Exclusive: Wilshere and Ramsey close to new Arsenal deals


Arseblog News can reveal that Jack Wilshere and Aaron Ramsey are close to agreeing new long-term deals with the club.

Both players have been negotiating with the club and it’s believed that their futures will be secured shortly.

Wilshere has just returned from 17 months out with injury and has surprised Arsene Wenger with how quickly he’s found his form.

“I expected him to be back [to his best]next year in February, at his best,” he said. “He looks to be there much earlier than I expected him to be.”

The England midfielder still has two and half years left on his current deal but the club, obviously mindful of recent contract dramas, want to get things sorted sooner rather than later.

Meanwhile, Aaron Ramsey, who has struggled at times this season, especially when played out of position, is also close to a new contract. His previous deal was agreed in June 2010, but with a core of British players at the club, Arsenal want to ensure his future and his potential is realised at the Emirates.

The midfielders are unlikely to be the only players currently in discussions with the club, left back Kieran Gibbs last signed a contract in 2009 and having established himself as first choice left-back, ahead of Andre Santos, could well be next.


    • It’s GENIUS to sign him now , before he finds his form and updates his blog about the direction and passionless fans and how you can’t let the Barcelona train go buy and how he’s suffering

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      • Two of our best if not our best Under 21’s about to sign long term deals, brilliant news. Ramsay bashers, read that again and think about his lost 18 months.

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      • Definitely worth a gamble. His dallying and back passing ability is world class

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      • Trouble is its exactly that a gamble, just hope they have not decided to pay him silly money, or we are in the same postion as vela,denilson, Chamakh, bentner etc. yes he is worth a contract but by anyone’s standards he has not performed well in most games he has played his year. Just hope the club has learned it’s lesson and rewards its bigs contracts on merit.
        And those that say he’s been played out of postition and that’s why he’s not performed are normally the same ones that defend wenger and insist he cannot be held responsible for our problems. It’s arsene that plays him out of position and despite the boy struggling he persists in playing him in the same position so you can’t have it both ways. Either Ramsey is poor or wenger is wrong in the way he sets up the team. both cant be right. And something has to change.

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      • @voldemort: ramsey is currently not playing as a winger very well when the team desperately needs to score. When it is needed to calm things down, defend, and in the same time force the opposing team to defend he is quite good even on wings.

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      • Here’s news on Theo… he wants more money, lots of it and is using his “desire” to play striker as an excuse for when he leaves (and signs somewhere for a shit ton of money in weekly wages).

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      • If you paid attention last year Theo said his future was tied to VanPussies, call him money grubbing but all the best players don’t leave Arsenal for money, some are just not willing to go down with the ship.

        If I was Walcott, I’d probably be moving on as well, just hope it’s Juve and not United

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      • I think it will be quite contradicting if he signs for united where he has absolutely zero chance of playing as a striker behind welbeck Rooney cuntface and Hernandez

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      • You’d rather we didn’t extend Jack’s contract? Do you think we are not giving Walcott the money he wants because he is from poor Berkshire?

        Not really sure what your point is.

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      • I’d like to see some evidence of institutional racism in Arsenal and this blog. Otherwise the only hypocrisy on show is from you- asking an ‘intelligent question’ without bothering to think very much

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      • Alex Song had 3 years left on his contract , when he signed his long term contract he was considered a flop .

        He left because “when the Barcelona train comes for you, you can’t miss it”

        CHOOOO!! CHOOO!!! jump on the benchwarming train!

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      • Bench warming? BOOO!!! Continue leaving in your hate. Seydou Keita never settled in his first season at Barca. Same with Eto’o Fils but they later turned out pretty well for Barca. One thing is sure, he will win a trophy in his first season, he gets a better wage.

        What have you to show as an Arsenal fan apart from hate those who want progress for themselves.

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      • How long is late ? is 3 year late ? is 3 year the new 1 year ?

        stop using the poor Africa thingy , no one hires Africans more than Wenger.

        Arsenal is like the United nations of Football Clubs

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      • chimasacker stop making accusations of racism, it is very rude. Song was useless when he joined, it had nothing to do with him being African. Although there was also Eboue, Chamack, Gervinho…

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      • Walcott wants to play in his proper position.
        He is probably going to go to Manure. We will get Nani in return and he will turn into (or remain) a piece of shit.
        At The Arsenal Walcott gets booed and at Manure he will become a legend. They will erect a statue of him there and we (The Arsenal) will gripe about money ignoring the fact that Wenger has wasted him.

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      • Can anyone sincerely tell me Song was not worthy of a new deal? I am not here to make you all happy, I am here to say the truth.

        Drogba once talked about the bias when it comes to negotiating a contract for an African player. It might not be institutional but we can continue to deceive ourselves. Fact is this things exist and African players know this, hence the urge to move on when a new suitor comes around. If Asamoah Gyan did not move, he will not have earned the crazy amount he earns today. Same thing with Eto’o Fils.

        You all can keep deceiving yourselves but these things do exist.

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      • Then maybe when Drogba went to Chelsea JT was in charge of contract negotiations. Do you honestly think Song/any other minority/ foreign player have seen any racism at Arsenal? Don’t you think there would be talk from the players and their agents about unfair treatment?
        Perhaps you’re somebody who looks for secret meanings and conspiracies. The moon landing happened, 9/11 wasn’t a conspiracy, Song thought he was too big for Arsenal. Sorry

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      • To be fair to Chimsacker, like everyone else Blogs has favourites, I don’t think it’s anything to do with race, but its fair to say Blogs wasnt a big fan of Theo. I felt a bit uncomfortable with the way he was more or less labelling Theo a greedy cunt due to the contract issue.

        The honest truth is we have bigger issues at hand & squabbling won’t do shir!

