Arsenal sign Nacho Monreal from Malaga


Arsenal have completed the signing of Nacho Monreal from Malaga.

The Spanish international left back joins on a long-term deal for what’s believed to be a fee of around £10m. Monreal has made 21 appearance for Malaga this season, scoring 1 goal (in their recent 3-2 win over Mallorca), picking up 4 yellows and 1 red card in the process.

He has played in the Champions League so is cup-tied for this season’s tournament, meaning he will not be eligible for the games against Bayern Munich.

The 26 year old is, of course, a former teammate of Santi Cazorla and Malaga have already signed a replacement – Vitorino Antunes from Portuguese side Paços de Ferreira.

The move provides competition for Kieran Gibbs and calls into questions the future of Andre Santos.

Arsene Wenger said, “We are delighted that Nacho Monreal has agreed to join us. We have been monitoring him for some time now and are really pleased that we’ve been able to agree this move today. Monreal is a strong left-sided defender with good experience at both club and international level.

“He is a technically gifted player, a good crosser in the final third and strong in the air. Monreal will add quality to our squad and of course, to our defensive unit. We all look forward to him playing for us.”

Nacho stats via the official Malaga site.

More to follow


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      • to be fair, doing nothing would have been slightly more crazy than what you described…which is what we were all expecting anyway.

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      • Ridiculous comment Sir Balls. Get off the blog before you do your head in. Your team needed a striker more than we needed a defender.

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      • Speaking of which, I can imagine there is a pretty bummed out Brazilian somewhere in the greater London area right now, digging through the entire McDonals menu for comfort… Well, lame jokes aside, I feel for ‘ya, André. Should have played out differently this whole thing.

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      • @ sir balls. Nacho is the man we were going to sign when clichy left, but once again, like santi, the oil money grabbed him first.

        its not as if, this signing came out of the blue, we’ve been after this guy a very long time. And to be quite fair, if hes get ANY spanish international caps in this generation of spanish players, than he is no muppet.

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      • That picture looks like he’s just thought…..wait a minute…..Arsenal….fuck, nobody in that team knows how to defend, this is going to be hard work.

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      • Love me some nachos! Hopefully he’ll be as good as our 3 summer signings were.
        What’s his song going to be?

        Hey Nacho,
        Nacho Monreal-o!

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    • I’m glad we signed Nacho “Novo” from Montreal. We got so focused on buying a striker that we forgot how badly we suck diseased donkey shit at defence these days. A smart fix by Wenger.

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    • Sorry for asking off-topic, but I need some help. I had £10 on Arsenal having the last signing of this transfer window, loan deals included. It says QPR was last, is that Townsend? Could swear I saw his name confirmed on Sky before Nacho.

      Anyway, as much as I hate the abuse towards Santos, he’s simply not good enough. This guy was a much needed signing, and from what I’ve read he looks to be quite decent too. Will probably not play before Sunderland away?

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    • Some experts are saying we are now overloaded in that department but the fact remains that Kieran has a history of injuries and as an insurance policy it is an
      excellent buy plus never any harm in competition.Could have done with a GK to
      Chessers on his toes

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  1. Quality signing… good friend of Santi, wish David Villa joined, however it is nice to see Gibbs get some cover. The only issue is that if Gibbs isn’t fit by the time we play Bayern, Monreal can’t play because he is cup tied.

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    • If Gibbs is not fit put Vermaelen in Lb against Bayern perhaps. Happy with this signing though, improved the squad. I wonder if it would have happened if Gibbs hadnt got injured!

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      • Rumors today were this move was slated for the summer but got moved forward to this window. Obviously Gibbs’s injury changed the timeframe for the clubs involved.

        As to the fee, Guardian has reported it at £8.5m–slightly better.

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      • What kind of a loser mentality is that? You call yourself a Gooner? This is football. You never know until you play on the pitch.

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      • I think what DB10 is trying to say is that we might have been better-off buying a LB who WASN’T cup-tied instead, like Leighton Baines.

        The Bayern Munich home-and-away could realistically be the last time Arsenal fans get to experience Champions League football for a long time. Of course we have a chance at beating the Germans. But we’d have had a BETTER chance of doing so if yesterday’s LB-signing WASN’T cup-tied.

        Vermalen hates playing LB, slim chance Gibbs will be fit by 19th Febuary, and the only chance-in-hell Santos will be allowed on the pitch vs. Bayern Munich is if pre-match Arsenal were allowed to dangle a kebab from Ribery’s forehead, glue a lamb chop onto Robben’s nose, etc.

        I hate Chelski but what they accomplished last year in CL was amazing. This year the CL final happens to be at Wembley. The longer Arsenal fans are allowed to escape from reality and ‘dream’ of such crazy things, the better.

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    • I feel–emphasis on feel…I have nothing to back this up–that Santos will fare better in European competition. I’d give him a chance against Bayern.

      Personally, I’m not all that bothered about a competition we have no hope in hell of winning, so long as we get into the competition next year…if that makes sense. I mean, the fourth-place trophy is our priority, because at the moment, we’re staring at the Europa League IN ADDITION to not having a hope in hell of winning the Champions League.

