Match Report: Olympiacos 2-1 Arsenal


Arsenal surrendered a first half lead in Athens as Olympiacos scored twice in eight minutes to win 2-1. The Gunners had taken the lead through Tomas Rosicky but goals from Giannis Maniatis and Kostas Mitroglou condemned Arsene Wenger’s side to their third loss in three Champions League encounters at the Georgios Karaiskakis Stadium.

There was a first start for youngster Jernade Meade in an Arsenal team that looked rag-tag on the team sheet, and no place for Andrei Arshavin who sat with three other As on the bench (Angha, Akpom and Ansah).

The Gunners started brightly and had the first attempt of the game inside the first minute when Gervinho flashed a shot high and wide, albeit under some pressure. The Ivorian then found Chamakh in the box after good build up play but the Moroccan showed signs of understandable rustiness allowing the home side to clear.

In the 11th minute Thomas Vermaelen showed good determination to prevent a tap-in for Djebbour after Olympiacos made a good break down our right hand side, before a Coquelin through ball looked to have played in Chamakh but he had strayed offside.

Arsenal had a good chance to go ahead in the 17th minute when Chamakh headed down an Oxlade-Chamberlain cross, Olympiacos fluffed their lines presenting the ball to Aaron Ramsey on the penalty spot but he miskicked when he should have at least hit the target.

From an Olympiacos corner Tomas Rosicky cleared a header off the line but it looked as if Szczesny had it covered in any event. The keeper then pulled off a good save as Olympiacos found space in the Arsenal box, before Torossidis fired well over the bar after excellent midfield play from Abdoun.

The same player then clipped a cross shot not far wide after a promising Arsenal move broke down with Chamakh. The Morrocan was then unlucky not to be played in by Gervinho having held the ball up well but the forehead was unable to lift his gigantic head and spot the run.

Then, after a great crossfield ball by Oxlade-Chamberlain, Gervinho headed back across goal when Ramsey was just outside him on the overlap, but the Ivorian made up for it by setting up an Arsenal goal. He drove into the box, turned back inside, played it back to the onrushing Tomas Rosicky who powerfully side-footed the Gunners into the lead. 1-0.

In the second half Arshavin replaced Rosicky, presumably a pre-planned decision given the Czech’s recent lack of match time, and the Russian was sprightly enough getting his head to a Chamakh cross and firing a decent volley which was saved well by Carroll.

The Greeks though grew in confidence and after hitting the post with a header they equalised on the 64th minute with a scrappy effort from close range by Maniatis. A furious Szczesny complained that the corner from which the goal was scored shouldn’t have been given and got a booking.

Olympiakos nearly took the lead a couple of minutes later when Djebbour somehow headed wide from only two yards as Jenkinson, who’d been having a good game, got caught ball watching.

They did take the lead with 16 minutes left as Mitroglou, who scored at the Emirates earlier in the season, came off the bench to curl home past an unsighted Szczesny. The two goals seemed to knock the stuffing out of Arsenal and with limited options on the bench it wasn’t massively surprising that we struggled to muster anything of merit in the remaining 15 minutes.

The defeat rendered the result between Schalke and Montpellier meaningless confirming a second place finish in Group B for the Gunners. While that won’t necessarily guarantee us a stiffer test in the knockout stages it does mean we’ll have the disadvantage of being away in the second leg.


  1. 1. Gamble doesn’t pay off.
    2. I like Meade.
    3. Good to see Rosicky back.
    4. What’s with Chamakh giving everyone a slap in the face?

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      • I don’t think there’s any doubt about Squillaci’s time being up. It’s been up for a while now. But why does Wenger persist with Gervinho and Ramsey? Neither can play football at this level.

        As someone mentioned below, Rosicky is clearly a player of another level to his teammates tonight–and some of his teammates are considered first-team regulars at Arsenal…and Rosicky was playing his first full half after four months out…

        It boggles the mind.

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      • Few months ago, most people would thumbdown if ramsey got bashed. Now I see it’s getting more balance.
        Worst case i can see is that as he costs us games now because we invest time in him. and when suddenly he become a very footballer in a season, he pull a walcott, or nasri. fuck, then i am gonna tear him up.

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      • Can’t believe Gerv is getting stick for that performance. He was the only player on the pitch who looked like creating anything for us. What did Arshavin or AOX do, Chanack, Coq or Ramsey…? Far less than Gerviniho did certainly.

        If people want to criticise him at least wait until it’s merited, don’t just jump on him because you’re scared you’ll be called out for having a go at anyone else.

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      • I like how this is a little poll on whether Gooners on here think he should go or not. Wait until the end of the season, I say.

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      • @D

        This comment is aimed at you and all the gloomers and naysayers.

        You support The Arsenal. Sure things aren’t going well at the moment but I have supported this club for 28 years now. We have been through worse patches.

        Get behind Arsene and the team.

        Form is temporary, class is permanent.

        Always remember that.

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      • Totally with you on this. I’ve been reading some articles about how Wenger has stalled on a new contract and it gave me the shivers. Despite our poor form, I still feel and know Wenger is the guy for us. Get behind the team and i’m positive we’ll be cruising again soon, don’t wanna be left out.

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      • Chambo tweeted:

        Alex Ox-Chamberlain ‏@Alex_OxChambo:
        Its times like this a club needs to stick together to pull through. Trust me this hurts us just as much as it does the fans #AFC

        I say listen to the kid, Gooners! Get behind the team!

