City fans turn back on Arsenal clash


Manchester City have reportedly returned 800 unsold tickets for this Sunday’s clash at the Emirates with evidence suggesting their fans are deliberately boycotting the game in protest at the £62 price tag being charged by Arsenal.

Arguably victims of their own success, the reigning Premier League champions are now considered ‘Category A’ opposition by the Gunners box office which implements equally high prices for clashes against the likes of Manchester United, Liverpool, Tottenham, Chelsea and big European clubs.

While two lower categories of pricing are put in place for less attractive visitors there’s nothing hiding the fact that with travel, a matchday programme, booze and food thrown in it’s a ridiculously expensive jaunt to N5.

Angry at being charged £11 more this year than last to watch their side play Arsenal in the Premier League, City fans took to a popular message board in anger.

“Won’t be going to any London away games this year, the prices take the piss,” wrote one Citizen supporter.

To which another replied: “Don’t go then, the only way to get these prices reduced is by people not going in large numbers.”

Another noted: “Remember, teams can’t charge away fans more than the cheapest seats they offer their own supporters! …and these are Arsenal’s cheapest seats!! It’s fucking scandalous!”

Further reaction from City fans…

“This has to stop. It has to fucking stop! The game has to be boycotted otherwise we are encouraging all clubs to charge us this much. Football in Engkand is becoming a joke of a sport for a load of public school Tarquins with double-barrell surnames. Prices this high affect every single club, long term.”

“Fuck me – That is a quarter of my season ticket pal. Without food,drink etc. Absolutely ridiculous.”

“Southampton fans should have boycotted us the prices we charged them. Fcking scandalous. One day hopefully football fans will say enough is enough and stop going.only then will clubs take note and do something about it.”

“£62 after Christmas and New Year is a pisstake. I’m not paying it.”

“A significant day needs organising between the FSF and other Organisations where all fans in this league boycott together…so the home/away ends will be empty, only the clueless daytripper types will be sat on their own.  Then they will pay attention. even if you have paid for a ticket. a mass boycott needs organising. if you are a true football fan you will boycott. I know i would. for the longterm future of the fan.”

It’s worth noting at this point that 5,000 City fans did take advantage of £10 tickets to watch Sergio Aguero knock us out of the Carling Cup last season; a ticketing policy implemented to ensure top level football remains accessible to the next generation and one which has been broadly praised.

Nevertheless, given that the cheapest seat available for home supporters this Sunday is £62 with the most expensive ‘terrace’ ticket hitting the dizzying £126 mark it’s pretty obvious  that prices in general have spiralled out of control at the higher end of the market.

Realistically, unless a rigid ticket capping structure is imposed somehow by the game’s authorities there’s little to suggest these prices will be reduced while Arsenal remains an attractive club to watch.

The alternative could be the return of standing on terraces like that seen at Germany’s Bundesliga clubs. It’s an idea which Arseblog News certainly agrees with in principle and one which Ivan Gazidis touched on in June 2011 and Arsene Wenger recently spoke about:

“I would love people to be able to stand and I would love to have people behind the goal for example,” the boss told press ahead of the recent 7-3 win over Newcastle.

“If it is only seating, you cannot stand up. Yes [I would be in favour], 100 per cent [of safe standing].”

Food for thought.


  1. On a serious note why the hell are the FA Cup tickets still normal price, I was planning on going but £35 is kind of steep once you include travel into that.

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    • Isn’t it Ironic , that the Mega rich have the poorest fans?
      How can you relate to your club when that happens.
      Off course there aren’t any poor owners of football clubs (beyond Randy lerner oh wait he is rich but the team is poor) , but you get what I mean.

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    • This is a double edges sword city and there like come ad start paying and buying players at ridiculous sums of Money and for a team like arsenal the only viable way to keep with them with no sugar daddy to run to is to increase ticket price’s. News flash but they part of the problem

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      • Exactly, it’s all well and good boycotting the game, but unfortunately it’s the irresponsible spending of the oligarchs and the sheikhs that has got us into this position. Arsenal have no choice but to raise ticket prices in order to try and keep up with the competition. If they don’t then the players will just look for the money elsewhere like Walcott is now. It’s sad the game has gone this way.

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  2. Is this what happens when your team is better than it’s supporters themselves can, er, support in the marketplace? When your club pays players from the owner’s deep pockets instead of relying whatsoever on matchday income, and you win the league because of it, then you get charged more for your ticket at away games. Tough titties.

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    • It’s not like the higher prices at Arsenal get spent on the team though is it? Highest prices in the Premier League but we get told we need to be frugal in the transfer market whilst the additional income sits unused in the bank.

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    • So what? The prices are ridiculous and football’s out of control. I can’t believe I forked out £50 quid a ticket to see us draw with Sunderland and lose to Swansea when my wallet is as desolate as it is. I get no joy from modern football when it takes so much from us and gives so little back.

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      • Ive spent thousands of dollars to fly to london twice in the last 5 years from Aus to see the arsenal play. Both times i have seen them it was a 0-0. i am yet to see them score a goal. now that is fucking disappointing.

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      • At least he attends Arsenal matches once in a while. On the other hand seeing Kroenke at the emirates is a rare thing. Usmanov wants Arsenal to perform. On the other hand Kroenke’s only motive is money. Took over the club in 2011 and in 2 years 4 best player at Arsenal is gone without replacements of similar quality.