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      • What do you mean no hope? We are still in it. The mug mashers won it one year with Djimi Traore and a load of other unskillful cretins I dont care to recall in the team. Glad this window is done and we brought in a quality player. Lets hope for a big improvement for the rest of the season

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      • Yes, I remember how they did it, too. In the knock-out stages, they beat a shit Bayer Leverkusen, an aging rickety Old Lady, a non-goal against Chelsea, before squeaking through against the retirement home known as AC Milan…and it was STILL called the greatest miracle of all time.

        So when I say “no hope in hell,” I’m referring to the fact that we’ll face far better opposition than what Liverpool did, and then we’d have to also count on a once-in-a-lifetime miracle on top of that.

        Doesn’t mean I’m not cheering for Arsenal. I hope that’s clear.

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      • @ Bunburyist

        And as for Chelsea beating what may well be retrospected upon as the greatest football team of all time? Not to mention the side in question in the final.

        Now I’m not saying it’s likely that lightning’ll strike twice.

        I’m just saying if you’d told me fat frank, fernando ‘dead horse’ torres and that cuckolding gimp would lift the biggest cup in football then I’d have probably died laughing.

        And that’s why I’m not a gambling man.

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    • I hate Barcelona.

      Show no class whatsoever in trying to purloin a whole load of our greatest and most beloved players.

      Then hold one of their own to ransom during some of the most important years of his footballing career and even though he’s desperate to move on, after a respectful approach through the conventional channels.

      This f*cking club.

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      • The thing about FCB is the whole myth surrounding the club. A myth of major bullshit they have created very skillfully. But in the end, only a myth.

        The trouble is that the board and manager actually believes in it, they can´t even imagine a player wanting to leave their club. And when it fially happened they refused in order to keep the myth alive… fucking cunts, I truly hate this club.

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      • If we’re talking Spanish clubs, I’m an Athletic BIlbao man. I always cheer for Euskadi over Catalunya in the annual derby.

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    • Nacho is not a flashy type. He’s just a steady, solid defender. Exactly what our current Arsenal needs: steadiness. Good purchase, at least on paper. Wenger believes his current squad can finish Top 4 and possibly even win the FA Cup. He’s playing a rather risky game. Let’s see if his faith gets paid at the end. I personally hope so.

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    • Haha went to sleep early yesterday and just woke up to see the headline, ” arsenal sign Spanish star” I was like a little kid on Christmas.. No way no way we actually bought David villa!!!! Then I realised it was nacho haha still delighted. I think he is a great singing, good crosser of the ball strong in the tackle will help out defence and attack alot and provide Gibbs with much needed rest at times without all is arsenal fans shitting our pants!

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    • A rather cheesy pun, I have to say. But yes, he adds an extra layer to our defence and should be very useful when the crunch comes. I hear he’s also a very crisp passer of the ball. If nothing else, he should be easier to stomach than Santos.

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      • dude, you should send this to Michael Mcyntire – he might be impressed and choose you to be one of his supporting-acts in ‘Comedy Roadshow’!

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      • Yeah but you sort of wish we’d taco-n someone else during the window… We’re spread quite thin in some places, especially down to the injuries sustained in these chilli months!

        I’ll get my coat.

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    • i really think santos will be used as a replacement left wing now. which is great news for us because his attacking instincts were always much better than his defence. Can score a goal if needed.

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      • Sadly, don’t think he’s truly good enough as a winger to cut it — did you see his ridiculous shot last game? Not a smart player by any stretch of the imagination.

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    • Nice work there Bunburyist.

      Funny thing is, when I first saw the headline “Nacho signs for Gunners” I did moan out loud “DON”T TELL ME WE”VE SIGNED NACHO NOVO AS A BACKUP STRIKER”…..

      My fair lady, quite rightly said in her Australian brogue, “What the fuckin’ ‘ell are you goin’ on about?”

      Glad I read further though. The Nacho that was signed looks like class, and he must be more than half – decent if he’s Malaga’s first choice.

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    • speaking of Santos, I hope he doesn’t EAT our precious new-signing thinking it was a SNACK from the CANTEEN! if our £8.3mm ‘investment’ ended up being digested inside some ravenous Brazilian’s stomach, this would TERRIFY the Board, and prevent Wenger from spending the rest of his ‘war chest’ during the summer window.

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  2. I wouldn’t be surprised if he hangs on to Santos actually. Might be used as higher up the pitch as back up for Poldi, and for our remaining two CL games at left back.

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    • Bail on santos, hes pretty poor, Gibbs should play LW he has been playing brilliantly this season and has real attacking instinct. As someone else mentioned he can grow into our very own version of the chimp. And shore up the left side defensively, Nachoman and Gibbs on the left, Jenkinson and Ox on the right. Theo, giroud and podolski can rotate front 2 with plenty of cover and rotation with our thousand midfielders. Squad is massive and our voyuer can hopefully rotate the squad a touch. Has anyone seen this new guy play, is he good? He has received rave reviews but ive never bought him on fifa or football manager

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  3. Very happy about this, he’ll add a lot to our squad rotating in with Gibbs.