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    • This team would have atleast got a draw this past saturday. well done lads. Nobodys fault for the goals, an overall team effort and I enjoyed it.

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      • I take it by ‘nobody’ you mean ‘Jenkinson’ as he just watched Mitroglou turn and waltz into space without making an attempt to close him down on the winner.

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      • Was just kinda impressed with our first half, I expected a whooping but we were abit shit in the 2nd half to take the money.

        Abit questionable to bring off rosicky, I guess wenger thought we were cruising.

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      • I agree at least you couldnt fault the effort. Despite the loss I am still happy he did the right thing and rested the players that are going to be vital for December. We could beat or lose to anyone in the next round anyway. The game at rhe weekend is vital, let every Gooner get behind it

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      • The whole game changed when Rosicky was substitued for Arshavin. I think we played really nice football up until that moment. It is so annoying, we could have topped the group.

        I’d start rosicky for saturday, the way he bossed the midfield today, like he had never left. Remember he was key to our top four push last season. He could maybe replicate that this year starting saturday!

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      • Rosicky>Cazorla as a playmaker because that is not cazorla’s position. He plays better in the Wings. We’ll win if Rosicky plays as CAM and Cazorla at the wings against West brom

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    • Good points: (1) Jernade Meade. Very solid performance on the big stage, granted it was only against Olympiakos and the game was somewhat pointless. Possible solution for backup LB? (2) Thomas Rosicky. Welcome back, our dear Little Mozart. (3) Squillaci, with a great reluctance. Far from good, but relatively forgivable performance in comparison to that disastrous performance last time I saw him.

      Bad points, and never changing: (1) Gervinho. He has the ability to drag the ball close or into the box, but he has no idea what to do with the ball after he gets to the box. That’s a natural football sense, and if he doesn’t have that skill at this stage of his pro career, this may be his limit. Additionally, poor crossing, if not nonexistent. (2) Chamakh. Hard to classify this guy. No pace or dribble skill. Not a classic poacher either. He looks at the referee instead of trying to finish, which leads to (3) our striking department. Our midfielders strike better than our strikers. With our strikers, I find no audacity and no wittiness with the ball: that one move to create an opening and faith in the kick. The greatest source of our current frustration in addition to our vulnerable defense.

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    • we’ll see if the gamble pays off during the weekend. winning or not was not the gamble, Wenger clearly accepted the possibility of defeat before the first whistle. the gamble is whether it’ll positively affect our, fuck, JADED first team during our next league game.

      hope it will, cause today it was pure crap.

      and also, why no Gnabry?

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    • Lee Dixon spot on tonight – Senior pros frankly not good enough tonight. TV is having a shocker of a season, wheres he going for that 1st goal?
      Gervinho – how frustrating is he? More often than not, will always take the wring decision, & he only handballed with both hands at the end there!
      Rambo – the boy never hides, so give him credit for that, but he should be taken out of the firing line. He’s an easy target for most & with nothing really in front of him tonight, that made him look even worse.
      Finally, this idea on the type of player we have in the squad – we don’t have any “winners” in the team in terms of players who understand how to close a game out. What sums it up for me is that the squad tonight contained players from those footballing powerhouses of Wales, Morrocco, Belgium & 3 on the bench from Switzerland! All that shopping at Poundland, & that explains why we are at the moment.
      Not sure how much value AW will get in January & buying players to appease the masses wont solve all our problems – just should remind y’all the last time we bought 3 players in January? Adebayor , Walcott & Diaby.

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    • chamakh is waking everyone up from slumber. And for all the nay sayers of chamakh should watch this game and eat their words. Give him some time on the pitch he shoud get some goal for us.

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      • My thoughts too.
        I thought he looked very effective and industrious, just a little rusty. His holdup play is still good, his movement was generally spot on and he tracked back promptly when required too.
        That header back down into the centre of the box had “bury me” written all over it. Gift wrapping and a little bow too. Just a shame there wasn’t a decent AM running into the box to hammer it into the net, so it ended up bouncing to Ramsey who promptly fluffed it.

        I can’t help thinking every time I see him play that somewhere in there is a decent striker trying to get out. I reckon that given more game time and a bit of thoughtful coaching, rather than Arsene’s “work it out yourself” approach, he could be a very good player.

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  2. Not just cos he scored but it was really obvious how high and explosive Rosicky is in comparison to the rest of our team. He is a level way above. I would also like to see Meade against some premier league opposition. I think he can be really good.

    Also I hope Ramsey lovers enjoyed one more of his “brilliant” performances…
    Not just cos he assisted Greeks but I was breathless couple of times more… really amazing play by our greatest prospect. Now I see what blow it was that he didn’t play against Swansea. 🙂
    Although Ramsey is not one of our worst problems… He is just a good example of what kind of players are playing in the starting 11 at Arsenal FC in year 2012.
    We have many more problems… we have worked on them for years… selling our best players …etc…etc…
    and how it looks to me we are not stopping…. next are Walcott and Sagna,… 🙁

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    • I really don’t understand all this Ramsey hate. He looked really sharp tonight, the incident for their goal was unfortunate, not his fault. He was quick, bright and really tries. Doesn’t deserve all the abuse he gets

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    • Oh for fuck’s sake, their first goal occurred because there was an absence of marking in the far post (the guy who scored), while Meade was unfortunately too short to deal with the first guy who won the header. Just bounced off Ramsey. Our entire team played shit in the 2nd half.