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    • in fairness, that city fan also criticised his own club, saying that Southampton fans should have boycotted the Council Hous… i mean Etihad.

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      • Well he should ask his Shiek to subsidise it, like everything else is at the club. But I agree in principle and I do hope they boycott

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  3. Hahaha I find this funny. I thought the sheikh almyarse funded those plastic fans to go to games. How wrong I have been.

    £62 is kinda steep though, seems we wanna we lost off vierra, toure, clichy e.t.c. Make it £90 then.

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  4. I don’t blame them one bit, including travel in that it would cost them over £100 to go not even considering food etc. bloody ridiculous amount of money to watch a football game.

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    • Exactly ! It’s absurd and unless Clubs change their tune there’s going to be huge swathes of empty seats in years to come. You can already see them at the Emirates. But try telling Gazedis that and you get blank denial.

      What you reap you sow. Clubs think fans earn player type wages they don’t. And Arsenal are amongst the very worst for this. If they don’t wise up, they’ll see the consequences.

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      • They would rather see 50,000 different day trippers for each home game buying merchandise at the Armoury and stuffing their faces than a full house of regulars

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    • Two trips over from Dublin with me kid nearly cost me the price of a fucking season ticket and now me other lad wants to go, I should never have turned them into gunners 🙂

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  5. “That is a quarter of my season ticket pal.”

    Has to be said, but this won’t hold for long, with Man City being quite a distance from qualifying for FFP’s “break even” point.

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    • FFP will never be implemented, anybody with 2 brain cells know. the richest clubs who do not want it have too much money, and power to be excluded from European tournaments. Wenger and Gazidis would love you to believe it will be implemented though. Buys them another couple of years breathing space while you do

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      • Who are these clubs though? The top 5 revenue-earners are all capable of meeting FFP (Man Utd, Madrid, Barcelona, us and Bayern). As are really a lot of other clubs.

        The Milanese clubs are in dire straits, but one might argue that they have much less leverage nowadays.

        FFP might not be as strong as Wenger hope it is, but it’s not that unlikely that a big part of it will be enforced.

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      • Man City and PSG look fucked as far as complying with FFP goes.

        I wouldn’t be surprised if those two are the ‘biggest’ clubs to get bans; it would show Platini is serious, and doesn’t have much of a detrimental effect on the competition.

        So banning them would be a win-win scenario for UEFA, and also for Platini to show he’s got the clout before he makes a move on Blatter’s position.

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      • How naive are you? Money/ power will prevail, whether thats by relaxing the rules (as has already happened and its not even implemented yet) , or by creative accounting, as the £5 million profit Chelskiannounced last year demonstrated

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      • PSG and Man City don’t have power with UEFA.

        Platini is a very astute politician and he’ll know that making a couple of rich, but politically insignificant, clubs look weak will benefit UEFA (or more accurately, him).

        UEFA won’t take on the real heavyweights, because they won’t have any need to.

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      • It’s easy for ManShitty to comply with the ffp regs… All they have to do is have one of their other subsidies… Etihad… strike up a sponsorship deal in the 1/2billion range… that should take of the requirements….. It’s all bollox to be honest.

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      • Doubledoubledouble are you 12? Don’t you get it that money rules football? Why did Quatar get the WC? Why is advertising an unendosred sponsor a worse crime than racism? Why were the playoffs for the 2010 WC changed from an open draw to a seeded one when it became apparent that Russia, France and Germany might be in the playoffs? Even if the very clever accountants and sponsors cannot ensure these clubs cannot comply with FFP (which I seriously doubt) all it will take is a few clubs like Citeh, PSG and Chelski to threaten forming a breakawayrom UEFA and we will see how long it will take Platini to back down and protect his own interests. But you keep believing what Mr Gazidis dribbles out from time to time.

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      • Given the combined strength of teams like United, Barca, Madrid, and us, there’s a lot more money supporting these rules even compared to City and PSG, and that’s before you even mention the entire German and Dutch leagues which have far more restrictive break-even policies than FFP.

        In short: there is a lot more combined financial strength that wants to see FFP through, for a variety of reasons, than you suggest.

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      • Man City and PSG forming a breakaway UEFA, without Real Madrid, Barcelona, Man Utd or Bayern Munich…that will work out well for them, won’t it?

        All the established clubs back FFP, not because they think it’s a noble idea, but because it’s in their interests to protect their monopoly.

        Man Utd want a form of FFP in the Premier League, not because they give a fuck if other clubs go to the wall, they just don’t want another Chelsea or Man City ballsing up their financial dominance.

        FFP was never about fair play.