    Mostly happy about the fact that this shows that Wenger does actually have a clue as to where the squad is weak, I was beginning to fear the worst for a bit there

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      • Wenger reacted to Gibbs’ injury and brought forward a transfer. How does that show you he’s got no clue?

        That’s why I refrained from getting too hysterical about criticising Wenger – when he proves you wrong, even for a bit, you’ll find it harder to backtrack and admit that maybe your judgement of a manager with 15 years of Premier League experience might have been too hasty and too harsh.

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    • Yes Wenger might know where this squad is shit, but he waited to the last day of the transfer window to panic buy replacement for Gibbs and we are still stuck with Santos.
      Striker, solid midfielder, central defender and a back up keeper to actually challenge Szczęsny so he can develope. Where are those signings?
      To little to late. Wenger knows and he does nothing unless he is forced to.
      Bad fucking management.

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      • The question is whether Wenger ‘knows’ that we actually need those signings, or is it that maybe he genuinely believes that this squad is not all that bad?

        And who’s to say who’s right? Wenger’s confounded critics plenty of times, so he’s not wrong just because anybody says he is.

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  4. Although it was triggered as a last minute, out-of-necessity purchase, it’s a necessary and desired purchase nonetheless. There is no way Santos plays as our starting LB. Welcome to Arsenal F.C., Nacho!

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    • Surely signing Nacho is better than signing no one right? I think you can understand the bit of joy that fans are feeling right now

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      • Ha I know mate, trust me, I had one too.

        And he comes with a song already included as well, wonderful.

        Nacho nacho maaaaaaaaan

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  5. Poor Santos will be sat at home with a big smile on his face. Gibbs out for three weeks and Arsenal have just spent 10 million on Nachos.

    Little does he know…

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      • Santos will probably eat some Nachos to celebrate not having to do all that extra running you have to do in real matches. Another Spanish international to add to our collection is not a bad way to close a transfer window. Welcome to the Arsenal Natcho!

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  6. yay (hopefully) another competent left back. Missed out on that Diame bloke and Villa though, oh well. I’m ordering nachos the next time I’m at chimichangas 🙂

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  7. Well, I would have liked something extra, for me we could have done with GK, we could have got Butland or tried Sorensen but I suppose turning down Orcs request for Jenks that could have been difficult.
    A CB would have been useful since JD gone and Squid shit, but not particularly Samba on huge Russian wages. Mbiwa could be a missed opportunity me thinks.
    CM could have been useful, Arteta and Ramsey are not gritty, Coq doesn’t get many chances and Diaby is ….(fill in gap)…., Moussa Sissoko is another I feel we’ve lost out on. Not Diame.
    ST could have been useful, Cuenca on loan to Ajax, Rossi to Fiorentina (bit diaby like on fitness though) the obvious choices could have been Remy or Ba or hahaha Odemwingie hahaha.

    This is what we know and love though, We are Arsenal and Arsenal are Prudent, so we’ll support what we’ve got and maybe Eisfeld could get promoted. At the end of the season we can judge any failures.

    First up Saturday v the Cunts from Pubis, let’s get 3 points and start a roll, I honestly don’t expect to beat Munich so let’s concentrate on getting our position back of those spud/chav cunts

    Come on Arsenal!!!!

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    • true. good points. all good points.

      if you don’t mind me, let me add one more to round it off:

      the stadium. the location needs to be changed. too middle-of-Londoney. weather-wise terrible, no wonder there are empty seats. somewhere in Spain would be nice.

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    • Most agreed, athough I doubt Butland would’ve liked us – he obviously made an admirable decision based on chances to play rather than picking higher paying suitors. Might not have gotten as much game time with us.

      As for a centreback, I think because most defenders would always be having it in the back of their mind that they will arrive as 4th choice, that we don’t have as much choice as we would like.

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      • I understand what u say but I believe he turned Chavski down cos they have Cech who is slightly better and well established as a world class gk and also Courtois who is playing first team footy at Atletico Madrid for 2 seasons now and is pushing for a return to chavs, as opposed to Szcz who is still learning (slower now than it first appeared) it would have been a good challenge for both of them to compete for no.1 jersey.

        As for CB, we would have only wanted one who believed he could push those first 3 down the pecking order and on last 18months it wouldn’t be too difficult surely for a top CB, but to be fair most wouldn’t want to do that in January, but this would have been ideal time with no major interlull tournaments for 18months.

        Like blogs and most fellow gooners I just don’t believe we are doing the best for the club with what resources we should have and that is my bug bear, we have a full team that in my eyes are not good enough.
        Fabianski, Mannone, Djourou (for me not the worst but deemed not good enough), Squillaci, Frimpong (same as Djourou), Diaby (lots won’t agree but his fitness issues and for me laziness means he is on this list), Denilson, Bendtner, Chamakh, Santos, Park who???, Arshavin.
        I reckon that is roughly £0.5m on wages a WEEK (£25+m per year) being wasted. It’s scandalous, unfortunately we also have Miquel, Yennaris, Meade, Coquelin, Eisfeld, Henderson, Gnabry and Afobe that don’t get as much game time as Wenger says they should when he refuses to buy players, that’s a 3rd of a squad deemed untrustworthy.

