Match Report: Chelsea 2-1 Arsenal (inc goals)


Theo Walcott’s second half strike wasn’t enough for Arsenal as Arsene Wenger’s side went down 2-1 to Chelsea following a disastrous first half showing. An early Juan Mata strike and a Frank Lampard penalty did the damage as the Gunners toiled in the January snow in West London. While there was plenty of heart on show after the break, for all the possession it was profligacy in front of goal that proved costly.

It was the same starting line-up that beat Swansea in midweek albeit with a weaker bench with both Oxlade-Chamberlain and Podolski missing through illness. For their part Chelsea left Ba and Terry on the bench with Torres leading the line.

Chelsea certainly started brighter but it was Arsenal who had the first clear-cut chance after only four minutes. Cazorla found Walcott who quickly slipped in Giroud. Bearing down on goal having beaten the offside trap the Frenchman looked a good bet to score but arrowed wide in haste.

The miss was to prove very costly. A minute later we went behind.

Ramires studded Coquelin’s ankle in the midfield, the ball fell to Ivanovic who lofted a diagonal ball to Mata. The Spaniard controlled beautifully and slapped a finish high past Szczesny despite pressure from Diaby. 1-0. 

On the touchline Wenger quite rightly went mental about the fact that no foul was given in the build-up.

Eager to keep up the tempo after the restart Cazorla, who initially struggled on the left of midfield, produced a good save from Cech. Not to be outdone Eden Hazard wriggled through our defence forcing Szczesny to palm his shot over the bar. It was an action-packed first ten minutes.

The longer the game went on the more Arsenal struggled under Chelsea pressure. Defensively we looked shaky with the trickery and dribbling of Blues trio Mata, Hazard and Oscar testing the discipline of our back four.

In midfield Ramires had Diaby in his pocket. Twice he got the better of the Frenchman inside 30 seconds, the latter eventually to a scramble in the box which saw Szczesny in a second phase of play trip the Brazilian. The Chelsea man definitely left his leg hanging to ensure he went down, but with contact made the referee was always going to give the penalty. A yellow card was produced for the Pole, Lampard stepped up and calmly slotted home to make it 2-0.

By this point we were all over the shop, wildly hacking the ball clear in an attempt to clear the lines only for Chelsea’s defence to gang up on Giroud and push forward again.

In the final third the best we offered were awful crosses from Sagna and Gibbs while Walcott put three consecutive corners into Cech’s hands. As you might expect, feeding the Chelsea goalkeeper only served to provide the home side with a platform to launch more quick attacks.

We needed to press in midfield but for all Jack Wilshere’s anxious and angry pleading with his teammates there was little reaction. Coquelin, Diaby and Sagna were the worst offenders, each lackadaisical both in and out of possession.

Although Wilshere started to impose himself on the game his moments of quality were met with no end product. A dinked ball to Giroud wasn’t brought under control and Walcott was twice offside from incisive through balls.

Were it not for wild finishing from Ramires and Torres we could well have been further behind before the break. Just to sum up a horrible half for Arsenal, nice work by Coquelin in injury-time was rewarded with another offside flag for Walcott. Our new £100,000 a week man did that annoying shoulder shrug thing he does.

Wenger sent the side out early after half-time, presumably thinking five minutes in the freezing snow was the best possible team talk.

It nearly proved dividends. A foul by Cole on Walcott on 47 minutes gave Wilshere the chance to loft a ball into the box. When it dropped at Mertesacker’s feet the German composed himself but could only hit his shot straight at Cech. A sign of more positive things to come?

For once Walcott beat the offside trap from a Cazorla pass, but bearing down on goal he too could only shoot directly at the Chelsea keeper. We were going for it at least.

Further pressure came from a Giroud header from a clipped Gibbs cross; a poor effort in truth, but at least he managed to get in the position.

Finally just before the hour mark Walcott timed a run correctly latched onto a Cazorla through ball and slotted past Cech. It was a goal which we deserved and another very tidy finish from a player improving in one-on-one situations. 2-1.

Coquelin, who was lying on the turf as we scored, was immediately replaced by Aaron Ramsey, while Walcott also required treatment before the restart.We nearly grabbed a quick equaliser after a fine break involving Gibbs, Cazorla, Ramsey and Wilshere released Theo again. This time he cut in from the right only to scuff his effort wide.

Chelsea looked very anxious, perhaps mindful of the two goal lead they let slip against Southampton on Wednesday, as we continued to up the tempo. More good work by Walcott drew another foul from Cole on the edge of the box. Cazorla took charge but his curling effort was blocked by the wall.

Vermaelen had Szczesny and Sagna to thank for denying Torres after being caught by the Spaniard’s pace twice in two minutes as the game entered the final third. With limited options on the bench Andrei Arshavin was introduced for the tiring Diaby while Ba replaced Torres. It was obvious as we entered the last ten minutes that our energy levels were depleted; the game a much slower affair than it had been at the start of the half.

Chelsea should have sealed the win when Ba skipped past Szczesny and rolled the ball goalwards only for Vermaelen to miraculously block the ball. It was a massive let off.

The Belgian then hit a low drive from a free-kick just past the post and Giroud tried his luck from 30-yards just before we entered injury-time. There were as many as five corners during the five minutes added on but despite Walcott and Giroud coming close we just couldn’t muster the equaliser.

It was a fine showing in the second period, but as with the game against City last weekend, you just can’t afford to give opponents two goal leads. We lose again and sit sixth in the table six points off the Champions League pace. Granted we have three home games in the Premier League coming up but we’re really struggling for momentum now.


    • Another clueless performance, play like pensioners in the 1st half, then give it a go in the 2nd.

      Wenger, your motivational skills are useless, your tactics are useless, you are useless.

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      • Just fuck off balls you spud. Your game is on pretty soon. You and your fucking sugar daddy owner Levy pricing everyone out, Dempsey Sigurdsson Holtby Dembele fucking 4 players vying for 1 spot in the team. If we start our decline into Liverpoolesque mediocrity this year then it will be due in no small part to sugar daddy clubs like you. Go establish your own fucking league you spud, where you can play in Moscow and Las Vegas in front of millionaires. You fucking spuds are a disgrace and don’t belong in English football.

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      • Balls we played considerably average.

        Silly goals. One from diaby losing possesion in the centre of the pack….alittle ways down the line. A penalty, the other poor referee from the always controversial atkinson.

        Question?. We come alive in the second half. City now chelsea. Are we banned from playing good football in 1st half or what?

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      • What did you watch. We played very well in the second half, and had the best chance of the first until we were left reeling by two shit refereeing decisions. Clearly the referee had an agenda, we in no way deserved to lose.

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      • Must say good doctor the game lasts 90 mins not 45. They should be pumped up and raring to go from the start. That first half was abysmal standing off players and allowing them to pick there passes. Thats four matches straight now where we’ve been stale in the first half. ARRGGGHHHH

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      • Wengers pregame talks and preparations leaves a lot of questions to be answered. We are never fully prepared for games like this and we keep giving goals away.
        We cant have two full backs on the opposition half when we have the ball on our own with just two error prone central defenders left. Look at how Chelsea closed us down in our own half. They had scouted us and prepared accordingly and we had no answer other than to give the ball away.

        Wenger needs to sort the defence and set pieces, I doubt that he can but he should at least let someone who knows a thingh or two about it take care of it. It’s embarrassing and getting worse. And for fuck sake loosen the purse strings and buy a proper dm and a striker and why not central defender when your at it.

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      • Well diaby had a shocker!

        Our movement off the ball in the first half was terrible, we spent the first half bar the first 5-10 minutes chasing the ball. Coquelin, Gibbs and Vermaelen were very good however. Tonight.showed us that we definitely need to invest in another strike option to give Giroud competition, although we were forced into playing him considering losing podolski and ox before the match.
        Also, why can’t we show the desire to win the ball and move forward from the get go? It shouldn’t take a half time rouse up to fire the boys up…

        Ramires is a piece of shit.

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    • AA you fat useless overpaid waste of space.AW why did you put him on.He doesn’t give a toss and he is the 2nd highest paid player in the club.
      The first half was unbelievable Sagna was as bad as any player I have ever seen
      apart from AA.

