Miquel linked with Owls loan


Ignasi Miquel is reportedly a loan target for Sheffield Wednesday having had limited first team opportunities at the Emirates this season.

The Spaniard, who made nine appearances last term and has a lovely head of hair, has featured only twice in the League Cup this time around and could certainly do with a run of regular football with Arsene Wenger seemingly intent on fielding his strongest options in the FA Cup.

A ball playing centre-back with the versatility to operate as an auxiliary left-back, Miquel impressed early in the season with a goal-scoring performance against Coventry before picking up a knock which sidelined him for a few weeks.

Regional publication The Star claims that the relationship between Wednesday boss Dave Jones and his former assistant Terry Burton, now heading up our Reserves, could facilitate a deal although it remains to be seen whether the boss sanctions a loan given Johan Djourou’s recent departure and the prospect of Sebastien Squillaci returning to France.

Indeed, were the latter to move on in January it would leave the Gunners with only Thomas Vermaelen, Laurent Koscielny and Per Mertesacker as defensive options. Given both Kyle Bartley and Alex Song were also on the books during the summer we’ve a dearth of options at the back.

Arsenal have been speculatively tipped to make a move for West Brom’s Jonas Olsson but that seems pretty unlikely if you ask us and unlikely to appeal to Jack Wilshere. That being said Arseblog News wouldn’t be surprised if a new face were to bolster the heart of defence if Miquel shuffled out for a few months.

If anybody knows any Linighan-Pates hybrids let us know…

UPDATE – According to Superdeporte.es, Spanish second tier outfit Elche CF are also interested in taking Miquel on loan. Thanks to @RYO_cleverfish for the heads up.


      • 6th in the table with 17 games to go, in the last 16 of the Champions League and still in the FA Cup, I wouldn’t go so far as to call us a ‘shambles’. And when you read “My dream is to play with the shirt of Manchester United in a match in Old Trafford. My favourite club is United without doubt.

        “When I sleep I dream of scoring a decisive goal with my head at a corner. That would be very beautiful.” and if you have as much hatred for United like i do, you’d rather we signed someone else

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      • “6th with 17 games to go”…..haha that’s that then, only you and arsene believe we can catch united. Are you guys sharing the same dream? Anyway the real reason we wont sign mbiwa is because his price of Only £3.5 million will prove to be a stumbling block. Shame….

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  1. Not sure if this suggests we’re bringing in a new defender, with Djorou out and Squalaci on his way, now Miquel.

    I hope so. Back up is never a bad thing.

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  2. Don’t understand the point of this loan, if it’s true. A couple of injuries and a suspension would leave us fucked. Anyone fancy a Squid-Coquelin combo? Any takers? No..? Anyway, Miquel needs game time, yes, but it’s not worth the risk of being so shorthanded in the back.

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    • Miquel needs game time. Unless 2 out of Mert,Verm or Kos are injured Miquel won’t get a chance. You can be sure of that. He will be just wasting his time.Even if he stayed i don’t think he is ready to step in yet.Loan move would be the best option.

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      • He may need game time but there’s no guarantee he’ll get it on loan – look at how little some of our loanees got last season – or that he’ll benefit much from their coaching and style.

        Truth is, most of our players look tired already and we haven’t yet reached the hard bit of the season. Vermaelen has said he is tired and that his performances are below par as a result; Wilshere looks dead on his feet; so do Cazorla and Arteta. Tired players get injured, and Gibbs with his record is especially at risk. It’s asking for trouble, the way we’ve not been rotating, not even resting some key players in the domestic cup comps. If Miquel isn’t good enough to have featured yesterday, why isn’t he? Is it the coaching or his talent that’s wanting? Bartley (a less talented player and without much more experience since he was mostly injured at Rangers) was plenty good enough to feature for Swansea.

        If we don’t use Miquel in a few of the less difficult games now, we’ll find ourselves having to use him in the more challenging ones. That’s not good for him, nor for anyone else.

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    • Its probably so someone else can pay part of his wages and the club will save £2.50 a week. Foe 5 months thats £50 you know. Stan and Dick will be well pleased with Arsene and Ivan

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    • Every fucking transfer window, arsenal becomes hopeless. I mean EVERY FUCKING TRANSFER WINDOW without fail. We know where our team is weak and which department needs to be strengthened. But why are we always crawling in transfer windows and waiting till the last few days.