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      • It’s easy to state baseless fact chimasacker,
        it’s easy to insinuate things with out any proof,
        were you present during Song contract talks?,
        you were far, far likelier to be sniffing your grandmothers underwear

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      • One thing I don’t understand is this, when we talk about these things, you all go on the offensive. You try to tell us shut up, “it does not exist”. But we will never stop asking why some of these things do happen. We wear the shoe and we thus know where it pinches. The day we stop asking “why”, that day humanity ceases to exist. Drogba, Eto’o Fils, Adebayor-as foolish as he is- all these guys have said something similar. The fact that very few speak out does not mean it does not exist. We know the bias does exist,, from fans, to the so called “bloggers”, to pundits, to the media. It is easy to forgive a Wilshere for missing a goal chance than to forgive an Eboue or a Gervinho for missing the same chance. In fact Arseblog supported the show of shame when Eboue was booed by certain brigands posing as fans. What wrong did he do? He just got back from injury and was not fit enough.

        Why was it easier to renew Vermaelen’s- who spent a year out- contract but it was difficult to do same for Song who had asked for a new deal at least three times? Why did Kos get a new deal over the summer but Song was not deemed worthy of same? Why is it so easy to renew the deals of Jack and Ramsey but we found it difficult to do same for Song?

        And it did not stop there, those who forced him out launched a disgraceful media campaign against him with talks of “he became big headed”, “Bold wanted to punch him in training”, “he got to training late hence why he was sold”, “He does not cover the defence properly”. All these for daring to ask for a deal that placed him at par with a Djorou at least?

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      • You state “when we talk about these things, you all go on the offensive” after attacking anyone with a different opinion,
        never mind the fact that you were not there during Song’s contract talks,
        never mind the fact that Wenger has probably signed more african players then any other coach in the UK,
        never mind the fact that Blogs and plenty of readers have defended african/european/brazilian players on a good number of ocassions when it would be far easier to just have a go.

        in short pal you are coming across as racist and petty,
        now bog off to where all the other racists are currently skulking

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    • Wenger’s doing the same he done to Ramsey to what he done to Arshavin, trying to force him to be a winger, it will not happen Wenger.

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      • Arshavin has always been a left forward , you think he was playing in middle during his best form at Arsenal ? where was Fabregas playing then ?

        I mean even in the Euros he was playing on the flank , I remember Tim 9By the number) posted the areas he covered a lot during the Euros

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      • If Ramsey wants to play, he needs to play were he’s needed. Besides he’s hardly good enough to play in central midfield right now.
        Anybody notice the way he got robbed right after the Bradford goal? Wow. That alone would have been enough skill for arsene to offer him a new contract.

        I’m not trolling on Ramsey. It’s just that he’s been shit for 2 seasons and he doesn’t seem to learn.

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      • Wengers handling of Ramsey ranks up there with the Park saga for wierdness. Ramsey is absolutely, certainly never going to be effective as a winger or a wide forward. Why is he being played there? Ramsey is still in recovery as far as confidence and form are concerned. He may never emerge as a top top player but if he is going to, the best chance he has of making it is as a central midfielder. Thats obvious…What Wenger is doing is bad for the player and bad for the club. … and bad for me too cause I am at risk of bursting a vein screaming at the TV each time Ramsey does something stupid on the wings…

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    • Yep than you can hear me. I have no problems with Ramsey signing a new contract. However I am worried as to what increase in wages he’ll be receiving. You would think it should be performance based and by his standards this season I hope they aren’t tying him upto stupid money like they did with denilson and bendtner.

      Give Jacky boy whatever he wants.

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    • Good news !

      Ramsey was not good as a winger but showed some very good things as a sub at the beginning of the season as a central midfielder (if you remember).

      Perfect for Jack

      By the way, I think people placed too much emphasis on the Bradford defeat. Ok it was crap but it should be remembered that “small” teams give absolutely everything in this competition while it doesn’t mean so much for big teams playing much more important competitions. Not so long ago, ManU lost against Leeds, Real Madrid against Alcorcon, Barcelona against Figueres, and there are plenty of other examples and there will be plenty others in the future.

      Now if it can serve as a decisive boost to add some “top quality” players in January, it’s all good for me…

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      • I do remember Ramsey being good.

        My point was, that statement by Blogs was funny……so I laughed.

        Now everybody has thrown away their knickers.

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      • I agree with your point about too much emphasis on the bradford defeat. To me there were real positives about the team’s performance compared to say the swansea or villa games. A little more luck / precision with our finishing and it could have been a rout. I don’t see the result as a big deal.

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      • I agree with almost everything you’ve said. But please do not justify the loss against Bradford. What happened there was pathetic. End of.

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      • I know why you thought it was funny, about the most transparent whitewashing I’ve ever seen. Well, Arseblog did get an Exclusive.

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  1. I reckon Aaron’s demands are fairly simple…

    “Money, bonuses, image rights… yep they’re all good. Just one thing though… YOU ARE NOT ALLOWED TO PLAY ME ON THE RIGHT WING YOU ABSOLUTE TWONK!!”

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    • I’m the same I dont really rate him but I’m not the manager so i know fu*k all.
      I just hope its going to help him get to the level he has been before injury. He played very well. So well that I thought we can let Fabregas go but still Im not the manager.

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  2. the list of players on this team i would like to see extend their contracts is growing shorter by the day, however, these two i feel are critical to the future of arsenal and their signings are just a matter of time, their true love of the club and their desire to win and give their all on the pitch is never in question. watch and learn theo…this is how you sign a contract when its not about the money, but the club you love and want to play for

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    • Shocking comment!

      Ramsey is not critical to the future of Arsenal nor does he have the desire to win or give his all on the pitch! Insane! He is the perfect example of the opposite of that statement. Jack, absolutely!
      If there were two players crucial to the future of Arsenal it’s Jack and THEO. Theo has been a fantastic example of being a professional during the insulting contract negotiations and has absolutely shown his worth.
      It’s the mindset like yours and those that agree with you that make mediocrity at Arsenal Football Club acceptable and keep Wenger and the board making the decisions they do.

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      • Jake, you can’t say that about theo on this blog. He’s a cunt in the making despite being our top scorer and last seasons second.
        Whereas blogs is happy to defend Ramsey to the hilt despite the fact that he’s done little to warrant a new contract and pay rise.
        It’s about value for money and on the last two seasons showing theo offers the club more than Aaron.
        Il say it again, the reason theo is worth his money is because we are so poor at the moment and cannot score goals. In a healthy team and club theo could be sold and replaced no problem. But do you trust arsene to one, spend the money he gets from theo or two, if he does spend it will it be on a decent enough player to cover Theo’s goals and assists. I doubt it.

