Friday, March 21, 2014
Usmanov claims Henry ‘pushing’ for takeover

Usmanov claims Henry ‘pushing’ for takeover

Arsenal’s second largest shareholder, Alisher Usmanov, claims that Thierry Henry is urging him to force a takeover of the club by buying up ‘all’ of Arsenal’s shares.

Speaking to L’Equipe, the Uzbeki billionaire said, “I like many footballers, and I’m in contact with some of them. Perhaps my favourite of the last ten, 15 years is Thierry Henry. He’s pushing me to buy all of Arsenal’s shares, but I cannot predict the future.”

Nor, indeed, can he buy all the shares unless Stan Kroenke decides to sell them. Arseblog News loves Thierry Henry for what he did on the pitch but this kind of behind the scenes political manouvering seems a bit grotty to us. But then you remember Henry’s best friend is Darren Dein, whose father is David Dein, the ex-vice chairman who sold his shares to Usmanov for £75m in 2007.

There were reports last month of meetings between Henry and Usmanov in Moscow after the pair attended a charity dinner together.

Usmanov continued, “When I had the chance to buy some shares and become one of the main shareholders in the club, I didn’t hesitate for a second. I was even ready to take total control. That wasn’t possible because certain people preferred to make a profit and create, using me, an outside enemy. I remain portrayed as a pirate, an enemy. They have won that game.”

He also gave his backing to manager Arsene Wenger, of whom he is a big supporter and, given his association with Dein, if he did somehow take over the club, it’s unthinkable that he would make any change there.

“For me, he’s one of the best coaches in the world, but it’s not easy for him,” Usmanov said. “I think he deserves that players are brought in at Arsenal when they’re needed.”

Which ignores the fact that there is money at Arsenal, it’s just that Arsene Wenger seems reluctant spend it. Usmanov’s latest broadside really contains nothing new, it’s the same populist mantra we’ve heard from him in the past and will, no doubt, hear again.

We can’t help but feel sad that Arsenal Football Club is in the hands of a man who appears to see it as little more than an investment vehicle, showing precious little ambition to make the club as good as it can be, and the only other option is one which makes many people uneasy because of the man in question.

Can we, one one hand, bemoan the effect that sugar-daddy owners have on football, wages, ticket prices, and so on, and then court the advances of a bottomless billionaire on the other?

Especially when many of our current problems could be solved by just using what we have.



  1. I’d prefer Usmanov to Kroenke. At least Usmanov would probably force Wenger to sign more players (and no Chamakhs and Squillacis).

    Neither being in charge is ultimately all that good for the club in the long term, but Kroenke is just a waste of space who’s only interested in using Arsenal to fill his own pockets.

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    • And do you think Usmanov would stay out of team affairs? I think your statement about forcing Wenger to sign players answers that. I am not saying one would be better than the other, just that Usmanov seems to like the spotlight

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      • There are a tons of oligarchs in football. And not everybody intervenes in team affairs.

        But both men should go away from this club.

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      • Really mate? That is your reason?

        Well, he seems like someone who at least gives a rat’s ass about the club as opposed to Kroenke. And who says that interfering in the club’s affairs every now and then is a bad thing? The way I see it, if he is in charge, he will take more interest in running the club and strive for success – which in my opinion is exactly what Wenger is trying to do. So, if we have two people who want the same thing, at the helm of the club, then tell me how that is a bad thing?

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      • I didnt say “the club’s affairs”, you wrote that. I said “the teams affairs”. So yes, I dont think its a good idea having someone with no experience in professional football management interfering in team affairs. Dont you?

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      • I agree. If we have to be owned by someone, I’d far rather it was someone who just sat on the shares and let the club get on with things.
        Rather than, say, someone who buys expensive but crap marquee players because their agent’s a clever weasel and invents an excuse to sack the manager every third week.

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    • Tottenhams reckoning

      They’re both cunts really, but cunts in their own special way.

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    • The grass is always greener on the other side eh? What could possibly go wrong?

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      • Fergie the Gooner

        It’s hard to know where to point the finger because there’s so much wrong with how we’re run at the moment. The scuffle in the away end at Brighton over the weekend just indicates how divided we all are and how strongly we feel about what’s going on.

        That’s not to say Usmanov’s ownership would be any better though. I couldn’t stand to see us turn into Chelsea.

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      • This Usmanov character seems to be under the impression that the supporters want a sugar daddy controlling the Arse like a expensive play thing that they can gloat on when they gather for a circle jerk. Clearly compensating.

        Well… we really want that?? I dont. Not sure bout the rest of you.

        Why the fuck is Henry getting involved in this for? And does this Usmanov character really really think the fans will welcome it cause its endorsed by Henry. You got your statue , move along. Get your coaching badge or go be a pundit or something for fucks sake.

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      • If the grass is greener on the other side, then the guy with the greener grass doesn’t think your grass is greener, now does he?

        I’ll get me coat..

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    • I have just 2 words for you: Rafa Benitez.

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    • Forcing your manager to buy players….yeah that a recipe for success!

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      • Maybe ask Roberto di Matteo that question.

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      • He hasn’t said that he will force us to buy players. Just look at the facts: For the past 4-5 years we have had a surplus in the transfer market and I don’t even mind that – given the handicapped situation we are in due to the massive investment in the stadium, however, we cannot lose our best players every year! You can’t cite wage ceilings as a reason when you are willing to play 100k a week to Walcott. If Walcott gets that much money RvP deserved every penny he was demanding. If Usmanov says that this won’t happen under his watch, I for one am willing to give him a try.

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      • Are you doing your happy dance when Venger says we have enough quality?
        I mean get your facts right. Everyone here is complaining about lack of quality and yet we hear crap like ‘oh he is going to force Venger to buy players and that is bad’
        Can you hear yourself what you are saying here?

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    • I find it funny that people forget certain things so quickly. When Kroenke took over, the impression we all got is a takeover was inevitable, and it was just a question of who would take over, In the end people took sides and the majority supported Kroenke because he seemed more genuine and Usmanov came off as a bit of crook, as he says here himself. Almost all of us wanted Kroenke, and still most of us don’t want Usmanov. Stan said when he took over that he would leave the job to carry on running the club, since he has less experience in English football and they have been doing a job there and this is exactly what he has done. That’s what he invested for, that’s what the board expected him to do and that is what he has done.

      I still admit I hope he steps in and pushes a few changes, some quality signings would be nice.

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      • *leave the job of running the club to the board

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      • “Almost all of us wanted Kroenke”

        Any proof of this?

        I don’t like the fat fucker, but all the talk about his shady past is ridiculous when people see Kroenke as some kind of impeccable businessman.

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      • So, if you give the chance to Usmanov, who continously said he will strengthen the squad (not the bank account), you may get what you wish for, like trophies may be?

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    • And we’ll end up like Chelski. Usmanov doesn’t look like the patient type.

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      • I’m not the fucking patient type! Seven years of this shit is long enough, we’ve only been goin in one direction, down. Not the time to be patient, time we stopped losing our best players because of the bargain buys the squad is patched together with.

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      • How do you know Usmanov will turn us to Chelsea? Have you heard press confress of Abramovic? He doesn’t say what his plan is to the supporters, and yet he makes changes. Usmanov already put his plan on the table, and eager to strengthen the squad. It is hard to imagine any Arsenal supporter being happy with Kronke, really.

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    • How fucking dare you say anything remotely positive about Usamanov on this site?!

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    • look, i don’t know much because i’m not really from England, and have just been interested in Arsenal ever since i started watching football around the turn of the millenium… not a “real” fan.

      but it wasn’t like Arsenal were the most successful club or something like that for me to attach myself to it – there was just something else about the club.

      i recently read somewhere when reading about the history of English football that Arsenal have always been considered a club of gentleman. the “Bank of England” club. not the elite, but the gentry. class. standards. a well run institute.

      and yes, somehow it came through to a young boy watching henry put it in the united net without even looking at the goal and acting all cocky and grinny – halfway across the world with no clue of these things back then…

      so i say “fuck off” to this whole conversation. as long as Arsene continues to manage the institution with dignity and class, i’m fine. sure, i’m disappointed and frustrated too when we’re not doing good, but the man has balls to stand up to all the shameless money being thrown about him while half the country is being handed out pink slips. that’s called basic decency.

      Arsenal players are expected to behave in a certain manner. expected to have self respect. so when a cocky NB52 talks more than he should, he’s not taken seriously. when a chamakh sulks his poor form away in a sheesha bar, he’s a nobody to him. when a santos behaves irresponsibly on the road, he rarely gets a look-in to the team (this is before the shirt incident). when an armand traore is seen grinning during the 8-2 at OT, he’s shipped out to the next QPR kind of club.

      sure, chelsea plays an interesting game on power and speed, city have a bunch of insane level galacticos – but then they tolerate over-zealous dicks capable of roughing it out with a kid or getting into a stupid argument with opposing team fans on the highway. i don’t want that in my team.

      i can’t help saying it, but in Arsene i trust. an unshakable respect for the man that no run of results can shift.

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      • Sir, I agree. The club should stand for class, skill, and integrity. Paying through the nose via some sugar daddy, forgoing a meritocratic wage structure, and keeping unsavory disruptive characters in the squad is not the club I want to support.

