’t we. I’m more worried about our toothless attack than our leaking defense. I’m afraid we’re on a downward spiral and we aren’t going to recover even if we replace the manager. Our problems are rooted far deeper than the manager and Gazidis has been lying to us; we’re doomed. What we need is a major clear-out – from the board, maybe the manager, the backroom staff and most of our players.

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  51. Am I the only one who thinks Arseblog is unfair with Gervinho ? I mean, he needs to improve his passing and finition (two things you need in a winger, I’ll give you that) but his runs, his movement are top class. The only guy who comes even close in terms of physical efforts is Jack Wilshere. You can hate Gervinho, I myself sometimes want to rip his weird hair off his head, but the fact is that even though he’s not lethal, he gets a lot of balls for his team and ultimately creates chances. I understand the whole ‘headless chicken’ critique but sometimes a guy who runs everywhere is not a bad thing to have. And tonight’s miss, well it was a miss but the ball arrives so fast he can kick it properly. I know a lot of players who would have missed that, including a Spanish cunt living near Stamford Bridge…

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    • His movement is good, and he does run about. The problem is that he can’t cross and can’t shoot. He is a one man disaster because once it is passed to him the attack is over, and if he has made a good run his finishing is atrocious. If he were younger, you’d say that there was great promise but we simply can’t afford him as a first team attacking player.

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    • Ramsey beats everyone when it comes to hard work and determination but I wish I could say the same for his passing which happened to be his greatest ability.

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    • Same here, the prospect of Guardiola arriving excites but it at the same time means Wenger will be leaving. 🙁
      Could we have them both and scrap the so called board, who sit squarely on their arses?…..*dream.

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    • Realistically its not impossible the team is shit at the moment but the infastructure is solid and backing would be unconditional and the wages are good. The Pep project would be great for the brand.

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    • Have to say that the only way Arsenal could move up is by having a manager that attracts top players, I don’t know if Guardiola could succeed outside Barca, or if he could ignore the money muse from oil-rich teams, but, he could definitely attract top players, and for that I would approve if he was brought in.

      For all my critcism of Wenger I believe he has a place at the club, but a replacement needs to be brought in sooner rather than later. This team looks badly out of sorts.

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  53. well at least Wrighty has come out and slagged he board and wenger…….word is from Wrighty is that he turned bergkamp dpwn for a coaching role… WTF is that about?? Man city will snap him up next ffs

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  54. After watching the game, and thinking for the majority of it that we were doing quite well creating chance after chance and not able to finish it isn’t a surprise to hear Wenger defend his players. They tried pretty hard to score from what i saw.
    What has annoyed me is when he said this: “It’s not down to a lack of quality, we just couldn’t convert our chances”.
    The reason we couldn’t convert our chances Arsene, is because we lack the quality.
    I have said to myself i’m going to see where we are in mid Jan before the Chelsea away game, before i get pissed off. We have a period of winnable games that can get us back into contention for 3rd place, and if we aren’t in 3rd/4th by Mid Jan then i will agree with those Gooners who say we are on a downward trend.
    I would also like to congratulate Bradford. I don’t know what it’s like to support a club that was once in the Premier League, that has gone down 3 divisions (and nearly 4), and i don’t want to know. But the journey they have been on make nights like last night what football is about sometimes.
    No matter how fervent a supporter you are, you can’t deny there’s a certain amount of romance to Bradford winning.

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  55. The question that the Board should be asking themselves is: do we stick with Wenger until the end of the season and hope that he can finish at least fourth? Or do we give up on him and bring in somebody who could, with money in the transfer window, qualify us for the Champions’ League again?

    For me, Wenger should go now.

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  56. Quote. “I can not fault the effort, we gave everything until the last minute”. Oh please is that what you really believe Mr Wenger? If so then it’s time you gave up as a manager. Stop with the “We must remain positive” nonsence. Your fast becoming hero to zero, we are not stupid so stop treating us like it. There ain’t a support of our wonderful club that could not tell you a few home truths about who is an who is not making an “effort” on the pitch. Time to be honest with us an more importantly with yourself. IT’S NOT WORKING. You will end up demoralising those few player we do have that work hard by keep picking rubbish for them to play with week in an week out.

