Match Report: Bradford 1-1 Arsenal (Bradford win 3-2 on pens


Arsenal crashed out of the Capital One Cup on penalties as Thomas Vermaelen went from hero to villain in the space of an hour at Valley Parade. The Belgian rescued the Gunners from defeat in normal time with an 87th minute header to cancel out Gary Thompson’s opener, but could only hit the post when he needed to score in the shooutout which followed a stale period of extra-time. Santi Cazorla and Marouane Chamakh both also missed as the Gunners succumbed to lower league opposition for only the third time in Arsene Wenger’s reign at the club.

As promised Arsene fielded a strong starting line-up with eight of the side that beat West Bromwich Albion retaining their place. Francis Coquelin, Lukas Podolski and Aaron Ramsey were the only changes replacing Mikel Arteta, Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain and Olivier Giroud respectively.

The home fans, who pre-game had kindly handed out free Santa hats to all the travelling Gooners, were in vociferous voice at kick-off and despite a couple of early headers from Thomas Vermaelen and Lukas Podolski grew in confidence and noise as they watched their dogged side take the lead after 15 minutes.

Vermaelen was penalised for a body check on Bradford’s tricky winger Wells and from the resulting free-kick Gary Thompson found space at the back post to volley first time past Szczesny. The defending wasn’t great, the finish was clinical.

For all the tidy possession Arsenal maintained in midfield we rarely threatened and were it not for a Gibbs block on the line from another set piece we could have been staring down the barrel of a two-goal deficit. After a prolonged scrappy spell we started to show a bit of promise before half-time.

First Francis Coquelin showed quick feet to wriggle past three Bradford players before unleashing a tidy drive which smacked off the post then Cazorla drove wide from 20-yards. Gervinho then conceived to miss from two yards after failing to connect properly with a Gibbs cross following fine interplay from the midfield.

Those squandered chances could have been compounded had Wells’ shot crept inside Szczesny’s post just before the break. The 22-year-old Bermudian, who once played for a club called the Dandy Town Hornets, had Vermaelen in a real muddle all half and looked far more like a Premier League star than our Belgian.

The shakiness continued in the opening moments of the second half with our captain continuing to make mindless challenges in dangerous areas. Eventually Arsenal found their footing again. Ramsey flashed wide, Gervinho fluffed his lines a couple of times, nobody connected with a dangerous Coquelin cross before Wenger took action on 60 minutes by swapping the young Frenchman for Marouane Chamakh.

Eight minutes later Tomas Rosicky and Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain replaced Ramsey and Podolski and the England man immediately forced a decent stop from the Bradford keeper. It was our first on target in the match.

If we were turning the screw, we seemed to be using a Swiss Army knife to do so. It was painful stuff to watch and Bradford seemed to enjoy their opportunities to hit us on the break.

Wilshere took some responsibility and had a decent effort on goal but when you wanted a striker chasing in on the rebound Chamakh had his head in his hands on the edge of the area. With six minutes left on the clock Chamberlain skied an effort over after nice play by Gervinho, however, just when it looked as though our luck might be out Vermaelen finally met a Cazorla cross to head the equaliser with three minutes left on the clock. A captain’s goal after he’d been up against it all night.

Rosicky nearly won the game a minute later before two long-range efforts from Cazorla stung the palms of Matt Duke in the dying seconds before referee Mike Dean signalled 30 minutes of extra-time for the second round in succession.

Our English internationals, Chamberlain, Wilshere and Gibbs (twice), all caused panic in the Bradford box as we pressed for a winner against a side who began to eye the possibility of a penalty shootout.

We continued to press in the second period of extra-time. First Chamakh flashed a header just wide from a Cazorla corner, then the little Spaniard thwacked the bar with a superb dipping effort. On far too many occasions the final ball into the box was either under or over hit as Arsene Wenger grew increasingly apoplectic with his players. The boss stated before the game that he wanted to avoid a shootout against a side who have won eight in the last three years, he didn’t get his wish.

Doyle scored for Bradford. Cazorla missed. Jones scored. Chamakh missed. Szczesny saved from Derby. Wilshere scored. Connell scored. Chamberlain scored. (Another) Jones had his effort saved. And just when you thought we’d been handed a lifeline Vermaelen hit the post.

And we went out.

Out against a side in the fourth tier of English football. Out of a competition we stood a fine chance of winning. Out to the sound of the rest of the Premier League crowing at our expense.

A horrible night for Arsenal. A great one for Bradford.



  1. Phucking unbelievable! Is this how low we have fallen, being KO’d of a cup be a team from the mighty League 2? Wow…..

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    • :_ _ _ _ _ _(

      Ooooooooh Santi Cazoooooorla
      Ooooooooh Santi Cazoooooorla
      Ooooooooh Santi Cazoooooorlaaaaaaaaa

      :_ _ _ (((

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    • Knew we’d lose it on pens. Last shoot out we won was years ago in Europe, completely different team, none of them have the nerve. Chamakh and Vermaelen have to hit the fucking target. Power over placement everyday. Fucking taking the piss now.

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      • Yeah we were never going to win on penalties when all 5 of our penalty takers were taking there first pens for the club ever on the night.

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      • Bradford had won 9 consecutive penalty shoot outs prior to tonight, 3 of them this season, so yeah, I think they had the upper hand in terms of confidence. If podolski, arteta and giroud were on the pitch to take one, I’d have been more confident.. Silver lining of it is at least it’ll save the heartache to lose it on an own goal in the final… *sigh*

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      • i actually wouldnt be suprised if the team didn’t practice once for penalties.

        Probably thought we were going to spank them, thats the attitude the players had on the day anyways.

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      • I can’t believe Eisfeld didn’t get a shot today. What does this kid have to do to get more first team action? He wasn’t injured was he? He looks like he could offer so much more to the team than Ramsey (Who by the way needs to be kept off the damn right wing Wenger!!!)

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    • Of course there are negatives :

      1. We lost
      2. Against Bradford
      3. With our first team players

      But there is a positive side : Gervinho confirms he is the best player in the league…. when he is not in possession of the ball 🙂 He is so unpredictable that he always seems the first to be surprised by his own moves and touches 🙂

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    • Because Wenger’s the hero The Arsenal deserves, but not the one it needs right now…and so we’ll slate him…because he can take it…because he’s not a hero…he’s a silent guardian, a watchful protector…The Red Knight

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    • I think it is City and Chelsea fault. They spent money and missed up the game, if City and Chelsea Owners where not here we would have beat Bradford or Brim.

      Is that right??? Been saying for the last three years here and Arsene’s blind sheep blamed EVERYTHING and never HIM losing it as a manager and making OUR ARSENAL a FEEDER CLUB to the likes of City, Manures and Barca.

      Who is to blame now???? It is BRADFORD FFS.

      How many times I wished I would never say what I am going to say now because I KNOW MY FOOTBALL….


      Arsene IS the problem.

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      • arsene isn’t the problem. you don’t build the invincibles and so on by being ‘the problem’. Ridiculous. The players are underperforming. They aren’t blameless. Also the board has taken all the money away from Wenger and left us with a bucket load of money in the money in the bank. They want to pay dividends ffs

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      • It’s the boards fault.
        It’s Ivan Gazidis’ fault.
        It’s Stan Kroenke’s fault.
        It’s Chelsea’s fault
        If we had Usmaninov on the pitch we would have won

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      • Clough, Sacchi won the European cup/ECL now TWICE countless league titles but refused to move and change with time and left behind. Arsene made the same mistake stuck in 2000 and didn’t move with time.

        Are you telling me 143 million a year for wages is not enough to beat the likes of Norwich, Bradford away and Swan at home???? He signed the likes of the players that don’t deserve to wear our Arsenal shirts NOT the board.

        Stop loving him more than OUR ARSENAL, he is not going to get any better no matter how much money they board give him if 143 mil and couldn’t not beat lower league, we truly know we have to show him the door NOW.

        Arsene IS the problem

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      • Maybe you should read and answer the reply rather than trotting out what helps your point.
        He said the players are under performing, not the wage bill, not some guff about past managers with chronic alcohol issues.

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      • Am not sure what disappointed me the most. That we didnt win or that Wenger came out in defense of the players. Am sorry but whether we gave it our all as a team or not, its freaking embarrasing and the players should be told in no uncertain terms that our first team should not be loosing to a league 2 side. Period. I get the distinct feeling the hunger for success is well and truly gone. Wenger should be knocking some heads over and not cuddling the players with comments like – we gave it our all so its fine. We have to win against a league 2 team with our first team, period.
        I was at the emirates for the first time for the WBA game and was all excited and was looking forward to Reading over the weekend. After game last night i hastily cancelled my reading ticket and now. Having cooled a bit am still going to go so if anyone has any tickets drop me a mail would buy them off you.

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      • are you sure only van persie is laughing…every player who said club lacked ambition and moved on must be laughing their ass off…we surely have become a joke of a team with 11 strangers

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      • the point being Eden Hazard is a blind cunt who has no connection to reality whotsoever (a natural fit for chelsea then).

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      • He’s a good player that has lost his way they don’t hand you the ligue 1 double for sitting on your fucking arse. He’l get it back I have belief in him.

        Arsene plays a part though, he had barely become used to wing play in the premier league let alone playing as a “false nine” he’s no messi and we dont have the players to be consistently successful in that system. especially with ramsey on the fucking wing.

        We need to play with width and speed as well as intricacy, we’ve been figured out by teams, defend the middle, crosses arent a threat and set pieces are manageable, nick a goal and you’ll have a chance.

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    • wow indeed! I dont like to criticize players or manager esp our own but this result does seem to be the beginning of the end of wenger & his non performing players. IMO board & owner support for wenger is in its crucial phase.

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    • I’ve always liked Arsene Wenger, but I really think that something is fishy. Like he died a few years ago and his twin brother took over. Or it was one of those weird mind swap movies, and he swapped with Ramsey…

      Several years ago it was easily predictable in a logical sense; as soon as our tempo started dying, I would say, we going to bring on so and so. So and so would come on in the next 5 minutes.

      Not last night, Coquelin was having the game of his life! He was flying around the field making every tackle. He even went forward. He was the quickest mind, quickest feet, most physical on the pitch. Wenger takes him off.

      Seriously, Gervinho up front? Give me a fucking break. Anyone could see after 20 minutes that it wasn’t working. He is not a striker. He hasn’t trained to play as a striker. He is not a striker.

      Ramsey on the wing? In the first 3 minutes he burst into the box, the goal was there to be hit. He looks to the left and bullets a cross into Gervinho’s body?
      I really think that his biggest problem is quite a big problem. He is NO goal threat. In the box, the ball lands to him, and it rockets 40feet above the goals.

      Podolski is a striker. He has even said to the press that he wants to play striker. We only ever gave him a chance in one match as a striker.

      Tom Fox, Gazidas, you are fools that are living in a hole! A fucking hole! Do they honestly believe we are in the top 5 teams in the world.
      We are worse than 40th that is for sure. We can’t even beat Bradford. We are a joke to football supporters, analysts, commentators.

      I don’t think we would be able to win the championship, never mind the league.


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    • Vermaelen actually went from villain to hero to villain as he gave away the free kick ,as usual ,that led to their goal.
      He committed enough fouls that Dean eventually booked him.Its been the story of his season and sums AFC up this year. Too inconsistent.
      Still is only Reading in the Premier League next Monday.
      P.S. The youngsters would have won that game because Bradford upped their
      performance when they saw a virtual first team ( how Gervinho falls into that category I will never know)
      As someone said we would be better taking him off and playing with 10 men.

