PHW recovering after heart attack


Arsenal have announced this morning that Arsenal Chairman Peter Hill-Wood is recovering having suffered a heart attack.

In a statement on the official website, the club said:

Everyone at Arsenal Football Club sends their support and best wishes to Chairman Peter Hill-Wood who is recovering after suffering a heart attack, following a bout of pneumonia.

Peter was taken ill at home on Friday and is currently being treated in hospital. He is making a good recovery.

Arseblog News, along with all right thinking Arsenal fans, wishes the Chairman a speedy and successful recovery.


  1. Football and personal issues and health are different matters entirely. Even if you hate PHW or are neutral about it, it’s a human life so let’s not get on anyone’s back like this was Twitter.

    Wish him well.

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  2. First of all, best wishes to PHW and his family.
    But blogs, why is there the need for that little snipe “along with all right thinking Arsenal fans”?. I love your work, but you are becoming increasingly high and mighty these days, and on an article like this there really is no need for it

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    • My point, which I’m sorry I have to make, is borne out of seeing some comments on Twitter from so-called Arsenal fans which would make you despair that you or I or anyone with a shred of decency are in any way associated with.

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    • These downvote-system is a joke, sort it out, Blogs, please.

      The guy gets tons of hate for…for what exactly? He was respectful and had an opinion. that’s all his fault.

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  3. After yesterday’s game the last thing I want is even worse news that an Arsenal man is in trouble. Tears for you mate, I really hope you’ll get better.

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  4. Might not agree with his directives and attitude but when health is concerned, I wish him all the best. Get well soon.

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      • Get a life you muppet I was actually joking and wished him a speedy recovery. It was not a few weeks ago that idiots like you where slagging the bloke down for his derogatory comments about the fans and the club.

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      • Come on man, just because he is ill does not mean you cannot have a bit of a laugh, its not as if he was wishing him ill. And that was decent gag!

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      • I wasn’t slagging him off at all, if you look at the thumbs up/down it shows there’s only one muppet on here, and it’s you!!!!!

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      • ” thumbs up/down it shows there’s only one muppet on here, and it’s you!!!!!”

        So you think the thumbs ups, downs are the indicator of muppetry. You sir are not the brightest here.

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      • Really I wish the man no at all I find it incredible that some self righteous idiot (dial) believes he represents the masses because of some idea of what he believes is right .

        As I say it was a thought that crossed my mind and made me giggle however you want to make issues of it.

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      • Can I suggest you look at the feeling of the fans 24 hours ago that are calling for the boards head. They where not so happy with him them so maybe you need to get off your soap box and just get over it.

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  5. While the clubs in turmoil at the moment, let’s not forget this is a guy who, along with other family members has been at the club for the majority of his life, through good times and bad. Get well soon PHW.

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  6. I am not the biggest fan of PHW, but totally agree there is an element of respect we should give back in times like that.

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  7. Incidents like this serves to remind us that there are things more important than the three points on Saturday afternoon. I’m glad he’s recovering well.

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  8. Get well soon PHW, those making snide remarks should grow up. You don’t have to agree with his views but he is an Arsenal man and he has a family. Speedy recovery to him (and the team who appear to be playing with a broken heart).

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  9. Do undestand me now. A draw versus a poor team (Villa), a draw vesus a mediocre team (Everton) and a loss versus a mediocre team (Swansea), our last three games.
    Obviously there is a trend going on, a bad spell if you will and then an impopular chairman falls ill, in what could have been let’s face it a fatal heart attack.

    With the imformation above, it did not take me more than 3-4 seconds to deduce that some people would make nasty comments on a fellow humans ill being. Sure PHW, might not have acted respectably in some instances, but there has to be a limit for what is acceptable. Freedom of speech, by all means, but that doesn’t mean you have to be a wan*er.

    It seems that some people only see PHW as a boardmember, an evil overlord who feeds off of orphan tears and eats money for every meal.

    It comes as no surprise that these people are the same ones that cannot see a bigger picture regarding our football club. Yes it is true that we are football fans and not (at least not every one of us) economists.

    We should still be able to see a bigger picture, despite living in the dream of football. Gone are the days where football was a game we played with our mates on a muddy pitch. One of the mates may have moved on to become a board member of a football club. What if that same mate got a heart attack, when sitting as a boardmember, that you, do not always share the same opinion with, would he be a boardmember, or a mate?

    I hope that made any sense to you if not. Get a grip of reality, everyone on the pitch, in that board room are still human beings. Albeit grumpy old men.

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  10. Life is life. Football is football don’t disrespect life no matter how much nonsense he has come out with. Sometimes when u get old your decisions are not as sharp as they should be. His family have had a great influence on our great club. Maybe be best for all parties is mr hill wood retired from the board and concentrated on his ow personal recovery. Anyway that’s his decision. Football wise there is a lot of big decisions need to be made at our club over the coming months I worry for arsenal it’s in danger of selling its soul. There is only so much fans can take. What we used
    To love about arsenal was the way it looked after its fans it had heroes to support integrity unfortunately people who don’t know what it’s all about have come in and changed that. I really hope we get that back. Booing at home games is sad amd should not hap

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  11. Wish he gets well soon. I know he is only a Chairman without executive duties but maybe his health will give him a reason to step down. Whatever may be one’s issues with PHW and even Gazidis, I think these people are taking the rap for Stan. Time for Stan to step up otherwise the discontent among fans will completely poison the well.

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  12. Hehe I burst out on this one.

    Didn’t know wanting a top signing at the club could be the cause of this. Lol

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  13. De moribundis nil nisi bonum, but the cynic in me can’t help connecting the timing – and the fact – of the announcement with the Black Scarf march.

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  14. The way Arsenal have been playing recently might well have given me a heart attack too.
    Seriously though I hope her recovers well nothing is more important than a mans life.

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  15. I hope he gets well soon but I also hope that this incident will cause him to reappraise whether he should carry on in his current role. I would have thought that the stress of being Arsenal chairman has probably contributed to his condition.

    The executive team needs rebalancing and a new chairman would make sense at this point in time. Shoot me down but we could do a lot worse than Bob Wilson – he’s a class apart IMHO.

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