        There will always be something frustrating with the Arsenal, some flaw we will always find- the Invincibles lost, after all, and we broken up- but to succeed in our own style is ideal. I don’t want to root for a Citeh or Chelski petro-club. I don’t want some boozy, shouty manager who wants large men to play simple Route 1 football.

        I admit and have come to terms with being spoiled. Since Mr Wenger, we always trump our rivals in North London. We have a common law marriage with the Top 4 and Champions League football has been ever-present.

        We will not have Mr Wenger forever, Wilshere will become an old man one day as well. I choose to savor this moment, as when we finish top again- and believe me we will, I will know this was hard-earned and not purchased.

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      • I applaud thee! Bravo.. Bravo.. Couldn’t have said it better.

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      • That was for Jai Jawan Jai Kisan btw..

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    • I would take Uzzy! He is much connected to our club. He says he likes Venger. So, he will accept venger’s wishes. This guy is professional with his business. Not once have I read chelsea’s owner going to the press on his clubs plan, hence the distraction we all know related with them. At least, this guy came out to show to the fans he cares. I don’t see the relationship b/n him and chelsea.

      Now, are you all happy with Kronke? if yes then stop bitching the board. If no, then start supporting Usmanov. You can’t be unhappy about the current club status and be happy with Kronke.
      He doesn’t care if we win, lose or draw.
      In fact, there is a similarity b/n Abramovich and Kronke, they are both silent.
      How about that?

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  2. You will read in Wengers future topseller diary that Kroenke is behind all this saving of money. Be so sure. Why would Wenger make it harder for himself to win titles? He’s a winner through and through. No man chose to deliberately going through what he is going through at the moment.

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    • Part of me thinks he would choose to go through what he is at the moment. Wait… wait come back, hear me out, I’m not nuts I promise!

      I think this because he is stubborn. I think he really wanted to be known as the manager who won the PL with a very young, very cheap side and he had a brutal reluctance to give up on this. This has changed recently, but I still think there is an element of wanting to make a great team and not buy it. He wants players to join and become better, he doesn’t want the finished article.

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      • The problem there is we won’t win the league that way. When he turns them into the finished article they forget what he has done for them whine the squad isn’t good enough and fuck off.

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      • Here is a simple example. If Wenger wanted a player like, say Mata, which he did. Then he and the scouts identify the player and the club approach the player. Who deals with the negotiations? It’s not just Wenger, there’s a team for that. And who do they report to? Not just Wenger, there’s a finance team for that? And who do they report to? The board, who now report to the owner. Does that make sense? Kind of. Look at someone like Chambo who we did sign for a slightly substantial fee for his age. A signing like this would have been easy for the board because as a highly rated prospect, he’d have high sell on value, and we all know how they love that.

        My point is that Wenger alone does not set things like salary caps and transfer budgets. Sure, he plays a part and has influence but he is also answerable, being the manager, like any other is. He does his job. If the board say, we must save this much money and blah blah… then his job, if he is really good is to say, yes I can and do the job. I shudder to think that Wenger would be as good as he has been if he can’t see something as simple as that Squilaci and of late someone like Santos are just not good enough. He makes do with what he has.

        Now, this is all speculative, fine, but also people who blame everything on Wenger saying he doesn’t want to spend money are far off the mark.

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    • Wenger has enough power and strength at the club to say Kroenke is being a tight get. Think its a bit of both Greedy board stubborn manager. As for Usmanov well we just don’t know. Could he be worse than the silent one.

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      • Now I want the board to pull out the cheque books too but really, are they actually greedy when we’re being one of the few financially responsible teams in the premier league who are trying to remove a debt? A debt that peaked at £400+mill in 2008 and last year was down to £90+m.

        It would be great to spend, but if anything I think the board are morons for not sorting out better commercial deals from the get go, I doubt the board are greedy (well, AS greedy as people are quick to presume).

        Chelski have spent £1+billion in the last 8 years. They owe Roman £700+m. What happens when he gets bored one day and decides to F off? I’m happier having a more responsible club who totters in the top 4 area for another two years before we can more free spend, than to find ourselves back in debt and over spending at the will of Usmanov who may or may not win us much (how consistent are City and Chelsea as of late?)

        Bottomless money is a fools gold. The sooner we have a better commercial revenue (like ManUre) the sooner we will be in a more strengthed position.

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    • I don’t think there will ever be a Wenger book. He has way too much respect for the club and the people he works with to dish dirt on them. As much of an amazing read it would probably be I don’t see it ever happening.

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    • Wenger’s also an economist who thinks of ‘fair value’

      I have no doubt that whoever the owner, he will act in the market the way he now does.

      Basically, he won’t pay above market rates, which means above the price that would be likely be charged if the distortions of oil money does not enter into the equation.

      And I’m completely behind him on this. Principled stewardship of the club over filthy lucre, but I know many would disagree with me.

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    • I have this theory: Venger is a all about proving people wrong. He will spend on unknown players and likes to make them shiny. Now, that part of his game went A.Santos!
      So, he is reluctant to spend on players of average quality and with the current market, price is untouchable for finished articles.
      He does not want to bring players that are in it for the money (appparently, they are the once we needed).
      So, there is no dilema about his situation. He is afraid even quality players loose their form, and his investment will go to waist.
      He is left with 18 month to end his contrat, and wants to be remembered as the shrude manager to grace the EPL.

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  3. Anybody else reading Usmanov’s quote with Russian accent?

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    • What, while he slowly strokes a white cat, whilst seated on a leather chair, behind an enormous desk, with the journalist tugging nervously at his collar and wincing every time he glances through the metal grilled floor under his chair, through which he can see and hear several vicious, ravenous crocodiles snapping their large jaws, hungry for meat – human journalist meat?

      Er, nope.

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    • No, with a Hutt accent.

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  4. Oh no! Money!? a team with van Persie, Fabregas, Flamini, Nasri, Mata, Toure, etc.? that would be terrible! let’s stay with the St. Louis Rams guy, and wonder aloud: will Jack look better in Chelsea blue, or City blue?

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    • Yes, because that’s what it’s all about.

      I’m no fan of Stan but over-simplification of the situation like this doesn’t do any good either.

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      • Isn’t “Russian bad – American good” also an over simplification? At least KWE have had a chance to show their intentions for Arsenal – “Fiddling while Rome burns”

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      • It does raise an interesting point though. In 1 or 2 seasons, Jack will start getting seriously courted and despite putting pen-to-paper, he will inevitably start to take notice. We seem to be in a perpetual state of rebuilding (yes I know the likes of Man Utd and Chelski are too, but they have a core of key players which seems to remain constant), so I’d like to see our intentions made to the league by signing and keeping a couple of fucking amazing players. Will that happen without the influence of the owner? Doubt it. Simplified? You betcha, but aren’t we all a little sick of the same-old, same-old each season.

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      • With respect Blogs, you do a fair bit of over-simplification yourself when you summarise Arsenal’s entire situation with sentences like this: “Which ignores the fact that there is money at Arsenal, it’s just that Arsene Wenger seems reluctant [to] spend it.”

        Saying things like this gives the impression that the board has laid out piles upon piles of dosh, and stubborn old Wenger’s just waving it away like a plate of inferior-quality camembert. While I have no doubt that Wenger has given his personal backing to a path of restricted spending, the restricted spending is transparently a club policy that has a lot to do with the broader financial strategy.

        Whether that strategy is right or wrong is another question entirely: I’ve said previously that I understand the reasoning but I think they misjudged the execution and are now risking a backfire. But I think it deserves a more rigorous examination than lines like the ones you’ve chucked out a few times now: instead of painting it all as some big mystery and leaving it as that, you could at least try to explain it. You’re in as good a position as anyone to do so.

        Look, the club set itself on a path of financial austerity when it moved to the Emirates. It did so because of the debt it took on and because it locked itself into a long-term revenue arrangement that kept commercial revenue near-stagnant (4 per cent annual growth) all the way to 2014. That fiscal austerity stepped up several notches when wage inflation in the league exploded, which caused the club’s football operating profit to evaporate. The football business made an operating loss last year. Only player sales got it into the black.

        Clearly, the austerity drive was coupled with some kind of acknowledgement by the club that it would have to scale back its ambitions and focus on European qualification rather than going all-out for the title (regardless of what they may say in public). So the Occam’s razor explanation for why Arsenal’s cash balances were allowed to build up was because both Wenger and the club thought that he could get the team into the CL this season without a net transfer spend, and decided that they would prefer to save up the balances for the time when the austerity loosens (translation: when the new Emirates money starts rolling in) and the team can realistically make a more sustained challenge for silverware.

        Again, not saying that such a strategy has actually been handled the right way: I think they may have exaggerated the austerity, and misjudged the gamble by underestimating the amount of squad investment needed to keep the club qualifying for Europe. (The fact that the team almost miraculously improved its league position in 2011/12 despite selling the captain and second-best midfielder and getting smashed at Old Trafford within the first few weeks of the season may have contributed to this misjudgement.) But thinking in this way goes further toward explaining what Arsenal has been doing – certainly to a greater degree than shoulder-shrugging about how the whole thing is just “inexplicable”, or how Wenger “seems reluctant” for some undefined reason.

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      • To be honest, based on the evidence so far from premier league owners, Russian bad- American good does not stand so true.