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      • We all know the answer to that Voldermort!

        Rather than give Ramsey an improved deal, I would have happily given the wage increase to Theo!

        But that’s just me.

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      • Voldermort, I think unless I misunderstood that you are agreeing with me. But in any case, to respond to some things you say I agree for the most part. But I don’t think it’s just about value for the money and replaceability . And to be clear I’m on the side that thinks we need to keep Theo at all costs (ok, maybe up to 85-90k/week). But Theo has shown consistently how valuable he is, not just bc of the weakness of our team. Last year providing assists, as well as this year giving us really our only constant threat throughout a game. I’m confident there would be a stat out there showing our wins with/without Theo this year as well as scoring chances.
        I am a firm believer is his talent and I think the interest shown by United and City validates that. And I absolutely agree with you that there is no way Wenger reinvests the money to replace him, Zaha is too young and Nani is a terrible option.

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      • I agree 100% jake, the cunt bit was sarcasm as that’s what’s going to happen when theo leaves,.
        I think what some people fail to get is its not about Theo’s worth compared to other 100k a week players, yes theo can be rubbish at times and is one of the most frustrating players I’ve seen and to be honest I’ve never been a great fan of his but the fact is he has scored goals in a poor side and I just can’t see who can or will take up that slack and I have no faith in manager that persists with Gervinho as forward or who still thinks Chamakh is worth a place over arshavin or that park was the striker we needed as cover for rvp last season.
        So no Walcott is not worth 100 k a week or anywhere near but because of the reason I’ve said I just don’t think a club in as bad a state as we are in right now can afford to let him go.
        It’s totally about money with theo we all know that so let’s not kid ourselves but that’s not the point. It’s about who needs who more and we need theo more than he needs us and theo and his agents know that.
        Giroud is not a bad player but he’s less like an arsenal striker than any other arsene has signed. He needs service from the wings and needs space to operate in unlike rvp or Henry or anelka who created thier own space or ran past players or Onto through balls. Theo by being so fast creates that space for giroud and when he does get his cross in the defenders are normally behind him and giroud if in he box gets his space.
        We will miss that but won’t realise how much until he’s doing the same thing from the bench at manure or city.

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    • Quite right. He’s not been grand recently, admittedly, and I’d love him to show more initiative on the pitch, but it’s worth remembering that he’s young, has been played out of position and had an absolutely shocking injury (and before people start saying that that was ages ago, it takes a very long time to recover fully from them, if at all-I speak from bitter experience). So while he needs to up his game, the level of abuse he gets at the Emirates is so damn counter-productive. No player deserves unlimited patience and if he can’t shape up then he should be shipped out ( he certainly needs some competition) but for the love of Gunnersaurus, enough with the vitriol. ‘Tis Christmas and all!

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    • And funny how 4500 fans at Bradford singing thier hearts out never got them to play better either.
      Some of those same poor neglected players with such tender egos didn’t even bother to applaud the fans at Bradford. Now that’s disgraceful. Support and respect goes both ways mate, they need to respect the best away fans in the country and realise that the fans don’t get payed to support the club in the same way that they do to play for it.

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  3. I’m glad Wilshere’s likely signing long term as it means I’ll have a reason to wear a pirate hat to games in the (possibly not too distant) future and start shouting “avast, Captain Jack!”.

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  4. I think it’s great we’re tying down the young guys to long term deals but I can’t understand why Bacary Sagna is only offered a one year extension.

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    • To be fair you never know the finer details of the negotiations, maybe he wants a big pay rise (being probably the last big contract of his career), maybe he’s demanding a long term 4/5 year deal.

      I’d like to see him sign for another 2 years since he is such an important part of our defense, but it’s never black and white especially with his injury record.

      Plus most contractual stories seem to come from agents, who are cunts of the highest order.

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      • Exactly! I believe he deserves a pay rise! I think any other club would offer him 150k so we should at-least give him 125k for his last Big Contract. He has always been a professional and a great player! He is a GOONER remember the adebayor incident recently?
        I think what the deal should be is for 2 years he should be given 125k and after that depending on his injuries and performance these 2 years! maybe a cut down then.

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  5. This news made my day. Both are brilliant young players who always give 100% whenever they wear the shirt.

    You lads always have my support.

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  6. I feel for Ramsey. Every time I watch his pre-injury performances and how good a finisher he was (with both feet) I can’t help but wonder what could have been.

    He was also quite fast.

    Damn you Ryan Sawcunt!

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    • I actually believe that Ramsey had it better games after the leg break, games against Utd, City and Chelsea and West Ham. He seems to play better in the big games but of course our great leader and chosen one Arsene Wenger seems to have this idea that Ramsey will be a world class winger capable of beating every player and crossing like Valencia. Despite the fact he’s played better as a central midfielder, we’re supposed to believe he’ll get better playing out of position.

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  7. HELP!!!!

    Stewart Robson is corrupting N. American Arsenal fan’s minds. He was talking about Bould/Wenger relationship on Fox Soccer USA last night in front of the Emirates Stadium

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    • He didn’t corrupt me in the slightest. I was on to that baldy ponce long ago every time I heard him commentating a United game.

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  8. I will admit I’ve given Ramsey a lot of stick as of late, but a lot of it is the sheer frustration that he showed so much promise and it seems to be almost lost. Hopefully this new contract will give him a confidence boost.

    And he really should never play on the fucking wing ever again, it’s ridiculous why Arsene is so insistent on putting him out there!

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    • Because he’s intentionally winding down his contract with vague promises in order to land a fat contract elsewhere on a free signing?

      It amazes me that this is still up for debate.

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      • and it’s massive shame for our club that players such as walcott, rvp etc are running down the contracts and that arsenal board cant do much with it. They get criticize if they sell them (RVP, Nasri) and criticize when they don’t (Walcott).

        The worst thing is that club stayed loyal to RVP and Walcott all these years when they are either injured or learning the trade.

        I just hope Jack signs long term contract without much drama and captian’s band is handed over to him next season.

