Report: Arsenal 0-2 Swansea


Arsenal’s bad week continued with a late 2-0 loss to Swansea at the Emirates this afternoon.

Arsene Wenger rested Olivier Giroud, playing Gervinho as a centre-forward with Lukas Podolski returning the left hand side. After a hard game in midweek Arsenal started slowly and the visitors had two good chances in the opening stages.

Firstly, Ashley Williams miskicked from about 6 yards out after we struggled to clear a Swansea free kick, then after a great spell of passing and possession, they fashioned a chance for Angel Rangel on the right hand side of our box. His first powerful effort was saved by Szczesny and the Pole stood up well to deny him from the rebound.

It took Arsenal some time to get going, a good Jenkinson cross was headed away before Lukas Podolski had a shot blocked. The German then almost played in Gervinho but his flick was just too heavy and the keeper claimed. Another good Jenkinson cross saw Cazorla have a free header but it was fairly tame and easy for Tremmel.

Just after that though, Swansea had the best chance of the game. Nathan Dyer got in behind, onto a Michu flick on, got away from Vermaelen but as he moved to shoot the skipper got back and blocked the shot at the last moment. Jonatan de Guzman then fired a free kick not far over the bar after Arteta had fouled Michu.

Late in the half Arsenal had their best chance. Gervinho had a free header from about 8 yards out after a Gibbs cross but rather than, you know, head it on target, he decided to try and hit the corner flag. He didn’t even manage that.

Arsenal started the second half brightly, looking more alert, and good play from Jack Wilshere set up Santi Cazorla on the edge of the box. His left footed shot was struck well but straight at the keeper. The Spaniard had another go from further out but again it was easy enough for Tremmel.

Arsenal were on top but the visitors were still dangerous. Angel Rangel ran through Arsenal’s midfield, like a knife through butter, forcing Szczesny into a save which pushed his powerful shot into the side netting.

Arsene Wenger brought on Oxlade-Chamberlain and Giroud for the disappointing Podolski and Gervinho, and the Frenchman was involved straight away. He ran onto a misplaced pass only to be taken down on the edge of the box by last man Flores, but referee Mark Clattenburg saw the faintest nick on the ball by the Spaniard and waved play on.

Santi Cazorla had another volley saved by Tremmel while at the other end Szczesny was forced into another good save when Swansea cut us apart. The keeper kept Arsenal in it and although Thomas Vermaelen had a chance to put Arsenal ahead, there was late drama as the visitors nicked the game.

In the 88th minute Michu exhanged passes with Luke Moore to find himself clean through on goal, his finish was measured to make it 1-0. And late on, as Arsenal pressed to find an equaliser Carl Jenkinson was robbed of possession on the halfway line, Michu found himself with just Szczesny to beat again and did so with style to make it 2-0.

Boos rang out around the Emirates and it’s easy to understand why. Swansea played well but never really had to work for their chances. Arsenal looked feeble, out of ideas and like a team that needs something drastic to turn things around.

Another depressing slice of football pie.


I realise this will spark some ‘lively’ discussion – please keep  it reasonable and sensible, both in terms of what you say and how you say it. Thank you.

Caz Volley SZCZ save – Verm header


      • Telling the French media fourth place is a trophy and if we don’t win that trophy, players should take a pay cut. Shouldn’t it be for a club as big as The Arsenal if they player didn’t win the LEAGUE should be paid less!!!!!!!!!.

        If that is not an attitude of a loser, I don’t know what is it.

        Arsene IS the problem.

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      • I respect Wenger a lot, but ” We were jaded coz we gave a lot physically in the away games” is a lame excuse.

        Other top teams grind out the results when jaded, whether at home or away.

        Spend some money on top quality players. 11m for Gervinho could have been better spent.

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      • I’ve said this before, I’ll say it again. Our club is being run by a manager with a degree in economics. What in the hell do you think an economist is going to do during a recession, whatever it takes to win or whatever it takes to remain profitable? Hopefully that’s rhetorical to most people here.

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      • Alas the invincibles! All I can say is latetly we are woeful in a very visible way.

        —Has anyone realised that the likes of Ian wright, Lee Dixon have stopped positive criticism of the team? Even Tony Adams can’t hide his exasperation.
        —Some players arrive at Arsenal half decent and start so well but mysteriously loose their edge and passion. Arshavin ( four goals against Liverpool with both feet), Varmaelen harly put a foot wrong when he arrived, Chamakh arrived better than Bentner, now he can’t even get into the team.
        —Wenger mysteriously play players out of position. I’m I the only one that finds it odd?
        —Why did we sell Diara even though we hardly lost whenever he played yet we literally gave him away. A steal for Portsmouth at 6 mil, and sold to Real Madrid within a yeah for three times that amount. Are we not fooling ourselves believing we are still the masters of buying cheep?
        —Is there any financial gain in letting players’ contract run down before we do something about it. Why haven’t we learn since we lost Flamini?
        —Should we really expect more from the team when someone as high up as Peter Hill-Wood says it won’t be a disaster if we didn’t qualify for Champions League. Am I the only one that feels like the club is being sabotaged? Call it Paranoia…
        —Some of these questions might sound ridiculous, but you really have to wonder. I believe we have had at least one set of players capable of winning at least one trophy these last 7 seasons. It’s as if we have have completely lost the will to win – manager, board players. Champion’s League is looking ever so unlikely this season. If that happens we’ll lose our selling point to attract good players and it’ll require a bigger pay packet to attract them. We’ll end up spending more money than if we spend now. The club is being run down.

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      • good ivan. just fucking sell our key players until we are out of champions league.
        oh btw, dont give what walcott wants, so he can leave too.

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      • thye’re blinded by their love for the money. They don’t care about the football or the fans. the f**king c***s. the board is a bunch of f**king c***s.
        Arsenal Board out.

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      • A lack of continuity is a big problem for us. There’s a reason Everton, for instance, are above us; they’re a great example of squad and managerial continuity…which is also why I’ve come around to the idea that getting rid of Wenger any time soon will NOT help.

        This is cold comfort now, I know, but I do think this team will be better next season and the next, provided the core sticks together.

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      • Bunbuyist. .we have the same manager for 15 years, I think you can call that continuity.
        And not sure how selling your best players every year will contribute to squad continuity, when year on year new players have to settle in and adapt to a new country and a new way of playing.
        But yea the team may get better if it sticks together but we already know we are about lose theo and possibly sagna.

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      • yeah actually. Gervinho is really quite terrible. To think we bought him to replace Nasri. Make what you will of Na$ri’s moral’s. He was a quality footballer when he played with us.
        Really Gervinho is not even close to being half as good as a footballer

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      • Personally I don’t want either of Nasri or Gervinho near the place.

        Does anyone know how much Laudrup paid for Michu?

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      • I don’t understand why Arsene sold Eboue and paid 10 million to sign Forehead? At least Eboue can cover RB and dance.

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      • Gervinho isn’t terrible. He has his moments (rare as they are) of genius. I really don’t get why he didn’t get played wide right and allow Theo to rip apart the Swansea through the centre. Gerv isn’t a CF!!!

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      • I still find it incredulous to believe that Wenger won’t play Podolski up front even when he’s resting Giroud. Walcott – and yes I know he played shit yesterday but so did every other fucker on the pitch wearing the cannon – didn’t get a shout up front and he’s our most lethal striker but Gervinho who is – it’s fair to say – wank gets recalled. Chamakh has looked better than him so far but can’t make the subs bench.

        Personally I think it’s time Wenger went, the players seem to have lost all faith and respect for him and very few of them look happy these days.

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    • Mate, couldn’t agree with you more. He was off to Switzerland. Trust me I know. My bro took a pic with him. Saw him chilling in business class….

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    • Just to stay positive, I would like to think he was scouting the new Thierry Henry and Patrick Viera!

      I guess one could dream ha….

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      • It is a long time since Wenger “unearthed a gem” and I dont think he has it in him to find a new one. He has bought some talent but at 15 mil its not finding a gem its paying for known talent.

        Wengers time is up. The sooner he leaves the better.

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      • Anon:

        No not shit. I never liked Song but he was ok as is Jenks but not much more. And you cant say that Gnabry, Olsson and Toral will make it. Sure they have talent but that was known before they came Arsenal.

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      • The fact Wenger was abroad is NOT irrelevant to today. He should have been preparing for the game as there was obviously no tactical plan of how to play today. It is naive to think WE just have to lay OUR game to achieve a result.

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      • I really don’t care that he was abroad. I CARE THAT HE START WINNING US FUCKING GAMES. Buying a bumbling Buffoon with a big forehead is not winning us games. What a waste of 12 million.
        You want proper usage of out money then you don’t spend money on:
        1) Gervinho – 12mill
        2) Park Ju- Young 4 millllion
        3) Andrei Arshavin-15 million
        4) Sebastian Squillaci – 7-8 million

        that’s a total of 40 million. How much does one world class player cost again?
        If your frugal you need spend the money wisely. What shit is going on at Arsenal I don’t know. But stop spending on shit players and buy quality. Atleast you know what your getting.

        Wenger always talks about ‘top quality’ but Gervinho, Chamakh and Giroud are absolute fucking shit quality. I don’t even want to talk about Park and Squillaci. They are fucking reserve quality. fucking 15 million pounds spent on fucking reserve quality

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      • Of course its irrelevant, does anyone honestly think if he hadn’t been away for a day or 2 midweek the score would have been any different? We’ve been playing like a mid-table team since the start of the season just about, barring a couple of games where things have clicked a bit better. Granted this is a new low but its hardly as if we’ve been in such fantastic form over the last month is it? What I find most worrying is seeing Podolski looking utterly disinterested, as if he’s lost heart already – after all of 6 months. This is the guy who was desperate to come to Arsenal and all smiles when he first arrived. Even Santi is starting to look miserable! Doesn’t take a genius to figure out something is way, way wrong behind the scenes.

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      • My German friend warned me before the season about Podolski’s attitude. He claimed Poldi likes to party and loses interest in football very easily. Sadly, I’m beginning to see his point.

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      • @remember the invincibles, because we aren’t good anymore

        You might want to add to your list: Chamakh, Reyes, Baptista, Jeffers (ok long ago but still).

        Whereas everyone agrees that AW is good at finding rough talent, it has to be mentioned that he also spent massive money on lemons.

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      • that’s a bit harsh on reyes. he was a quality player. was a real pity he never settled in london. the saddest thing about our current predicament is that i really think the players we have are capable of performing a lot better. on paper, it’s a squad that should be able to compete for 3rd with chelski and is only one or two really top class players of challenging mancs for the title.

        the sad thing is it’s really obvious to any team now that all they have to do is keep things tight for as long as possible against us and we will eventually make mistakes and give them some chances. seeing the same basic errors and the same lack of desire week in and week out is driving me bananas. against everton gibbs lost the ball high up the pitch late in the game and he jogged back to his position even though everton had a really promising break on. you wouldn’t get away with that kind of shit in a sunday league team.

        this tells me there is something seriously wrong with the mental attitude and focus of the players as well as their ability to understand basic team organisation. i hate to draw the conclusion that arsene is just not able to mould a winning team anymore but i can’t help it gnawing away at the back of mind increasingly. and i just can’t understand how a club with our resources can’t ensure a team is well drilled in defensive work and attacking and defending set pieces. those are basics that should be part of any winning team and they are the little edges that win you trophies. we have had the same issues with this for a number of years now and nothing seems to have been done to rectify it.

        growing increasingly frustrated, but i still hope arsene can turn it around. he has done so much for the club as a whole it would be sad to see it all end in acrimony. if another manager did come in they would be inheriting a club with huge resources and potential and pretty much all of that is down to the man himself.

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      • Probably shopping for his custom jackets, this time with a hoodie, to hide his face in.

        Was Gazidis also there?. I think so.

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      • All the fans who want AW out should be very careful what they wish for.AW has
        made AFC a team to be admired over many years.
        He has really got to look very closely at the current set of players.They are players he has brought in to continue the way AFC play and too many of them are not up to the job.He has got to bite the bullet and get rid of some of them and focus on those that can still get us a minimum of 4th place at least this year and 1 cup.
        He is an intelligent man and I am sure he knows we have a problem with the current team.
        If he fails to deal with the problem over the next few months then is the time to start doubting his future.

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      • We wish for a better manage who is not afraid to buy players in the summer and pay world class player the wages they deserves.

        We wish for a manage that if he sees a player not an Arsenal quality to drop him and take his loses.

        We wish for a manager who the player believe in him and know he wants to win a trophy as they are and not worry about the world and european economy going down.

        We wish for a manager to pay 30/40 million 2/3 world class players with 200 PW wage instead of chamack+Forhead+Park+Diaby+Ramsey+Arsha+Squad+Denilson+Bentner.

        We wish for a manager that is not mentally ill and think he has done nothing wrong and the players leave him because of money not because they lost faith on him.

        We wish for a manager that doesn’t decide the subs before the game and ONLY on the 67th minutes. A manager that change tactics when it is not working against certain teams. He played the Manures for 5 years and we used the same system and we lost almost in all of them. Now they don’t even worry about us any more.

        We wish for a manager not to make our great club a profit making FEEDER CLUB by assist stripping it every year or training ground for talented kids from all over the world.

        Arsene IS the problem.

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      • What is this thing you warn us of. Get your head out of the past and smell the roses. It is always a risk changing things around but this team is stinking the house out

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    • Woeful. 3 word’s. NOT GOOD ENOUGH! Swansea deserved the win. We created nothing. Nothing really clear cut. January will be the biggest month in Wenger’s managerial career. We need to spend so much money. Wenger said yesterday we can still win the league. If he truly think’s that, then he does need to go. We pay
      the highest prices for ticket’s and get nothing in return. When does something change? Because we can’t continue this way. There is no way we will get even top 4 this season unless we spend drastically. 8 points worse off than last year, and last year, was one of the worst I have experienced supporting Arsenal in a long long
      time. JOKE! Absolute JOKE! So many player’s who are regular’s, shouldn’t wear the shirt again. Something need’s to happen. Player’s of real quality need to be bought, or I will have to
      finally admit the fact, that Wenger need’s to go. DAMN!

