Cazorla baffled by Arsenal form


Santi Cazorla has voiced his concern at the current state of affairs at the Emirates admitting that Arsenal’s inability to control and win games has left the club with a huge gap to close on the clubs at the top of the Premier League.

Asserting that the squad have quality and continue to train well, the diminutive Spaniard worryingly confessed he is flummoxed as to why they can’t deliver on the pitch.

“We don’t know exactly what the problem is,” the summer signing told the Daily Mail.

“It’s true that we’re inconsistent. I believe that to challenge for the Premier League, those games can’t get away from us. Take the Fulham game, we were 2-0 up. You can’t then be drawing within five minutes. Those points aren’t coming back.

“And the other day against Aston Villa, there’s a game which I believe we really had the desire to win, because these are points that we can’t let get away. Then you see City, United winning on those days. That’s the difference. To fight for the title, it’s about taking points from those teams.

“It’s a little bit frustrating. We’re a good team, good players, training well. But there are moments in those games when we don’t know how to control them. There’s a significant gap between us and United and City. They’ve got away a bit. We have very little margin for error.”

The worst thing about Santi’s comments? They were made before the Swansea game…

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