Barcelona rule out Villa sale


Arsenal’s hopes of signing David Villa look to have been dashed as Barcelona president Sandro Rosell insists the Catalan club want to keep the player until the end of the season at least.

Quoted by @EurosportCom_EN: – Rosell said, “I reject absolutely the transfer of Villa in the January window. He is ours and we need him.”

Arseblog News is aware that there was definite interest on both sides, but that now appears to be dead in the water following Rosell’s comments.

Barcelona sit top of La Liga, 11 points clear of Atletico Madrid, and they don’t really need him so obviously this is revenge for Hleb, and possibly Alex Song.

Meanwhile, the Gunners have been linked with Chinese striker Nao Huan and Russian defensive midfielder Yuri Avinalaf.


  1. Depression si a cruel thing 🙁
    But the Gunners have been linked with Chinese striker Nao Huan and Russian defensive midfielder Yuri Avinalaf made me laugh out loud 😀

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    • Every season we get linked to this Asian players , last January it was Fu Kin No Wan , But we never actually get them

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    • I am blaming all our transfer activity on Reyes and Arshavin.

      Wenger is obviously a very analytical guy. As an economist he probably looks for causal relationships all the time. The few times he shelled out “top-dollar” in recent history, he got burned. The biggest burn of all was Reyes. After that bust it took him a while to spend 15M on a player… and when he did, Arshavin arrived. After Arshavin, it took Wenger again a few years to shell out more than 15M. He did and we got Santi.

      I would assume (most likely incorrectly) that, from his resent personal experience, Wenger does not see the relationship between expensive players and success at Arsenal (and he probably does not consider his sample size to be too small). We did get Santi, so hopefully that will change — it’s early but I am calling him a success.

      One other thing though, for an economist he is clearly not accounting “appropriate” (bubble level) inflation in player wages and transfer fees. Player wages (and transfer fees) are the new housing and tech market.

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      • I agree. It is interesting that he’ll spend £12million on the Ox though. If he sees value in that with the time, patience and limited inital return (and potential buggering off), I wonder why he’s still limited to £15million for his “experienced, proven quality” buys.
        Maybe because once you get into the £20+ you’re competing with the big boy bidders and that’s not a proven strategy for value for money.

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      • 2-3 years of David Villa does sound fantastic.
        But not in line with the main objective of making money and making 4th place and losing to Bradford and nearly losing the FA Cup 3rd round. Wenger would rather sign Nao Huan. fucking can’t believe we’ve dragged our feet on this when there’s interest on both side.
        This is the new Arsenal way.

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  2. Need him? Please.. They could win the league with Chamakh playing up front. Rosell is a knob. Shame really, Villa is still quality..

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    • Bunch of distasteful Cunts that barca.

      I partly blame wenger, he should have gone to them while they were still undecided and make them an offer they cannot refuse. But once again. He DITHERED.

      I mean wake up guyz. Arsene is still his old stubborn self, will he ever change?

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      • “I partly blame wenger, he should have gone to them while they were still undecided and make them an offer they cannot refuse. But once again. He DITHERED.”

        How long were Barca undecided for and how would Wenger know that? What would that offer be and should Wenger have even attempted a discussion or should he just have cut the power, bundled Villa out of the room and left 30million pounds in a pile in the middle of the room? How do you know Wenger ‘dithered’? The article states that he’d already spoken to Barca and we’re only a week into the window.

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  3. In fairness, when the sales of RVP, Cesc and Nasri were pending did our head- honchos not say the same thing?? Methinks the right offer might change his mind….

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    • We were linked to Llorente, Ba, M’Vila, and countless others. At Arsenal, being LINKED to superstars means fuck all. We wont cough up for the high transfer cost or wages so yeah dont put yourself through the misery, we wont sign anyone world class

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      • Arshavin, when signed, I thought was world class.

        Of course, with hindsight you can claim to have know what would become of him, but he signed on the back of leading his national team to a brilliant Euro 2008.

        Yet, signing top class doesn’t always work out, does it?

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      • Exactly this /\

        There are plenty of players cited as the type we should be going for. People called for Reina a few years ago, Baines was a common one recently and Fellaini is a good example now. We will very rarely spend big on a player and when we have it hasn’t always worked (Arshavin, Reyes). Wenger has done a decent job looking for bargains (Cazorla, Arteta, Sagna, Koscielny).
        You only have to look at the clubs that have finished above us recently, Chelsea and City are barely visable, they’re so far ahead of us financially. Man Utd spend a lot of money to get their squad in order, De Gea, Ferdinand, Rooney, RvP were very expensive. Their youth buys top our transfer record, Jones 16m Kagawa 12m, Smalling 10m, Nani. Even their poor-return signings are eye-watering, Young 17m, Berbatov 30m!
        A ‘world class’ signing would be nice but to fight fire with fire and do things as our rivals do, we would need huge spending year after year. I think we could certainly spend our money better but I don’t think we should be looking at a ‘superstar’ as the answer.

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      • Arshavin gets mad stick but everyone conveniently forgets that despite his mighty fall, he SAVED OUR SEASON and without him we’d be in Europa league that year I SWEAR DOWN!