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      • Why most of you lot wants this problem to solved bg bringing new players? Buy, buy,buy? We neeed tbat kind of player, we need that kind of player.

        Yes, good players are one of the component to a good team. But not only that. What about tactics; formation, movement, substitution etc. What about motivation; how you prepare your team so that they will give that extra something that will win them 50-50 balls, that will get them to keep snapping on opponent player’s heel till they get the ball back!

        Arsenal is full of good players! It’s the tactic and the motivation that is lacking embarrasingly.

        I admired the arsenal of old when adams, keown, winterburn, dixon, petit, vieira, parlour were kicking asses. I admired sam allardyce’s bolton. How they harrass every arsenal player off the ball when we played ghem. Did that bolton side have cazorlas, girouds, wAllcots, wilshire in the team? No.

        What about the surrent everton side? There are good palyers, baines, fellaini, jelavic, howard but the rest are so-so players at fhe most. Tbey don’t even have Arteta or cahill enymore.

        So, I am for buying new players, but only those of we actually need. But what it the utmost important? The tactics, the work ethics, THE PASSION! Which l can not see wenger can no longer provid

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      • Arteta as good as he is the culprit when it comes to back ward passing. Jenkinson is god at this though…..also gibbs is catching on.

        Backpassing is killing our game, our moves are the same week in, week out. A few players willing to take beyond the risky pass and that’s it. The rest pass it routinely hoping a bird swerves off their arse and creates a goal scoring chance!. Ffs!

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      • Many problems can be solved by one signing. A Midfield enforcer. Why does arteta pass back ? because he cant shove away people like Fellaini to have the ball comfortably and turn. We have three players that can be physically bossed in the midfield! and thats what almost every team is doing.

        Another big issue is bench strength. If we sign an enforcer, Coquelin is his backup(agreed not a big guy, but make do). Arteta moves to Wilshere’s position and Wilshere is Cazorla’s backup for the advanced role(Dont jump on my back for this guys, there’s enough games for both). Rosicky and Diaby could be the backup for the pivot role that arteta plays. Midfield problem solved!!

        Wenger, please look at players like Etienne capoue, Yann M’Vila, MAxime Gonalons.. Does this seem too complicated ? ? ? ?

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      • would have to add….

        stop giving so much space to attacking players…

        pressure the opposing keeper when a backpass is made…

        hustle back to help defend…

        get more play in the opposing box, we act like its a minefield…

        stop playing such a high backline…it aint working…

        and for gods sake, play with some f*cking passion…

        this is ARSENAL dammit…

        we truely do deserve better, are tactics are the problems, and wenger is to blame for that…whatever players we bring in, until we change tactics it will be the same results….

        rant over….i love the arsenal, but she disapoints the shit out of me lately

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    • The fans calling for Wenger’s head match after match is just crazy. I hope he would just leave where the board does a manager swap with Liverpool, where they need a quality manager and no restrictions on amount of money to spend. Bradon Rogers to Arsenal and Arsene Wenger to Liverpool.

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    • Swansea were superior all round and thoroughly deserved it.

      The people on this site – including people like Tim Stillman who still clutch at straws and believe that Wenger can’t be removed – need to get real.

      Mid Table mediocrity is now a fact.

      Stoke are above us FFS !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Stoke !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      We need wholesale changes on and off the pitch.

      I hope the Black Scarf Movement got some traction today. We need more action like this.

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      • With respect, I don’t think getting rid of Wenger will solve the problem. My only problem with Wenger is his inability to get the hairdryer out in the way SAF does – but I would have thought Bouldy can, so that solves that problem.

        Just look at the midfield. Arteta, Wilshere, Cazorla. Brilliant players, all three, and easily the best players at the club. Every Arsenal fan out there would probably consider them our best three midfielders. Yet they underperformed. You can’t blame Wenger for three world-class players underperforming. You can only blame the players. Our squad is full of quality, but it’s going through a bad patch. And getting rid of our manager of 17 (?) years won’t solve this problem.

        Give him credit for what he has done, and give him time to do more.

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      • The only thing that will make a difference is to get rid of Wenger. Unless Black Scarf call for that they are wasting their time.

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      • @Parisian
        Individually, they are exceptional without a doubt.
        Together, though, they just don’t click. It’s quite possibly got something to do that every single one of them is more of a offensive than defensive player and two of them are forced to do more defensive work than they’d like. We need a defensive mid titan, who can hold the defensive duties of the midfield on his own. Someone like Busquets for example (without the antics, obviously). That would give the other two players way more freedom and it would also mean we can rotate our 3 maestros, without the fear of them burning out and also give options from the bench.
        As for Wenger, I was always a believer that if something needs to change, that the board/owners should go first and we’d see how Arsene operates under new management.
        Lately however I’m rapidly losing faith. Arsene makes the same mistakes every summer, but the critical issue for me is his total and utter inflexibility. His stubbornness to prove that his 4-3-3 will be working is costing is dearly and nearly every single team knows how to play against us. Even if he can mix it up, and try 4-4-2 or some other formation to give us the edge in a game that is not going for us, he simply refuses to do so and at the end of the day we usually go home empty handed.

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    • Welcome to the swamp, this could still get very ugly.

      Many players far below par today. Clearly not Jenkinson’s day, Podolksi absent, Gervinho as usual, let’s stop it here. What’s going on??

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    • Lost our identity after Cesc went. We switched last year to attacking in wide areas with pace, built around Van Persie. Now he’s tried to build it around Cazorla but the intensity is too much for him to be consistent at the moment. It’s hard to watch.

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      • Lost our identity way before that. How many here remember The Arsenal’s reputation for ungraceful but highly competitive football?
        South butchers (early 30th Cent.), Chapman’s “unsportsmanship” counterattacks, Alison’s ‘one-nil to the Arsenal’, Adams’ offside trap, the Invincibles lethal counterattacking tactics…For a while we were on a par with Barcelona as “the most entertaining sides in the world” but those days are over.
        The Arsenal’s REAL identity is as military (Spartan?) as their historical origins, I’d rather have a bad reputation for competitive football with a cabinet full of trophies. Bring back the Adamses, Coppings, Storeys, Vieiras – each in their own time, our soldiers, for that’s the true Arsenal identity.

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      • People calling for Wenger to be fired aren’t thinking straight. It wasn’t his decision to sell Fabregas, RVP, or Nasri. It’s just not feasible to expect him to continue to win when we are selling world class players like Cesc and RVP while they’re in their prime.

        It’s sad to think that two years ago today we had one of the most dynamic attacking teams in Europe which was filled with mostly young players just reaching their prime. It’s too we weren’t able to spend some money and fill in the cracks that team had, instead that team was broken apart and we have no real identity.

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      • Ermias, It wasn’t his decision, but the reaction after that is his.
        He could have responded by bringing in more quality, but who have we got?

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    • Pretty much. We were fucking shit.
      Szczesny – 7
      Jenkinson – 5
      Mert – 5
      Verm – 5
      Gibbs – 5
      Arteta – 4
      Jack – 5
      Santi – 3
      Theo – 1
      Podolski – 1
      Gervinho – -5

      Szcz has been keeping us in the match against Villa and Everton, and almost did today as well. Coincidentally, he’s the only member of our team with ANY FUCKING CONFIDENCE. Strike that, that’s not a coincidence. Something needs to change. Hope bouldy gives them the death stare every day until results change.

      I suggest giving the younger guys a go against Olympiacos to see if they at least inject some passion into our play instead of this boring ass backwards/sideways passing bull shit.

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      • Fucking spot on. There is 0 hunger amongst these current first teamers. Give some of these kids a chance to prove what playing for the Arsenal is all about.

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    • Your right it is a fucking disgrace, this is more or less our best team playing week in week out and were 10th, I’m bringing my 7 year old kid over next week for the west brom game and I’m worrying I won’t get tickets, I don’t think I will have a problem now

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      • I’m sorry was Walcott on the pitch today???. This kind of pop up shit performance from him is what makes him unreliable for a better contract.

        Then again, he has his days so let’s just try to keep him and hope for the best. We’ve been reduced to this now!

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  1. Absolutely disgusting performances.
    Even though we hadn’t been winning anything for the last 7-8 years, at least we still used to play some brilliant football and dominate most of the matches we played, creating numerous clear cut chances.
    This team is just unbearable to watch, that’s what hurts the most.

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      • I don’t think the replacements are THAT bad. You’d think players like Cazorla, Wilshere, Giroud (top scorer last season), Podolski, etc., would be able to produce something, anything. On paper, we have a better squad than the table suggests. Too bad we don’t play on paper.

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    • So many players look out of place. Only theo looks like a winger on this team.
      Jenkinson to the BFG is probably all they do on the training ground.
      TWO wingers in january please! Rambo, ox look like some for the future not the present, don’t ‘kill them’, send them on loan.
      Come back Hleb, all is forgiven.

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      • disagree with the winger thing, theo plays for himself. he keeps drifting infield when there is ample space on the right which left jenkinson with no option but to pass backwards or infield… that’s why i’m not too bothered if he leaves, he can have stormers but at the end of the day Theo isn’t right for the team at the moment… ffs he can’t even do the basics. People have a go at Gervinho and rightly so but no matter how shit he is it does seem like his is trying for the team. Theo can fuck right off for all I care, we’ve spent so much time and money on him as a club, something he wouldn’t get anywhere else, and now he thinks he’s the bee’s fucking knees and has the cheek to demand to play up front when clearly he doesn’t have the technique or the strength to do so in today’s game. His best position for the team is out wide, for me he plays there or not at Arsenal at all.
        Fucking hell, I’m so pissed off, excuse the long winded rant

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      • We need technical quality, speed, and the ability to go past players in a non-bumbling manner on the wings. I will leave it to the professionals to find these players, but Nsue is cracking on FIFA.

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    • Amen! At least you actually enjoyed watching the side knowing that anyone from Cesc to even Bendtner could come up with a last minute winner.

      The play gets more predictable with every passing season, tippy tappy in the middle, send it out wide to Gibbs/Podolski/Walcott, proceed to cross it in low or high to the vacant six yard box. What ever happened to us creating chances in central areas bar hopeful pop shots from Santi?

      Back then you had faith that we’d get the goal and the floodgates would open, I think most Gooners had resigned to the fact we’d come away with a point at around the 60 minute mark, turns out we went one better and came out with a big fat zero.

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      • How depressing that I’m actually reminiscing about a last minute winner from Bendtner, Sagna cross, great header. Going wild on the north bank. Haven’t been to a game yet this season and I’ll think I’ll end up going to one or two tops, I think next season The Arsenal should pay ME the 30 quid to renew.

        Feel sorry the chaps and ladies who paid the extortionate admission fee to watch that complete dross today.

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    • Watching them play is like they are playing a relay race where the defence has to drag themselves to midfield to make a pass, midfielders have to get next to forwards to make a pass and the forwards pass it back to defenders.only difference between them is intensity which we dont have.

      Thumb up 8 Thumb down 1

    • Without Wenger, we’d be even worse off. I’m not super excited about the team’s performance as of late, but I think he has been hamstrung financially. Having to sell our best players for the last 4-5 years just finally caught up with us. We’ve made a couple of missteps with signings when we had no room for error. Add in how injury-prone we seem to be as a squad and this is what you get.

      And if you sack Wenger, whom do you bring in? The next best choice is still worse than Arsene.

      That said, fucking hell today was pathetic.

      Thumb up 62 Thumb down 39

      • Bullshit. How ‘hamstrung financially’ are sides like West Brom, Swansea and Everton?
        Our squad is full of the crap that Wenger brought in and is paying a fortune to play this shit.

        Thumb up 46 Thumb down 9

      • You know what I see with Wenger? I see a team full of apparently technically gifted football players that can’t connect 2 passes. Hell, there is absolutely ZERO movement off the ball! And you think buying Gervinho to replace Nasri is a genius piece of football management? I appreciate everything Arsene has done for this club, but that doesn’t excuse the total loss of style that Arsenal has endured the past 4 years. We are progressively getting worse, while teams like WBA, Swansea, Norwich, and Everton all play more attractive football than we do now. Something is very wrong here.

        Thumb up 41 Thumb down 0

      • I thought this for a long time – but we have way more money than Everton and stoke, and they’re above us in the league. 3rd is respectable with the money we have – its shit but it’s true – but we’re not looking like a team that can finish 3rd are we? We’re not even fun to watch anymore. We’re turning into Liverpool. If we sign Craig Bellamy I’ll kill myself.

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      • @A Yank – Best comment on here. That is what I think, and I reckon the money will lead to a big shift in transfer policy.

        @Frog – Yeah, many blogs have been saying that. Because it’s the truth. It’s logical. Consider the competition we have from City and Chelsea financially. Man Utd have vast commercial income. The pressure on Wenger to work miracles is justifiable, but the slating he gets when he doesn’t is ludicrous.

        @Fatgooner – How frequently do sides like West Brom, Swansea and Everton qualify for the Champions League? Perhaps this season they have just been lucky with the gambles they have made, but comparisons between us and them are an irrelevance.

        @Yar – You start off saying you will find fault with Wenger, then move on to find fault with his team. Each and every Arsenal player that was on that pitch is a great footballer. Wenger made the logical choice in picking them. They have let him down.

        @Matt – What is the point in comparing us to Everton and Stoke? Yes, we are below them now, but we’re only about 15 games into the season. For at least a decade before this we have always finished above these teams. And look at the money we’ve spent. We can’t spend as much as Chelsea and City, so we must start recognising that 3rd is an achievement. I don’t doubt that our new deals will make us more competitive.

        We need to stop being so short-sighted. Look at what Wenger has achieved in the past, on a budget. Now look to the future. We are giving Wenger the frequently-quoted “War chest” that the tabloids are always banging on about. Just think what he could achieve with that?

        Times will get better. We just need to be patient. Our club is not run by idiots, they know things are bad, and they will make things better.

