Wenger: We must stick to our principles


Arsene Wenger has promised his side have the strength to react to recent disappointing results and maintains that the club must stick to their attractive playing style philosophy.

Stressing that the players are not affected by off-field discontent, the boss also pressed home the fact that the club is in a strong position despite admitting there is currently a problem on the pitch.

Speaking ahead of Arsenal’s final Champions League match of 2012 in Greece, Wenger bullishly underlined that his players must keep clear heads in a world which increasingly thrives on drama.

“Play well and keep faith in the way we want to play football and in the values we want to defend,” said the Frenchman when quizzed on how he plans to cope with the current ‘crisis’.

“We have always done that. We live in a world which needs drama every day. Football is a game where you have to enjoy playing; you can’t live in a dramatic world in a consistent way.”

Pressing home his optimism for the future, he continued: “This club is in fantastic shape. We have a good team, a strong structure of the club that we have built over the years, we have a strong financial situation and we are mentally strong.

“I can understand not everybody is pleased. But that is a fact. That is why we have to continue to behave like we do.”

With press referencing a pre-game march which took place on Saturday and the discontent in the terraces after the two late goals which condemned Arsenal to a fourth league defeat of the season, Wenger reiterated that people are entitled to their opinions but that their views aren’t always that of the majority.

“It’s not affecting the players. I believe intelligence in life is to focus on what is important and what is important is the way we play football. The rest you deal with it.

“Let’s not forget that if people have something to say, then we are open to it. But as well, it is not always necessarily representative of the majority.

“What is important is that we play our football, improve the way we play and keep faith in our players. That at the moment is very important, all the rest…if you look at peoples’ reactions is dramatic. What is important is to be capable to play football.

“There’s a problem there of course, but what is important when you have a problem is to do something about it. The second thing is to have the strength to do something about it. I’m confident we have both, we have the strength and we will do something about it.

“I believe that [we must] develop the quality of our game and continue to play better in the way we want to do it.”

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