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      • Alright Hands, I meant to reply to a post of yours on another article but I can’t remember what it was or on which article, I think it may have gone now. It was a real corker of a reply though, honest.
        Arshavin did have a great impact but it still doesn’t feel that he lived up to his promise (for whatever reason). Bendtner went through a few end of season games scoring important goals, gathering points, but there’s more to it than that.
        Besides, Arshavin has had an incredibly easy ride through his Arsenal career. There are a dozen players who would have recieved a lot worse if they’d tried the same.

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  4. I hear there are loads of tickets not sold for category A game this weekend against city. Could it be the fact that we
    Charge £90 for second rate players and r link with nobody but second rate as listed above. #boardaredeluded we have become the laughing stock of the prem next u will here us advertising our games on the radio like chelsea. People don’t want to pay £90 to see Ramsey playing left wing and gervino falling over get the message arsenal

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    • A few minutes ago, no tickets available in the lower tier. One ticket available in the North Bank Upper; one ticket in East Upper and about 70 in Clockend Upper.

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      • Don’t expect to win all the time, but we’ve probably dropped 12 or so points against teams that were in or just above the bottom three when we played them.

        That’s been pretty consistent the past couplathree seasons. And one of the reasons we don’t win shit.

        And £90 to watch Ramsey and Gervinho is a bit much.

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    • @david. Thank you.

      The arsenal website is busy pestering fans about available tickets. Well keep them. A soda, a freaking t.v all day over second rate misfits.

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  5. Having Chinese striker Nao Huan and Russian defensive midfielder Yuri Avinalaf on our radar is better than being link with ‘no one’ causing us to watch haters ‘have a laugh’.

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  6. His wife is expected to give birth in a month so there is no way we would have got him now.

    BUT..lets not stop looking. FFS Wenger hurry up, we’ve already lost Llorente and Ba, even though the latter literally begged us to take him ( “Arsenal are a club that make you dream”) We didnt make a move, Chelsea captured him, and then he scores two goals on his debut. Fuck this shit man NEVER gonna get drawn into big-name transfer rumours again.

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    • Pedantic maybe, but who says we “lost” Llorente or Ba? Just because some professional fabricator on CaughtOffside or an enslaved monkey at “links” us to a player, doesn’t mean we “lost” them…

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      • Llorente or Ba are both realistic targets. I know goal and c/o aren’t everyones cup of tea. But with ba and his release clause, llorente with 6 months left. Surely we have to be going for them…..

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      • reposting from below but I can’t stand misrepresentation

        Llorente stats, heard he is being froze out this season.

        08/09 – 42 goals (all comps for all stats, including internationals)
        09/10 – 43
        10/11 – 41
        11/12 – 47
        12/13 – 6

        I’d think he’s worth a go, we bought Giroud on the back of a single good season.

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  7. I like Villa. Who doesn’t? If we have him fine but I really don’t think he is our priority this term. Can the Arseblog team please help us the fans and let Wenger and Gazidis know this? What we lack and everyone knows it is a defensive midfielder, someone that has the job of helping the back line plus all the other functions of a DM. Wenger and Gazidis should stop procrastinating over this or else this heart break will forever continue.

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  8. Ba has gone to Chelsea,Huntellar has signed a new contract,Villa not leaving and Llorente in discussion with Juve..Its okay Arsenal..No need to hurry..Take your own time

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    • At 31, I’d hold off on Villa. Its a pace position, and at 31, I’d say he is running out of road, if he hasn’t already. What age was Thierry when we sold him? All the same rules apply. And TH was a far superior goal getter, imo. As well as being Thierry Henry.

      As for Ba, the fella’s a mercenary of the Adebayor school. So the same rules apply there too. Do we really need another Adebayor-style mercenary with a brother for an agent hawking him around every club in Europe? I suggest the answer is no. Chelsea are welcome to him – indeed he suits their ‘philosophy’ (I am being kind) to a tee.

      I would like a fully formed striker signed though. We do need someone to put the “One” back into “One Nil to the Arsenal.”

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  9. Money talks, if we want him we could negotiate it. That’s not how we do it though is it. First port of call is checking who has 6 months left in ligue 1.

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  10. We are being taken for a ride again guys. You would think a team with such obvious holes in the squad would have a strategy in place to land a couple of top top top class players already. We needed them Sunday and we need them on Sunday. Come on Arsene pull your fucking finger out.

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  11. David Villa was too good to be true. Arsenal are to fuckin stingy to cough up on quality. We might pick up Michael Owen with the budget we have

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  12. Well blow me down with a feather. We were really expecting Barca to sell and Arsenal to make a prompt move. Revenge? Yes, I suppose it is a little unkind of Barca to be saying this so early in the window thus depriving Wenger of his final excuse.

    Excuse 1: we have to sort Walcott’s contract.
    Backup to excuse 1: we only buy special players.
    Backup to backup to excuse 1: we found a special player after prolonged and worldwide searching; we laboured day and night to thrash out the deal: the contract was drawn up, the pens poised for signing, the player stripped for his medical – only for those sneaky rats Barca at ten to eleven on the last day of the window to go back on their word.

