Rosicky & Diaby fit but Vermaelen sidelined


Arsene Wenger has confirmed that Thomas Vermaelen will miss tomorrow’s FA Cup clash with Brighton after picking up a knock to his ankle in the 5-1 win over West Ham United.

The Belgian, whose problem is not deemed serious, is joined on the sidelines by Mikel Arteta and Francis Coquelin, although in a positive development Tomas Rosicky and Abou Diaby both rejoin the first team squad.

“We will not be able to use Vermaelen tomorrow (ankle). Arteta, Coquelin [are] out, but Diaby, Rosicky [are both] fit,” the boss told press in his pre-match press conference.

It looks as though Aaron Ramsey will continue in midfield alongside Jack Wilshere after the Welshman excelled on Wednesday night at the Emirates.

“He had a good performance in a position that I think is made for him,” said the boss of a player who has all too often struggled on the left side of midfield.

While there may be room for a little rotation, Koscielny the natural replacement for Vermaelen, and perhaps a run out for Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain it looks as though Arsenal will be relatively unchanged for their trip to the south coast.

The last time Arsenal played Brighton was 25 years ago this week in a clash which also came in the 4th round of the FA Cup. Kevin Richardson and Perry Groves got the goals that afternoon as George Graham’s side ran out 2-1 winners. As Perry reveals here, the Gunners celebrated with gusto after the final whistle, with the victory securing the squad a week training on the piss in Marbella.

How times have changed…


      • One of the worst possible outcomes is that Rosicky & Diaby would come back from injury during the window, while its truly great to see them back, you just know Wenger will gamble on their continued health when rather than boost the squad.

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      • yeah it’s a terrible outcome to have two skilled players who know our game and can help us win fit, isn’t it?

        far better for them to be injured and yet still occupying 2 of the 25 squad places

        or better yet we could ditch them from the squad, but some risky replacements who might not work out and continue to pay them their large salaries

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  1. Hope we rest Jack and Santi tomorrow.

    Sagna Mert Kos Gibbs
    Ramsey Diaby
    Theo Ox Poldi

    Some will say that we should play Jack and Santi because this our only realistic chance of winning a trophy.But this lot should be good enough to beat Brighton.

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    • I agree. The FA Cup game against Brighton is a good chance to rest Wilshere, Cazorla, and Sagna. Rosicky, Diaby and Ramsey in the middle. Podolski should play. So does Giroud but if he’s on the bench, then Walcott in the middle and Ox on the right. Jenkinson as RB. Gibbs or even Santos on LB, though Santos’ defensive form is quite questionable. Kos and Mert as CBs.

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    • I’d have jack and santi on the bench called upon if needed hopefully they wont be. Then fresh and raring to go to put the scousers to the sword wednesday.

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    • Jack?
      He should be rested after playing two games per week for the last month, coming back for 17 months with injury.
      He also got a very bad tackle on hi ankle against West ham.

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      • Maybe sub him off at 60th minute mark? I’d want Jack to be rested but FA Cup is our only hope for a trophy this season and as we have seen with Bradford City, never underestimate your opponent.

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      • And against Chelsea. And against City.

        I think I can see a pattern emerging in methods attempted to stop Jack. It would be nice if a few yellows were given to deter them *before* he gets an injury but a bit of rest might do him good.

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  2. I would play santos left wing and rest podo for this one. Santos going forward is very good his defening not great but we arr gonns need podo fit for liverpool game cant afford him to get a knock in a game like this

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    • Yep your not wrong no to villa. No french players they are all going to newcastle, he is only interested in signing world class players. I thought villa was world class. Sounds like no signings to me.

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  3. I see mixture of youth and experience. Eisfield and Gnabry to get a run. I bet these lot will thump BHA! Come on You Roaring Gunners!

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  4. Wenger should start:
    Jen Mer Kos San
    Ram Dia
    Ox Ros Pod
    Before everyone start whining, consider that Wilshere stayed out for 17 months and then Wenger plays him two times a week like he was a 30 year old veteran.
    Same goes to gibbs and walcott which are injury prone and have played two games per week in the last month.
    Cazorla has played almost every single game this season and should need a rest soon. Better chance to rest him now than against Bayern Munich or Liverpool.

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    • Same here. It was fuckin freezing from memory.