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    • Couldn’t help but think last night was always going to end the way it did! As the day went on I had that feeling that we weren’t going to be up for it, There was in my mind a few players last night who wanted to fight (Wilshere, Cocquelin, Gibbs and Sagna) They always showed for the ball and wanted to do something with it. Everyone else was just poor and to be honest should be ashamed of themselves this morning. All we ask for as fans is for our team to show they want to win and take responsibility. If they then lose then at least we can see they tried but at the moment this isn’t the case. I am a very worried Gooner whi can’t see this changing any time soon. I hope im wrong!

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    • For the 384th time, who should replace him if he goes?

      Don’t get me wrong, the minute you give me a satisfactory answer, and the minute you convince $tan Kroenke to give your proposed candidate funds instead of withholding them like he does from Wenger, I will call for Wenger to go as well.

      But until then, what’s the point? Mourinho and Guardiola are just as likely to touch the Arsenal job as Barack Obama is.

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      • I would go for anybody who is able to yell at them when they play shit and fuck them up if needed. He doesn’t necessarily has to know anything about football but it would be a bonus points factor in recruitation.

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      • Sam Allardyce would do better with this group of players.
        Big Sam would sell Gervinho and Ramsey to the glue factory where they could produce something useful.
        Don’t blame money. The entire Bradford team cost £7 500.00

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      • Lots of people are now putting money on Moyes.

        If we got Moyes in the Summer – or preferably, by the weekend – I’d be so happy I’d sacrifice a goat.

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      • Re: all these responses – fair enough then.

        I don’t know whether they would do a better job than Wenger at this point in time, but Jurgen Klopp and David Moyes are both respectable managers. They are welcome in the Arsenal managerial post. Although having said that, there is still the problem of Kroenke asset-stripping that will not go away with Wenger out (might even get worse). If you guys write a couple of articles/blogs, the Daily Mail might pick it up, turn something out of nothing and put some pressure onto Wenger to do better or else.

        Sam Allardyce or “anybody who is able to yell at them” = absolutely unwelcome. Please think of wider consequences (hoofball the entire game, skilled players like Cazorla getting fed up and leaving, attracting Shawcross-type players rather than Huntelaar) – sure we’ll play with pride and give 110%, and we’ll gallantly, bravely and chivalrously get relegated.

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      • Exactly. The pro-Wenger brigade (Neville Chamberlain) may be deluded and outdated, but there exists a pro-Kroenke brigade (Adolf Hitler) among the Arsenal fanbase, believing that he really does give all the money in the world to Wenger? Really guys?

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      • Bonjour… Did you read the article? The whole gist is the similarities between the Avalanche and Arsenal since Kroenke took over.
        I would recommend you google & read what’s been said by fans of other Kroenke Inc. owned sports franchises… Avalanche, Nuggets, Broncos… The writing is on the wall for Arsenal… We are being transformed into a profitable mid table club.
        On Wenger… In my opinion, his fatal flaw is his belief in his system (always trying to fit square pegs in round holes…. ffs, Bendtner played as a right winger!)… and that we never adapt our tactics according to the strength of our available players and our opponents. I hate saying this but the only way we will ever win anything with Wenger again is if we assemble a squad vastly superior to the rest.

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    • I’m always proud to be an Arsenal fan, not always happy and nowadays there isn’t much to cheer about, but although i’m only 17 (and living in Manchester) I will NEVER ever ever be embarassed to be an Arsenal fan.

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      • Good for you kid (no really), but I’ve been an Arsenal fan about as long as you’ve been alive and today I am embarrassed. From the moment Jens got sent off in the CL final, this club has been on a steady downward slide. But losing to a team in the 4th division with close to a first-choice side, that’s a new low and that’s embarrassing.

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      • Now is no time for fucking diplomacy and telling us how much you love the CLUB. WE all fucking do.

        Right now, we’re shambles and something or someone needs to change

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  2. Our forwards are absolute shit. No shots on target until the 70th minute is a joke.
    This one is down to wenger, he signed the ones we have and decided that when we all knew we needed another one this season he didn’t buy.
    Its just embarrssin now. And gervinho should compensate those poor 5000 gooners who made the trip up there because he really doesn’t deserve thier support. The man is a complete waste of a shirt.

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    • The frustrating thing is that we’ve finally started to build a team from the back, end up with a good keeper, good defenders and an outstanding midfield, and yet for the first time in years – perhaps decades – then have a serious lack of quality up front. If we’re being honest we only have one first team striker and that’s Giroud.

      Chamakh is no world beater but at least he’s an actual forward with some sort of record – it beggars belief that he is so clearly and completely out of Wenger’s plans and doesn’t at least get a few more proper chances as back-up while Gervinho runs around panicking and smashing first touches all over the place.

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      • regularly featuring strikers/AF for club & country

        manure- 4 int. strikers
        chelsea- 4 int. Attacking forwards.
        city- 4 int. strikers
        everton- 3 int. strikers
        arsenal- 1 int. striker

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      • Sad thing is Giroud is not yet even an international striker, he has yet to fully establish himself but at arsenal we like to be 2nd best so it’s okay I guess!

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    • Gervinho is truly terrible. He hangs onto the ball too long and if there’s a wrong time to release it he’ll find it.
      A psychologist would probably say it was unwise of AW to say he doesn’t want it to go to pens, because if it does your already disadvantaged mentally.

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      • Imagine if Gervinho had taken a penalty…and missed it….

        By the Gods, I would have summoned a spectre from hell itself to wring his neck and kick him in the posterior.

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      • D4 – but he’ll still get played over Walcott who right now is the most skillful, attacking minded “forward” we have. Wenger is too stubborn; his Piaget esque approach to football management worked well with “The Invincibles” but the guys today and let’s face it since need a stern hand guiding them.

        I’ve always been on the fence when it comes to Wenger but now honestly, I can’t wait to see the back of him. All this bollocks I read about ‘Who should replace him?’ There are a plethora of managers out there right now who certainly couldn’t do much worse. Moyes, Guardiola, Mourinho (who’s already said he’ll manage any team just to get in the Premier League) O’Neill (don’t give a shit where Sunderland are in the league, the man’s class) then of course we have our prodigal son Henry. Imagine a team of him and Bergkamp…

        Alas, I dare to dream.

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      • We can’t play Walcott as a striker because Wenger hasn’t finished converting him into a Winger yet.
        We can’t play Cazorla on the wing because we haven’t finished converting him to a central midfielder yet.
        We cant play Podolski as a striker because we haven’t converted him to a winger yet.
        We cant play Gervinho in the U12s because he is useless.
        We cant play Chamakh in the ladies team because he has smaller balls then them.
        Where was Arshavin last night

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    • I was speechless (almost) in the summer when most of the fans on this forum were convinced that Podloski can replace rvp… nobody knew that Wenger will actually try with Gervinho!!!

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      • Again that makes me laugh, Podolski is a great striker but Wenger refuses to play him central and instead keeps him on the wing where he admits he’s not much cop.

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    • Wenger ”I can’t fault the effort of our player’s. The player’s give absolutely everything”

      You having a laugh Wenger? You actually being serious? If that is the player’s giving everything, then the whole playing staff shouldn’t be paid.

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    • Speaking of OX.

      How dissapointing was he. He continues to NOT develop, his play sometimes seems same as of a school boy, blind passes, shit crosses (so long as I try attitude).

      The ox needs to wake up, he’s not playing to his full potential and risks his place on the left wing. This because Ramsey is playing so FUCKING SHITTILY so wenger has NO CHOICE but to continue playing him while we continously MOAN!

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    Once again, I can tolerate mistakes made by players and manager alike. But when the mistakes are no longer mistakes but instead examples of arrogance, stubbornness and putting your ego ahead of the club. That is what I can’t tolerate. Ramsey is not a winger, neither is podolski, Gervinho is not a striker, he is not Thierry Henry so Wenger should stop trying to prove that he can transform him the same way he did titi and start doing whats best for the club.

    As for the players, no heart or passion. Aside from jack as always and Rosicky. The fact that we can keep passing it between Vermaelen and mertesacker with 10 minutes to go in a quarter final shows exactly how much the players don’t care about this club and are just happy to earn a few million a year.

    I am writing this comment in the 80th minute while losing, and regardless of the result will post it anyways because this really isn’t about winning or losing. This is about the respect I have lost towards most people at the club. I will never stop supporting Arsenal as a club but I have lost my faith in this group of players and staff.

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    • oh well. maybe we will hear about how the team showed great mental strength to come back and take it to penalties. or how the pitch was horrible. and how he has been in the game for 30 years. over this fucking shit

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    • We weren’t passing it between Vermaelen and Mertesacker in the last ten minutes at all. But the rest of your sentiments exactly. The only problem is, if Wenger out (which won’t happen, the board love the money), who in?

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      • mate i was typing in the 80th minute and Vermaelen and per had just completed a one-2

        As for your question. I really don’t know. I don’t think Pep would be succesful at Arsenal simply because he has no messi or Xavi here. but to be fair. this isn’t my job. All i know is that after 8 years of complete bollocks. we need change

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      • Jurgen Klopp. Transformed Dortmund from lower mid table, on a tight budget, promoted players mainly from within, whilst playing an brand of football that’s robust and fluid emough to be expansive or organised dependent on the opposition and competition. He’s also delivered two domestic titles and a domestic cup in the past two seasons in a league i rate highly. Now he’s got the hang of the European scene too. Took him a season to find his feet at Euro level, but look at what Dortmund did to City and Real. Plus, the board would jizz in their zip up leather bondage gear if they looked at Dortmund’s balance sheet over the past five years.

        Sure, Klopp has had to sell too ( Sahin, Kagawa etc.) – but then he goes out and buys a diamond like Marco Reus, who it should be noted is now favoured by Jogi Low ahead of Podolski for the inside – left forward position at national level….so he knows a thing or to about having to sell to buy, and most importantly, has proved a sound judge of a player in that area.

        The method in Klopp’s revolution reminds me a lot of what Arsene did fifteen years ago.

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      • @Mikel Artekers. You Sir, are a bellend. You think it will be so hard to replace a plank of a coach who earns 7million a year and has just gotten out-thought by a semi-professional coaching a set of semi-pro footballers in a league 4 paces below our tier. You are a plank, Sir. Sincerely.

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    • So Now Wenger says that the gunners will bounce back. even if we assume that we can believe what he says. what are we gonna bounce back to ? top 4? real shame that that’s our top goal .

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      • I’ll be absolutely delighted with a top four finish.
        We aren’t that far out in terms of points. But it seems as if we are miles off in terms of quality
        I hope and pray that this misguided and (out of position players) team get into the top four. If we don’t we will need Sam Allardyce to fix it..
        I hope we win the triple now that the quadruple is off.
        UP THE ARSENAL!!!

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      • Ramsey is not a wide forward, and so I can put up with his performance tonight (that’s the manager’s fault), but what exactly has Gervinho done to earn a place at centre forward?

        Oh, right, the manager put him there…

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      • he was played out of position. but gervinho and shame-ack were supposed to be strikers, weren’t they?

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      • ramsey played well? are you fucking serious. i am a big ramsey basher but fuck me, how can you say he played well.