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  13. This whole business is pissing me off, what with theo. how long does it take for an agent to say we want 100k and gazidis to say we offer 85k right no deal now fuck off. It’s so fucking boring every year we are held to ransom and the club swallow it.
    And what’s worse is the theo thing is probably holding us back from signings as that’s how arsene works, we have to sell before we buy, the fact that we neeed at least two players even if theo stays doesn’t seem to register with arsene.
    For fucks sake get on with it, we have a real poxy period of games coming up when we could do with a bigger squad but we do what we always do and drag our feet.

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    • Backup to backup to backup to excuse 1: we found ten special players but by the time they’d arrived and unpacked it was April so we thought it best to delay signing them until August.

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      • And we’ll still be hearing the same old bollocks about economy, confidence killing, etc.

        It makes me laugh seeing/hearing ‘In Arsene We Trust’ no wait, makes me sick sorry.

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  14. why anyone would think we would buy villa is beyond me, most of you talk like you dont know your manger, he would never buy a world class striker, who is 31 and would be on a salary of £120,000, not today and not tomorrow, he already has his two strikers dont think anyone is coming, if i am going to be honest i would go n a limb and say all we should expect is another young promising buy, we have shit loads of games in Jan playing every 2 days if we were going to buy anyone who should ave at least started hearing about it right about now. yet am still hoping that a miracle can still happen

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  15. It’s not slagging Ramsey he doesn’t pick himself out of position nor does gervino pick himself to play. Wenger picks them he tells us he will only sign super quality and then gives us silvestre and schillachi. The wenger
    Out drum is beating harder then ever. He is to stubborn to change he has dug himself a hole amd his stubbornness won’t dig him out. He is on a personal mission to prove his critics wrong amd his own supporters even though it’s not for the good of our club. Selling our best player to our rivals should never ever in a million years have been sanctioned. I love what wenger did but I hate what he is now doing. He is a shadow of the man we first employed everyday I hope to see he walks away with a bit of dignity in tact cos as we all know he is no turning this around.

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  16. Imo and Benitez said similar… you either buy an established Premier league player in January who can come in and do a job straight away or your buying a player for next season.

    I wouldn’t mind us buying James Mccarthy from Wigan.

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  17. We should respond via the media

    State they still owe us money from transfers they forced with their relentless tapping up regime. State that if they won’t return the favour just once and sell us Villa that we categorically will never deal with them on any transfer ever again.

    Hate that club, wish they’d go bankrupt.

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    • Not thier fault that they don’t want sell one of thier better players, maybe we should take the same stance next time someome comes knocking for one of our best players instead of rolling over on our stomach with our arse in the air like we normally do.

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      • A down arrow for telling the truth, wow.
        Seems some Arsenal fans are actually closet Barca fans too…

        @ Voldermort, that’s my point though,
        We say no and they then carry on their relentless tapping up campaigns. In the end it gets to a point that you give them what they want so they shut the fuck up – much like a little kid wanting a sweet. They won’t take no for an answer.

        If we really want Villa and he wants us as reported we should go on a press tapping up campaign and drum up some sympathy saying the things I put in my original post.
        Then if they get on their high horse about us tapping up then we just pull out 8 years worth of paper clippings and website posts and do it right back to them.

        It’s about time those fuckers were put in their place.

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      • Totally agree mate, but we roll over every time and that’s why we are where we are and arsene will no way pay over the odds for a 31year old if even he ever wanted him the first place which I doubt.
        We sell players to these clubs rarely do we buy, unless you include silvestre from manure. That still hurts btw.

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      • We would never cut off our nose to spite our face. Look, it’s only another 2 to 3 years max untill were looking for that perfect buyer for jack wilshere. Barca are our cash cow. why would Arsene piss them off?

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    • Been wondering about Loic Remy myself. He definitely seems to fit the Wenger mold of a player doesn’t he? Newcastle & Spuds are after him as well.

      I say we go balls to the wall and offer up a handsome sum to Real Madrid for Higuain or Sevilla for Alvaro Negredo. Both are top class finishers and far different players from Giroud to help give our front some balance. Of course all this hinges on Theo signing/staying and being given his shot.

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  18. If Arsene and the board had a geniune stratergy to strengthen the squad we would have already put our bids in and signed some players by now.

    The fact we haven’t and we currently have a poor squad lacking quality shows you all you need to know about Arsene’s current recruitment drive and his faith in the current team: non-existent and deluded.

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    • Why do think Wenger behaves like he does? For years I assumed he was being careful with the club’s very limited money but, if the AST’s financial report can be believed, this is crap. There is money available, plenty of it, and – still more bizarre – if we don’t spend it on players it could just go to the tax man.

      Does Wenger dither because he has lost confidence in his own judgement? Or is he completely unhinged and wanting to prove he can beat the oil-rich while spending sixpence a year – a Christ-figure doing his water-into-wine act? (Except unfortunately he hasn’t managed it yet.)

      Nervous or nuts – either way, something is wrong and it’s rubbing off on the players who look more tired and bewildered and demoralised with each passing week.

      Anyone got a theory about what’s going on in Wenger’s head?

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      • I think the board wants him to pull his magic trick of not buying and getting top 4 one more year… Hopeful with new ads and the stadium being older it will be the last year expected of him

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      • I’ve read the swiss rambler’s last blog recently and what I gather from it is something quite different. Yes, Arsenal has some money, but:
        i) without transfers, the club making operating loss;
        ii) in commercial deals they are well behind;
        iii) the club has a huge dept, much larger than most of the BPL teams;
        iv) the dept costs a lot through interests, something like 20m/year.

