Wenger essentially rules out January transfers.


Arsene Wenger has hinted this morning that he’s content with the make-up of his squad and that arrivals in January are unlikely.

Although this is bound to send Arsenal fans into meltdown mode, it’s not as if it hasn’t been obvious. It’s January 25th now, we needed players at the start of the month too and if the manager had any intention of adding to the squad he would surely have done it by now – especially given the fixtures that were ahead of us.

So while the admission that he doesn’t like the January window, coupled with the playing down of every player linked with us (ever), is a frustration, it’s surely not a surprise.

“We have two players in every position and that should be basically enough plus the young players we have in behind,” Wenger said at his press conference this morning.

He said there had been no approach for Mohamed Diame, and when asked about David Villa, he said, “We have been linked with Villa, but there’s nothing concrete there. We’re not on the case.”

He further expressed his disdain for the January window by saying that the amount of players a club can buy should be limited (presumably to none), before saying, “It’s a wrong market. The only clubs who sell are in financial trouble and players who move are unhappy. It’s unfair.”

Quite what’s unfair about an open market where anyone can buy anything they want is beyond us, but there you go. Still, there was a chink of light in the increasingly gloomy darkness when he played his ‘you never know’ card which makes people want to believe something’s going to happen.

“But if we find top class players we will never refuse to strengthen our squad,” he said, we assume to peals of laughter.

Arseblog News has long been consigned to the fact that our January spending is likely to amount of £0.00p, so if anything happens before Thursday at 11pm, it’ll be a nice surprise.

Certainly more of one than the manager confirming what we probably knew anyway.

Quotes via @ESPNFC and @JohnCrossMirror


    • True, but the Wenger apologists will always find a way to absolve Wenger when it comes to transfers and direct it all to the board.

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      • Don’t think I will this time. I think it might be our man’s final season.
        But I do feel our board are a bunch of greedy knob jockeys. Would be curious to know the dividends release for the last 2 years.

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      • of course they apologists will find a reason to tell us, it is not his fault, what we would do withou him, judge him in May and most of all he has not lost his touch after 8 years. Some might as well say wait for the FFP. What is the point if we don’t spend the money we have!!!!. The apologist and Arsene already moved the goal post from the FFP to compete, to the new “Brit youth project” to look forward to in the next 5 years, and keep him collecting money for himself and Stand.

        Arsene IS the problem..

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      • Dividends haven’t been paid – they’ve not ever been recommended by the board (see: http://www.arsenal.com/the-club/corporate-info/arsenal-holdings-financial-results) . Lest someone says that they might have taken out money on the sly, it’s notable that would be against the Transparency Rules under which Arsenal Holdings plc is subject. It’s not the board directors being “greedy” – maybe they’re “parsimonious” but not “greedy”.

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      • You have to question the way he has handled press conferences in the window here. He is essentially managing fans expectations every time he has a presser, and his is managing them as if he is oblivious to general opinion. Does he not have a staff member informing him, helping him avoid saying things which he obviously has no idea are inflammatory?! Just play it down for gods sake, don’t spin the same old yarn.

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    • Wenger is playing a dangerous game.

      The thing is, we might have finished outside the top four even if we had signed 2 or 3 players, but in that case we would have been able to say, “well, at least we did everything we could…”

      Now, however, if we don’t make the top four–a very real possibility–what can we say in defence of his actions this January?

      Wenger is a complete donkey, if you ask me, but hey, I guess we should wait until May before bringing on the knives.

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      • It was obvious last summer where we are going. But I am happy that he extended lot s of contracts with our young players so that means that he s counting on the next season or more probably 2014/2015.
        Although I do agree that by not signing anybody to replace rvp and song, Wenger is playing a very dangerous game.

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    • I agree
      What a load of rubbish he spouts. Teams clearing out injured and players they no longer want.
      Was thos the case for Man U buying Zaha from Crystal Palace?
      You mean to say we haven’t got £15, 000, 000

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  1. Same old same old, it’s unfair because a) they can’t sign anyone if they don’t have 2 months to go for the cheapest option and b) nobody want to buy our rejects at our prices.

    Oh so unfair 🙁

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  2. It’s like waking up on Christmas day to see a bike shaped wrapping under the tree, and opening to find out it’s a cardboard tube.

    I don’t care what happens as long as we finish at least fourth and get the FA cup!!!!!!
    (maybe champo leaguo, that would be nice)

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  3. Can’t tell if I should believe him or not cause I can’t remember the last time he told us the truth regarding transfers.

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    • Well, if they don’t buy they should reduce the ‘king ticket prices. I can’t see any decent excuse for charging those exorbitant prices now we have improved commercial deals, money stuffed to one side, part of the debt as debentures, etc. if they’re not going to spend it.

      I don’t earn bad money, but it’s pretty sickening to be looking at £100+ for one person for a day out to the Cat A games, if it doesn’t actually benefit the playing squad when there is enough to spare.

      Normally I try not to be too concerned, but it’s getting ridiculous.

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  4. A failure to secure Champions league football next year will make his position untenable if this is his stance.

    We’re one or two injuries from using completely unwanted players like Arshavin/Squillaci or heaping a hell of a lot of pressure on shoulders of youngsters we should be protecting. Don’t understand it at all.

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  5. What he says is unfair is that thos clubs who’ve played pre-window newcastle twice have essentially played a different team.

    1)There will be another arsenal player by the end of the window

    2) this team and these players are better than the blogosphere is prepared to credit.