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      • Youre right PSG, Citeh and Chelski will never find a way around it. Dont forget to put that tooth under your pillow tonight

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      • @bard
        FFP will not be strong enough to prevent crazy spending, because PSG, Man city, Chelsea etc will get huge sponsorship from their owner’s company which they’ll be able to spend. PSG already did that with 150 milion/YEAR sponsorship. FFP is a convenient excuse of Gazidis to not spend. btw Arsenal doesn’t need millions from owners to succed. The profits (50 million+ every year) from revenue is enough for our club to keep our players , add 1 or 2 quality and compete for trophies

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  6. i know i am going to be disliked and thumbed down so many times but it has to be said, ive been a gooner for a long time just like my older brother and dad but only arsenal can have the most expensive seat in the land and yet fail to win trophies and not use the money they have to actually buy world class players, or give proven players such as rvp a wage that he deserves instead of giving players like chamak and that asian fella that is on loan now almost the same wage parity .. if you really love arsenal a stand has to be made the more we just sit here and act like everything is ok the less likely the situation will be changed, the most powerful people are ‘the people’ we make arsenal football club run so lets show them our power and unite in order for a change in the ticket pricing, the wage structure , the transfer policy.. in order for this majestic club to once again be at the summit we as a people must stand together and sing from the same hymn sheet so to speak

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    • Agree with everything you’ve said except a small detail but nonetheless important that van persie was never offered a new deal (which would probably have been much improved) because from his negotiations with gazidis and wenger he didn’t see enough ambition to buy the level of player we need to win trophies.

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    • Why would you care if someone thumbs you down. At least half the retards here will do it anyway whether they agree with you or not. I agree with what you say, but how do you suggest we make a stand? By making a banner our saying “we want Arsenal back”. that just made us a laughing stock.

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    • Completely agree, my friend. I now work as an English teacher in Leeds and so the price of commuting to a match, plus tickets and food etc. makes the cost of going to a match rather prohibitive. Making the journey down there is a bloody mission in itself, not to mention having to buy tickets months in advance. I still come two or three times a season, but I’m beginning to wonder why I bother, given that the attitude of the players seems to be hit and miss (you never know which ‘Arsenal’ is going to turn up) and that the club seems determined to milk the fans for everything they possibly can. My girlfriend, bless her, in an attempt to show an interest, has said she’d like to come to the next game I go to, but I have to admit that the laissez-faire attitude of the club this transfer window (so far, I know we’re only a week in) has really made me wonder if it’s worth it. If the club is only interested in taking our money, then I’m not so sure I want to be a part of it. The worrying thing is that Silent Stan seems to favour profitable mediocrity for his other teams rather than investment or, dare I say it, passion. I fear that is what we are in for in the long run, too. I want to come, I want to sing, I want to shout and jump like I used to with my late bastard of a father in the 90s (it was the only bonding we ever really did) but I must admit, seeing prices rise, players leave and an apathetic board (not to mention the small point of having to put food on the table) makes me think twice.

      But I couldn’t give a monkey’s about Citeh fans. They and their vile neighbours deserve every possible misery known to man.

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    • So true! Arsenal fans get your heads out the sand and realise there has to be big changes at the club to go back to the top, where we belong!

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      • I can believe the number of idiots who actually give a shit whether a faceless nameless keyboard warrior thumbs them down or not

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  7. city fans are a bunch of fucking hypocrites! If they didn’t sell off their club to the highest bidder and artificially increase transfers, player salaries etc Arsenal wouldn’t have to charge so much.

    I know, I know its not like we pay crazy salaries or get transfers done either.. Shouting abuse back at them just seemed like the right thing to do.

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    • It’s not the fans that sold their club out. In the same way, it wasn’t the average fan that sold Arsenal to Stan “I don’t give a shit about Arsenal winning anything if I still make a profit” Kroenke.

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      • Except, he doesn’t take money out of the club does he? where is his profit going to come from if the team doesn’t win? Think about that for a second and stop repeating the same drivel about Kroenke’s profitting from the club instead of bankrolling transfers.

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      • What kroenke is doing is ridiculous. Why buy all those shares so he can own a football club if thats all he ever intends to do. He must be getting something out of it.

        It’d be like winning the lottery and just keeping the money under your mattress and never touching it. Maybe he’s just so rich he ran out of things to do with his money.

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      • To continue on what Jasonissimo writes: Arsenal’s financial report for the last financial year shows that the only money Kroenke took out of the club in 2011/12 was £25,000 in director’s fees, a paltry sum in comparison to someone like Gazidis, who took home more than £2 million including bonuses. Arsenal doesn’t pay dividends on its shares, so he’s not getting any return there either. It’s really not clear what Kroenke is trying to do with Arsenal, if indeed he plans to do anything at all in the foreseeable future.

        As Wenger might say: Do I know what Kroenke’s motivations are? I don’t know. I don’t want to comment on speculation.

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    • Oh no, City fans want to win without having to pay anything for it. Meanwhile, some Arsenal home fans think that their high ticket prices entitle them to trophies.

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    • reality check and all the kids thumbing him up needs to check their brains.

      if this line was told by any stand up comedian i would have laughed. But dear me, how far is some fans from the reality. FANS selling the clubs to the highest bidder is just plain Mr Bean and Homer Simpson at their best.

      Maybe, we arsenal fans also sold the club to that mute american SOB. Did we? Common sense people please use some common sense.

