Szczesny: we have to do better for the fans


Echoing the thoughts of Mikel Arteta, who claimed that Arsenal fans were tight to criticise the team for recent performances and results, Wojciech Szczesny says Gooners deserve better than what the team has been dishing up lately.

Speaking about the Swansea game, the Polish stopper said, “The stadium was empty when the game finished and I don’t blame them. We must stick together and work harder because it was not good enough.

“Our fans do not deserve to see us 10th in the table, but it is our responsibility to put things right and make sure we get back to where we belong. I am definitely surprised by our position in the league, because when you have the quality of our players, we should be fighting for trophies and we do have one of the best teams in the Premier League.”

None of which we can really argue with and the debate as to why it’s happening has been done to death. Szczesny himself is pleased to be back in the team and playing again after a difficult period recovering from, and even playing with, injury.

“I found it hard to adjust playing with little injuries and knocks,” he said, “especially in the last couple of months of last season.

“But I am pretty much sharper and fitter now, looking forward to getting back to my best and leaving those difficult times behind.

“I am feeling really sharp in every game, and the manager is sticking with me, which is really good, so I just want to get back to my best as quick as I can because I have not been at my best for the last few months.”

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Nah, fans are not entitled to or ‘deserve’ better performances. Well, maybe the home and away supporters who pay the highest ticket prices in England. But this whole notion is quite misguided. That said, I absolutely want them to improve as all Gooners do…


Tim Payton in disguise here…


lol no. I just take issue when a player comes out and says the fans deserve this or that. I mean, if a player takes motivation from fan support and genuinely wants to please fans with their performances, that’s great, it’s quite a beautiful thing really.

But also fans don’t deserve or are entitled to seeing a football team win. All they can do is stand behind them and spurn them on and share in the glory in case of victory, or feel the pain of a defeat. Getting the mindset though that one is entitled to seeing Arsenal play free flowing attractive and victorious football is like proclaiming that it is a right, and that we do not have.

Feels like people take the wonderful football Arsenal has played under Wenger for granted sometimes, and not really appreciate just how difficult it is for a manager to facilitate that in a team.

Hate Tim Payton

Tim Payton in disguise is North Bank.


It’s more of an expectation than an entitlement. You can expect the team to do better without feeling that it is a right.

North Bank Gooner

have to agree with dolgion, there seems to be a feeling among some gooners that paying the most for a season ticket automatically gives us the right to be champions.

teams play better with supporters that support. if gooners spend more time slagging off the team than supporting them, its no suprise the negativity transmits to the team.

come on you gooners, lets get behind the team


You clearly wasn’t at Man U or villa then mate, the support they get away is as good as anywhere yet those two performances where the some of the worst I’ve seen from an arsenal team.
It was only the last few minutes the fans sang you do know what your doing to wenger and even then it was a minority.
The players have to earn support and these players do themselves no favours at times.
Not having it that its the fans fault it’s absolute Bolox to say that.

North Bank Gooner

not saying its the fans fault v, just saying that some gooners bang on about ticket price, and want to know why we arent winning because its so expensive. my point is, get behind your team, negativity doesnt help, nor does navel gazing, or repeatedly going on about how shit we are, and how we should sack everybody

North Bank Gooner

forgot to say, if the price you pay to watch is index linked to wins, everyone would put their prices above ours 😉


Agreed. It’s 11 vs 11, so supporters shouldn’t be so precious when we lose. Enjoy the game for what it is, drive the team forward with support, and maaybe we will lose a bit less 😉 No one likes to see their team lose, and fair enough, but don’t feel so entitled.

Midfield Corporal

Agreed Bob, however I think the fans do deserve to feel that The Club is doing everything posible to reach their potential, which I don’t think many do. Could we have afforded to buy another forward to replace the three that left in the summer? It would seem so, but our failure to do it leaves us with just 1 half decent striker. For a club decimated by injuries year on year it astounds me that We think we can go through a season with 1 forward, and that no one higher up has the where withal to challenge this.


For sure Corp, agreed on the lack of decent options. Tough questions do need to be asked of the board structure, and given our recent windfall there can be no excuses for a lack of investment(/a striker that can make the bench!). Whether the focus from the board on getting these commercial deals sorted has made us light in focusing on the deals and player contracts, I don’t know, but there is not quite the right balance at that level (and so no wonder we can’t get the right balance on the pitch!). I don’t feel we should look to rip it apart and start anew, since we are entering a period of more flexibility, but we do have to look to start putting that investment onto the pitch, and of course make sure we have a squad that can all contribute, and not just make up the numbers.