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    • Agreed completely. Arsene seems to constantly be going on about how difficult it is to buy in January, yet we have seen plenty of teams make moves – Newcastle did what they needed to do (heck, they’ve signed four players in two days), West Ham brought in three or four, and these are not big budget teams.

      What frustrates and confuses me is when Arsene talked about ‘finding’ exceptional talent, and ‘looking very hard’ for these players. Shouldn’t this be something that is essentially done BEFORE the January transfer window?!? Don’t get me wrong – I am sure we have full time scouts working their butts off, but it seems that in the last few windows especially we have been going all out at the end, if at all, kind of desperate and confused. I don’t see why we couldn’t have been going into January 1st ready and loaded to buy, having found those exceptional players long before the final minute.

      Unless, of course, there was never any intention to buy at all..

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      • 1) Newcastle aren’t in for the likes of Cavini or Villa so making that comparison is utterly pointless.

        2) Do you work in Arsenal’s scouting department? If not what gives you the qualification to talk about how long they’ve been tracking any given player?

        3) I’m not sure if you realise that buying players isn’t like going into a corner shop and picking up some milk and a Mars bar – in January especially there is the fact that clubs don’t actually want to sell their best players, that players they do want to sell are unhappy and/or not all that good anyway and that prices are ridiculous compared to summer because everyone knows that buying players in Jan is a sign of desperation.

        This should be common knowledge!

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      • Quite agree and Newcastle have bought two ‘exceptional’ players, a right back and a centre back – that’s assuming by ‘exceptional’ he means the type of exceptional the non-super-rich can afford. I can understand him having had doubts over Ba – the unreliable knee. I can understand M’Vila: maybe Wenger talked to him on the phone, hoping he’d be humbly begging for a chance to save his career but M’Vila just said he’d wouldn’t mind coming if the wages were high enough because preferred London’s night life to that of Rubin Kazan. But Mapou? No health problems, no attitude problems there – quite the opposite. Why he wasn’t a bargain at 6-7m is a mystery to me.

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      • @Thereisbearcum: we weren’t in for Cavini [sic] either so you’re comparison is no better. Even if we had been trying for him, we’d have had as much chance as of getting Van Persie back from United. Cavani hasn’t been in our price range for at least a couple of years. Napoli don’t want to sell. They are second in the table so why would he want to leave them for a team not even in the top four? Rumours are, Bayern are looking to get him in the summer and they, in contrast to us, could be a move he’ll find tempting. Ba, however, was in our price range and, if his knee holds up, he’d have been a helpful addition. M’vila and Mapou were very much in our price range.

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      • I am surprised at all the talk of Villa – he is older than TH was when we sold him, and was never as good. Strikers at 31 are at the very least, rapidly approaching their sell by date. Villa certainly is, he rarely if ever starts at Barcelona. He is coming to the end of his career.

        Will Atletico sell Adrian Lopez when they are second in La Liga, and ahead of Real? Will Napoli sell Cavani when they are just 5 points off the pace in Serie A? Seriously? What do you think?

        We need to get some perspective I think – and we do not need second tier signings at Arsenal.

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      • Dave Gooner its quite difficult to shift messi out of the barca side. Forgive me his birth certifacate is a problem for you but i reckon a name like that would be greatly received by our fan base.

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      • @thereisbearcum

        your excuse for defending wenger is as funny as the excuses of wenger.

        1, Arsenal will buy Cavani or even try to bid for him, we all know arsenal cant pay the big salary these players demands.
        2, Newastle bought players as if they were picking Mars bars from the super market counter and among those players few are quite good.
        3, No one has the capacity to judge how the scouting area is covered in arsenal, and you cant defend them also. If the so called scouting departemnt was as good as you advocate, they would have recognised our problems, had a huge list of players to fill in the gaps in our team and all these should havr happened before the transfer window not during it. So IMHO, our scouting departement are all in need of a letter of contract termination.
        4, You say buying players is not easy as picking candy bars in supermarket. Let me tell you one thing my friend no one said buying players is easy thing but its not rocket science also. Arsenal makes every transfer look like a man landing on the moon and we fans are so deprived in transfer windows, we have to applaud it with standing ovation whether we are buying santos or park or giroud or poldi. Because its better to have any signings then no signings at all.
        There is a saying ” when there is the will, there is the way”. its a matter of how desperate you are to see your team fight for trophies rather then for the 4th place. Its matter of vision, desire, attitude and need to strive for excellence. When SAF heard RVP was available he bought a 29 yer old for a hell lot of money. And when reporters asked him why- reply was simple because they wanted a top quality striker very badly and were willing to PAY THE PRICE.
        I used to be a “wenger knows” guy but know I’ve serious doubts. And when fans start coming up with comical explanation to protect the manager, my frustration multiplies 10 times. we are not against wenger, got nothing personal against him but the way he is taking everything so casually or hyper optimistically by simply ignoring the obvious and scandolously questioning the moral and intelligence of his anti. Its simply amazing what wenger is doing is being copied by his blind supporters.
        When are the people going to accept the reality. Just when is arsenal going to be taken seriously again, never unless the attitude changes.

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      • I guess you haven’t figured it out yet. Arsene uses words such as ‘exceptional’ top top top’ and ‘quality’ so that when the transfer window is closed and we haven’t signed anyone, he can say those type of players were not available. Its easy. He aint called Le Prof for nowt!

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      • There’s more chance of us getting Aston Villa than David.