      If that’s all Ramsey’s fault, then how can we explain the loss to Swansea as well? I know, its the fault of Hitler, Stalin, Pol Pot, Dick Cheney, Tony Pulis, Henry VIII, Golda Meir, Margaret Thatcher, Alessandra Ambroccio. STOP the fucking Ramsey bashing!!

      I don’t expect people to agree with this but here’s my opinion before anyone calls me a pro-Ramsey troll. The fundamental tactics of the team have not been right the whole season: the “Bould”-influenced philosophy of putting 2 banks of midfield/defence behind the ball (when we defend) is not compatible with the “Wenger”-influenced philosophy of throwing everyone forward except 2 CBs and 1 DM (when we attack). This causes an overly stretched playing area, quick fatigue, and lack of creativity up front – when we do hold the ball for more than 10 seconds and our players actually get up front, they’re too tired to do anything except hang about, not making any runs.

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    • Ramsey is hampering the Arsenal’s progress as well as progress of players like Coquelin and Eisfeld. Ramsey is a likable individual but he is not good enough for a top 4 premier league team,

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    • Wasn’t that bad, it was refreshing to not see the 1st team players, just didnt have the quality to win. Wish gervinho and ox didnt start as well.
      Squillaci was pretty decent, Chamackh was good I thought.
      Rosicky is pure class. The Ox looked as if he was too good to be on the field.
      1st woudnt have won anyways.

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  3. Same shitty game, am guessing this team was also tired, is it now so hard to win a game, how can we justify paying these boyz so much money and how can they justify the ticket price, I demand that our ticket price be cut down to £10 inline with the football they are playing because its no longer value for money

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    • Whoever thumbed me down either has no idea how much an arsenal ticket cost or has never been to an arsenal game or a share holder, am sure if you had paid over £50 for the ticket and had go pay for your flight and accommodation only to watch us play like this you won’t thumb me down

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    • Chamakh has never been the most technically gifted but he tries hard. His strength has always been his heading ability. If we dont play to his strengths you cant expect him to score a bucket full of wonder goals with his chocolate leg. How many good crossers of the ball have we got? And how many crosses do we even attempt?

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  4. The lad Meade looked quite good actually, but for some that’s gotta be the last time they pull on the shirt. Ox, Rosicky, Coq and Rambo put the effort in, not Jenkinson’s best game

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  5. Cnt believe i actually thought we’d win with tht line-up. Shockin player ramsey and terrible tht forhead, i know he got a assist but apart frm tht him and ramsey seriously need transfer listin. Not a ramsey basher but he trys be fabregas but fails terribly and i know about his leg breakin but hes had over a season and hes jus gettin worse everytime i watch him play. We’d be soo much better off without them and someone else whos strong and make things happen instead of slowin the play down like them 2 do consistently! Pissed off!

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  6. Relax peeps, we never win this tie, especially with our B team. Arsene saying our main team is tired, most are rested today, if we don’t win on the weekend then I’m gonna be annoyed.

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  7. Gervinho should be used as a squad player at most, if he’s starting league games it means we don’t have enough squad depth. Very expensive at £10m.

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  8. worst thing about this game for me, I went off to get a cornetto at 1-1 and I came back really happy because I had a cornetto (who wouldn’t be) and it was 2-1, which ruined my cornetto…

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  9. I had a shitty stream with an announcer of indeterminate Middle East origin. So I couldn’t really see or hear, but I’m just going to assume the deflection for the first goal came off Ramsey’s face.

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    • I hope blogs just admits that Ramsey isn’t good enough to be in the first team at the moment. He says that we are using Ramsey as a scapegoat and see everything bad that he does and exaggerate it. He does the complete opposite!! Every small thing that Ramsey actually does good he over exaggerated to prove he is good enough but no. He just isn’t blogs please wake up

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    • He doesn’t have the potential to be a big players like Fabregas or Rosicky. He is just another overrated British player. I couldn’t see even a spark of creativity or speed or ability to hold the ball to play in Arsenal midfield.If Eisfeld is given half the chance Ramsey is given he will be 10 times the player Ramsey is.

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  10. adrian chiles is such a wanker these days

    when he did match of the day 2 he seemed to be a reasonable bloke, but since moving to itv he’s just because a complete prick

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    • I don’t know who could disagree with this. He’s a toby jug of a man, brimming with warm piss (Stewart Lee), and he’s decided for some reason that Lawro needs competition in the being a shit-cunt-comedian stakes. I don’t like him.

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  11. Same shit different day and team, few of the so called second string did anything to convince that they warrant the first team. And that’s the problem, there is little or no competition because some are just coasting on thier contracts or are just not good enough.
    Hope rosickys is ok and was just rested. Good to have him back.

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    • I’ll watch it at home but I’ll be there in spirit.
      What i’ve seens from gerv so hasn’t really persuaded me to buy that ticket.

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  12. They should definitely add a “none” option (or “blank vote”) in the “vote for your man of the match” section of the Arsenal official website… Or a “a player from the opponent team” one.

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    • Opposition player? WTF are you on about?
      I see 11 Arsenal players and a bunch of cunts. Why would I notice an opposition player?

