Reading 2-5 Arsenal: Santi delivers high fives – by the numbers


718 – Attempted passes by Arsenal v. Reading (most for Arsenal in a League game this season)
632 – Successful passes by Arsenal v. Reading
93 – Successful passes by Mikel Arteta²
76 – Successful passes by Santi Cazorla (second best)
153 – Successful passes by Arsenal in Reading’s final third
28 – Successful passes in the final third by Santi Cazorla²
7 – Successful passes in the final third by Pavell Pogrebnyak (of 7 attempted!)³
22 – Key passes created by Arsenal v. Reading (most for Arsenal in a League game this season)
6 – Key passes by Santi Cazorla v. Reading²
1 – Assist by Santi Cazorla for Theo Walcott’s well taken goal
2 – Kieran Gibbs career Premier League assists²
2 – Kieran Gibbs assists v. Reading
5 – Attempted through balls by Santi Cazorla²

14 – Successful dribbles by Arsenal v. Reading (of 19)
74 – Percent of Arsenal’s dribbles v. Reading that were successful (season high for Arsenal in the Premier League)
8 – Attempted dribbles by Santi Cazorla²
7 – Successful dribbles by Santi Cazorla²
6 – Dribbles by Jimmy Kebe (of 6 attempted)³

4 – English international players Arsenal started v. Reading
1 – Error awarded to Kieran Gibbs for the errant pass that lead to Reading’s first goal
15 – Errors or penalties by Arsenal this season in Champions League or Premier League play that have led to goals
12 – Successful tackles by Arsenal v. Reading
12 – Successful tackles by Arsenal v. Spurs
5-2 – To the Arsenal in both games
9 – Arsenal 2012-2013 season low for successful tackles in a single League game (Norwich and Man U)
8 – Successful tackles by Reading against Arsenal last night
3 – Successful tackles by Mikel Arteta
1 – Number of times Steve McManaman implored Reading to “at least kick someone”
1 – Number of times Jobi McAnuff obliged by planting his studs into Jack Wilshere’s yarbles attempting to turn him into a eunuch jelly
4 – Fouls Jack Wilshere officially had called in his favor
1 – Fouls by a Reading player which mysteriously earned Wilshere a yellow card instead

26 – Shots by Arsenal v. Reading (season high for Arsenal in the Premier League)
13 – Shots on goal by Arsenal v. Reading (season high for Arsenal in the Premier League)
23 – Shots against Southampton (previous season high)
9 – Shots on goal against Southampton
22 – Santi Cazorla shots on goal in 17 Premier League games
8 – Santi Cazorla shots on goal in the last three Premier League games
4 – Santi Cazorla shots on goal v. Reading²
3 – Santi Cazorla goals v. Reading²
1 – Santi Cazorla goal that was champagne wishes and caviar dreams as Ox carried into space, passed to Jack in the middle, who played through to Podolski, who crossed wonderfully to Cazorla, who put the ball away with aplomb
9 – Theo Walcott shots on goal in 12 Premier League games
4 – Theo Walcott shots on goal v. Reading
1 – Theo Walcott goal


All numbers today via Opta or my personal database

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¹Best in the League in this category
²Lead both teams in this category
³Lead just his team in this category


    • Why was he insisting to Wilshere that he scored with his head ,Did they make a bet ? ‘You are so short if you score a header ,I’ll do an Eboue dance’

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      • I was going to moan about 2 goals we let in yesterday..but read your comment and its true….it is an improvement…cheered me up a bit… 🙂

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      • That’s the thing, Reading are so attacking that you are probably going to concede eventually but also score a lot against them. They’ve scored something like 13 goals against the big 4 (not including Tottenham in that) and have come away with nothing.

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    • I think they were also naive and we came out of the blocks fast.Why don’t we do
      this more often rather than the over cautious approach we seem to have for so
      many games this season

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  1. My heart skipped a bit every time Wilshere went down after a challenge. That lad better stay fit, will be key to our season revival.