        So even with using the whole ‘incredible amount of money available’, you still have a huge dept with no prospects of raising the income. Basically, the club is in a quite bad position and AW is hiding this very well.

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      • That’s what I used to think till last week – I’m a Swiss Ramble fan. Then I read the AST report –

        If you’re pushed for time, skip to the final paragraph where our options for disposing of our cash-pile – the tax man is one of them – are laid out.

        I’m not competent to pronounce on the competence of the AST, but the normally reliable Amy Lawrence of the Guardian seems to share their view.

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      • Wenger’s remit is to finish fourth and do so spending as little as possible. We are no longer a football club, just a money-making concern. My guess is that The Nutty Professor probably gets a nice little bonus dependant on how much cash we have left in reserve. Yes the taxman might get some – but so will Yankie Sam and the the other Board members.

        We are so fucked-up right now.

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      • @ —
        I’m not disputing your points about the size of our debt, the relative feebleness of our commercial performance, the fact that we’ve got too many unusable and unsaleable players on massive wages and the even more alarming fact that if it weren’t for player and property sales we’d be bankrupt by now.

        But if you’re a reader of Swiss Ramble you’ll be aware that his two most recent reports have raised the question of whether we could afford NOT to spend – success being essential for the generation of income. He’s a prudent-sounding sort of bloke, is Swiss Ramble so I can’t imagine he’s recommending doing a Leeds, just using our cash pile in a more sensible way than paying share dividends, or dropping out of the CL (and forfeiting the revenue it brings us), or handing a hefty part of it over to the Inland Revenue.

        If both the AST and Swiss Ramble think we’re under-investing in players and remaining competitive on the pitch, I’d be inclined to trust them.

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      • @miranda: I will check it fully later, so just a bit – last year the club was very close to coming even on the books, so tax is not really threatening if only income is taxed, not the money in the bank (which I’m not sure how it works in UK)

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    • Wenger is detached from reality, and the board is even more detached. He’s allowed the squad to get into the state it’s currently in because of his ‘ideals’ and ‘vision’, and for a while it worked, albeit no trophies. Now things have caught up with him and we may end up paying a heavy price for his and the board’s mismanagement of him.

      The board’s role in all this is not having someone with adequate football knowledge to advice the club that all is not well. Wenger has way too much power and things are really getting out of hand now.

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  19. We will not get him end of the story. Even if he was available we would not. He is a top player and we would have been financially blown out of the water if he was available.

    PSG would be in thr in a flash…offer 20 mil more than what we wanted and that would be that. Not happening.

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  20. Not to sure about Villa, I still remember that diving cunt diving against us in order for the dive to award a free kick to him for diving… cunt!

    Lets have .. uhm, wait .. paus* .. Fuck it, bring Villa now!

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  21. “Meanwhile, the Gunners have been linked with Chinese striker Nao Huan and Russian defensive midfielder Yuri Avinalaf.”


    I can hardly wait to see some kindergarten journalist pick this up and run Forrest Gump with it. Oh please please please please please…..

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  22. I Can’t really understand why Wenger wants to buy Adrian Lopez, he is not what this club needs… We need a great striker, Lopez is not better than Walcott, Podolski and Giroud.

    We need a proven goal scorer in this league, scoring goals in la liga is not the same thing as doing it in premier league.

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    • Adrian Lopez doesn’t even have a good record in La Liga, he looks like another very weak player who may be able to pass it around OK but will very doubfully be a prolific scorer in the Prem, which I agree is what we need.

      2006-11 Deportivo La Coruña 92 Games (13 Goals)
      2008 Alavés (loan) 10 (3)
      2008-09 Málaga (loan) 28 (3)
      2011- Atlético Madrid 46 (8)

      I REALLY hope we don’t go for this guy, he looks like a total pansy too.

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      • I’ve just seen that last season he got 11 in 18 in the Europa League for Atletico, fair enough, but I still think that he looks like another little fairy that we can do without.

        I don’t think Wenger takes a player’s heart into consideration enough when making signings, hence we end up with players like Chamakh and Gervinho who’s heads drop for 6 months after taking one mental knockdown.

        What we need is somebody competent back in the David Dein role actually helping Wenger out with the footballing side of the business.

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      • I would like Wenger to sign the young promising striker in City, John Guidetti, 23 games for Feyenoord and 20 goals last season. He will become a top striker in premier league in the future.

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  23. This is so transparently designed to make us offer more money it’s not funny! Arsene knows! There’s no way Arsene plunks down 16 million for a 31 year old striker anyway.

    Fuck off forever Barcelona!!!!!!!

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  24. One thing I’ve learned from being a gooner for 15 years. Don’t believe a word the manager or sporting director or ceo or CFO says during the transfer window.

    Still optimistic. Villa needs playing time to make the 2014 world cup for Spain. I firmly believe he needs to leave this window and wants too.