      What are those fucking scouts doing all this time, if those lousy fucks still can’t properly identify any real player till now. I’d say fire them. Our supporting staff in this club is pathetic. A complete joke. In real world these lousy fucks would be fired every month from the big ambitious company. Wenger has the final say about everything, agreed but he should delegate some clowns to ease the work load. If he has no faith in his support staff, do what the real managers do in real world. Fire their asses.

      7 days has passed and still the important issues of buying DM, ST and back-up GK, LB hasn’t been addressed. In 7 days players can be integrated within the system and ready for the future. I swear by god, if this kind of thing happened in my company, I would make every employee pay dearly for their incompetence.

      No fucking wonder, we are fighting for our lives for the CL spot with the likes of Everton, Spuds, Westbrom(really!!), etc. No disrespect to these teams, they are good teams in their own rights but this is Arsenal. Aren’t we supposed to be better then them? or have we regressed so much we have to actually fight for the 4th spot every year. once upon a time, FA Cup and COC was considered a joke for arsenal because we were that good. But now we are joke in these competitions.

      And mother of all audacity, Wenger is still pinning his hope on Diaby!!!!! Why don’t he shoot my nuts rather than this japanese torture of transfer window.


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  3. Arsene will sign someone without doubt, but it needs to be 2 proven world class players to make a difference. Anything less and i just can’t see it working. We are so poor at times that 2 average signings like we normally make will just blend into the mediocritie that we suffer now.

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    • 2 proven world class player??? by arsenal?? really?wow!! hope your wishes comes true my friend, I really wish from the bottom of my heart.

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      • I think it is not a wish, it is the only thing right. 2 world class + 1 very good.
        DM, CF,… othervise Miquel will stay with the team. I think he will be very good very soon. We have to rotate but keep the highest level possible.

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      • @lapidarij
        you think I dont want to see, 2 proven top top top world class player in our ranks supported by some very good players.but what we want to see in the arsenal ranks and what board and the manager wants to see is totally different. Its almost polar difference.
        We want top strikers like Cavani banging in goals, top DM choking life out of opponents, Top wingers blazing the wings, but we been wanting such players for years now. Have we actually ever come even near to fulfilling those wishes. I don’t think so.
        What are we asking this year in transfer window, a decent ST, DM , cover for LB. Is that too much to even ask for. Nope but have we got it .Nope. Every year arsenal need players that every one besides the management recognizes, but have we got them . NEVER!!!
        So it is just another wishful thinking to actually expect arsenal to sign 2 world class player. Because i have seen those desires turn into ashes for more than 13 years. Forgive my cynical approach but am I sorry for it. Hell No!

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      • @Lapidarij..Youre right it is the right thing to do, but it wont be done. Remember when we were a top class CB short and it took years for the penny to drop with Wenger. And this was while we had world class players. Now we have no world class players. Jack, Gibbs and Szch could be in time, the rest are average. Spuds are better than us now. I dont blame Wenger solely, the board are as worse. Silent Stan will be happy as long as there is profit as his American franchises prove.

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      • Spuds are a much better team than us this season (in truth), hope they finish ahead of arsenal, then MAYBE wenger will be compelled by fans to make good signings!

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  4. Oh! By the article title I thought it was going to be something about Miquel helping move Arshavin on loan.
    I hate Sheffield Wednesday. I’d rather he didn’t go there. They always used to be a bogey team for us. I’m glad they’re not in the Prem any more.

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  5. Offtopic, but I just love how Gibbs responded after the soton game which clearly left him frustrated. He said that the Swansea game was the most important of the season yet, and he went out there and did extremely well. He seemed to give a fuck, which is encouraging.

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  6. I think the Kroenke’s have got their businesses arse upwards.

    We appear to be involved in some kind of Walmart ‘Everything Must Go’ January event.

    Watch out for Falcao turning up somewhere this month, stacking shelves, at your local Walmart/ASDA.

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  7. um……wasn’t he meant to be back up in place of johan? meaning one of the ‘two’ signings wenger said we’d get would be a back up defender. which we wouldn’t need if we had miquel. hahahahaha. i’m crying.

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  8. When m’villa is £12 million we were so close to tying up the deal, now he’s £8 million and we’re pondering still.

