Decision to be made over Djourou future


Johan Djourou’s future at Arsenal will be decided in the coming weeks when the player and his agent meet with the club.

The Swiss centre-half has yet to feature in the Premier League this season and has made just two appearances, both in the Capital One Cup. Responding to reported interest from clubs in Italy, Djourou’s agent, Flavio Ferreira said, “At the moment there has been no contact with Napoli and even with other Italian clubs.

“No decision on his future has been taken yet, everything will be decided when we meet with Arsenal in the next few weeks.

“At the moment there has been no contact with any club.”

While the departure of the player himself probably won’t result in too many tears being shed, it’s worth bearing in mind that it could result in an upsurge of Squillaci.

If he does go, let’s hope the club are thinking about a replacement.


      • Before you all start the negativity remember, this guy has been a great servant to the club. Another player who played very well when he had a run in the side and filled in out of position and didnt moan. If he gets a move that suits him good luck to him

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    • I rate Djourou. Season before last he was our best CB for half the season. Since then he has been up and down, but he’s not bad for 3rd or 4th string, especially considering he’s homegrown. I’d be sad to see him leave.

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      • For only half a season he was our best CB. We can say that about many players in current team. Lately when he played he was shit. But youre right, he played great back then. Its better for him to go & play. Anyway Miguel is too good to play in reserves and should be in 1st team.

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      • miquel needs a loan. he is certainly not ready for the first team. the best scenario would be to sell djourou squillaci santos boateng and loan out miquel. then buy a left back a right footed centre back and a left footed centre back. Baines is the man we need then any two of sakho hummels subotic samba jagielka yanga-mbwia

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      • ^
        have you heard of the concept of squad players .. you can’t have (unless you are filthy rich or damn successful), for example, 5 top level centre backs and sit em on the bench a lot ( after taking into account inevitable injuries and necessary rotation )

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  1. It’s still strange to think that just under two years ago Djourou’s Arsenal career really seemed to be taking off and fans were genuinely worried when he picked up that shoulder injury in the cup against United…

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  2. Probably best for all parties that he does move on. But to be fair to him he was our best defender for a spell a few seasons ago when Vermaelen was out injured. That seems to have been completely forgotten.

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  3. Ignasi Miquel will replace him as 4th choice CB if he does go. Makes me happier if anything, much better player than Johan. Can’t fault Djourou’s loyalty, when we beat Chelsea at the Emirates, he handled Drogba amazingly well

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    • You seen Ignasi lately. Johan is better at this moment. Ignasi is off form at youth level which every defender has so I am not worried but Johan is ahead currently.

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      • Have u seen djourou lately? no? cos no one has how do you know djourou is playing better than miquel. i agree miquel is off form and it is a loan spell he needs. wbat we require is 2 new centre backs that are better than mertesacker koscielny vermaelen and a left back that is better than gibbs. believe me that is not really hard to do

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  4. I would have liked to see him play as a dm, I believe he’s got the strength we need so badly in that area and he started off in that position

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  5. Would be great to finally make a decision on shipping out horrendous players such as Chamakh, Park, Denilson, Squillaci, and Bendtner

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  6. I met djourou at London luton during the summer,he sat at the table next to me at burger king…got a picture with him and everything seemed a really nice guy and when I told him to stay at arsenal he just laughed, a lot….think he’s as good as gone

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  7. if this guy gets a new contract then I will be pissed off. ok he had been with the club a long time but we can think l like we have to be loyal. he has had the chances but failed. time to part was or cut wages. For me he is happy to sit on bench or stands with big wages with no drive to get into squad. Dead wood Wenger.

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  8. Who really cares its another player wenger has kept on big wages on a new contract that is no use to use. Notice the trend of the past seasons our best players leave cos we don’t pay them enough. Our shit players stay cos we pay them to much to go. Arsene has to be accountable for this. The money these players are getting should have subsidised money for the better players. Bentdner schillachi djroyu vela Denison chamakh alumina big wages doing nothing we will get a total of about ten games across all those players a season at best granted some of them are on loan but FFs why was he given a contract extension we all said that was a mistake at the time. Next thing wenger will do is give diaby a new deal and Ramsey a long term deal. With this man in charge we r in trouble he is not big enough to take us to the next level mediocrity is his level like this or not it’s the truth

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    • Fabianski
      eastmond squillaci djourou santos
      denilson diaby arshavin
      park chamakh bendtner

      How’s that for a team of bilge? admittedly diaby is unlucky to be in there but his poor injury record make him one of the deadwood x1. there is also quite a few more in the same position at reserve level shea boateng hajrovic monteiro henderson galindo wellington neita just a few younger players that are not going to make the level required.