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  8. I wouldn’t be totally opposed to trying Gibbs out as a left midfielder in a less important game with this guy as left back. Just as an experiment.

    Am I an idiot or would this be interesting? Gibbs isn’t bad on the ball and this year he’s done a decent job on that left wing when he goes forwards.

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    • I believe Nacho is cup tied with Malaga, hence cannot play in the CL. Even if Gibbs is healed by the 19th, there is no guarantee he will be fit enough to be match ready. I think we will likely see Vermaelen on LB and Mert & Kos in the middle, at least for the first leg against Bayern.

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  9. Seems like everyone is using that photo, looks like he’s nursing a serious hangover, should have a balloon coming out of his mouth with *boilk* in it.

    Hope he solidifies our defence, wonder if Gibbs could get a run as a left winger at some point.

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  10. I have to admit I expect no signing in this windows so well done Arsenal. But to think it need an injury to force us to buy is disappointing (He reportedly our target for the summer). Just like what happened in the summer when we were battered by Man Utd, it seems we only move for the bare minimum. No wonder we often play in patches when all we’ve done is just patch up the wounds without actually preventing the wounds inflicted.

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    • To be fair, I wouldn’t mind that. He might be a lanky Spuds cunt, but he’d give us strength in depth. Obviously he’d never get ahead of Giroud, Walcott and Podolski in the center but hey, who would? 😉

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    • this is a good signing in a position where we are weak. Granted it’s not David Villa, but our squad is stronger today than it was yesterday.

      So shut up, nobody made any huge moves today

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      • Oh Christ, that was one of the funniest things I’ve seen in a long time. I wonder if Odemwingie is speaking to his agent today:
        “What’s the matter? I said everyfing you told me to, just like wot you wrote down”.
        “Yes, but you’re only supposed to say it after you’ve signed da soddin’ ting you muppet!”.

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  12. Given the circumstances, atleast we got something out of this window. Should be interesting with Cazorla and Nacho together. They should know each other pretty well.

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  13. Erm… For several seasons now, it’s apparent a boost to our defence has been urgently needed, but like some/many Gooners, I’ve never heard of Nacho and am left wondering is he any good?

    Walcott, Podolski and Giroud are coming on, but some sort of “tip top, super, super quality” striker is also needed to replace he-who-shall-not-be-named.

    After Santos’s recent performances, Nacho is clearly welcome but is his signing also not just Wenger’s token attempt to appease/placate the fans? Costing £8-10 million isn’t exactly splashing the cash from his £70 million spending pot, is it?

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  14. This is a hallmark Wenger signing. Nacho, despite his unfortunate name, has arrived in the same circumstances that Sagna arrived in 5 odd years ago. He is an established international (and would have been capped a lot more had it not been for Jordi Alba) and has been relatively injury free. If we can sneak in Diame as well it will be a lot better than we expected since this is what we really need. Another forward would be nice but our front three are actually gelling and playing quite well. The clown defending needs to stop though.

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    • Does this Diame guy play for Real Madrid or West Ham. I havent watched much from him but does everyone think hes so good because he scored a great goal against us. Is he better than Coq, Frimpong

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      • Diame is the best we could have hoped for from Wenger, but that didn’t happen. We just need someone more threatening than Ramsey or Arteta to stop the opposition playing between our lines. This is the main reason the defence looks so streched. They don’t have an extra body to cover when one of our wing backs go out to attack – especially down the right as theo doesn’t track back and mertesacker is too slow. That’s part of the reason Sagna looks so strained.. his engine has gone. He needs more cover.

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  15. My friends in Spain say he is quite similar to Azpilicueta but they rate him higher. Take that for what it’s worth but I think its great news. A football player and not just an athlete.

    I do think we may be lacking in creativity/cutting edge up front. It has been especially obvious against big teams. Worth mentioning that the OX has been the disappointment of the season so far. If he can get it together, it could make the difference. Let’s pray that Diaby stays fit and see where we end up. 4th is our trophy this year we need to buckle down and get it done!

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    • “…quite similar to Azpilicueta…”

      Thank fuck we didn’t sign him. That would have been a really difficult song to come up with….

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  16. Before today I was hoping that we would sign a player from la liga and we did, just not the player we all hoped for.

    As disappointed I am in general at Arsenal phobia of spending money, I’m happy that we’ve bought a player that addresses our left back problem. I cant comment personally on how good he is but he seems to be highly regarded and hopefully he hits the ground running. And I’m sure Carzorla will be happy to see a familiar face.

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  17. Left Back is Nacho position Santos!
    Nacho time to play Santos!
    Nacho spot on the first team Santos!

    It had to be done.

    Also, can’t wait for an announcer to just shout out
    “Nacho, libre in space!”

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  20. Personally I’m still feeling very underwhelmed by all of this. The squad needs far more than a new left back and ultimately I do not feel this signing will make an awful lot of difference to where we ultimately finish this season. As good as he may be, we are lacking in too many other areas and some of our big name players simply aren’t as good as we think they are; verminator being a prime example here. Others are being played in positions that are not specialist to them (Arteta) and as well as they have done in those positions, it is not good enough to really compete with the best sides in Englsnd and Europe. Once again, I am utterly baffled by our inactivity to really push us forward and improve what is a good squad but certainly not good enough to be successful in the competitions that really matter.