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  2. Finally in a good mood today! Thank you Arsenal, & thank you Arseblognews team. You’re all awesome. Really really awesome. :*

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  3. the only number i really bother to care about is the score card…when arsenal is winning.

    Other numbers like stats and data are all meaningless if the team is winning or if its not winning. In the result oriented world of football, it not how we got it as long as we got it.

    We need more number(scorecards) like last night till we actually win FA cup and qualify automatically for CL. And the most important number in january is the number of top top top quality players we bought and removed passengers from our team.

    Thats all I really care and god bless Arsenal & wengers transfer skills.

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    • Definitely heard him calling for kicks 3 times. Might have been a good footballer, but has nothing to offer as an announcer.

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    • Exactly. 7am kickoff–you’re slipping. I recall three distinct times McManaman suggested that Reading go and kick someone to get themselves into the game.

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  4. I saw so many ‘key passes’ and ‘dangerous runs’ and penetrations. That’s not the Arsenal of the past 5-6 matches ,I hope we can keep doing that

    BTW Does anyone have stats on cummings?

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  5. After last nights performance, Wenger would be crazy to change the line up for Wigan. Podolski’s wing play was great to see, beating his man and getting good crosses in. Gervinho take note and revise……and revise again till you get it! Liked theo up front. The way he draws defenders in, then spins…once he clicks with midfielders, no doubt he’ll score bucket loads. Hopefully for us. Now all we need is consistancy and so i hope we can carry this performance into the next game. COYG

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  6. Its amazing the turnaround – last Tuesday many had lost their sense of proportion and were seriously wanting to consider a future without Wenger.

    Six days later and here we are in fifth, one missed Arteta penalty kick from being in third, having qualified for the latter stages of the CL.

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  7. Congratulations to Walcott, who looked dangerous throughout. For away games it is a fantastic option to have him through the middle. He isn’t just quick his first touch has improved this season and he is pretty lethal these days.
    Can he play as a central striker at home, when we come up against more compact defences? i’m not sure, i hope so.
    I expect to see him start the Wigan game, but lets see if he can score goals in that role at home. If he can then, Arsenal will give him that contract.
    Personally i feel Wenger and Theo have a bit of an agreement:
    That if Theo performs as a central striker he will get what he wants.
    I am relaxed about his contract situation, maybe Theo has a bit to prove to himself aswell.

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    • I’ll leave my anti Wenger rants of the last few weeks aside.
      In those rants I have been dreading the thought of Walcott escaping for want of giving him what he wants, on the field.
      I think he can score a goal a game (I hope I’m right). Versatile player Walcott.
      I hope he stays.

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  8. What’s saddest about our recent lack-of-form is that, yesterday’s marauding of Reading proves what every Arsenal fan suspects deep underneath – that we can beat anybody if we simply play our game. Despite this we only have 27pts out of a possible 51pts wheras United van Per$ie have 42pts.

    The problem arises when we play Sunday-Wednesday-Saturday with virtually the same team. This leads to fatigue, and fatigue leads inevitably to poor performances.

    Wenger should do what Ferguson does and rotate the team properly so everyone stays fresh. We’ve got plenty of quality on the bench. A fresh Francis Coquelin is a better player than a jaded Mikel Arteta etc.

    If everyone manages to stay fresh, there’s no telling what this team could achieve. There are 63 possible points left and 63 + 27 = 90 = Premier League title. Dare to dream!!!

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  9. Yesterday was good to be an arsenal fan. Yes, we gave away 2 silly goals but overall we dominated and looked steady in all positions. Think that Wenger was calling Theo’s bluff with playing him as a striker. Really would love him to sign long term but I think he’s already made his mind up (£). Would also live him to prove me wrong as well though.

    Anyways, Cazorla is defo the mark daddy, and (again) love seeing Wilshere get stuck in. Positive match. Roll on Wigan. COYG

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