        Thumb up 17 Thumb down 16

      • @Parisian – look, I HATE to make this comparison, but I’m going to anyways. Did you watch the Man U game today? Even though they got themselves back up 4-3 in the first half, SAF made 2 substitutions before the break because he had enough of what he was seeing defensively. You really think Wenger would do such a thing? And I said “apparently” technically gifted footballers. I do not consider Gervinho, Walcott, Arshavin, Chamakh, Squillaci, etc. to be anywhere near the class required to play for Arsenal. Sure sure a lot of them didn’t play today, nor the whole season, but that is my point. Just like Fabregas, Cazorla is going to get run into the ground because we have no one to take their place. Yes, I blame Wenger for that. I also blame Wenger for the fact that when we have the ball, not a single fucking player is making any kind of incisive run. Grow some balls Wenger and lay down the gauntlet, or leave!

        Thumb up 15 Thumb down 0

      • Have you been on holiday?
        Wenger lost the plot three seasons ago. Where the hell did he think we’d wind up after letting our best players go and replacing them with hapless kids and has-beens?
        He needs shipping out. Yesterday.

        Thumb up 4 Thumb down 1

      • I’m starting to believe “Hamstrung financially” is a default setting in the defence of Wenger and his tactics. I really don’t understand him as a manager. I was watching the United – Reading game on Saturday and witnessed the tactical genius of Sir Alex. He was conceding goals from headers swung in from the right hand side of his defence. What did he do you say? He took off Rafael and put in big man Smalling in the 30th minute. Problem solved. Compare that with Arsene’s standard 70th minute sub. Remember Arsenal against United when he took off the Ox for Arshavin???? How many of you thought that was a ‘What the f*@k’ moment???

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    • We should have stopped Wengers’s career 5 years ago. Today it is 8 years too late. Wenger OUT NOW! Wenger OUT NOW! Wenger OUT NOW! Wenger OUT NOW! Wenger OUT NOW!

      Thumb up 20 Thumb down 59

  2. We were balancing on the edge from the start of the season.
    I was afraid cos miracles are not happening every season, like last one with rvp.
    We are playing slow, predictable and impotent and players are acting like they don’t understand each other.
    Also if I am Wenger, Podloski and Gervinho would be benched for some time cos they were really nowhere today. But this one is Wengers fault too… he was resting Giroud and didn’t have a decent CF replacement. WHY???
    Cazorla is somehow out too.
    Good to see Rosicky back.
    I will try not to expect anything from this season except to make a good healthy solid ground for the next.

    Thumb up 14 Thumb down 2



    Thumb up 36 Thumb down 48

    • Don’t know why you got so many red thumbs.

      Interesting you should talk about non – payment of bonuses – you’re on to something there.

      The club’s administration would love the team to finish fourth every season, rather than third.

      Fourth means a smaller league place bonus payment to players than a second or third place finish ( we should forget about first altogether).

      Fourth place also brings the extra match revenue of a European competition qualifier, partly offsetting the expenditure of paying fourth place bonuses to players.

      Having ( regrettably ) worked in corporate finance in the past, the manner in which the club, and more shamefully the true followers of The Arsenal, is being manipulated is textbook risk – versus – expectation management….as well as the blatant asset – stripping of course.

      How one pitches their brand marketing can fool a lot of people. Collectively, as true supporters of The Arsenal, we are smarter than to fall for that.

      Thumb up 57 Thumb down 2

      • sorry, but this is not an accurate point – most clubs have bonuses if their players win stuff. If they dont win, they dont get bonused – and they shouldnt! This is an example of media hype at its best.

        Thumb up 1 Thumb down 4

      • Reeferman, It’s not media hype. It’s economics….and certainly not a model that produces winning football teams, whichever way you stretch it.

        Thumb up 1 Thumb down 0

      • Glad to hear someone looking at the financial side of things and taking a long-term perspective (instead of, for example, Walcott, who surely has 1 month left before getting out of this Götterdämmerung)

        What would Kroenke do next if Arsenal failed to get 4th place? Would he still consider a mid-table club good to hold onto in the long-term?

        Thumb up 4 Thumb down 0

      • Absolutely perfect. I’ve thought for some time that Kroenke has a short/long term exit strategy in mind, longevity of said plan depending on how well the gamble you mention turns out. At the minute we’re a cash cow for a savvy business man who has managed to drive share prices to an all time high.

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      • kroenke would hold on to arsenal regardless of league position, just so long as he can still turn a profit. he also owns the st.louis rams(a local team for me) and the colorado avalanche…both teams are shit and havent won anything for years…wait…the avalanche won the mls a few years ago, we havent won shit….but he will hang on as long as there is money to be made

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    • Have to say, what’s the point of having a great stadium, loads of money in the bank when we’ve got a poor team unable to compete. Who’s gonna keep turning up to watch THAT?

      Thumb up 14 Thumb down 0

      • Tourists! For the young middle/upper class person in Asia or Africa today (and there are a lot of them), the typical vacation to the UK would consist of going to watch games and buy a load of merchandise from United, City, Arsenal, Chelsea and Liverpool. It’s why we’re going on tours every summer to Asia. The Premier League has basically replaced historical sights/museums/royal family etc as the greatest attraction. If you boycott Emirates, plenty of people to take your seat from all over the world.

        (This is not just some racist “London full of ethnic minorities” shit either, I’m from Hong Kong and almost everyone (not desperately poor) I know has done this)

        Thumb up 12 Thumb down 0

      • I beg to differ NEW. Some of us “Asian” fans are really not that dumb and gullible. Here in Malaysia we talk about how far we’ve fallen, Spurs have a better squad than us, Southampton Swansea Everton all play more attractive football than we do, Wenger seems absolutely clueless when his tactics are not working, there are less players we can support and call heroes and be proud of it (Cazorla, Wilshere and Sczezny being closest and even then I feel bad watching them under perform the past few weeks). All in all even if I visit London again NOW, I wouldn’t go. Last year I would’ve considering we still had RVP, were rather attractive and able to compete. But this season no, heck I cringe watching this team on television why would I spend a fortune watching them live?

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  4. Pathetic.

    I’m afraid that’s it; game over lads. This is the match where people point and say it all went wrong.

    Don’t expect us to get Champs League football for the next ten years now, all our extra funds will be “covering our debts” because we finish 8th.

    Thumb up 50 Thumb down 13

    • i kind of agree with you. The Van Persie sale could well be the tipping point.
      How i miss the team with Fabregas, Nasri, Song, Van Persie and Wilshere as our core.
      Sre we didn’t win but they excited. Hell, they excited. The Arsenal performance today was as bad as it gets.

      Thumb up 27 Thumb down 4

      • Ha, it is interesting how minds are changing… if you posted something like this at the beginning of this bloody season youd be all thumbed down. I agree with you… somehow I don’t like this team… it looks limited and predictable.
        I hope something can change.

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  5. What a shambles. We were completely outplayed. We’re a joke at the moment. If we don’t turn things round now we’re doomed this season.

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  6. These players + Wenger should be ashamed of themselves. No passion or heart and a lot of arrogance and stubbornness from the manager. Call me a whinger all you want. The fact that even at 1-0 in stoppage time, we were happy to run towards our own goal and look for a back pass shows that these players quite frankly don’t give a rat’s ass about winning and that only comes from the manager.

    Starting Gervinho ahead of Giroud is simply Wenger trying to prove a point that he can turn him into a striker. And when a manager puts his own agenda ahead of what is best for the club. Time is up for him.

    I guess during the week we will hear about how Vermaelen thinks we can beat anybody and that will make it all better.
    Bunch of pussies representing our club.

    Thumb up 91 Thumb down 9

    • Heh. Trust me mate, you’d have watched the 1st and probably excused yourself to a burger never to return!, shit all round, shit all round!

      Thumb up 1 Thumb down 0

      • Just as I got there I heard the halftime boos – good start.

        As I tried to get in I had to wait to let people out the turnstile. At half time.

        Should’ve known then.

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  7. I stopped watching after 85 minutes because my eyes were hurting too much.
    I am genuinely happier with the loss than I would have been with a point.
    Some more results like these and maybe we’ll actually buy some quality players in january!

    Thumb up 33 Thumb down 13

    • Sickening stuff. Sick to my teeth of wenger and gazidis blathering on about the uneven financial playing field. We pay £1mln pounds in wages per week more than those horrible spuds. And who brought those players in? AW!!

      Thumb up 10 Thumb down 1

      • Yep we pay more in wages than spurs, that’s one of the many reasons why we finish above them every season.

        Seriously though, wages are proportional to income.

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  8. We are finally ripping what years of under investment, terrible squad building and paralysis at broad level have sowed. We are now a mid-table team playing mid-table football.

    Thumb up 52 Thumb down 3

      • I wasn’t mocking u, it just made me think of how our team is right now, i can see the grim reaper standing above the emirates, just waiting for Kroenke, Gazidis, Wenger etc…. As much as I think we are desperate for a change somewhere, i’m loathe to believe that sacking wenger is the answer, we will look the biggest mugs in football when truth of our finances are revealed in his tell all book. He’s a miracle worker but he no longer has the men around him to get the best out of modern day pampered footballers

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  9. don’t know what to say.

    no leaders. no fight. players look clueless.

    nothing wenger does on sidelines effects the outcome of games.

    what happened to “deadly” theo?

    i hope they have a lovely weekend in their massive houses.

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  10. Annoying team! increasingly annoying manager! The manager can’t explain all substitutions but surely he can explain his team’s performance! can’t he?

    Thumb up 29 Thumb down 1

  11. nothing new. we’re five off the third spot, so mathematically speaking nothing changed. we may still as well finish 3rd, and remain in the top 4.

    and i couldn’t care less. as i said before, it’s not about the position. it’s not about the fact that we’re in danger of not qualifying to CL for the first time in 15+ years.

    it’s about the style. it’s about what brought me to support this Club – its philosophy towards the youth and its insanely attractive way of playing. it was that what made me not really sad when we lost from time to time, because even when losing, we still kept our character and played beautifuly.

    that’s why i didn’t care about being first or second or third or fourth for most of the years; as long as we were in the CL and competing for the highest honours, i was happy for us just being there or thereabouts, for the merit of our way of playing and running the club.

    and now that’s gone.

    Thumb up 104 Thumb down 4

    • I think we were in fairly significant danger of that last season… and also in 2006 (Lasagnegate). But other than that, I am worried about the Champs League, but in all honesty, we’ve been out of it before and the world didn’t collapse. I wouldn’t be surprised if Wenger quit this summer, he’s getting too old to be getting booed at home games. He needs to go and be a director of football, or something, for his own health. Still, who would you get in?

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    • In the present situation … Yes, it is the only solution because Whinger is the boss to himself, no responsability, can do what he wants, no results target (except finish 4th). Don’t like Suggar Dady but Kroenke has 65% of the shares in the Club and can also do what he wants. Radical change is needed i.e. OUT Kroenke, Board, Gaz, Whinger and half of the team!! OUT NOW. Pissed off for seven years, but always Gooner since 1971. COYG!

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  12. “Given away cheaply” was said at least 20 times today and it defined the game. Cazorla looked tired. Yes he is our best creative player but we can’t play him every game. We need to rotate. Put Arteta up and play Coq.

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  13. Well, as badly as things have been going I did NOT foresee a 2-0 loss at home to Swansea regardless of how well they played. We refused to pressure the ball when we didn’t have possession and seemed happy to pointlessly pass the ball around their box. No one had the sense of urgency we so clearly lacked. If we don’t buy a couple of catalysts this January, I am extremely concerned for the plight of this team. I’ll never lose faith in my team, but it sure it dwindling right about. Turn this around Gunners, before it’s too late.

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    • I have seen some passion from Wilshere, Jenkinson and Vermaelen for example. What they need is confidence. But you only get that through winning. We went into a vicious circle. Let’s get behind the team to help them out of it.

      Thumb up 19 Thumb down 10

    • They don’t have it. Podolski, Giroud, Cazorla are all new signings, Gervinho, Mertesecker, and Arteta have been here for only a year, Walcott is on his way out, our captain is low as fuck on confidence. How can you maintain passion for the team if players are consistently leaving?

      In our starting lineup only Theo and Sagna have been with us for a long time, and both are going to be out come January. This bullshit needs to change, and soon.

      Wenger is a great manager, but he is too fucking stubborn. It’s great that he wants to play a passing game and play attractive football, but look how easily any team, ANY TEAM, can counter that… If they apply even the slightest pressure, we lose the ball and panic, then we seem to be lost and can’t figure out what the fuck to do. I say it’s time for change. Whether Wenger is out or not doesn’t matter, but the team needs some changes in personnel, attitude, and playing style.


      Thumb up 32 Thumb down 1

      • apart from the bit where vermaelen stopped chasing michu i thought he did alright.

        of course, he did stop chasing michu…

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  14. “We will come back. Now we have six games, four at home, and if we do well in this block I think we have a chance to come back. But of course it is vital for us to do well in these games.”

    Arsene Wenger

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  15. Ok now let’s give a good rest to Arteta, Cazorla, Giroud and others on Tuesday night, and bring in the likes of Coquelin, Arshavin, Chamakh, Eisfeld and so on. They can’t be worse than what we have seen today can they?

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  16. I’m sorry guys…I always aim to be the most positive and optimistic guy on the site, but that was fucking unbearable to watch…we’re a mess! I think I’ll take a short break from all this, wake me up when January comes :'(

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    • We’ll call you when the time comes, but don’t be alarmed if Theo’s playing centre forward somewhere else by then.

      I don’t who’s playing in St. Etienne’s youth team these days but i’m sure he’ll be regarded by management as a suitable replacement, whoever he is.

      Thumb up 15 Thumb down 1

  17. I said it you all thumbed me down, the truth is hard to swallow i have no joy in getting to see my beloved club suffer, but hear this NO ONE I MEAN NO ONE BE IT CEO, COO, BOARD MEMBER, MANAGER OR PLAYER IS GREATER than ARSENAL we are the ARSENAL its time to we demand for the team that used to win things, i am sick of always hearing about our much money we are making i want to hear how many cups we have won

    Thumb up 17 Thumb down 7

    • He is absolutely fucking useless. How many moves were there where we had pace to our attack? Very few? Well on those very few moves, Gervinho just stood there with the ball, wouldn’t pass it, wouldn’t get a cross on, Just his trickery bullshit which ends up tricking no one but himself and his teammates. Useless player.