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      • Fair enough, Cyril – my point was based on this transfer window though, and that I know there’s money for Arsene to spend, but he has, until now, chosen not to.

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      • Cyril Washbrook you are beautiful.

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      • Fantastic Cyril, brilliantly laid out!

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      • I agree with Cyrils anaylsis as the most likely “reality” of the situation. It will probably not get read by many on here as it has too many words, none of which are abusive. I saw somewhere else this morning a blogger use the analogy of a child wandering around Hamleys Toy Store blindly screaming !I want something” until it ends up puce in the face and hanging off a display threatening to throw itself on the floor. Pretty much sums up most of the comments I have seen since January 1st. The club must have a list of target players. Terms have to be agreed with their current club and the player and his agents and advisors to enable a transfer deal to be concluded. Any one party not satisfied then the deal does not happen. The notion that a competitive man like Arsene Wenger would not apply the resources available to him to strengthen his squad where a target has been identified and terms have been negotiated is frankly risible.

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    • Because that’s what we’d get from Usmanov, right? Free money! With nothing expected in return! And it’s not like any of those big take overs from wealthy old men with opaque histories has ever gone a bit tits up is it?

      Also, pretty sure he is the ‘largest’ shareholder, blogs.

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    • mata? since when are we counting mata as one of ours? because we tried to sign him but he went elsewhere?
      why not add ronaldo and messi to that list?
      how about sahin? we tried to sign him but he went on loan to liverpool, was he such a success?

      and dont forget adebayor on your list of ‘greats’, we got £25m for that sucker

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    • That was seriously funny. I have no doubt that even jack can be sold. I like Arsenal as a well run club so i think best think is to wait and see what effect FFP has. If it doesn’t level the playing field then a passionate billionaire owner might just be the only way out. If it does then stan and wenger can be left to their devices

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    • Piers Morgan's punchable face

      I wish some of you 12 year olds would fuck off and support City or something. Football has always been about peaks and troughs, highs and lows. You can’t win something every damn season.

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      • To be quite honest, dont think Jack can be sold whoever be it the one deciding it. There’s a need for the player to sign a contract and our splendid Jack’s heart beats for Arsenal. Finally I feel I have a player whom I can immortalise in our hearts after all those DNA boys and cunts.

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      • No, you can’t win something every year, but when you support a top club like Arsenal and pay good (very f***ing good) money, you expect the team – from players to the board – to try to win something every year. I am astounded by the lack of desire from the board and would like to see a change.
        The board vehemently highlights our economic stability and how it will help us run in the long run – but the fact of the matter is that ManU have been doing this for years. And, if we truly believe that we are competing with them for anything, how can you get behind a board that allowed the sale of our most talented player to our so called rivals instead of taking a financial hit and selling him to Juventus or going one better and holding onto him. I am sorry, but as Einstein said: “Insanity is doing something over and over again and expecting different results”.
        Being patient is a virtue, and we have been patient with this board but let us not be insane – a change in policy is needed. I am not saying that we need an overhaul and that Usmanov must be put in charge; but, at the very least, the current board has to recognize the error of it’s ways and do something about it.

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      • “You can’t win something every damn season.”

        No, that’s true. But you’d think we could beat Birmingham in a cup final, wouldn’t you.

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    • The vast majority of players you’ve just listed were sold before Stan bought us, though.

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    • Trouble is, we’d have to change the home shirts and play in blue.
      I believe it’s a rule that if you’re going to be a bunch of cunts who buy trophies, you have to wear a blue strip.

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  5. it’s the board.

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  6. unfortunately, that isn’t how the world works, young man. “if only”s are mere rhetoric and amount to nothing in this vicious football world (politically & economically). frankly, it isn’t just a sport anymore.

    kroenke/ usmanov/ anyone else… you really can’t know what you’re getting into. and one is as good/ bad as the other…

    i’m just glad that we have Arsene. he makes you want to believe that this is indeed a beautiful sport. the man is clearly idealistic, and it’s just beautiful… like a Dennis Bergkamp goal… sigh…

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  7. Willing to bet that Usmanov is Arsenal’s largest shareholder by a good 7 or 8 stone.

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  8. Cant wait to read Wenger’s autobiography when it eventually comes out, so we can all learn whats REALLY been going on behind the scenes.

    Only way we’ll ever know.

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  9. Kroenke is playing a game with Arsenal.He’s bought shares and is now biding his time as their value increases.I read somewhere he can make a 250m profit if he sells up in a few years which i find disgusting.A football club shouldn’t be an investment vehicle.

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    • Usmanov repeatedly uses the word investment in his statements. He would be looking for return on his investment, hasnt he previously refererred to making dividend payments. The Board decided Kronke was the lesser of two evils and brought him on board. They would have made this decision after undertaking appropriate due diligence on both men. Like it or not football clubs are businesses, alway have been, it is just the Revenue streams are much larger today.

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    • That is true only if the club is worth more pal, if we under perform for a number of years, not only will he be funding his “investment” it will likely be worth less, giving an inherent risk in the trade.

      If we underachieve and this is the case it will not have much of an effect on arsenal as a whole, but could be very detrimental (monetary wise) for Stan, hence reading the Daily Fail tell you he will make £250m profit is both speculation and likely nonsense.

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    • Jesus, if he only wanted to make money, he would have bought shares in google or apple instead of buying major shares in Arsenal. He is a major shareholder in Metalloinvest (I just wiki’d this to prove a point – I know, and I am sorry) and the net income from his investment there is approximately 1 billion USD a year. Given I do not know how much of that company he legitimately own I will go for a conservative (IMO) figure of 10% and claim that he makes 100 million USD a year from that company. And this is just one of his investments. I am sure he has sizable investments in other companies and projects that pay him just as well.
      Now, if we look at his Arsenal investment: Let us say that he is a shareholder for a period of 10 years and sells for the 250 million profit that is claimed. That still only amounts to 25 million a year – and frankly, for the time and money invested, if his motive was only to make money, he would be a very stupid man – which I do not believe he is.
      I think he has invested in the club because he has an emotional investment in Arsenal’s success, maybe not to the degree that we fans do, but enough for him to decide to bring out some money and put it on the table without the intention of only making that money grow.

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  10. Fuck off stan….!!! At least Usmanov is saying all the right things. Unlike that fucking cock of a cowboy.

    Thumb up 41 Thumb down 49

  11. Henry actually even in the same room with scumanov? pix or didn’t happen

    Thumb up 20 Thumb down 8

  12. Is Wenger playing the “kamikaze warrior” thing? He’s virtually killing himself. For what? To set up stan? Is there a bigger picture to this? A conspiracy? Against whom?

    Thumb up 5 Thumb down 7

    • So you would rather be known as Arski? The current board is setting the team up to be self sufficient and not require the input of a billionaire. Only problem is that there are black scarf loving morons like yourself who have no patience for tomorrow. I am not a fan of Stan, but I am a fan of the model they are building. Much better than the situation Chelsea and City will find themselves when the billionaire gets board and wants a new toy.

      Thumb up 19 Thumb down 6

      • A little harsh. The one thing they also have, is success…. Just balancing the arguement.

        Thumb up 5 Thumb down 7

      • wengers funny transfer window

        1)please dont pull that hyper used joke of self sustaining model …is the arsenal only club who wants to self sustain.give me a break! There are so many teams who have invested heavily and yet remain higher then arsenal in riches.
        2) dont hypothise. Who told you these so called sugar daddies will get bored and leave chelsea, mancity, psgs high and dry. Do you have an insider or are you some fortune teller. what if kroenke breaks this club into peices and sells them can you guarantee that.
        3) Just embrace the reality. I am jealous of these owners of chelseas and mancitys. They are more involved in their team then yours Kroenke.When kroenke took over I was overjoyed, I was expecting similar transfers like mancitys or chelseas. Dont tell me you weren’t. But all we got was a fucking mute cowboy an more frustration on the pitch.

        The problem with you and arsenal today is, we dont want reality to take our security blanket of selfsustainabilty or FFP. We are so entrenched in that cocoon of self sustainabilty and the (fake)moral high grounds…we fear we will look naked without it. Because thats all we have to hide our battered pride. we want to win the race,but cannot stand any competitions and what we do is COMPLAIN! we just moan, bitch and cry about competitors unfair advantages over us. And that is hypocrisy with capital H. We want everything as per the arsenal way oterwise we gonna complain BOO FUCKING HOO HOO! thats what this team is good at now…complaining.
        When the fuck are we going to realize football is a multibillion dollar industry with cut throat competition and its never going to be fair or perfect.
        So kindly dont put comments which has been over used by board and the manager. it has become repulsively boring and ancient.

        Thumb up 14 Thumb down 40

      • @Bobby-Sue

        We had success too. Who’s to say we won’t have more 10, 20, 30 years down the line? You’ve drawn up a a correlation, but it’s a correlation made out of a sample of the last 6-7 years only. A sustainable model is meant to last us for longer than that.

        @wengers funny transfer window

        1) Fucking nonsense. There are only 5 clubs that have higher revenues than us and only 4 of them are self-sustaining – Real Madrid, Barcelona, Man Utd and Bayern Munich. The fifth, Chelsea, is nowhere near self-sustaining.