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      • Dont expect anything from AA when the manager had himself given up on him, but that shows what how weak our squad is and nothings been done to fix it.
        And first off idioticity doesnt make up for early 2nd of grit and setermintaion. You can lift your game in second half and go for a win but make sure even if how lame you wanna perform in first half dont concede.

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      • Coquelin is a wee bit rush and for a DM you just gotta keep a cool head. Protect your cbs, do not take the beyond risky pass, dribble just enough and not too.much, coz at the end of the day one miscalculation could very well mean a goal in the other direction. As seen today.

        I rate him though, wonderful talent.

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      • Our midfield is done. Look at Cazorla. His legs are shot, he’s getting totally burnt out (it’s already happened to Arteta); Diaby is half-fit and an awkward tackle away from retirement; Coquelin and Ramsey are raw; Rosicky’s never around; Wilshere is having to do it all on his own, and can’t keep it up for long.

        …and yet, Wenger will not bolster the midfield.

        Not any other position, it seems.


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      • He’s not fit mate.


        Neither is Diaby, but Wenger seems content to play him three matches in a row. Bizarre. I lost count of how many times Diaby lost possession today.

        Rosicky on crutches might have been the better option today.

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      • Fuck off you trol !
        Your ugly “Planet of the apes” game is on (has nothing to do with color of the skin just ugly cunt faces all over).

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      • He must stay because according to 90% of the deluded fans on this blog he can do no wrong, let him stay and continue to destroy the legacy he has built because obviously there’s no one else on the planet that could possibly do better. You keep making excuses, trying to blame everyone else but the constantly poor performances of the team and the obvious weakness of the manager, no one is to blame but them. Fact. RvP clearly made the correct decision to leave, whatever you think of him he saw the rot and got out. Making excuses for 7+ years of failings just shows what the fan base is prepared to accept these days, but it’s not good enough and shouldn’t be accepted. But keep it up if it’s what you need to convince yourselves everything is rosey. Wenger Out.

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      • Seriously, who will you get in to control our club? We evidently have an owner who has no interest in seriously investing in the club and whether you like it or not, Wenger can’t sign anybody until he a) sells someone else or b) frees up the wage bill by letting fringe players leave on loans/free transfers. It’s all well and good blaming the manager because yes, the buck does fall with him, but you people need to see that those who support Wenger aren’t blind to our decline because trust me, we’re not, but we’re just realistic in that no top manager will want to come to a club where wages and spending are seriously restricted. Think and analyse before you take the easy route and blame a man whose hands are tied.

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    • I think the majority of us Gooners really appreciate Giroud’s presence, attitude and work rate, and the fact that he’s provided some excellent assists. But – he really needs to take golden chances when they’re presented to him. That miss early on was unforgivable.

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    • After all that time unable to make the bench and piling on the pounds, Arshavin is like a new signing.

      What is Giroud thinking, trying a shot on goal from 40+ yards out when we’re a goal down and 2 minutes of normal time left? Either he’s a moron, or he doesn’t give a sh1t; or both.

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      • Absolute Bollox. Was he responsible for that first half display. Of course not. Stop looking for excuses week after fucking week. We where totally shit, as bad as it gets first half and that wasn’t down to the ref.

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      • Disagree with you there Voldemort.

        We were shell shocked at the first goal and they scored a second before we recovered from it, from then on it was always going to be a one way street in terms of domination. Both goals were end products of horrible refereeing decisions.

        Good second half, but the subs bench was lacking. I suppose risking Diaby for the rest of the season of this one match would be a bit much, but we needed a good substitute and AA wasn’t it.

        All this result did was confirm that wee need more good solid squad players. Forget world class for a second, we can hopefully get in the summer. We need good squad players to challenge our first team for places like Coq does and are great for bringing on and changing a game for the better. We slowed down immensely when Diaby and Coq left the pitch.

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      • Yes but he played a huge part in the goals no?. Last time I checked games are won on who has the most goals.

        Atkinson 2- arsenal 1. First half we were indeed poor though, we seem to not give a fuck in the 1st half then 2nd half we throw in plenty of fucks. Clear in the city game and now this. Fuck!

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      • Just as the ref’s performance doesn’t let us off, our shite performance shouldn’t let the ref off. The first goal shouldn’t have stood and there were multiple decisions that went their way that could have gone either.

        That said, this whole coming out half asleep in the first half thing has to fucking stop. We were quality in the second half and our pathetic showing in the first really let us down.

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      • @Voldermort: When you get 2 decisions that lead to a goal, and you find yourself 2-0 under from goals which never should have counted, you think it is easy to be top motivated?

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      • Ok it’s totally down to the ref then, but how many times do we go behind before we start to play. It’s just to simplistic to blame the ref for a performance as bad as that first half. Sagna was as bad as it gets, giroud was awful as was cazorla and one or two others.
        Arsene will blame the ref and point to the second half performance as a reason that we do not need to buy when the truth is this squad is so lacking in depth and goals its painfully obvious to all..

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      • “Ok it’s totally down to the ref the…”


        Who’s saying that? I believe the consensus is that Arsenal were poor, but that the ref also played a part in the result.

        Personally, I’d rather we were a team that could get points regardless of the officiating, which we used to do…many, many years ago. This is one of the poorest Arsenal teams in recent history, and Wenger continues to refuse to strengthen it.

        It’s all very depressing.

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      • I think you need to read my post in the context of the my original. I was being slightly sarcastic mate. And I agree with you this is one the poorest teams we have had in years and more worrying is that wenger says it the strongest squad he’s ever had. Baffling and fucking scary.

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      • You cant blame the ref for our first half. Sure he sucked big time but we were lucky to only be 2-0 down. It should have been 4-0 in the arse or 4-1 if Giroud did what he is paid for.

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      • Yes the first goal was a disgrace. Terrible from the official. Penalties like that are being given all the time though players delibrately kicking prone legs then throwing themselves to the ground. All the way through the first half we didnt put any pressure on the man on the ball.

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      • Look, we deserved to go into the break probably one goal down. Maybe even two goals, considering how terrible our play was. But really, neither of the goals that DID happen should have happened.

        If Torres et. al had scored two legitimate goals (like the opportunities they wasted later in the half), I don’t think it there could be an argument, but the fact is that the referee ignored 1) Coq getting stamped on and 2) The fact that Szczesny’s challenge missed and Ramires could have played around it rather than running straight into it. And Chelsea missed their later chances.

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      • We’re consistent in losing against our main rivals. Another serious blow in the quest for CL place and that’s a serious issue for Arsenal!

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      • Yeah, I bet it is really easy to stay motivated when you get 2 goals in the face which never should have counted at all.

        I am not saying that this Arsenal side is perfect or complete, not at all, but Atkinson made it really difficult for us to play our game. I have lost count over how many fouls Ramires made without getting a card. That is just ridicolous.

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      • It’s a bit of both to be honest. First goal should never have been because of Ramires’ clear foul on Coq, second goal was a complete dive by Ramires as Neville pointed out at half time. However, I have to say that even so, we were shambolic in the first half, and blaming the referee is just papering over the cracks. The problems at this football club run far deeper than a couple of dodgy refereeing decisions.

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      • pass was a stray anyhow. poor touch and had to stretch to make a pass that was poor. get a grip and stop complaining about ref

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      • AFC:

        Chelski, Chitty and Manure are not our main rivals, not anymore. Spuds, Everton, WBA and Swansea are our main rivals at the moment. One point against the top three says it all really.

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    • Don’t blame it on the sunshine,
      don’t blame it on the moonlight,
      don’t blame it on the good times,
      blame it on Eboué.

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    • Yes AA is a cunt but where were we in the 1st half???
      Fuckn nowhere!
      We started not strong enough, like against City.
      Sagna is totally out of form. Diaby not ready. Cazorla nowhere to be seen…
      Walcott had 3 corner kicks given away, and we had 3 good chances from the free kicks but we don t have a man to do them.
      2nd half was our best perfomance for long… but we didn t score more then 1 goal.
      3 points lost again. 1 out of 9.

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    • arsenal team:
      1st half -WTF! speechless, wondering why?
      2nd half-WTF! even more speechless and wondering, why now? why not before

      I can’t even begin to fathom, where the fuck this team draws inspiration from and why and how and when.