      Thumb up 33 Thumb down 1

      • I hate bashing our players but seriously, he can’t cross, he can’t shoot, he can’t head the ball, has awful control…and yet he somehow has 5 goals haha. His change of pace is good and all that tricky shit he does but that is kind of negated by the fact that he can’t cross the ball in the first place.

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  18. One of those games where Swansea get 5 chances and score two goals.

    Arsenal get the most possesion and are happy with it.

    Now wenger will say possesion is a positive!


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  19. It is simply not good enough. We are only 2 point above Liverpool and they have been terrible this season. The team have no ideas. That’s Wengers fault. He has been amazing for football and immense for us over the years. But it’s time ‘Wenger Out’

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  20. I’ve not been for a lapdance at the strippers’ before, but I imagine that being at the stadium for this match would have resulted in similar emotions.

    Turn up excited and full of anticipation, leave feeling frustrated, unfulfilled, and with a spring clean of the wallet to boot.

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    • Gareth, I said on here ages ago that the grove would empty and got slaughtered for it.people saying that we have thousands on the waiting list blah blah blah.
      The trouble is those running the club only know a full stadium and took the waiting list as gospel. I was there in the eighties when we used to get 17.000 on some nights. Was always going to happen and will get worse.
      We are in recession and the club talk about living within our means etc except that it just didn’t occur to them that the same may apply to those that support the club.

      Thumb up 24 Thumb down 2

  21. 0-2. Empty seats ☑ Poor football ☑ No passion ☑ No subs ☑ Make Swansea look like Real Madrid ☑ Gervinho anonymous ☑ NOT AGREESIVE☑=SHIT!!!

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  22. this isnt the arsenal we know anymore. hell, im talking about a front three who has no idea who the main striker is. A midfield where they do more backward passes than forward. Sczcesny didnt deserve to lose today but the rest of the team has no excuses.

    Long season ahead but a real arsenal fan should understand we are in trouble right now, not fatigue, not lack of form but a true lack of quality and teamwork. A mid-table club at best and would be lucky to get european football next season.

    Sort this shit out wenger.

    Thumb up 36 Thumb down 0

    • Whinger can not sort this shit out because he is the main producer of this shit we are in for 7 … Sorry, 8 years and will be even in a deeper shit if we do not kick him OUT NOW!!

      Thumb up 4 Thumb down 7

  23. We fully deserved what we got. Our build up was slow, this is possibly the slowest arsenal team I have seen. No ideas, no creativity, hopeful little chips into the general direction of the striker, arteta has been badly exposed lately as the defensive enforcer he isn’t, woefully poor corners from Walcott, not much more to say really

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  24. Can anyone give feedback on the BSM walk earlier?
    Arsenal will only buy players now in the window in order to try get in the top 4. It says a lot about our ambition as to when we had VP, Cesc, Nasri etc why we couldn’t have got the two extra players that could have made us truly compete.
    To rely on Diaby to be fit shows that AW is no Einstein. And to dish out contracts to Squilacci into his 30’s but not look to increase guys like Peres and Sagna as he approaches his 30’s has left me totally devoid of faith in AW.

    Thumb up 19 Thumb down 1

  25. Time for a new manager, a new Chief Executive, and a new owner.

    We are going nowhere under this shambles of a management.

    Thumb up 22 Thumb down 9

    • Heh. You copy and paste that? Been saying it for at least three years on the trot. This is like watching a loved one die a slow, agonizingly painful death. We love you arsenal, we do.


      Thumb up 13 Thumb down 7

  26. The worst part is that buying players will do nothing. The bottom line is that we buy players like gervinho (one of the best in france), podolski (100 cap german), mertesacker( I think 60 cap german), and cazorla (world class spaniard), and Giroud (best striker in france) and what do we get…significantly worse each season. We need a change in approach and unfortunately, Wenger’s time may be over :'(

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  27. Any negative and critical comments on here are irrelevant – none of you have worked a day of your life in football. 30 years man has and here’s to another 30!

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  28. This is what happens when you rely on two Spanish lads who have both dropped out of form at the exact same time, you play your only amazing finisher on the left wing, you have a dick head on the right wing who wants to play in the middle but doesn’t have the technical ability for link up play and then your only ‘poachers’ and decent headers of the ball, one you never cross to and the other hasn’t played in the league for about a year!

    No goals. No surprise. No CL.

    Thumb up 25 Thumb down 1

    • Ugh, I can’t believe I got sucked into this free-for-all.

      Podolski played at CF for about 50 minutes this game, Giroud 25 minutes, and Gervinho the first 15.

      If you’re going to criticize, you should at least get the facts right.

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  29. I’m from the United States, I’m no homegrown Arsenal supporter. I didnt inherit my Arsenal bloodlines from family, in fact my family have no clue who Arsenal is. Point is, there had to be something special to make me become a diehard supporter of a club thats a world away.

    My first premier league game was Arsenal v United in 99′. I was 14. United won that match 2-1. However, instead of falling for united I became positively addicted to The Arsenal. Even in defeat. This was thanks to three ingredients.

    The style: crisp, fluid passing. Quick, creative movement off the ball. Unbelievable technical quality.
    The attitude: motivated, hungry, competitive, prideful.
    The World Class talents: Bergkamp, Henry, Pires, Ljungberg, Overmars, Vieira…all those ingredients expertly mixed together by Mr Wenger produced some amazing moments and memories for me ever since. For that Im grateful.

    I sit here now, not saddened by the results, similarly to the way I was not saddened when Arsenal lost to United in 99′. Instead I am saddened by the lack of style, spirit, and quality put before us. I am not doom and gloom, I will always and forever support this club, but I am saddened to see what made Arsenal so special to someone that lives so far away, seemingly slowly fall apart.

    I know Ive said this before, but felt it needed to be said again.

    Thumb up 102 Thumb down 0

    • That game against United in ’99 cemented my love for Arsenal. It’s inconceivable that the team on the pitch today could be managed by the same man as the side fielded 13 years ago. Whatever it was that made Arsenal a joy to watch even in defeat is long gone. The only rational solution is not a new crop of players, although we have a whole side of over-rated, over-paid players, but a new manager and board. If anyone has a rational argument why this isn’t needed, I’d be grateful to hear it.

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    • Feel exactly the same mate. I’m from Australia who doesn’t have any historical or familial connection with Arsenal, but fell in love with the Arsenal magic during early 2000s.

      I feel so depressed to see what made Arsenal so special to us slowly disappear. However, we will always support our club together and hope that our glory days of wonderful football will return.


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    • i feel the same way. i can’t really remember when i became a supporter. i know i sought out the champions league final in 2006, but i don’t know how familiar i was with the team at that point (i remember a time i thought henry was pronounced “henree” and pires pronounced “pyres”). what i do remember, quite clearly, was thoroughly enjoying how arsenal play the game. i mention that because i became a gooner with no real knowledge of the team’s history, performance in the premiership, or anything else. i became a supporter because of how the team competed.

      i’ve suffered with this team and celebrated with them. they haven’t really won anything since i’ve watched them, and that’s fine with me. i’ve always been happy to watch them take the field and compete. i don’t feel that way anymore. this team is hard to watch and hard to recognize. no flair, no fight, no urgency, no arsenal. like everyone else, i’ll remain a fan, but this is a really difficult period.

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  30. Poor.

    They seem to have no idea how to press the other team Swansea kept the.ball easily and we ran around expending energy for no gain.

    More worryingly we seemed to not be able to create more than a handful of chances and certainly not as many as Swansea.

    The most confusing thing is that you look at the team we put out and it is quite decent but just seems to have forgotten what to do on thepitch. AW should be able to get this group of players to play better than they are but at the moment he is failing badly how much of that is due to not being able to change things around by not.being able to buy in the summer
    I don’t know

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  31. I didn’t make the game today, got caught in a chronic traffic jam, first game I’ve missed in a while from what I can make out from the blog and soccer saturday it was a sign. Last week against Villa was bad, Norwich away was bloody awful but today seems to be a new low this season.

    I’ve always loved and defended Wenger, he has been our greatest ever manager, but I have to say today is the first time I am questioning whether he should go, I don’t know if he just hasn’t been given the resources or he’s a stubborn old git (I think its a bit of both), perhaps his job with us has run its course.

    I’ve supported the club for 45 years and I don’t think I’ve been this down since Don Howe was in charged I’m just really depressed.

    Thumb up 19 Thumb down 3

  32. Wot a Fucking disgrace! We are so boring to watch not one clear cut chance all game! Spend some Fucking money in January! We can say bye bye to the champions lge next season!

    Thumb up 9 Thumb down 2

  33. Hello guys.

    I just finished watching the game in Kampala, Uganda, down here in East Africa. I am going on a bender tonight, like most of the city is. We love the Gunners here, I swear we do. I even blog with a site called African Arsenal ( I am not sure how I will manage to keep my head up in the bar later tonight but what the heck…I will.

    But something’s wrong. I am saying this calmly, without getting insulting or anything.

    We lost; we lost really without looking like we could ever win. We can’t kid ourselves anymore.

    Something’s wrong at the Arsenal, and I actually feel a little glad this has happened. This is what is going to wake us up. We have been leaking players, have a seeming inability to spend, seem to be unable to fire up a still-talented team…I can’t say what it is, but something’s wrong. I started watching the Gunners when Ian Wright was winding up his career and Anelka was making a name for himself

    We are absolutely unrecognisable.

    It hurts to be a Gunner right now, hurts like hell. I am not sure whether I can say “We deserve better” because as fans that doesn’t really make sense.

    But we have lost our way, and I feel we will not find it again soon.

    Something’s wrong…very wrong. And maybe this was the only way we could see it, bluntly, without any roses.

    Something is wrong.

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  34. Arsenals attack plan:
    Scez -> mert -> Jenk -> Walcott…..(almost loses it) back to Jenks -> mert -> verm -> gibbs-> poldo back to gibbs -> verm -> mert -> jenks -> Walcott……loses it.

    After a long time of chasing the ball around and eventually getting it back the cycle is repeated again with only this time Gerv replacing Walcott.

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  35. usually I would defend wenger and arsenal but todays game shows how poor a squad we’ve become, the team lacks any depth, 100k a week walcott wants well if he plays like that he wont get 1k a week. Gervinho infuriates me! His persistent lack of direction and inability to look up makes him seem like a dog chasing his own tail. With the current squad I cant see atop 4 place, however over the past few seasons we’ve had poor runs like this and eventually finish in the top 4. Arsenal cant I accept that financially we cant match what other teams pay (man CIteh and Chelski), yet we are ARSENAL surely theres some players even like Michu who would love to play for arsenal and would actually seem to care! I really dont know what to think anymore but arsenal needs shaking up and changing soon!!

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  36. Poor, if you take our front three, and compare it to the likes of Chelsea, and both Manchester clubs, we are severely lacking… with even less possibility of any meaningful rotation. Very bad start to the month, I hope it improves, but I wouldn’t bet on it.

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  37. There have been too many games now when various players can’t get themselves up for it.

    However tired the players were after Wednesday, they should have at least started the game brightly.

    When managers can’t get the players up for it, there is normally only one outcome, the problem is I just cant see Wenger resigning, or being sacked before the end of the season.

    Sad times

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  38. However, changing managers would not be so horrible, remember George Graham was a club legend on and off the pitch and he had to move on. Change is a sign of progress and we WILL come back. “The night is always at its darkest before the dawn.”

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  39. no passion – fuck off.
    no bite, no vision, zero incisive play – fuck off.
    no tactical awareness or ability to adapt to what the game presented – fuck off.
    1 striker in the squad who comes on in the 65th minute – fuck off.
    empty promises about team performance, acquiring new blood, sigining theo – fuck off.
    a team full of promising talent who, as a whole, do the sum total of FUCK ALL – fuck off.

    szczesny was the only player who managed anything positive today. would have been 4-0 or more without him. i’m tired of the bullshit. i need a vacation from football.

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  40. Every time 5 head slows down play with his Penalty Box Jig I want to fucking scream.

    Woeful performance from a side that should have thrashed Swansea. So much for that push, eh?

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  41. this team might not be very poor wen it comes to indiviual quality but their attitude towards d game is as poor as my mum‘s french………im gutted……can‘t even nick a win @ the emirates????……….FUCK!!!!……so sad

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  42. i feel sorry for the gooners who attend the match at emirates, they pay the highest ticket price on earth, but this arsenal team are what we see right now,

    wenger was a miracle worker, but this time, though i’m not convinced since the board & co. have similar views to him, he needs to step down,

    i still love arsenal no matter what 🙁

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  43. to people who defend Wenger based on what he has done for this club in the PAST:

    Wenger has been a miracle for this club. got us where we are today, new stadium, top four team, the invincibles, 2 doubles. thats all very true.

    But no manager should be kept as an honour to history. fact is Wenger is not the best manager for our club right now so he simply needs to go. IF someone has an argument for why Wenger should stay that does not involve his history, I am happy to hear them out. other than that fuck off

    Thumb up 21 Thumb down 5

    • Well I don’t believe changing the manager now would make us better. I think it would send us into a deeper crisis. Besides, I don’t see any other manager that could have done better with the resources available and other circumstances in the past 2-3 seasons. This is why I trust Wenger to get us out of the ditch over the next couple of years, and then retire when we are back to winning ways.

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      • your point relies on history mate. I admitted that Wenger has done brilliantly for our club and I think he deserves one of the stands to be named after him or a statue to honour him. but that is as far as an honour goes. not let him ruin our club as an honour.

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    • 1. if NOT wenger then WHO??
      2. is the board audacious enough to sack wenger, dont think so because board regulary uses wengers shoulder to shoot their canons. Both the board and wenger have become so cosy with each other that they have become completely blinded by the loyalty for each other.
      3. even if the board sacks wenger then how much transfer kitty are they willing to give to the new manager. And if these board can give new manager huge transfer kitty then question will be raised why the same amount wasnt provided to wenger when he needed the funds to strengthen his team.
      4. all those expenses of severance pay for wenger & his staffs plus new signing of manager plus his choice of staff and the money for the new manager to rampage the transfer window equals huge sum of money. so board will likely save 60% of the expenses and give wenger some much needed transfer funds.