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      • I think the people here are generally decent, reasonable gooners. But I have noticed that stating a non positive opinion in what is perceived as a positive situation is considered “whiny” and negative.

        Say we have just won a game, but you want to comment about the quality of the performance, people here dont like it. You have to be happy when we win or when we sign a player, no ifs no buts.
        While I understand the feeling, it doesn’t make for a great environment for analysis and “big picture” discussions.

        I blame the lack of happy moments these past few seasons and the very nature of the football fan.

        To sum up: don’t get too worked up on the thumbs down. Like Wenger says (and I don’t agree with a lot of what he says nowadays) we live in an emotional era, not a rational one.

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      • Agree, people on here tend to use the thumbs up-thumbs down to whether or not they like what they’re reading, not whether or not it’s a good, well thought out argument. Personally I’d get rid of the upvote/downvote system altogether.

        For what it’s worth, I do agree with Dan – a lot of people are going to be disappointed come the Summer. I am happy that Arsenal have at least signed someone.

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      • Personally I think the squad is almost a great squad, with a bit of riff raff trimming in the summer, of course. Our main problems at the moment are cohesion and confidence. The squad has had to reshuffle so much in the last few seasons (captains leaving and major injuries) that even players who have been at the club a while have hardly played together. A bit of time and support from the crowd will see us come good.

        (To unfortunately quote the chubby hugger Gok Wan)
        Its all about the confidence.

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  21. Would have liked to see some other signings as well but cover and competition for Gibbo can only be a positive, so I’m content.

    Santos will be shown the door I hope.

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  22. Please don’t get too excited by this signing. This transfer window has been a fucking disaster for our club.

    What we NEEDED was FOUR quality players to enable us to push up the table and begin to build a title-winning side.What we GOT was a half-decent full-back who we only signed because Gibbs got injured.

    What a fucking joke.

    Remember when Wenger said that “I will be very busy in this window”? Yeah, busy loaning off shit like Chamakh – but where were the replacements?

    Where the fuck is the quality striker who we desperately need? Or the defensive midfielder? Or the winger? Or the reserve goalkeeper?

    It makes me sick to watch as QPR spend more than we do it this window – and on tastey players like Samba and Remy. And Peter Odemwinge was in London looking to move. But we only bought a fucking left-back.

    If we don’t finish top four then Wenger must go.

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    • I like how you refer to Samba and Remi as ‘tastey players’. We signed a dude called NACHO! Are you ironically named fatgooner?

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    • If you wanted Samba, Remy, and Odemwingie – and at those prices – then you should fuck off because you know literally nothing about football.

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    • I certainly think the raving loons on here who are crying “YES! See, I told you that Arsene would come good!” really do need to look at themselves and realise we’ve signed a decent left-back… and that’s it.

      I’d agree with FG that we needed more players and I’m disappointed with the window as a result. We have one registered striker, when players such as Remy, Sturridge and Ba have all moved, and all would have been very welcome at the club. This signing won’t ensure that we reach top four, even though it is a welcome one.

      Although, FG, if you think Samba would have done anything for us, then, um, you’re wrong.

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      • Happy we’ve signed this lad, but it would’ve been very interesting to see the reaction on here if Gibbs hadn’t got injured on Wednesday.

        Have a guess how many players we’d have signed yesterday in that case?

        What if he’d have been injured tomorrow instead? We’d have been fucked.

        What if Ollie gets injured tomorrow?

        In terms of squad management, it’s a shocker and a huge gamble by AW. Let’s hope it pays off for everyone’s sake.

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      • I think the DM is debatable. Up until the MU game we had the best defence in the league this season. Arteta and Ramsey can do jobs there, maybe not like Viera but we live in a different era now, Arsenal and our opposition all play a very very different game.

        I don’t think Arsene ever really went bad. People are upset with our wage structure and I think that’s fair enough, but all this criticism about not winning anything I don’t think is balanced; instead he built a 400 million pound stadium which entertains 60 000 people a week and very nearly won the league and league cup one year but for terrible luck. To me that is more amazing than MU or City, who have spent the world on players (the FA, referees and UEFA) to win silverware. Instead we’ve ensured future successes after the stadium is paid off. I give it 3 years; when the new Emirites money kicks in and the British core has matured.

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    • Odemwinge? Really? Chris ‘I’m quite tall but not much else’ Samba? Just a thought for the negative posters on here, criticising Wenger when he signs nobody, and then criticising when he signs somebody who isn’t [latest flavour of the month]. People banged on and on about M’Vila and how Song was so shit, and how we should get rid of Persie ‘always injured, never going to make it’. The fact that you can read transfer rumours and play FM & FIFA does not make you a better judge of what this club needs that a man who has dedicated a significant portion of his life to this club. Yes, he may be stubborn, and sometimes downright infuriating, but he has more loyalty to Arsenal than most other people have to any club in this day and age of ‘super-agents’ and TV millions.

