Wenger: Barca will not sell David Villa


Arsene Wenger has once again denied that Arsenal could sign David Villa from Barcelona making clear that the Catalan giants don’t want to sell and refusing to confirm whether the player was a target in the first place.

Obviously bored of being asked the same questions about the same player for the third press conference in ten days the boss went out of his way to kill the rumour stone dead.

Asked whether the Spanish striker might moved to the Emirates before the end of the January transfer window, Wenger responded:

“Barcelona doesn’t want to sell David Villa – they have made that very clear.”

Pressed further on the matter, Wenger responded with a curt, “No” when questioned about whether there was any room for manoeuvre in negotiations with Sandro Rosell and his Nou Camp chronies.

Clarifying the state of affairs, while no doubt wanting to tear his hair out, he drew a line under the matter: “I said they don’t want to sell and I didn’t say he was target.”

Arseblog News recognises that when Arsene Wenger denies a transfer rumour it doesn’t necessarily mean there’s no truth in it. We also understand that when the boss publicly declares a fondness for the quality of a player under contract elsewhere it doesn’t represent confirmation that he’s trying to buy said individual.

For headline writers it’s the stuff of dreams.  When a denial doesn’t nip speculation in the bud they effectively have carte blanche to repeat said speculation ad infinitum (Yeah, three languages in one sentence…it’s how we roll).

For us poor sod fans who have little better to do but cling to some faint hope that we might sign the kind of super-tip-top-quality-player that Arsene so often pays lip service it’s a vicious circle of excitement followed by angry disappointment.

The problem is, when Arsene really does go out of his way to kill a link with a player. You know, like really, really, really goes out of his way to say something is not going to happen – like he has today – well, then it’s your own fault if you choose to keep hoping for it anyway…


Quotes from today’s presser from James Olley and John Cross.

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