Club announce ticket price freeze for next season


Arsenal have announced a freeze in ticket prices for the 2013/14 season. In a statement released today, the club said:

Arsenal Football Club has announced it will not be making any ticket price increases next season. The move follows a full review by the Arsenal Board which included an assessment of the current economic environment and feedback from fans’ groups.

The price freeze means Arsenal will have made only two across the board inflation-linked price increases in the eight years since it has been at Emirates Stadium.

This season the Club introduced new pricing categories which created 90,000 cheaper tickets at £25 as part of its drive to provide more tickets at affordable prices. In addition it continued the policy of offering prices at £10 for adults and £5 for children for home Capital One Cup ties.

The price freeze applies to all match ticket prices including season tickets in both General Admission and Club Level. Club Level season ticket renewals will begin on February 12.

The move follows recent discussion and debate about ticket prices after Manchester City fans declared Arsenal’s £62 expensive a week before Arsenal fans paid £60 to watch their team at Stamford Bridge.

The more cynical amongst us will say the timing of the announcement, close to the end of a transfer window in which we’ve failed to spend any money, is not accidental, but at least there’s some recognition that fans are being pushed as far as they can go.

The raft of available tickets for tomorrow night’s Category A game against Liverpool compared to the very limited number for Category B game against Stoke suggests that, perhaps, the structure of games might need to be addressed also.


    • I could just see Stan on his knees in Colarado, sobbing into his ‘syrup’, as the news was confirmed.

      I guess he’ll have to make do with looking at Arsenal’s bank account with the factored in figures for the Emirates deal, in the appropriate margin.

      But don’t forget :- RvP’s a traitor; Usmanov is the spawn of Satan; Hill-Wood is wonderful; Dein is the spawn of Satan x a zillion – and ‘we’re the most ambitious club that Ivan knows’. So don’t feel downhearted ! Crack open a bottle.

      Here’s to the feel – good factor of fourth !

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    • Before we’re out of the Champions League, maybe before tomorrow nights game! Everton and spuds have very winnable home games, we need 3 points tomorrow night. Anything less and one of them will be moving further away from us, and the scousers will be in with a shout too either level or a win behind us. We need to put them out of the running tomorrow night. Massive game

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  1. Maybe I’ll be able to afford Christmas presents for my three children this year!

    There is a part of me who really wanted to watch us demolish Litterpool FC tomorrow at the Emirates, but couldn’t be bothered in the end after seeing the (exhorbitant) prices for this ‘Category A’ match.

    So I’ll be watching on SS2 instead. Those sort of prices (in Category A) should be applicable only for the likes ManUtd, Chelsea, Spuds, and the likes of Barcelona/Bayern Munich. It’s simply too much money to go watch Luis Suarez acting like a fool and Jordan Henderson strutting his tight arse-cheeks side-to-side.

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  2. You have to welcome it but as blogs said the timing stinks a bit. Attendances are falling and that’s clear but give arsenal fans a winning competitive team and the stadium will fill up again.
    We have no excuses for not strengthening this January and a lot of fans are showing thier disapproval through the turnstiles.

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    • If I actually spent any of my money directly on Arsenal I would probably stop now. I am just so pissed off at being lied to, again, and again, and again. At the end of the summer they talked about how they would buy players in January and in December about how busy they would be in January. If Wenger just came out in December and said “I think we have a good squad, they just need to gel a bit so I don’t think we will buy any players unless they are better than what we have”. Then I would still be pissed because the squad is short.

      Anyway, I think Wenger has tied his own hands here. He cannot justify, to himself, buying a left back when he already bought Santos who is sitting on high wages. He won’t buy a dominant defensive midfielder because he does not want to kill Diaby / Coq/ Ramsey. And he is otherwise committed to project youth 2.0. It is hard to see how this team can be transformed when Arsene remains committed to players that are just not good enough.

      Anyhow, so disappointing to see how impotent we are in the transfer market.

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  3. @TJ go ahead, I was typing that as you posted, think I am so impressed by the offer I will say it again; Woopee feckin doo…!

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    • It’s showing as sold out but like at most games it will be about 8000 or so down due to season ticket holders not being able to make it for one reason or another.
      What used to happen is season ticket holders could easily off load thier tickets to mates and colleagues etc but are now finding it very difficult to sell them on.

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      • Don’t they determine the price of their own ticket? Why don’t they sell it cheaper then? Better yet, why not go? Wish I could go…

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  4. Perhaps it should be performance-related: a percentage reduction on how far down the table we finish.

    As Last-arse says it’s a smoke screen: strange how this is announced near the end of the transfer period with no new signings to show for it.

    It appears that they treat us like mugs.

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  5. I don’t know how they keep letting the fans in every week so cheap. Good on the yanks, proper down with the fans!

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  6. The club are mad! Surely they could up the prices by at least 20%. After all, we are so successful that everyone wants to come to the Grove. For great football they should charge great prices.

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  7. This is an absolute disgrace. They know exactly what they’re doing and for those of you who have never owned a season ticket it’s this:
    Season tickets at Arsenal include Champions League matches. The club are freezing ticket prices now because they don’t expect us to make the Champions League, so fans end up paying the same amount of money for less games. This is a farce, and if there’s one thing I can’t stand from a football club, it’s exploiting the fans.