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  25. I clearly remember PHW and Arsene saying the exact same thing about Cesc and Song, but that didn’t stop the cunts over at Barcelona from tapping up our players. These fuckers at Barcelona deserve to have a taste of their own medicine and hopefully the likes of Arteta, Cazorla and Vermaelen will take to the media and start talking about how they would love having Villa and how he will fit in perfectly to the Arsenal style of play.

    But Alas our club has too much class to stoop down to Barcelona’s level

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  26. i think this is for the best. realistically, how long would be get from villa at his age? he would demand big wages and sounds like the transfer fee would have been over the top too. we have giroud, theo and podolski as strikers. imho, we need wingers, a left back, a centre back and a keeper more than we need another striker. biggest priority though should be doing some work on the training ground to sort out our defending. we have to stop conceding these ridiculous goals at crucial moments in games and i believe the players we have are better than they are currently showing in that respect. am really surprised we let djourou go considering the lack of depth we have at CB…

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  27. So we have Wenger trying to balance some books and no villa. Ah well…the good news is we have chu young parks brother on the way. FML…

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  28. Our current squad, less those who aren’t close to the first team and are unavailable in January, or are SHITE:

    Keepers: Szczesny, Martinez, MANONE

    Defenders: Sagna, Mert, Verm, Kos, Gibbs, Jenkinson, Miquel, SANTOS

    Midfielders: Diaby, Rosicky, Arteta, Pod, Wilshere, Ox, Ramsey, Cazorla, Coq

    Strikers: Giroud, (ahem) Walcott.

    Let me know if I’ve missed anyone obvious, but to me that looks really, really thin in every department. I can’t see us getting through January with many league points with this squad, and they’ll be knackered in February regardless of results this month.

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    • Sure you’ve missed out a striker: TGSTEL morphs into LANS.

      And we could recall Afobe from Bolton as he’s not good enough to be regular starter for them.

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    • how exactly does it look thin in EVERY department? that’s 22 players plus gervinho who is not shite but has obviously completely lost his confidence. let’s not forget what a great start to the season he had. there is still hope he will get his mojo back. we also have youngsters like frimpong, gnabry and eisfeld to pad out the squad. the reality is we are limited to a squad of 25 (excluding youngsters) so there are maybe only 2-3 official spots available for any new signings we make (and these will only be freed up by getting djourour, squillaci and arshavin off the books). If you look outside the top 17-18 players in any of the other teams squads they are pretty thin too. i can’t see how lots of signings are the answer. this squad is well good enough on paper to finish 3rd or 4th this season and with a couple of quality additions and another few months to gel together and get some confidence going could compete for the title next season. i’m really tired of all the hysteria. how come nobody goes on about how long it is since spurs or liverpool won the league (yes, 42 and 22 years respectively)? seems to me it’s become the fashionable thing to bash arsene and everybody is just jumping on the bandwagon… the saddest thing about our current predicament is the fact that some of our best players and two of our captains (RVP, Cesc, Nasri, Clichy) all decided to go glory hunting instead of giving something back to the man who made them what they were in the first place. how arsene hasn’t just given up in the past few years is beyond me and he should be respected for sticking with it despite all the sh1t he has had to deal with…

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      • Fair point about the 25 players rule, but are we obliged to declare all players under contract as part of the Premiership squad? I don’t think you have to with the CL where I’m pretty sure you name your squad in August and January which allows you to leave out players you’ve sent out on loan, even short-term loans, or who’ve picked up a season-long injury.

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      • no, we don’t have to declare them but i don’t think anyone would be happy if we have 2 or 3 players not registered to play in any competition and picking up 50-80k a week so it’s a financial issue really – if we want to free up the spaces in the squad, then we have to get the unwanted players off the books before we can bring replacements in. this applies to the PL as well as the champs league, although there are subtle differences between the rules for each competition. fact is we are stuck with a number of guys on decent wages who are surplus to requirements and is proving almost impossible to sell them so we have to keep loaning them out until their contracts wind down. the players have all the power now so is a pretty tricky balancing act getting it right. currently we have these unwanted players on contract and can’t seem to find anyone who wants to buy them: Bendtner, Denilson, Arshavin, Santos, Park, Fabianski, Squillaci, Djourou. If we can’t get someone to take Arshavin and Squillaci on loan i imagine they will be registered and used when needed rather than buying others in… haven’t you played football manager recently? =)

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      • When did we last use Squillaci? I mean, having an unused and unusable player on high wages is obviously evidence that we srewed up in the past, but you’re not going to lessen the financial cost of that screw-up by naming him in the squad while continuing never to use him. The argument that we can’t sign anyone new because there aren’t enough squad places for new players doesn’t cut it for me. If we have the money for new signings we can use it and leave Squillaci and/or Arshavin off the list; if we haven’t we can’t. End of.

        What we need to calculate financially is whether the new signings are likely to be economically beneficial – e.g. by keeping us in the top four, worth at least 35m. The 25-player rule is just another red herring, one more page from Wenger’s 20-volume excuses manual.

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      • Absolutely hit the nail on the head Miranda. Whats the sense in keeping a player in the squad of 25 when he doesn’t play anyway just because we pay him , it’s laughable, we pay the bloke regardless. Better to buy and pay someone who can contribute and leave the deadwood out of the 25.

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  29. Fuck off Wenger signing cunts we’ve never heard of and let’s Villa go. Chinese striker my arse. Typical small time shit from him.