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  13. wasnt an enjoyable 2nd half, great to see rosicky in the 1st

    couldnt say that i feel too much optimism for our season but lets see what happens in feb when the champs league resumes

    man city bottom of their group, fucking awesome

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  14. How bad was TV5 for the equalising goal? Squillachi and Chamakh are two of the worst arsenal players I’ve ever seen. And I include the likes of Eddie Mc Goldrick and John Jensen

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  15. Ramsey at best a championship player and gervinho at 10mil is arsene’s most expensive and shittiest signing ever! Id release them in january since nobodys gonna give us even a mil for them 2 shitty faggots

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    • We all need a scapegoat, don’t we ? But we all realize it makes more bad than good to publicly point the finger at him. Both the Squid and Gerv have some difficult times but they are some nice guys and they deserve some respect. As Ramsey and Chamakh deserve some respect, because they are doing there best.

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    • well everyone in football know how good rosicky is or should have been if not for fragile leggs…. such a shame we have never see Little Mozart more than 1-2 month at the time

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      • >> such a shame we have never see Little Mozart more than 1-2 month at the time

        Except that isn’t true, apart from in the minds of TV commentators. He had his knee problems, which kept him on and off the physio bench and culminated in extensive surgery keeping him out for nearly two seasons. That’s now fixed and out of the way.

        He played a lot of matches last season for us and looked very sharp the whole time. Then some cunt raked their studs down his Achilles at the Euros. Nothing you can do about that, the combination of cuntery and studded boots will crock any player.
        Assuming that his recovery from that’s been properly handled, there’s no reason he shouldn’t be fit for the remainder of this season.

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  16. I’m over it already. Can’t really fault the effort, just a shame some pretty shit decision making from some players let us down.

    Big respect to the travelling fans, hope they have a good night despite the result.

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  17. Well done, Arsene!

    By not playing our strongest side you have now ensured that we will find ourselves playing Barcelona or some other crack side in the last 16. Your squad rotation was just plain stupid. Arsehole.

    We were actually fairly decent in the first half, but the second period was an embarrassment. No pace or penetration, and shit final balls from decent crossing positions. And the usual shit defending cost us the game.

    Ramsey, Gervinho and Chamakh were all utter dog shit, and I hate to say this but the Ox now looks like a very average player – what’s happened to him? The only bright spot was the excellent debut by Meade at left-back – he looks very promising.

    I’m not looking forward to the last 16 draw.

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    • To be fair even if we finished in 1st there was still a chance we could play Real Madrid, AC Milan, Porto, Juventus, and Valencia. They are all 2nd place teams as well.

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      • wrong juventus/valencia and (you left out) bayern/shaktar still have 1 game to decide their positions.

        united, barca, dortmund and psg are threats for runners up atm
        if we were top we could face real madrid and ac milan. porto are if anything weaker than schalke without the likes of hulk and falcao.

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      • Pointed out last night in commentary, with the interesting stat that Arsenal’s progress in the knockout phases in preceeding years has no correlation to whether we came first or second in our group.

        Many of our better CL seasons apparently resulted from being 2nd in the group phase.

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    • The Ox is so overrated. Just another English kid that will never fulfil his potential. The amount of money Wenger has pissed up the wall on young players that will never make it is utterly obscene. That money could and should have been spent on experienced quality and to pay the key players bigger salaries.

      Yet again, Vermaelen was abysmal. Totally clueless. I don’t think he gets any sort of education at Arsenal, none of the defenders do.

      WENGER OUT!!!!

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      • A couple of towering headers from vermaelen there. Did all he could to help meade out with the aerial balls.

        I think the fact that you critisize verm and not squid (who was anonymous for defending) clearly means you’re a pleb!.

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    • So, we should have played all of our better players who have been in desperate need of a rest for a game we didn’t have to win? Sorry, but I’m glad Wenger took the risk of getting second in our group by playing a weaker side over not giving the likes of Cazorla, Arteta, Giroud, etc. a chance to rest. The chance failed, but hopefully it will pay of on Saturday with our best players nice and rested.

      The real problem here is that we have so many woeful players backing up our good ones. Especially Gervinho, if only because he starts more than the rest of them.

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    • The two times Mourinho won the CL his sides finished 2nd in their group. At some point the games just get hard and you need to be good. And that’s our problem. It’s not who we might draw, it’s that we’re just not a very good side right now.

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    • By finishing first last year, we faced Milan and you all know how that went. First or second doesnt matter that much these days. The sides who progress to the last 16 are equally strong and you cannot underestimate them. If we want to progress further we will have to beat any team we are faced with.

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  18. How long before a player comes out and speaks about how the fans deserve this and that? If you guys really feel for the fans why not show that on the field? The quality keeps going down. There is only so much grief a fan can go through.

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  19. Why did Arsene take rosicky off and bring on arshavin at half time arshavin is wank! No matter gowns important the games are we should set out to win all games and with arshavin, chamakh and gervinho on the pitch we have no chance of winning. It’s a shame really

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  20. Meh.
    One word rating for fivehead-fuckinguseless.
    Meade did ok though,& good to see Tomas back doing his thing,bring on Barfalona…

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      • To be fair, how do you expect Chamakh to be anything better than average when Wenger gives him f**k all on-pitch experience? How much has he actually been played since he’s been with us? Very little. That said, his hairstyle is very gay.