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  57. Don’t agree with these ratings. Thought our defence was largely fine, inc Sz, and think Gervinho didn’t even nearly deserve 3/10. Worst performance i’ve ever seen in an Arsenal shirt. 0/10.
    Poldi: 2/10
    Chamakh: 1/10

    Coq was out best player until he was inexplicably removed, deserves more than 6.
    Ox & Rosicky might have won us the game were it not for them constantly having to interplay with Gervinho & Chamakh. 7/10 for both.
    Jack felt absent in the first half but huge in the second.

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  58. I live in Pakistan, woke up at 1 am to watch the match. I called all my fellow Gunners and they all woke up, excited; after West Brom I was feeling extremely enthusiastic about our team! But I don’t know what happened against Bradford..I don’t like to bash anyone, I hate bashing because I’m a supporter and that’s it. I don’t play on the pitch nor do I manage the club. But I just want to say that players like Gervinho atleast should not so easily be given first team action. It’s painful, it’s really really painful. One feels helpless because I love this club to bits, I just hope something good comes out of this starting Monday. Arsenal till death..

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  59. I just hope today, all those NUMPTIES are standing on the right side of the pitch crossing the fucking ball. I mean not even one decent cross. Just ONE!

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  60. And Arsene, buy a winger. God knows you need one.
    Theo- Might want out, but he’s inconsistent anyway,
    Podolski- Even he doesn’t think he’s a winger definitely doesn’t play like one,
    Chambo- No experience, Couldn’t even cross yesterday,
    Gervinho- Gervinho
    Ramsey- has never been a winger and struggling for any kind of form…

    This team needs a winger, a creative striker, a holding midfielder, we need a whole lot.

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  61. c’mon Arseblog, we lose to a team 3 divisions lower than us with basically our first team on the pitch and the average rating is 6 (nearest integer). What???

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  62. I wonder if we will ever learn the truth behind this decline. Is it the board, is it Arsene, is it financial? What really depresses me is it can get worse. It is quite something to realize, and it is deeply significant, that losing to Bradford is not rock bottom.

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  63. 7&8 for santi and jack because they looked half decent against league 2 opposition? are you high? they all deserve 2’s and 3’s.

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  64. All I want for Christmas is a new manager…just in time for the transfer window. I hope the fn slack players we have are sweating about being sold or benched for hopefully better players coming in. Please Santa!

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  65. I can’t wait until tomorrow when will run some bs photos of the team training ahead of Reading…all the players will be smiling like they’re having a good ‘ol time.

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  66. A plane with 5 passengers was about to crash mid-air and there were only 4 parachutes.

    1st passenger – Lionel Messi: I’m the world’s best footballer, my fans still need me. He takes one and jumps.

    2nd passenger : Aliko Dangote: I’m Africa’s richest man. I don’t want to die now – I’m an influence. He takes another one and jumps.

    Third passenger – Arsene Wenger: I’m the Manage
    r of The Arsenal FC and I am one of the most powerful, most intelligent and well-remembered football coaches in Europe. He takes one and jumps.

    The 4th passenger was the Pope. Pope said to the 5th passenger, an 8 year-old girl, “I’m an old man. I’ll sacrifice my life for yours.”

    But the girl replied, “No need for that, there are 2 parachutes left.
    “How can that be?” asked Pope.

    The girl replied, “That Arsenal FC Manager took my school bag!”

    A manager without ambition, Lazy Players, Profit centered board.

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    • That’s the dumbest “joke” I’ve ever heard. You should be banned from ever posting again. What a waste of time reading that was. I mean, there wasn’t even a punch line. It was just stupid. Do people find that funny where your from? Bellend.

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  67. Gervinho, chamackh, arshavin, diaby should not play for arsenal again. 4 out, 4 in. This is the only way to fix this.