    Thumb up 1 Thumb down 33

    • You know that Wenger turned down £20m from Chinese side Bhoul Xhit for Chamakh as well, right?

      And also he had Messi on trial at Arsenal but decided he was too big and strapping for our midfield

      And Buffon was desperate to sign for Arsenal but “thicky” Wenger thought that Pat Rice was playing a joke on him with a silly made up name. That’s true, that is

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      • Whatever mate. If you’re happy to go along with the mediocre players Wenger has brought in recently then fine but I’m not.

        Next time there’s a march I’ll be there with fucking bells on and I’ll brick their cars. Pay the highest prices in the world to see some no marks nobody has ever heard of when we could be buying Fellaini and Llorente and players like that. It’s bullshit.

        Thumb up 4 Thumb down 21

      • I’m beginning to suspect there’s something more personal going on here. I warrant that you’ve been intimately involved with Nao Huan for quite some time. Maybe even years.

        Thumb up 5 Thumb down 1

      • OK smarty arty, you keep popping up with the llorente stats, but he’s being froze out this season, and why judge a player on a purple patch or barren patch?

        08/09 – 42 goals (all comps for all stats, including internationals)
        09/10 – 43
        10/11 – 41
        11/12 – 47
        12/13 – 6

        I’d think he’s worth a go, we bought Giroud on the back of a single good season.

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  30. I’d happily take Drogba and Dystin as sticking plasters for up front and the back until summer, both know the ropes and Dystin still looks like he’s got it in a way that fish face obviously had lost

    perhaps nick the yank keeper off spuds as well just to mentor our young pole

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  31. Fuck Barcelona. Bunch of no good fuck-tards – i hope they all rot. Why do we constantly give them or other clubs our best players, yet they wont give us a player who doesnt play, and actually wants to leave! Ridiculous the way we do business – we must be a laughing stock to the whole of Europe.

    I have no confidence we’ll finish in the top 4 this year. Only reason we did last season is because we had that dutch cunt, but now we have no one – oh wait, we have mr. inconsistent Walcott. Even Spurs can attract players that we cant now, and if i’m being honest, they probably have a squad equal to ours now (although it pains me to say it)

    Our club needs to take a serious look in the mirror and wonder what direction we’re going in. As all i can see at the moment is a downward spiral.


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    • Re: That last bit in all caps.

      Exactly. Ba is already paying dividends for Spartak London. If we wait until the end of the window, we might be out of another competition, be looking up a few places to 4th and have a totally knackered side.

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  32. Llorente or Ba are both realistic targets. I know goal and c/o aren’t everyones cup of tea. But with ba and his release clause, llorente with 6 months left. Surely we have to be going for them…..

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    • which ba are you talking about? the one that just signed for chelski and scored two goals at the weekend? and how exactly is llorente any better than giroud??

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      • as shown a few posts above, llorente has shown his class with more than 40 goals in all comps over 4 years, Giroud had one good year in the French league. They may be the same type of player, but don’t pretend Giroud has shown himself to be the same quality, yet.

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  33. Actually for a second i was in shock i hadnt heard we were in for these players i hadnt heard of……thwn realiaed why hahahaha!! Also just watched a clip of adrian lopez…..boy he looks good. Scores goals with head and both feet…….a younger version of david villa?

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    • Look at that clip closer and you will see all the defences stood off him most of his goals were in the Europa League. I’m not so sure about him. Villa is/was the best Lopez maybe Ok after a transition period.

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  34. This is fucking ridiculous.. Spuds to make around a £15 million for brazilian striker Dimaoe??? God.. Why aren’t we fighting for him.. Absolute beast in front of goal.. Watched a few games of him for brazil and that guy is world class.. Can win a game on his own.. What a prospect.. But interest from Wenger and co

    Thumb up 4 Thumb down 1

    • He did not show he was a world class winner when Brazil lost to Mexico in the mens olympic final at Wembley. It was a big game that Brazil was desperate to win but the Mexicans were deserving winners.

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    • I agree but recent history says that come midnight on the 31st of January, my knickers will be used to hang myself.

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  35. Villa wa a no goer for me from the start. There’s no way Wenger would go after him because:-
    – £15m for a ’31’ year old would tip Arsene of the edge
    – Such a signing would would put a spanner in the works for any Walcott re-sign

    On a different point, I read somewhere that Fellani has a buyout clause of £22m. How true I have no idea but he is the single most effective player I can see who would completely transform this team.
    We are simply crying out for strength, power and height in the middle.

    Cant you seeee Arsene….. please tell me you understand…… PLEEEEASE!

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    • agreed that fellaini would be a super buy but everton don’t want to sell until the end of the season and he doesn’t seem to be agitating for a move. we will also be behind city and chelski in the wages stakes so will have to wait and see if they go in for him first. i expect he will go to one of them or maybe a top european club in the summer. having said that, if diaby could just stay fit he is a better player than fellaini imho. a fit and in form diaby is the thing i pray for the most in the months ahead. there is no player out there like him and he could make all the difference for us. i was at anfield early in the season and he was just stupendous to watch. no team in the world can handle him when he’s in that kind of form…

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  36. The key problem for me is we just don’t seem to have any real targets or have made any formal moves.