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      • Its not the news I wanted to hear. I thought he was going to sign and it was only a matter of couple of quids. We need this kind of players to sign because they’re one of better in current squad but at the same time we cant forget who was usually criticised when fabregas, song, nasri, van persie were here.. it was theo.
        Dont know if hes really very good player or the whole squad is so bad so he just looks like a good one.
        I hope for one Arsene has his “nouse” still and will pull something out of his magic hat so we will forget fast about this little greedy boy.

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      • And do you blame him?
        Earn more at Utd/City/Chelsea play with better players & have a better chance of winning trophies or stay at Arsenal, earn less, see key players leaving every summer & win top 4 trophy?

        It’s not rocket science mate.

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      • Your hitting your head against a brick wall glory hunter, so many top players have left yet none of it is down to the club and its policy.
        How about we create a club that actually wants to win things and one that fourth place is not the pinnacle of its ambitions then maybe one or two of these “greedy cunts” may just want to stay.
        Rvp was one such greedy cunt but wenger himself said he could have gone to city for more money but he rvp decided to join manure. Sure he got a huge pay rise but that’s a by product of being successful, he’s also got the Chance to win things. Rvp is winner in the same vein as jack is and anyone who thinks the same wont happen to jack in the future if things at the club don’t change are kidding themselves. They play for trophies and the glory and money comes to players like that regardless.

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      • Honestly Voldermort I don’t get it!
        Like I’ve always said I’d give Theo whatever he wants, we have many players on 40-80k a week who don’t contribute, I would rather those wages went to Theo!
        And it makes no difference to my life whatsoever if Theo earns 10k or 250k a week as long as he gives his all when he puts on the shirt!!

        It’s quite frankly ridiculous!

        Everyone remembers when Rooney released the statement about wanting out of United, statement similar to RVP’s!
        What did Utd do? They gave him an offer he couldn’t refuse!
        What did Arsenal do? They sold RVP to Utd!!! It beggers belief!!!

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      • I have to agree with Arseblog, I find it amazing how many fans still seem to idolise theo, now more than ever. It speaks a lot for how effective he has been at using the media and in his comments post matches. Whether or not you think we should give in to his demands and make him the highest paid player at our club (I think you can tell where I stand), Glory Hunter it does matter if he’s on £10k or £250k a week because it sets a precedent. If we give in to Theo and give him £100k, do you think Sagna will settle for less? Do you think Jack will sign for anything less, or Santi? Do you blame them if they say hold on, i’m better than he is week in week out..why can’t I earn as much?

        Like it or not there are knock on effects. I would love Jack to sign on a 6 year deal @ £100k a week because he’s worth it. Theo’s simply not. The only reason everyone’s panicking about his now certain departure is because we probably won’t replace him, not because of his qualities as a player. Yes he’s our top scorer, but that’s not saying much! He is and remains an averagely talented footballer who is extremely quick and prone to having one great game every 10 appearances.

        If he doesn’t want to be here, get rid and lets actually sign people in January who are a) better and b) more consistent.

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      • Db and that’s the whole point mate we probably won’t replace him, and his goals and his assists will vanish.
        Do you trust wenger to replace him like he did the others that have left. Thats
        The reason we have gone backwards is because we haven’t replaced those that have left with anything near the quality we need.
        Doubt many on here idolise theo but he’s better than some we have right now and the fact that we need such a poor inconsistent player is testament to how bad we are and how the club has been allowed to run down.

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      • Fair point DB, but whether you like to admit it or not, going by recent history we’ll replace Theo with a worse player or even worse still we won’t replace him & the vicious circle continues.

        If i was confident of the club getting a better player to replace Theo then I honestly wouldn’t mind, but i honestly doubt it! We’ll probably use Gnabry or Ryo as his replacement.

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      • Fair enough Voldermort, I agree to an extent, but the way I see it is he’s off anyway. He doesn’t want to sign for us full stop. He thinks he can (in priority order) a) earn more at Chelsea or whoever, b) win things and far behind c) play centrally (which I can’t see him doing at either chelsea, liverpool, united or city).

        If we’re honest the likely scenario is that Walcott goes in January to be replaced by Zaha. I’m not delighted with it either, but precisely because of what you say – Zaha is at this minute not as good as Walcott. The issue is not that Theo is an amazing player who would surely sign for us and be the new saviour if only the board weren’t so stingy – which seems largely to be the narrative (on the internet) these days.

        That all being said, I won’t be sad to see him leave at all if we do actually replace him (haha) in the window – simply because even knowing wenger, I genuinely don’t think its very hard to get someone in who is a better footballer provided we are prepared to spend c.£15m.

        Slightly circular argument but I hope you get the point i’m trying to make?

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      • Jesus christ! None of you got the “played out of position” quip by the writer? I found that funny (Allen had to insist his bad form is caused by being played out of position – just so you people don’t murder him for reporting this news).

        My love for Ramsey has always been professed and well documented!

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      • To be fair mate, it’s a tricky one to get on text alone, along with something like “Don’t find it funny?….Fuck you.”
        I don’t like it but at least you know where you stand with ‘lol’.

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  9. [insert generic Ramsey bashing comment here] or just get behind the team and hope things start to take a turn for the better?

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  10. I don’t blame Ramsey for being terrible the past few months. I blame Wenger playing him on the wing and Shawcross most of all. That being said, he has been terrible for the past few months. If he had a huge forehead, dreads, and inho on the end of his name, Arseblog would be crucifying him. The hypocrisy in absolutely lambasting Gerv but coming up with every possible excuse for Ramsey is laughable. Blogs gets most things Arsenal right. This, unfortunately, is not one of those things. I saw the same potential everyone saw before the goon from Stoke snapped his leg, but will he ever realize that potential? Not convinced. Btw Sagna’s leg broke twice last season, his form doesn’t seem to have suffered too much

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    • Some reasonable points in there. But on the last one – Sagna had two fractures, but never did he have his leg hanging in half

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      • Agreed. Very different injuries. As I said on another article, Wilshere, Ramsey, van Persie and Eduardo have all had long lay-offs. It’s not difficult to see why getting back into the game was harder for two of them.
        @Santi Caz. Blogs clearly has favourites and, perhaps unfairly, it means Ramsey gets away with more but it’s always going to be based on how the players are viewed. Gerv was signed as a ready-made player, although he obviously has potential he’s not utilising there’s a strong argument for saying that if he doesn’t have the necessary composure now, he probably won’t be worth all the mistakes and sub-par performances he brings. Ramsey is living off flashes of promise (similar to Gerv) but he splits fans because they disagree on how far he is from the finished article. If he’s only going to improve marginally, he’s not right for Arsenal. Personally I think he can improve to a high standard, it’s good management, patience and luck after that. His attitude at least isn’t in question.