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  9. Before everyone gets the hump yes he was great WAS great but the goal posts have moved now. Football has changed and wenger hasn’t gone with his views are as dated as Peter hill woods. I will always love wenger and he should have a statue for showing us the bet football this club and many have ever seen. But his massive ego is ruining us now he won’t bend his principles for his personal crusade to prove everybody wrong. It’s not his club it’s ours amd he is in charge of our interests and our interests is not to conituosly see our best players sold to our rivals and to keep players you wouldn’t even consider top player let alone a top five team in the world a gazidas puts it. The saying no point being te richest man in grave as its the memories u take with u. What’s our memories of the past seven years a few fourth placed finishes! Beating spurs a couple of times. We don’t even play good football anymore hitch was wengers last poor of defence was his style of play…..the board need to do te right thing and move him on whilst there there go with him please

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  10. Not the best, not the worst CB. Bad on the flanks but good on centre.
    Definately better than Squillaci , and if fit when we are out of a cb option should be on bench because if not as a cb then he can take up Arteta role and free up Arteta in tight games.just saying it could be option till jan window.

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  11. Think we should keep him,don’t forget he signed a 5 year contract last year,the thing I’m more worried about is what the fuck is wrong with Podolski? 110k a week? You’re ‘avin a laugh! Anyone else on here think we’ve been sold a pup?

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  12. Djorou is a good defender but I think he lacks that famous “mental strenght” (like the rest of the team). I am a bit, not surprised, more disappointed that he got a new contract when Wenger obviously never had any intention to play him. One more of those strange decisions that’s becoming the norm in our club.

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    • the supposed “MENTAL STRENGTH” is lacking from all quarters. The chairman, the board, the manager, the CAPTAIN! and players are all looking sedated & too cosy. We have so many ‘IF ONLY’ players and very few ‘Right’ players. We need one very strong player both physically & mentally who can grip the situation by its neck and rally the team forward. A big larger then life character like DB10,viera or TH14. Arsenal needs one experienced quality box to box player who can bully the opponents and slap team-mates from their slumber. Player not young or ill disciplined like m’villa or diame but quality prized fighter who can scare the shit out of any opponents. Maybe fellaini or maybe not but someone like puyol-ish who scare strikers with his mountain like appearance and gorilla like fighting character and of course his leadership & talent. if ever there was a time for genuine leader of a player needed to be signed by wenger to support him, its january. if wenger remains wenger in january then god have mercy on his soul, as I dont see him surviving another season in such toxic enviroment where fans are against him and hints of players mutiny is gathering pace. I just hope wenger buys quality players with massive cojones this jan,for wengers sake!!

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      • Fellani I can see, but Puyol …… really???? I would not like to have that spaniel haired cheating muppet in my beloved Arsenal

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  13. There are far better CBs than JD so I don’t mind him leaving so long as he’s replaced. I would take Lescott who is at least fourth choice at Man City.

    I don’t think Vermalen is smart enough to be first team for us either. He gave away countless fouls against Bradford and when you consider that was their best route to goal, you have to wonder what is going through his head at times, drop Verm to the bench until he gets his head in order.

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  14. I actually forgot we still had this guy. Chamakh, Santos, Squillaci, Arshavin, Park, Bendtner, Djourou, Denilson the list is endless. We can’t afford the big wages of big players because we’re having to pay this pile of crap every week.

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  15. Wright was right we r deluded who cares the whole thing is how much how much how much….it’s sickening when u know your club is heading in the wrong direction amd when u are lie to as well it’s worse…..we r all deluded atop talking about djroyu like it matters fourth choice fifth choice who cares if he played well six seasons
    Ago we have currently one average forward where’s our second
    Choice third choice and fourth choice like all the big teams have oh yer we have chamak who wenger would rather put a dm last season wen we r chasing a goal then him. Wengers a joke pure and simple

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    • Arsenal to buy Cavani? 30m signing? “that’s not how the club should be runned” – Ivan Gazidis.

      Best to give him a new contract, 0 is the amount of money wenger will spend this january “because the quality and motivation is there for a 4th place”. I will be so happy when they finish 4th in the end of the season!!!!!

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  16. Well well well, what have we got here, hmm,Little error in the title,fix it FAST. It makes it look like a spurs blog.

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  17. leave arsenal is the best decision for both himself and arsenal.

    the only thing is new back up CB coming. I just do not want to see squillaic again.

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  18. Ignasi Miquel should be promoted to the first team squad. With the Mertesacker, Kosielny and Vermaelen vying for two places, there’s probably no need to buy, for now at least.

    Hope there’s a new deal for Sagna.

    For Jan transfer window, hope we bring in 1 striker.

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    • yup a definite sign that wenger will tell the reporters in press conference after couple of years that he tried to sign the begian but failed like C ronaldo,yaya,silva, mata,ribery,etc.
      If wenger signs fellaini, I will quit drinking & smoking for a year and go to church every sunday.

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      • ….a sign that everyone thinks Shawcross is a cunt haha!
        To be honest I don’t care whether Fellaini signs as long as we get decent players in Jan, and even if we don’t as long as we do well this season I’m good, and even if we don’t I will always support the Arsenal!

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  19. I’m really sick of Arsenal board’s lacking of ambition.
    Seeing that Dutch man doing so well at Manure is painful. Why hasn’t he got injuried ? seriously How weird.

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    • fuck him for leaving arsenal, an arsenal captain leaving for manure. But he had right in one thing do, and that is that this club lacks ambitions on board level..

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