        He offers absolutely nothing on the right wing. Absolutely nothing and that was the case tonight. His one opportunity to take a shot was inside the penalty area and it nearly went out for a throw in.

        give me a fucking break, if you call that playing well, no wonder this club is slipping in its standards.

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    • You can rest assured fellow gooners, jack will not sign a new contract with our club while the status quo exists, now i’m not necessarily suggesting wenger has to leave but the continuous purchasing of sub-standard players or not spending at all, and letting the likes of Walcott and Sagna leave on top of Cesc, Na$ri, Song, RVP etc.. and to be honest, can any fan blame him. He is the next Xavi, for me it’s not up for debate, but every top club/manager will know this, and it’s not like arsenal wont sell to highest bidder regardless of rivalry.
      In the Premier League right now, Darren Bent looks gettable (£10-£14m), he scores goals, Fellaini at the right price (£20-24m) and Ben Arfa (£12-£15m) so come on let’s try at least to prove to JW10 that we can improve from here.

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  4. Honestly what the Fuck does he expect when our forward line consists of our worst fucking winger playing centre forward and our worst midfielder playing right wing. Wenger has lost his fucking marbles. That miss of gervinhos in the first half is completely unacceptable.

    What a bunch of fucking bottlers. Should have played the young guns who would of actually given a Fuck out there today.

    This is by far the worst arsenal squad I’ve ever laid eyes on.

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    • Today could be the day I’ve lost faith completely in Wenger.
      1) continues to play gerv and Ramsey out of position when they offer absolutely fucking nothing in those positions and have never done so.
      2) substituting le coq when he was one of the only players trying out there
      3) gervinho plays the entire 120 minutes. I’m sorry but if you play as fucking Shit as that guy, you should not be getting rewarded for it.

      No fucking wonder Walcott wants to Fuck off out of here, imagine how frustrating it would be seeing that clown preferred at centre forward than him.

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    • You know what the most worrying thing about this all is?
      Wengers coaching ability. A coach of his stature in the game should be realising a few things.

      Ramsey is not a winger.
      Gervinho is not an arsenal player and certainly not an arsenal centre forward.
      Wengers inability to change the formation is a sign of a horrible manager. Only stubborn managers would not change the formation when it is quite clear that we dont have the players to play the passing game he wants.

      In all seriousness, Bradford looked much better in attack and creativity than we did today. Story of our fucking season, yet nothing is being rectified.

      The only way wenger can get some respect back is by admitting he was responsible for the defeat. Which will never happen in a million years.

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      • Ive just read his post match interview.
        What a fucking disgrace, he is basically congratulating the team on their hard work today.

        Are you fucking serious wenger? this guys is getting delusional with old age.

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    • What can I say? FUCKING DISGRACEFUL!
      ABSOLUTELY DISGRACEFUL! I’d rather we lose 5-0 than see some of them player’s play again Gervinho? FUCKING GERVINHO? Just get out of the club! FUCKING DISGRACEFUL! Another chance of a trophy gone! Something needs to change. I apoligise for my language here, but this JUST ISN’T FUCKING GOOD ENOUGH!!!!

      Thumb up 12 Thumb down 0

  5. Jack Wilshere should be made captain. He was the only player who I confidently knew would score. I don’t know how long I can trust in Arsene.

    Thumb up 50 Thumb down 0

    • well I thought young Jack was pretty poor during normal time, improved alot when Rosicky came on, the Ox bad game really,
      the team that played from the 75min onwards, I like (minus forehead of course) , almost similar to the team that played in the 87min against WBA,
      Away fans were awesome.
      The players that were a let down, well the usual suspects. This was never going to be an easy game I felt.

      Thumb up 24 Thumb down 1

    • Seriously? After all of the poor signings, the tactical ineptnes,s the most humiliating defeats and runs in the History of Arsena (all within his era)l and you’re still not sure how long you can trust in Arsene?

      Thumb up 9 Thumb down 6

  6. its times like this when that primal urge from within me tells me to say something like “sack the whole fucking team!”

    first shot on target in the 70th minute by a sub? you are having a giraffe. Poor Jack, I swear in the end he was playing every position except goalkeeper.

    Thumb up 66 Thumb down 0

  7. well…. this is awkward for the club
    On a more serious note, you can hate Gervinho all you like, but he is becoming detrimental to the team. That miss was awful and when he gets the ball he’s more likely to mess up than do something useful and I think the other players are beginning to see that and start ignoring him when he is in space… its basically like being a man down when Gervinho is on the pitch

    Thumb up 82 Thumb down 0

    • add Chamakh to that and an inability to play any sort of useful ball into the penalty area and that should do it.

      But yeah, i never want to see Gervinho in an Arsenal shirt again.

      Thumb up 37 Thumb down 0

      • exactly, when the Ox berated him for the poor pass and Chamakh spoke back I don’t think I’ve ever felt more angry at a player… how could he justify such a poor pass. Not to mention the lack of effort he put in, he should be pressing and winning the ball back from the front, not jogging along past the ball

        Thumb up 34 Thumb down 1

      • why all the hate for chamackh? he’s hardly getting any game time prior to this.
        the way our midfields been functioning , I dont think falcao would’ve made much of a difference.
        Also Bradford took the lead and were defending pretty deep. Its a cup tie, it happens.
        Ox should’nt be let go scott free either, poor crossing, overruning, reminds me of a young Walcott,

        Im trying to make it through one Arsenal match without mentioning those 2. Its getting tiresome.

        Thumb up 15 Thumb down 10

      • The inability to hit any sort of quality cross into the penalty box is starting to get very frustrating. For all his laziness in tracking back Arshavin still consistently hits quality balls into the box, however he hasn’t really gotten any sort of chance this year. I know Arshavin has been maddingly inconsistent in the past but if we are going to be playing Giroud or Chamakh up front I would much rather have Arshavin instead of Gervinho as he actually has the ability to put the ball on their heads, rather than dribbling to long or overhitting a cross into the stands.

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  8. Sorry guys, that’s it for me. I’m now firmly in the ‘Wenger out’ team. He’s been brilliant, but enough is enough – he must tender his resignation.

    Thumb up 49 Thumb down 15

  9. 1st half
    Totally wrong formation for this match! Wengeeeeeer what’s going on? If we don’t have determination, at least we deserve good formation and tactics.
    Totally wrong positions for Gervinho (It is time to move him to the wing or not play him at all) and Ramsey (“played” like headless chicken again). Coq and Wilshere were not working well in the midfield. Too cold for Cazorla. Actually nobody was doing well. Especially Vermaelen who again played with lot’s of mistakes and misjudgments.
    This Arsenal team looked same as in too many games this season: impotent, slow and predictable.
    I see that rvp is doing great without us but at least Na$ri doesn’t 😉 , so I do not understand how our players can be so small harted or whatever is going on?
    I mean we all know what’s going on – we became a feeder club and Arsenal team is just one of the stops in some of our players carriers.
    2nd half
    Wenger is still stubborn but Wilshere, Coq and Cazorla are more present then before. Team is playing faster but still far away from their box.
    Chamakh is littlebit lost, but Ox and Rosicky are in. Thank god.
    Wilshere decided to take a lead.
    Rosicky and Cazorla are good together. Wilshere strong!
    Those three must start every game from now on – they are Arsenal I like!
    But Bradford deserved 1:1.
    We were fucked cos Bradford players are great at penalties.
    Wenger left to players to decide who will take them.

    Congratulations to Bradford! They played very well. I am happy for them.

    Now Wenger can let Walcott and Sagna go… and buy bloody cunt Nani??? (sarcastic)

    Thumb up 12 Thumb down 6

  10. Lets see how many in arsen we trust boys justify this.
    Well done to bradford.they taught us the fight passion and determination to win. What now wenger.can’t wait to hear his excuse for this one

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  11. i looked at the live text and it said BRA 1 ARS 0 and i thought, it aint so bad, it is Brazil after all…
    Gervinho. Wtf man. No way Tottenscum or Newcastle or Fulham would play someone as bad as him.

    Thumb up 18 Thumb down 2

  12. York City. Wrexham.

    Lived em both, but have never been as ashamed and angry at a so called performance as tonight.

    With a few exceptions, those players should be lined up and each made to apologise to Jack.

    They don’t deserve him.

    And on a night of bad performances, Chamakh can just fuck off. How many flying fucks does he give?

    And I’m nearly out of words for Gervinho. Billy Smarts will be in town shortly – they’re always looking for clowns. Swap him for the fuckin bearded lady and we’ll still be on the right end of the deal.

    Thumb up 72 Thumb down 4

  13. I feel SO sorry for those fans that travelled up there in this freezing weather and sung their hearts out, and now have to come all the way home from Bradford after watching that shameful performance. Just no fucking words.. worse than the 8-2 last year.

    Thumb up 43 Thumb down 3

  14. Wenger just has to go he’s been great but he’s bought us into this position these are his players… Time to remove the blinkers we’re going down down the table… Wenger out now…

    Thumb up 26 Thumb down 5

  15. Lets be honest we fielded 3 players who wouldn’t make Bradfords bench Chamahk Ramsey Gervinho.

    Then we proceeded to pass like retards for the first 70 minutes of the game, then tried get the ball in the bucket behind the goal when we crossed.

    Except Rosicky, none of our best players needed the 120 minutes of fatigue and Rosicky only got around 60 of it.

    Yay to a massive confidence in drop in players and more fatigue, God knows why we didn’t play Eisfield, Meade and Jenks – Sagna had a hamstring complaint less than a week ago???

    Great penalties from Bradford (first 3).

    Oh and Gervinho is so bad, sorry, i mean shit.

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  16. We might as well have played the youngsters. They would have battled harder than most of our first team did tonight.

    We have serious issues up front. Our front three is woeful and needs replacing entirely. None of them are up to Arsenal standard. I include Podolski in that statement.

    Thumb up 21 Thumb down 3

    • Yeah, Podolski is anonymous in most games. I know he is out of position yadda yadda, still, for a player with 100 German caps, some output is expected. How many touches does he even get during a game? Pretty low would be my guess.

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  17. Don’t know what to say really.. can’t get mad every fucking time. Ah ffs, I was looking forward that final with scum Chelsea. Atrocious, the amount of balls given away.

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  18. Thanks for the quick report now we can all vent!!

    One poor performance after another where to from here?

    I love AW but only one person to blame for our current situation. He assembled the squad, which it too short on quality and can’t seem to get them to play like they have ever met each other!

    The team out there tonight should have won easily but yet again we struggled to play any good football for most of the game and has happened way too much over the last few years but more noticeably this.

    Thought the weekend could have been a turning point but was just a blip if this doesn’t cause a positive reaction and run nothing will with this team!!

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  19. How fucking embarrassing… and to 2nd league Bradford…

    But don’t worry folks, just watch, they’ll be queuing up on here, head in the sand, to still blindly continue to kiss Wenger’s arse… as the team sinks deeper and deeper into the shit.

    Just what more do you need to see that Wenger and his philosophy is past it?

    I’ve supported Arsenal for over 35 years now and always will – not the corrupt, money-grabbing board and their past-it colluding manager.

    Wenger and the board out!

    Thumb up 32 Thumb down 6

  20. What a fucking shambles. I swear if wenger mentions ‘mental strength’ again I will top myself. Fucking bunch of bottlers, just spineless

    Thumb up 21 Thumb down 0


    We are once again a laughing stock. everyone in the country is laughing at us. AGAIN.