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    • Agreed Santi Caz. I am surprised at the level of the defense that Ramsey gets here. As sad as it is to admit, he is simply not the same player he once was pre-injury (He was looking like a real player). It seems that he is the new Eduardo :(. Horrific injury and just can never recover

      Thumb up 3 Thumb down 1

  11. I desperately hope Ramsey can regain some form and shake this “Arsenal don’t win when Ramsey starts” bollox for good.

    He doesn’t deserve the flak he’s getting from a lot of the home fans – especially when he’s played spectacularly out of position. At least he runs his socks off each week which is more than can be said for some of our squad.

    There’s still a brilliant player in there somewhere and it’s going to be harder to find with several thousand so-called ‘fans’ getting on his back every other week.

    Thumb up 30 Thumb down 3

  12. We’re the only set of fans who can moan about one of our brightest young players signing a long term contract with us.

    We really are a bunch of cunts.

    Thumb up 61 Thumb down 3

  13. One thing you can say about Rambo is he doesn’t hide. He’s trying so hard and giving 100% even though his confidence and form are rock-bottom, much rather have someone like that than Arshavin. He’ll find his form soon and hopefully we’ll see the player we saw before the leg break, playing him in Midfield might help a bit rather than the right wing where he should never be played. Yes there’s people who I’d much rather see us concentrate on signing (Sagna?) but I’m confident he’ll be a good player for us in the future.

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  14. Ramsey………thats surely got to be a joke while we are talking of shiftlng players off,you are talking of new contracts,well if thats the case squillaci,fabianski,gervinho,chamack get in line,surely you all deserve new contracts too.

    Thumb up 1 Thumb down 20

  15. why is everyone moaning about ramsey, lets be excited for wilshere’s commitment and loyalty not moan about ramsey, just glad to see our young superstar is staying on

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  16. I might ruffle a few feathers here but the atmosphere in the emirates is shocking. Truly shit. The games that stand out for me in the emirates are ac Milan, barca and Chelsea when we won 3nil. In all those games we were the 12th man an the players responded but for 98 percent of the time there’s more noise in a funeral parlour. How can players feed off that.. All Ramsey gets is grunts wen he picks up the ball how the fuck can he gain confidence from that type of shit.. We ought to take more pride in our football club an give them encouragement cause as of now they need it more than ever…

    Thumb up 48 Thumb down 0

    • Big reason for that is the extortionate ticket prices which are, by large only affordable to the prawn sandwich eating crowd…
      It plainly obvious that the Kroenke Inc. business model would much rather have a ‘tourist’ fan that will come and pay the high prices to watch a game, buy overpriced food & spend some wonga in the team store….

      Thumb up 6 Thumb down 0

      • False. I went to the wba game and the ticket was 27.50, and the atmosphere was pretty good. I belive arteta called it amazing.

        It makes a huge difference when you can see players putting some effort in and showing some fight.

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      • I trust you will find Arsenal fans who traveled from overseas to the Emirates would be cheering the loudest, no matter the score. It’s sourpusses like you who sulk and boo because it’s relatively easy to get to the next game.

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    • Bring back standing room. Bring back standing room. Bring back standing room. Bring back standing room. Bring back standing room. Bring back standing room. Bring back standing room. Bring back standing room. Bring back standing room.

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  17. He WAS good but now he is rubbish maybe SOMEDAY he would come good but while waiting for SOMEDAY at least others have got to get the chance.Eisfeld comes to mind

    Thumb up 7 Thumb down 14

  18. Gervinho > Ramsey. If it was Gervinho getting a new contract there would be war but because he’s British and his head is normally shaped.

    Also I believe there is a stat where we have only won 2 out of the last 18 games that Aaron has started.

    I wish Wenger would bench him until his form returns , but rewarding mediocrity with a new contract…. Just like Bendtner and his 52k a week : /

    Thumb up 6 Thumb down 23

    • “I wish Wenger would bench him until his form returns…”

      Yeah, because benching someone will definitely bring back their form. You’ve played too much Fifa lately.

      Thumb up 3 Thumb down 1

      • You don’t know what you’re talking about. All you have to do is see how Ramsey feels before the game. If he’s not up for it, re-set until he’s on a red, upward pointing arrow. Bish bash bosh, on form and running the midfield.

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  19. Ramsey, for me, needs to be played in the ‘Cazorla’ hole but unfortunately as of yet he does not have the drive nor creativity or Santi or Rosicky which means Wenger has to play him elsewhere. He’s a tidy player who needs some gametime and some backing in his favourite position. Cut the guy some slack.

    Thumb up 14 Thumb down 1

  20. Hmmmn. Ramsey was in an ascendency before his injury. You could sense he was about to bust through the glass ceiling; the same ceiling that is now festooned and glistening with Chamakh’s hair grease in time for Xmas. But now he looks always on a downward spiral. Being played on the wing – fuck me – I’m no manager but that’s the same shit with Bentdknob.