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      • @oz, dont you mean his hair is shit, and looked like an outtake from something about mary? to call it gay would just be small minded homophobic bollocks and extremely offensive to the chaps who like chaps out there 😉

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  21. 1. Wenger should be demoted to promote under 21 .
    2. send ramsey on loan please
    3. Gervinho too
    4. You cant replace a classy Defensive midfielder with bunch of cocq sucker thats the reason to slip from leading position

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  22. At the risk of sounding positive, we need our home support to actually support our team this month. We need to get through this month so that sought-after players will actually want to play for us.

    Come on you reds.

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  23. Actually proud of them tonight. Tough game for anyone and at least they showed some heart. No shame in losing here with the team we put out.

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  24. 1. Wenger should be demoted to promote under 21 .
    2. send ramsey on loan please
    3. Gervinho too
    4. You cant replace a classy Defensive midfielder with bunch of cocq sucker thats the reason to slip from leading position
    5. hats off to the man you know who dont play much ,when he plays he is a delight to watch

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  25. didn’t get to see the game(thank god) ,given the result . how did our midfield perform?
    How well did le coq,TR7, and Rambo do?

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  26. I dont think this game was ever a serious game in all fairness. I didnt exoect anything notable so i saw the game more from an analytical stand point. And it didnt fair.

    Looked like an opportunity for a “look before you bokk” sale on some of the elders and opportunity for the youngsters. Squillaci, Chamakh and Arshavin potentially gone? Perhaps. I do like Meade, well played for a fresh face on the European platform.

    I also hope this leaves Verm, Ram, and Gerv too tired to play on Saturday. It would be nice to see the impact without either element (on the bench either) and see how it turns out.

    Alright game when we were already guaranteed through.

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  27. rosicky in a class of his own. this guy came back after a long absence and played better than 80% of the players on the pitch. and this guy didn’t even played a competetive game before today.
    gervinho is simply frustrating. he can’t even become 1/10 th of pires.
    WBA a must must must win game. no jaded excuses now.

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  28. Seem to be getting carried away pain in the arse trip at just about the worst time here makeshift side whose main aim was not to get tanked and for no injuries, now lets worry about WBA hard to believe as it is.

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    • He didn’t offload him for no money at all… I think there was a good offer for him and what Arsenal is doing when there is an offer on the table? Selling!
      Who would ask for the Ramsey? Stoke? They are above as anyway so why talent like Ramsey is wasting his time with us?

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  29. All this criticism of Ramsey is SO unfair. I mean he’s had more than 2 years since he recovered, clearly not enough. Ramsey is blessed with natural flair, dynamic, strength and pace but not many people see it. He’s the Welsh Schweinsteiger, a hard working box to box lionheart. There are other factors such as Gary Speed’s death which he still hasn’t recovered from mentally. And let’s not forget he’s only 21 years of age. So let’s stay positive Gooners 🙂

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    • Then you don’t play him if you think he has all this at the back of his mind, let him sort himself out and then come back to play football more so he is being paid to play football and being paid handsomly

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    • Ha ha you are joking right?
      “Ramsey is blessed with natural flair, dynamic, strength and pace but not many people see it.”
      So maybe he can work as a policeman or swat team member?

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    • Maybe you’re right.. But we can’t keep carrying him in games where he gives possession away countless times! We NEED to send him on loan! + when cristiano ronaldo’s father does Ronaldo cried before a game when he found out and still scored what? Over 30 goals that season.. Their may be many factors influencing Ramsey and I still think he can be a good player but we are carrying him in games right now and he shouldn’t be played in important matches

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  30. Didn’t really matter if we finished top or second, looking at the remaining teams still in the CL, i honestly can’t see us beating any of them, still doesn’t really matter cause we’ve got our trophy this season….

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  31. Well, at least it’ll be nice to see Fab back on the pitch at the Emirates. May he and that Argentinian mate of his have mercy on our souls.

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  32. Gervinho and jenkinson, it has to be said, had shockers tonight. jenks always always always goes backwards. And gervinho seems to think he’s the only player on the pitch sometimes, incredible.

    Anyway so good to see rosicky back, we need that turn of pace in midfield

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  33. I think some players play it too safe at times. When there is a pass forward they will pass backwards or sideways. With so many individual errors, many are scared they will concede possession and it will lead to a goal. Get the sport psychologist in.

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  34. So forehead has another poor game, making his only good decision with the cutback for the goal and the usual suspects are out blaming Ramsey. Quell surprise….
    Considering Chamakh hasn’t started a game for two years he did as much as you could expect. Meade did well and Thomas Rosicky’s comeback will hopefully gives an option for the weekend.
    The result is the same result as when ever we have already qualified and gone to Greece.
    We gave important players a breather and people that needed a games like Ox and Arshavin got playing time.
    Smile, it could be worse, it could have been a game that mattered more…

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  35. I asked this same question before: Is Wenger in love with Ramsey? Ive not got an answer yet!! If not, I cant see any other reason for the manager to keep playin a player who is obviously clear that is not up to the standard to play first teAm football for Arsenal FC!!
    And looks like Gervinho is joinin Ramsey in this boat called SHITTY FOOTY!!