        Expect a promising kid from the continent who can’t get a work permit.

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      • Hey you @THEREISBEARCUM, your posts are very often full of shit. Calm your hate, you are among arsenal people,…. or you are not so found of the club?

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        Firstly, do you realise how utterly hypocritical your first two points are – telling me ‘who we’re in for’, and then deriding me for making any opinion about anything because I’m not an Arsenal scout…

        Secondly, I think you missed my point entirely. All I was point out is that I am sure we are doing a lot of work behind the scenes – is this so scandalous to say without being ‘in the know’? Uh.. You really need to calm down, dude. This is a forum for discussion and opinion. I didn’t realise I needed a qualification to post here..

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  6. No, not a surprise. Still, this stuff about the Jan window being bad and unfair is just a new page from the ever-lengthening excuses manual. Its terrible badness and unfairness hasn’t stopped him before (Reyes, Arshavin).

    Wenger has always been reluctant to buy even unfortunately in the good and fair window, but these days he’s taking it to new lengths. Could it be because he’s lost confidence in his own judgement? Or because he’s thinking of retiring in the summer? Anyone got a theory?

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    • I think he just genuinely believes in the players that he’s got.

      And that he would buy a player or two if they became available at the right price.

      If you take his press conferences literally, his reasoning is fairly coherent. Not saying that I agree with him, but he’s not exactly speaking in riddles.

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      • Yes, he possibly does believe in them, but he’s recently admitted himself that fourth place is looking increasingly doubtful, which you’d think would make him question that belief just a little. I mean, it’s not like they’re a team of immensely promising 17-year-olds who’ll morph into Messis in a couple of years. They’re old-ish players who are going to deteriorate and get more injury-prone.

        Last year he admitted he was astonished that we got third but he still didn’t significantly strengthen in the nice fair August window. Without Van P’s goals and Walcott’s assists we’d have finished in the bottom half last season and we’ve lost one of them and came close to losing the other. I wouldn’t be astonished if we lost Vermaelen and Sagna in the summer.

        I dunno, it’s getting like an illness with him, no other word for it.

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      • His belief in these players are quite hyper optimistic with a large dose of fantasy and “how I wish it was true” syndrome.
        Belief is one thing but wht wenger is doing is called blind faith.
        For some years,wenger has managed to jump off a cliff and miraculously had soft landings. But he shouldn’t push his luck too much with these erratic bunch of players. When his luck runs out, he will be hanging very high and very dry with no one to cover his ass.
        He still thinks we have 2 players for each role. Awwwww! Someone should wake him up very gently so that shock of the reality wont hurt him.

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      • @Miranda

        Sure, it’s an older team than before, but it’s still full of young and developing players. Walcott, Wilshere, Ramsey, Chamberlain, Gibbs, Coquelin are likely to be the base of the 1st X1 over the next few years. Fair enough, our centrebacks aren’t kids, but they’re probably coming into their peak years (late 20s to early 30s in that position I’d say). And Giroud is a late developer, so I’d expect him to keep improving.

        And of the rest, nobody’s particularly old (although Arteta is possibly in a slow decline). We have literally no veterans.

        Think your narrative about an ageing and creaky team is a bit wrong.

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    • I think he has løst confidence in his own judgement . Look at møst of his signings the last 5 years and all the players that have moved out.

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    • I think that Arsenal wants to spend big this summer, however, how big depends on the CL qualification. There is probably a budget independent of CL qualification but Wenger would rather spend it on the player he wants than the player he can get right now, hence no action.

      Some rumours that we are lining up Mats Hummels for this summer… But we really need a backup striker right now, Ba I say, Ba!

      I hear Darren Bent is still available…(just kidding, really)

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  7. In his defense, players are a bit fickle: they prefer to stay fit in January and get injured for the rest of the season next month.
    We could have done with an experienced, bench-warming CB and an all-round offensive player, though.

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  8. Two players for each position?

    Some of these guys he hardly ever plays.

    Also the reasons for not buying in January are piss poor and just an excuse not to buy.

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    • I agree, he talks about it only being clubs with financial problems that sell now as if that is a reason not to buy – isn’t that how we managed to get Santi?

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  9. I think he plays a special game with himself, where he decides who he wants to buy but if the press guess who it is before the deal’s done he drops out. If he can complete a transfer that nobody has guessed beforehand he buys a longer, puffier coat.
    “Huntelaar… damn they got me! I like Zaha…oh not again, no I never wanted him! Maybe Villa? Jesus, will they ever let me surprise the arsenal fans?!?”

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  10. There were few who were holding on to hope that there would be a few players in. It looks like there will be none. But it is The Arsenal, you grit your teeth and you cheer them on.

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  11. Hate to say this but think wengers time is up. He must be living in dreamworld that he thinks the performance against WHU, was enough for him to realise that no further reinforcements is needed. This season against the “top 3 teams” we’ve played 5.. Won:ZERO.. Drawn:ONE.. Lost:FOUR.. Says it all really. At this rate we wont get 4th place.. Wenger uve got 6 days to save the season, sort it out…please!!!