    But the players won’t mind, they’ll be laughing and joking tomorrow, off to nando’s, christmas shopping in harrod’s.

    i’ve had enough of this.

    I hate Gervinho. Why is Chamakh playing when clearly he doesnt care about Arsenal.

    Absolutely no one anywhere is going to be scared if us for the rest of the season. Everyone is going to turn up and have a go at us and we will probably let them. Unless something gargantuan changes between now and Monday we are in for the hardest season of Wenger’s reign. And we probably won’t survive.

    Thumb up 29 Thumb down 2

  22. goosh wat has arsenal football club become…….we use to have henry now we have gervinho………..its such a shame that we don‘t have a recognised striker………Wenger has realy done his bit……if he can‘t change then he should leave……nobody is bigger than our club………i want my arsenal back

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  23. How long do we let this continue??? Yes, the players are to be blamed. But its not a one off. It has been happening for 4 years now. And its not an issue of new signings. The club has become stagnant under Arsene. I am incredibly greatful for everything he has done but its now time to go.

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  24. Selection again was ridiculos. Podolski does nothing out left. Give him a go in the centre. As for gervinho and ramsey. Theyre bad enough without having to play out of position. Carzorla needs time off. Rocisky should have started. We are so mediocre. No flow no movement no drive.

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    • Agreed. Was SUPER glad to see Arteta finally getting a break, but Santi was definitely just as much in need of one. Ugh.

      We wear out our best players and have no replacements.

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  25. The mere fact we had to go extra time against a League Two team, the fact that we had no player who could finish multiple opportunities that were presented, that is completely on Wenger and no one else. Yes, the players on the pitch did not finish, but this overall situation that we find ourselves in, that is on Wenger, the manager.

    In one of the earlier posts on arseblog news, I asked a rhetorical question: who will be our striker if Giroud is out? The answer is that we don’t have a striker besides Giroud. The likes of Gervinho, Chamakh, and Ramsey (post-injury) are in the first squad. That is just ridiculous. I respect Wenger’s loyalty and faith in his players but there are times the manager also needs to be decisive with his players. At the end, this is a business, not personal.

    Forget being the laughingstock. Forget Bradford City. The important fact is that we need at least two additional strikers (that can play in this league for a club like ours) to make a serious run for the FA Cup and the “glorious” fourth spot.

    Last but not least, kudos to Bradford City. I despise the fact we lost to a League Two team, but they put their hearts out on the pitch.

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  26. Wenger kiss my pink ass oldman am out of this shit fuck Assanal and fuck you for being a loyal fun of a shittty club… I will never pay to watch such a useless team of lazy overpaid amateurs.. Fuck you gooners you made me choose Cricket over Soccer..

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  27. I’ve said it before … Nothing will change till Wenger goes.
    If he stays we’ll have year after year of mediocrity. And we’ve already had a few.
    This is the team that he built, his tactics, his responsibility

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  28. enough is enough.
    Wenger has gone insane
    Why sub off podolski instead of Gervinho
    Why bring on Chamakh
    Why start ramsey
    Why sell your best player to Man U

    Thumb up 37 Thumb down 6

    • Immense. Against a league 2 side. Forgive me but aren’t they all suppossed to be in this situation?

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  29. First of all If any of you still think it’s acceptable to lose to League 2 opposition with our first team, please go and ‘support’ the cunts down the road. Only under Wenger have we enjoyed such humilation.

    Podolski played as a centre forward for two years at Cologne why not play him as a centre forward again when Giroud needs a rest? You don’t need tactical nous to see this.

    Wenger has overstayed his welcome. Any Manager that can allow players such as Gervinho, Chamakh and Ramsey to grace our beautiful club has been sent to destroy us from within.

    Vermalen is not captain material he is an awful defender. Do you think Ferguson or Mourinho would have persisted with a player so error prone? We are a laughing stock this evening.

    I’m moved by the realisation this evening that we are no longer a big club and it hurts. A big club wants to win things and does everything in their power to do so. They mainatin standards and sack inadequate players or staff that are not maintaining that level.

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  30. Mooro, the worst thing is we are going to waste jacks talent in the same way we did with cesc by not surrounding them with the calibre of players thier talent deserves.
    Then the penny will drop with jack and even a gooner such as him will have to leave to win something.

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  31. Did anyone notice the Ox snap at Chamakh? Not considering he wasn’t exactly delivering gems from the wing either. This team is crumbling and something’s gotta give. They can’t keep fooling us like this… Heartbroken!

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    • We started what is arguably our strongest squad and lost to a League Two team. Of course we are talking about it. Of course we are pissed about it. It is not about being interested in the League Cup per se. It is about this madness our club is currently placed. By the way, the League Cup might have been our best chance to win a silverware, and now it’s gone.

      Thumb up 23 Thumb down 1

      • And losing to a league two team is not the biggest issue. We could have lost by poor reffereeing, bad luck etc.
        Instead we lost with our “strong” team with some if the shittest players to grace the English game, and good players made to look shit by playing them out of position, with poor tactics and inappropriate substitutions.
        Wenger WAKE up or get out!
        Up The Arsenal!

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  32. Don’t know whether to laugh or cry…the sad thing is I don’t feel like ranting or raving, done enough of that. Just hurts to see a team devoid of any fight, passion, desire. All but Wilshere.

    I remember Arsenal going 2-0 down to Preston North End in the FA Cup about a decade ago, that team fought back like champions and they went on to do the double.

    Nowadays we’re genuinely worried about whether we make 4th place or not…or an even worse feeling, whether we can even keep our better players or feel the hurt of losing them to ‘our rivals’. Just hurts…

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    • “Just hurts to see a team devoid of any fight, passion, desire. All but Wilshere.”

      To be fair Wanderer, Santi was running around like a blue-arsed fly and taking shots at goal all night.. to make up for the rest of the team’s/manager’s deficiencies…

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      • You’re right, emotion is clouding judgement slightly and I do a disservice as there were one or two others who showed a little more urgency and desire, Cazorla being one, Rosicky when he came on being another. Sagna as reliable as ever.

        In recent years we had players who gave us a little bit extra in tight games, dare I say it, the likes of RvP, Cesc, and in fleeting moments Nasri. But even then where I felt we always failed was having that ‘physical presence’. I always felt we were missing physical strength in midfield.

        I go back to that 4-2 win against Preston North End, that day we had the likes of Boa Morte and Mendez who weren’t exactly the best Arsenal players, but we had Petit and Viera at the heart of that team who had physical strength and quality. I see many of our players with quality, but very few who are ‘up for the fight’.

        For me it’s no surprise that some of our best and most balanced ‘team’ performances came when we had Diaby in midfield. If only…

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      • And get RID of the stupid ridiculous purple kit.
        WTF is Wenger thinking by playing in such dark mixed colours at night?
        Bring back the yellow kit so that the players can see each other.

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  33. I´m more annoyed at the fact that the one reason I enjoy the COC, namely I get to see our youngster`s progress, was taken away when we chose an entire squad of “senior professionals”.

    We have hit a new low today and I´m not sure its necessarily the last one this season.

    And, just out of interest, I´ve yet to see Gervinho contribute to a match this season in the same way Arshavin did against Reading in the last round. Why is he so firmly embedded in the manager´s plans and the little Russian so out in the cold?

    If the team was playing fantastically well, I could understand it, but the longer we go on like this, totally toothless and relying on frankly incompetent footballers, the harder it is to understand.

    Well done Bradford.

    Sort it out, AFC.

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  34. For me, this is our lowest point since we lost to Wrexham twenty years ago. Bradford are in the FOURTH TIER of English football. Our reserves should have been able to comfortably beat them.

    If we were a proper club which actually about results and not money, Wenger would be called up to the boardroom tomorrow and handed his P45. But instead he will be allowed to carry on until the end of this season fucking up the team and utterly destroying his reputation.

    We are in such a complete mess right now.

    We need a new manager so badly.

    Thumb up 24 Thumb down 4

  35. I’ve been slowly realising over the last few weeks that we are the new Aston Villa….had some great success and gradually becoming mediocre at best. Except Aston Villa actually won tonight….oh dear, where to go from here!

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  36. Maybe it’s just me but for most of the season i can’t remember the last time i felt confident we could win a game. Even when i thought we would, considering the name and history, things change a few minutes after kick off and i realise how hard it is for us to break up opponents. And it’s like they smell it too.
    I love Arsène and i don’t want him out. He has done a lot for us and mostly i used to fear what would happen without him but lately this team is making me think ‘what are we doing even with him around’ with every passing game. Hope he turns it around but i feel like we have dropped a lot this season. Not just this game but all season. Looks like we are falling down the liverpool way but we are still in denial.
    That was as close to a first team as we have seen in the milk cup in a long time.

    Thumb up 9 Thumb down 3

  37. So fucking embarrassing but not surprising. Wenger want`s to fix what`s wrong in our club? He should have a good, long, look in the mirror. At once.

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  38. Holy moly, the ACN can’t come soon enough. The Klingon has to go. Feel so sad that it is ending like this for Wenger. He has done so much fir Arsenal but he can’t get anything worthwhile out of these players. Many if whom are just shite. And who the he’ll would take the job and work with Kroenke, Godzilla and co. They are the jokers who let it go thus far. Crikey this is dismal. Another trip to the cold north next monday will be another stumble….

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  39. Quick question,why does Ramsey not get as much flak as Gervinho? Personally think both these players looked out of their depth tonight. Thought the Coq was good,strange he came off before Ramsey

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  40. in 2004 Arsenal went a season unbeaten. In 2006 they reached
    the Champions League Final. Tonight Arsenal lose to League 2
    Bradford City…………..and u still think arsenal is on the right track????

    Thumb up 22 Thumb down 2

  41. You should have known the result when you see Ramshit and Gervino. I hope Arsenal won’t lose their confidence again.

    Thumb up 6 Thumb down 5

  42. Gervinho and ramsey (i know he was class before the injury) were signed by the same man who signed henry, cesc, pires and rvp? Wow. I really dont know whats going on at the club. Is it all wenger’s fault? I dont know. All i know is back in the early noughties we would not have sold our top scorer to a prem rival. Whatever brought this sudden shift in mentality is the real enemy.

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  43. Losing to swansea is one thing. Losing to a league 2 side with the best team you can come up with is fucking ludicrous.

    You think that it cant possible get worse with this Arsenal team and yet it does , where the hell is the bottom?

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  44. Pathetic. Absolutely pathetic. No one played with the desire to win and we don’t have a deep enough squad to compete. Had we loosened the purse-strings a season or two prior and bought quality players (not Gervinho or Squillaci) and kept our best, we would’ve been in a much better place than this lowest point. The problem lies with the board’s stinginess and Wenger has to make due with a squad that can’t compete for EPL honors. His squad selection is questionable—but the ambition of our board is even more so.