    Thumb up 3 Thumb down 2

  21. You mean playing bradford shouldnt give an international player the necessary confidence he needs
    “he gives 100% on the pitch” take the ball,pass to your neareast man,dont try the hollywood pass yet,gain the supposedly confidence first before trying that,dont try to be Xavi n iniesta rolled into 1,dont be in two minds,make a decision and make it fast.these things arent hard to do.what is the point of running round the pitch and do nothing,well except for giving balls away.plssss guys no 100% excuse again

    Thumb up 4 Thumb down 5

    • It’s not quite that simple though is it? The same could be said of Gervinho “make space, put in a cross”. Podolski “make yourself available”. Giroud “Place your shot, hit the target”.
      It clearly not that simple. Ramsey plays an attacking role, centrally or on the wing. If all he does is pass the ball sideways, he unbalances the team and will be slaughtered for his poor contribution. In the same way that a Torres shied away from taking on shot in favour of the safer option of finding a team-mate, it only damaged his confidence further. There is a middle-ground before reaching Xaviesta territory, Ramsey needs to play his game, in the middle, ideally as a sub to begin with, and find his form. Obviously the basics need to be there but his role is not a basic one.

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  22. I’d be happier about this Ramsey resigning news if I didn’t think it meant AW will continue persistently depending on Ramsey as a starter. As I’ve said before, I believe in Ramsey, but his current form wouldn’t merit him a start anywhere else, so why should he start for us?

    I want AR to stay with us and find his form in cup appearances and sub appearances… heck, even on loan. But as a starting winger (or even midfielder) at the moment? We need new signings. Especially out on the wings. Bet we’ll go for some terrible third-rate option, though, come January.

    Just once, I’d like us to pull off some major signing coup. Not a bargain, not “the best player in France,” not a 31-year-old…

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    • Wenger will no doubt buy more midfielders in January. It’s not like we don’t have any either
      I don’t even want new faces. I want Walcott to stay, Ramsey to the reserves and the rest of the team to be managed and coached properly as per Mister Robson’s observations

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  23. i must admit i bash ramsey but i feel its not completely his fault………some say jack got injured and came back strong……remember they aren‘t the same and their mental strenght as well……remember he started playing @17………i believe he will come good like song……..i hope

    Thumb up 5 Thumb down 0

    • Jack had an innocuous (albeit long term) Ankle injury. Ramsay had his leg snapped in half, there is a bit of a difference mentally between those injuries.

      Thumb up 15 Thumb down 0

      • If he Ramsey) has a mental problem then he should go and work as a shelf packer at Tesco.
        A football club is not a rehab centre or a halfway house and there is nowhere to hide on a football pitch.
        Now that he has signed a new deal let’s all fervently pray that he comes back to his full (undoubted) potential, but I see another Denilson situation (Arsenal pay his wages whilst he trundles around for Stockport County)

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      • yes pearson i ll bet you were saying that about Tony Adams too….let sell him his and his drinking habit we arent rehab center,

        Thumb up 6 Thumb down 0

      • I have all the time in the world for Ramsey, whenever he is interviewed he comes across as a nice down to Earth guy, he always gives 100% and he is always committed.

        And apart from that he is a prestigious talent, I am certain he will come good. The people that boo him and fail to support him in the crowd are drooling idiots – he is 21 ffs.

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      • lordgunner Adams may have had personal problems but he wasn’t a crap player.
        Rest assured if he was crap George Graham would have got rid of him.
        I really sympathise with Ramsey. If he needs rehabilitation the Emirates pitch is not the place to do it.

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      • @Pearson. Wht exactly is your point? ‘Mental problem’ is a bit vague, are you saying that his problem is a cautiousness stemming from the assault suffered whilst putting his foot in for our team or the fragile state of going out game after game, to abuse from morons, in an attempt to reward the manager’s faith and improve the position of our team?

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      • @ AgentITK: – Other posters on here are alluding to Ramsey’s “confidence” by way of defending him. I am saying if he has a confidence problem then he must go away.
        Eduardo was ruined, I hope to god that Ramsey somehow comes back to life (but then I play Lotto every week too) I think I have as much chance of winning a decent Lotto as Ramsey has of regaining his former brilliance.

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  24. We need to support Ramsey. All I see is fans crying about how ‘bad’ he is. I believe he’ll be great for us. “Form is temporary, class is permanent” and that goes for the Arsenal too. Keep the faith guys! 🙂

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  25. Ramsey will drive this club to the ground …how can you give Ramsey a new deal.. Ramsey should be Sold asap …or i forgot no one will bid for this guy…well just give .this guy is slow,cannot defent ,makes poor decisions,passes bakwards…is AFC turning into a joke?

    Thumb up 1 Thumb down 25

    • ‘slow,cannot defent’
      As a poster who can’t spell, that must make you the Ramsey of commenting. Of course that would imply you have the potential to be eloquent, insightful and interesting. Which you don’t.

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  26. Hey micky3D!

    I as a fan would have loved to have seen us lift the COC trophy! So yes, I can place a lot of emphasis on the Bradford loss!!!!!!! Their one centre back earns 200 pounds a week FFS! According to wenger, we gave everything! So is he saying that they are better than us?

    Our under 21’s should have beaten them with ease. I won’t settle for it, and neither should any other fan of Arsenal! There has to be something done about it!

    Your comment really pissed me off now! I’m angry all over again.

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  27. This is probably gonna be a hugely unpopular post, but does Ramsey really deserve a new contract which will undoubtedly come with a pay rise after his performances since returning from injury?

    Handing out bumper wages to players willy nilly is one of the reasons we are in this mess. Ramsey is a junior player in this team and until he proves himself to be worth our time he shouldn’t be getting a big new contract, lest we end up with another denilson, bendtner, squillaci, park, chamakh, arshavin, diaby etc bleeding the club dry without contributing. The younger payers at other clubs don’t get paid nearly as much as ours.

    Thumb up 11 Thumb down 3

    • You’re quite right. Wenger’s buggered either way though. Ramsey might turn out great from now until his testemonial, he might score 20 goals and do a Walcott or he might just regress further. Same goes for Jack, Gervinho and every other player. The money involved is part and parcel of modern football. The only issue really, is whether or not we trust Wenger to make the right choice.

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  28. Did anyone remember how shit player was song in the age of 20 , 21,22 and after 3-4 season he started to preform playing good and growing as a player so i’m confident about Ramsey too that he will slowly start to play good football and if know I chose between Ramsey and song when song in Ramsey age was totally shit I would chose Ramsey any day of the week.