    When Ba is £7.5 million we dont buy him instead we are going for villa £16 milli and older and perhaps meet his £110k week wages. Yet we left a younger dutchman go who was on £70-80k and warranted atleast as much as villa earns. Does this make sense? . Am I making sense?

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    • I very much doubt we are in for Villa. I’m sure Arsene will have contacted Barcelona to see if he can get him at a low price given his age and recent broken leg but it obviously looks like its not going to happen.

      Also, Ba had FIVE agents, each of whom wanted a £1 million agents fee so that was never going to happen not even considering the fact he is exactly the type of striker we don’t need.We need someone smaller and more mobile like Aquero or Hernandez who can give us better movement up front for when we’re chasing a goal.

      Also, The Dutch skunk was offered a £5 million signing on fee and i think £100-110,000 a week. He was never going to stay because he knew his chances of winning something were slimmer here than elsewhere. Anyway i can’t believe people are still ruing him being sold. Its obvious he had zero respect for the badge and was lying through his teeth all those years. So when i look at him in that, disgusting shirt, i think of that moment in the movie 300 when that deformed twisted guy betrays the Spartans to their enemy and Leonidas only looks at him and says “May you live forever.” Only I’d add CUNT at the end.

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      • Ba’s movement is fine, for a big guy he’s swift and has tremendous speed. Because he’s gone to chelsea we will now say he was never what we needed. I mean come on we’ve done this with alot of players we’ve missed out on.Vertonghen, is a good example. “It’s obvious he had zero respect for the badge” the badge issue can suck ass it’s 2013.1930 you’d find alot of those who played for the badge. Now it’s a whole other story. Players play for the badge then after a while they realise they’s bigger better things out there, like trophies and deep pocket. Sad but true.

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    • No. You aren’t.

      Giroud is better than Ba. Ba has been in the Prem League for 3+ seasons.

      I bet you anything, my life even, if Giroud gets 3 season in the Prem, he’ll be netting 20+ goals a season.

      Now, as for David Villa; the guy is pure class. 31 years old, but he has speed, precision, lethal shot, and impressive footballing mind meaning his positioning is on point. Worth £16 million? Hell yes.

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      • Never in a million years is giroud going to give us 20+goals a season, not with this team, our strength has always been a sharp forward under wenger, rvp,Henry anelka, giroud is a decent player but is just not mobile enough for the way we play.
        Trouble is arsene is trying to play our usual way with what is an old fashioned orthodox forward, it just won’t work.
        Love to be proven wrong but have seen him play so many times this year and while the bloke is good he’s definitely is not the answers to our goal scoring problems.
        As a plan b brilliant be we need a poacher and goal scorer that can make his own goals and giroud can’t do that consistently.

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      • Trimi….. I realise you got your own head far up your own arse to understand what I’m going to write so I ‘ll keep it simple.

        At the moment. BA is better than GIROUD.

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    • M’Vila story is, and always has been, a load of bollocks.

      Placements by agents and the like to try and get his value up. Going to Arsenal for £25m in the Summer, then it was Sp*rs, now it’s Arsenal for £8m. Biggest pile of shite ever.

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      • Guess we’ll find out if the £8 million is shit or true coz there’s no way he’s staying in rennes beyond January, he’s had a falling out with the coach and fans aswell. If a club other than arsenal sign him for £8mill then please eat your fucking heart out.

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      • What are you on?

        It seems to have erased your recent memory of Arsene saying he was interested in BA……….last summer though.

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    • No your not, because unless you have responsibility for Arsenals transfer dealings you’re just repeating what you’re reading in the Tabloids, which is nothing short of fucking ignorant. Does that make sense?

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  9. Its not to everybody’s taste but if he is actually available, I think lescott would be a steal. Not to go in to too much detail but last season I thought himself and kompany were instrumental to the title.

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    • I know Man City released a statement on ‘behalf’ of him stating his desire to stay but with both Verm and Koza’s form shot to shit this season he would be silly not to fancy a regular first team place here. Especially as Mancini clearly doesn’t fancy him anymore.

      Potential great bit of business for anyone who can prize him away without over-paying for him. He was probably 2nd best CB in the country last season behind Kompany.

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  10. Don’t worry if we have a shortage of centre backs. We have Squillaci, and if we have anymore injuries we can always move Arteta or even Wilshere to the back because that’s what Wenger does best.