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  45. Wenger: “I can’t fault the team’s effort – you have to give credit
    to Bradford. I don’t think it’s a lack of quality. We’ll get over it.”……….wenger @ his best

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  46. Sent from my iPad
    Honestly speaking, a few years ago, u would walk into a pub to watch arsenal play and you would see a hundred fans watching as well. Tonight, we were just five, and I don’t think we will be that many on Monday. The fans are pissed off and merchandise sales will soon drop terribly in Africa. This won’t help the club. There is a philosophy that I believe in-‘to make money, you need to spend money’. A word,is enough for the wise.-concerned Nigerian gooner

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  47. William Hill are 4/6 that Wenger never wins another trophy at Arsenal. I think that tells you all you need to know about where we are as a club…

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  48. Podolski played terribly but we definitely needed someone known for lethal finishing for penalties. It’s time like these when a player like RVP would’ve been nice. Someone you know who would never fuck up on a penalty and give a sense of confidence to the team. Other than that the team played terribly, and I don’t think the arrival of Rosicky is going to save us. But, I do hope he gets back to 100% fitness ASAP because this team can’t do shit without him. He does an amazing job getting the whole team to click and really brings the best out of Caz and Wilshere.

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  49. I want Wenger to stay, but his decisions have been so weeeird. I don’t get this blind faith on Ramsey & Gervinho of his. Seriously.

    Can’t single out any players to blame for this lost tho, I think this one is on Wenger.

    & where’s that mental strenght? Losing on a penalty this way is clearly an indication that there’s no mental strenght.

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  50. 8 years no silverware any other manager would have been sacked by now. The board, the players or Wenger aren’t the ones that need to wake up its us the FANS that need to wake up and stop living in wengers past and realise that he can’t cut it anymore. Wenger out now!!!

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  51. Whoever recommended we buy Chamakh and Gervinho needs to be sacked and banned from scouting, or worse. How these two muppets ever became professional footballers and internationals is truly an indictment of our times.

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  52. I think today we learned a 3 things….

    1 Gervinho is not a top level footballer…. incase you didn’t know that already

    2. we need someone who can rotate with Giroud or even play with… but someone clinical, maybe a Huntelaar?

    3 Jack Wilshere is by far and away our best and most committed player and i think at the end of the season (assuming fitness) should be made Captian

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    • Agree on all, huntelaar would be a great signing and jack will be captain in the near future, as for gervinho and chamakh I’m lost how these two play for arsenal, I’m struggling to think of a premiership team that would have them as a striker, we slaughter our x players that leave but when you look at that shit we can’t complain, I was over for west brom game and it cost me 100 pound for me and my lads tickets and I seen a lot of empty seats but you can’t blame the fans and I fear it’s going to get worse

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  53. Coz ramsey is british and its a sin to say / admit a brit who plays for arsenal is crap unless
    a)his name is francis jeffers. If his name is francis jeffers then it is alright.
    b) he stalls on a contract coz he wants better terms. Something we are content to do everyday in the real world but a footballer should not dare.

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  54. without van persie the team is definately more balanced, in being mediocore.
    even with van persie we were struggling but at least we were somewhat competitive.

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  55. More embarrassed now than after the 8-2 game.

    I’m not hanging this all on Wenger but I’ve given up caring about the rest of the season already. And it’s only December 11th.

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  56. Please Wenger give the captains armband to either Wilshere or Sagna. Oh wait Sagna cant get it because you and the club are about to let his contract run down like the rest of the world class players we have sold.

    Vermaelen nice header but you are the captain as a central F-ing defender and your defending is piss poor.

    There is nobody up front. Giroud out of the squad….no options. Gervinho, Chamakh? My word what rubbish.

    Wenger and the board must do something in January. Oh but wait we have heard this story how many times?

    This is nothing more than a complete traveshamockery.

    Sagna, Wilshere, Cazorla, Ox, Rosicky if fit that is it with Giroud out of the squad. And possibly Gibbs. The rest are rubbish. Podolski is now officially invisible. Vermaelen looked like a third string squad player, Gervinho, Chamakh, Ramsey it is just simply not good enough.

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    • Would have MUCH preferred to see Arteta as winger today, because he offers a lot more than Ramsey in ANY position… But he did need rest. What a shame.

      Thumb up 4 Thumb down 3

  57. Asinine shit. Now Bradford go on to get a record 9 penalty shootout wins, thanks to Arsenal!
    To hell wit Wenger. Gazidis and Kronke should go kiss it!
    This is no longer d Arsenal we knew?! I don’t think anybody cares about d Emirates Stadium anymore!
    Highbury was home cos we won trophies. With d so-called repayment of d money and youth policy, we’ve lost face! D cost just ain’t worth it!
    Bradford dumpin’ us out of COC!
    Arsenal is finished!
    This stupid bunch of players are not even good enough to make Top 4! Gervinho is a fucking joke!
    Fuck Arsene! His own players don’t even believe in him! Get the hell out and go coach PSG! I don’t see you fixing nothing here! I’m soo mad I wanna punch your spectacles off your worn-out beaky face!
    I don’t even care about January window. Very soon, no top player would want to come to Arsenal except for kids and old castaways!
    And if you thumb me down, FUCK you too!!! SMFH!!!

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  58. I was initially impressed that we lined up with a strong team, but then saw Gervinho and Ramsey playing in unsuitable positions. For all the world, I thought 2 of our best players that were involved in the 7-5 v Reading…Arshavin and Eisfeld, would be involved, but AW has frozen Arshavin out completely and has deemed Eisfeld not to be ready. Unlike most, I am still a big supporter of Arshavin and believe he has something to offer even coming off the bench, and every time he has been on the pitch, we look more dangerous, but for whatever bloody reason, he is seen as inferior to Gervinho (who was beyond shocking but still stayed on the pitch).

    I have said previously that we are getting worse under AW and new signings will mean very little if the likes of Walcott and Sagna leave. Personally, I believe AW should step down at the end of the season and give a chance to a new manager who would have an opportunity to freshen things up.

    Fair play to Bradford and top marks to Wilshere who can hold his head up high.


    Thumb up 29 Thumb down 1

    • Arshavin was benched and then frozen out of the first team picture because of his lack of effort.
      If thats the case does’nt Gervinho deserve to be benched for his lack of ability?!!
      And i completely agree with you. Arshavin can be frustrating but he is still capable of inspired moments of football. This is a man who had 17 assists in his second season despite his lack of effort. Now he is playing second fiddle to a Forehead who runs about the place aimlessly while contributing little to the team in general.

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  59. We are at the lowest point for years now imo. Don’t get me wrong, i’ll follow Arsenal for the rest of my days, but we are really struggling. Top four?? I think we have to be honest, it will be a miracle this season as it is at the moment.

    Thumb up 9 Thumb down 1

  60. Not angry not raging just resigned to what we’ve become, leaderless average overpaid spirtless with a transfer policy that beggars belief is anyone really shocked tonight?

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  61. Arsenal through an through but you know what I’m fucking glad this has happened. It’s a two bit cup to go out of anyway! but now maybe the Manager an the board will see how low they have driven their cash cow. Take notice we as fans won’t keep giving you our hard earned cash to see you keep selling the good player an buying shit an think it will appease us. Is it not basic football managment if a player has several bad games you leave them on the bench, and if your tactics are not working you change them. I find it hard to believe that for someone who is supposedly very intelligent he appears to not know this. I’m sorry Mr Wenger you look as is you have no ideas so maybe it’s time to move on before you take the club you claim to love any lower.

    Thumb up 13 Thumb down 0

    • I don’t doubt that he loves the club mate, but his arrogance is suffocating.
      It’s his way or the highway and it’s really not helping anyone.
      It’s painful how predictable our games are becoming. Concede RUBBISH fucking shit fuck cunt of a goal early on. Then try and play tika-taka through 8-10 men. I sit up in my seat as we approach the box but once the ball gets to Gervinho or Ramsey (when he’s the winger) I just sit back down and wait/pray we don’t get countered.
      Oh to be a gooner.

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  62. I’m an Arsenal fan since the age of 10. In the past 12 years I haven’t seen such clowns in the team as Chamakh and Gervinho. I am a patient guy and I will always keep faith in our team no matter what. Though I will keep praying before every match (as I do nowdays) not to see this two “striker”.
    A hungarian Gunner

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  63. Arsene, you either leave a hero or you stay long enough to see yourself become a villain. Oops too late…

    Thumb up 10 Thumb down 3

  64. I don’t want my Arsenal back,I want it to move forward and be better than ever. We never won the Champions League,Chelsea,Liverpool and United all have in the last 10 years
    We all know people who support those clubs,we know what that feeling is like……but we’ve got Ramsey,Gervinho & Chamakh

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  65. Worst part about this game for me is that it was a predictable outcome. For me at least. I should be disappointed right now, but disappointment usually canotes expectations not being met. Well right now Arsenal are meeting the expectations of a mid-table team and I no longer expect them to win games like this (although even a mid-table team should). Now who do I blame? Because really, someone has to be blamed. Some people will undoubtedly come on here blaming Ramsey, Gervinho (really doesn’t deserve the Brazillianized name) and Chamakh. They’re not the only fall guys though. Arshavin, Walcott and Kos also get a good share of blame at times. Well, the problem I have with blaming these under-performers is the fact that they didn’t sign themselves into this team. Arsene signed them. He saw something in them that nobody else saw and he keeps seeing it. Worst of all, he keeps seeing something despite their constant failure to produce. And he keeps buying players of that same caliber. So, as much respect as I have for Wenger, I have to say, I can’t see things really changing at the club with him in charge. Sure, he could pull an “Old Man And The Sea” and prove us all wrong by lifting the CL and showing the world that he and this team still has it, but be realistic, that is highly improbable.
    I don’t want to be considered a member of the Wenger-Out crowd but let’s face it, new players have been bought during EVERY transfer window for some time now and the team has NOT been getting better. The only thing that has not changed during this down spin is Wenger. There’s no guarantee that getting rid of him will be a panacea for all our ills, but neither is buying players like Gervinho. If we can take that risk, then why not take a chance on getting a new manager?

    Thumb up 8 Thumb down 1

      • It wasn’t entirely unexpected. I am not shocked, I am disappointed.
        With the players Wenger puts out, the formation and the tactics, this result was NOT a surprise.
        Bradford new that they could take on this shower of shite, the did and they deserved their win.
        Up The Arsenal!

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  66. What, in the name of christ, was that??? fucking abysmal. piss poor pathetic. so many passes went astray. as for gervinho, never in my life have i wanted to beat the living shit out of someones forehead so much. always holds the ball for too long. cant pass, crosses were shit. players standing there and he passes it to an empty space or to opposition. fuck off to the african cup of nations and stay there. He doesnt deserve to ever wear an arsenal shirt again. or Chamackkkkkkk.
    Wilshere, Rosicky and the Ox were only decent.

    I Give up

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  67. To be honest, this defeat didnt really hurt, which says a lot.
    I never thought we could win COC, cos when it comes to the crunch the only thing that’s guaranteed with Arsenal is we’ll buckle.

    I made a very important decision at the start of the season to severe all emotional ties with the team i love, i still watch all the matches and although i hate us losing, it doesn’t hurt as much as it used too.

    To put it simply, ive fallen out of love with Arsenal 🙁

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  68. I had hoped we were just having a double dip slump. But as long as wenger the economist stays, we’ll be in a depression. The austerity isn’t working. We’re definitely looking at a lost decade now.

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  69. for fucks sake play the players in the correct positions for fucking arrogant CUNT.
    god dammit. Gervinho and Chamakh should never play for us again, they are a waste of space. Entirely.
    Ramsey is getting close to that level but his saving grace is the incompetence of Wenger. Fuck me, if switching Ramsey and Cazorla and Podolski with Gervinho (based on the players out there) didn’t come in to his mind then he’s done.
    And he’s even more done if it did and he persisted.