    Thumb up 9 Thumb down 2

    • Ramsey was awesome before his injury and he was pretty decent at the Olympics.
      Now he is a winger and he is shit shit shit.
      Is it caused by Roman Abromabitch’s money? Or is it Wenger turning a silk purse into a sow’s ear?

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  29. Ramsey is a solid squad player, still on a rise, nothing bad in signing him long term. His finishing is shit but otherwise he’s all right. By the way, it’s not an exception in our team. Gervinho, Rosicky and Chamakh are ridiculous finishers, aren’t they? Giroud is not exactly clinical and Cazorla needs 10 shots to score. But when you see Ramsey shooting you kind of expect the ball to go for a throw in, so I guess it’s the margin of error, not the error itself, that irritates people the most.

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    • I think that Ramsey has a good powerful shot and he can score goals but now is in really bad form really low on confidence he is rushing his shot and nothing goes in his favor before his injury he scored really good goals from distance.

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  30. Arshavin – 7 assists this season and 1 goal Ramsey – 1 assist and 1 goal. All hail Ramsey the worst Arsenal player currently. NOTE – I was actually positive about Ramsey during the villa away game but he has now gone back to being a donkey. He stuggled against a division 4 team. Ask questions fans please. Arsenal the new Newcastle soon.

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  31. I can’t work out why you would offer a new contract to either of them at the moment. Ramsey is holding the team back at the moment. I hope he finds his form soon but the other night a Bradford player walked up behind him and took the ball off him. That was the low point of the season so far. That showed such an appalling lack of commitment I was horrified. Jack seems to be getting up to speed nicely but he has only played a couple of games why the hurry all of a sudden.. The article is quite fluffy and doesn’t have a lot of substance really anyway.

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  32. watching the Bradford game, I found Ramsey really frustrating – more than ever before. But he’s young; and you can see the potential is there somewhere, he has the technical ability, if he can speeden up his game then he will be an asset. I don’t know where Wenger intends to play him though.
    Wilshere, Eisfeld, Olsson, Ramsey, Toral. Not a bad collection of talent.

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  33. I actually quite like Ramsey. I remember when he just joined and played in the Emirates cup and a few early season games. I thought he looked quite a player for someone so young but that was before ‘that’ tackle and Arsene’s insistance to create Uber players that can play in any position. It simply fucks them up. Ramsey is a fine midfielder who should only play as a midfielder to A. gain confidence , B. fine tune is his skills/technique etc.
    On another note. All the time he wears an Arsenal shirt, he gets my support. Shame on the haters. As soon as they rock up somewhere else though, then that a different story.

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  34. I agree with those who criticise Ramsey’s every move. Yes he’s not the answer to Arsenal’s problems, Yes his form isn’t the best at the moment but he newver hides and is capable of much more which he’s shown a few times this season. The abuse is counterproductive and just scapegoating, case in point the other night at Bradford. Wilshere gave the ball away several times in the first 25 mins. No comments from the guys in front of me. Ramsey gave it away once and received loads of abuse. I like him as a player but think he needs a break where possible and to be ‘reintroduced’ in the same way as Wenger was using him at the start of the season. Take the pressure off the lad. Get behind him.

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  35. The thing i admire about Aaron Ramsey is that he never hides. yes his execution has been poor and his hesitation is crucial moments has cost him but he never stops trying, previous moments of brilliance have proved that he has what it takes. He will have a breakthrough moment someday and he will never look back, people will be talking about him as the heir to fat franks (oversized) throne.

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  36. I always find it funny how people dont mind a poor player aslong as he tries lol. British mentality thing yet a player like Arshavin gets assists every time he plays but gets no love. Crazy.

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  37. Wilshere need to be at the club long term. Excellent news about signing a new deal. Ramsey is a good player but you should never reward a player with a new contract during poor form. It just doesn’t make sense

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  38. Delighted that Jack could be signing a new long term deal. Best news ive heard for a while Future captain. If only we could have the other 29 jacks from barcalona youth set up id be really happy. Ramsey needs to sign the deal then go on loan to a team that can play him central midfield for the rest of the season. Come back firing next season. All them mentioning Gervinho. Please dont!

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  39. Come on guys.. To be honest I have been bashing Ramsey a bit lately and I started quite late because i tried give him every chance I could, but I never for one second doubted his potential and it’s great that he’s signing a new contract! Especially with all the abuse he’s been getting.. I still think he isn’t good enough for the first team AT THE MOMENT but he has great potential and hopefully will go out on loan.. He might even have helped Bolton stay up last year and would have came back a much better player IMO! Great for these too sign a new deal and I hope it’s followed by Sagan aswell.

    Thumb up 5 Thumb down 0

    • *Sagna.

      But yes, agree with you. He’s also not a Right-wing midfielder, so why he’s deployed there is beyond me.

      Would be nice for more fans to stick with our youngsters, at least until they’re old enough to shave and actually come good. Just because Cesc and Jack were brilliant before they were allowed to drive, doesn’t mean all our players were.

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  40. I think people have forgotten how good Ramsey was before his leg break.. he’s still an amazing prospect and will come good in 2-3 years perhaps even sooner. i think aw puts him on the rw so he can be more direct and work on his dribbling but right now he’s seems tired and devoid of the confidence he had before. also i think one problem that might b affecting ramsey on the wings is the lack of movement. if u watch him before he’s better in the centre where he has the freedom to move in between lines. on the wings hes limited to cutting inside but santis is in his prefered pos right now so rw is the only place where he can play in the attacking third which he is most effective.

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    • Ramsey has a donkey? Surely it’s more likely to be a sheep, no?

      Your comment doesn’t make any sense either, as arse in British English = ass in US English. So why would the name of the blog need to change to make your point?

      Unless of course you don’t know what arse means, or you are a bit retarded, or both.

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  41. Good news about Jack. Ramsey should be told to fuck off – he’s shit.

    Ramsey will probably get a five-year contract worth 100k a week. Then when Wenger finally realises that he’s useless, we won’t be able to get rid of him. That’s never happed before – except in the case of Bentner, Almunia, Denilson, Park, Arshavin…

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  42. jack wilshere is over rated and since hes bein back we have lost more games with him in the team. wilshere is meant to be the so called heart beat off the team but hes only good for side ways passing and loseing the ball. he missed from 8yars out thats when u no hes shit. wilshere is a made up player by the english media.