      These are my arguments that wenger will not be sacked atleast not till summer(if that is ever going to happen).

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      • The ONLY coach right now that could bring top quality players into the club w/o the promise of Champion’s League next year is Pep. He has that ‘something’ that makes players want to play for him. I’m not saying we will or even can bring him in, but he seriously is the only one.
        Maybe, MAYBE, Mourihno in the Summer, but that might be more disastrous than even what is happening right now.
        IF Wenger out? Then ONLY if Pep is secured, or you will see worse football than today.

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  44. Can`t understand this team anymore… The explosive, dynamic and free flowing fotball that Arsenal are known for is gone….

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  45. Guys,don’t lose it just yet.wait until Christmas and if we’re still this shit and dropping points then we’ll knw a few signings won’t change anything.Only then can we judge Wenger.After last year’s awful season,we were promised, “never again.Well,Arsene,you got until Christmas to get back on track.

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  46. Have we hit the rock bottom or what…Damn! I cant make head or tail of this arsenal team, we were pathetic and swansea deserved the 3 points, Arsenal has been decoded and now everyone knows how to stop and win against arsenal.

    Now I need to buy a new TV and have lots of explaining to do.Shit!!

    After hard week’s work all I ask is some R&R but arsenal aint helping the cause.

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  47. I can’t understand why, with such a weak squad, we didn’t play our best striker from the start. First half we had 2 or three very good crosses into the box from jenkinson, but instead of having Giroud in there attacking them we had the hapless Gervinho. Very frustrating.

    Very interested to see what Wenger’s post match comments will be. “You all know what you’re doing”. Well its very clear to the fans that the squad is very light, and short on some quality so at the moment we seem to know something important that Wenger doesn’t.

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  48. Podolski invisible again, today. I think he actually only had 4 passes? Gervinho was.. Well.. Gervinho. Cazorla and Arteta looks beaten to the ground, they are seriously never rested.

    Wonder what it will take to get this team on its feet again, but clearly something has to be done.

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    • west brom who have just lost two in a row. i look forward to comparing their approach and performance to that of ours.

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  49. most wanted ramsey not to play. he wasn’t played. still we lost the game. so now this should stop the blame.
    barring TV5 and SCSZ, every other player were piss poor. this just goes on to prove we can’t play against 11 men. something is amiss.
    I really cannot see a glimmer of light on the other side of the tunnel. this performance has provided the fuel to the fire raging against wenger, the board as well as the players.

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  50. *ring ring*

    gazidis: who is it?

    emirates: it’s the emirates. we’d like our money back. you weren’t gonna spend it anyway, were ya?

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  51. AW please make wilshere as a DEF midfielder and let Arteta come up front…Give a chance to Theo so tht he can prove himself as a Striker rather than giving Ger-shit-vinho as a main striker…and buy a Defensive enforcer …………..please please please…….

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  52. “lacked a little bit of sharpness” “lacked a little bit of mental strength” “Player X will give us a boost” I expect the same old statements.

    I lol’d at the Gervinho header in the first half when we actually should have been trying to slot the wee men through on the deck much like how Swansea were doing.

    Their winger Dyer was on fire today there were times when he simply left the defenders for dead with a burst of acceleration from minute 1 through to 94. A very intelligent, speedy and versatile winger. Michu was absolutely clinical, such an Henry esque finish for his first and a cheeky stroke for the second.

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  53. Arsene it’s been real, we’ve had some fun times but its time for us to part. It’s not you, it’s me. Let me call you a cab.

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  54. “If everybody is absolutely devastated when we finish third in the league, I promise you I will not be here if we finish 15th one day.”

    Arsene Wenger

    (I´m hoping for 15th)

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  55. I saw this on twitter and I think it’s appropro in regards to Wenger. If you know Batman movies, you should know this.

    “You either die a hero or you live long enough to see yourself become the villain”

    Hopefully these string of results and the rage of supporters finally spring the changes in policy we desperately need. I am not advocating Wenger to leave. I still think he can do the job for us, but he needs more support from the board .

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  56. I’m looking forward to hear what the idiotic Arsene defenders will come up with this time!
    This man cannot motivate anything.

    Some may Blaim the board, and I sometimes do the same, but if the club is making as much money as it dose for the board, with the managers transfer policy, i dont see any reason why any board member would want to change the manager.

    I truly believe the fault lies with one man, because if we were told there is money available every season and the manager keep getting us mediocre players whiles letting go of all our best players without a fight then something is wrong.

    Why is this man letting all the reputation he has built goes down the drain like this for some stupid philosophy?

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  57. This season is the worst I’ve ever seen Arsenal. Granted, I was born in 1990 and only really started following the club during the Wenger era, but I’ve never seen the team so completely out of ideas, totally inflexible, toothless. The attackers aren’t making the right runs, the midfield isn’t moving enough to make space for each other, and there seems to be a real lack of trust between the players due to an alarming amount of turnovers and misplaced passes. Arsene Wenger is one of the greatest football managers of all times, that is indisputable. His teams have always been known for their movement and clinical attacking play. You also can’t dispute the talent in this team: Szczesny, Sagna, Mertesacker, Koscielny/Vermaelen, Gibbs, Arteta, Wilshere, Cazorla, Podolski, Giroud, Theo/Ox is a fantastic starting XI on paper. Obviously, we’re lacking depth, but is it really possible that Wenger doesn’t know that? What he says to the media and what he actually thinks are two very different things. I don’t believe he feels that we do have a strong enough squad to win the league. I don’t think he has since 2008, the last time we came relatively close. So what’s changed between when we were consistent, realistic title challengers, when Wenger didn’t seem that have any problem attracting the brightest talent? I think there are two main factors: the alternate reality football exists in due to the presence of oil-soaked Chelski and Citeh, and the massive overhaul in the board room at Arsenal. We lose players to teams that can pay double and triple the wages we can afford, and we fail to attract the kind of players we need to replace them for that same reason. We used to have a club run by a group of people who had Arsenal in their families, in their blood. Now, we’re run by an owner who clearly couldn’t care less about our long term competitiveness, with the shady and ruthless presence of propaganda master Usmanov waiting in the wings (who I also believe couldn’t care less about our long term health).

    We’re in real trouble, and it’s starting to look grim for Arsene, but do we really believe that he’s “lost the plot,” and if so, who is the right man to lead Arsenal forward under these economic and administrative conditions?

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  58. “This team has something special” – Wenger. Yes they are specialist to loose the ball non top to play back passes to ruin our style of play beautiful creativity players scoring goals for fun of our old beloved arsenal, Yeah wenger this team i really special in doing this because if someone told me couple years before that I would seeing arsenal play like this i would commit suicide and yes you need special to ruin our game and playing style and become shit no doubt.

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  59. If we want there attention !!! I say we arsenal fans just stop attending there matches.. Hit them hard !! There pockets .. Cuz this shit ain’t gonna change !! My Saturday is now ruined .. I’ll be in my bed depressed. #WengerOut

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  60. 1. Wenger Out – Keep him in the organisation. Away from first team football.
    2. Find a new Manager: Why not Laudrup? Amazing player and Manager that wants to play the football we are used too. De Boer and Bergkamp from Ajax?
    3. Fringe Players Out: Chamakh, Arshavin, Diaby, Santos, Squilacci
    4. Replace the above with 3 quality January signings

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    • this post is almost entirely irrelevant.

      its’s not entirely irrelevant simply because i don’t want to be that rude.

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  61. So I hate watching Arsenal lose, obviously, and I hope we go on to have an amazing season somehow. However, I now think I’d rather us finish outside of the top 4 and trophiless than a jammy 3rd or 4th with nothing changing. We need a firework up our arse.

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  62. To be honest, I really want to side with Wenger. But we’ve had far too many patches of ‘can’t give a flying toss’ performances from Arsenal sides over the past few years, even sides that had Fabregas and van Persie in it.

    I am almost deluded into thinking that Nasri’s words when he left Arsenal are true. Is life really easy for some at Arsenal? That you can be extremely mediocre and still earn a fantastic pay? Even in the Norwich game, there never seemed like an element of responsibility, no one looked to inspire or take the game by the scruff of the neck. Too many tired and jaded performances and not even half the season is gone.

    But it’s inexplicable how the man who gave us the unbeaten season is at the helm during these dark times? Is it true that he hasn’t evolved with the game? I’d clearly like to think that Wenger still has it, but he’s making it bloody difficult. The only direction at the moment that makes perfect sense is to let him go. I’m going to get a lot of stick for this, but I’d really go for Roberto di Matteo at this point in time.

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    • That would be more painful it will make me cry to watch bergy’s and henry’s videos and our glory days and beautiful play shit even my thought going in that direction is making me to start crying what we become really sad.

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  63. For the first time since hes left ive realised today what cunt persey was talking about when he said about the clubs ambitions.

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  64. To be honest, I really think the club needs a good kick up the arse..hopefully, if we screw up december and end up below liverpool, we might see change.

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  65. Maybe us fans are the definition of madness , we’re the crazy one’s , sitting there every week , expecting things to change…..that never do.

    So gutted right now, I think Wenger is really gutted too, but we need to spend some serious money or kick the lads firmly up the back side and remind them who they are playing for.

    Up the arsenal!

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  66. arsenal supporters deserves much better than this shit, paying the most expensive tickets in the world, supporting their team what ever happends. But what do we get in return?

    The board sells our best players each season, and sets the absolutly highest tickets price in the world.

    The players doesn´t show any passion for the club, no creativeness, they got the best support in the league and still aint looking motivated.. After watching this game i was asking myself if they really wanted to win the match..

    Arsenal supporters deserves much better and the club should aim much higher than a 4th place… And the board needs to show some ambitions by buying really good players.

    And Wenger needs to stop playing Gervinho and Ramsey….

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    • Never in his life. He is ‘In Love’ with some of his players. He plays them over and over. To thank him, they leave as soon as possible. The others, he plays them out of the position. So they do not gove a shit to run and …. Leave as well. Pathetic!! Wenger OUT NOW!! Wenger OUT NOW!!

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  67. Ivan being the total prick he is will probably sell sagna when jenks has showed today he is just not IT YET!.

    Pissed to the core and sp*ds winning away comfortably makes me want to choke on my on liver.

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  68. Hopefully this result will kick the board and Arsene into action regarding shifting the duffers and bringing in some quality to replace them.

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  69. I personally think that the players are not at fault here. We should just be more direct and put long balls or crosses into the box. We have to suit Giroud’s style of play. From how I see it, the team now just passes the ball without any threat. a

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  70. Just seen Wengers post match interview, he said we were tired cause of the mid week game, when asked “what about the other teams that played in mid-week” he didn’t know what to say………………fucking pathetic……….

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  71. Toothless & slow build up play with zero creativity.

    Opposition press us high up the pitch & we have no answer. Its hard to say this but we miss Cesc badly.

    It was cold, dark & miserable at the emirates today & worst of all it costs a lot of money to watch – predominantly average players with almost the highest wage bill in the league – disgraceful & at times today JW looked thoroughly disgusted with his teammates, wouldn’t blame him if he didn’t sign a contract extension his team mates aren’t good enough.

    Hate to be so full of negativity but nothing today deserves praise. Swansea thoroughly deserved the win.


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    • We have sold our best player who was also a simbol of the club, top scorer, our miracle of the last season and a captain. We sold him to United! Craaaazy!
      He lost his soul but also Arsenal did too.

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  72. I could see this result coming a mile off. We’ve struggled for possession at the best of times this season, so I knew playing Swansea would be quite humiliating. Never have I seen an Arsenal team under Wenger have to struggle so much to retain the ball!!

    How can a midfield of Arteta, Cazorla and Wilshere not boss a game?
    One suggestion is that Arteta and Cazorla have played every single game this season. Wilshere has not been properly eased in because we have no strength in depth.

    Wenger sold Alex Song because we apparently had so many players in his position (WTF!!!) We’ve got 3 quality midfielders in Arteta, Cazorla and Wilshere. The others are either not very good at this moment in their career (Coquelin, Frimpong, Ramsey) or can never be relied upon to stay fit (Rosicky, Diaby). Our midfield trio are fucking exhausted. Arteta’s form has gone out the window, Cazorla is fatigued and Wilshere’s arguable overuse means that his form is struggling a little bit.

    I believe that if we had RVP and Song with our additions to the squad, we’d be challenging. As it is, the club cashed out, yet again, and this is the result. Arsene is completely deluded playing the same 11 players for every single game. That’s why there’s a complete incongruity between our players on paper and on the pitch.

    Why not buy a striker Arsene if Giroud doesn’t always perform and you’re forced to play Gervihno? Why not buy a creative winger, instead of playing Ramsey on the left and right? Why not buy a decent left bank, instead of playing Vermaelen on the left?

    You’ve recruited a good group of players, Arsene, but you ain’t using them right mate! This is my biggest problem with you. I don’t want to resent you, but you’re making it very hard for me not to! And if that’s the case with me, then why shouldn’t it be the case for the glut of players constantly looking for the exit (Cesc, RVP and Song – I don’t include mercenaries in that list i.e. Nasri, Adebayor, Hleb)

    This squad, like every Arsenal squad, is crying out for investment. At least 3 players for me, and if Walcott leaves, then 4!!!

    This is the basic existential question for any Arsenal fan: Is Arsene refusing to spend or are his hands tied? If it is the former, then things are much worse than anyone would want to admit.

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    • I am in that mood from the moment we sold rvp to United. But I can’t help it and I am still crazy for Arsenal to win… even if Ramsey would score all the goals as our new CF…

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  73. at least wenger isn’t making excuses this time:

    “We were not good and Swansea deserved to win. We looked very jaded after two away games in the Champions League. Where we were guilty was with three minutes to go at 0-0, if you cannot win you must not lose.

    “I believed we tried very hard to get back into the game, but we weren’t sharp enough. We didn’t create enough chances, we will work on it. Our fans cannot be happy when we do not win games and what we produced today is not enough to keep our fans happy.”

    what he does say though, makes me wonder why these things happened in the first place.

    at least next season he won’t have to worry about the players getting tired after champions league games. unless he isn’t here any more.