      I was standing on the terrace which ran along one side of the pitch at the Goldstone, with the wind whistling up me trouser leg.

      And if I felt old dragging my sorry carcass out of bed this morning, to be told that game was 25 years ago hasn’t done me any favours at all.

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    • Didn’t the Spuds also hilariously get knocked out by someone shit that day?

      Just had a flashback of walking back to the train station pissing myself laughing, which also had the effect of warming me up (well, one leg at least).

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  5. Rosicky&Diaby fit may also mean that combining their current state we have a fully healed player.
    Just joking, they’re both welcome. The former in particular has to start and give Santi a breather.

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  6. Wow guyz seems Diaby is on a roll.
    Good to have rosicky back, the F.A cup is the perfect opportunity to remind everyone what he can do.

    Interesting to see who’ll be captain. Dibbs on Jack, but I reckon Sagna should have it just to send a message that he’s very much a still a valuable member of the team. Hope he signs.

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  7. Diaby-Rosicky-Wilshere on form is arguably our best midfield pairing. Of course with Cazorla on the right though, who can keep changing with Rosicky during the game. Would work brilliantly, IMO.

    Rosicky-Cazorla combo can be lethal for us, both our cleverest and most forward looking pair in the team. Can’t wait for them to get going!

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  8. Wenger is Just to old to handle football,how on earth does he wait till the last days to sign a new player!!! You are just to old for this times in football

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  9. I had to turn his pre-match bs off, the smirk when talking about transfers and bull regarding getting his injured players back etc. was enough to ruin my morning.
    Something he did say really riled me though as for his main reason for not being worried if we buy or not. he said something along the lines of us having two players in every position and that should be enough for any team….
    I decided to have a quick breakdown of that:
    Will keep as short as poss
    GK- Szcz (first choice), Fab/Mannone/Martinez (Fab prob best of bad bunch)
    RB- Sagna and Jenks (fine for now, if Sagna leaves, need new 1st choice)
    LB- Gibbs (fine when fit, not exceptional yet though, bit of competition would be good) Santos, Verm not good enough back up for me, Meade untrusted.
    CB- Mert, Kos, Verm (First and only real choices here, ok but none in Sol Campbell/Keown/Adams class, not by long shot) Squid and Miquel untrusted, Djourou shipped out and Bartley sold off, since shown to be as good as our first choice at least.

    CM- Arteta, Jack, Caz (first choice and fine but needs rotating more often, therein lies our problem) Diaby and Rosicky never fit for long, Ramsey needs more game time in CM not on wing, Frimpong and Coquelin don’t seem to be trusted. Frequent Injuries to same players means this axis doesn’t work, one more fit first choice needed

    AM/Wing/Fwd- Pod, Walcott, Giroud (seems to be go to option at moment) aforementioned trio leaves nowt on bench at all, nowt, zero, nil, fucking nothing!!!!!!!
    (Ox-Cham and Gerv seem to be on outer at moment due to lack of form or ACN etc Arshavin is on the outer of outer outer, outer, fuck him, Wenger has given up on him so why should we count him as a back up, Chamakh was shipped out to warm some other cunts bench).

    So all in all, the only position we have proper back up is RB, maybe CM when Rosiaby is fit, but come on….CB could do with one more, as could LB (Mbiwa will prove to be able to play accross the line and even CDM, we will regret that one I feel). CM could do with another, perhaps like the OX, in that he can also play wider but bit older, (Ben Arfa would be an example, not valbuena cos he too similar to what we have under 5’6″) and I actually think Two Fwds maybe one on loan are needed, one young and one ready made ( I have no names to mind but it’s not my job) at least one could play wide also.

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    • To be honest the squad depth is mostly okay (save a couple of positions), the main issue is that the first choice XI is lacking a bit of stardust compared to recent years.

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  10. Please no one say “this lot should be able to beat Brighton”. I have a fear of teams beginning with B.
    Bradford Brighton Bayern
    Don’t let it happen tomorrow.

    Side note,anyone remember what the 3pm fa cup games are like for streaming?

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  11. I’d like to see Jenks given a start. Maybe Gnarby on the right, with Theo in the centre, and Giroud coming on around the hour mark. That’s just me though.

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  12. “He had a good performance in a position that I think is made for him,” said the boss

    No shit Arsene, hope we won’t see Ramsey on the wing, don’t understand why he has been playing there in the first place.

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