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    • Jason I agree with you but i’m flabbergasted that you’ve already has 3 against
      probably the “In Arsene we trust” so called Gooners who still can’t see that we’re heading down a very slippery slope after nearly 8 years winning nowt. They’ll keep on saying those now yawnsome words, “In Arsene we trust” in another 8 years time if something isn’t done a bout it…….Wenger out for the sake of our beloved club…………

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  12. Tiered of his lies now. Why on Earth did he shorten his press conference to say that “I have transfer business to do”? :/

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    • That’s a good question. He’s either mental or wants as little details made public (which is what he said the other day “Peorhaps je suis crayzee ou peorhaps c’est le strategie he he he”; actually, I mean the bit about fines and his little rant about journalists being sneaky little hobbitses and asking tricky questions). Perhaps he keeps quiet so he doesn’t generate interest from other teams for his targets. Or perhaps he’s just giggling maniacally in the office while reading our reactions on the arseblog (“Le gunneour fools beolieve eveorythinge I saye he he he”).

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    • Winding up the press?
      I suspect every man jack of ’em heard that, went; “Fuck! Which rumour have I missed?” and went off to make something up quickly.

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    • Pretty sure that he was just giving a wry “sign-off” after getting the inevitable questions about transfers, not providing a literal statement of what the next item in his diary was…

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    • He was so pleased with the West Ham performance that he ran out early to cancel the deals he had almost completed on new players.

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    • He is doing business. He’s sent out a few players on loan. I don’t think we would mine if he found clubs to loan a few youngsters too, or maybe even a sale. He’ll certainly hear a lot of wining about how such and such is getting a check.

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  13. I am at a loss for words. I’m sure he said ‘we would be very busy in January.’ More fool me, he must have meant busy signing Theo

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    • We have been quite busy, just look at our match schedule! I’ve also been busy fixing my coat and denying everything I’m asked. What’s that? No, there’s never been anything wrong with my coat.

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  14. I may be alone here, but somedays I hope for another 8-2 score line, because I remember when we lost that game 8-2, i was thinking ‘just let this score line get out of hand and embarrassing, because it will force Arsene Wengers hand in the transfer market” and it did.
    I never like to see the Gunners loose, but some times I feel, for the long term sake of our club, e.g. the ability to compete for cups and go higher then 4th every year in the league, that we need to be beaten embarrassingly because that seems to be the only way that Arsene Wenger see’s that there is a problem. We can all see that the squad worked great against West Ham.
    Bargains were there to be had, Demba Ba for example, yes he’s the same as Giroud, but surely if Giroud got injured, you’d want a similar player to step in so that its not so much of a burden on the team.
    Sorry for the rant

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  15. Gutted.. I feared this when the we didn’t sign anyone before Man City games. After that, he will be busy preparing for games with three days in between. Even if he could still do it, I agree with blog that he would done it at the start of the season. It would be a great feats to get 4th position and in itself, it’s a weak ambition. He should think not just for that, but for actually competing for the best trophies.

    On another note, Sorry Blogs to reply in this post. I use Google Chroome. I tried Internet Explorer and I still can’t post “arse” in your “home blog”. I don’t know why I can’t do it even though I have logged in.

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  16. I am beginning to think the AW we knew has been replaced some seasons ago by a clone who is programmed by the board. He says the same things and acts exactly the same way every season. I wonder what happened to the real AW?

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    • Perhaps Daniel Levy has friends at the Impossible Mission Force and they used that Face changer gizmo to swap Arsene with Christian Gross.

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  17. Thumb me down all you like people but as a self confessed AKB with the verbal and written bashings to prove it, i’m sorry but he’s lost it.
    Fair enough we have two players for each position but its the quality of those players thats the problem.
    Hold on folks, its going to be a very bumpy ride.

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  18. So predictable. After our 10 minutes of greatness vs West Ham, no way that Arsene would plunk down cash for players.

    But really, who has been bought by any other club in January that would improve our squad? (Besides Demba Ba…)

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  19. Oh well. I just hope we’ll make it into the top 4 with what we have. Our first team is certainly good enough, and in the second half of the season they should be able to get into a higher gear now that they had time to gel.

    Just can’t imagine we’ll be able to field our first team consistently. There’s gonna be SOME kind of injury disaster on one position like we have annually. 10/11 The Great Centre Back Crisis, or 11/12 The Great Full Back Crisis.

    This year? The Great Striker Crisis? Please Olivier, take care of your back!

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  20. I’m not completely buying this.. I still think we might see a new arrival, just making sure we get the right price and player! don’t want another 15 million Russian meerkat

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    • I think that meerkat scored 4 in one match and played a big part in finishing in a CL position. So i wouldnt mind a signing…
      Too bad he didnt keep that form up

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  21. realistically we have 2 per position in all but centre forward. Unless you count walcott and poldi as back up there. In terms of mid field we have 8 players for 3 spots. Of those eight I would fully trust 7. In defence 3 really good full backs and 3 good centre backs. 4 wingers for two spots.
    But in all seriousness we need one more striker

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  22. So bored of the same old sh1t every year. Hello Europa League and goodbye to the few decent places that we’ve got left. Wenger blatantly has shares relating to company profits in my view and he is just lining his pockets while the team sinks further and further behind.

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    • please read anything arsenal related before you make that sort of comment. if you do you will see Arsenal FC pays NO dividend of any sort to anyone.

      Not Wenger, not Kroenke, no one.

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    • I agree with this eloquent gentleman’s flawless logic. It would be so much better if we were miserable, envious fools who ran the club at a loss but bought the most expensive players. Like Hazard, the future, not that fool Podolski (hint: compare stats). Why can’t we buy titles just like everyone else? And Ronaldo. And Falcao. Why? Whyyy?