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  70. On paper we have decent enough players….but they are coached badly, trained badly and injuries are treated badly. The club needs a new Manager and a new board.

    Thumb up 8 Thumb down 3

    • On paper we have a midfield that is on par or even better than that of Manure. Our defense has been shambolic at times but I feel its decent.
      The less said about our mythical striking department the better. Or rather the Forehead of it.

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  71. we have CL, FA CUP and BPL title. CL & BPL is out of reach. so we only have the FA cup. and if we win the FA Cup maybe a community shield. so we still have 2 trophies were we have fighting chance.

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  72. Once again slag off gervinho get a million thumbs up. Slag off ramsey, get a million thumbs down. The day ramsey stalls on a contract/ signs for another team is the day some arsenal fans will admit to how bad he is.

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  73. honestly think wenger playing players out of position cost us, gervinho up front when you have podolski a proper striker and ramsey on the right wing ?!
    seriously how can wenger not see this with his experience ? he’s lost it

    plus his failure to bring in a proper replacement for rvp, walcott and giroud get injured and we are left with chamakh as backup nice one !?!

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  74. Firstly ,well done to League Two Bradford City FC,& the best of luck to them in the semi final,they deserved to win.
    Now,onto the Premier League ‘team’ wearing those hideous hooped pyjamas…
    Gervinho-just fuck off to the ACN & don’t come back.
    Vermaelen-WTF has happened to him?Terrible defender,worse captain.
    Podolski-can’t/won’t play 90/120 mins…why the fuck not???
    Wenger-lost the plot if he thinks the above players are AFC standard.
    Rosicky-I’m guessing he bottled taking our 5th penalty (hope I’m wrong)
    Wilshere-I feel sorry for him,what chance has he got playing with this bunch of fucking losers.
    The rest-meh.

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  75. Anyone else see the post-match interview with Wenger? Fair play to the interviewer who was doing is best not to let OGL off the hook and Wenger rightly looked very uncomfortable, practically barging the guy out of the way and ending it in the same embarrassing way Dalglish did when he knew the wheels had finally come off.
    The thing that gets me is that when asked if we lost due to a lack of quality Wenger said no!!!!! If you cant beat a League 2 side over 120 minutes (pens is a lottery) and the manager says its not down to a lack of quality its plain for anyone to see that his time is up.

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  76. Returning by popular demand: From the director of the acclaimed suspense thriller,’The Invincibles'(2004) and the critically acclaimed comedies ‘Exodus'(2010/11) & ‘Exodus (Cont’d) comes the tragicomedy ‘Barren Run’ (2005-?) featuring the smash hit,single “Where Have All The Trophies Gone?” NOW SHOWING AT THE EMIRATES STADIUM. Please expect to pay a very high price.

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  77. Last year it was Bendtner on the wing. This year it’s Ramsey. Arshavin winger? WTF!!! Even I know they are not wingers. Why does this twat keep putting players in the wrong position. And as for Gerv, Ramsey and Chamakh. Sell, sell , sell. Please find them a team. They could warm the bench at Bradford. Not good enough to crack their line up. I know, how about a new direction starting with a new manager. Give us a break and get Pep.

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  78. Ill keep this simple… I’ve never felt so embarrassed to be a gooner!

    Players are playing like utter dog shit
    Manager has no plan b
    Manager playing players out of position
    Selling stars bringing in 2nd rate idiots
    Using a formation that hasn’t ever worked
    Owner has no interest in investing
    Rising prices with nothing back for fans

    The board an management have single handedly over seen the ruination of our club

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  79. Am I the only one who isnt impressed with Possession based play? Unless you have a magician upfront i just don’t see the point and its an incredibly negative way of playing.

    Wenger sees it as one of our biggest strengths when its really a massive weakness and teams WANT us to have to ball because we will do fuck all with it.

    I long for the old days when we used to invite teams on to us and then kill them with lightening direct counter attacks.

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  80. Just watched Wenger’s post-match interview on Sky and the arrogant shit didn’t even have the bollocks to face the questions like a man. When the word “humiliation” cropped up, which is exactly what this result is, the cunt walked off from the interview.

    I’m sick of this bastards. All of our problems are down to him and his arrogance – I don’t blame the board for anything other than putting all their faith in him and not sacking him on t he spot.

    It’s time he was kicked out the club. Can you imagine Barcelona accepting being 10th and losing to a club in League Two? Arsenal are one of the richest clubs in world football. This is a total fucking disgrace, How much lower are we going to stoop? The board has to act, NOW! You have to stop the slide before it starts not after – we’re going to lose Theo, Sagna and probably Wilshere soon, there will be nothing left. Wenger is going to leave this squad a broken shell.

    Thumb up 18 Thumb down 4

  81. if we had just one decent striker at the club and on the pitch we would of put this game to bed, but no we had gervinho (winger) and chamakh

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  82. P.S. What has happened to Vermaelen’s defending or lack of it. Why does he have a problem with every crap ball hit over his head.

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  83. I have been a Wenger supporter, and to be honest, I would have never thought that it would come to this, but honestly Wenger seems clueless and seems to have become one of those arrogant old men who will not listen to anyone and ignore the failures repeatedly.

    I mean if a full strength team cannot go and hammer the living daylights out of a team playing 2 divisions below you, then for goodness sake get the fk out. I mean if this was a one off I would understand but man this has gone on long enough. I mean we r struggling everywhr, and not only this season its been the same nonsense for what appears to be eternity.

    Eight years without a trophy and I would have no problems with a 100 yrs without a trophy, had someone shown any signs of improvement, or of any semblance of moving forward and learning from out mistakes, but no its been a same shit, and chaos season after season after season. Wenger needs to go.

    Is thr a ready replacement, I don’t know, but enough is enough, just because there is no ready made replacement, doesn’t mean an employee should be allowed to perenially fk things up. One reaches a point whr even if the best man for the job, keeps fking things up, even he needs to go. Wenger may be the best man available, but enough is enough, thr has to be some accountability at the club, and he has fked up enough.

    I do not doubt his intentions or his talent, but thr has to be accountability. I doubt even Fergie at UTD (The one truly untouchable manager in the world) would have gotten away with this mess at Utd for so long. 8 yes man, I mean Invincibles to a team that cannot beat Bradford with a full strength team.

    Yes he made us Invincibles, but that has been more than compensated for by this charade going on for so long. I know a firing would be harsh, so Wenger just put up your hand, and walk out. We will still remember you fondly, but pls no more of this nonsense. Enough is enough.

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  84. As a true fan, you are expected to supported your club through thick and thin, I understand that.


    When for the last seven years all you’ve been served up are lies, empty promises and no trophies, I’d say that we, the mighty Gooner army, have been served up quite enough thinness thank you very much.

    So yes, I will stop going to games and yes I would hope that thousands do the same and before any of you chirp up with stuff about moaning or not being a real fan, remember: you support your club and give them your all when you know they’re doing the same, if they’re not, you’re just a mug who’s being taken to the cleaners.

    A half empty stadium may just about be the only thing that will make them sit up and take notice.

    This club does not deserve our support right now. We will always be glorious Gooners who love our club but only when they finally treat us with respect, do they deserve it back from us, as well as our bums on their very expensive seats.

    Thumb up 22 Thumb down 2

    • Heh.

      Who is?.

      I’m watching the replay just to make sure that was gervinho out there and not some mad african man tresspassing on the pitch looking for his fucking goats!.

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  85. That was just terrible. To the Gervinho Ramsey fan club seriously do you really enjoy watching there performance week in week out. To hear rvp name rammed down our necks is bad enough but its just the tip of the iceberg so much qaulity gone. Only ourselves to blame weve let this go by yer after yealie has a quireet night night

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  86. fuck me, can anyone imagine this team finishing in the top 4? i don’t think this team could get themselves promoted from a lower league…

    squad needs some players with a fucking will to WIN. there’s a distinct lack of any fight right now.

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  87. We have to ask why Jack was the only player who could see how devastating losing to Bradford would be. It was like they thought it was a mid-season pre-season game against Barnet.

    When I saw the team sheet I thought: “Damn, Wenger means business”. How wrong I was.

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  88. You know what’s tha funniest part .. We Will sell tha only person can properly make change .. Guess who ????? Theo. guess there will be no Mercy from the big boyz upstairs

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  89. I’m already looking forward to the summer where we place all our fringe players (Chamakh, Arshavin) on the ‘transfer list’ but end up staying and our best player (likely Jack at this rate) gets sold without a proper replacement bought

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  90. My best friend who is Chelsea fan said “At least your Center back captain didn’t miss in the Champions League Final.”
    That is the only joy I found today.

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      • He reminded me that Terry missed in the Champions League final. You dipshit,
        If that doesn’t bring a smile to your face, i don’t know what will.

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      • Heh… worked for me.

        But hey, enough of terry and his cunty business!.. . Back to arsenal and how much of utter shit we’re becoming!

        Ramsey got dispossesed today and I yawned to the occasion, reason: nothing new there.
        Moving on.

        Gerv skewed a simple tap in……that’s no news either,

        Arsene remains old and stubborn…….this i’m now starting to see!

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      • Ya that must suck. Your captain misses a game and you win the champions league. That makes me feel better about us being absolute shit.

        Plus, weren’t you the knob on here saying we should sign frank lampard the other day? I’m afraid you aren’t even a gooner my friend.

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      • I have never suggested that Lampard sign for Arsenal. I don’t comment on most transfer rumors anyway. Just calm down man, but hey, I was taking a med school exam during the game, I said that I would take passing the exam over Arsenal winning. So If you do want to blame me for us being shit, you can.

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  91. Went to the game. Bradford deserved their moment, Arsenal were very poor. Looked a classic case of premiership dandies not being able to handle a tough, Northern night in an old fashioned ground. Arsenal worryingly have nothing up front. It’s a freak result tho…they happen!

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  92. “We gave absolutely everything”



    FUCK OFF!!!

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  93. End result something i’ve been saying since November last year gervinho is complete rubbish, chamack has lost the plot he is useless. if you even have these players around your team the’ll just have a negative influnce what top team keeps players that are useless come on we have a certain old cb who gets paid 40K plus doing nothing. sad thing is i could do a better job at buying players then wenger i get better players on football manager in 10mins then he gets from being a manager 24hrs a day, yeah yeah its a football game but truth is i can name players out my ass that are better then chamack and giroud who we can buy with are budget the way this team is going a player should have the individualism skill not teamwork, just like santi has.

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  94. Get out of here with “Wanger Out” bullshit; bad loss, no doubt about it, but this cup is a fucking joke. If you think that winning it would bring any closure to anyone who waited for seven years and has a higher IQ than a dead raccoon you are mistaken. Forget about this garbage game and move on to bigger and better things…

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      • When you say something like that, counter my argument with your case, i.e. why you think i am wrong; otherwise don’t post a thing.

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    • It’s not (so much) the result that that’s the problem.
      It’s the manner in which we lost that is upsetting.
      It’s the predictability that Wenger would put out shit players in a shit formation with shit tactics with incomprehensible substitutions.
      That is disappointing

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      • Valid point, all I am doing though is looking at the bigger picture. This Capital One/Carling/ Heineken bottle up your ass cup does nothing for me.