        The four clubs mention have a longer history of wealth and the fact that we’ve caught up with their coattails is a success on its own, not that anyone ever gives a toss, because they’re all short-term-minded to think straight.

        2) Blackburn’s sugar daddy died, it was owned by a trust and now an Indian chicken company owns them. That’s the sugar-daddy-leaving-effect. Of course, on the other hand, Southampton’s rich owner passed on as well but they’re still run by his trust. However, he was NOT a sugar daddy.

        Even the guy who owns Wigan says he has to let go one day.

        3) Okay, I regret replying to your first two points, this point just shows that you’re a fan who wants to win now but does not give a fuck about Arsenal in the future. Splash the cash for 3-4 years and crash and burn like Leeds.

        I’ve supported Arsenal since I was a wee boy of 8 and I will continue to do so for the next 50 years so long as I live. I don’t give a fuck if we miss out on success in the short term as long as we survive as a proud, INDEPENDENT club for the rest of my life.

        Shortsighted supporters can fuck off.

        Thumb up 23 Thumb down 1

      • @wengers funny transfer window

        Also, saying, “dont put comments which has been over used by board and the manager. it has become repulsively boring and ancient”, only goes to show how fucking short-sighted you are.

        “Ancient”, the last 4-5 years is considered “ancient” to you? Arsenal has been around for more than a century, so take your fucking relative timescales back home and reflect on its short, insignificant length.

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      • Ok, I really do not understand these prevailing views.
        Firstly, let us consider Abrahimovich (I think I got the spelling wrong – but hopefully you know of whom I speak). He has invested $1 billion in Chelsea and during his 9 year tenure at the club Chelsea only reported a profit once – last year – of a mere 1.4 million pounds ($2.5 million). Now, what does that tell us about this guy: A simplistic approach would suggest he is a lunatic; and a slightly more rigorous approach would tell us that he is a egotistical lunatic – where his investments in Chelsea are made simply to satisfy his ego – and to him, his ego is worth a s**t ton of money.
        I think Sheikh Mansoor also belongs to the same category; and this category is, in my opinion, a minority. The majority of entrepreneurs out there are generally more rational, and I believe that despite his shady background, Usmanov belongs to this, more rational, category; in fact I think Kroenke belongs to the rational category as well. I do not believe that either of the men has any intention of making a loss on their investment at the club. What this means is that there is no way that either of these men is going to put up ludicrous sums of money to satisfy his ego; which means that both men will run the club in a ‘sustainable’ way.
        What I think will be different if Usmanov comes in is that we will have a more flexible wage budget in place which will allow us to compete with United and City and allow us to hold onto our best players.
        Seriously, I do not think he intends to play the ‘sugar daddy’ role – he has never promised us messi, ronaldo, or falcao. He only wants to be part of the decision making process: Remember, despite his 29.9% holding in Arsenal 70.1% is owned by others. All he wants is a seat in the board room – he has never asked to be a dictator. If push comes to shove, the board has the power to overrule him, but I believe that his presence in the board room will bring about the changes we all want to see.

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  13. Is usmanov the second coming of danny fiszman? The messiah? That will lead us gooners to the land of trophies and titles (as opposed to milk and honey)? The messiah that will throw dosh around to bring the likes of messi and yaya? Please please please let this be him!!!

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  14. I have an idea. Why don’t we invite Mike O’Leary to take over Arsenal? That would be fun eh?

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  15. Why is it always assumed that Wenger has a huge “war chest” that he just chooses not to use? It’s not like we have enough money to go out and buy some superstar like Falcao and still afford to pay his wages, it’s more like he has the money to try and buy players on the cheap who likely wouldn’t be able to get into the first XI. Arsene wants to bring players of quality in, but in today’s market great players demand huge transfer fees to go along with huge wages.

    Thumb up 20 Thumb down 5

    • Because Arsenal are a public company, and their accounts and details are open to access. From there, we (and many people have) can go through their financial details to know just how much arsenal make, how much is saved, and how much is used.

      So there are few “assumptions”. Sure people can be out by a certain numbers, but by and large, the details are there to be assessed, and virtually all who have gone through have concluded that arsenal have an estimated savings for spend in the tens of millions. The figure fluctuates based on the individual assessment, but it’s there.

      Oh, and also Wenger, the board and Gazidis have all confirmed they have money to spend, to even buy a £30mil player if they so wished. Not that they should, or will, but this whole “arsenal are paupers” schtick is getting really old.

      Thumb up 20 Thumb down 3

      • Ok, so we have £30m.

        Should we buy someone that isn’t really on our list of wanted players for an inflated ‘January’ price and then not be able to buy anyone in the summer? Or should we wait until the summer to buy someone? Gambling on the fact that our team is good enough to get first.

        Even if you buy a player, you are gambling that they will slip seamlessly into the team. If you can, its much better to buy in the summer.

        £30m is not a lot of money in the bank for a team that has had a net transfer spend of -£18m over the last decade.

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    • The main reason that we can’t use the war chest money is the great big bloody dragon that uses it for a bed

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  16. Why would we need Usmanovs money when we don’t even use the money that we have available to us now?

    Thumb up 22 Thumb down 4

  17. It is time that he is at least given a seat on the board. He’s our second biggest shareholder yet is kept out of it by the closed shop money grabbers.

    Thumb up 10 Thumb down 10

    • While I’m highly sceptical about a dodgy Uzbek oligarch, I do support, in an ideal and fair world, a board seat for him.

      But money grabbers, they all are.

      However, everyone must understand that it is because of these money grabbers that we need a self-sustaining financial model. It is the only check against the rapacious “investors”.

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      • Just when the team is winning a bit , with Poldi , Giroud improving, this idiot comes out with this press release, clearly trying to destabalise the club.

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  18. Undoubtably Kroeke has his flaw and hasn’t exactly been the knight in white shining armour that many of us hoped he would have been. However, and this is the sad situation, the other side seems to have the morality and likeabilty of a Terry family christmas with all the stolen goods, intelligent discussion and racism that goes with that.
    David Dein sold out, plain an simple to a man that morally suspect, to put it in a mild manner, for his own beenfit. Yet he continues to ride this wave of popularity that if it is analysed properly makes no sense.
    How anyone can claim his son Darren, has the best interested of the club at heart is riduculous. It is not a conincidence the way he moves away our best players, takes a large chunk, and then by some bizzare logic becomes popular because all our best players are moving away, which is blamed on the current board, whilst we long for the days of Dein.
    Finally the mafia boss. Here we have to put everything aside and ask ourselves when we are sitting in the stadium, buying the shirts, following the Arsenal, are we willing to let this immoral, criminal gangster benefit off our love for Arsenal? Do we allow this person, who has intimidated his way to the top become our beloved sugar daddy, for which we all turn a blind eye to his dastardly deeds because he is bankrolling us?
    Allowing people like this into football, into positions of power is making the sport less and less likeable and more and more suspect. At the end this is a game for enjoyment, a game everyone can participate in, whether by supporting or playing, a community game for people. At the very top it seems our image of this is changing. Letting any of them get there dirty hands on anymore of Arsenal will do nothing to disperse this elitist immoral image.

    Thumb up 54 Thumb down 2

    • It’s DD’s job to get the best deal for his clients. It’s the club’s job to keep the best players. One of them is doing a great job, the other, fucking abject. To blame the loss of our best players on their agents is a bit facile

      Thumb up 6 Thumb down 16

      • That’s fine. Darren Dein is entitled to do his job, even if by doing it makes him a complete twat. However, this does exclude him from being any way associated with, with a straight face, a thing that is good for this football club.

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  19. Unfortunately it appears, fans are stuck between a rock and a hard place.

    Either line the pockets of the Dallas cowboy and except mediocrity, but a well run club Or become a Russian billionaires plaything, maybe make a few marquee signing and perhaps even a few trophies but no guarantee that it could all end up up in tears soon as he’s bored and loses interest.

    Thumb up 13 Thumb down 3

    • to be fair though that’s what people have been saying about abramovich for ages and yet he’s still here…

      Thumb up 14 Thumb down 4

      • Precisely. It’s become a competition between billionaires and none want to lose face. For that reason no-one wants to be the one to quit.

        Thumb up 5 Thumb down 2

      • Still there forcing signings like Torres on the club, binning people like Di Matteo and hiring absolutely anyone he fancies regardless of how the fans feel. Chelsea are a disgusting club and, as much as I’m not happy with our current situation, any move toward their model is in the wrong direction.

        Thumb up 21 Thumb down 1

      • ‘Precisely. It’s become a competition between billionaires and none want to lose face. For that reason no-one wants to be the one to quit.’

        is that a bad thing? I’ve often wondered- why are we so sure Usmanov will destroy our club? Is it his dodgy background? What is it about him that made so many Gooners label him an an enemy anyway?

        I’m only asking because I’m interested in seeing what people think, because it’s a issue i’ve never actually thought about much before. The only thing differentiating him from stan at the time was their background.

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    • But their not taking dividends? They may as well not be there, which is fine!

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  20. Careful what you wish for gooners

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  21. Both ways we’ll still be bitching about what goes on on the pitch. Arsene can start by using the funds he has then we can take all of this billionare bingo seriously.