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    • I would have expected more active coaching from Wenger in that first half, some shouting at the touchline wouldn’t have been out of order.

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      • “..some shouting at the touchline wouldn’t have been out of order.”
        Really? I thought that the touchline did its job quite well.

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  1. The second half was the minimum we should expect from an arsenal side there was no excuse for the first. And that’s why we lost.

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  2. The Brits looked impressive. I love Giroud but he’s is nowhere near clinical enough. Defense still flimsy against the big boys. Sagna had an off days, he’s still a fantastic RB. It takes us 45 minutes every game to start playing football.

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  3. the sight of cazorla hugging Mata at the end of the game like nothing is wrong sums it up for me. the players are prepared to work hard, but if they don’t win, its no big deal. they will still earn their thousands and thousands of pounds a week. sickens me really. mentallity has got to change.

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      • I think its ok, they are friends. and it was after the game got over we shouldnt really bother and act so “cheap”. And yes they are paid to play for 90 minutes not to have discipline class after the match.

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    • I bet we will hear the same old shit about the handbrake or the ref. blame yourself wenger. the fact that we had to rely on Arshavin today shows how desperate we are for a few trasnfers

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      • Totally agree mate I’m still fucking struggling to understand something… Since august. Outbound strikers vela/rvp/bendtner/park/chamkh/Campbell.

        Strikers brought in: giroud.

        Am I missing something?

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      • you don’t understand do you? I am only saying it is a reflection of how players think. I am 100% sure if man utd had had such a woeful performance, man utd players would not be hugging opposition players. they would be running off in shame

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      • He didn’t perform well during the match. In the 1st half he drifted in far too much and with Gibbs sitting deep with Hazard, we didn’t have any ‘outlet’ on the left. The number of times Jack looked left because right and forward were blocked but no one was there, was shocking. 2nd half gibbs came up a bit which gave an option but Cazorla was still far too central.
        Having said that, it’s clear he really needs a break. He’ll be injured soon if he doesn’t get one and when he’s fit, he’s world class.

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    • I agree mate im not going to pick on Santi though. Its been galling me for some time screw the buddy buddy shit. All pally pally in the tunnel before games start loves and cuddles after the match. We are to bloody nice when you have to shake hands with them before the match give them some grief tell them were going to smash them up.

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    • I feel criticism like these just show how desperate we’ve become as fans. Do you think at the end of a Man U vs Chelsea game any of their fans would make a big deal of Rafael and Ramires hugging? Arsenal fans are scratching around for an excuse for “what’s wrong with this team” as if the team all of a sudden went into decline. But any one who has been watching for over 8 years would have seen this decline slowly growing, and realize that while discouraging, the occasional hug between opposing players is really nothing. In fact if this display is key to the complacency of our players then who’s to blame? How can the players change this mentality when it’s pretty much standard behavior across all clubs? I just feel like we’re ignoring the elephant in the room by highlighting the small stuff like this.

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    • It’s agonizing isn’t it? You do feel that if they had played with the same tempo and commitment in the first half we would have been able to get something out of this game. The only conclusion you can make is that this team is just too inconsistent, on an individual (Giroud was realy poor today) as well as a collective (no cohesion in pressing, organization in the first half today) level.

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  4. I love giroud but please wenger…the only way he is “similar” with ba is if similar means “complete opposite” in french….

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    • I agree I love girouds work rate, the thing is quality defenders look like they are just untroubled by anything he does. Hard worker, but not the main striker of arsenal football club.

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      • Giroud is a really good striker, not sure though if he is “top top quality”. To me, he seems to lack this little something to turn a game around. And very often (especially when the game is quick), it’s suboptimal decision making.

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    • Lets be honest Ba would have a better option than Giroud!
      But we need another striker it’s too obvious! we are a goal down with 20mins to go & we have no super sub striker to bring on!!!
      It’s baffling.

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    • More thumbs down than up on this comment? Who on earth believes that Giroud is similar to Ba? They look nothing alike and play nothing alike. Ba is no Drogba, but he’s good on his feet, in the air, and is a great poacher. As an Arsenal fan I would love Giroud to become more like Ba! Right now, I wouldn’t say they’re similar though.

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  5. The quality of this team is so fucking worrying, noone seems to know their roll in any aspect of the game. Our offence is shite our defense is a shambles, noone has any clue who should be taking set pieces… And on top of that they all look scared shitless whenever we play a half decent team.

    Fucking do your job Wenger. The game has evolved and you are not evolving with it.

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    • Was it first four corners cech just breezed into the box untroubled and caught the ball? The set pieces both ways in defense and attack is really poor. Can anyone remember the last time sagna got his cross past the first man? I say jenkinson deserves a run.

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      • Agree sanga looks fucked and has had a run of bad games, jerks was doing great before sanga came back and he’s proberly the best crosser of the ball in the squad

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      • I would bench Sagna. When a good proven player is playing like that it is a sign of future injury or something more serious. 🙁

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      • Goontang not just cech caught the corners easy into his arms because he caught them that easy they made super counter attacks from our corners and cech playing the ball right away

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      • Sagna looks to me like a player running his contract down.
        I agree we should be playing Jenks. He may not be as good as Sagna can be[1], but we can rely on a full 90 minutes of hard graft from him.

        Then again, when in this season has Sagna been as good as Sagna can be?

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    • The thing that bothers me is that I think Wenger isn’t having any problem ‘adapting’ to the way the game has evolved. In fact, the people we have brought in during the past few transfer windows have been pretty good (with a few obvious exceptions) and the young guys coming up are well adapted to the environment.

      IMO, the real problem is that there’s no depth and this is causing those new players who are outstanding when at their best to be run into the ground and their quality of play drops in a corresponding manner.

      You can’t bring in players (especially from other leagues) and have them play every minute of every game, no matter who they are, if you expect them to be 100%. I’m sure a squad this thin would’ve struggled even with the great players of the early 2000’s if they had to play every single second of games because there is no acceptable person to fill in from the bench.

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      • Spot on mate. i think its been a trend for arsene for sometime now. Its the reason fabregas was chronically injured during his time at arsenal.

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  6. Anybody have stats on how many fouls that cunt Ramires committed. Having said that , what the fuck was that first half ?? Giroud , Diaby utter shit.
    The bench was seriously exposed. Nobody who could have any sort of influence on the bench.

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      • There were no options from the bench because Podolski and Ox were sick. You can’t really blame Wenger for them catching the flu.

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      • Yes, Song was a glorious cunt who was always contributing something to the squad (opposition pass interception here; fine lob for RVP goal there, etc.). Sagna’s comment about how he “couldn’t believe we let Alex Song go” is the reason he’s not been offered a proper contract extension. And Sagna’s dismal form is 25% due to exhaustion and 75% due to fact he was only offered a “disrespectful” one-year contract extension.

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  7. Boy are we in trouble now, another big game lost. For the first time, I’m actually worried about finishing outside the top 4. I really hope Wenger doesn’t blame the ref, our players should just be ‘smarter’.

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    • We won’t finish in top 4. I guess eventually the sale of big players caught up with us. Fuck the board eh? I guess they’ve done what they’ve believed is best for the long term. Wished they had listened to Keynes because” in the long term we’re all dead” . Poor foresight, sacrificing the now for the promise of a future. Not good enough from people paid millions and millions of pounds per year. Really. Not good enough

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    • To be honest, I don’t see us making the champions league this season. If the spuds slump like they’ve always done for the third time, then they will be the biggest idiots. They’ve got a better manager and a stronger team this season.

      But who knows, I may be wrong. The spuds will always be idiots.

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    • We were in deep even before the start of the league. Nothing changed except we extended lot’s of players contracts. In future I trust.

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  8. Fuck… you know when you have terrible weekend, fucked with the flu, sounding like you have shagging demons in your throat when you breathe which causes you not to sleep, and then you feel upbeat thinking about how your beloved Arsenal are playing today! And then this happens…

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    • And then you have to listen to that cunt van persie on pre match interview saying how great it is to play with champions and he’s like that little boy in the sweet shop, I think he likes little boys the cunt

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  9. Get the team to show up for the first 45 and not just the second and we would be winning these comfortably. So frustrating seeing a performance like the second half that doesn’t win anything because we are shit for the first half and lose the game in 12 minutes

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  10. What’s going on with my Arsenal? We start almost every game horribly and expect to scrape something from the game later on.