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  68. The problems go back over a number of years,When we were favourites for the premiership Wenger refused to strengthen the squad when it was apparent that a goalkeeper and centre half was required. £15 Mn would have won the league and our history since of selling players would never have been.
    Wenger is answerable for the players we have signed in 8 years only Arteta and Cazorla have really met the standard.
    The fans however are picking on the wrong player, Ramsey is not quite good enough but never hides, Podolski is nowhere near good enough and is invisible.

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    • Agree with this completely, a lot of Arsenal problems could have been avoided by making that extra push 4-5 years ago when we were close, and guess what, Kroenke did not even own Arsenal then. Would be interesting to hear whether it was Wenger or the board holding us back at that time.

      Now it will take more than money to turn it around. Unless Arsenal gets bought by a sugar daddy, but then again, I won’t support a sugar-daddy team.

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  69. Everybody asks who would be capable of stepping in wenger’s shoes after his era ends?

    Here’s a thought: Wenger has 1 1/2 years left on his contract and if he decides not to extend it, why not hire a new manager while wenger is still in the club, the new one with an eye for the game and wenger spending the end of his contract taking care of business and teaching the new guy how the club is run at the same time. That will give the new manager time to focus on what happens on the pitch before getting more and more control. Just a thought.

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  70. Not one of our players has come or and publicly stated support and belief in the manager and that has to tell you something. I think he’s lost it and his style doesn’t work any more.

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  71. What drives me crazy is the idea we’re financially strapped-we’re owned by a dude WORTH SIX BILLION DOLLARS. This is a churn-and-burn money making machine now and Wenger knows it and is playing along. We’re fucked.

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  72. We don’t need drastic changes to become the best club in England again. A change in tactics and 3 strong signings. They’re all available, even in Arsene’s price range:
    Pepe Reina, Mamadou Sahko and Klaas-Jan Huntelaar.

    Sagna, Koscielny, Vermaelen, Sahko
    ________TheOx, Arteta
    ___Cazorla, Wilshere, Rosicky

    Squad Players: Szczesny, Mertesacker, Jenkinson, Gibbs, Coquelin, Diaby, Walcott, Podolski, Giroud.

    Szczesny’s good but Reina’s better. A World-Class goalkeeper is vital and we haven’t had one since Seaman.

    A solid back four, Sahko or Gibbs. Both are good enough but a little bit of competition never hurt anyone and its competition we don’t have at the moment with the Cuddlemonster Andre Santos.

    Re-jig in midfield:
    We all saw Oxlade-Chamberlain against AC Milan, put him in Centre Mid with Arteta. Two strong, intelligent and technically gifted “defensive” midfielders.
    What is Jacks best position? Attacking centre mid. The creative little diamond in the Bergkamp role behind the striker.
    Then the wings. Santi and Rosicky are way too talented to leave out! And we don’t play with orthadox wingers. They can come inside to link up with Jack and create havoc for any opposition. I think where Santi is so tightly marked he would benefit immensely from a bit of space out wide.

    And then up front. Klass-Jan Huntelaar scores for fun. And with that midfield behind him… I’d bet on him to get the golden boot!!

    For the time being, Szczesny, Gibbs and either Podolski/Giroud can easily fill in those 3 positions and we could be a match for ANYBODY.

    I just wish Wenger would see the obvious:
    Zonal-Marking does not work
    Ramsey needs to go out on loan
    Gervinho needs to knob off

    Arsene you have done so much for us and even though recently i do not understand your team selections, tactics or transfer policy I will never say a bad thing about you. But nowdays we have to compete against a growing number of super-rich clubs as well as the Barcelonas and Man Utds of this world.

    We must adapt and we must evolve. Be more ruthless!!

    Embrace Alisher Usmanov instead of shunning him. Bring back David Dein and send Ivan Gazidis back to Major League Soccer. Promote Arsene up to the boardroom and let Pep Guardiola alongside Steve Bould challenge our squad to improve our passing game, off the ball movement, press higher up the pitch and not to be so naive defensively from set pieces.