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      • Over the last 8 years there are so many players out there that people on here have said ‘we really must buy’ and ‘without him we’ll be in the championship next year’.
        Guys like Cana who turned up at Sunderland and was less than average.
        Melo who stayed in Italy and turned out to be average.
        The problem is that you can never tell if a player in a different country/league will adjust to the EPL. That’s why AFC scout a guy for so long like mata and Santi (and still regularly f*ck up). We haven’t been in a position to buy EPL players as they’re usually stupidly expensive (3 overseas players = 1 EPL player but the o/seas player often doesn’t make the transition). No matter how much FIFA manager you play, you will never understand the real dynamics of a premier league team/squad. And buying a 32 year old money motorvated player (no matter what quality) rarely works out good.

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  23. I can’t see Malaga letting us take Isco unfortunately.. They will tell us to fuck off and that we’ve already had the little genius Santi and Monreal and go fuck yourselves! And bang! Sperms sign him up. Cunts.. Funny Willian moved today tho! Hahahaha

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  24. Better than nothing…so a player needs to be shit like Santos for Arsene to take notice…can be a very astute move though.
    The question is not on players quality but on his mentality which of late Arsene has not been a good judge of. I hope this one has more steel than the recent ones..(yes Mert / Verm / Kos)..
    Wish him luck.

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  25. Our defence is shit because of our tactics and poor coaching. Wenger will make Nacho look average and worse than he is in no time. What are the odds of nearly ALL of Wengers defensive signings ALL being shite? International defenders with 100’s of international caps between them crumble when they come to Arsenal because Wenger can’t coach defenders and defensive play.

    Thumb up 6 Thumb down 32

    • Yep, Kolo Toure, alex song, keiren gibbs, bacary sagna, laurent koscielny, carl jenkinson, Johan Djourou, ashley cole were all full internationals when they came to arsenal.

      You. Fucking. Twat.

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    • Don’t let your prejudice against Wenger get in the way of a good rant. If you don’t like the club, go and support someone else. Maybe you’ll find someone to support where you actually like the manager and the players. If not, at least you’d be destabilising another team’s players with your negativity. Players do not become brilliant or shit overnight. They have good games and bad games. And that includes Santos who, as Arseblog has pointed out, wasn’t really at fault for either goal on Wednesday but got singled out anyway. Seems some Arsenal fans aren’t happy unless they can hate one of their players every week and they just change who it is if they have to: Ramsey, Walcott, Gervinho, Santos etc. etc

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  26. Surprising fact I learned today – Walcott has a better goals per minute ratio this season than Van Persie (data is a few weeks old).

    Retaining him really was the coup of the winter. We can’t admit that on here though, because of some weird disdain that Arseblog holds towards him.

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  27. So much for the two-player-in-one-position idea that Wenger was all about earlier… now only if he had signed a proper DM too…

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  28. Anyone else a little concerned what this will do to Gibbs’s development? I rate him pretty highly and, when healthy, he’s been one of Arsenal’s better players this year.

    That said, obviously we needed cover at left back.

    Left back a higher priority than a striker?

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    • Think of it this way. Signing a left back gives Arsene the option of playing Santos further forward (where he’s really quite good, and has shown he has an eye for goal), which in turn gives AW the option to play Podolski down the middle (he is easily our best finisher and does have great penalty box intincts)..

      So this signing, in a round-about-way does give us an extra option up front.

      Of course I would think the Ox would be ahead of Santos in the pecking order for a spot on the left, who might yet be sold to a Turkish club anyway..

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  29. Half a bread is better tim bits. Does anyone know the history of Gary Neville and Phil Neville’s dad and travelling to Spain?

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  30. Good signing from what ive heard from graham hunter on skysports news tonight.. Santos isnt really a leftback anyway tbh i seen santos stats from when he was at fenerbache and he scored quite a few from playing left mid.. Wouldve liked to have seen a DM as im sure most of use would but we should be ok! And on the young promising strikers coming through ive seen what joel campbell is doing at betis and im impressed! Chin up people!

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  31. So Andre Santos will go to… :/ I am as scared of Santos playing in our defence these days as anyone, but i also feel a bit bad about him developing this way.

    Maybe its because i like the guy and his cheers, who knows. But he was pretty decent when he started. Him and Kieran were battling for the spot.. I know Kieran improved and secured it and also Santos was injured at that time.. But how does it happen that you do turn into shit in top football club really. You can say he isnt fit and sharp. He lacks match fitness.. Well maybe he wasnt motivated enough. They want to run it more as a bussiness than FC. Well then fucking motivate your employees. Do fucking backround check on your employees before you sign them to see if there is potential loss of desire.
    Have people talking to your employees about their mentality. Have people analyzing the mentality of the group/team and necessary improvements in motivation, mental preparation etc. This is supposed to be top level management of people we are talking about and they want to run it as bussiness. If you cant motivate their football hearts like you can with Jack, Jenkinson etc, then try something else ffs. People turning into shit because of confidence.. well it can be trained on god dammit. They have nothing else to do with their time and all the money they need and they cant work on their confidence?