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  8. There is a massive ‘discussion’ going on on another forum (which is attempting to get fans to boycott the match in protest) about the fact that the league match was a Category C but the cup match has been “Upgraded” to category B.
    However the reason, as far I can muster is that the 7 cup credits on the season ticket are based on Category B prices so the matchday ticket prices must be Category B.
    It also states on the website that all Uefa & FA Cup matches will be based on Category A & B prices and category C is purely for league matches (Capital one cup prices in their own category)

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  9. Tough one this. On one hand I agree that it’s a ludicrous amount of money. But I agree with Jasonissimo as well, in that one of the reasons that clubs like Arsenal are having to charge this sort of money is the fact their wage bill is so high, and it’s clubs like City that are dragging players wages so far in that direction that the result is Arsenal have to compete with that. With our self sustainable model, it’s then the ticket prices that have to go up.

    So – it’s actually City’s fault, and they can all fuck off.

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    • We don’t compete with city though do we, or with Chelsea or Man U, our cheapest season ticket is dearer than Man U’s most expensive.
      It is tough one when they are being artificially supported but the fans up there earn what they earn and £61 is taking the piss.

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      • But man u is in, you know, manchester. Common sense is telling me you really can’t compare its prices to london, one of the world largest metropolis.

        And yes, we compete with city and such, cause crazy clubs like this are the ones willing to pay theo 130k pw.

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      • Understand what you are saying and yeah being in London will always carry a premium that’s obvious, and if your comfortable that our dearest ticket for this game is £126 then fine but the differential in prices between us and the likes of city and Manu is just far to wide to just warrant it being a north south thing.

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      • It’s not just a north/south thing–it’s a subsidy problem. Man City can’t pay its way based on the club’s income, including matchday revenue. It’s squad transfer fees and wages are paid out at a loss to the club that is covered by some very deep pockets as a rich boy’s fecking hobby. It’s fans don’t want or can’t afford expensive London tickets. They can boycott if they want, it’s their right. Going to away games seems like a privilege to me, not a right, and if they return their tickets then some other fan gets to go to the game, perhaps a London-based Arsenal supporter without a season ticket? I am fresh out of sympathy for the “plight” of the Manchester City supporter.

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      • it’s not a north-south thing, it’s an offer-demand thing. As long as you will find 60k customers in 10m london happy to pay that price, you are doing the right thing for your profit. I’m not saying I agree, but as a seller, would you sell for less when you can charge more?

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    • Youre completely wrong Greg. The reason our wage bill is so high is because of the idiotic wage structure where Bendtner, Squallaci, Djhourou, Park, Chamakh, Diaby, Denilson, Rosicky, Arshavin earning 50- 80 grand per week.

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      • Indeed Tom, and I’m not saying that the structure we have is the correct or fair one, especially in regards to the players you mentioned (and perhaps what Theo is going to be put on!). I’m talking more about the general shift toward very high wages for footballers per se, something that is getting pulled even further in that direction by the likes of City and Chelsea. Expecations by players (though not of them, in some cases it seems) are then generally higher in terms of what they are worth (“well, if x is getting paid that then why shouldn’t I” etc) and then, even keeping a mediocre group of players together comes at a massive overhead. Which, unless you’re being bank rolled, means the cost is passed on.

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  10. Cannot believe any one can criticise the City fans for this, its a disgrace I for one won’t do any cat A games except for the human efulence.
    No way should any seat for any game be more than £40 anywhere cue thousands of empty seats again this weekend…..

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  11. Well when they stop inflating the market for players and wages, ticket prices might go down for clubs which have match day ticket sales as a chief source of revenue. As in, not a ridiculous pile of cash coming in from a super rich oligarch or royal…

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  12. Cry me a fucking river! At least you have the ability to see your favorite team play. Even though most of the Citeh fans are newfound since their oil sugardaddy started buying their team instead of developing it.

    For me to go see Arsenal play I’d have to pay for a plane ticket from here in the US, ticket prices, lodging, meals, etc.

    If I were a Citeh fan I’d be more upset that Arsenal are just pocketing the money from the ticket sales and not re-investing it in new players! Much like these fans though, the only way to get the point across to Arsnal is for large enough numbers of people to boycott effectively. When the cameras show 2000+ empty seats they may start getting nervous. If they saw 10,000+ empty seats maybe they would act.

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    • Me too mate. I dream of one day watching in person the Arse putting Sp*rs to the sword like they have the last two years…maybe one of these years I will be able to afford the trip over there. My local COLLEGE basketball and football teams charge around the same amount for decent seats, and I go a few times every year despite not being able to afford it.

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    • Yep… went to a match this season. Norwich. Away. Cost me around $2500. So £90 would be a fucking bargain.

      But hey at least I can say I’ve been to East Anglia.

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  13. I assume Bayern Munich would be considered a “category A” type team? They have the audacity to charge £110 for…….a season ticket! Even if that excluded all cups and European games that has to be bargain.

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  14. Cry me a river. England v Italy at the 6 Nations was going for £80+ last I saw – and that’s fucking RUGBY.


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  15. But Man City are like the richest club in the world. Surely the fans can afford to pay.

    You are not just paying for a 90 minute game. You are paying for a great day out. With the chance to see Gunnersaurus, Arsene and all the gorgeous Arsenal fans. Arsenal attracts the good looking fans, including myself, Thierry Henry and Rory McGrath. I would happily pay hundreds to see Gunneraurus and Rory McGrath, even if it’s from a distance. Then you can go back to your friends and say “YOU WILL NEVER GUESS WHO I SAW TODAY!!”