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    • Finishing in the top 4 will be very important if we’re to attract some top players in the summer with the extra cash we’re getting from Fly Emirates (£30mil a season).

      He may regret his decision. We may hate the fact that he’s so stubborn about his transfer policy. But the fact is he rarely creates these rumors about players we might buy. That’s the media touching the collective Gooner nerve.

      We’ll see where we are come the summer and see how the board react. Maybe they’ll SUCK Arsene along with you.

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      • Just sayin… but does anybody actually believe Silent Stan will let AW anywhere near the Fly Emirates £30mm cash to use for summer transfers? By definition, and “asset-stripper” will look to maximise profits – which means to POCKET any and all increases in income.

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      • Speaking to the person posting above me: say what you like about Kroenke and his (lack of) interest in Arsenal’s affairs, but he hasn’t drained the club dry. The only money Kroenke “pocketed” from the club last year was a £25,000 director’s fee. Arsenal doesn’t pay dividends, so he does not take a slice of “any and all increases in income”.

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      • All this he don’t take dividends talk is so tired now, no he doesn’t at he moment because there is very little profit other than form constant player sales.
        But when asked if the club will continue with the no dividend policy at the last Agm gazidis just wouldn’t say, so assume when the club get these big deals from sponsorship that is exactly what will happen.
        Stan will change the policy and dividends will be payed.

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    • Wow man this is an arsenal blog and not a gay blog, you may want to send a private message about you wanting to suck him, we don’t judge people here but try and be decent about it

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  23. What did I say 2 Dayys ago on on this blog. 0 transferes. He thinks theres no need cos the last game went well. Maybe he should look back to when we played Burnley!

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  24. If Arsenal don’t buy then at least sell those not up to it: Squillaci, Santos, Fabinski, etc. Arsene could attempt Joel Campbell’s application for the PL. Could also recall Ryo.

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    • the ‘buy’ and ‘sell’ you mention here are inter-linked… Wenger cannot ‘buy’ anyone until he frees up space on the wage-bill from ‘selling’ Squillaci, Djourou, Fabiasnki, Meerkat, Chamakh etc. Problem is, we cannot even GIVE AWAY these players even for free because their wages are too high compared to what their worth. even when we loan out Djourou and Chamakh, the deal doesn’t work unless AFC subsidizes a good chunk of the wages.

      on the BRIGHT side, maybe this is why Wenger is so cautious – he’s to eager to avoid making similar mistakes and thereby adding to the list of ‘deadwood’.

      the three summer signings (who all happened to score in the WHU 5-1 victory) don’t come under the ‘deadwood’ category IMO. a this rate, in 2-3years all the ‘deadwood’ will be gone then perhaps we can make those 1 or 2 GBP20-30mm signings that do the trick for AFC!

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      • Totally agree but I think Wenger will force the issue sooner rather than later. (Fingers crossed).

        Even with the players that people would consider world class, you can’t tell how they react/change to the EPL. At the time, there was no one in the world I would’ve rather bought than Arsh. He was incredible at first but now just takes his deadwood pay cheque and looks cute.

        There is noway to foresee this, so its always a gamble buying a player. Wenger has had his fingers burnt so many times in recent times, its no wonder he’s shy in the market.

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  25. I am affraid you are going to have to get used to this, now we have the £30m per year from Emeraties, we dont even need to finish in the CL slots for Stan to get his profit each year. Pur club will not speculate to acumilate.
    Priority one is profit not results

    Thumb up 7 Thumb down 6

    • Yeah dont get much of an argument there. It seems obvious that the main reason for extending several contracts was simply because we may not make top four this season and now tied down they wont be leaving. some of the deadwood will thankfully be running out of contract. All seems that safety measures have been put in for next season. Bit depressing really

      Thumb up 0 Thumb down 3

      • Pessimism at its finest.

        The profit you think they’re profiting has now virtually paid off the stadium. This is the first step in our new era. Debt free with an ability to spend again. A little trimming of the squad and some lovely shiny signings and we’ll be there again. Mark my words.

        I know this angers people but you need a little patience and perspective.

        At least we’re not that ball boys rib cage, or worse Tottenham.

        Thumb up 4 Thumb down 0

      • Optimism at it’s finest.

        Tired of hearing about that idiots ribs. Can’t stand chelski and there over paid pricks but the little fat idiot deserved it.

        Thumb up 2 Thumb down 2

  26. No surprises! But its understandable, some players are cup tied and others wouldn’t want to leave their clubs midway. I respect that.

    Victo Wanyama for example would be great for us, but its his first time in the Champions league with Celtic. It wouldn’t be right to leave and not play in the Champs league with us.

    Our squad is okay. We do not need additions to further add to our gelling upheavals. Truth be told, i would have loved some class additions, but if there are none, am willing to settle for what we have.


    Thumb up 6 Thumb down 12

    • If we get 4th and the FA Cup! Keep dreaming, one good result against a poor West Ham and suddenly everything’s ok. The table doesn’t lie, and all the other big teams are still in the FA Cup. Arsenal need a couple of quality signings now, even if they provide cover for the rest of this season and bed in for next.