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  22. He looks like the giant toad from Pan’s Labyrinth

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  23. Usmanov [insert self promotion line here]
    Eastern European take over.Thanks but no thanks I’m from there I’ve ssen enough clubs being destroyed by so called owners

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  24. i hate having to read that there is money available to be spent on new players or improved contracts. there’s a massive difference in Arsenal having money and Arsenal having money to spend.

    we’ve heard everyone and their mother complain about how Wenger’s dictatorial rule stops the money from being used, or used well, but somehow no one bothers to wonder why there isn’t anyone else spending that money for him.
    take Mata’s case for instance, where we fell short by a couple of packets of peanuts. anyone higher up the hierarchy (who cares ever half as much as Le Prof does) could’ve taken over once Wenger had ear-marked Mata as a target and overridden the miserly approach and torn a cheque for what was being asked but there just anyone there who’ll bother.

    the situation seems more like Wenger gets half the amount or so of what’s fed to the public and is forced to work within it to manage current contracts and those of people he wants to bring in. and the idealistic fool that Arsene is, he tries to do so without a word of complaint.

    all speculation, but with the way the club’s running, that’s all we have really.

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    • It’s not quite that simple. Buy Mata on a very big wage that breaks the existing wage structure and suddenly all the existing squad want a new contract at higher wages. And if they don’t get it, they get stroppy

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      • the wage structure (among other growing concerns) isn’t what Wenger should be preoccupied with. yes,we’d all prefer to have a sensible distribution of payments but to task Wenger alone with trying to get people to commit to a system which is not only out-dated, but also becoming a hindrance, is ludicrous in my opinion. it’s like complaining that a lactose-intolerant kid won’t finish his glass of milk.

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      • Midfield Corporal

        I bet Chamakh is lactose intolerant.

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      • Mata was on £57000 a week until December and he’s now on £100000.

        Some football wages are fucking ridiculous! How can you be unhappy with tens of thousands of pounds a week, what can you buy for £100000 a week which you couldnt for £75000? :/

        I get £13 an hour and am buzzing that its more than twice minimum wage!

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      • Rummy, in hindsight 57K is very reasonable but it’s much less than was reported elsewhere at the time. But If he’d been average or a flop, that would have been a problem.
        Mike Dexter, you make a salary structure to meet your finances.
        Without a salary structure we would not have the grove.
        It wasn’t ‘out dated’ at the time and it may turn out to be a fine system when FFP arrives (with some fine tuning). Or it could turn out to be cr4p as it feels now. But back then it was necessary.

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      • “…what can you buy for £100000 a week which you couldnt for £75000?”


        Thank you, I’m here all week. Matinees at weekends, bring the kids.

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  25. Usmanov+Dein+Wenger+£200M kitty VS Kronke+Gazidis+Wenger+£15M kitty?

    No contest. Ithe current plan hasn’t worked for years, Thierry has spoken more to the russian than we have, and if he says it’s ok, it ok with me.

    Still, this won’t even be an argument at the end of the season when we finish 5th behind tottingham and lost out on the CL. The shame will be too much for even the most rose-tinted of arsers.

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  26. “Which ignores the fact that there is money at Arsenal, it’s just that Arsene Wenger seems reluctant spend it.”

    Seriously, is everyone still swallowing that one? Isn’t it obvious that Arsene Wenger is tasked with spending as little as possible whilst keeping us competitive? (Competitive = qualifying for the Champions League in the eyes of the club).

    Agreed, he could in reality most likely spend a little more, but it’s clear the funds are not there (yet, hopefully, rather than never) to make us truly competitive.

    The sad thing is I don’t think we need Man City levels of investment to compete again.

    Thumb up 7 Thumb down 5

    • Sorry, but wrong. There is money there. The reason it’s not being spent is because Arsene Wenger isn’t spending it. He’s not being prevented from doing so, he’s choosing not to.

      Thumb up 21 Thumb down 10

      • Perhaps his wife has influence?

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      • What evidence is there of the money being there?

        Besides, I am sure there is SOME money there for spending, but not enough to really make us compete. And my point is really that Arsene Wenger has two main duties it seems, and it is clear that one of those is to help reduce our debt.

        I know that you are keen to see some money spent on squad cover, and there may well be money available for that, but squad cover is not what will make up be able to genuinely go for the title again.

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      • ‘There is money there’ ??? You don’t know that and if you ignore WORDS but take ACTIONS seriously, things become clearer.

        Arseblog, you constantly take this line that we have the cash and you just don’t understand X,Y,Z. If you accept Wenger is operating under severe financial restrictions but trots out the public line that funds are available, to take pressure of the board, eveyhing becomes obvious.

        Just like every other franchise Kroenke owns.

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      • ummm… blogs… how do you know that Arsene “chooses” not to spend? i mean, the way you say it makes him sound irrational and whimsical about spending money – like he’s got a phobia or something.

        maybe he believes in keeping money aside for a rainy day? or spend when the time is right?

        player sales have played a huge part in keeping us in the black (i read swissramble too), so clearly this money is pretty hard earned and i don’t blame him for being afraid to spend it foolishly. i mean, he just wants to be certain before he writes a check.

        highbury sales took a major hit with the global financial meltdown before which he was pretty much on track.

        in fact, when push came to shove, he did go and buy proven quality (last two windows – arteta, mertesacker, benayoun, podolski, giroud, cazorla)

        i mean, he’s not an idiot. the man’s got an economics degree and major experience in this football business. the man’s got a plan. heck, if you’re being paid the amount he gets, you got to have a plan! it’s in his KRAs for sure for goodness sake!

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    • And why would anybody in his right sense stayed at a club that wouldn’t want successes, by strangling him of spending money to buy good player instead of shit ones to boost his squad?

      I don’t believe that crap. If the board are hindering Wenger from winning trophies by giving limited funds and content with fourth place and the CL qualifications only, I don’t think Wenger will still be here, when clubs like Madrid and PSG are running after his signature.

      There is lot happening behind the scene that we know little of.

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      • Yeah I agree that there’s a lot going on we don’t know about. All we can do is look at the evidence we have and draw our own conclusions.

        I would say though that I disagree with you comment, because if you flip it round you can ask why would any manager in his right mind sell world class players for big money if he did not intend to use that money to buy more or better quality players?

        The only logical answer I can see to both your question and mine is that Arsene Wenger has agreed to try to keep the team competitive(ish) whilst trying to make a profit in transfers. Why? Because my feeling is we have a debt from building the stadium, and Arsene Wenger and the board want to end up in a position where we have paid off the debt, have a great stadium, can compete financially with almost any other club, and have a world class team to watch. That’s a dream, and Arsene Wenger is certainly someone who chases his dreams. He feels he can achieve this, this motivates him more than, say, buggering off to PSG or Real Madrid to buy success.

        That’s my own personal view, it may be wrong but looking at Arsene Wenget over the years it’s the conclusion which makes most sense to me.

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  27. Not sure if usmanov is the answer but when stan starts taking his dividends from the club and we still won’t spend on decent players then it will be interesting to hear what those who back the board say then about who they want to run the club.

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    • DoubleDoubleDouble

      If I recall correctly, Usmanov is in favour of dividend payouts.

      Thumb up 11 Thumb down 1

      • DoubleDoubleDouble

        I do recall correctly – unfortunately the only links are for the FT and Telegraph, both of which require subscription.

        Telegraph (7/10/2007):
        “Although Arsenal is now the richest club in the Premiership, with the largest weekly match-day turnover, the shareholders do not pay themselves dividends. Usmanov, worth an estimated £2.7bn, last week called for Arsenal to start paying dividends to shareholders for the first time in 30 years.”

        FT (17/10/2007):
        “Mr Usmanov earlier this month told journalists he believed the structure of the board needed changing. Red & White also let it be known that it believed the club should pay dividends to shareholders.”

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  28. Also, we fell down the pecking order of the rich clubs this year. How did we get up there? We won things! Lots of things!

    Just as Man United manage to make money without needing a sugar daddy, by investing £25M in RvP they will win things again and make money! Lots of money!

    Thumb up 1 Thumb down 3

    • We’d be much further down the list if we hadn’t moved to the grove.
      That move restricted our spend.
      The question is, When can AW spend again… Now or when?

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  29. I get a dull feeling if dread when I think of a future with Usmanov in charge. Lke when Biff changes history in back to the future and everything goes shite except for Martys mums tits. I know those tits sound like the promise land now but if you open the door to these vampires pretty soon we’ll live in a dark dystopian world where people put polonium in your Bovril just for questioning the Great Leader.

    Yeah ok we might win something but….
    We’ll be (shudders) Chelsea.

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  30. I think Usmanov doesn’t care about making money. He has enough and will invest in the club to bring success. Of course this will be a short term fix and not long term. It’s a shame him and Stan could never work together. Our current model may bring us stability but to compete you do need to spend some money and take risks which is what Usmanov will bring.

    I do fear we could end up with the managerial merry go round that Chelsea have. Extra investment brings extra pressure and I think Usmanov would be more ruthless than Stan.