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  36. All these people defending Ramsey, need to wake the fuck up. Arsenal used to be a world class and feared squad. Ramsey, Gervinho, Chamkh, Squalaci, Arshavin do not cut it. Sure we’ve all learned to love them and appreciate the good things they have done for us, but I love Arsenal FC more than I will ever love any individual player.

    So with that in mind, Ramsey and all the aforementioned need to be either sold or loaned out.

    I’ll concentrate on Ramsey (though all the others I’ve mentioned are equally shit), primarily because so many of you keep defending him, and I just do not see why! He has horrible pace, horrible technique and a bad football mind. He seldom pushes forward, and it always seems to be side to side or backward passing. He, along with these others just do not cut it. Plain and fucking simple lads.

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  37. Gervinho’s kit should have “….” at the end followed by “heavy sigh” as the number. I habe no doubt that if anybody on the team other than him found themselves in the positions he finds himself in they’d do a much better job

    This is from

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  38. We played like a sack of dung in the first half. Rosicky’s goal was an absolute gift we didn’t deserve. We were slightly better as the second half started, but we fell into pieces towards the end. Typical Arsenal.

    Chamakh and Squillaci should have “For Sale” painted on their kits from now on.
    Aaron Handbrake played like he had banana peels on his soles.
    And I don’t wanna see Gervidiot’s forehead on my TV ever again.

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  39. Gooon, its hardly stinging. He says he’s a fan and he can’t watch it. Him and a few thousand others who are finding it a bit patinful recently!
    Hold the front page….no, too late its the Mail.

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  40. Did Arsene use the “jaded” excuse at the post match interview again? I’m not sure he even knows what it means. It just seems to make sense for his teams after internationals.

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  41. Whoever said ramsey is strong is a fool I’m afraid, he gets muscled off the ball to often. I do like him though he could turn good with time, but he isn’t strong let’s face it. We lose possesion from him getting muscled off the ball and gervinho also holding onto the ball too often. Did anyone see coqeulin say to gervinho during goal celebrations ‘pass the fucking ball more’

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  42. think for my own sanity am going to stop reading the comments on here. is it infriltation by spurs fans? Blogs, has the site been compromised by them? Wenger out?? They just lost with a second string to a decent side away from home. Theyve qualified for knockout stage again. No mean feat. Hear the olympiacos fans at 1-0 down? Proper fans. And a lot to.moan about at the moment

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    • I wouldn’t be surprised if there is infiltration by spuds – happens in all the other Arsenal forums. I find it more infuriating that the mainstream media is filled with ex-spuds and ex-liverpool pundits who just keep talking absolute shit, and it gets repeated by our fans.

      Yes I accept the fact that Wenger is doing a shit job at the moment – the defensive and the offensive tactics are not compatible, and he makes substitutions too late. But he doesn’t spend money? Because Kroenke is spending it on his ranch. He picks *insert scapegoat player*? Because *inset scapegoat player* is all there is to pick.

      I even accept that at any other club he would have been sacked. But if he gets sacked here, who do you want to replace him? Mourinho? Guardiola? Are they realistic? I know the end of the world is coming on the 21 December- but guys, Jesus Christ is not an option for manager of Arsenal FC!

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      • Even Sam Allardyce changes tactics when things go wrong.
        Wenger is just STAGNANT.
        He hasn’t changed tactics since the invincibles. Hellooo Wenger; THE OTHER TEAMS HAVE ALL CAUGHT UP TO US. We are no longer the “pass masters” Everybody has learned from Wenger
        Wenger is tactically USELESS! Like Ramsey, get the ball in a good position, slow the game down, allow opposition to get shape., pass the ball sideways, do not shoot at the goal. Do not defend, do not defend, do not defend, stick to these principles
        ignore the fact that English teams (Swansea is not even English FFS) now have Arsenal technique with English PACE. Arsenal have ZERO pace, except Walcott.
        Stop blaming the board, stop blaming money and don’t blame the players. Wenger is wasting them (the players and money). I have been watching Arsenal playing the same crap for years now and this season we are consistently snatching defeat from the jaws of victory. Van Persie saw this and that is why he left.
        Wenger revolutionised the English game. Wenger revolutionised Arsenal, but Wenger has not kept pace, or changed with the revolution that he started.
        Sam Allardyce would do better with the players we have and he would not take the crap we saw on Saturday.
        In the last few days I have turned from being a staunch Wengerite to one who sees that Wenger has not changed his game whereas everyone else has, and he sticks to his (now non unique) principles.

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      • @ Pearson

        I disagree that pace is the issue. Fabregas, Na$ri, Van Per$ie and Song are not pacey players. It was frustrating back then to see us string 30 passes together and not take a shot – now we can’t string 5, and still don’t take shots.

        In fact, we have changed tactics from the previous season. The so called “Bould influence” that people were raving about at the beginning of the season when we kept 3 clean sheets. However, I think this is the wrong tactical change and it compromises our attack – let me copy an earlier passage:

        The “Bould” philosophy of putting 2 banks of midfield/defence behind the ball (when we defend) is not compatible with the “Wenger” philosophy of throwing everyone forward except 2 CBs/1 DM (when we attack). This causes an overly stretched playing area, quick fatigue, and lack of creativity up front. When we do hold the ball for more than 10 seconds and our players actually get up front, they’re too tired to do anything except hang about, not making any runs. When we lose the ball, our defence drops back, our forwards do fuck all, and our midfield has to cover an unreasonably large stretch of the field.