      Thumb up 10 Thumb down 1

    • There’s being a loyal fan then there’s you, stupidly blind with faith. I love Arsenal a little less than life itself but the board and Wenger are taking the piss with us now, taking us for fools and stringing us along. We DESPERATELY need signings to compete our squad is threadbare ans lacking quality

      Thumb up 3 Thumb down 3

  27. Why the fuck did he weaken our squad by loaning players out if he didn’t want to sign anybody? I’ve stood by Wenger to now, but seriously, he’s thrown the club by the road here. Our team isn’t good enough but we had a chance to make the top four by signing players because Tottenham haven’t been good either.
    I’m afraid this means he has to go. We’re not going to make the top four this season and he can’t be relied upon to make the changes required to improve the team anymore. i don’t know who should replace him, but even a mediocre manager who is willing to buy decent players to improve the squad is better than a good one who isn’t. That’s the reality of the market and I can’t believe that Wenger can’t see that when everyone else is able to.

    Thumb up 10 Thumb down 4

    • Also he says we have two players in every position disregarding youth players, but this is blatantly untrue. Not good ones at least. Who’s our fourth centre back? Squid? Our second striker? Walcott? But he’s also our first choice on the right! So one injury (or even a drop in form) immediately means that we’re short in two areas!

      Thumb up 21 Thumb down 1

      • Isn’t it obvious?
        POS – 1st Choice – 2nd Choice
        ST – Giroud – Ramsey
        LW – Podolski – Ramsey
        RW – Walcott – Ramsey
        MC – Jack – Ramsey

        Thumb up 17 Thumb down 1

    • Loaning Chamack probably strengthened us. LOL.

      Shame about Djourou though, I liked him as a player. Got a lot of stick playing as a right back when he’s only ever going to be a CB.

      Thumb up 16 Thumb down 0

    • ‘weaken’ the squad? now that we’re out of the Capital One Cup there was no chance of CHAMAKH playing a single minute for the club. and that game when two of Mertesacker/Vermaalen/Koscienley were ineligble and we needed emergency replacement, it was Sebastian Squilacci who got the call-up, not DJOUROU – which shows just how much confidence Wenger has in him!

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  28. When has Wenger ever been truthful about transfers?i think the David Villa rumour has substance and that he’ll make a late bid for him to try and force Barca’s hand.If we haven’t signed anyone by next Thursday,then i’d be very worried.

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  29. I have said all along that if he thought we had enough quality and that he did not think we needed to strengthen in key areas (forward, midfield) then his position must be questioned (really hurts saying that) and I would still stand by that, we are most certainly standing still, this is not acceptable.

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  30. i think it kind of makes sense because he doesn’t want to sign people who simply want out, they must also want to join us. it seems to me that now he has more priority on how committed the player will be, and not just how good they’ll play.

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  31. At the end of the day, if the option 1 he wants cant move till the summer, id rather we wait till then instead of buying option 2 or 3. Im fed up of mediocre signings. I want world beaters.
    Anyway, listening to him, just sounds like he is putting people off the trail. I think he will makea signing. As long as its right for he team.
    I mean look. Diame looks good, but is there better out there…yes. Is Villa good. Yes. But theres better long term strikers out there.

    I trust i Wengers judgement, as hes been managing longer than most.

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    • ‘World beaters’ like when he signed whom, in the last howevermany years? And I don’t mean ‘future world beaters’.

      The idea that option 2 or 3 would be a bad call has been consistently disproven when:
      a. teams worse & poorer than us snap up ‘mediocre signings’ which strengthen their squads
      b. we eventually panic buy (good point earlier on about the man u 8-2) ‘mediocre’ long-term premiership players like Arteta… who’s been our MVP

      If you look at where our goals were coming from in 2010/11, and map our current squad onto those players:
      1. chamakh got 11 goals and we don’t have anyone in that role any more (i’ve accounted for walcott & giroud & podolski)
      2. owing to lack of reinforcements, a productive-ish arshavin now never plays, i.e. one less player
      3. (less relevant to this bit) the ox now isn’t getting as many goals as theo did then, and our mids (arteta, rambo, jack, diaby, coquelin, rosicky) are getting very few.

      So, yes Arsene, the team gelling and ageing will see more goals from the mids and slightly more from the strikers, we’re still one striker short.
      And one central defender.
      And would it hurt to buy/loan a decent commanding defensive midfielder to rotate with Diaby & Coquelin? If he becomes surplus to requirements but has done ok we can sell at a profit and he’s helped ease Diaby & Coquelin into the squad without risking their rustyness lead directly to lost games.
      I’m looking at you Abou Diaby, you lazy incompetent fvck.

      (2010/11 used rather than last season as it’s more representative of our ‘usual’ season whereby our goals are spread around more)

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  32. Poor decision, in my eyes. If we make top four and manage the FA Cup, then I’ll be happy to eat my words, but it’s unlikely.

    Jesus, what happens if we get a few injuries? If he blames injuries for us not making the CL spots, I think I’ll literally ignite with fury.

    *sigh* Great victory on Wednesday, this today… to be a Gooner.

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  33. *Yaawnnn*

    Oh, on other news; ManUre sign Saha as off next season.
    But we? Nooooo we don’t need anybody…we’ve got 2 players covering each position. I forgot how awesome our bench is -_-“

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  34. im so disapointed that he hasn’t gone for zaha. an actual arsenal fan, talented and british too. i think its a big miss

    Thumb up 8 Thumb down 2

  35. Look at blog on 24/Jan@6:36pm read and weep all those that thumbed down in disagreement. 0 players coming on board this January.

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  36. Christ can some of you learn what support means!

    Wenger is right not to spend money if he doesn’t think the right player is available for the right price.

    Its like some of you are transfer junkies and need the short lived buzz a new signing gives even if said player turns out to be shit…

    But then your get to moan about it.. which seems like another hobby.