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  31. wengers funny transfer window

    Is any arsenal fan going to complain about sugar daddy billionaire, provided with lots of top quality players on the pitch & bench with trophies to show for…if they are gonna complain then they are just hypocritical twats.
    FFP is just another invisible security blanket we are looking for. The current board mentality is, we could have come first if we were running alone but since there were other competitors with better physical condition we lost. So now we gonna moan and sob like a wuss and keep on complaining that race was unfair because they had better muscles or trainers.
    The board, the manager and some fans need to have reality check thoroughly if they are to complain about chelseas, mancitys, PSGs, madrid or barca who are doped with too much money. Thats the way real world is, nothing is perfect in this fucking world. So dont go around looking for perfection in multi-billion dollar football industry. Its a rich man’s playground now ( and before also) survival of the richest!
    And no matter how romantic we become, canon will never compete with the nuclear missiles.
    sorry about the rant but sometimes arsenal’s ostrich syndrome just boils my blood.

    Thumb up 3 Thumb down 10

    • That statement is derogatory to the crest Mr!

      Don’t talk about our canon like that! That’s what I love most about the Arsenal.

      We need an apology from you, now!!!

      Thumb up 6 Thumb down 0

    • Real and Barca have such a large income that they’ll pass FFP quite easily.
      They are slightly ‘doped’ as spain doesn’t have a collective TV deal so those 2 clubs do theirown deals and get multiples more than the rest.

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  32. Everytime I hear another boardroom story I fall out of love with football a little bit more. The fact that we as fans are then aligning ourselves with one party or another causes further friction in a support already divided by Arsene in/Arsene out. Hmm do I choose the American from The Big Lebowski who puts no money into the club and doesn’t appear to give a shit if we win anything as long as his investment increases. Or do I plump for the Jabba the Hut tribute act with a questionable history of boiling his enemies alive, who says all the right things but despite having the money doesn’t make any serious attempt to launch a takeover.

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  33. What I don’t get with all the Kroenke & board bashing is, if indeed he is in this solely for the monetary reward, and I think that’s a fair assumption, he’s a business man after all. Surely it would be in his best interests that the club is successful and therefore generating more commercial revenue?

    I just don’t buy this whole conspiracy thing. Is it not more likely that some reasonably intelligent men who know more about football (Wenger) and running sporting operations (Gazidis, Kroenke) than all of us keyboard warriors do have a clear strategy to improve the club but don’t feel that right now is the right time to invest? I’m in no way saying you have to be happy about that, people understandably want success now. I just think it’s a rather large logical leap to assume the people who run the club don’t have a strategy in place.

    Thumb up 13 Thumb down 1

    • Logic, rational thinking and reason on the internet?


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    • Midfield Corporal

      Fair comment, but football history is littered with ‘intelligent’ men who act irrationally when taking over a club. I don’t think Stan is irrational but he is running the club conservatively. His investment will grow if AW keeps doing what he has done, but treading water is dangerous in any business. If he invested £100m and we start winning thing his investment will surely be worth more?

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  34. I don’t mind Usmamov as long as he keeps Wenger.

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    • Do you really think Usmanov would be any less meddlesome than Abramovich? And what would we get in return now that UEFA has gone down the FFP route?

      I rather think that if Usmanov were to take the club over Wenger would be out of the door in a heartbeat.

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  35. Given a choice between the dull sober Kroenke and a fat-face squinty-chops ManU supporter … I’d go with the former every day of the week.

    You never know without hindsight and all that, but maybe Silent Stan has saved Arsenal FC from a fate worse than just being recently trophyless.

    Thumb up 8 Thumb down 3

    • North Bank Gooner

      I see Jabba sitting next to Roman at chelsea games on TV, they seem cut from the same cloth.

      I’d hate to be the new Chelsea…….

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  36. Other teams owned by Stan: Denver Nuggets of the NBA, Colorado Rapids of Major League Soccer, Colorado Avalanche of the NHL, Colorado Mammoth of the National Lacrosse League and St. Louis Rams of the NFL. What do they all have in common? They’re all stuck in rutted mediocrity and are content with where they are at! Across these several formats of sport, all these teams severely lack ambition! If this isn’t warning enough, I don’t know what is. I understand that a lot of people are reluctant for Usmanov to takeover, wary even; but something has got to give, hasn’t it? At this point in time, Usmanov’s evil seems to be much the preferable. If he does meddle (like a certain monarch in West London) and brings us trophies (like a certain monarch in West London), I would take it over this uninvolved decaying that is eating away at our core like pancreatic cancer. We’re having to say goodbye to our global image, losing our attractiveness to top players and currently have the largest declining fan-base worldwide, all of which are all essential if we want to remain a top side. I would sure as hell have enjoyed being the first London club to win the CL, even if it came at the cost of booing my own manager the following season.

    Thumb up 8 Thumb down 13

    • Just to clarify, I definitely don’t want the owner to interfere but my point is if that interference comes with trophies, I’ll take it over our current predicament any hour of the day.

      Thumb up 4 Thumb down 7

  37. Why should Kroenke go about his business in full light of the media? Historically Arsenal has always been a very private company. We also have had a huge new home to pay for so if you didn’t think it would effect the team in the medium to short term you was/are very naive.

    The only real stick I would beat the board up about is the commercial side of the business it was neglected for far to long and now we are playing catchup and have an over reliance of ticket sales to generate income.

    Thumb up 6 Thumb down 1

    • Kronke’s silence isn’t really the issue. It wouldn’t have bothered anyone if we weren’t in such a decline. Sure, building the stadium would leave us cash strapped but my understanding is that we have the funds available now. I think we can all identify what positions need strengthening but it looks as though no business will be done yet again (because of we have a ‘strong enough’ team., which is ludicrous). It’s just frustrating to see gaping holes left to fester when swift action can be taken to remedy the entire affair. We’re the Arsenal for crying out loud! Surely we can’t be content with fighting for fourth season after season!

      Thumb up 1 Thumb down 2

  38. I like Wenger, and despise most of the board. Someone who would come in, keep Wenger and oust the current board; as well as bringing back someone who forces Wenger to make up his mind about transfers and spend some money seems like a good idea to me. Especially when the current owner shows absolutely no ambition whatsoever.

    Thumb up 5 Thumb down 3

  39. Ya right! its now Henry and NOT him.Try again..another trick falls flat!

    Thumb up 3 Thumb down 1

  40. At the end of the day, we’ve seen Stan Kroenke and he hasn’t really helped the club that much. Perhaps it’s time for Usmanov to step in?. I’m no fan of either but we’ve gone a long time without change I feel it’s about damn time for one.

    And if he’s been talking to legend henry whom we all know wants what’s best for the club I don’t think he’ll be all bad news.

    Thumb up 4 Thumb down 5

  41. Few weeks back: Man City fans complain about ticket prices and we retort saying that we are forced to do it because of their artificially induced spending power.
    Today: Some fans want Usmanov to take over so we can join in on the madness so we can continue to encourage footballers to get paid ridiculous amounts in a week which we would be lucky to earn in a couple of years.
    We have 3 new players in our core and the likes of Jack and Gibbs returning from long term injuries and we are finally starting to see what sort of football these guys are capable of playing when given enough time together. To top it off, other than Sagna everyone else seems to be on long term contracts, so we should finally have some consistency for the next couple of years atleast.
    My personal opinion is to tell Usmanov to fuck off and let Arsene get on with what he is doing. Imagine how much more satisfying it will be when we finally win by playing beautiful football within our means like Dortmund are rather than having to give the credit to this fat twat.

    Thumb up 18 Thumb down 0

    • There are no rival teams with billionaire playboys in the bundesliga Reality check. But i gave you a thumbs up cos it would be great to win something instead of one of the big spenders.

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  42. While Usmanov is still there, Kroenke is a bit under pressure to do something for the club. You don’t think he lives in a village with no electricity and gadgets, do you ? He surely gets these news of Arsenal fans and shareholders being Upset ( Though it is frightening that he has done little in the years). When Usmanov takes over, he’ll become the absolute owner. No another majority billionaire share holder to challenge him. I think it is ‘okay’ how the club is running. Although this statement comes by force not by choice. *SIGH*

    Thumb up 2 Thumb down 2


    it appears Usmanov will demand a manager who will be willing to test the depth of his bottomless well of money. Do you think wenger is that type of a guy?

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  44. i want to boff giroud and im not even gay

    Anyone who think wenger isn’t part of all this money business needs round the clock care. Do you really think a bloke who can supposedly walk in and manage any club in the world would put up with this shit unless there was something in it for him. Wenger is meant to be a football genius; do you really think he believes that the squad is ‘complete’ and that there’s no one around who could improve it? The deal with him and kroenke is get us 4th place as cheap as possible and you get your cut. I’ve long thought that and challenge anyone to convince me otherwise. The club is run by greedy liars top to bottom, and by the time its fully ruined they will all have disappeared to leave the paying fans with the carcass.

    Thumb up 3 Thumb down 6

    • DoubleDoubleDouble

      The burden of proof is on you to prove your conspiracy theory, not on others to challenge it.

      Thumb up 10 Thumb down 2

    • Arsene is clearly (and sometimes too much so) a very idealistic man, who loves football and loves Arsenal.

      The chances of him selling his soul and destroying Arsenal (and his own reputation) for a payout is slim to none. He is already a millionaire. He wants Arsenal to compete and he wants to do it in a self-sustainable way. In a way that him, we, Arsenal have done on our own. Not simple going around buying trophies.

      I for one believe he can do it again. I think if he can hold this team together we will become more and more competitive over the next 3 years or so now that the stadium is pad of and we can finally start investing in the team.

