Arsenal 2-2 Liverpool: By the Numbers


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7.4 – Shots per goal average for Giroud in the Premier League this season
13 – Shots taken by Giroud in his last three games in all competitions for Arsenal
5 – Goals scored by Giroud in his last three games
2.6 – Shots per goal by Giroud in his last three games
6 – Shots Giroud took against Liverpool²
1 – Goals scored by Giroud v. Liverpool
2 – Assists by Giroud in 23 Premier League matches this season
7 – Assists by Giroud in 10 appearances in all other competitions
3.5 – Aerial Duels per game average by Giroud this season
7 – Aerial Duels won v. Liverpool (of 12)²
3 – Aerial Duels won by Bacary Sagna
3 – Aerial Duels won by Sagna where he nearly knocked the other guy out
3 – Aerial Duels won by Sagna where I said “FUCK YES”
1 – Missed penalty when Wisdom felled Podolski
4 – Arsenal errors that allowed Liverpool to score their first goal

1 – Sagna slip
1 – Vermaelen wildly missed blocked cross
1 – Ramsey failed clearance
1 – Mertesacker jumping out of the way for the block

3 – Errors that allowed Jordan Fucking Henderson to score Liverpool’s second goal

1 – Mertesacker failed tackle
1 – Andre Santos doing whatever that was he was doing because it sure as hell wasn’t defending
1 – Ramsey sliding block which ricocheted off of Santos’ bollocks and fell into the path of Jordan Fucking Henderson

1 – Simple, wide open goal chips that Jordan Fucking Henderson should have had when Szczesny went on walkabout
1 – Little bit maybe the mental tightness Arsenal’s defense suffers at times

Here’s a funny fact…

Arsenal have won every game (7-0-0) in which they won 63% or more of their overall duels. Meaning that if Arsenal win just 63% of their tackles, aerial duels, and dribbles (combined) they have won 100% of the time.

Yesterday against Liverpool, Arsenal won just 51% of their duels. This is mostly down to the fact that they won a season low 26% of their attempted dribbles (6/23).

Arsenal also only have one loss when they create 10 or more shots from passes or what Opta refer to as key passes (a pass which leads to a shot). And they have only one win when they create less than 10 key passes. That’s irrespective of the number of forward passes, the percent of passes that are forward, the percent of overall passes in the final third, etc. This will be a surprise… but it’s all about creating shots and Arsenal average 12 key passes per game.

Against Liverpool, Arsenal created 15 shots from passes. In games where Arsenal create 15 key passes or more they are unbeaten (P6 W4 D2 L0). They probably should have beaten Liverpool yesterday.

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All numbers today via Opta, ESPN, or my personal databases

¹Best in the League in this category
²Lead both teams in this category
³Lead just his team in this category

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