    Also Arsene says we have 2 players for every position, yet when we play a game every 3 days, some people are getting overplayed and then Arsene says we were tired and lacked sharpness. I mean cmon, either we have 2 players for every position or we dont. What if Jenkinson turns to shit because he is gonna be played less and less and will be less and less sharp when he does actually play. Chamakh turned to shit because RVP returned from injury. Well maybe Chamakh wasnt worked on and wasnt rotated as much as he should have been.

    Sry im being really negative here. But Santos turning to shit and getting replaced so fast after we signed him thats nothing to celebrate really.

    Rant over.

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  32. shut up haters ! give the guy a match to show some nacho before you show up with your auto programmed hatred .

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  33. As mentioned previously with Gibbs injured and Djourou gone, there is no way that Wenger as frugal as he is could ignore that he was staring the prospect of 3 central defenders being at risk on the pitch over the next few weeks….esp after the last two displays Santos put forth.

    Get a central defender hurt with Gibbs gone….and it seemingly would become one of those Arsenal injury snowballs that ends with Squillaci starting at center half and maybe even Santos in too. Ugh.

    Seems a quality signing… lets take care of the bastard orchs…

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  34. Hahahahha!!! can’t stop laughing. The Boss really does know how to pull it nicely. The so called Arsenal fans have been battering Arsene for his lack of action in the transfer window, calling for us to buy strikers. But I have always believed in Arsene. he’s the Boss and he knew the attack dept is pretty much sorted out when Walcott penned the deal. And with Giroud firing solid shots, not forgetting Poldi pulling classy attack moves.

    We DO HAVE big issues with goals leakage and it was rubbed hard down our nose with the Liverpool fiasco. So when Gibbs is out, it only makes perfect sense for the Boss to patch it up quick.

    I don’t know this Nacho dude, but I am sure he will blend in just nicely with his old mate Santi around and Arteta to keep company.

    Welcome to the Armoury Nacho! COYG!!!

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    • I think the striking department might have sorted itself this week, in which one Olivier fucking Giroud scored five fucking goals and Little Theo let his ego loose. It could well unsort itself next week, mind you.

      They can probably get Villa in the summer, judging from the rumblings in the press, so why buy a lesser striker now? I get the reasoning, if that’s the reasoning.

      The thing I’m wondering about is how much better this season would have been if Vermaelen hadn’t suddenly taken up avant-garde ballet dancing. That weird flail before the first Liverpool goal yesterday seemed like a rerun of the goal he set up for v. Judas at ManU… The stuff of nightmares… What was that, really? I still don’t get it… Get that sorted and we’ll get fourth.

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    • I’ve been battering Arsene, and for good reason. We still need more in the way of attackers and it will come back to bite us in the arse. Don’t think that Arsene is a genius just because he moves a planned summer deal forward because of injuries. Had Gibbs been injured against Stoke tomorrow instead, we would have got no-one this window and found ourselves even more in the mire.

      That isn’t the point for this news piece though – we welcome Nacho to the Emirates, and we wish him well. Apparently a very decent player, for the price.

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  35. Good signing, could provide a competition for Gibbs and an option for Wenger to rotate the squad at both left back and right back position once Gibbs is back from injury. I’m still worrying about that CL match against Bayern how Santos is going to defend against the likes of Robben and Ribery. Should have signed more, one is simply not enough given the squad depth we have currently at st,dm and cb.

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  36. Very refreshing to read so many positive comments and so many thumbs down to all the negativists (as someone said earlier); way too much negativity on this site lately.
    I don’t know Nacho either but can’t wait to see him in an Arsenal shirt.
    I also like the idea of using Santos as a back up for Podolski, I’d like to see him given a chance to prove himself up there.

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    • Well said Dink Arnold. It’s like in June when your boss promises you a GBP50k year-end bonus, then in December, the bonus turns out to be GBP5k. You have to ask yourself, did you REALLY expect to get the 50 grand? And you have to tell yourself that a 5 grand bonus is better than no bonus at all.

      I notice a lot of the word ‘underwhelmed’ used here. Of course every gunner fan is bloody fucking underwhelmed with all that’s going on and all that’s NOT going on! So whaddya do about it?…

      a) QUIT Arsenal and support Spuds
      b) QUIT Arsenal and support Chelski
      c) QUIT Arsenal and support ManUre
      d) QUIT folllowing the footie altogether
      e) APPRECIATE that at least, you support a club with a rich history, has been blessed with Champions League football for 16 STRAIGHT years, still has some oustanding players, and still plays some of the most exciting football on Earth.

      Dunno if we are still “by far” the greatest team the world has ever seen, but we still up there with the best.

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  37. The media really are rubbish at predicting who we will sign. Yet again wenger signs a player no-one linked us to. Lets hope he’s a Vieira and not a Stepanovs. Welcome to Arsenal Nacho!!

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  38. One thing you have to say is that it continues what Wenger has been saying recently about buying quality established players to compliment the academy and younger players we have in the squad.
    The fact remains that it’s difficult to buy top class players in Jan because most teams (quite rightly) don’t want to lose their best players.
    So would like to congratulate Wenger on signing a Spanish international full back.