I do find annoyance at these protests though, as I do not see what they can hope to achieve now when the team needs backing to get out of the shit. I don’t think its now that we should be protesting the board when we are scrapping for qualification, sure you might not agree with them, and there can be a time to deal with it, but not when your team needs you. It’s not like they appointed Rafa as manager, because then I’d go out and protest myself 😉

Midfield Corporal

Ha ha, perish the thought. I’m not really into the protests either, to my mind if you are dissatisfied then you don’t attend, it’s the only way the board will listen. I do agree with most of the issues the BSM have, however the danger is some fans and media are misconstruing it as a sack the manager protest.
I’ve always supported Arsene just as I loved Georgie Graham, but I remember during George’s last week he bought Glenn Helder, thenChris Kiwomya and John Hartson, none of which were a success. Hypothetically speaking, Would you trust Arsene to spend 60m if made available in January or would you rather that money be put in a news agrees budget in the summer if Arsene calls in a day?


It is not just about the results; We deserve to see the team work harder, and play with real desire. Then whatever happens, we will be proud of them.

Now is not the case.

Gunner From Another Mother
Gunner From Another Mother

I’ve got a feeling it’s more about the team living up to its potential, which I do think is something the fans deserve, meaning we deserve to see our players give it all they’ve got for the cannon on their chest.


You have to do better for the club. Play for the badge boys. Play for yours and our pride. Build it, and we will come.
I know i am, im sure i am, im Arsenal till i die!


I know press conferences are obligatory, and while I agree with the sentiment of what Szczesny’s saying the time for talking has stopped. We now need to go on a run of wins into the new year. I wish I believe it could happen, but right now our confidence looks rock bottom and an absolute shadow of the team that got that spirited 1-1 at City and the stylish 1-3 at West Ham.
Some of the blame needs to go to the players, some to Arsene. We needed a player to replace Song, and pacey technical striker to augment Giroud. These factors were blindingly obvious even in the summer. Our starting 11 is strong but our overall squad is the weakest I can remember (I’m 22). Nothing can be done until January and even then it’s going to be difficult, we need a long hard slog until the end of the season and then (as the most ardent Wenger fan) it may be time to start looking at a change at the top. There are plenty of young exciting managers out there – Jurgen Klopp would be my first choice personally. Anyway it’s early, time or work.


Time for work*


Damn straight we deserve better. After all, it’s us that take this team to the 4th richest club in the world.


More talk like wenger yesterday We are in fantastic shape? It’s the most patronising thing I’ve heard him say yet. It’s says everything that is wrong about the club rediculas and just fucking wrong to say at this time.
And the bloke goes on a about tiredness and fatigue blah blah blah all he is doing is giving the players an excuse to underperform before they kick a ball and gives the opposition an extra edge.
Play like we are at the moment arsene and we won’t be playing twice a week next season anyway.
Absolutely disgraceful things for our manager to say bearing in mind the mood of the fans of late.
Sorry always been a wenger fan to a point but its time for him to go.
I want My manger to Bolock the players after such poor performances not deny that A Steve bould rant even took place as ifs it’s the wrong thing for him to have done.


I hope those were the words for the media… and he had different words for the players… but that’s not enough cos his words for The Board, if any, are not doing any progress.


Those were the words for the media, it’s obvious so don’t be a muppet, please.

Midfield Corporal

I don’t usually do the rumour stuff, however a very close friend of mine drinks with the football journalist Ian McGarry, apparently Arsene and Bouldie have fallen out, which is no surprise when you look at their body language on the bench. Personally whist I will alway love what Arsene has done for the club, I am concerned that his need to control all aspects of the club is damaging us. I think I’m right in saying he was even involved in the appointment of the Chief Executive- which means he was interviewing his own boss.


It’s well known that arsene likes to control things down to every detail and i thought that’s why bouldy originally didn’t want to take he job, so none of what you said corp would surprise me..
There is something wrong at this club and its far more than making a signing or two in January can solve..

Midfield Corporal

I think the whole structure needs looking at from top to bottom Volders. Does Gazidis have any ‘football men’ advising him? He doesn’t have the knowledge or even the interest in football to do what Dein did when appointing Arsene. Dein had contacts all over the world and a passion for the club.
I can imagine the scene, Gazidis, Chips Keswick, Lord Thingy from Peckham and Sir Peter Hill-wood sat playing bridge, drinking fine malt whiskey discussing the next managerial appointment. Pep Guardiola? No he wants 80 million transfer kitty, Mourinho? He says he wants to come but he’ll rock the boat, we don’t need his sort. How about this Allardyce chap? He’s doing pretty well down the road on a budget, and didn’t someone say he was going to be Real Madrids next man…better get in there quick.