    Not acceptable.

    I think it’s time Wenger admits some players just do not cut it to be in our starting 11.

    We need to spend this window and the next.

    Thumb up 27 Thumb down 0

    • Ok. but which are the players who are not good enough for us to make a strong team?
      Nobody has guts to mention and when somebody says well known names lot’s of thumbs down. Iz is easy to wish to buy buy but who we shold get rid off or never to start a game?

      Thumb up 1 Thumb down 1

      • IMO:

        Replaceable – Diaby, Santos, Arshavin, Frimpong, Bendtner, Park, Vela
        People who’s positions should be strengthened in – Coq, Giroud, Rosicky, Gervinho, Vermaelen.

        Even AW says Diaby is the key – meaning he knows we need a strong midfielder.

        Left Back, Strong Midfielder, AM/CF a must
        CB, Winger – would be nice.

        Thumb up 3 Thumb down 3

      • @us gooner, two points of interest.

        1- vela hasn’t. Web an arsenal player for quite some time now, we sold him and park never really was an arsenal player so he’s not the problem.

        2- please change that picture. It’s scaring the small children and the elderly.

        Thumb up 3 Thumb down 1

  11. Don’t blame the referee, despite the fact it was an awful performance.

    Don’t blame the players that much, although they too played like shit.

    All blame must rest on Le Prof. He has the final say on who plays and where, and who we sign. He’s messed up bad, this must be his final season.

    Fuck, what has he done to this club?

    Thumb up 13 Thumb down 21

  12. And they ended the winless streak at home with the win over Arsenal courtesy of a penalty resulting from a dive by Cuntirez.

    Thumb up 14 Thumb down 2

  13. I think your description of the penalty is very generous to Ramires. In fact, for all their dominance in the first half, both goals should have been disallowed

    Thumb up 21 Thumb down 1

    • Too right. Never forget who it was who deliberately stamped on Coquelin’s foot, to gain the posession that resulted in the first goal.

      Thumb up 0 Thumb down 0

  14. Gibbs for me was man of the match, vermaelen also was crucial defensively unfortunately both goals came from the left.
    le coq was great until his injury aswell, nice to have the great young players but theres no depth to the squad at all

    Thumb up 23 Thumb down 0

      • Despite the conceded goals, for the first time ever I notied Theo actually try to contribute defensively yesterday. As much as I criticize Theo for being invisible 3 matches out of 4, if out entire starting-11 had Theo’s attitude yesterday we would’ve been Chelski 5-0.

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  15. I think us arsenal fan should be supporting Manure today! We wont win the league with this squad and we’re competing for 4th spot and we would ideally want scums to lose. and lose again and then again.
    Was pleased with the second half dont know why we started the game after half time.
    Players Excellent today: GIBBS, COQ and Vermaelen (Just for the save.)

    Thumb up 16 Thumb down 3

    • Are you fuckn insane or it is just you are still in love with rvp? Fuck united, I dnt care what the result of that game is. We have to fight thru on our own.

      Thumb up 5 Thumb down 2

  16. We did well in the 2nd half but Chelsea are the better team, & deserved to win.
    No complaints from me, squad needs improvement asap!

    Thumb up 11 Thumb down 4

  17. That was the ultimate game of two halves…
    Can’t fault the effort for the second half, but we paid the price for a truly dismal, half arsed first half. We need to learn play for 90 minutes

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  18. Sick to my stomach at these Jekyll and Hyde performances
    This train wreck of a season could end tomorrow and I wouldn’t bat an eye lid
    Coquelin and Gibbs.. Take a bow boys absolutely gave everything and although the goals Chelsea scored were disgusting you can’t say we deserve 100% of the spoils for doing 50% of the job.
    Fuck if I go home from work at lunch time I lose half a days pay.. Not good enough

    Thumb up 18 Thumb down 1

  19. We needed more physicality in our game. With no-one of any quality to provide it.

    At the very least we need to start sending messages. For instance, we should have sent Frimpong on with 5 mins to go to just “do” Ramieres. Message then sent “if you foul all game long and the ref does nothing about it, then we, The Arsenal, will”.

    Sill I know, but just how I feel at the moment.

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  20. 1st half was forgetful but 2nd half was much more promising and he played with more drive and yes, agression!

    Diaby – problem is he has not played much football due to injuries so those stupid mistakes you eradicate from your game is not something he has been able to do through games and experience. At 26 now, can he stop the silly mistakes?

    Thumb up 4 Thumb down 1

  21. What a load of bollox, why do we give teams a two goal fucking lead and then come out and play them of the park, the ref was a cunt who gave them cunts everything, ramires dived for peno and cashley cunt cole laughed after he took a yellow for stopping sanga a clear goal chance, we need to get a goal scorer in quick and even do I liked arshavin he’s not interested and needs to go, jack walked of the pitch looking pissed off while the rest high fived and swapped tops, time to sort this mess out

    Thumb up 30 Thumb down 1

  22. Why can’t we change when something obviously isn’t working? The Coq-Diaby axis worked the other night as they were high up the pitch.

    This game they sat on top of the back four and ceded space for the Chavs in the middle of the pitch.

    Jack could see it and was constantly at em but why do we only change it at halftime?

    Thumb up 13 Thumb down 0

    • We gave them our midfield by playing as a DM not-ready-Diaby and Coq who needed time to adjust. Wilshere was to much AM, so Chelsea used this space in the empty triangle very well, avoiding Wilshere and putting pressure on Diaby and Coq. And also we were not strong enough.

      Thumb up 2 Thumb down 0

      • 2nd hal Wilsher was playing more in the midfield with Cazorla more in the centar, so that worked better. Coq was more free of hard duties and that was good for him.

        Thumb up 2 Thumb down 1

  23. The game is 90 mins long, not 45 Arsene. They need a big boot up the arse. Although thats what a captain should do. Vermarlen although played okay is not vocal enough. Jacks the only one that wanted it.

    Why does it feel were out own enemy? Diaby mistake(looked dazed) lost poss. Then sagna out of position(again). Saying that, Chelsea played well.

    Ramsey had a good impact, thought Coquelin was our best player with Jack. Too many players hiding in first hald and its so frustrating too watch, if we can switch on from the off, we would be gettig more points. If tottenham win were fucked.

    Also, people wonder why we cant get rid of the likes of Arshavin etc…..its because they are sooooo terrible. Moan over for now!

    Thumb up 8 Thumb down 0

  24. Waiting for Arsene’s laughable excuses. I know Arsene, the snow, the bad weather conditions, but we fought hard… I give up with you.

    Thumb up 14 Thumb down 3

  25. So when Arsene says we will only sign players if they are quality and make us better. Is he talking about making us champions or getting us to 4th place?

    Thumb up 14 Thumb down 2

    • I don’t even know if spending money will fix it to be honest, clearly the players have either the wrong attitude, the wrong instructions or a combination of both. If they can’t step across the white line in the first half and want to die for the club then that to me smacks of poor management. The fact that they are capable of trying only after giving teams a head start tells me that something is broken in our pre-game preparations.

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  26. why do we always tend to shoot ourselves in the foot with a fucking rocket launcher in big games? City last week, the 8-2 last season, United at home in the CL semis and now today.

    If only Giroud tucked that away after 5 minutes…

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  27. we dont foul people…. Thats Not the wenger way…. We play nice and be pansies for 90 mins. Pulling out of tackles, afraid to go on 50/50s, stopping when any player is faking injury, switching off at set pieces…. Yeah thats us…. Fuck….

    Thumb up 5 Thumb down 14

  28. Man I’m really not keeping my hopes up for 4th spot. And for the first time since I can remember we are likely to finish below Sp*rs. Don’t fool ourselves, last year they only crumbled when Harry got too big for his head, and only then we barely finished 3rd. I hope we can clinch the FA cup though, and give a good run in the CL. Next year with the new commercial deals kicking in we can strengthen with new players whilst keeping the current crop together (yes, full pun intended)

    Thumb up 3 Thumb down 2

  29. and it says a lot when we have no forward options on the bench other than Arshavin.