      Struggling for fourth is now our lull season. Arsenals lull season used to mean finishing 12th!

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  45. Mr Usmanov owns 30% AFC but is shown scant respect because…………..
    I don’t actually know why. Does anyone. Stan’s family have been instrumental in destroying the American Dream. Before him we had Mr Blood Diamond running things. The Dien’s, Arsenal to the core always got our best interests at heart. Oh and PHW thats a man you can trust to walk on by if you needed a hand.

    What is the point of arguing which one is better. They are all arseholes. Only interested in making themselves richer at our expense.

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  46. Fuck all this- I’m going to start a new team, FC Arsenal. We’ll start over the park with jumpers for goalposts, when we’ve a few good players we’ll join a local league. We can all have a good drink after the match and talk plenty of bollox. We’ll gradually move up the leagues and eventually some Russian or Yank will want to buy us out and we can tell them to fuck off. who’s in?

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    • DoubleDoubleDouble

      I’m with you…until somebody offers me millions for my share, then I’m doing the offs and buying myself an island.

      Thumb up 4 Thumb down 1

  47. I would be delighted if Usmanov bought out Kroenke – but I can’t see that happening any time soon.

    I’m still amazed at all this anti-Usmanov feeling on this website. Yes,he has been clumsy with his public utterances, but at least he appears to actually love our club, unlike the greedy Yank businessman.

    Under Kroenke we are going absolutely nowhere. I was watching the Oldham-Liverpool game yesterday, and I couldn’t help but wonder what it must be like to be a fan of the Scoucers right now. They were once the most successful team in Europe, but now they are a mid-table side which has just been humiliated by the sort of team that they should have easily brushed aside. If we continue on this course set by Kroenke then we will end up along side Brendan Rogers’s boys.

    That’s why it’s time for a change.

    Thumb up 1 Thumb down 14

  48. It does’t matter who owns the club if they don’t start playing until they are 2-0 down and the defence remains a joke

    Thumb up 2 Thumb down 2

  49. As much as he tries to push him I don’t think he’s gonna budge.

    Thumb up 2 Thumb down 0

  50. Chelsea and man city are making me fall out of love with football. Does anyone actually take them seriously anymore. If Usmanov takes over we will eventually fall out of love with Arsenal. Money is the root of all evil.

    Thumb up 4 Thumb down 1

    • You should support your club no matter what. It doesn’t matter who’s in charge. Of course you can dislike whoever is there if you want but they come and go, the club remains constant (unless it’s Wimbledon, of course).

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  51. before you start accusing Usmanov….please do some research on Stan Kroenke and the teams he owns! How much success they have had, Their current state of affairs, ticket prices….

    Thumb up 4 Thumb down 5

    • Or do some research on Usmanov credibility!
      I think you’ll see he’s not to be trusted.
      At least Stan will leave AW do work when the Stadium debt dissappears and the FFP starts to take some effect (which it will… but not necessarily as much as some think).
      He does know that a winning team is a better sale.

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  52. IMHO, you want a board that runs the club like a business and an owner who is passionate like the best supporter. You don’t want an owner who uses the club for income, but one who uses it to get back at all the people who picked him or her last for football at school. Funny enough, that second kind of owner has a great chance of making the team MORE profitable than the first.

    I’ve written this before here, but Kroenke has (in the U.S.) a habit of buying teams that had just been great and riding them into mediocrity. He’s poison. Not saying Usm. is any better.

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  53. Sory double double double, we will be a self sustaining club. All profits will be put behind the bar for beer, crisps and peanuts.

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  54. @goonerhippie Kroenke’s NFL team, the St. Louis Rams, has been so bad for so long that they’re often talked about as a possible expansion team in London (no offense).

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  55. Usmanov good man!, He should own Arsenal and we’ll win the trophies!!!

    Thumb up 0 Thumb down 7

  56. Arseblog has often used Usmanov as a figure of hate and greed. Like he’s some murderous bastard who eats babies for breakfast. David Dein loves Arsenal and I don’t believe he would sell ALL his shares to someone who didn’t have the clubs best interest at heart….and Thiery wouldn’t associate with someone for the same reasons.

    Thumb up 3 Thumb down 9

  57. Usmanov is the biggest outside owner of Facebook shares and owns publicly held shares in companies around the world. He doesnt live in the shadows as he is portrayed. I hope he buys the club sooner than later.

    Thumb up 3 Thumb down 6

  58. I have often read a line like ‘Wenger reluctant to spend money’ and I imagine the banner shown by some fans on Saturday was down to this as well. When I ask people who want Wenger ‘out’ for reasons they mainly talk about not spending enough, not bringing big names in etc.

    I don’t have any insight info and only have access to what I read in the media (this site and blog included). But I do wonder, is Wenger the one not wanting to spend or are his hands tied by the board as well? Wenger is ‘all’ Arsenal and will never publicly attack the board and the club and I imagine he often says things he doesn’t mean but he is the main media outlet for the club as a whole.

    Talking about ‘fees’ is one thing but fees are ‘peanuts’ compared to salaries. We all know he was after Mata for example and some other players who chose to go somewhere else – if Wenger was willing could he offer them the money Chelski did? Would the board allow him to? Same goes for Nasri and RVP and a few other who left – there is no doubt they all ‘doubled’ their salaries when changing clubs!

    Would Arsenal board allow AW to offer them the same money? I doubt it and to be fair I don’t think it would be a right thing to do.

    So when I read ‘AW has 30m in the bank’ – reports say Nasri is on 170k -.> 30m / (170k *52) is not even enough for 4 year contract without the signing fee, bonuses and so on. So forget the 25m City paid for Nasri as there is at least another 30-40m to be added to that transfer.

    Of course I want to see the best players coming (and more importantly not leaving) Arsenal but I am realistic enough to understand we can NOT compete with finances of City, Chelski etc… I rather wait for a trophy for another 10 years then see us follow the road of Leeds, Pompy etc…

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  59. Too Drunk To Be Offside

    What I know is if Henry is behind Usmanov, I am there as well.

    What the fk is the problem here. Why are we so keen to be the idealists of football, and do things the right away. If Usmanov could grant us a 150 million to spend every transfer window why the fk not.

    Also remember Wenger’s contract is up next season and Wenger may want change. While in the past in similar situations he has been happy to commit, but nothing this time at all. He may even leave this season end. Madrid are ready When that happens, Usmanov and his millions will look even more enticing.

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  60. I reckon that QPR were really happy when the Billionaire Fernandes took over their club following years of boardroom unrest and invested heavily in the team. Regardless of the size of the club be careful what you wish for fellow Gooners.

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  61. with kroenke, the club success is dependant only on the manager. kroenke will give you stability, cos he wont spend nor he will give but he will take. why you think kroenke wants to takeover our club? far from a football fan as we see. kroenke is here to take our money without caring about titles.

    you may hate usmanov because hes portrayed as another roman abramovich but have we actually seen how the way usmanov own a club? ive seen how kroenke own his teams, and what has he achieved with them? peanuts.
    with the FFP coming in which i hope they enforce, we will be better off having usmanov that wants his club to be successful instead of a non-caring owner thats here for just the money.

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  62. I really don’t know what to make of all this. I’m not a big fan of Usmanov’s persona, but then I also was never in the Kroenke fanclub.

    The thing I don’t understand is why the wealth of Usmanov and other eastern billionaires is seen as dirty or ill-gotten, whereas the wealth of Kroenke is treated so differently.

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  63. Oh well! Let’s all hope for the better, can’t do anything about everything, unless we want to run the club down ourselves and force them bastards to sell their shares and leave us alone, but it will be suicidal.

    We’ll stick with the club no matter what?

    I just hope the good times come back soon.

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  64. I don’t think Wenger does have the money to spend. If I have a credit card with a £10k limit then you could say that technically I have £10k to spend. But I’d try not to becuase I wouldn’t know how to repay it. If we spend £40m on Falcao today, fail to qualify for CL or don’t sell one of our best players, again, (which is the only reason we’ve made profit these past three years) then we’d be up shit creek.

    I think anyone can see that Wenger is a very stubborn and obstinate man, but he’s not a fucking moron. Why would he chose not to spend it if he really could?

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    • The prob is the fans here expect handouts from these so called Owners, just expect someone to come in and pay big bucks for the players and write it off. Whats the point of Emirates and pending new commercial deals if thats the case. We could have stayed in Highbury.

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  65. A large part of Kroenke’s fortune was amassed building Wal-Marts. Make of that what you will.

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  66. All you complaining about the owner and not getting involved with the club while comparing Stan’s other sports teams need to take a look at a much bigger picture. There are other owners of sports team around the world that have loads and loads of money, spend it like it’s going out of style, are involved in the day to day business of the club/team, and still continue to fail each and every year. Not just fail, but mire in mediocrity that you all can’t stand. The glaring example of that being Jerry Jones owner of the Dallas Cowboys (yes, I’m an American). His team had undoubted successes back in the early ’90s, but those teams were run by football (American football) guys. Guys that were coaches of the game and had Head Coach/General Manager titles. Since Jimmy Johnson left as Head Coach and GM, Jerry has been the GM. The Cowboys have won 2 of 9 playoff games since 1995 when they last won the Super Bowl. All of this clamoring for more involvement by the owner is nonsense. Hold on tightly until the end of this season, hope we sign a couple players this month to help with squad depth and the run in and then watch as the money is invested this summer with new commercial deals on the horizon. We are literally almost to point that AW and the board have been waiting for when the stadium is mostly paid off, FFP kicks in (even if with limited impact) and new commercial deals are struck. The investment will happen (I think), and you can mark my words. Hopefully, it’s not at the cost of missing on CL football. A new more involved owner is not the answer. If things don’t change with the new commercial deals, then we can all go ape shit, but until then lets criticize when necessary, analyze as you wish or please, but always support our beloved club.