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  16. I can understand why City’s fans are so upset, coming all that way and spending all that money just to see an Arsenal win

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  17. It’s all about money, even especially at emirates…for the dirty americano. wenger is the biggest hypocrite. He comments on all sort of things, but said ABSOLUTE NOTHING about gunner fans paying HIGHEST ticket prices. Big flaky hypocrite.

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    • What are they supposed to do though – stop supporting because the people that run the club are mad? You could just as easily apply that to us, yet we’re all here.

      They might be rich as fuck, the average City fan isn’t. And yes, it has an effect on us, and all clubs, but you might think there’d be some common ground to found between fans because it just makes the game more expensive for everyone.

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      • I think that is what everyone is forgetting, man city IS Manchester’s club, hence they have a large fanbase not because they win things and get plastic fans in with a lot of money (chelsea, united). With that in mind I do feel sorry for them paying those prices considering how poor the area is, but then again they do get to watch their team buy anyone they want to as long as the price is right.
        All in all I just think they don’t want to see City lose 😉

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      • I think fans find common ground often to be honest. We can certainly relate to ourselves with significantly more definition than owners, or players making 170 a week. Completely valid point you make because we support the most expensive ticket in the scene. Like all good markets, it’s nothing more than a bubble that can only absorb so much.

        When it’s all said an done, I still believe the owners should be held accountable. I just think it’s absurd that the same people who won’t pay for tickets would also be the first to line up and comment that they need to bring in Falcoa, the second that Mario’s in jail, Sergio’s out with a pulled heart, Carlos’ getting his botox, and Dzeko pisses off Mancini.

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      • And look, how many fans here who have no sympathy for City’s fans call for Usmanov to pump millions in and simply add to the problem?

        It’s all fucked.

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      • @TomJ

        I don’t know why I’m bothering writing this given your aggressive negativity knows no bounds but…

        All American sports have very strict financial management and salary cap arrangements and while periods of success and dominance are achieved by some teams, there is nothing to compare to Liverpool and Utds dominance of English top flight in recent decades. Therefore, questioning Kroenke’s commitment to Arsenal’s success on the basis that his US sports teams don’t win enough is total crap. By the way his MLS team, the Rapids, won the MLS Cup in 2010 (FA Cup equivalent).

        Also, winning creates a better environment for commercial contracts. We have just signed a much better shirt sponsor deal but had we won another league and Cup in the last 7 years we probably would have got more.

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    • @Canberra Gooner

      First of all I dont know why I am responding to your post with your condescending ‘I know more than everyone else’ tone, but here it goes…

      1. At no pointy have I been aggressive towards anyone here and I would like you to point out where and when I have ever threatened anyone or been aggressive towards anyone here
      2. My negativity comes from calling it the way it is, years of underachiegvement, we pay the highest ticket prices in the world, (i mean those of us here, not the plastics who admire from distance),are outside the top 4 and with the current attitude of the squad, board, and management have little chance of making it, were knocked out of the cup by a 4th tier team and are continually playing below the standards this squad should be achieving. However if you dont want to read negativity, dont reaqd the comments
      3.Out of the 6 trophies on offer in the last 3 years LA Galaxy have one 4. Prior to that Columbus won 3 out of 4, which makes your arguement look stupid.
      4.If I were you I would stick to chasing the egg over there

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  18. Fucking City supporters, demanding low prices to watch their team (last years champions). Cheap prices for watching a team full of worldclass players, am i dreaming or what?!

    Their support is absolut shit, club with no history. They are just proud city supporters since 2009..

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    • Thats bullshit. Even when they went down to the third tier they were getting 30,000 + at Maine Road. I wonder how many of you plastics from the US and beyond would be interested in us if we were in the 3rd tier

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  19. F*ck them, if they dont take their allocation we’ll have them back.

    I travel to every home game from Cardiff, (my wallet is going to take a hammering over the next few weeks). If you want to support your club you have to make sacrifices.

    City’s problem is most of their fans are new glory supporters! They cant even sell out there own stadium.

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  20. Respect to those City supporters from an Arsenal fan.That is exactly what Arsenal fans should also start doing – to boycott the cames because it seems it is the only way to stop the board and mr. “economical genius” pissing all over us.
    Stop them from taking our money and giving us poor results , poor performances, ridiculouse excuses and shameless lies.
    Fucking cunts – i tell you.

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    • You suggest better results brought about by decreased revenue and you respect the City fans for being the ones to suggest it?
      Do you see Wenger and the board changing things because of a boycott?
      Money wins you games, that’s what the league shows year after year, with a handful of exceptions (Us, for example). If City fans had boycotted over the take-over of their club or after they posted record-breaking losses, I’d have a little more time for them now.

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  21. “It’s worth noting at this point that 5,000 City fans did take advantage of £10 tickets to watch Sergio Aguero knock us out of the Carling Cup last season; a ticketing policy implemented to ensure top level football remains accessible to the next generation and one which has been broadly praised.”

    …by the fans, but not by the other clubs who receive a vastly reduced share of revenue from gate receipts for cup matches.

    Yep, that’s right, opposition clubs have complained that Arsenal didn’t charge their fans enough.

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  22. Have to disagree with the conclusion of this article. Terraces can never be as safe as seating.