    The longer we leave it in the window to make offers for players the more chance of the below happening;

    (a) Player has less time to settle in to life at new club
    (b) We get knocked out of cup competitions.
    (c) CL spot becomes tougher due to lack of options.
    (d) Other teams drive up the price closer to window due to desperation on our part.
    (e) Wenger won’t spend that extra 1-2M due to point D above.

    We should have clear and defined targets and moves should been made in the 1st week of the window, there is no way a club of Arsenal’s resources and reputation should be waiting to see how the market pans out early on to get a bargain or if Diaby gets fit again in January for example. Disastrous policy.

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  37. I hate articles in general in the media, that say how the gunners are identifying talent. The start of the transfer window is not when you START to figure out who to but. I am surprised that there is not a list already prepared as to who we want to go, so that as soon as the window opens you just go and get the players. I hate this nonsense whr even after the window has opened we have still to make up our minds. This will go on in all likelihood go on for 15 days and then we will try and bargain and get a cheap deal, and then when that fails, we will realise that all the available talent has been taken and there are no ‘exceptional’ players available.

    To be honest if we lose out this guy cos we didn’t want to pay the extra 2 or 3 million, then that would be beyond riduculous.

    To be honest if we lose out on getting David

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  38. WENGER has turned down a chance to get M’VILLA.

    Apparently he’s afraid of getting hit in the face in the event of perhaps subbing M’villa in the 60th minute.

    Come on Arsene, take one or two for the team.

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    • Ya rite! That’s ridiculous! Everybody knows Arsene doesn’t make a sub untill the automatic, predetermined 72 nd minute Ramsey for our most threatening looking attacker sub. Duhhh!

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  39. Sickening i tell you really.. Im getting pissed while reading all this transfer news and the available players out there.. And arsenal aren’t in talks with anyone.. Sorry but if wenger fucks up this transfer window and not getting into CL for the bare minimum this season.. And spuds beating us to it ima jump on the “wenger-out” band wagon.. I have a feeling money is there but is being with-held just in casr of that happening to balance the books out..

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    • Arsene has no plan. Just like he has no tactics for games. And now we have no squad capable of competing at this level. The first 11 will be burnt out by the end of the month, in fact it’s clear to see most of the team are already fatigued.

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  40. I would not be happy if we signed Villa, it’s a very bad idea. The fact that some of us are desperate to sign him up is a sad indictment of where we are as a team currently. He’s old, has had serious injuries, and would take time to adapt. A waste of money.

    I believe Ba would have been a much better option, but that boat has sailed thanks to Wenger’s idiotic assessment that him and Giroud are ‘similar’.

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    • What’s with all these “he’s old” comments. Say he and another couple ‘old’ top players wear the shirt for 2-3 years and win 2-3 trophies. Not worth it? You only want to buy young prospects who might, if watered twice a day and carefully trimmed in the spring, win something in 4 years?

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    • Let’s look at Villa and Ba. Who would’ve been the better purchase? A proven premiership goal scorer with no major injuries in the last 2/3 seasons, or an older player who has just come back from major injury, probably only has 3 good season left in him and would cost more?

      If Ba was good enough for Chelski, he would’ve been good enough for us. Shame Wenger’s transfer window dithering will cost us yet more points.

      Shame you deluded Wenger love children can’t get past your infatuation with the stubborn nut job and accept that Wenger is a spent force who should do us a favour and give his £7 million a year to someone who can actually manage a football team.

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  41. Then use the money to trigger the alleged €10m release clause of their best young player, Gerard Deulofeu. If only because it’s fun to hear them whine when we poach their academy graduates (also, he’s really good).

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  42. Villa is 3 years younger than Henry and he has won everything, beat everyone. Give the guy a medical and see where he’s at. Make it work. There are not 10 strikers in the world of his quality. 16mil will seem cheap if he gets us 4th or a cup.

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  43. At this point in the transfer window it seems that everyone’s expectations are so hyperactive they’ll entertain anyone with a name they can recognise.

    One. We need a striker … perhaps more.
    Two. Last time we went for Giroud over Ba and Michu (Michu who?).
    Three. Before that we snapped up Park and Gervinho and Chamakh.
    Four. And going back even further there was Arshavin and Baptista and Jeffers and …

    The thing is it’s pointless even thinking about this stuff unless you want to go insane and perpetually disappointed. If someone gets signed then fine. But it’ll only be really fine after they settle in and when we see them play against decent opposition.

    I’ve seen Villa play since his injury and so far he’s way off his best. And given that he may never return to his earlier form, I’m not particularly bothered.

    So, I’m trusting to luck and crossing my fingers – somehow hoping that AW and his (supposedly legendary) team of forward-looking scouts stumble in the direction of exactly what AFC need. But it’s not going to be Isco or Cavani or Neymar. More’s the pity.

    The point is I’d prefer us to get someone who turns out to be palpably good rather than someone who I may have heard of but who ends up as just another plonker in a series. That I don’t need.