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  74. It’s frustrating. This is the first time I wanted Swansea to score and win while watching, even shout for them. So disappointed with the team today, carzola should be substituted, he is exhausted same to arteta. A lot to say, the team is a mess. No idea, no drive, couldn’t win the ball back. We need fellaini.

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  75. Problems, as see it, are all related to a lack of speed, incicivness and creativity, the reasons for which are:

    -Too many new players, players newly back from injury and players in new positions means speed and teamwork is compromised. Wilshire, for example, is not up to speed.
    -The players are all of a good standard but lack creativity. Carzola and Walcot, podolski, Girou, even Gervhino, all have big pluses but they are not naturally creative. Despite the goals the inciciveness of Rosicky made a difference when he came on , adding to our forward movement.
    – The new focus on defence was necessary but it has cost us something in the transition phase. Arteta, was key in the middle, our most creative, and he has been removed from this role.
    – key players are jaded and tired (Arteta, Carzola), we need cover.All the other players are too similiar.

    The main thing we need is time to gel, for Rosicky and Wilshire to get up to speed and for the new arrivals to find an understanding. We also need proper wingers, not strikers that can’t cross. We need a creative playmaker. We need a defensive mid to free Arteta or at least cover so he can be rested, even Owen Hargreaves would be a useful dynamic.

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  76. Arsenal your my love and to see the players so lethargic and careless made me sad, Rosicky came on and looked like a 19 years( in footballing age), Cmon Arsenal, Cmon you Reds play for the fucking shirt your making me an alcoholic with performances like these!

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  77. I don’t see how people can keep backing wenger! Even the most hardcore fan! I accept he was limited in funds but he keeps buying players then playing them out of position.

    Walcott isn’t a winger, Podolski isn’t a winger, Giroud is not a goal machine just a quality target man, Gervinho isn’t a forward, Ramsey… Why on the right wing? He’s a central midfielder, arteta isnt a holding midfielder, santos is a winger.. He can’t defend!!!

    I could go on and on, it’s absolutely fucking terrible to see us look in all honesty absolutely shit!

    It pains me too say it but wenger has to go, he’s lost the dressing room and lost most fans, he is solely responsible for bringing in inadequate players and playing them out of position! Also wenger has no plan B, we do this sideways passing and that’s it…

    Also Kroenke needs to stand up and make changes and invest or fuckoff!

    I’d rather the fat ruski cone in with guardiola(give him what he wants and a fat war chest).

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    • Exactly what I think about Kroenke, now it’s time he shows why he’s here in the first place. If he really cares about the football side of this club, he has to come and take some decisions and invest some money.
      If not he really should just f*** off as you said

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  78. Really don’t know what’s wrong with this group of players, on paper they seems good. But maybe not. I think some offensive addition in January will help.

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  79. Think we missed Ramseys assists…..all kidding aside we are Shit, we were near Shit last season but this season we’re the full Shit. Huntelaar won’t change this, either will some kid off crystal palace. I give up,I watch in hope against West brom next Saturday,read that.West Brom,I hope we can beat them

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  80. At what cost we do get a new manager then ?
    Right time for a new manager because when we will finish out of the champions league spot we will need to give time to a new manager . Shame on Wengers press conferences … very very much not realistic … closer to nazi propaganda .

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  81. The only thing the board cares about are the profits. Fact. The thing is, they have to have to have to spend BIG this this winter transfer, if they want to stay in CL moneyville. I trust that they will do whats needed for that. And we can hope for next years title.

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    • It sure would be scary if they somehow figure out a way of becoming permanently mid-table and still making as much profit as they do now – given the opaqueness of the club’s finances and Kroenke’s intentions, this is exactly my fear

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  82. Extremely poor, agreed.

    Now, who can we realistically buy in january to both get our style back and at least finish 4th ? Any thoughts for immediate impact ? (Keeping in man the 25 man rule and so on)

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  83. Can anyone tell me why our flanks look so poor? It looks that whenever other teams attack us our fullbacks are well busy, when we attack it all goes through the middle?

    I can’t say they passed us off the pitch, it was actually nice to see how high up the pitch we pushed them, and to be honest their 2nd half wasn’t any better than ours, just they broke twice and took the chances while we failed to do the same.

    Also, when we defend with 9 men, somehow we don’t make the pitch small enough for the opponents but our opponents always manage to do it against us and we run against the wall.

    I think after first 20 min of play today our team actually saw how football was played and we did take “some risks” when playing the ball through tight angles – this is a skill being absent from this Arsenal squad for a few months now and it actually worked few times as well. Can’t see it happening again though in the coming weeks as confidence will be rock bottom.

    I do wonder if this team needs a new manager who shouts and screams his head off when the team doesn’t work hard enough.

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  84. It’s time. All you Wenger fanboys really need to open your eyes.

    We are at Week 15 in the season. That’s over halfway through the season. And we are below Stoke and West Ham in the table.

    This isn’t a kneejerk reaction like you all seem to think. This has been going on for the last few years.

    Thank you sincerely for everything, but it’s time to go Arsene.

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      • He probably didn’t mean that we are over the half way mark but we have gone over approximately half a season (15 games tonight – 19 games h/w mark)… and if we replicate this exact form we will end up winning only approximately another 6~7 games over the course of the full season 🙁

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  85. Who honestly thinks that our risk adverse board will sanction spending loads of cash that we need to keep on reserve to cover the loss of revenue that will be incurred by failing to get 4th.

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  86. Bored of comments praising Swansea, it’s just guff to distract away from our own performance. It’s actually disrespectful, Swansea are a good team, a good team in great form, but it shows how bad we are. I truthfully didn’t expect us to win and am fed up with the idea that ‘we’ should just roll over these apparent lesser teams. We simply aren’t there, Swansea are a better team. Something big is missing with our team/club, it’s weird, it’s not just abt players that have been sold. On paper we are a good team (not including Gervinho who is one of the most disappointing signings in my arsenal supporting life) but the atmosphere around the club and stadium is horrible.

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  87. Forget naming a single player, much more holistic Ganges need to be made. We are going backwards faster. It was a league position every year, now we are dropping to mid table. The squad is better than our current results. Why?

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    • 5 points doesn’t seem like much. And looking at the fixtures we got coming up, the games look winnable. Except, they don’t! Every game looks like a potential draw or defeat. Gone are the days where after a defeat like this we would bounce back with intensity. And that’s where there dismay comes from. We don’t look like a team capable of scoring enough goals to close that deficit of 5 points.

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  88. on spending money in January…
    It’s difficult to answer that straight away after a game like that. I cannot say no, but I believe the support from the board is there to spend the money if we find the players. – Arsene Wenger

    nothing will change…

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  89. I would have given the Swansea players the Arsenal shirts and vice versa when watching that game beacuse maybe the Arsenal players would have seen how football should be played! (especially in first half)

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  90. i think arsenal players should train (how to give the ball away)to remmber how to (pass the ball),they should be static in training to remember how to move and make runs

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  91. haha there’s exactly zero chance of mourinho comes to arsenal. he clearly only gets himself into positions (after porto) where he’s permitted to spend wads of cash on excellent players to give himself a chance. not a critique of his success, he’s had a fantastic track record, but there’s no way he’d set himself up for failure with a 15 million/year transfer kitty or whatever.

    guardiola? i dunno. i SINCERELY doubt it; he’ll have all sorts of suitors with plenty more cash, not to mention more attractive squads than ours. wenger’s not going anywhere for at least a year or two.

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  92. Might as well of stayed at Highbury….at least we’d be ‘home’. We’ve lost Highbury to fund shit like Gervinho, Ramsey, Podolski ,Park, Squillaci etc etc….
    Arsenal FC are fuckin’ liars. If we’d stayed where we were, would we be higher than 10th now? YES. Would we have won a cup or two? YES. Would our seats be much cheaper, YES. Wenger can stick Gervinho up his arse….he bought this shit, he plays him as our clubs centre forward…his pitiful excuses are pathetic and embarrassing. Lots of empty seats today….get used to it Gazidis.

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    • But would Kroenke stand to make as much money as he does by stripping our assets? NO.

      And that I’m afraid is the only factor that counts

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    • anyone got a spare batch of Mr. T’s milk knocking about? We could use that. Mix it into Bergy’s advocaat, he’d never know.

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  93. No wonder RVP left. Next Barcelona will come for Szczesny and Wilshire. Who can bet gainst them leaving for a club that actually win trophies. The whole Arsenal board is bunch of stingy basterds.

    AW spoke of bringing in quality after the distaster at United last year and he brought in Andre Santos and some Korean who can’t even make it to the reserve starting eleven. Bollocks

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  94. There’s no point sacking Wenger now although I agree he’s totally lost it. I actually think that if we were to finish, say, 8th or 9th this season, it would be a really good thing long term. People say we need the Champions’ League to compete with others financially – but we don’t spend that money anyway and have made a profit on transfers for a ridiculous number of years now.

    No-one of top quality will join us this January anyway because we won’t be in the CL next year so the best thing would be for us to totally fail this year and finally something will change. Whether that’s AW leaving or just a totally shift in mentality from him, I don’t care. But something will change if we finish 9th…

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      • …then it would be a “Back To The Future” moment….exactly 30 and 20 years since our last 10th place finishes.

        After finishing 10th in May 1983, Terry Neill was relieved from his post early the following season after the Walsall League Cup fiasco – which believe me, was even worse than yesterday’s performance against Swansea.

        At least we had two domestic cups to show for 1993’s 10th place finish – can’t see that being a silver lining this season, the club places no priority on the domestic cups.

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  95. Wenger supporters don’t give us the usual nonsense that we should support spuds.Wenger is incharge of the team,if we can credit him when he does well why can’t we criticise that di*ckhead when he is ruining our club.If I did not care and love this club I would not be wasting my time and bothering to post on this blog.

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  96. There is a distinct lack of Arsene suporters today, why is that? Are they hiding or have they seen the light? The one we’ve been trying to show them all this time.

    Please guys lay Gervinho and Ramsey, they’re doing their best. The fault lies with Arsene.

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    • Completely agree with you Bakarr. The same things keep happening season after season after season, the playing staff are completely different but the problems are the same. People have to recognise that the fault lies with the constant factor, Monsieur Arsene Wenger.

      What I saw today was an organised, hard working, tactically aware team get a deserved victory over a shambles of a side that came out of the tunnel with a complacent attitude and had no organisation or method.

      Players need a plan, they need directing and they need to know what is expected of them. It is very clear watching Arsene’s teams that he is not delivering on these basic requirements.

      How many times do we hear people saying that such-and-such doesn’t even know the basics? When does the penny drop that they are not being taught the basics in training?

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  97. Arsenal’s wage bill has consistently been the fourth or fifth highest in the BPL for several seasons, with only Liverpool outspending us up until 2011 (outside the unholy trinity of the two Manchesters and Chelski of course), and I see no reason to believe that we’re less than fourth or fifth this season. So I think I’m safe in believing that other than the top three, we outspend every team in front of us by a considerable margin. Our wage bill could very well be triple some of the teams in front of us.

    So, if we don’t get the fourth place trophy this season, we are underperforming. For all our talk of being in the poor house compared to the actual title contenders, compared to the other teams ahead of us in the competition for the Champions League participation trophy, we’re as far ahead of them in resources as ManShitty, ManUre and Chelski are ahead of us. One of two things, or a combination of both, are happening here. Either the talent in the squad doesn’t actually match the wage bill or we do have the fourth best group of players in the BPL and they’re not being managed in a way which allows them play to their collective potential. If Wenger is to be given credit for the Invincibles, he needs to held accountable for being tenth after fifteen games. At the end of the day, there are only five points separating us from our goal and 23 games to make up that deficit but this has to be the biggest challenge and most difficult period of Wenger’s tenure. I sincerely hope he’s up to it.

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  98. Wenger also bought Carzorla, raised Wilshere and spotted Giroud. He’s not finished outside the top 4 ever – an achievement in this ridiculous age of clubs being bought as rich man’s play things. At the moment we’re mid table mediocrity but this is the same team that got us all excited on that run following the win at Anfield. I think with everything Wenger has done for the club sacking him ala Abramovich would just be stupid, especially now. Let’s see where we finish up at the end of the season at least. And who could the board find that would do any better, that they’d give more money too or not sanction the sale of our best players. I think our problems are there, at the top.

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  99. So have we officially run out of excuses for our performances? We can’t put the blame on youth, inexperience or quality for this one as our XI had 300+ international caps between them…

    I thought getting into the CL last year was a miracle given our start that season, and we had to go into some amazing form to get there, but now somehow we’re doing even worse. To be honest, who knows who we can bring in within our usual budget who’d lift us. Theres so many deep problems from the lack of depth to the quality of football getting shitter each year, but the biggest one is that our players arent being made to play to 100% of their ability. Im not Wenger out or anything, but other managers are doing much better at that right now.

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  100. We will buy in January if we can find a top top player that will improve the squad… Why wasn’t he thinking that when he bough giroud poldolski Gervinho park chamakh and the rest of our average players… It’s all about cheaping out…

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  101. It’s difficult to know where to start when trying to dissect what has happened over the last few years. I’ve read every comment under this article and tried to see peoples’ points of views as objectively as possible and I’m left with the overall impression that the majority of Arsenal fans have lost faith in one or more of Wenger, the Board and/or the team.

    I’m unashamedly pro-Wenger but I’m finding it increasingly difficult to back him. I genuinely believe that there is not a single other manager out there who could have steered us through the difficult financial period which the club has been through in recent times in particular since moving to the Emirates and trying to sell the Highbury Villas.

    But I now believe that one of Wenger’s greatest strengths in managing the team on a relatively meagre budget has become his most toxic flaw. Whether or not there was/now is money to be spent, I truly believe that Wenger would not/will not spend it properly anyway.

    The way the club is run is bordering autocratic and the board and the manager have become so reliant on each other and so intertwined that the Club has suffered as a result. For which other club do you get the impression that the manager has such a defining role to play in respect of the club’s finances other than Arsenal? The board needs Wenger and Wenger needs the board. Both sides have shown a complacency which has undermined the lifeblood of the club; the fans.