        What we should do is either revert to the passing-based attack (sacrifice defence) of the previous years, or play the counter-attacking game like we did at 2-0 Liverpool this year (compatible with the “Bould” defensive philosophy). I’m in favour of the latter, given the reduced quality of our players.

        And finally, I don’t believe for a second that the board and money issues (whether that be greed or lack of money) had nothing to do with all these player sales and lack of quality players coming in. Billionaires and their monopolies are not benign – see the current financial crisis.

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  43. Dear Santa
    Please could you bring me Lionel Messi and Dani Alves for Christmas. As you know I have been a good boy all this year and never complained once about you not bringing me the scintillating football that I asked for last xmas (though to be fair you did bring it for me ever year that I asked foe it before that).

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  44. Dear Santa
    Please could you bring me Lionel Messi and Dani Alves for Christmas. As you know I have been a good boy all this year and never complained once about you not bringing me the scintillating football that I asked for last xmas (though to be fair you did bring it for me ever year that I asked for it before that).
    Yours sincerely
    Ps I am sorry there are no mince pies at the bottom of the chimney but that fat bloke from Brazil ate them all

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  45. Just for a minute, imagine being Aaron Ramsey. I’m sure he doesn’t read comments on sites such as this one but he’ll be more than aware of the abuse that he gets from our own fans. “I blame Ramsey” etc etc, but that is actually the case. Every time we lose and he is on the pitch there is an absolute tirade of abuse and hate for the poor guy. I didn’t think that his performance was any worse than some of the other players on the pitch tonight but yet again he seems to be the focal point for negativity and spiteful comments. I’m not saying that he had a great game because he really didn’t but he gave 100% (as he always does) and seems to care about the club and wants to play for the badge. Have you lot never heard of supporting your players? Christ, some of the things that I have read about him tonight have been truly disgusting. Wishing injury on a player that suffered one of the worst leg breaks imaginable is just not acceptable. Never wear the shirt again? Really?! Was his performance tonight that woeful that he should not be in the thoughts of the manager for any games that the club have whilst he is under contract? Of course not, get a grip! It’s pretty clear for all to see that his confidence is low at the moment and to completely dismiss him as a player for the club is not going to help him at all, in any way. We have what is now a massive game against West Brom this weekend and if Aaron is in the starting lineup then I suggest that we get behind him and the rest of the players (whoever is selected), get the 3 points that we desperately need and start to march back up that table where we belong. Up the Arse!

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    • I don’t think anyone doubts he’s trying or that he gives effort. And fans understand that players make mistakes. But there is a difference between making mistakes every now and then and giving the ball away cheaply often.

      Oh, and when the ball falls to you at the spot PUT YOUR DAMN FOOT THROUGH IT INSTEAD OF ACTING LIKE IT MIGHT HURT YOU.

      That’s probably why fans are annoyed with Ramsey.

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      • I accept that his form has been poor this season. I put this down to his confidence and being asked to play out of position on some occasions (granted, not this evening) but he at least wants the ball. Chamberlain was extremely quiet tonight, as he has been most of the season yet never a bad word is spoken. My point was mainly about a selection of our own fans wishing injury on the guy or saying that he’s absolutely useless and should never wear the shirt. I just think it’s bad taste.

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  46. Can someone pls get me a gif of Gervinho trying to control the switching cross? I mean the one where he tried the affrican dance control and controlled the ball with both hands.

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  47. Well So far we can face 4 teams in the champions league knockout stages.

    so far Manchester United can play PORTO/REAL MADRID/AC MILAN……..

    i don’t see what everyone is complaining about to be honest…….

    Clearly we did not go out there to win the match, but rather give some people fitness and the result showed that?

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  48. I watched it and it wasn’t that good but against an Olympiakos side which was determined to win vs an Arsenal team made up of a few first teamers, rotation members and player coming back from injury/players who haven’t played for about an year I thought we weren’t that bad. We were OK until about 20 min. and then the flow went to Olympiakos, we were bright just after half time after which I stopped watching.
    Things I noted:
    1. Gervinho should look up and pass more OR radically improve his dribbling so he can get past anyone.
    2. We need to buy a striker in January, my personal preference is Leandowski but I don’t really care so long as he can get the goals in and can be a genuine competitor to Giroud.
    3. The gap between our first teamers and the others is horrific
    4. Ramsey should improve his shooting
    5. There’s a lack of understanding between team members in general
    6. Lack of defensive cohesion is seriously undermining us – I can’t count the number of time Olympiakos could’ve scored had they had a stronger strike force. I don’t think we need better players but Our defensive unit needs to be better drilled and we need to press as a team. I was impressed by Dortmund watching them against City.

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  49. Wilfried Zaha’s tweets yesterday
    “I swear I’m not watching arsenal anymore”
    “I am a arsenal supporter but they stress me out”

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    • Well then hes not an arsenal supporter than is he…………

      i dont want another championship winger in the team anyways. scott sinclair, adam johnson, adel taraabt. all wingers who tore the championship to pieces.

      How well are they doing now?

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      • I just said he is an Arsenal supporter. Who the F told I want him at Arsenal? At the moment we just don’t need a Winger anyway. Instead I wish for a playmaker signing so that Cazorla can be moved to the Wings.