    I know Gervinho is away and AOC and Podolski are ill, but you shouldn’t have players in the squad who don’t want to be there, how do you expect them to have an impact when they haven’t kicked a ball for months?

    Thumb up 6 Thumb down 1

  30. “we showed good spirit. I thought the first half we are a bit off physically and not up to the required technical level. We improved that in the second half. We could have won it but chelsea deserved it in the end… Yes…. Hmmm signings? No… No news at all… We have a lot of players coming back and yes we have gervinho as well.” same old arsene hahaha

    Thumb up 14 Thumb down 2

  31. What the fuck is happening to English football, how can Ramires get given MOTM!!!

    The guy out and out cheated to win the penalty for the decisive goal and Niall Quinn gives him MOTM, these actions should be isolated and ubiquitously condemned – not giving him MOTM, no fucking dignity in English football anymore!

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  32. Arshavin, a player who has not even made the bench for the most of this season is thrown in with 20 minutes to go, expected to make a difference, in a crucial game against Chelsea. Is that not enough evidence pointing towards a lack of quality throughout the whole squad? Ramsey is looking better recently, but is not an impact sub. No excuses now, show the ambition and find the “top top” quality players or this season will be without any rewards whatsoever. So frustrated

    Thumb up 26 Thumb down 0

  33. Nobody seems to regret Alex Song… I do. Without him, and especially without Fabregas and van Persie, we are not able to keep possession anymore. It was better in the second half because Chelsea did not maintain the pressure; but in the first half, we saw 38% of the ball, incredible statistic for Arsenal since the matches against Barcelona. The decline of our possession football is almost constant since Wigan: 49% against them, 44% against Newcastle, 56% against Southampton (wow!), 40% against Manchester City, 50% against Chelsea.

    Notable evolution in our style of play. We don’t make pressing anymore to get the ball back. Instead, we fall back in defense. We urgently need a player like Tioté or Diamé, who can impose his physical presence in the midfield and allow other midfielders to go forward serenely.

    However, there are unfortunetaly other problems: lack of end product because of Giroud’s clumsinesse, Santi’s disapperance except for his (magnificient) assist, individual mistakes, etc., etc.

    Thumb up 19 Thumb down 5

    • I don’t regret selling Song but I do regret we did not get an experienced replacement for defensive midfield.

      Song was OK not a world beater….too often last year he would try the “wonder final ball” then a simple pass was the best option. I know it worked a couple of times but he is not Cesc and meant to play that role.

      Thumb up 12 Thumb down 3

      • Have you ever replaced like for like in the last few years, so why is it not a regret when we loose players? Fact is we lost the nucleus of our team last season and we are finding it hard to find our feet this season. It could have worked in earlier seasons but the game has become more competitive.

        You say a defensive midfielders pass was not “the best option” and he gets 13 assists. How many DM’s have such stat?

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    • Why all the thumbs down? He makes a valid point about the change in style, lack of pressing, decline in possession. However, I do feel it doesn’t take a destroyer in midfield to press efficiently.

      Thumb up 2 Thumb down 0

  34. Coq injury is also a blow

    surely at 6.7 mil yanga-mbiwa was worth a punt? Dentral Defender and can play defensive midfield role.

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  35. quality on the bench is worrying. needed a change with 15 to go and what do we get. man if were gonna persist with giroud crossing practice is in order. we cannot continue without another striker or more to thepoint a better one than giroud. terrible terrible first half gor us. need some players badly. and a central defender with kos

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  36. dont know what to say. many top top quanlities on the other side. but we should fight from the very beginning of the 1st half not that of 2nd.

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  37. I don’t get so many things about the Arsenal. I don’t get why Wenger put Arshavin before Oxlade-Chamberlain, I don’t get why Walcott keeps drifting inside when we are not in possession always making Sagna the bad guy. I mean should Sagna defend, attack and put in the crosses while Theo is busy man-marking Giroud? I don’t get why the players take so long to get in the game, I don’t get why they don’t press the opposition for as long as the duration of the match instead of just in inconsistent patches! You know what, I’ll stop before I go nuts!

    Thumb up 7 Thumb down 5

  38. This team need to be taught that football matches start in the first minute of the first half, not in the second half.

    Thumb up 3 Thumb down 0

  39. Expect our fucking captain to come out in the press to say some shit about overturning deficits and good spirits and staying together and hdbdhehejehebdje aaaaaabhhhhbbb fuck them lot!!!!!

    Thumb up 3 Thumb down 4

  40. if u’re lookin for trophy, then u can call urself with poor-delusional-fool.

    happy ending is like impossible… unless they buy a class striker who can makes goals in every game after january…

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  41. Thoughts…..

    1. Wenger, you can’t come out pre-match and talk about being aggressive and physical, and then have Diaby and Coquelin sit back and spectate while Jack is overrun in the middle of the park. Ridiculous.
    2. The one position there is actually a bit of quality behind is right back. Put Jenkinson in for a match are so Arsene you have used up Sagna he is exhausted.
    3. Martin Atkinson is a total a$$hat.
    4. Ok, I get it Podolski was out, however, you tell me that the only option is Cazorla out of position on the left with Arshavin as the impact substitute? That is fucking criminal Arsene. Fucking spend the money you keep boasting about being available, because after that sh!t it appears as if we could use additions at the back, the center, wide and forward!
    5. Chelsea are gutless ba$tards.
    6. Giroud you gotta start picking up the pace mate, seriously.
    7. Top 4 is getting dimmer by the match, and sorry Arsene you and the board have utterly nobody to blame but yourselves.
    8. Chelsea might be the largest collection of worthless twat$ ever assembled.
    9. Jack thanks yet again for giving absolutely everything with little support, Theo not bad overall either mate.
    10. Sign some fucking players Arsene, can you not see that this is not good enough what the hell is it going take?

    For fuck sake.

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  42. I hate to say it but we are missing that 1-2 player(s) to make our squad into a top 4 one. Even though Ramires was a complete c*nt Chelshit just have that extra bit more quality then us – i hate to say it !

    I’m sorry but Ramsey is someone you play against lesser teams, just doesn’t have that determination Le Coq had and Le Coq is already better and more promising than him.

    And Wenger, Arshavin, really? Just a throw of the dice to me. Either buy that 1 or 2 player(s) we desperately need or give someone willing to prove a point a chance.

    It hurts, it hurts so much. It is like being in love only for her to reject you 🙁

    Thumb up 10 Thumb down 3

    • Coquelin was one that gave me hope before he got injured. Ramsey, although different in his contributions, was making positive ones nonetheless.

      What exactly does Ramsey need to do for you people to stop singling him out? This was Cazorla’s worst game by a mile… both he and Diaby were caught in possession countless times under pressure from Chelsea. It was hardly Ramsey (or, at least, Ramsey alone) who was lowering our standard of play today.

      Thumb up 9 Thumb down 0

  43. Why the hell do we always have to let 45 mins go before we can start to play ? Fuck sake Wenger its your fucking job to fix these kind of problems. That this is repeating itself game after game is just terrible.

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  44. Wenger I still don’t understand why we didn’t buy Ba. He gave us torrid time when he came on. I only shudder by thought of us playing against him for ninety mins.
    After this performance its quite clear that Wenger’s fourth place finish cup is under severe threat. Am however not worried about that, because that is what it will take for the board to shake things in our team. …..

    Thumb up 6 Thumb down 1

    • Kroenke Inc ain’t gonna do shite as long as we turn a profit. They have admittedly been saving up for a few seasons now in case we didn’t make the champions league…. I really doubt we make the top 4 & as they have been ‘saving for a rainy day’ , i sadly don’t see us signing anyone of the quality required.

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    • Demba Ba wanted to come to the Ermirates, he would have made an immediate impact, and he only cost Chelsea GBP7.5m. In the press conference pre-Chelsea Wenger’s excuse was “Demba Ba is too similar to Giroud and we want to give Giroud a proper chance”.

      To that may I retort, “They both speak French but that’s where the similarities end. Stop taking the Arsenal supporter-base for a bunch of idiots – we may be stupid enough to pay through our noses to watch mediocre football, but there comes a point you must stop taking he p!ss with lame excuses like that!”

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  45. Just so we’re clear, I did have a word or two with Ramires before the match about his tackling.
    I said, “do whatever you like, son”.

