Wenger: The quality was not there


After an abject performance by his side and a furious reaction from the crowd Arsene Wenger gave a rather frank assessment of Arsenal’s 2-0 defeat to Swansea accepting that his side were not at the races from kick-off.

“We were not creative, nor sharp,” he told press after the match.

“Swansea were more creative and more sharp. They had a lot of possession, but without going anywhere. We tried to change things and took a lot of risks. In the end it turned against us.

“Maybe we should have made a 0-0 and in the end we were not cautious enough to play the 0-0. The quality of our game was not there. It was a bit frustrating because we lacked a bit of decisiveness and creativity.

“I knew the question before the game could be that we could be a bit jaded because we had many players on the edge who had played a lot of hard games recently.

“We had just come back from two very difficult away games physically and it was a bit like that today. We are guilty of losing a game at the moment when we should not have lost it.

Obviously subdued by both what he’d seen on the pitch and heard from the terraces, he continued:

“At the moment it looks like, away from home, we are quite consistent and our results are positive. But at home we have not produced the performances since the beginning of the season that you would expect from us, and that is where we have to find the solution.”

As things stand it’s the worst Premier League campaign we’ve endured since George Graham’s fateful final season at Highbury. Down to 10th in the table, Wenger didn’t hide the fact that he faces a huge challenge in the days, weeks and months ahead.

“Of course [it is painful]. I am not so much worried about places, even if that is not the place you want to be, but I believe what is important is we get the quality of our game back. Then the places change.”


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