        When people want Arsene’s head, all I have to say that you are getting rid of 2nd most important manager in Arsenal’s history, and replacing him with whom exactly? (And don’t give me that Pep and Klopp bullshit, because it won’t happen)

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  95. Wenger needs to start dropping players who don’t put in the effort and play the youth who look like they give a shit about winning….

    Very dissapointed.

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  96. don’t blame he gave a good game to the oligarchs and sheikh mansours of bradford and swansea….please….our current team is good enough to win those games..stop blaming roman for wenger losing to birmingham in the final or 8-2 at the mancs….accept the reality..arsene is not doing his job well..we talk about value for money when it comes to arsenal…is wenger being on a 7.5 million a year contract, value for money?

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  97. OK. I lived in England for a very short period of time and i noticed how in every organisation, ‘Change’ is an important factor for any slight mishap or crisis.

    Are we in crisis yet?

    I don’t know. We’ve seen so many critical situations this season and nothing has really changed. This is a sign that the management do not see this as a crisis. Football, not so good but what about the Monetary situation? Books are balanced, we are not in debt. Profit continues to grow.

    So what is the problem? Only football. Do the management care if football is broken but books are balanced?

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  98. Ugh truly horrible performance against a side 4th in the FOURTH tier of English football…wow. Honestly, even if we’d beat them on penalties, id still think they deserved to go through more

    Our forward line was so amazingly inept. Podolski had no drive and determination, didn’t take people on, shouldn’t you expect that from a 100 cap player? He was nonexistent. Chamakh didn’t seem up for it at times, didn’t show any kind of poacher instinct from loose balls and even managed to get grief from the Ox.

    Gervinho I can’t even contemplate defending anymore because he’d probably get Bradford fans pissed off if he was playing for them. Theo on a poor day is still miles more likely to make something happen. As much as I admire his determination he rarely ever gives the impression he knows what he’s doing. He looked so out of tune with his teammates at points

    Its sad but for all the talk of the need for older heads and experience, the heart really came from Jack, Ox and le Coq. Jack in particular seemed to take on the brunt of the responsibility for much of the second half while many of the older heads around him were static. I really want to see him as an attacking midfielder soon, theres only so much he can do when he was supposed to be our deepest midfielder in the 2nd half

    Finally…it really says a lot when you have more confidence in your younger players to tuck in a penalty than players in their late 20s. All in all, January spending (which probably won’t be much, if any, anyway) isn’t going to help the fact we couldn’t beat a League Two side. We’ll still have to stick with the majority of this team, and right now they’re being very poorly managed.

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    • Cazorla was alright. He knew the forwards were upto nothing and decided to have a pop whenever he got the ball. Apart from the missed penalty of course..

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  99. I’m somewhat surprised (not really) by all the Ramsey and Gervinho hate. Of the front three, it pains me to say this, but Podolski was by FAR the most disappointing. Completely uninvolved. Both Gerv and Ramsey were at least making things happen, though neither of them can finish to say his fucking life. I hate to say it, but Poldi had no place out there.

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  100. I support Wenger because he brought a very great period and winning history for AFC. He will always have my support for that.
    But his stubbornness and trying to prove his doubters wrong is starting to hurt the football club.
    His vision of grooming kids and making them grow into a successful team was and is admirable, but that vision is impossible in the face of the obscene money men of today’s football ownership. Quality must be replaced by quality and this is where it has all gone wrong. A young prospect or cheaper alternatives are not direct replacements for quality lost now!
    I’m so fed up with Ramsey and Gervinho but Arsene’s stubbornness will see these two players log up valuable minutes the rest of this campaign because he does not want to be proven wrong on these two.
    I support the boss but I am finally starting to question if we should get some new blood in there for next season. I don’t believe in changing managers for the sakes of changing.
    I would like to see Arsene guide us to Champions League qualification yet again and then if there is a top manager with the pedigree and winning track record that is available in the summer, then perhaps that will be the time.
    This was definitely our best chance at any silverware this season, but the bright sid eis that as awful as this season has been, we are only 2 pts back of the invisible 4th place trophy.
    A couple of decent purchases in January could ignite us into that 4th spot and maybe even 3rd if we actually get going and Chelsea continue to stumble in the new year.
    Rant over!

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  101. Wenger doesn’t know how to use his squad. We’ve had more than enough quality to win trophies over the last few years. In my opinion, Wenger has used players too much or too little and this season is a glaring example.

    A traditional Carling Cup team of youngsters would have won that game. I honestly think the result would have been the same against a conference team. Most of those players had played 48 hours previous, and Wenger complains they weren’t sharp!!!

    Further point: we are lacking true class in our attacking third. We have a good defence, a good midfield but our attack is below par by Arsenal standards:

    Podolski, Walcott, Chamberlain, Giroud – all good on their day – but none of them have true class – you can blurt our all the statistics you want about international caps – means fuck all. We have loss world class in Van Persie, Nasri, Cesc, Song and we have not adequately replaced, especially on the wings and CF.

    We need some CLASSY additions in January, and if Arsenal have to break the bank to do it, so be it. We’ve now got to a point where we find ourselves unable to compete by growing from within. Can anyone see the future Henry in our ranks? Time to buy Arsene – you’ve no excuse not to now………

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  102. I live in Hong Kong and there is no coverage of this game here, so I went to bed thinking it would be easy peasy for us to beat a fourth tier team.

    I had a nightmare that Arsenal played Man U and van Pussy scored two goals and I thought that was the worst nightmare I could have, but I guess I was wrong when I checked the results this morning.

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  103. Culture of mediocrity has set into this club. I don’t know whether Wenger has allowed this to prove a point to the board or he has just totally lost it. His record shows that he knows how to build a winning team. These players are not as bad as we see them. From where they came, they were either world beaters or close too. This is Wenger for crying out loud! What has happened to the great Arsenal Manager??? You can’t field a premier league side of internationals and lose to a league 2 side anywhere. That’s like Chelsea losing to that Danish side in Denmark. I’m I wrong here??

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  104. Embarrassing. We didn’t start playing til rosicky came on, and lets face it that was far too late. There are no excuses, we were just shit. I am a better striker than gervinho, I guarantee

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  105. I fault Silent Stan. Look what he has done with some of the American teams he owns: Denver Nuggets dumped their super stars and picked up younger, cheaper players, Colorado Avalanche did the same. The Rams are terrible and operate on the cheap even though they have one of the best young QBs in American football who is begging for talent to play with. Now that Arsenal are part of Kroenke Sports Enterprise, things will continue to operate this way at the Emirates- buying fringe players and teenagers with promise, all at discounted cost. None of the teams he owns are in a title hunt, or have been in a long while. He spent a ton of money about 11 years ago and saw success in a few NHL teams. I may be seen as an Arsene apologist, but I think he is trying make do with what he has. Is he doing that well? No, it doesn’t appear so. But, then again, he isn’t exactly choosing from players like Pires, Titi, Fabregas, Bergkamp, etc.

    In the end, I love being a Gunner and always will be a Gunner. But this guy is not in it for the trophies, he’s in it as a business proposition and to make a profit.

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    • Look, we all know Arsene doesn’t have a team that will win the League. But, that doesn’t stop of us from thrashing Bradford. Arsene isn’t even able to do that right now which is immensely frustrating.

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      • I agree, and worry about the amount of group think that is taking place in the upper offices. I fear that they are thinking and acting in a bubble and not seeing what everyone else is seeing. It’s as if the administration’s mindset is locked in a time warp. They seem to be making decisions based on a 2004 philosophies, while we the fans are pulling our hair out because it’s 2012 and we have to rely on Gerv and Chamakh to bag goals. It’s like a bad TV movie episode where everyone is under the hypnotic powers of some terrible force…only it’s real and actually happening.

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  106. Going back a little here but wasn’t Arteta really supposed to be kinda replacing Cesc and not Song? Did he really think we’d ‘get by’ without a Song-type player, for all his faults? How was replacing Robin with Lukas gonna happen if he a) can’t complete a league game and b) doesn’t actually play in the same position? Who was Gervinho brought in to replace, kindly remind me please someone? So many misjudged replacements, it dazzles the mind.

    And in discussing whether a hypothetical manager leaves a club or not how does the idea that there is no-one to replace said manager in anyway detract from the starkness of the fact that he should be replaced? Where there is a will, a football club, especially a great club like ours, will find the right way.

    But where is the our will… that laser-like, unbreakable will?

    Arsenal’s leadership has played the downright mental and immoral game of asking more and more of our great fans whilst those same powers-that-be have told the team to ‘get by’, or Arsene has decided to put up with just ‘getting by’ and either way it has caused an incalculable amount of damage to the team and to the spirit of the fanbase. The football club slowly turned its back on the team and this is the outcome.

    We didn’t leave Highbury for this, did we? “What in the fuck” indeed.

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  107. Yes this is the Capital One Cup and yes it is the least of our priorities as set by Wenger himself. If that’s the case why did we field a full strength side when we have always given our youngsters a chance in the previous round? I wouldn’t have minded as much if our second string and youngsters lost to League Two Bradford City but as such its our First XI! What in the actual fuck?! As if the likes of Cazorla and Jack needs more minutes. As if they are just only returning to full fitness.

    What does it say to the youngsters and fringe players when Arsene decides to bench them just because we’ve reached the Quarter Finals of a cup competition? ” You’ve done brilliantly lads, but now get back to the bench, the First XI who has look jaded for weeks will now take over and play a game they didnt need to”

    What motivation and effort can you expect them to put when they are brought on from the bench then? (Chamakh,Arshavin) Knowing that even if you had the game of your life and scored a hat trick you can safely expect to be benched or let alone be dropped from the match day squad entirely,

    How Arsene persists with his “chosen” is beyond me. Bloody Hell. Gervinho is and will never be in the Henry mould. We can see it. Arsene just doesnt. Sure he hit a couple of goals at the beginning of the season but that doesnt justify his continued inclusion in the team. And you cannot expect players like Ramsey and Podolski to become wingers when they clearly are not. This Isnt Freddy or Pires we are talking about. Play to their strengths. But that has’nt happened for a long time. The future looks dark. But we are the Arsenal.

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  108. Still angry. But what about those away fans? They are as much a credit to Arsenal as the gutless, handbrake keeping on, slightly unsharp, wasters of our first XI are a disgrace. My Xmas wish list;
    1. The Klingon and Cheech from Casablanca never play for Arsenal again.
    2. Someone buys Monsieur W a hair dryer for Xmas and he uses it on the rest of them, so they get the message, that shit is just not acceptable.
    3. New personnel in January. Frankly anyone/anything to mark some sort of change

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  109. Is it the boards support for Wenger or his support for the board that keeps them supporting him?

    They say that there’s a right man for every job and Wenger has steered the Arsenal ship through stormy weather and reaching the top four ports of call every season during the construction of a new ship. Each season has seen him give away parts of his ship to make payment of the new ship. He’s been the best person for the job thus far. A great captain of an ol’ ship but one with manned with a fantastic crew. But could it be time for a new captain of a new ship.

    I love Wenger and what he’s done. Let’s be honest. We’ve were living happy during the era of the invincibles, punching over our weight and the success we’ve had. That much we owe him. The new order is still Man U as arguably the best club in the league that everyone else tries to knock off the perch, but now add to the fold the oil money clubs. Once we had mainly The Barca’s and Madrid’s trying to buy up our players. Now we have Chelsea and City on our doorstep flashing Mula. Anything to destabilise their competition. We’ve fallen back into the rank and file fighting to be the best of the rest to become the top fourth team of the league.