    The signing I was most excited for this summer wasn’t any of the 3 players we brought in but rather Steve Bould. I really believed that he could be the person to come in and make Wenger think twice about certain decisions and shake things up but it became patently clear pretty early on that he just wasn’t able to do that and I believe that is due to the almost omnipotent influence and impenetrable hold which Wenger has at the club.

    I think fear of the unknown precludes the pro-Wenger fans from being able to envisage an Arsenal without him there and I am still within this school of thought. But you have to ask yourself, how will the status-quo of decline change? I cannot see how it will with Wenger at the helm. Even now, I still do not want to admit that I believe Wenger should go but I know in my heart of hearts that his tenure has run its course and there is scant other option to halt the demise of Arsenal.

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  102. Throughout all of this I cant help wondering about Steve Bould and his contribution. Isn’t he there to motivate the players? What would we be doing this season with an experienced Assistant Manager? That is not to say it is all his fault, but I believe it could be a factor. Is it just coincidence we seemed to lose all fight and ‘spirit’ since he took over?

    Come back Pat Rice all is forgiven?

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    • There are many factors that come to play (I am part of the “group” that blames the board most of all and believes Kroenke is an asset-stripper with no intention of letting us buy anyone).

      But the Steve Bould question is intruiging. Assuming that our tendency to chase back and put men behind the ball this season bears his mark, I think his defensive philosophy is incompatible with Arsene’s attacking philosophy.

      Playing a deeper defence, playing all 3 of Cazorla Wilshere Arteta box-to-box, and cautioning our fullbacks against attacking has made us a better defensive unit. Long gone are the days of Denilson jogging back overtaken by Giggs. But it hasn’t solved the fundamental defensive problem of confidence and leadership.

      However, it has taken a lot out of our attack, by making our wingers less inclined to make runs, by exhausting our NEVER SUBSTITUTED Spanish midfielders, by removing the surprise element of a Vermaelen or a wingback appearing in enemy territory from nowhere…

      Basically, taking half of each philosophy doesn’t give you a new philosophy, it gives you contradictions…

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  103. Wer have a real problem with starting slowly. Even against Everton, we scored straight away but Everton controlled most of the first half. Don’t know why it takes us so long to settle in and get control.

    We need a nother striker and midfielder. Our quality players are simply too tired, and we can’t afford to wait for/rely on Rosicky and Diaby to be healthy.

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  104. I made a £20 bet with a Tottenham supporting chummer last season that the Arse would finish above Sp*rs. We renewed it this season and I’m facing the possibility of breaking even come May….Pull your bloody finger out Arsenal.

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  105. Sacking Wenger a step backwards ? Don’t be blind and ignorant like our board…

    Wenger has had plenty of money that he has wasted on average players that are now on such high wages that they are happy to never play for this club but will pick up huge monthly pay packets.
    We can not get rid of our dead wood.

    All of this is because of Wenger.

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    • Gareth, you are right about this.

      It’s time for people to recognise the financial waste at the club thanks to Wenger. Our wage bill is so high, from paying crocks and muppets massive salaries, that we have to sell players to break even.

      The top 3 are going to be able to outspend us for the forseeable future so we need to be realistic about it and get in a manager who is good at maximising sporting performance from the resources we have (plenty compared to most of the other teams in the league).

      They say that the best things in life are free and in football the best things are leadership, motivation, tactics, organisation, method, workrate. All the things that Wenger consistently fails on.

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  106. It is two years since I went to the Emirates for a league game and I can’t believe the change for the worse. My two tickets today cost me around £150 with a few extras it came to nearer £200. Now I know I don’t have a right to witness an absolute classic but surely I have a right for that kind of money not to watch my team pass the ball across the back line five times in a row and then play the ball into their half only for the midfielder to play it back to the defence and start the whole process over again. We were clueless today, awful. In fact I was so bored at the end of the first half I started playing Angry Birds (Star Wars) on my phone. The whole experience was actually pretty awful,from the bland overpriced food to the flat tepid beer,from the library-esque atmosphere to being out sung by the Swansea fans. We were thoroughly outplayed, OUT ARSENALLED!! by a team with an nth of our resources. Nothing going forward and our defence looking as composed as Chihuahuas in a thunderstorm. Well until some major changes are made I will be saving my hard earned cash…..Oh and Theo the bankers offer is now 60 k a week….deal or no deal????

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  107. was reading paul merson‘s anaylse and i kinda agree wif him…..something needs to be done………….for fuck sake we‘re going back………wen was d invicible again??????………..

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  108. I woke up this morning (live in California) and realized I forgot to record the match. But I wasn’t too bothered, I had a feeling it would be something I wouldn’t mind missing. Checked the result, yup. When you have a feeling Swansea at home is a match that might give you trouble, how fucked are you. Even the most deluded blue-sky types must face reality now.

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  109. For those that say AW shouldn’t go, what excuse, or reason, do you give for the tactical ineptness that we are now seeing all too frequently?
    Like everyone, sick to death of this rot that is setting in. The weirdest transfer policy in the world, long drawn out contract negotiations, lacking a bit of sharpness, attendance figures announced as 60k+ every week…
    Get a grip someone.

    The only thing left is to not go any more. I say boycott the 1st half of the next match in protest. All bundle in at half time, point made… this is what it’ll be like playing for Arsenal soon if it doesn’t shape up, empty new shiny stadium.

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  110. Good LORD what an utterly useless player Gervinho is!
    I know exacly what will happen every time he has the ball…run like hell for about 10 meters…stop, turn towards opponent, do that thing that looks like a lazy cat playing with a ball…ball ends up somewhere completely useless.

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  111. Words fail me, just got home from the stadium…. It is the worst arsenal performance I have seen for 20 years. Reminds me of the end of the Graham era… this was like watching the team with jimmy carter and getting excited about signing Glen Helder. We are back at that level now…

    If previous experience is any indicator we probably have further to fall, and sadly this is not yet rock bottom.

    Wenger has worked miracles with ever decreasing resources, whether it’s him or the board selling all our players or them insisting on leaving we will never know for sure. BUT, and it’s a big BUT… If I had watched that performance from any other team I would say that the manager had “lost the dressing room”. I now think this is the case at out club. You can’t keep selling your best players, and not expect it to have an impact on the morale of the players who remain.

    Watching Arsenal 1998-2005 we had a great first XI and a strong squad, we now have a mediocre first XI (how many of this team would walk into City or UTD’s first team?) and a non existent squad.

    I think people also don’t realise how weak our squad has become and how badly that effects the first team players who are being played every game.

    We will lose to Olympiacos and may get a point at home to west Brom, but TBH if we dont win every single one of the next 5 games we have no hope of champions league football next season. And facing the impossibility of recruiting decent players even if we do decide to open the cheque book. Enjoy the last 16 of the champs league as we won’t be seeing that again for quite a few years.

    The fact that I spend three grand for two season tickets does mean that I should be seeing top quality players… however I am watching a mid table team go through the motions. I am paying champaign money for luke warm piss.

    We are completely fucked, and I honestly don’t know where we go from here. We are 15 points behind UTD before even half way in the season and things are going to get worse. We are 9 points off relegation so actually significantly closer to the bottom than the top. If we get Champions league football this season I will be amazed but it will need a change of phoenix like proportions, and this year we have no true world class player to drag us into it.

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    • Scott, I was saying just that when we were leaving the stadium today. I pay eight grand for four season tickets and I am mightily fucked off that the people who run the club think they can serve up this shit and think I am mug enough to keep forking out season after season.

      Wenger’s project lost momentum when we fucked up the league cup final vs Birmingham, it’s been one step forwards two steps back ever since.

      What the club needs now is a manager that can maximise performance from what is I believe a decent enough squad to get the fourth place trophy. Do it now and give the new fella some funds in January to see us through.

      Maybe Roberto di Matteo till Jurgen Klopp becomes available,

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  112. Look…Wenger has lost it. 8 years without a trophy now, almost certainly, and he’s wasting money on average players at best with alarming regularity. I also think that tactially he’s naive. We were playing three wingers today and of the three of them he picked the most natural winger to play up front.

    I actually rate Gervinho, although he’s having a mare recently. But it doesn’t help that he’s constantly being shifted around the front three. He’s a winger, pure and simple. If Wenger has decided that Podski can’t play up front then we need a new striker, pure and simple. Giroud is great but we risk turning into a Chelsea or Liverpool and having no back-up strikers.

    Wenger. Sign Huntelaar, M’Vila and Baines in January, go back to 4-4-2 which has been the only formation that has ever won us trophies under you, and maybe, just maybe, we might start winning things again.

    How good would this team be:


    Awesome side.

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  113. Without going complete mental i would like to highlight some points regarding the match.
    1. Cazorla is in need of a real rest. he has looked increasingly tired over the past few games and his performances are dipping as a result.
    2. The lack of urgency and motivation is infuriating. We were playing at home and yet we were second best to every ball. We didnt bother pressing swansea up the pitch and our defense line stood watching for their first goal.
    3.Wenger got the tactics wrong.The match was crying out for Giroud. How we started with the grande forehead is beyond me. Swansea are good with the ball. The less they have it the better for us. We could have used Giroud to hold it up for us and at least help us build attacks
    4. Gervinho was %@$%.
    5. Jenkinson really needs to stop passing it backwards. He is killing off our attacking impetus with his lack of drive into the final third. Needs to sort that out big time.
    6. Walcott was woeful to say the least.
    7. Wenger’s arrogance.

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  114. So I say, give Wenger till the end of the season. No point sacking him now, nothing to be gained.

    But if, as I suspect, he finally misses out on the CL, then he no longer has a leg to stand on and must go.

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    • Luke, there is fourth place to be gained. Wenger’s lost the dressing room and this year we don’t have RvP to get us over the line. Like I said elsewhere Roberto di Matteo has proved what he can do on a short-term basis. Get him in before January so he can buy a couple of players.

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  115. its time to dig deep and buy proper quality players, cavanni + huntelaar + henry= no way we arent getting any goals.

    in my dreams. but currently i do feel thats the only way we can save our season.

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    • phat, buying players won’t deal with the basics that Wenger isn’t doing – tactics, organisation, method, morale, leadership, workrate. Every side we play has a better tactical plan, works harder and is better organised. It drives me nuts that he won’t fix the stuff that doesn’t cost money.

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      • clearly wenger has none of those managerial abilities. if we are going to stick with wenger then he must buy, its the only way for him.

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  116. Think we have to face as arsene gets older he’s lots touch with the game and how to win and who to buy… Not worried about champions league we never go far anyway cos we don’t have the players … So what’s the point..?

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  117. We can get Pep in to change with Wenger. Look Arsenal is set up a little like Barca, we’ve got a good youth system, great football philosophy and let’s ne honest-some cash in the bank Pep could use to make some shrewd quality buys.

    Also, a lot of you forget about Pep’s tactics that could work easily at Arsenal if brought in, A high pressing game, well drilled forward runs and passes together with collective defending. Also I believe Pep views Arsenal as a football club with a lot of respect-we cultivated Cesc after all!

    Sell him a good enough future view of the club and we could lure him away from Bayern etc, and he could take us to previous heights that Wenger can’t reach anymore

    PS-yeah I know the board could be a potential stumbling block for Pep but I’d like to think they could see a mutual beneficial relationship in this

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  118. Monday to Friday I fight with my colleagues who are Chelsea,ManU,Liverpool fans about how pathetic their team is to spend so much and still having weakness….only to be jeered back on the weekend over text messages!!
    It’s getting absolutely embarrassing. I live in India, with very little chance to see a match at Emirates, still I am a red member, just to support the club.
    This is what I get. AW says he doesn’t have to explain himself after 30yrs of experience. Shouldn’t that be reason enough to demand an explanation?

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    • Also, now we will be introducing a pay-cut policy for the players, in case Arsenal does not qualify for the Champions League. Kudos to put that out right now!
      As Arsene always says, players need to have competition for places, so they don’t get stagnant in their progress and are always on their toes, somebody who’ll ask them questions in case they are not up to the mark. Shouldn’t that be the case for the manager too?

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  119. To everyone wanting us to slip out of the Champion’s League places in order to ‘show the board’ or to force them to ‘make changes’, all I’d say is, look at what happened to Liverpool when they finished 7th, and what’s happened to them since, despite all the money that’s been spent. That is exactly what will happen to Arsenal if we fail.

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  120. The really scary thing is that I don’t feel just buying players is going to get us out of this.

    We have players who are good enough to get top 4. But the team is currently less than the sum of its parts. For that, it’s hard not to look past the manager.

    I’ve always been in favour of AW staying, but I’m starting to come round to the school of thought that it’s time for a change. The problems with this team go deeper than a simple lack of quality.

    Just 5 wins from 15 in the league. We’ve also failed to score in a third of our league games this season. And we’re lying tenth with almost half the season gone. I wish I could see how things are going to get better at the moment. Very sad indeed.

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  121. Of course you people like to say all sorts of shit now. But when we win one game next week you’ll start singing a new song and then anybody that criticizes wenger is a c*#t. Iust pathetic!!

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  122. it’s times like these i feel for blogger. personally, i’m gonna lick my wounds and avoid football news & discussions until the next match; this poor sod’s gotta write a daily blog + news bits.

    i don’t envy you, andrew (but cheers for the site, it’s tops. seriously.)

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  123. Well I respect Wenger for he has done and I always will and I understand all the gooners being mad at him but seriously right now we should just buckle our balls and say you know what fuck this shit, we are all in this together, Arsenal or nothing, we all bleed Red! So let’s just support our boys and make them understand that what the fucking shirt is worth! Cmon Arsenal, Cmon Arsenal, Cmon Arsenal!!!!! Gooner for life baby!

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  124. Fucking Gazidis, Hill-Wood & Kroenke can die in a fucking fire!

    Charging fans through the fucking nose for this dire shit!?

    Cunts of the highest order.

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  125. Well I have waited and I will wait, fuck the negativity around the club, the little gooner boy inside me ain’t Van Pussy, Cmon you gooners we are in dipshit we can only do better!!