    More importantly, the prices Arsenal charge are not unreasonable: there is a limited capacity to the stadium, and demand still exceeds supply. Until there start being tickets unsold for games, supply and demand theory indicates that prices are actually too low.

    Now that’s some real food for thought.

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    • It’s possible to have perfectly safe terracing – see Germany. And it adds so much to the atmosphere.

      And re: supply/demand – seen how many unused tickets/empty seats there are at every game these days?

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      • But just because a seat is empty does not mean that a ticket for that seat has not been sold – they could be unused season tickets, or a person bought a ticket but then was unable to make it.

        I know all about German terracing and that is still no evidence for it being as safe as seating. The likelihood of accidents is higher for terracing than for seating, therefore seating will always be safer than terraces.

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    • Love to see standing come back, this day and age it can be done safely. I don’t think I’ve been to an away game in the last 8 years or more and have sat down once.
      Having said that, if we did bring it back I really couldn’t see this arsenal board dropping prices by too much.

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    • Let me guess Ro year 1 economics student?? thats such a narrow view point and it’s also part of the reason Arsenal don’t compete with teams like Man U on a commercial scale (although a lot has to do with Arsenal’s lack of trophies).

      If it were simply supply/demand look at exciledgooner’s case he is an Arsenal fan who travels to matchs he is now not going to bother and in this instance Arsenal lose his girlfriend as a real fan (who knws she might love it). This means she in turn cannot spread the word of the joy she had at the game thus recruiting more fans to buy memberships and shirts from Arsenal. This increeased ticket prices infact marginalise Arsenals fan base catering only for those who can afford.

      Who knows we may miss out on the next Jack wilshere because his family couldnt afford to watch Arsenal thus he becomes as spurs fan and sign’s for them instead I know very random haa but you get my point.

      It is crucial that Arsenal has as bigger fanbase as possible but this board seems to miss this point buy a long way!!

      From a year 2 Economics student now thats some food for thought!

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  23. Pricing this season wouldn’t be bad if we had a chance of winning the league but considering where we are the prices are looking ridiculous. Add to this the nonsense we go through this and every transfer window, and you understand why so many home fans are now no longer going to games.

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  24. City fans saying that our prices effect the whole market of prices for teams? Yet the prices their club pays for players does the exact same at a much larger level to football in whole. Which leads to clubs like ours being forced to raise ticket prices to compete. Fuck them.

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  25. It’ll never happen, but I went to a Yankees baseball game in NY in the summer – sitting in the nosebleeds costs $5, with tickets behind the batter going for something daft like $2,500 a game – worked so well, and would be a good solution. Plenty of rich wankers who’d pay an arm and leg for front row football seats…

    Nothing worse, as a red level member, than paying £50-£60 for a ticket and ending up in the back row of the Emirates…

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  26. What ? The emirates doesnt have them standing terrances ? Damn. I like in Australia and been to a few a-league games , saw heskey play aha . But here we have them places were the supporters stand , drink beer and etc . Thats where all they noise and support comes from. That’s fucked if Brits don’t have that

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  27. They should want to pay double that to see their future players while they are still quality, rather than after they sign them and then just go thru the motions :o)

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  28. Simple solution. Wage cap. Not just something keeping man city, arsenal and the like down to mid-table expenditure level, but something which gives players reasonable wages in this economic climate. The fans shouldn’t be paying to see footballers get a years worth of their own wages in a week.

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    • Wage caps are pretty much impossible to implement, unless EU law provides football with an exemption and it is imposed worldwide.

      One possible alternative is that total salary spending is capped at a % of club turnover, or something similar, e.g. if club turnover is £100m, and the cap is 60%, then you can spend £60m on wages and divvy it up however you want to amongst the players.

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      • Well thought of genius. Funny that happens to be exactly the way it is at Arsenal, most other football clubs, and every other business that operates within financial constraints

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      • I understand perfectly what a salary cap is. I also manage a business where I know I can only spend a % of annual turnover on salaries or we operate at a loss. My response was to your suggestion that salary spending is capped at a % of turnover as if it was some novel idea, when its the way football clubs and businesses operate already. Well done for coming up with it all on your ownio though

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      • “Well thought of genius. Funny that happens to be exactly the way it is at Arsenal, most other football clubs, and every other business that operates within financial constraints”

        It might be like that at most other football clubs but it’s the ones that aren’t that skew things for the rest of the league and it only takes one. Chelsea and City obvioulsy didn’t operate like that when they inflated prices which lead to Everton paying wages at 79% of their turnover. Genius.

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      • There is no salary cap in the Premier League, you are talking about individual club policies, which is irrelevant.

        The original post is calling for a salary cap in the league, and infers that players earning vast sums in a week should be eliminated (a hard cap on individual wages).

        My point was that having a hard cap for an individual is against EU law, with the only real alternative being an overall cap based on % turnover, and gave a simple explanation of what that meant.

        At no point did I suggest that it was a ‘novel idea’, only that it is the a possible way of realistically working a salary cap into the league. You read something into my post that wasn’t there, and I can hardly be blamed for your reading skills.