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      • Sorry my bad mate…. i thought you were implying we should get him… i will be extremely disappointed if we do……

        Totally agree by the way, santi needs to be moved wide with Rosicky coming into the middle.

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    • I’m sure he would, read the interviews. He knows damned well he owes us a really big one for sticking with him (and paying him) through his knee troubles when everyone else, including his own agent FFS, thought his career was over.

      The only sticking point will be Wenger’s well-known aversion to offering decent contracts to players over 30.

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  50. With a partial clear-out, the squad is not that bad – in fact quite good – but it is not playing to its collective potential.
    Gervinho, Ramsey, Squillachi and Santos are among the players I would ditch. Two or three top notch replacements and we’re away.

    The big problem though is Wenger. He bought these sub-standard players and assembled this team.
    He is also clearly unable to get the best out of his better players. The players don’t play for him, and don’t improve under him – example, the Ox is going backwards.
    Wenger’s tactics are tired, his moaning is annoying, his choice of playing positions unfathomable. He is well past his use-by date. Out!

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    • players dont improve under wenger?
      i seem to think Ox has gone from southhampton to a regular england international in the space of a year…..

      he cant improve ALL players thats a fact. maybe its not wengers fault but their own? if they cant improve at a club like arsenal with the facilities and coaching staff there, then maybe they should be looking in the mirror.

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  51. My my, being a die hard Rosicky fan since the past few years its wonderful to see how many people call him class now. Mozartified. Although I’ll laugh at those who called him deadwood, and those too who want Wenger out, at the end of the season. I reiterate, IF Diaby and Rosicky stay fit, we can still do BIG things this season. Big Big IF though.

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    • I have been a Rosicky fan since 2007. When we had Rosicky, Flamini, Fabregas and Hleb together we were playing like barca. If he was not affected by injuries he would have been among the best midfielders in the world.

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    • I can see Rosicky staying fit, but not Diaby.
      Rosicky had a serious problem, fixed over a season ago and was unfortunate to pick up a one-off Achilles problem.
      Diaby is just fragile and has a continual stream of different problems.

      Unfortunately, I also see Gibbs in the Diaby category. An excellent player, but too injury-prone to rely on.

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  52. Criticise gervinho, get a thumbs up
    criticise ramsey….well, lets just say you dont get a thumbs up.
    They are both shite on current form. They were both shit most of last season. But one was recovering while one was new to england. This season…..meh, Couldnt be bothered anymore.

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    • I don’t know why there is double standard in supporting Arsenal players.
      One is British player while the other is not. By the way both are shit

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  53. Wow, so much hate for a player who set up our only goal, and created another good chance for Arshavin. He is frustrating, no doubt, but he also makes things happen.

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  54. Come on Gooners, this negativity isn’t going to solve anything. Yes we are all frustrated & angered by this result but did you in all honesty expect us to win a match against the Greek champions with a youth / fringe / reserve team?

    Wasn’t our squad selection an obvious reflection on our lack of ambition to win this match? Exactly.

    We HAVE to beat West Brom & we HAD to rest our key players. Right?

    ‘IF’ we get knocked out of the UCL in the next round by a stronger team that we could have avoided by beating Olympiakos & finishing top of our group then by all means you have all the right in the world to rant about this result, I know I’ll be joining in but until then the negativity is pointless.

    The bigger picture is a sad one though, yet I refuse to give up on our beloved Arsenal.

    Are you an Arsenal FC ‘supporter’ or Arsenal FC ‘fan’ ???

    Ask yourself that question, then act on your answer.

    My name is Fabian Domingo , I’m an Arsenal FC supporter & I am going to ‘support’ Arsenal FC through these bad times.

    Come on you Gooners, keep your heads up.

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  55. We seem to have plenty of ‘fans’ who want shit things to happen, who will be happy for us to go behind against WBA at the weekend. Sad fuckers. Go and have lots of sex or go for a two hundred mile run to get rid of your frustrations instead of taking out on the team you supposedly support. Maybe Ramsey isnt good enough for us but he is one of the few players that shows all the time and tries to take some responsibility. He does lose the ball but he has it more than anyone else.

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    • I want us to get RM or Barcelona in the next round and WIN.
      I want to win the next game ad infinitum
      I want Wenger to catch a wake up too.
      Up The Arsenal!

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  56. The best thing Arsenal could do with their new sponsorship money is to just bite the bullet and pay up Chams, Arsh, Squid etc.. contracts and let them fuck off having them hang around going through the motions is like cancer to the team.

    We should have a squad of 25 but in reality with the untrusted and the permanently injured we have a squad of about 15….

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  57. Lets not overreact.
    A weeks rest for 9 of our starting 11 is exactly what was needed, you could tell that players like Podolski, Cazorla, Arteta are running on empty.
    Decent run out for our reserve players, valluable experience for players like Meade.
    We are currently 5 points off 3rd place with favourable fixtures until (arguably) Chelsea away on 20th Jan.
    So there is some brightness assuming we actually take advantage of the next 6 weeks…….which i suppose is the debatable thing at the moment.
    Lets see where we are on Jan 19th. If we’re not in the top 3/4 by then, it will be time to really start worrying.

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    • Chelsea away. I am putting The Arsenal down for a win.
      We should be grateful we don’t have a recently and soon to be unemployed Spanish waiter for a manager

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