    Perhaps we need the the old ship to sink as a wake up call to the board and Kroenke that yes we’ve got a brand new spanking state of the art ship. But a ship runs only as well as the crew we invest in.


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  110. Hahaha. Adesolas comment just cracked me the fuck up! “Wenger I’m so mad I just want to punch your spectacles off your beachy face”haha.yep me too.

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  111. Just a few points:
    1- the financial constraints piece is getting a bit boring. Last time I checked oil money wasnt doping Bradford City
    2- we started with 11 international footballers against a team in the fourth tier of English football. So you can’t say we didn’t have an advantage in the quality of player. What you can say is those players did not apply that quality
    3- AW is not earning his £7mln annual salary. Lazy preconceived substitutions- how the coq can be taken off when Ramsey was still on the pitch beggars belief
    4-the post match comments from AW sum up the problems at the club. That he feels nothing stronger than disappointment at such an awful showing by basically his first XI is shocking. I think the last few months have marked a terminal decline for AW. Time for change IMO. And for £7mln a year im sure we could get a manager who could get better performances out of those players

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  112. You have to be crazy to let Chamakh take penalty. When there was Sagna, Gibbs or Rosicky (fresh legs). And, yeah, it is down to the confidence.

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  113. ramsey isn’t the problem. midfield isn’t the position we lack. the forward line is utter shit. podolski wears an invisibility clock, AOC is an apprentice and gervinho still thinks this is ligue 1. maybe wenger should put Walcott into the CF position.

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  114. Why the fuck is Wenger playing Ramsey on the wing and not playing Arshavin. Like bitch play Cazorla there but not Ramsey. What the fuck was Wenger thinking taking Ramsey off and not Gervinho. From what I saw in the previous games Ramsey and Rosicky usually links up well together. Ramsey and Wilshere are still young and I think they should be given more time to prove themselves(so does eisfeld). And god pls sell Gervinho and get hentelaar or Shaarawy who is young and can link up with Ramsey and Wilshere.

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  115. THEY had the quality.. THEY were passionated.
    Maybe you should be the next Bradford manager..

    Wish i were a Bradford fan. But I was born to the other side..

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  116. When I saw the team sheet I thought Ok maybe this is a game the first team needs to get going again.. Now I’m afraid it has done more damage to their psyche..

    I just feel sorry for the players and Arsene.. For all his talk about mental strength I wonder if Arsene himself is mentally strong to “manage” his players.

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  117. No! actually the club is making the greatest mistake of genuinely authenticating the case of ‘club’s lack of ambition’ and making nasris & the van persies move for greener pastures a genius stroke of foresight!
    AFC should be mocking the players who left us and make them rue their decisions, while vying for the top honours. But sadly nasris & van persies can actually claim to have made the right decision. January is the last chance for wenger to do something about the state of the club, if not I dont see wenger managing this team next season. Sad!!

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  118. Sad to say I find me really wishing we do not qualify for CL next year. Maybe that will be the wake up call we need because being 7 years without a trophy obviously isn’t.

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  119. If Wenger did not call every one of the players involved last night that they were fucking passionless, toothless cunts then he’s got a serious problem. There comes a time when you just have to say enough, you are all internationals sort your fucking selves out or you don’t ever get the privalige of putting the Arsenal shirt on again – you cunts! And have a fucking word with yourself Arsene because I’ve almost had enough!

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  120. Disappointing result, but I’m not surprised, which is really the amazing thing. I even laughed when TV hit the post with his penalty kick. So weird. Unfortunately, I think the time has come for fans to show their displeasure to the Owner/Board/Management and demonstrate how influential Gooners can be to the bottom line. I would suggest the fans boycott a few matches and show how empty and quiet we can make Emirates feel. I’m not a fan of boycotts, but I think this is the only way fans will be taken seriously if the attitude does not change at OUR club. Yes it’s about value for money, but more importantly, it’s about passion and desire to fight for the shirt, for Arsenal.

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  121. From the Invincibles to the oh so Ordinaries.

    Wenger can speak so many languages, has a degree in economics, spouts occasional pseudo intellectual and philosophical quotes that Wengerites lap up like he’s some kind of world renowned Nobel prize modern age thinker.

    The reality is he’s just an ordinary football manager with an ordinary team playing ordinary football that will win nothing.

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  122. i think in all honesty, i doubt we will be able to make a comeback this season. its totally different from last season where we had the ever consistent van persie who really helped turn our season around. song also chipped in with a level of consistency that many arsenal players now miss! the only solution now will be buying new exiting players, more preferably epl stars but replacing van persie at least will be almost impossible. fair play to van persie anyway, with asadness i have for him leaving he made the right choice. world class players dont want arse amnal nowadays, very disturbing and hurting but thats the truth. sad

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  123. Ridiculous amount of posts so I’m guessing this one will not be looked upon.

    Alot needs to change at the club. The owners will not give in (£) so we have to look to the next shelf down. The manager. I love Wenger, I really do. Everything he has done for the club has been amazing and he has elevated us to where we are today. But he has also got us into the situation where we are today. We can’t get rid of the players (that quickly) and with Bould it looks like a good cop, bad cop manager system. We need a bad cop, bad cop system in place. Our players need a bollocking and we need to take a gamble on some of our bright sparks like Eisfeld, Gnabry, Olsson, Afobe etc. aswell.

    The one thing I will mention from last night: my heart sank when Coquelin was taken off for Chamakh. Our best player on the pitch was taken off for a donkey… Something needs to happen and quick. We are still in a position where we can pull something back this season. I don’t want to be in this situation every season though…

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  124. Wenger has to go he ain’t got a clue what he is doin he continues ti play gervinho as a striker! He is absolutely rubbish! Ramsey should not be playing Chamberlain on the right rosicky in the middle

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  125. What is there to say really, this is just so sad! What is wrong with this pack of players? I see the quality but it just doesnt seem to come out. How do we sort this out? 🙁 This is not what the fans deserve. Effin hell man we should just go there and win, go up 0-3 and play sum young guns like Eisfeld and Gnabry. But noooooo…I’m baffled really. We’ll need to start over again against Reading, but after last nights result that might be a very tough place to go.
    Can’t believe i actually think that. We are the Arsenal, and we need to start showing sum firepower & ruthlessness of a canon. Im sick of this shit!

    Damn, Gervinho is o so poooooor its pathetic!

    This made me lol tho haha reaction of the Bradford player on the left on Foreheads miss, i can relate haha…

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  126. i know they say do it for the fans. and i understand that. but fundamentally, first and foremost, DO YOUR F***ING JOBS. Im a plumber and i dont need supporters to help me perform. Im good at my job and if i have a bad day or appear lazy and not pulling my weight you can be damn sure my gov’nor would soon tell me. and if it was on a consistent basis im pretty sure id get the sack. So why is it different for Arsenal Football Players?? Discipline is needed, players are needed. Fact is our manager, and a few of our players arent up to the job. and he only way it will change is if the supporters make a stand, and say NO, THIS AINT GOOD ENOUGH. Whether your a season ticket holder, go every now and then or you pay to watch at home. Your paying the wages of these fucks, so stop accepting it. Its your club, our club. Without fans the board have to listen………surely!!

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  127. Please kindly donate to my new charity, “The Gervinho Repatriation Fund”.

    Our sole aim is to provide funds for Gervinho to purchase a plane ticket to a destination of his choice. Preferably France or Ivory Coast where he can continue to show his finishing skills in front of goal.

    Please dontate kindly as we wish to reunite him with relatives as soon as possible, thank you.

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  128. Things need to change, they have for a while now but all situations need a “fuck me” moment, and last night surely is it? We sent out a team of experienced and talented premier league players and couldn’t break down a 4th tier team.

    After 10 minutes I thought the tone was set, we would sloppily give away possession, play the ball out wide and have nothing to aim at in the middle, and I was proved right. It’s all far too predictable at the moment and with no quality on the pitch up front the midfielders basically run out of ideas. When we do have a CF forward playing they must be thinking why bother when the quality isn’t coming from wide areas. Last night The Ox had about 10 attempted crosses in the 2nd half and literally none of them were on the money, either hit the first defenders legs or massively over hit.

    Wenger needs to make stand now against the board and push the club in the right direction again, if he doesn’t then it really is time for him to go. But, and this is the real problem, who is going to sack him? I love Arsene and will cry the day he goes but he’s known for being a visionary so let’s see some of it again.

    Hard to see anything positive at the moment. Uhhhggg.

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    • I, too, am a Wenger fan, but I am starting to think his “vision” is the issue! How much longer do we have to hear his excuses? Especially the “We are in a great financial position” one! It is the same problems every year :
      1) Wenger puts too much faith in players that are not good enough! IMO, Coquelin was our best (attacking) player in the first half, yet he was the first player sacrificed for the out-of-form Chamakh while the inconsistent duo of Gervinho and Ramsey stayed on the pitch!
      2) Finishing is horrendous! The announcers said it best after Gervinho missed a sitter in the 1st hialf, “You know VP would have finished that!”

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  129. Why in the name of fk does Wenger play Podolski, a primarily a striker on the wings and Gervinho a wide midfielder in the middle.

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  130. The substitution of Coquelin for Chamakh was a typical example of Wenger not thinking on his feet during a game , but instead sticking to his pre-match set substitutions.
    Only an injury or a player getting sent off causes him to change them.
    Once again Wenger failed to come up with any tactical nous when it was obvious that we needed it against the ordinary Bradford side
    . He shook every players hand when they left the dressing room before the first half , obviousl though y this did not inspire them – and you have to ask is Wenger up to doing so anymore. I don’t that he is , because he looks to have lost the confidence of the players . Once that happens a manager is in trouble, no matter what he may have done or won in the past..

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  131. why is every bad performance Wenger’s fault?? Why cnt the plyrs be blamed for the defeat or just accept the fact tht their keeper was in inspired form nd ws the difference between both sides…though szczney was good too….santi had a perfect game only for it to be ruined in the penalty shootout wen his ws saved….gervinho shld really be sold..why has Wenger chosen him to lead the line is a big mystery..nd why wasn’t Podolski given a chnce to ply centre forward is another..

    Podolski must be hitting himself tht he wasnt ther during the penalty shootout to see out arsenal…

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    • Because the manager picks the players, trains them, motivates them and decides about everything that is football-related at this club.

      With great power comes great accountability.

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  132. Ive watched that gif over and over again and I noticed that Gervinho kinda stutters before he kicks the ball. What a mess. I honestly don’t know what to say seriously. Not even a feet in front of you and you can’t seem to make up your mind. Just kick the damn ball!! AND WHAT THE FUCK WHY THE LEFT FOOT?? The keeper was not even in the way anymore he had a straight shot had he kicked it with his right the worst that could probably happen would be the ball scraping the fucking keeper but it probably still had enough space to roll into the net. WHAT THE HELL?? I mean sorry if I’m being ignorant but I assume professional footballers to be able to use both feet relatively well. Jesus! The poor man cannot keep his composure in front of goal even if his life depended on it. AGHHHHH!!!

    I still love the Arse.

    Glory days

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  133. Actually I made a mistake it was his right foot after looking at it closely again but a terrible finish none the less =/

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