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  8. Sure it was £2 to get in when I started out. And yes, shiny stadium and yes, old cunt, but that was roughly £50 a season.

    That’s given me a right pain in the wallet thinking about that.

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  9. I don’t understand the timing of this, if the clubs thinks that this will appease season ticket holders as we haven’t signed any Players in January then they are sorely mistaken.

    It seems that the club are already planning for us to be out of the Champs League next season which underlines the perceived lack of ambition on the field from the Manager and board.

    My season ticket this year is £1,380, I have no qualms with this as it is my decision to pay it. But if we don’t qualify for the Champs League do the club really think that the same price next year for 19 league fixtures and Europa league football is the same value for money? Surely the time has come to ditch the ‘plus cup games’ incorporated in the season ticket and just offer a league games season ticket. More fans could then go to cup games under more creative pricing such as the league cup games.

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  10. Let’s pretend to look like we care about the fans when we know we’re not as likely to be getting Champions League football next season and can fleece them out of the money for the games that have magically disappeared.
    Do they think we’re that stupid?
    Now there’s an extra reason to hope we qualify for the Champions League. Tight bastards.

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  11. Its a no win situation for the board until they invest all of our hard earned money in a team with ambition and drive.

    I for one will be happy when I see the day that Arsene can actually spend what he wants on players.

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    • Conventional wisdom seems to be that nobody is tying Wengers hands.

      I hope Wenger goes to Madrid and starts applying his economic principles to transfers, he won’t last the summer.

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      • I feel its the board and not Wenger as I cant see any manager not wanting to buy players when its really clear the team need them. Thats not to say the boss is not tight or pigheaded but he has in the past spent when he had it.

        Either way its all starting to get us all down

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  12. I’m stunned.

    Given the way the club treats fans and doesn’t appear to know what they think, it wouldn’t have surprised me if they hadn’t increased prices anyway.

    Hey ho, maybe they have a brain after all. Who would have thought.

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  13. Off topic but watching the sugar daddies play each other.. And does anyone else think Remy could’ve been the next henry by us.. Really like wat i see from him.. But yeah long lost cause this signings thing..

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  14. A very sensible decision. I cant even begin to imagine the outcry had they increased the prices.

    I also can’t help but notice the convenient timing of the announcement. Do the board suspect that they will be unpopular in the near future.

    I wonder what the mood will be like on 1st Feb.

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  15. Watching sky sports news and Jimmy Bullard is the worst pundit I have ever seen. What a tube he can’t even speak fucking English – the fucking wanker

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  16. Ok i do love and support arsenal. Every year i make sure i travel once to London atleast to watch 3 or 4 games. Right now i am in London. I paid 92 pounds for Tickets through the Red card membership for Liverpool game tomorrow…. 92 POUNDS!!!!!! I keep telling my self that i love arsenal and its fine but really 92 Pounds!!!!!!!!!
    and i am even setting at the highest top !!!!!

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  17. It’s such a shame what has happened to the Arsenal. If Wenger brought two or three players we genuinely could be a good side, make the champions league and genuinely challenge. However, they keep us these few players short, charge top dollar and we are gradually getting weaker. It’s really sad to see. If we don’t make the champions league we will become more and more like Liverpool – alsorans who achieve very little. I hate to see what is happening before our eyes. Maybe something radical is required like all supporters boycotting a game. Even if we did this the stadium announcer would still declare “tonight’s attendance is 60,013!”

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    • If i lived in london, i would love to see a full boycott of a home game to send a message. I would love to see it on tv to be honest. Maybe it would be a wake up call to Stan and the rest of the cunts that what they are doing is not okay.

      Can you imagine if we loose to the mugsmashers tomorrow? CRISIS BACK ON- CHANTS RING OUT SPEND SOME FUCKING MONEY- Wenger scrambles to make something happen with the last 8 hours, cant do it, says he couldnt find “exceptional quality of the likes of chamakh, park chu yong”

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  18. Does someone behind the scenes really think that this is going to impress the fans 48 hours out from deadline day?

    Call me cynical, but the way in which this club treats its fans is sometimes truly pathetic. This statement and the timing of the statement is just that.

    Just because we all do not have economics degrees, does not mean we are fucking imbeciles. Tell me something, IF we have plenty of options up front, and our back up strikers are actually our starting wingers, then wtf happens if Giroud gets injured? we’ll recall sanchez watt so that theo can play up front and we atleast have 1 striker? than what happens if theo is awful the next game? do we have a substitute to bring on to play up front who can make an impact?

    i really dont see how the fuck we went from 5 strikers last season to 1, and then we somehow think we are going to do better this season. These muppets should be treated like imbeciles, not us.

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  19. on a side note, hopefully with beckham training with us, wenger could ask becks to take theo to the side and teach him how to take proper free kicks!

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  20. Its crazy ive supported the arsenal since 1990 and i cant ever remember having to pay £90 for a general admission game. i would love to go to this match and supoort the boys but i fucking cant afford to part away with a fulll days wages after tax which is what it will cost me to go to this game. that and the fact i gotta pay the tax cunts £500 lol

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