    Is that so much to ask?

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  73. I expect to get censured for writing this ditty
    But I don’t give a s**t, methinks I’m pretty, witty.

    After watching the game, had a few rums and decided to take a punt
    Oh gosh, alcohol tells me all, Arsene’s a c**t,
    I know it’s a pity we couldn’t beat City
    But damn, losing to Bradford was more than shitty,
    Our best side we fielded on frozen turf
    But it made no difference, we looked like smurfs,
    On any given day, with our millionaires we should win
    playing against a team bought from the garbage bin,
    Instead we lost with sloppy play
    With our entire team looking on in disarray.

    Oh for the times when we would slay
    Every opponent, each and every day,
    Then along came Kroenke to play it his way
    Gave Arsene his 7 mill and begged him to stay,
    Gazidis was allowed to claim financial fair play
    and given a bonus to add to his pay,
    Then Fox was told, we don’t have to win
    As long as we make money it isn’t a sin.
    The only sin at this time is not to shout
    Arsene, kroenke, Fox, Gazidis, GET THE F**K OUT!

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  74. Honestly jumping ship and getting rid of Arsene Wenger the most successful manager in our beloved club’s history and one of the most successful manager in the history of football in general is not the answer. I’m as displeased as the next guy, but if you look at it realistically there aren’t too many people who can replace him, Pep Guardiola is a fine manager, but he’s also only managed one team, which just so happens to be the best team in the world, I feel like he’s a little unproven for me yet. The only man who would be up for the task is unlikely to come to the Emirates (Mourinho). Besides, we have no idea what Arsene has been working with in terms of funds, you people have such a single minded approach to how a club works, Arsene Wenger isn’t sitting on their total revenue of 160 million plus dollars, that money does not translate into transfer money and notice how I said revenue, their profit is less than that after you can account for expenses, he probably doesn’t get too much money, I mean for heavens sake the guy made the “Invincible’s” defense for about a total of 6 million dollars, so what I’m trying to say is you have no clue what he has in transfer money, I think with the selling of Van Persie and Song its definitely risen, but we can’t be too judgmental on that front.

    Tactics is a whole different animal, on the other hand. Gervinho, Ramsey, Chamakh and Oxlade-Chamberlain should not be starting, Gervinho and Ramsey shouldn’t even be playing. Walcott should be starting he’s our leading goal scorer and one of our best players, and if the kid wants to be a striker let him be a striker, the worst that could happen is it doesn’t work, Giroud really isn’t an answer and the same goes for Podolski. We desperately need three things Jann M’vila to replace song a left back, maybe Christian Fuchs and a right or left winger like Zaha. Other than that, we have all the tools to be top side at our disposal, its just tactics and preparation that is going against us.

    I really do believe Wenger can turn our season around, but if he doesn’t maybe it is time to go, but I think we need to give him a chance.

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  75. This whole witch hunt is typical of modern football and its relationship with the media and its kneejerk reactions! And also how stupid and gullible people are to get swept up in its propaganda! Lets get A few things straight: Arsenal were terrible against Bradford and have been awful ageist Swansea and Norwich which is worrying from a football point of view. Ticket prices are far too high considering the stature of the club at the moment. But apart from that they have not been that bad considering Diabys injury, Wilshire has just come back and most of the players are very new! I believe Wenger should have bought another striker and Defensive Midfielder. But god knows what is going on finically! I can only speculate that Wenger has taken the sword for the board a few times. Maybe coz Wenger always sees the bigger picture that the media and your average moron fan cannot! And that is what is needed here, a bit of perspective. He has always been in the Champions league and been very unlucky in FA cups and League cups. He has a lot of trophies in the bag and most importantly he has proved the lynch mob wrong countless times! If he is to go we are going to regret it for years to come. Can somebody please tell me what Ivan Gazidis actually does! And Stan K is seriously getting on my nerves!

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