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  43. wilshere has done fuck all since hes bein and if is that good as the media make him out to be why are arsenal playin so bad and losein so many games?it wel be crazy to give him a new deal we need world class players no little crap like wilshere whos more talk then action.

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  44. I do not bash Arsenal players… i support them till the end. The end being when the transfer window opens and i pray they get replaced…

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  45. when wilshere plays ok then hes back to hes best and when plays shit then hes only 20 year boy hes tried oh hes just bein back from injury its alot off crap, look wilshere wont do shit for england he wont win the world cup for ur idots ok so stop bum licking him. check the facts we have lost more games and points when he plays and check how many games we won when diaby plays.

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  46. Really though, the bashing makes me love these players more esp Ramsey because when he plays I will him to do great. And I know he has the talent. Come on, Ramsey!

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  47. Agreed! I happen to believe that the reason Ramsey is deployed out wide is because he isn’t a true winger. The truth is we don’t need one. Our width comes from Sagna and Gibbs, but mostly from Sagna. Ramsey cuts in and bacary attacks the space, its part of the plan people.

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  48. It will be massive if we can get them both locked down on good long term contracts.

    Wilshire is beginning to show his true form & flair again which is much needed. Ramsey (the one that plays in the middle, not on the wing) needs to be an understudy for Arteta’s role. He needs to work on his passiing & vision but I think in a couple years he will be an absolute rock for Arsenal. COYG!!!!

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  49. Why do most Arsenal fans think scapegoating is when you criticize a player full stop? Not blaming the defeat on one player.

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  50. I know this won’t be an overly popular comparison, but do you remember how shit Bale looked when he joined the scum? I mean, he looked dreadful and they couldn’t win a game with him in the team. Look how much he improved. My point is…there is still time for Ramsey to come good and we need to get behind the lad. He’s been through more than most and his form is clearly based on confidence (or lack of) rather than ability. Remember how our dear Fabregas once referred to him? Of course, AW could start to use him more effectively…

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  51. Aaron is totally shit, he is not good enough to play for arsenal, at least not good enough to start, to give him a new contract is totally unfare to other players like sagna or rosicky. Rosicky shows his talent every time he plays but he is still a sub for ramsey, it is just not fare

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  52. I think Ramsey’s shown he can be a good impact sub to provide extra energy in MF so far this season. Think he should keep being played like this until his form comes back, not making him play enough time so that he’ll make mistakes, get booed and lose more confidence. Also agree with what Blogs is saying, Theo is never going to sign a new deal, its not about playing CF and its not about game time, if it was they’d have signed the contract and worked it out afterwards. He’ll keep saying he’s thinking about it then leave for a nice signing on fee and a bigger wage packet. Surprised no-ones learnt that after what happened with Flamoney.

    On the other hand are we trying to sign a lot of our younger boys down to long term deals all at once? Because I saw somewhere that we’re trying to get Gibbo to sign a new 5 year, hope that happens, cement our core for the future. As long as we bring in other quality players too, of course.

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  53. Gervinho called up to the Ivory Coast Squad for the African Cup of Nations!!!
    GET IN!!!

    In all seriousness,I really don’t fancy there chances with him up front and Eboue at the back.

    Get Steve Staunton in charge,you’ve a movie

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  54. Stop making excuses for Ramsey. Jack was injured too. How long has it taken Jack to regain his ‘form’? Ramsey has the worst ball control and decision-making on earth. He cost Arsenal a lot of points last and this season too.

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  55. Dear Ramsey bashers,

    What have you done for AFC apart from ranting about and lynching the underperformers? It’s very easy to criticize someone when that someone is no you. No matter in what state the club is we’ve got to support the AFC. People like you can learn few lessons from the supporters of the clubs who have to fight the relegation battle every year. Or better, why do not you give trials for AFC or apply for the club’s coaching job? Don’t tell me that you never dreamt of playing for our beloved club? Did you ever try to live your dream? Tell you what Ramsey and many other like him are living theirs. If we cannot support our club when the times are tough, we have no right to celebrate when we win.

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    • we support Arsenal. That’s why we can’t stand mediocre players in the team. Mediocre players make our team lose. If you want Arsenal to win, you’ll not want such players in it. It’s not rocket science. Is it?

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  56. “I remember a conversation I had with Arsene Wenger shortly after Samir Nasri had been brought from Marseille in the summer of 2008. ‘Its sometimes a good idea,’ he told me, ‘to deploy a player who has a future in the middle of the park on the flank. He gets used to using the ball in smaller space, as the touch line effectively divides the space that’s available to him by two; when you move the same player to the middle, he breathes more easily and can exploit space better.” Thats’s from ”Thierry Henry’s Lonely At The Top’ – might explain why Wenger plays Ramsey on the wing.

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  57. […] Jack Wilshere is close to agreeing a new deal with the club, which should make everyone happy. So too is Aaron Ramsey, which will bother some, but I can see why it’s happening. Those two are not the only ones in discussions with the club. Kieran Gibbs and Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain are in talks to tie their futures down for seasons to come, while Carl Jenkinson’s new deal still hasn’t been announced but has been done and dusted for some time. […]

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  58. […] Jack Wilshere is close to agreeing a new deal with the club, which should make everyone happy. So too is Aaron Ramsey, which will bother some, but I can see why it’s happening. Those two are not the only ones in discussions with the club. Kieran Gibbs and Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain are in talks to tie their futures down for seasons to come, while Carl Jenkinson’s new deal still hasn’t been announced but has been done and dusted for some time. […]

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  59. Loving the fact that jack is gonna sign a new contract,the same with Ramsey.some might disagree with me but I think he is talented and will be a great player in midfield(not the wing) along side jw10. It’s good to see the Ramsey deal sealed up before he becomes world class and is transferred to man shitty or man urinated and fucks the shit out of arsenal.

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    • Ramsey will never become world class. Maybe at passing backwards. He’s a Welsh Denîlson. Stop dreaming fella. If you watched Gervinho at Lille, you can’t believe what you’re seeing now.

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