    Thumb up 10 Thumb down 24

    • You will rue your words when we fail to qualify into the CL. Whos saying that we need anyone, we need a RVP replacent.Walcot is not a replacement. ZAHA may have been but we wont know now will we!

      Thumb up 1 Thumb down 8

    • Massive difference between ‘support’ and ‘blindly follow’, mate.

      Instead of typing a long tirade, let me ask you this – in the game against the chavs, where we were 2-0 down, who on the bench had scored more than 1 goal this season and thus could possibly change the game?

      Yeah. Exactly.

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  37. billiybibbob – I think he did go for Zaha but did not offer enough money, one week he said we were looking at him and the next we were never in for him…sounds like Utd might have bid more than us!

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  38. Two players on each position… let’s see:
    Szczesny – ok
    Fabianski – mr injury
    Mannone – i guess mid-table teams got a better second choice goalkeepers
    Sagna – ok
    Jenkinson – showed some nice performance, still young, i wish we had better replacement but for Arsenal nowdays decent enough.
    Gibbs – ok
    Santos – not really a defender, more like a player between LB and LWF
    Mertesacker – ok
    Vermalen – ok
    Koscielny – ok
    Squilacii – disaster, and right now we’re in position that’s our first defender in case of some accident with Kos and Mert – SCARY.

    Ramsey, Arteta, Coquelin – all decent enough on that position
    Wilshere – ok
    Diaby – would be great if not working part-time at Arsenal Medical Center
    Cazorla – ok
    Rosicky – same as Diaby
    Walcott – ok
    AOC – still young, but much potential, same situation as for a RB, i could wish for better replacement but it’s good enough for Arsenal nowdays.
    Podolski – ok
    Gervinho – He’s form is terrible, and i don’t really think that’s the form is the main issue, i think he just don’t fit to Arsenal system. Can’t pass really quick enough, can’t make decisions quickly, slowing things down, winning corners by always the same dribble.
    Giroud – ok, but with all the love i have for him i still think he should be second choice striker, as a target man, and the first choice striker should be someone like Villa (Aguero, Van Persie) who scores a lot of goals and can play towards the goal.

    We all know that Podolski and Walcott can play CF, same as Wilshere and Cazorla can switch positions but i didnt want to mess up conclusion.

    In overall i think Arsene is mostly right, we do have 2 players on each position, except CF where somebody like Villa would be a massive boost for Arsenal (but that kind of transfers are so unlikely that only journalist believes it).
    Some CB which could push back Squilacii of the squad would be nice too.

    Thumb up 15 Thumb down 13

    • We’re short in defence. With Verm injured, another injury to either Kos, Mert or Gibbs would mean we’re in trouble. But I’m pretty sure Arsene knows.

      Thumb up 3 Thumb down 3

    • You’re having a laugh if you think Ramsey, Arteta and Coquelin can be our DMs. Ramsey hardly does anything good on the pitch, offensively and defensively, Coquelin is inexperience and he’s a backup DM at best, while Arteta has great technical skills, he’s not a natural DM and will lose out to teams that are more physical.

      Thumb up 6 Thumb down 25

  39. Two players in each postion eh? Odd that I was called upon versus Chelski then.

    Think that not strengthening the squad is a big mistake, doubt we’ll make top four. Who cares if we have got two players in every position when they are injured or not good enough.

    Hope I’m wrong.

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  40. Bottom-line our scouting network is lame and Arsene Wenger is no longer able to persuade people to join the club. If he really did hate this window so much, he would’ve flashed the “CLOSED” board right at the start of January. I presume, he was not able to persuade anyone of real quality,..but,….you never know!

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    • Ah…..right…..I get it.
      Sorry, I thought for a moment there you meant we’d just signed Carroll and Torres and I felt terribly depressed.

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    • Luis Suarez bought in January, bit a of a git, but what a player.

      Do we forget that Asharvin saved our season a four years ago?

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  41. I think Wenger’s reasoning is that new players don’t guarantee the top 4, plus if we make it having spent people won’t think it’s a great achievement. But if we make top 4 without spending he can turn around and say ‘I made the CL AND made another profit over the season. What’s more, with these players people said weren’t good enough, I proved you all wrong again! ‘

    I don’t agree with it, it’s unambitious and wrongheaded and not in the interests of AFC but I believe that’s how Wenger thinks these days, and has for some time. He ties his own hands behind his back and says ‘Look what I did with my hands tied behind my back’.

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  42. I don’t get it, almost all Arsenal blogs and those who regularly commented here said they are tired with Arsene’s lies and excuses. But when others suggested Arsene to be sacked, they got a thumbs down. So how?

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  43. It is so depressing at times that I’m an Arsenal fan. The pressure here in Nigeria is much different than it is elsewhere because we all watch football together here,arsenal,manU,man city,liverpool,chelsea e.t.c. It is unbearable how so many other fans inflict pains on me by tongue lashing me about Arsenal’s dip in competion for trophies. Wenger is not helping matters and I always wonder how he sleeps at night. Everything is failing and if u don’t agree with that then look at the trophy room of arsenal for the past 8 years.. Wow,did I just type that? 8 years. Arsenal only retains its glory on paper and not on the football pitch anymore. I hope Cazorla,Wilshere,Walcott,Giroud,Verminator won’t regret ever putting their pen to paper signing for arsenal. We will crash out of the champions league,Spurs will finish above us,we won’t qualify for next years champs league,we won’t win a trophy this season.