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  46. Coquelin is a wee bit rush and for a DM you just gotta keep a cool head. Protect your cbs, do not take the beyond risky pass, dribble just enough and not too.much, coz at the end of the day one miscalculation could very well mean a goal in the other direction. As seen today.

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  47. Memo to Arsene and the team: a football match lasts for 90 minutes. If you do not turn up for the first 45 minutes then there is a good chance that you will lose.

    And for me Andrey Arsharvin was our best player. He changed the game when he come on. He’s worth every penny of his 90k-a-week salary.

    Thumb up 2 Thumb down 8

  48. We can’t have Cazorla stuck outside for 45 minutes. Its a waste. The guy should play centrally for 90+. No questions asked.

    We can’t count on Giroud as our lone striker. I like his play, but he needs to play in a Dzeko type of role where you bring him on tactically and he doesn’t play 90+. His lack of pace and finishing hurt us. He should’ve had 2 goals tonight.

    We need to start to convert on set pieces. Our set pieces have been poor. I was happy to see Theo off of them in the second half.

    I thought Sagna was really poot today. He was lazy and he played with no urgency on and off the ball.

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    • i knew when carzorla moved central the game was up. we needed so.eone with more drive to get on the ball and move, like rosicky at his best. carzorla is a tidy player and thats about it

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  49. We did not but Ba because our fucking manager thought Giroud is of the same standard…. Hahahahahahahaahhahhehehehehehehehe
    Fuck u arsene…. U’ve lost it…. I’m sorry

    Thumb up 8 Thumb down 6

  50. Arsene, why can’t you just shout at your players from the sideline instead of waiting for the half time break to sort things out?

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  51. 1. You can’t afford to sleep-walk in the first half in a game like this. No excuse.
    2. I wish I could break that little fucker Ramirez in half, what a cunt.

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  52. don’t like to piss on a shitty enough result, but again our 1st half performance was fucking shocking, Diaby, Sagna and Cazorla absolutely woeful. I’d love to see AW just once do a Mourinho and surprise all and sundry with an early sub. For me I’d have taken off Diaby, Sagna and maybe Cazorla ( I know in hindsight, Coq was injured and Caz played ok in 2nd half but that’s why he gets £7m+ per year not I) and I’d have tried Jenks, Ramsey and Santos on left.

    But will someone please answer me one question: (not with thumbs down, but words)

    IF, Diaby is the answer, then what the F*ck is the question? lack of fitness/match practice is no excuse for lacklustre attitude, which I remember clearly from a loss at Wigan (3-2 Silvestre game) and also 4up vs Newc.

    4 wins needed from next 4 games now, no excuses not to strengthen this week, no u18’s included. WHU (h) Brighton (a) L’pool (h) and Cunts Stoke (h) has to give us some hope please boys

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  53. Why cant Arsene motivate our team from the onset? ,l think he has lost the team , l love Arsene but a lot of things dont make sense anymore,we clearly miss an out and out CF ,we didnt replace RVP the ,squad is thin,l mean WTF is going on @ board level ,we tired of this mediocre team

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    • you’re not the only one, Irfan….we all KNOW he dived. So does he.
      Almost as bad as that was that he got away with what must have been upward of a dozen fouls without a card.

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  54. I’ve noticed that Gibbs gets into the game in the second half. We must attack from the off. I think we play better with a high line.

    I know the pressure is on Giroud, he probably should have scored, but we can’t be too harsh on him.

    You could argue the squad is a little thin, but, when you have two out because of illness, it is a kick up the bollocks.

    Impressed with Le Coq, better than Arteta? Certainly quicker. Diaby looked nervous, I think he has that fear of another injury.

    Thumb up 8 Thumb down 1

  55. Say what you want but Atkinson is a wanker. Ramires should’ve seen yellow and slap in a face after that late tackle to coq. Instead they fucking scored a goal.

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  56. What was that really? Is it me or nobody really cared when they were ripping us apart in 1s half ? actually aside from wilshere n giroud. I mean did u see wilshere when they were passing for fun right under Diabys nose ( just like an amib waitiing for food into his fuckin mouth! )
    And what has happened to u Arsene?! The Wenger I knew would bring in Jenkinson without thinkin twice, He wouldnt wait til fuckin hafltime to give his speach, some shouts maybe?! And he would just bring in players who actually CAN do sth for the team n didnt play all these poker games with us. With others in negotations so we lose o players we NEED ( actually one of them scored tnight) I cant see what good are u doing to the club anymore! I know I love what u’ve done. But no one’s bigger than the club. than our Arsenal…

    And anyone denying all this… well maybe they dont remember our glory days or simply forgot how it feels to WIN.

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  57. Badly prepared as always. Acting like kids the first ten and fuck up the entire game. Wenger for fuck sake what is wrong with your pregame talk? Do you even bother to scout the opposition?

    One point against the top three and I`m guessing that will be the total after the end of this season. We are just not good enough. If we are lucky we will finish 4. But we look more like a team that will finish 6-8.

    We are just not good enough and we wont sign anyone. I begin to wonder if we saving our pennies for the next manager.

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  58. Another horror show from our defence, the sooner we fuck Sagna off the better he is a liability since his injuries,Cazorla is another Reyes, despite his strike Walcott is clueless, Giroud barn door and all that,Diaby shouldn’t be starting till he gets a bit sharper and TV is absolutule dross a mid table outfit heading south. Depressing.

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  59. Reyes would have cried to his mummy. At least santi has more bollocks in him. Lay off santi. Sagna, what the hell happened to you? Winner, never say die, consistent? Now?

    Thumb up 1 Thumb down 1

    • What … is the a defense of Wenger.

      Arshavin is a ridiculous example of how Wenger has turned proven players into $hit.

      Look around the league, managers take even avg. players and the most from them. Wenger did that in his early years. Offlate, he has turned players into absolute $hit.

      Arshavin, Chamakh, Squillaci … they were not $hit when they arrived, or else why whr they bought. look at them now … you cannot have any excuses. It is a manager’s job to get the most from the players. One or two of them I would understand, but suddenly we have a whole list of them turning into utter crap.

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  60. Now please stop sucking wengers dick now… deluded blog fans and admits hes a washed up manager who was good in the past not any more.

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  61. Enough is enough … Just go fking get the right players in who play for the full match and not only 45 minutes,

    Oh wait I forgot there is not one player in the world who could improve this team.

    Just buy the fking players … you have the money you said you do just go and buy the players. Stop looking for excuses to not buy players. This is 2013, and not the 20th century where players like Henry, Vieira, will be available for knock down prices.

    You need quality you need to spend, as simple as that. Wilshere will come along once in a while and you keep struggling even he would want to leave, y the hell not.

    Goodbye top 4, welcome Thursday night Football. The only reason we will ever get back into the top 4 at this rate is when they do combine the Champs League and the Europa League.

    Just wake the fk up.

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  62. there’s been some kind of miscommunication. contrary to what most Arsenal players believe the first half DOES count. we would do well to pass on the message

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  63. Hopefully United win today. Beat West Ham on Wednesday.

    3 pts back and is all well in the world.

    Have to be positive somehow.

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  64. Yes i said it. Ba is way better than giroud! I dont hate giroud, but its the truth ffs! Will he improve? Yes. Would ba have been a welcomed signing this january? Yes!! Thats all i meant…

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  65. Calm down guys if I can escape the mafia ill sign next week unless they offer me less than Walcott because that would be insulting and I also would only play well in the second half if he was on more money than me.

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  66. In all seriousness most of the issue came down to a bad lineup:

    Cazorla on the wing makes him useless; it’s just not his position. When he plays out wide we might as well not even put him on the field, when he plays in the centre he can use his talents to our advantage.

    I think we needed either Diaby or Coq in the game but not Diaby AND Coq–we basically just put in 4 central mids and forced some of them to play out of position which doesn’t work. Put in Diaby or Coq and then replace the one with Ramsey/Chambo.

    Also Poldi needs a chance to play a more central role in the near future, he’s said it’s his preferred position and I think a two man Walcott/Podo striker formation would work well (at least try it out once)

    Thumb up 3 Thumb down 2

    • Bullshit. When we bought Cazorla, he was labeled as a winger that could also play centrally, if needed. It was a big deal when Wenger gave him a free central role. Now you’re saying he’s useless as a wide player? Brilliant analysis… just top notch stuff (sarcastic clapping).