King szcesney: The only one to slap verminator hard on the head after making a great save (that was verminators fault). I dare anyone else try that shit……..Say mannone?.

I like Schezzers, he seems to give a fuck and thats encouraging.

What could have been...
What could have been...

——-Van Persie




Completely possible! What could have been…


The only player I genuinely and personally miss from that lineup is Fabregas.

What could have been...
What could have been...


Don’t get me wrong. I HATE van Persie now… But you have to admit we would be deadly with that squad.

Every competitive team has atleast 6 players that are the core of the team, and have been playing for the club for more than 5 years.


“What could have been,”

Yes, you are right in a practical sense. But that’s why I used the adverbs of “genuinely” and “personally.” RvP falls more under the category of “I miss him, not really, but yeah somewhat do.” If I remember correctly, Amy Lawrence once stated a champions league club needs at least 3 champions league quality strikers to remain competitive in the league. We don’t have any. I love my man Giroud but he hasn’t proven completely that’s the case yet. (He’s working hard and he’s getting there!) Both Podolski and Walcott want to play in the CF position, neither of them is yet to prove they can consistently perform in that position. (Granted, Wenger has not given them a chance.) Don’t get me started on Gervinho. Anyhow, I miss Fabregas–his drive and passion.

Finsbury Park Gooner

I always missed Toure.. Granted he’d not be first choice CB if he was still at the club, but I never quite understood why he didn’t get the love he deserved. He was one of my favourites from the Invincibles, only after Vieira & Henry. Tenacious, passionate, quick, strong, good on the ball, surging runs, decent shot & tackle, great engine, right attitude. Toure was a legend that, since he left, hasn’t been held in the high regard that his time at the club merited.


Giroud, Arteta, Clichy, Toure… are not good enough for this mean team.

What could have been...
What could have been...

I’d have Toure’ over Vermaelen and Kos (still like them though, but I’d prefer him)
Clichy with Gibbs as cover, and I’m not talking about selling our players, so Giroud and Arteta have to stay…



What a team we have got here, an nd now!. Sadly not playing to their full potential but this what a team.

Dr Baptiste

On paper it’s a team full of internationals (or those unlucky enough to be from a country with an abundance of midfielders) but they seem to all be struggling to work together.

Personally I think the main problem seems to be that pockets are forming of players either playing for themselves or as a little group while leaving the others out.

Dr Baptiste

You have to remember that we bought some of those players because of losing some of those players. There is no guarantee that we would have bough Cazorla if Fabregas had still be there, or Koscielny/Vermaelen if Toure had still be there.

While it’s nice to think of a team we could of had with all those purchases, the reality would be very different.


great, what an complete cunt squad we could have had

What could have been...
What could have been...

Fuck, Fabregas was good! Sigh…

Just having him back, I think would make a major difference


Mertesacker? You’re having a laugh…

What could have been...
What could have been...

Such a smart defender! I rate him WAY better than Kos, and Verm. Better leader too. Obviously not as quick as them, that’s a given, but hit positioning and timing of his interceptions are top class


Mert is a top defender, he has everything but pace and quicker reactions. I feel this is the only reason @trustedgunner is arguing and as much as you don’t like it. He has a valid point/laugh.




In the slim chance that any of the players read this, this is from the heart to you. Dame right we deserve better. I don’t expect to win evey game we know football does not work like that. But at least go on the pitch and make us believe your trying. If we Boo you there’s good reason, its our way of letting you know we’re not happy, your all blessed with the opportunity to play for our great club an the supporters that spend their hard earned cash which goes towards paying your wages have the right to be pissed off if you don’t put in a shift. You will get our applause and backing , we will sing your praise from the rooftops but you have to earn it lads. There is a lot of criticism of the Board and the Boss just now but it’s you guys that ware the shirts and are at the sharp end so come on guys, roll your sleeves up an make us proud of you again.


True words,just a pity that 85% of the players do not know what it means to play for arsenal and where did djourou’s injury come from?,the kitchen or the garden cos i dont understand

Finsbury Park Gooner

I imagine he still trains.


i use to think toure was immense. then he followed hleb, and pretty much ruined his playing career by not playing at all really. shame.


I think I prefer a fit Gibbs 2 clichy anyday.


No way.


So you’d get to see a fit Gibbs three times, then we’d be back to santos. Or, clichy could play.