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  126. The upcoming transfer window is not only crucial, but will be highly symbolic. For years we have heard about financial limitations tied to sponsorship deals and the stadium. But now the context is different. We have the money (arguably we have had it before) and we have the need. How management handles things these next couple of months will be very telling. Admittedly, I am an optomist and perhaps naive, but I am holding out hope for some serious moves. There is a lot of elite talent out there waiting to be brought in to the fold.

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  127. I’m sorry I can’t hear people speaking shit about my club, so go fuck yourself all of y’all who were expecting us to lose, I can’t never think that way cuz I truly love my club, its like hoping your girlfriend getting tapped by someone else, I know where my allegiance lies!

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    • There’s not really any players in the team to pass down the arsenal way to the next generation. Djourou? Doesn’t play. Wilshere? Sure he’s arsenal through and through but he’s only been part of the first team 2 years and hardly experienced. Maybe Henry is what they all need, giving them a kick up the arse and drumming into them what it means to play for arsenal. He knows

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  128. hundreds of views on the site today so I might as well have my 5 cents.

    Today has been disappointing for me in sports and it seems like i entered a mirror universe. England played like the All Blacks and Swansea looked like the Arsenal! ffs… unfortunately in this mirror universe i dont have abs, so hmmm…

    My thoughts are that there is no movement up front. Too much standing around, no one pulling the defenders around. All static. No one seemed to make any runs.

    Walcott is irritating me now he came inside and left no one to support Jenkinson and so Carzola was doing it. I get the feeling with Theo he is getting his head in the wrong place now with this whole contract and striker thing. Disappointing attitude really.

    So we need to find more movement and quicker passing to get the ball into the final thrid. Do that we will be fine, do we have the players to do it… hmmm the bench looks light, so maybe it is worth promoting some of the better reserve players up. Surely it cant get any worse.

    But remember this is The Arsenal, remember we have class and we are going through a difficult time, but all is not lost.

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  129. Paper talk today suggests Man U have provisionally signed Robert Lewandowski from Borssia Dortmund for 12m. So lets have a look;

    Van knob head

    Were a long way off. A long way.

    We need to spend some top dollar! And if we sell Walcott it continues to send out all the wrong messages. Time we were taken seriously!

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  130. I love this club, I love it with all my red and white heart, like most mighty Gooners but enough is enough.

    I don’t want to hear anymore bollocks about ‘moaning’ or ‘overreacting’!

    You know what, the reason why we do that is because of how much we love the club. We are not like manure, whose fans come from outside of Manchester. We’re not like chelski, whose fans are gloryhunters and we’re not like the scum, coz they’re scum.

    We are The Arsenal.

    We do not want to become lfc.

    We want our club to stop being the mockery of the EPL and the media. We once had the invincibles for fuck sake.

    It’s a shame that finishing mid-table & having a half empty stadium will be the catalyst to make the board act.

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  131. Something is seriously wrong at the moment. They look like disinterested strangers out there. When we are breaking as soon as we are around 25 meters from goal without fail someone will put a foot on it and fuck around giving the opposition time to set defensively. Pass backwards. Then across the midfield. Then back to mertesaker. Then back to sczsnsey who will be pressed into kicking long. Fucks sake it’s painfully predictable.

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  132. Before I ramble on some more (ala my earlier post on the other page), the performance was bad yes, we struggled to contain their pressure and allowed them too much possession – very unlike AFC) but I don’t completely blame the whole players as some are continuously played: SC, MA and clearly JW now that he’s back that it’s easy for them to get tired and lack the sharpness from earlier on.

    Now my biggest beef is with AW and the fact he continue’s to play to our weaknesses as opposed to our strengths: attacking mid-fielders! We have a great bunch of players but AW continues to use Gerv, TW, LW out of position and then bring on say AR or AO-C to give us a spark.

    I’m dumb founded that AA can’t get game time and yes he’s clearly gonna leave come Jan but why not try him or any other player when things are clearly not working!?
    Making subs at 70+ mins ain’t gonna win you games and playing with only 1 striker is capitulation which won’t get results that are badly needed!

    Surely Bendtner could’ve been used or even MC but AW can’t see that keeping players hungry or passionate comes through them playing and belief which AW and the whole team are lacking this season!!!

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  133. The squad isn’t the problem, the money is. Too many greedy board members cashing in on key players. Signings aren’t bad, but there is no team playing, just a myriad of good players. They don’t know anything about AFC because there is no one, apart from AW (who’s getting the brunt of this whole debacle, quite tactfully engineered by Gazidis, the prick) that understands the club!. Jack Wiltshire, the 20 year old father is carrying the weight, legacy any integrity of us at the moment. It’s a joke. Stop trying to make money, and focus on what we do best, play football!!

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  134. *yawn*

    Wenger out, board out, team out…….

    How dare the team struggle, how dare they not play exciting beautiful football, how dare they not finish in the top four for the first time in Wenger’s reign. Spoil spoil spoil fans.

    For those of us that remember the 70’s, 80’s and early 90’s and the shitfeast inbetween the titles and cups this is but a small blip, but hey, its our divine right to win everything all the time these days.

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  135. Shoey, that was my era to but we seemed like an honest club then not built on false promises. And the prices charged didn’t seem a million miles away from other clubs like they are now.
    Charge me Everton and villa type prices and il accept mediocrity charge me Harrods prices and il expect something more. The board can’t have it both ways mate.
    And we have had the players to make us great but have sold them.

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  136. I read arseblog everyday and agree we should be constructive and not just hate eachother. Based on F365’s 16 conclusion page, here is mine:
    1: We have lost our fear factor
    2: Our defense/goalkeeper is fine – our lack of creativity and cutting edge is making our goals conceded column look worse. If you look back at the Almunia, Gallas, Toure, Sagna, Clichy vs current – i’d say we’d have won the league in either 08/09/10 had we had a better keeper.
    3: I realize we have made our own errors – but look at UTD – they are worse but their attack is so good that they can get away with it. We used to be like that with Cesc, Thomas, Hleb, Etc
    4: There is a serious lack of movement in this team
    5: We no longer have players such as Pires (Anfield 2-1, 30yarder) Henry – around 5 players to score, Bergkamp etc who can take a game by the scruff of the neck and drag us through
    6: As much as Podolski, Gervinho, Arteta are good “pros” and try – I don’t really think they are top4 material.
    7: Podolski is NOT a left winger… I know he plays on the left for Germany but he can’t beat a man for pace or with skill… he’s a forward and shouldn’t be playing out wide.
    7: We haven’t won a trophy since Bergkamp left – Henry once said Dennis made everybody on the field 10% better when he played – who have we got in that the current squad can really look up to and improve?
    8: Ramsay is not a winger either, why is Wenger playing him out of position when he is struggling for form.
    9: Cazorla has needed a rest for about a month. He looks exhausted
    10: As mentioned, our lack of movement is shocking. We are so easy to defend against with pedestrian sideways passes, I ACTUALLY miss the days when I would be screaming at the team to SHOOT (Hleb) from the edge of the box when we passed teams to death.
    11: We haven’t won a trophy since we went 4-5-1. I am not saying we should play 4-4-2 every week but perhaps if we got some round pegs in round holes (proper wingers, not Podolski or Gervinho) and played Theo off Giroud we wouldn’r be so predictable
    12: If you look at Man City, Utd, even Sp##s they have been changing their team week in, week out, City have Tevez, Aguero, Balotelli, Dzeko to pick from up front alone. Utd have Welbeck, RV Pursestrings, Rooney, Hernandez…. Opposing managers know exactly what they will get with us. Core of team, with either Gervinho, Podolski, Ramsay, Theo on wings, with either Giroud, or Gervinho up front. Our players are no longer interchangable and thus we are easier to mark.
    13: Utd and City have had Hernandez and Dzeko come off the bench in recent weeks and score two/three goals to change the game. We have, erm… Chamakh?
    14: Our lack of said strikers, interchangable game changers means we play a hard game midweek and those same players are shattered for the weekend.
    15: Just get rid of: Bendtner, Chamakh, Denilson, Ramsay, Diaby, Arteta, Gervinho, Arshavin, Squillaci, – take nominal fees for them – save on wages, and buy 3 top class players to replace these, + eisfeld in squadvand I think we’d have a chance
    16: Was this pointless/will it be read? Probably not. Perhaps I should start my own blog. The above, of course, have mitigating factors and I could do with explaining in greater detail. Smiley Face

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  137. The worrying thing is that the board will never admit that there is a problem, same for arsene, he is always fighting with bottles and feeling cold even when it is hot. I have always said it, in arsenal nowadays, every result is acceptable, they just go there and run around the pitch for 90 mins with no purpose. And even asides the bunch of selfless and feckless park of ingrates we called the board and also monsieur wenger, there is something fundamentally wrong!!!!!!. THEY PLAY WITHOUT BELIEF. Honestly, when you have a defence that has, sagna, merts, kos, and verm, you ought not to concede goals, in fact real and barca don’t have such quality if those guys are on top of their games……you have arteta, cazorla, and wilshere in your midfield, you ought not to struggle against villa or swansea. Wenger needs to wake up from his trance, maybe his tactics don’t suit the players, I don’t know!!!!. And SERIOUSLY, gervinho ought not to lead arsenal attack, at least for now, it stains our image!!!!!!!. Common, an attack once led by henry, bergkamp, kanu, rvp, seriosly????.

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  138. I don’t know if anyone’s checked, but the bookmakers are now posting odds on us getting relegated……….

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  139. I see the same shit defending every week I’ve been watching for six years. Last night was no different. One word: maddening. I stayed up to watch the game. Plastic fan: I left at 80 mins. Sadly I was vindicated. It pays to be plastic with this mess of a team.

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  140. Strevs
    December 2, 2012 at 5:29 am

    DEAR STREVS: You made some valid points in your comments above but I have to point out something that is very open to debate in one area.

    Your comment says:” Just get rid of: Bendtner, Chamakh, Denilson, Ramsay, Diaby, Arteta, Gervinho, Arshavin, Squillaci, – take nominal fees for them”

    You cannot just “get rid” of players 9 players because they are not great players and whose contracts are healthily/financially tied to making them difficult to off load. Yes! the club has options to buy them off but if you are earning £50k per week, and you look around Europe and see and hear of so many professional footballers like you being unemployed why would you want to leave a cosy and safe job regardless whether you play or not. Regardless whether you are not that “top top “quality that brought to the Emirates.

    I am quite sure that Arsenal wanted to “off load” at least three of the players you mentioned last summer; but they would not go for less than their weekly wage and why should they? £50kplus a week is SECURITY and ask YOURSELF why should Chamakh return to France and get £30k a week playing for Bordeaux ( as that is what the average market can afford in Ligue 1) , when he can stay in his home in London and earn twice and more than that. Yes! it must be deflating for him not to play, but as HE and some of the others have had their REPUATION and their WORTH devalued by us fans who write on the internet BLOGS that they are shit; naturally MANAGERS AND AGENTS AND JOURNALIST read WHAT WE SAY ABOUT THESE PLAYERS and SUBSEQUENTLY we bury ourselves with our own sword.
    Furthermore buying off these players would be costly; possibly in the region of £55m. Would you prefer Arsene buy new “high quality” or release these players with NO money to spend?

    It’s an executive management decision which could make an impact either
    way in the medium to long term.

    And please don’t return with a response with the Owl as an option to buy off these players. That gentleman has never said he would indulge the Club with large sums to buy players, the Falcao’s of this world.

    Again I repeat I thought some of your points appropriate and valid.

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    • I totally agree with what you said- it’d cost some dough to ger rid but these players can’t be helping the morale of the club. I definitely think we could have found a club for a few of them had we asked for less of a fee though. For example, I heard we wanted 10mil for Bendtner!!!!! Wages were a stumbling block for Squillaci and his Bastia move. We are definitley paying the price for our parity of wages for players from a few years ago, I hope the club have learnt from that.
      I don’t think the answer is to spend 40million on a Falcao either – I agree with FFP and hope it brings in more sensible salaries/fees, But I do think we should be aiming a little higher that players of Gervinho’s quality – he reminds me of Valencia – zero skill, knock it past a player and cross it. Only problem is, he can’t cross the ball too well. He can’t head it worth shit, and he’s infuriatingly inconsistent in front of goal. He’s a top 10 player, we should be looking for top4 type players. Ones who can beat a man with skill and create something out of nothing.

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  141. It’s not about signing new fucking players! Look at our squad vs West Brom, Stoke, Spuds, Everton etc etc – better on paper, cost more. earn a fuck more in wages – we’re just not performing as a team.

    First it was wait until Jack is back – all will be fine. Then it was Sagna, then Gibbs, then Rosicky – now Diaby will solve all our problems right? Wrong!

    Something is horribly fucking wrong at Arsenal, we are soft and tired and easy fucking pickings for anyone half decent.

    Something needs to change big time.

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  142. Lots of people scoffed at my idea of giving the manager’s job to Laudrup. The guy seems to be everything Wenger used to be. Tactical, good tecnically, motivates his players and has an eye for quality inexpensive players. If Hernandez had played in yesterday’s game, the result could have been much more humiliating. Wenger should really consider calling it a day. The guy looks jaded and is just unable to motivate the team. I seriously believe buying more players won’t solve the issue. The change the club needs is a new manager with fresh ideas. Too bad David Dein is no longer at the club, he’s the only that would have the balls to make such a call. After all he’s the one that brought an unknown Wenger to the club. Though thinking about it, would things be this bad if he was still around?

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  143. I NEVER quit watching the match before it’s finished, even when we’re losing. But today man… after 80 minutes I couldn’t watch anymore. Of course I thought, If I say this there will be someone blaming me for not being behind the club. But come on… this was embarrassing.

    Not sure what to do at this stage. I don’t think replacing Wenger would do any good. It’s just such a mess. How does a 5-2 win at Tottenham and a 1-1 Draw with Man.City (Should have won) turn into losing to clubs like Swansea, and Norwich?..

    Doom and Gloom. I hope something clicks with the players soon. Mathematically we pressed to make 4th already. And I am sick of seeing that as an accomplishment.

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  144. So, is Wenger more loyal to his team or the other board? Afterall, he is the highest paid person in the ledger books. Will he continue to corrupt the team at the behest of the board?

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