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  44. I didn’t believe the Villa rumors for a second, Villa makes 130k a week and Arsenal doesn’t pay that kind of money to anyone. And how many years have we been linked with a CDM type Felipe Melo,Luis Gonzalez,M Vila,M Bia, we even Tried to sign Vertongen, but he didn’t want to play in midfield. When will Wenger wake up and buy Capoue/KouyateFernando(FC. Porto) so our back four won’t be our first line of defense all the time. We would also be able to win the ball higher up the pitch, and not have to struggle to score so much . An Arsenal midfield with a physical midfielder(Capoue,etc) next too Arteta, and Wilshere (Put Cazorla on the wing, Podolski as a super sub) would have no problem winning the ball back because they would bring more balance in the midfield, and we wouldn’t have to watch more games where Arteta/Wilshere/And Cazorla are supposed to win the ball back from Yaya Toure,and Fellaini, and even worst Javi Martinez/& LuisGustavo at Bayern.

    And I don’t expect Wenger to find a striker that a team would be willing too sell to Arsenal at “Wenger’s ” price in January. But why not buy Bryan Ruiz(Fulham) and play him as a striker though, he’s proven he can score in the EPL and use to play striker in Holland to good effect (Arshavin and 9mil for Ruiz?), just do something Wenger.

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    • No. I told my barista who also supports arsenal we were in for a Russian and Chinese guy… I couldn’t recall their names though thank god.

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  45. We needed a back up striker last January in case whateverhisnamewas got injured. We didn’t get one and lucked out with him staying fit.

    We needed a striker at the beginning of the season after we’d flogged him. We didn’t get one.

    AW looked at the squad during the last transfer window, preseason, and chose not to strengthen, even knowing then that Chamakh and Arshavin wouldn’t get a sniff. Their position at the club didn’t change in the course of the last few months. They’re surplus now and they’ve been surplus since the start of the season as he was going to turn Gervinho and Theo into strikers.

    In midfield, he chose not to strengthen because Jack was coming back. Diaby was ‘fit’ and Rosicky would be back.

    Again, nothing’s changed, other than where each respective player is – Jack and Diaby have basically swapped places and Tomas is back (although you wouldn’t know it).

    He chose not to strengthen in the summer and I’m afraid, very afraid, that he’ll choose not to again.

    If he chooses that course of action again and it goes tits, of which there’s more probability than I can remember for years, there’s no hiding place and, legend though he is, he will reap what he has sown.

    23 days to go.

    Tick tock, Arsene.

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  46. Arsene and the Board fucked up this summer!
    They fucked up big time!
    Now it is to late for this season even if it looks like we are close to the trophy…. 4th place.
    We will buy somebody but we need at least 2-3 great players to do something – to be competitive. That won’t happen.

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  47. We are a club that sells high profile players.. We don’t purchase proven player in other words (Worldclass players) So to think that we be buying world class players is just funny.. So my point is stop making articles like the one that’s just been written.. There no point.. && oh just clarify something I don’t think we gnna buy a player we all know.. We props gnna buy some random folk from France or Africa..

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  48. This was a deal never to happen. Hyped up by the English press who doesn’t have a clue about the ins and outs of Barcelona. Barcelona didn’t want (can always use a goalgetter), Villa didn’t want (still playing for the treble, this could be his last chance to win some club trophies), and honestly, don’t know if Arsenal thought for longer than 5 minutes that it was actually a realistic option.

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  49. It’s sad when you know that even when you’re in a massively desperate situation with regards to needing players, that it won’t happen.

    Unfortunately, the only thing that will press this situation into happening is a combination of finishing outside the top 4 and a half empty stadium.

    Forget that mythical shite that Newcastle have the greatest fans, utter bollocks. No other club could fill out a stadium as big as Emirates, when for the last 8 seasons there have been no trophies. The club have been spoilt that we, the mighty Gooner Army remain so loyal when they (not the team, apart from the likes of chinless twat etc) have slapped us in the face every season.

    I love this club but it’s a shame that all I’m reduced too is looking forward to games against the scum and manure.

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  50. Rejoice Gooners: it’s a mistranslation. The actual translation is, “we won’t let him go out on loan in the January window.”

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  51. Really need some help. Can anybody tell why we sold song ?

    And why AW is not rotating his midfield even when he has players good enough for it.


    RAMSEY —> CM

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  52. Personally, I love the sound of David Villa at Arsenal, he’d complement our forward line incredibly well. Players like Ba, Llorente and Huntelaar are all unquestionably very good quality, but they’re very similar to Giroud in particular and to a lesser extent Podolski – big strong players that are more than just target men. If we got one of them it would leave us incredibly rigid tactically only allowing Wenger to make like-for-like changes.

    I think we’ve got a pacey striker in Walcott, a strong one in Giroud, and what we need is a crafty, creative one in the mould of Villa, Aguero, even Carlos bloody Vela.

    But we need to look at Villa realistically. He’s 31 now, if we sign him for £15m what contract does he get put on, 1.5 yrs or 2.5, taking him up to 33/34 respectively. If it’s the former then we’ll be paying £5m for half a season of him BEFORE wages and while he’s good, that money could definitely be better spent…

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  53. i hope the arsenal board learned something like how to say no when the cunts at barca come sniffing around again, they roll over like a crack whore for them.

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  54. Like BArcelona would swap their llayers for ours.
    yh you give me ramsey and you can have iniesta or we’ll take messi and you can have gervinho…..hazard said he was great… Deal?!? Get real mate!

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