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  11. I think a loan move would be good for him, although it does leave us short in that area should we get injuries.

    Few times I’ve seen him play he’s done ok.

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  12. Mascherano mould player, who can easily fit in DM or CB role. but fourth choice defender and a TOP quality DM in one must be Capoue or Bender or Diame.
    I hope M’Villa is never even taken into consideration.He is the cocktail of Adebuyer & Balotelli. He may be talented but he is a walking talking circus. We already have too many erratic jokers in our team and last thing we need is M’villa to throw his toys around the pitch.
    I dont think Miquel should be loaned out, he might go Bartley in the next season.

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  13. Fuck this. Just play the boy. Rotate him in.

    I don’t see us buying a CB this January so this would leave us egregiously exposed.

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    • top use of egregiously

      anyone know where sylvestre is plying his trade these days? i miss him*

      *this is not actually true. I don’t

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      • Last thing I saw he was getting his giant lightbulb head stuck in the doorways of Old Trafford. Just training there. He’s not on the books at a club at the moment, and nor should he be.

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  14. Judging by our luck, I won’t be surprised if Vermaelen gets sent off, Merte and Kos get injured and we’re forced to play Squid and Arteta at CB the second we ship Miquel off to Wednesday.

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  15. If you had ask me last season I say yes he needs a loan. Especially to lower division to gain strength and robustness. From minimal I have seen he seems abit lightweight, other than that he looks to have ingredients to be a good CB.

    But this January, we have loaned off Djourou, I think we didnt even register squid, with this boy off on loan, who would we have as 4th choice CB? I’d rather have him than squid to be honest. At least he has pace to recover from errors.

    Is it just me or am I the only one resigned to seeing Arsenal sign 0 players in this transfer window? I am always open to promotion from within the squad, but this squad is so paper thin in every aspect, it’s quite frightening. We have basicly no proper back up wingers and no back up strikers. We have thus far been blessed that no injury has hit the squad badly this season(minus Diaby but that’s expected.)

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    • Apologies dial there was no need for that. I just cant get any joy from us nowadays as I can see where we are going, and its the same direction as Liverpool. And with the cash 3 or 4 others will spend we are fucked. We wont even finish top 4 this season

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  16. Arsene `wenger at the end of 2009 season :
    “We want to run the club by respecting the financial balance and by developing the players who have been at the club for five years. If we do not get there next year, or the year after, then I will be responsible and stand up for it, don’t worry.”

    Now Arsene, time to stand up

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    • TOMJ. Hey I’m feeling you, a year ago I was where you are now, devastated every time we lost and moping about with the hump till we played again. But do you know what, there is only so much of Arsene’s bullshit one person can take, now I just laugh at it, either that or I’d be sitting in the corner crying.
      Don’t get me wrong I still love the club and apart from David Moyes I can’t see anyone better than Arsene to lead us out of this shitty situation we’re in.

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  17. I hear ya dial, Ive stuck up for Wenger for 16 years but this season is a watershed. Its not even the quality of the squad, I am beginning to think anybody could get better performances out of this squad than Wenger. How can the players take him seriously? His transfer policy and wage policy is a joke, sickening. And no other manager in the world would have sold Fabregas and Song with 3 years left on their contracts.I dont think the players are playing for him or each other. Did you see Van Persies quote about Man U last week playing for each other with a common goal, to win? Have you read Clichy about the difference in intensity at training between City and Arsenal. Im sick of hearing mental strength and resilience, when there is none. Im sick of the handbrake, its fucking always on. Sick of hearing about players being tired when he wont rotate or fill the squad. It pains me to say it after all he has done for the club but I am beginning to despise the man. but dont worry, ill be watching Arsenal long after Arsene, Stan, Dick, Ivan and co are gone.

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  18. […] At Arsenal, Marouane Chamakh has been shipped out to West Ham, and Johan Djourou has revealed that Mertesacker advised him to join Hannover 96 (via Goal.com). Elsewhere, the Gunners have rejected Everton’s inquiry for Tomas Rosicky (via Gooner Talk), Sao Paulo wants to make Denilson’s deal permanent (via Fanatix) and Ignasi Miquel is odds on to make a loan switch to the Owls, Sheffield Wednesday (via Arseblog News). […]

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