      Thumb up 5 Thumb down 1

      • Did you watch the game? Who cares what he was labeled as when he came in; when he plays for Arsenal in our system he is a non-factor on the wings. When he is put in a central role he performs much better. How can you possibly so disagree with that?

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      • @Built like an Ox, yes, I think we should… he gives us something different. HOWEVER, he needs a damn rest first. His legs are dead or dying, so we’re not getting the best out of him wide or centrally.

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  67. If the real worry about getting quality signings is that top players do not want to come to a club unless they get to play Champion’s League – then Arsenal should have enough foresight to buy all they can now, in January, to either:
    – guarantee Champion’s League play next year, or
    – get the players now, that Arsenal would not be able to sign in the Summer due to not making the Champion’s League

    Either way – when so much quality is available at such good prices, why would you NOT buy, force team competition, and challenge to finish higher in the table?

    I will say it now – and you astute readers can remember (just as I pointed out that Wilshire is the most fouled player on this team, which tells me opposition wants him out of a game, and bloggers finally picked up on the foul-rate) – since January is looking the bust, the coming Summer signings will be the end-all, be-all of what the ambitions of this club’s Board and Ownership have:
    – buy lots of quality, come up with ways to get rid of the deadwood, and start playing players where they belong: high ambition for trophies and championships
    – buy mediocre players at bargain prices or barely sign a few players, tell us that getting rid of deadwood is too tough to accomplish, and continue to keep playing Ramsey’s and Podolski’s, and Arteta’s out of position and in a formation that ill-suits the players you have: looking to 4th in the BPL as the tops in ambition, and Arsenal turns into a club where the Board and Ownership have zero ambition to do anything but make a profit

    There is no doubt that Arsenal are moving towards the latter, but don’t we all wish for at least the ambition to play the sport for what we see it as: glory and winning, not profit and tax breaks.
    If it were to come to the fans seeing Arsenal as having low-level expectations, the ONLY way that can be rectified is by a statement by the fans. How can fans make a statement? Match day receipts.

    *praying for ambition – praying for ambition – p[praying for ambition*

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  68. I guess it makes a pleasant change from the usual thigh and ankle strains but why do so many of our players fall ill with bugs and influenza recently? Maybe they need to wear those snoods that Chamakh and Nasri were so fond of.

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  69. 1. Yet again no first half showing and a much better second half but too little too late. Why? It just isn’t good enough to play only 45 mins of commited football. Yes the manager is responsible for motivating the team but i’m sure he doesnt tell them to be piss poor for 45 mins every game, its time we started blaming these players for their lack of effort rather than the manager every time. They are the ones ultimately in charge of our results, how do they justify the difference in motivation and effort on each half? Must they really be told evert half time to buck their ideas up?

    2. Arshavin’s time was up long ago, he doesnt want to be here, wenger doesnt want him so why does he come on when we have two injuries? This i do blame the manager for. Ok so we can’t offload him, fine but i would rather have a hungry player like frimpong or jenkinson come on and give it their best. It is also evidence that we need reinforcements this window and not just ‘ top top quality’

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    • Here’s an idea: RVP scoring today actually HELPS US! Whatever holds back the Spuds or Everton is good for us right now. Be rational in your sadness.

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      • Yes but Spurs equalise in the last minute so stretch their lead over us and Everton will probably win tomorrow.

        We won’t get 4th this year because we simply don’t have a good enough squad of players.

        Perhaps then and only then we can sort this mess out before fans walk away from the rip off prices and shit team

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      • @Monkey Nuts, your point is valid, but an irrelevant response to mine. It doesn’t take a PhD in game theory to figure out that:

        It would be a good thing for RVP to score a million goals against anyone except for us. That’s all I’m saying. After he serves that purpose this season, he can fuck off and die for all I care.

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  70. Three games in a row we’ve only played in the second half…..Joke. We really have found our playing level….tight wins against sides like QPR and Swansea, draws against Villa and Southampton and defeats against Chels and City. This is who we are now. Welcome 6th place mediocrity. Welcome average to good Arsenal.
    Wenger has now left it too late to buy players to effect anything……what a stubborn old git.

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  71. gutted we just didn’t turn up in the first half. Really thought we would have been up for that one.
    One thing I’m getting a bit worried about is Bacary Sagna? people keep blaming it on Theo for not backing him up but to me his head is all over the place. Where is the Bac I know and love.
    Our best players were Jack abd Coq, was gutted to see him go off. we lost a bit of fluency after that.
    oh……and Ramires you are cheating cunt!…there, i said it

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  72. Another Match = More Questions

    If the answers are so apparent to us, what are Arsene & Co. not seeing?

    1. Abou Diaby from long-term knackered to a sudden every match starter? No. Buy a true DM.

    2. Olivier Giroud = RVP 2.0? No. Buy a striker…a clinical one. Giroud looks sluggish, predictable, and wide…always wide.

    3. Theo Walcott our best option at corners? No. His crosses are horrible from anywhere on the pitch.

    4. Playing Theo down the touchline with only limited inside runs? No. See the above note about his crossing.

    5. Jack Wilshere the only vim and vigor player on the entire squad? Well, the only one who comes out in the first 45′ that way. Coquelin shows desire. The rest? You’d think this was the East Bumf*ck exhibition and not the London Goddamn Derby.

    6. Do Arsenal show pace? Do they have pace? Is pace even part of Arsene’s philosophy anymore? The side-to-side uphill nature of this team is painful to watch. We only show pace when confronted with the consequences of our own sluggish play. Even after going down 2-0, it took until halftime and a supposed locker room chiding from Arsene to see any determination.

    7. Is this team good enough? NO! The squad is razor thin and lacking quality. The January window is not a long term answer, but shite! Right now, a mid-table finish seems more probable than possible.

    Arsenal…great at digging holes. Less great at filling them back in.

    Are gooners the only ones minding the gap these days? Come on, Arsene!

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    • Agree with everything except number 2. I would also add that giving the ball out to Sagna when we’re on a quick attack literally never works and he just gets bogged down or puts in a terrible cross. Is this just me or does anyone else notice this?

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      • Sagna hits the opposition defender at least half the times he tries to cross. Terrible crosser of the ball. I was at the Man City game and each time he had a chance to cross it hit their guy.

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  73. If Arsenal insist on walking the ball up the pitch in a very slow build up, they will always be prone to getting hit by a quick counter-attack. We see it time and again. The only times we every look dangerous is when we attack with pace leaving the opposition no time to get organised.

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    • why? the club promised him a certain wage then tried to be cheap and save £5k a week, sounds familiar with every contract negotiation since then. its hardly surprising the dross like denilson and djourou bite the clubs arm off when offered £50k a week deals as who in their right minds would of them that? ah the great aw socialist pay structure. look at what hes won in the mean time whilst we roll out squillahi etc, players want to win things and its clear aw doesnt

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  74. The sooner Wenger goes the better. He’s ran out of ideas and his approach is no longer working. It’s been clear since August 31 we’ve needed reinforcements and he continually refuses to show any ambition and sign anyone. His constant belief in Diaby and Rosicky is baffling. Since when did everyone start believing this myth that Diaby is world class and somehow the missing link? He’s always injured and not even that good a player, too slow and sloppy in a possession. We could have signed someone much better then him years ago. Wenger & Kronke out now!

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    • Im sorry but you are stupid or too young to understand or too old to remember what Diaby and Rosicky are capable of.
      Another problem is that in the team of 25 players we dnt have any backups at all.. for anybody…. thats sad, so dnt blame players, blame management.

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  75. Sagna was not the main culprit for the first goal. Mert should have been keeping an eye on Mata when he knew Sagna had pushed up. Although Coq was fouled, fact is he overran the ball and created that opportunity for Ramires. We won a penalty against WBA in similar circumstances. I feel over a season all these decisions even out.

    2nd goal, Coq was ball watching and jogging back while Ramires was busting his gut to run into the box after dispossesing Diaby. Szcz was lucky that his rush of blood didn’t cost the team more goals or another red card.