Dial Square

Seems to me Arsenal have lost a bit of their identity since moving from highbury, while the Emerates is a fantastic stadium, Highbury echoed tradition and history from the moment you walked in the door, the marble halls, the bust of Herbert Chapman, as soon as you walked in you knew that is was a special place and you could hear the ghosts of past triumphs all around you, goose bumps would cover your body and the hairs on the back of your neck would stand up, and you felt honoured to be there and the Arsenal players must have felt that when they pulled on the famous red and white shirt and put a cannon on their chest.
So it’s understandable that todays players don’t know what it means to play for Arsenal, but that’s what happens when you sell your soul…

Big Dave

Agree. And Henry was the same. He always said Highbury was magical, he never came across as the biggest fan of the Emirates. The Emirates is like a digital download whereas Highbury was like a Vinyl record.

David O'Leary's Dad

Agree with both of you. Emirates is a fantastic stadium but fuck I miss the feeling and atmosphere in the old North Bank. It’s not just the stadium though, our match day fans seem to have changed as well – too fucking quiet and polite on the whole. Perhaps this little spell of mediocrity might even mean we lose a lot of the plastics and get back our local working class support – or is it too late for that?

Santi's Sack

Maybe they need to make the price of a pint cheaper. That’d get everyone singing again. Everyone is too inhibited in the stadium.


Pleaseeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee dont let us down ! We are behind you and will always support you !!


Yes. you do. so its time to put those injures behind you and start keeping the ball out of net.
you were superb against Swansea.
Come on Boy

Mach III

I just wish that Arsenal can compete… Would love a Carling Cup this year 🙂

Midfield Corporal

It shows how far our standard have fallen when we’re hoping for a League Cup win, we used to laugh at the spuds for wanting the same, that said I too would love to win it.


That’s the word “compete”. It’s true that supporters should want not expect positive results. However, what we’re entitled to DEMAND is 100% effort and commitment and I don’t think we’ve been getting that lately. We been getting “sorry for ourselves” kinda attitude from the players and manager which is unacceptable.


playing for the fans isn’t a bad thing but when will i see these players actually saying they want to improve themselves.. if their personal ambitions are higher, we will be pleased.


I don´t care if they can´t compete about titles, i love the entertaining football they play but now they ain´t playing it anymore.. And the players doesn´t give 100 %. This is a club with great history and great supporters, they must give 100 % for the supporters.

They must learn to understand what it means to wear the arsenal shirt, and be proud over it.. Our best players are leaving the club every year because of this, because they don´t respect the club enough, i wont Wenger to deal with this.. This would not happend in man utd, because the players love and respect their club…


Oh, just fuck off…I’m fed up with the talking.
Action speaks louder than words.


@TrustedGunner-My thoughts exactly.I know players/managers are obliged to give interviews before games,but as I posted after that debacle on Saturday,I don’t want to hear or read it,I want them to shut the fuck up regarding mental strength,injuries,the club being in great shape, and anything/everything else & go about their job in a quiet, PROFESSIONAL manner.Maybe that’s too much to ask from this lot,it looks like it at the moment.I just hope the kids & fringe players can restore some pride tonight,fuck the result-cant see Schalke not winning anyway.



Santi's Sack

Fuck off you sad little prick.


I miss u guyyyyyys

David O'Leary's Dad

Why don’t you do one you cunt


The crest on the front of the shirt is more important than the name on the back (*cough*…Theo….*cough*)! The next time Wenger, Gazidis, or any other person uses the “4th place is a trophy” rhetoric we should hear from our players that they don’t accept that and their expectations are to WIN everything!



Good to see everyone talking the talk again. That should keep us quiet for a couple more days. Against all the facts you still want us to believe you believe. If you close your eyes and say it loud enough it will be true. Sweet.

Daves sausage fingers
Daves sausage fingers

Stop telling us and just get on a win for us we will love you even more big guy !!!


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I would just like to say good luck tonight to the young guns tonight, wear the shirt with pride play with passion and commitment and win, lose or draw your support will be happy.

Oh and big respect to all gooners making the trip to the game – I hereby challenge yee all to make yourselves heard over those Greek nutters! Come on you Gunners


Action speaks louder than words.
And it all starts with you fellah.

Santi's Sack

“Echoing the thoughts of Mikel Arteta, who claimed that Arsenal fans were tight to criticise the team”

Shouldn’t that be “right to criticise the team” blogs?


Supporters have the right to raise their expectations proportionate to squad wage bill. Ergo, we’re currently being short changed.

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