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  29. Where i’m from, we spend about 40 sh to watch the arsenal. Thats the price of a bottle of soda. Beer is about £1 or 140sh. Anyway, saving up to come to the emirates one day, at this rate i have alot of saving to do…

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  30. Man City website announced at 9.38 on 31 December 2012 that they had sold out their ticket allocation for the away game at Arsenal. Fairy story from a newspaper desparate for hits on website?

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    • It’s possible the 800 tickets were given back to Arsenal early when demand was low and that they’ve sold out the lower accepted allocation.

      Given Arsenal were still selling tickets for Sunday until recently it’s possible what appeared to be a slow uptake by Gunners fans is actually the result of the delays incurred redistributing City’s returned allocation. Just a theory.

      In the middle of a transfer window I’d guess the Daily Mail doesn’t need to go down this comparatively complicated route to get hits! They might have, but I doubt it.

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      • I don’t disagree that is possible, but it seems odd that they would have returned tickets in mid December and the “story” comes out now. I have been following the level of ticket sales for this game out of curiosity to get a feel for how some of the performances this season may impact on sales. In previous seasons this game would have sold out some time ago. The sales have been slow but very few tickets are still available. What I have not seen is tickets being available around the away fans blocks. This could be due to them not being put on sale by the club because of security issues whereas the newspaper report asserts incorrectly that they are being sold by Arsenal, or that they are about to be put on sale, or that the story is a fiction. All will be revealed on Sunday when we produce a performance on a level with that at the Etihad!

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  31. City might have a few fans and they might be loyals who have supported them all those pre-sheik years before, but their success has not bought more fans like when chelsea did.given this situation about less dans turning up for games home and away , they are still fucking winning.
    And yeah if the city fans decide of boycotting games (which we always say we should do for kroenke reasons) it wouldnt matter the sheikhs but it might him buying out away fixtures tickets for them who knows.

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  32. I feel some sympathy with the genuine City fans,however when I think about the club & players they support my overriding thought is…fuckin’ northern cunts,bollox to ’em.

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  33. Isn’t there a 60,000 capacity limit imposed by local council for the stadium re residential issue? How would safe standing be introduced at emirates if there is such ruling?

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      • Rethinking, there may be some limitations on capacity imposed by the local government, as you say, though obviously 60,000 is not the hard cap.

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  34. Wengers socialist wage system is ridiculos, i thought a good contract was something you deserved. Just look at manure, they are paying their worst players with wages around 10-20k. We are paying our deadwood players with 50k+. So that they can offer their best players the contracts they wants and keep them.

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  35. I think it’s outrageous that these City fans have turned their backs on the game. After all, Mr Kroenke needs as much money as possible in order to pay for his new ranch.

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  36. The irony is not lost on me that it is citeh’s fans that are vocal on this and have made it hit the headlines, the club who’s own financial structure is crippling others in the strive to compete.

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  37. We are a club that sells high profile players.. We don’t purchase proven player in other words (Worldclass players) So to think that we be buying world class players is just funny.. So my point is stop making articles like the one that’s just been written.. There no point.. && oh just clarify something I don’t think we gnna buy a player we all know.. We props gnna buy some random folk from France or Africa..

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    • Interviewer: “What do you think about Robin van Persie going to Manchester United?”

      Girl: “Good, because we don’t want him here.”
      Best bit has to be the little girl saying her favourite player is Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain.

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  38. Should have asked their sheikh to buy them tickets; he buys the trophies might as well buy some tickets, though I realize it’s probably not as amusing…

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  39. Basically their team AND it’s fans have been bankrolled from some rich fucker for a while, and the fans are yet to grasp that this is not the way things happen without consequence.

    Bottom line is (and Citeh fans like Chelsea’s before them always pull this), is that you are big clubs, and will have to be treated as such.


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  40. Prices have been forced up in the premier league because of the spiralling cost of players wages, and who helps drive them up? Yep, reckless clubs like man city.

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  41. Insulting Man City fans for taking a stand against the ridiculous prices to go watch your team PLAY WITH A BALL, is frankly idiotic. Those fans have no say whatsoever into how their club is run. But at least they are making their voices heard.

    I stopped going to the stadium because I can’t afford it anymore.

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    • Me neither. If they do boycott (and it’s not certain they really have) you have to say it’s about time someone did (just a shame some moral leadership comes from supporters of a club like that and not our own)

      Nevertheless it will take great strength of will not to start up a nice sing-song “You’re not the REAL fans” to those Citeh day trippers who do turn up on Sunday. Great strength of will indeed.

      “They stayed at home,
      they stayed at home,
      they stay-ed,
      the real fans stayed at home”

      Sorry 😉

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  42. I respect the fans that was there before the petrosheikh bought the club. But i honestly hate the other 99.99% of their current fans, that arrived when the sheikh bought the club.

    Oil has nothing to do with football. And outspending the other clubs is cheating imo.

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  43. It strikes me that Premiership clubs are beginning to follow the pricing of American sports.

    The category model is very familiar to baseball fans because there are 81 home games a year, and teams will price specific games according to the visiting team’s profile. The Yankees and Red Sox have the biggest “road draw” in Major League Baseball, thus other teams will charge more for games when those teams are in town than they do for the visits of lesser teams.