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  76. Wenger just LEAVE…! not even a champion’s league spot this time…Carzola, Arteta, Podolski have seen what you are, how you manage and what you believe in…..not goals and points and aiming high but more quid in your bank account……..demoralizing players by your old fashion……Look who you sold to ManU…how is he doing and why so well?????? just leave arsenal.

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  77. “The lack of investment in the squad is now bordering on negligent…”

    This from Andrew on

    Perfectly stated.

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  78. So we basically have to root for our former captain to score for Manchester United so we have a shot at finishing in the top 4…

    That’s what I call ambition.

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    • Im not rooting for that, but yes BBC says he has scored his 22nd goal this season. And Arsenal FC is holding 24 mil in the bank. Niiiice! and Siiiiiick!

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  79. Sagna was not the main culprit for the first goal. Mert should have been keeping an eye on Mata when he knew Sagna had pushed up. Although Coq was fouled, fact is he overran the ball and created that opportunity for Ramires. We won a penalty against WBA in similar circumstances. I feel over a season all these decisions even out.

    2nd goal, Coq was ball watching and jogging back while Ramires was busting his gut to run into the box after dispossesing Diaby. Szcz was lucky that his rush of blood didn’t cost the team more goals or another red card. Vermaelen saved his ass today.

    I think Wenger doesn’t really know the right combination to play with this team. He is struggling to make a team out of this bunch which is not surprising when the team has changed so much over past 3 years. This instability over the years is now starting to take its toll. Just look at Chelsea. They still have their core of players but a lot of changes these past 2 years and see how even they are so inconsistent despite their “world class” players.

    Giroud has a good heart and work ethic but unfortunately his finishing is not efficient. RVP just scored with a header (and he was never a good header of the ball) while Giroud our big CF missed 2 very good opportunities.

    A lot for Wenger to ponder on this term. Previously, we attracted great players because of our winning record, our style of play and our manager even though we did not pay top dollar. Now we are not winning anything, not playing attractive football so either Wenger has to find gems (very unlikely) or pay lot of money to buy the best. Let’s see how it goes.

    I am not too fussed about getting star players. In fact I would rather see a mental change in the team

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  80. Call us unfortunate for both goals, but maybe it’s not hard to realise in hindsight that it’s all down to the faults of our system. Sagna twice not tracking his man. Twice we concede. We have no width, the only width is provided from full backs and every time they get forward and put in yet another useless cross we’re susceptible to a counter. Wenger has lost the plot. It’s not just the fact that he doesn’t buy anyone which is annoying because we had the money to spend last summer and the summer before that due to the sales of our best players.
    It’s the fact that he has turned into a stubborn, worn out old man who is no longer a winner. Who doesn’t get the best out of his players as he should, one way or the other. I wouldn’t mind if we won ugly every weekend or if we lost our identity for one season and still ended up winning something as no fan would. But it’s time the board get their heads out of the arses and sack him, which would be painful, so maybe he should leave by mutual consent with respect.

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  81. ffs, it seems every game now we start with this lazy defeatest attitude, its infuriating!

    were only after top top quality players, well remy is better than giroud, m’villa better than any dcm we have, the french rb just gone to newcastle better is than sagna. the players are out there and it wouldnt break the bank to sign them either which would improve us, god diame is £3.5m and aw procrastinates over him as though its a £30m price tag.

    is this dick law character real? if he is hes doing a fucking shit job

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  82. Look at fuckin bench today… Fuckin look at it… It is fuckin unbelievable that it has come to this…. Granted, the ox and poldi were out sick but even so… Honestly wenger, you must be the only person in the world who doesn’t think we need to strengthen… To be honest. It’s fuckin scandalous the state we’ve become… And it’s become fuckin embarrassing too… SORT THIS FUCKIN MESS OUT….

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  83. Watching Spuds vs United … have been reduced to rooting for UNITED to win … who would have thought …

    Fking pathetic from the gunners … reducing the fans to cheering for United

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  84. I was very sad this morning but then I remembered that Chelsea is in the Europa League (along with Tottering Hotshit) and I was still sad but a little less sad.

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  85. If we think cavani could do better with the chances we created then there is a debate to be had about the determination of the hierarchy to deliver real success or just make up the numbers. continued faffimg around in the transfer market now will provide the answer

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  86. no surpise. The squad just isn’tgood enough.This time we have no van Persie to carry us!

    Momo Diame would be a decent buy at a decent price but Weneger wil probably continue with his delusional faith in Diaby.

    Definitely could do with a world class striker and a better winger than Gervinho/Arshavin

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  87. Today showed the gulf between us and the top 3. Can’t help thinking we need to spend money to bolster the team as the 1st half was a tale of men vs boys. I have to say 2nd half we stepped it up but still gave the ball away and Santi disappeared (due to fatigue me thinks) and we are expecting such a lot from Abu to keep the midfield together after such a long lay off.

    So how do we fix it well a proven striker, defensive midfielder and central defender are in order to help those around them gel but not have the pressure of week in week out games.

    On a side note chamakattack did really well for West Ham I hope he can find some form so we can make a few quid back when we sell him.

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  88. Wenger says in his interview that when we started we didn’t play at our usual pace. I’d beg to differ, since we consistently play and a really slow pace with a complete lack of urgency in large portions of nearly every game, then I would suggest that is our usual pace?

    Ineffective and unimaginative. Only on top form can we compete, but most teams don’t play a season on top form. United, Barca, even Juve if you watch them this year, they just beat teams. Because they are fundamentally better teams then their opponents, and beat them because their basics are right.

    Not because they play on top form every game. And i’m afraid the fact that a team seems to lack complete basics can means blame can only lie firmly on the manager’s shoulders.

    Tottenham just played united, and they were better in every department than us today. It doesn’t bare thinking about.

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  89. Strengthening in the window aside, this team doesn’t know what it wants to do anymore; it’s disjointed and aimless. Pushing forward, to suddenly STOP everything to move it out wide for Sagna to put in a useless cross, that’s the basis for everything we do now. We can’t retain possession; that used to be our best quality, and I’m not talking about 8 years ago either. This team is lost, and I’m not convinced 2 (HAHAHA) new bodies are going to rectify that.

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  90. I don’t think the performance in the first half was down to the players not being motivated. It has more to do with Chelsea’s tactics, which were to close our defenders and two central midfielders . This pressure, combined with our naivety going forward (dribbling into Chelsea players and trying risky passes forward instead of calm passing ensuring keeping the ball and tiring the Chelsea forwards). This is the same problem we had with Chelsea in the home game and I don’t know why Wenger nor the players have thought of a solution to this. By the beginning of the second half Chelsea changed their approach and left our defenders and midfielders more space, which meant that we had a chance to play a “decent” game. Benitez either did this because he feared his players might tire or because he preferred to block the final ball to our forward and play on the counter attack. Anyways, I don’t get why there has been no change in how we play under pressure. We keep launching long balls aimlessly and that means extended periods of pressure. Instead, players like Wilshere and Cazora should have dropped back a bit and shown an out ball to defenders so that we can keep the ball. More composure is needed in such situations in general. We have been facing this problem since the beginning of the season.

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  91. Adham, we have no confidence in possession. That’s why the rushed passes, nervous clearances etc. Our players are just no confident about possession football these days. Why? Even I can’t figure out.

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  92. It’s very sad watching Arsenal slip in to middle table mediocrity. We are slowly becoming the new Liverpool, who under new direction and bew ideas will likely jump above us at this rate. Where had the possession football gone. At least when we weren’t winning anything a few seasons ago we still had something pretty to look at! Now every time the possession stat comes up it always seem to be in the oppositions favour. Arsenal are not a big passing team anymore. I’m not sure what we are to be honest.

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  93. I love Wenger, but it’s clear that he simply has to go. I hope he leaves of his own accord. We need a manager who will spend, change tactics and actually try to tighten up our defence.

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  94. Disappointed obviously but not gutted because the second half was very encouraging. At least we got through this nasty period let’s look forward. Really do need to sign a player up front though! Giroud is good but we need a consistent goal scorer in the Ba, RVP, Michu vein.

    I have to say this write up is fantastic! It’s so detailed, clear, well-informed, etc. Thanks Arseblog and AALLEN!

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