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  67. Unlike Man$ity and Chelski fans, I don’t think any Arsenal fans desire to see a ‘pimp-daddy’ like Abromavich or Sheikh Mansour come in and ‘buy’ us trophies.

    The more Usamov’s comments you read, the more obvious it becomes this association (Usamov = Abromavich = Mansour) is simply a PICTURE painted by our asset-stripping Stan Kroenke. What could be more convenient for Kroenke than to deflect attention from his own crimes (STEALING from the club) to someone else like Usamov?

    Fact is, Usamov simply wants to bestow Arsene Wenger with the (basic) luxury of being able to do his fooking job. He has no intention to be a bottomless cash machine – unless a ‘special situation’ arises e.g. Lionel Messi wants to come but there is not enough cash in the bank.

    The quotation of Usamov saying he supports “paying out dividends” is also completely out of context. What he is referring to is several years down the line after we’ve won our 4th consecutive PL title and despite paying top-salaries to our star players, the club has made an enormous profit thanks to our 1 billion fans around the world. Under these circumstances, Usamov would obviously want to reap some harvest from his investment.

    What Kroenke is doing is called ‘financial engineering’ = selling parts of the business (RVP, Song, Nasri, Fabregas) bit-by-bit and hope the sum of the parts add up to more than what he paid for the whole. This is not Usamov’s style. Alisher Usamov made a $2bn profit from Facebook shares by simply letting Mark Zuckerberg get on with his job. Similarly, Usamov just wants to afford Arsene Wenger with the (rather ovbious) luxury of being able to do his job.

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    • 1 – Can you explain how Kroenke is ‘stealing’ from the club?

      2 – Arsene Wenger already has the ‘basic luxury’ of being able to do his job. He has full and absolute control over football matters at Arsenal, has a substantial amount of money at his disposal to buy players, but chooses not to.

      3 – How do you know what Usmanov is referring to when you talk about dividends. Either you have some inside information, or you simply made up that bit to suit your argument.

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  68. I say wait till bergkamp wins a multi billion dollar lottery and buy the club.

    Thumb up 10 Thumb down 1

  69. This is an article from the Guardian in 07 about Usmanov.

    Feel sad that our club is faced with a choice of either him or Stan.
    I wondered when the TH story first broke if TH’s reported closeness to Usmanov is why Wenger chose not to take TH on loan this January, rather than the “he’s been on holiday” version.
    Not that I think TH would be a good idea either though.

    Think we must be wary of thinking that the answer to all our (many) problems lies with Usmanov.

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  70. One thing that baffles me is the assumption on here that somehow having Kroenke is morally superior than having Usmanov.
    Kroenke is the modern day slave master… They own Walmart that employs a tick over 50% of the USA working public. He ploughs millions every election cycle behind candidates that ensure minimum wage stays low and people do not get health care… It’s the primary reason for the destruction of most small/rural America small business.
    As regards Arsenal, I would bet Kroenke’s long term strategy is to sell for a profit however, for that to happen he has to strengthen his investment/share price and the best way to do that is pay off the debt. I believe this is the reason we have sold our best players every year, are never in for anyone decent and are buying tier2/3 dross…
    Rant over… I guess they are both cunts just one is in sheeps clothing.

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  71. A Broncos fans views…. See any similarities with what’s happening with us?

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  72. I dont understand wenger’s rant about the january window.
    That felt stupid.
    The man is a great manager,but sometimes he makes no sense.

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  73. If he had taken over and we found ourselves in the position we are in now, I’m pretty the outcry would be much stronger than it is. There was a lot of unkind language used to describe Usmanov on this blog a few years back – based mostly on his lack of George Clooney charisma. I’m not sure about him at all – but he can’t be much worse than the shower of lazy, incompetent and apathetic boardroom coasters that are doing so much damage to us now. At least he seems like he wants a bit if glory for his roubles – the present lot don’t seem to give a flying fuck about anything except their dividends.

    Thumb up 1 Thumb down 3

    • Why do you come on here and make a false statement? You know or ought to know that Arsenal do not pay dividends.

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  74. Have us become Arsesea?…i dunno about that.
    I dont know what Thierry is thinking.

    But with that said; spend some of the money we already have, Arsene!

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  75. I’d be interested to know why arseblog thinks that Usmanov has no bottom.

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  76. Last thought – Perhaps Thierry has a better idea of what’s going on at the club than us. He’s training with the team, he was there last year and he clearly speaks a lot with current and ex-players as well as Wenger and Dein. Whereas we just read all about it on Twitter and Arseblog. Just sayin…

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  77. Obvious really...

    Usmanov at a charity dinner. Gross… Did he leave anything on the table for anyone else or did he scoff the lot on his own?

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  78. I’m an American that follows most of the sports over here and I would like to make a few things clear about Stan Kroenke. As most of you know, of our four major sports he owns the St. Louis Rams (NFL), Denver Nuggets (NBA), and Colorado Avalanche (NHL). Ask someone that knows nothing of Arsenal and they will tell you he is one of the best owners in American sports.

    Aside from baseball, where Stan does not own a club, owners cannot use personal wealth to strengthen their teams (though it is possible in the NBA, but the Nuggets are in no position to do so). The best an owner can do in these leagues is to hire smart people to build their teams and get out of the way. It seems trivial, but research the following owners: Jerry Jones, Daniel Snyder, James Dolan, Jim Buss, Jeffrey Lurie; fans of their respective teams would kill to be run by Kroenke. Mark Cuban gets a lot of positive publicity, but his recent meddling in player matters has essentially cost Dallas the end of Dirk Nowitzki’s best years.

    A lot of people point to the lack of success of Kroenke teams but context is needed. The Denver Nuggets are a smart, well run team, but the reality of the NBA is that there are two ways to compete for a title: 1) be in a city where the best players want to live (Denver doesn’t qualify); 2) build a team that is so bad that you hit the lottery in the right year and get to draft the best players out of college. The Nuggets make it to the second round of the playoffs every year and lose to an essentially rigged system. Kroenke only bought the Rams in 2010. The Rams were screwed then–all the high draft picks at the time commanded disproportionate salary cap space–and even more screwed now that the rookie salary ceiling has been implemented. The Avalanche won the title when he took over, then who knows, I don’t follow hockey anymore.

    I’m not exactly happy with the way Stan has handled Arsenal either, but I think a lot of people are really unfair here. He’s trusting people that know more about European football than him to build the team without meddling. If you support the self-sustaining model of the club, which a majority claim to, I don’t know how you can be angry at him personally for lack of investment.

    Gazidis is another story. He’s the man who Stan is counting on, and if you say he’s incompetent, I won’t disagree.

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    • Thanks for the info

      Thumb up 3 Thumb down 0

    • As a long time Colorado Avalanche fan, I wanted to add what I’ve seen with the Avs. When Kroenke bought the Avs (2000), they were already one of the top teams in the NHL with one of the highest payrolls in the league, and they won the title that year. Over the next few years (and through the introduction of a salary cap in 2004), the team remained near the top of the list in terms of payroll, signing their top players to big contracts and attracting some top free agents during this time. Despite the large payroll, the club’s play on the ice started to dip, and in the 2008-2009 season, the team finished second to last despite having one of the highest payrolls. This finish and the lost of their key player (retirement) resulted in a decision to rebuild. Since then, the team has been near the bottom in terms of payroll as the focus has been on building through the draft (with several Avs fans accusing Kroenke of being cheap).

      Similar to the situation at Arsenal, Kroenke doesn’t know much about hockey, so he lets hockey people run the team and remains largely hands off. The current president, Pierre Lacroix, has basically run the club as either GM or president since ’94. The only thing he seems to care about (for better or worse) is that the money is spent well and responsibly. When the Avs were competitive, they had one of the highest payrolls and paid top dollar to their players and free agents. When the Avs weren’t competitive, they had one of the lowest payrolls and focused on youth.

      I’m not the biggest fan of Kroenke, but I think some of the criticism of Kroenke is unfair. I do believe that Wenger has some funds available at his disposal, and I think Kroenke would authorize a higher budget if he saw an adequate return. The issue with Kroenke’s philosophy is that it’s built around his experience with American sports where there are things like the draft, salary caps, and more restrictions in general that help level the playing field (probably why there’s so much emphasis on FFP).

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  79. I hate this ownership business, when it comes to sports. When it comes to sports, the fans and only fans are the ones who feel the club. Ownership’s should be left for corporates.
    For clubs, I think it should be a public org. Almost half of it is money coming from fans, so what is the harm if the fans own the club!!
    We don’t need slouches like Kroenke or hypers like Usmanov. Arsene would do good without them…and who knows, maybe with the fans at the helm, he won’t be so diplomatic and stealthy in his responses.

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