    The actual pricing of Arsenal tickets more closely aligns with the NFL, and this is where I have a problem. The majority of NFL teams play 8 home games a season, with an addition 1 or 2 preseason games, and possibly one or two home playoff games. The average ticket for an NFL game in 2012 was $78.38, which is a similar price-point to the £62 being charged by Arsenal for Category A matches. Because there are so few NFL games per season, the ticket price is rationalized. The same obviously cannot be said for Arsenal.

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    • Maybe one is thick Mike, but one must be misunderstanding how ‘premiership’ , or Premier League as its known, clubs are following US sports. One must have really lost track of investments if $78 = £62. Maybe its because of the close number of home NFL games (8) with those in the ‘premiership’ (19).

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  44. I don’t get to the Emirates very much at all but I find it funny that city fans are complaining over an extra tenner or so. Yes, London is expensive but the most expensive part is the travel. I think it costs the same to get up there from London (funny that!). Money is as much as a problem in football as it is in life. The second 10 people want to boycott opens up 10 spaces fake people who would jump at the chance to go to a big game like that. I can’t see a boycott doing any harm unless it were thousands. You pay big money to see big teams, just like you pay more money for important cup matches. They only come once in a while.

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  45. Haha shows there great supporters that there not giving there team the support that they need when there away from home against a hard club when there chaseing the title. Man shitty scum dont deserve that title!!!

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  46. No big deal.

    If they would have attended the game, they would be turning their backs to us anyways with their Poznan thing.

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  47. Thanks folks for a very neutral way to present the news . I am a new member of Arsenal-club but I have stopped going to Emirates for if we charge a lot and then we must spend on buying quality players ( not excessive but sensibly ) or push the prices down and become a mid-tier club so that locals can see it. The prices do not justify the club current self destructive frugal spending.

    love that we can be ‘rational’ while being a ‘die-hard’ supporter of Arsenal.

    Seriously food for thought !!

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    • It’s hard not to be rational. If we were in City’s position, with more money than sense, then I’m sure we would have been through a manger or 2 just through not buying many players.

      The only reason we get angry is the fact we have been told we have alot of money to spend, but we don’t spend it.

      Rational but die hard. I like that! You could apply those rules to the Dali Lama.

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  48. Fuck em, citeh wankers, and all this bollocks about boycotting games, as if that will ever happen, for every one fan that won’t go, there’s another ten that will.
    Wait till the citeh fans order fish + chips and a pint at half time – and get charged about £16, that’s a months shopping at netto up north….

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  49. Wouldn’t want them to miss out on Per Mertesacker hatrick. One with this left foot, another with his right, finishing it off with a header and perhaps a 360 dance later on, Now who would miss that?. Just Pay up!

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    • Don’t know really why, but at the time I didn’t really feel that much resentment towards Bradford, more upset with Arsenal in general. Call me crazy, but I sincerely hope now we’re out, Bradford just goes on and win the damn thing. Everybody loves the underdog, right?

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  50. Other responses from City fans:
    ‘Chuffing hell, thats the same as me weekly wage like’
    ‘I started following Citeh in 2010 and that price is reet shocking’

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  51. Really need some help. Can anybody tell why we sold song ?

    And why AW is not rotating his midfield even when he has players good enough for it.


    RAMSEY —> CM

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    • Because Song, although a good footballer, is a massive bell end and was giving it the big “I am”.
      Ramsey is probably not getting played in position as much as Wenger tends to like to play young players out of position so they can learn and appreciate different aspects of the game, what runs they or their team mates need to make etc. Rosicky, for me, doesn’t have quite enough pace to be a winger and the Coq is… erm… just too raw, I guess. heh.

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  52. Fair enough to be honest. An away trip with a ticket, some food and a couple of lagers should not cost you more than £120. Quite silly really..

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  53. Totally behind the Man City supporters. Just because their club spend money ludicrously and are destroying the market and are anticompetitive (recently – some of those fans will predate the megabucks era), it doesn’t mean the supporters themselves are all that wealthy as a result. Fleecing the fans has to stop. If they really mean it, stay away from home games too, as us poorer Arsenal supporters are increasingly having to do. Someone tell these fools in the boardroom and the blinging idiots on the pitch that the rest of us are actually suffering in a recession and can’t afford to watch them kicking a ball around anymore

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  54. A previous contributor has already pointed out that the ticket to Man City was £51.

    I’m a season ticket holder and have been to a few away games over the past 6 years, this year my son and I decided to join the away ticket scheme so I go to all the away games in the league and domestic cups. I am surprised at the difference in prices for each away game. The most expensive so far Chelsea £59 but for me the most shocking was Norwich at £50, I just don’t get that one, and what made it even worse was the team didn’t even bother.

    It’s not just the ticktes its getting to the games too, it is so expensive to watch live football now, I’m lucky in that I can afford it for me and my son, what really winds me up is some of our performances, this year especially, have been well below par, if it were a tangilble product I’d ask for my money back!

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  55. Jesus its quiet today….is there ANYTHING at all going on Arsenal wise…even something completely made up…i.e. on….

    “Arsenal announce new signing – Robo-Diaby. His bones have been fused with adamantium to make him invulnerable to almost any injury, only his eyes remain vulnerable parts of his body. Contract worth 100k a week until 2020”
    “Breaking news – Robo-Diaby has lost an eye in a bizarre yoghurt-eating accident and will be out until 2019 at the earliest”

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