Vermaelen back, Arteta still out for Liverpool


Arsene Wenger has provided the latest team news ahead of tomorrow night’s game against Liverpool.

Captain Thomas Vermaelen returns to the squad having missed the trip to Brighton with an ankle knock, but Mikel Arteta and Francis Coquelin remain sidelined with calf and hamstring problems respectively.

The Spaniard is not far away though, having revealed on his Twitter account that he’s almost ready to make his comeback having last played in the 2-2 FA Cup draw against Swansea.

We sit just 3 points ahead of the Mugsmashers in the league, and having won just one Premier League game in January we’ll be looking to end the month with a bit of a flourish.

The visitors arrive on the back of a humiliating cup defeat to Oldham on Sunday and will, no doubt, be determined to put things right.

It’s all set up for a tight encounter.


  1. I hope that Ramsey plays like he has been playing since last two outings and we should be good. Suarez would be the biggest threat, and I think Koscielny should come in place of BFG provided TV5 is fit enough for the game.

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    • I love Kos but Mertesacker is the only one of the trio who can bring calmness to the defense.

      Kos’s quick but mentality still quite not there yet. In games played with mad pace, he tends to make some huge mistakes. This is because he himself is too eager to prove something and losing composure at vital moments.

      With Mertesacker and Vermaelen, I’m happy for us to have Kos as back up. AW should throw him in games against lesser opponents, may be as a subs, fitness permitting.

      For the fear of Mertesacker being tortured by Suarez, it’s about defending as a team. Suarez is the kind of player you can’t defend by one-to-one marking. Someone has to cover Mert’s back.

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      • Suarez will absolutely terrorize Per. For this game he should sit it out – he’s not got the pace for their forwards.

        He’s a mater of cutting out passes, but if he has to catch up to a forward he’s useless. Also – has anyone else noticed just how bad he is on the ball? Half the time he’ll pass back to the keeper (no matter how close the opposition is) and the other half he takes 5 minutes to line up a short pass.

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    • The same logic was used for the home games against Chelsea and Man City, with disastrous Koscielny consequences. Per + Kos/Verm always for me, and Vermaelen being captain dictates that he must start when available.

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  2. 3 points.. Thats all we need from this match.. And maybe a kick up on the goal difference..
    P.S HFB owes us a hat trick

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  3. Saw injury news article coupled with a picture of Cazorla. Panicked for both Arsenal and my fantasy team. Has he had any crocking’s yet? I think no

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  4. “…news ahead of tomorrow night’s game against Liverpool tomorrow night.”


    Good to have the captain back. Hopefully he’s spent some of that recovery time analysing Liverpool’s attack patterns and comes out with some tactful responses. Suarez can be a slippery bugger, it would be good to have mental awareness of how he will move around. Everyone has a mindset, I’m sure his can be mostly figured out and shut down.

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    • I somehow think our slow HFG should be charged with marking saurez around the 18 yard box.. Might be wrong but his reading of a game and players movements is ideal for nullifying a threat like that racist goalkeeper saurez.. My mugsmasher friend ordered a saurez memrobelia shoe and got a glove instead.. Classic

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  5. Vermaelen I feel is slowly getting his old self back. The shaolin old-self, just in time to knock suarez’s half hanging tooth off…..finish the job vermaelen

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  6. Boy I am am looking forward to this game. If they come and play we could be in for a thriller…4-3???
    This should be a real test and with Suarez up front we need to concentrate for the 90
    COYG !!!!

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  7. Could see

    Ramsey, Ox as default subs on 70th minute regardless of score etc……

    I do tend to think that Szcz, Mert, Diaby and to slightly lesser extent Sagna owe us a better performance than in recent games, I know it might be bit harsh on Diaby but he should be proving to us that Wenger has been right about not buying CM for last 3-4years, I gave Sagna bit of lee-way cos he has no protection whatsoever when Walcott ahead of him.

    Would be nice to see Rosicky get a chance on the hour or earlier if need be, he’s still one of our better players at harrying the opposition and driving forwards.

    Come on Arsenal!!

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    • Not buying a CM for the last 3-4 years? Have you heard about a man called Mikel, and has a last name that begins with an A and ends with rteta?

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      • Plus *technically* we bought Rambo and Coquelin 4 years ago.

        I get what they’re saying though, Wenger hasn’t brought in anyone with that kind of power due to Diaby and Song being our ‘power-men’, if Diaby shows he can stay fit then we’ll only need to buy one strong midfielder in the summer.

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      • I think Diaby’s less “power man” and more “power ranger”.
        At the critical moment he transforms into an eight-legged fusion of man and stretcher.

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    • I wouldn’t mind seeing Jack and Aaron starting, could be a future decent partnership. Mainly because I think Diaby just needs to gain some sharpness and fitness; and it would be good to give Aaron a cheeky little run of games.

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  8. Hope Schezechy is practicing how to save penalties… Litterpool are bound to get one thanks to “El Diver” Suarez.

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