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    • Santos is not shit. He is a decent player who has some good games and some bad ones. He’s getting a lot of stick for a game where he wasn’t at fault for either goal but did make a mistake in passing to Suarez near the end of the game. Why are there so many whingers supporting Arsenal? The people slagging off Santos now were doing it to Gervinho before that, Ramsey before him, Walcott before that, Song last season (and now claiming he’s a terrible loss to the club) etc, etc. Why don’t you talk about the players you like instead of spending so much time on the ones you don’t like?

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  39. I fell asleep halfway through the TDD happenings online, and by then Monreal was already signed.
    I had a crazy dream last night that we finished 6th in the table, but Walcott scored a hattrick in the UCL finals to deprive the Spuds of the Champions League twice in a row, who finish 4th 😀
    Anyways, I hope Monreal doesn’t disappoint, Arsene’s LB’s in the past have been, more often than not, of top quality. I had some hope that we might just sign a striker and another CB, but Monreal will do for now.

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  40. I’m dissapointed tbh, I really though we’d get more out of this window. Everyone wanted the same aswell i’d like to think. Seems wenger either missed out on the top, top quality players he was blabbering about or he thinks this squad is good enough to carry us through the season. All will be determined at seasons end but coyg for now.

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  41. I just hope he doesn’t get the syndrome of nervousness defending too. Individually our defenders are pretty good but defending as a team is the our problem. He is definitely a very good buy for us

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  42. Happy news! I for one really believes in this squad (honestly).
    You can´t really blame AW for Vermaelens current suckiness or the fact that one of Germanys most capped CD forgot how to defend.

    I think our midfield is great and our attack is really starting to find it´s momentum. It took longer than usual to get our grove going this season, but were getting there.

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    • Yes, you can blame AW for the team’s current state of defending. If players are consistantly making individual errors they are either not good enough, in which case that’s the manager’s fault for buying them, or the defensive training is just not good enough.

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  43. Great, we signed someone, however let’s not get too overboard. Wenger only signed him because Gibbs got injured. If he really wanted to add a quality left back to the squad he should have signed him long before today.This is further evidence of Wenger’s deluded view of his squad.

    I suspect if Gibbs was still fit Santos would still be our only other left back option. Secondly Nacho is cup tied, so our problems are not immediately solved.

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  44. LANS like a LANS should be.

    I am from India and I was initially planning to stay on for the transfer window end which would have been 4:30 in morning local time, but given how little was happening I thought we would be signing no one at all. So I slept off at around 1. was delighted to wake up and find we had signed someone. He seems damn good too.

    So is gibbs still first choice or Nacho. A problem worth having, better than, is that gunnersaurus better than Santos.

    On a side note this need not be the end of the road for Santos…he could help out in att.

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  45. Let us be honest with each other, he looks solid and that is what we are missing at the back., a SOLID LEFT BACK which will improve the SOLIDNESS of the Arsenal back four. But we needed a SOLID DM like Mohamed Diame as well! We lack the ‘SOLIDNESS’ of Arteta and co. I think we should all start to think Wenger should buy SOLID players to make this rather Weak Arsenal side SOLID. Phew!

    I hope he will deputise at LB when really needed. THE Nacho guy! Am ok with one signing rather that NO signing, but again, we should sign better world class players though i havent seen that coming.


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    • …and a SOLID right back who hasn’t got one eye on the exit door; and a SOLID Goalkeeper who actually gets the ball when he races off his line like a startled rabbit; and a SOLID centre half, who can run at more than 3 MPH and actually connect with the fuckin ball when he goes up for a header – desp[ite being 6’3″ or more! Don’t care how SOLID Nacho is – he can’t transform this disorganised mess on his own – more likely his career will go backwards playing under the present regime.

      Oh, I forgot – a Coach to drill the defence might be good as well.

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  46. I think we lined him up for the summer but moved it forward because of Gibbs being injured. Wenger can also now count Santos as a winger which will be better for his game.

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  47. Back from hibernation me fellas, Now a left back’s been signed on the few last hours of the transfer window. We are on a roll here me mates, watch us trail blaze past stokey cunts tommorow with Cazorla feeling ten times at home now, he’s sure to hit a hatrick!

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  48. Don’t get your hopes too high fellas. He might not be an automatic starter at Gibby’s expense after all. Despite all the fuss about him being technically gifted and deputy to Jordi Alba he seems more like a hard working, classic English fullback than anything else. Judging after his ‘match-winning’ performance vs Mallorca (link: I see him as no more than healthy competition for Gibbsy. So the ‘Brittish core’ shall be safe and the Arsenal will dominate the Land for years to come.

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  49. Pity no DM as I think much needed, but am happy with Monreal who is a fine, un-fussy FB from what I’ve seen.
    Another Basque too, to join Arteta. If he plays as well as at Malaga, he’ll be our first choice FB. Let’s give him time to settle in guys. His defensive teammates are a shambles right now. Plus his first game is probably against Stoke – unless TV plays FB as surely not Santos – and we know what that charm school graduate Pulis will have planned for him.

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  50. ggod signing but it seems that Wneger was only forced to do business after Gibb’s injury.
    Real shame we didn’t have this ttype of signing in other areas of the squad

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