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    • Yeah you guys don’t really do banter eh?
      Few laughs in your direction and you comandeer a bus and make for them, foot to the floor.

      Thumb up 1 Thumb down 1

    • I can understand…history is all we have at the moment right now…apart from manu,liverpool…others should not get their heads up so soon…we have 13 championship trophies till now…city and chelski have just gone up in this decade, and if it wasn’t for the damned petro$, things could have been very different.
      Right now, what the club needs is support.

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  44. Words fail they really do.
    I really thought given this godawful season that we were praying this malnourished nag would make it to Fort January where the cavalry was waiting. Now it turns out we’re foregoing the welcoming safety of Fort January and it’s abundance of fighting fit troops and plodding on to Fort May which is another four months journey away?? With provisions running out fast and the nag whinnying in terror every step of the way.
    That’s one insane, reckless, stubborn fucking cowboy.
    Gotta fear for his scalp.

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  45. If we don’t sign anyone then it’s a dereliction of duty. We’ve let this rumble on for the last 4 years never making the signings when needed. We bemoan our injury ‘luck’ but is it any surprise when we play players into the ground because we have no other options. I have always stood by Arsene but I’m worn out of listening to the same cliches and contradictions. He seems to have forgotten that football is about excitement and achievement. I really can’t bear another boring groundhog season where the only difference is our expectations are lowered further. I’m waiting for ‘our minimum acheivement should be European Football’ statement as opposed to Champions league football.

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  46. This isn’t even a rant, as I’ve long since accepted that there will be no new signings this month, and if there are, what a lovely bonus. Having said that…….

    The whole club needs a seismic boot up the arse, and the only way I can see it happening is with a change at board level. I don’t know if just a change in manager is enough, and that’s not in any way shape or form to defend AW at this point.

    I can just quite easily see the board continuing not to put pressure on whoever the manager is to spend money, which they should be doing, as ultimately all this new cash that’s coming in will emerge as profit, which will increase the share price, which increases the investment value.

    And if the current board don’t decide to go down the dividend route in the near future, I’ll be fuckin gobsmacked.

    To pay the prices we do to watch a team fielded by a club whose ambition seems to be to finish in the top 4 is disgusting.

    We should be aiming to win the league, and bust a gut to do so, using all the resources at our disposal in order to try and achieve that, and as a consequence, if you finish 4th, ok, you’d be disappointed, but you’d have had a go, and as a supporter, I’d accept that.

    But to see 4th as some kind of great out-turn from a season, for the 6th richest club in the world, from a club that brought the world The Invincibles and even until relatively recently was consistently up there challenging for the title, is totally unacceptable as a measure of success.

    And I’ll feel the same even if we do finish 4th this season, as that should never represent a successful season for a club like The Arsenal.

    End of non-rant.

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      • Baffles me as well mate.

        I know next to nothing about US sports and how the revenue etc operates, and I know there’ll be plenty on here who do, but is the revenue more guaranteed over there, so there’s not as much motivation to invest in a team?

        I just see people constantly pointing out how shit Kroenke’s sides have become over there, but if there’s not a pressing need to invest, why should he give a shit?

        So has no-one shown Stan the financial difference that success here makes? Even something as simple and as vast as the difference between QUALIFYING for the Champions League group stage (€8.6m) and WINNING the Europa League (€3m).

        It’s madness.

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      • I honestly believe that stan doesn’t give a toss about the fans or wether they turn up or not, American sports from what I gather is dependent almost entirely on tv revenue and income from gate receipts are a bonus.
        With sky’s tv money and apparently even greater tv revenue to come from new sources in a year or twos time, I think stan is thinking we are heading the same way as in America and the income from fans is nice and helps but the real money comes from tv companies and sponsorship.
        I seriously think we are fucked as a club and the worst thing is that arsene is complicit in what’s going on and just seems happy to take his money. He treats us with complete contempt, one minute we need players in every postition the next we are fine and have enough. Madness and we are the only ones that will suffer

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    • Exactly… even if they don’t initiate dividends, your right in the fact that excess cash on the balance sheet, and positive cash flows will hugely benefit share value… maybe thats Stan’s investment, inflate the share price, by retaining as much income, etc and then sellling on his shares to Usmanov, or someone else with oil money. Just a theory, but not investing in the team (or a business) is never a good sign.

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  47. With TV5 out injured, what is the defensive cover? We have plenty of overpaid players but the squad is wafer thin because some of them are seriously poor in quality, others are really injury prone. What happens if Koscielny gets sent off (could happen!) on Saturday, do you put on Squillachi?

    What happened to the need for competition for Goalkeeper places? I’m still not, convinced that Chesney is good enough to be first choice yet. No question that Fabianski and Mannone aren’t good enough to be back ups.

    Wenger said we needed to add to the squad, but 1 good result (against a poor West Ham) and he back tracks. He’s getting worse and worse as a manager, but a least his lies are becoming better and better.

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  48. I love this guy. The master of causing confusion and hysteria. I wouldn’t completely buy these quotes, It is in his interest to put off the media because speculation raises prices. I still think we may be surprised by one or two new faces (Hummels may be a possibility from what I understand). 6 days is a long time to conduct transfer business – but at the same time I would not be remotely surprised if we didnt sign anyone. My point? I only really care what happens on the pitch. Bleating about how fulham and west ham and whoever have signed x,y and z is pointless. They are buying players to consolidate a mid table place and as much as people like to overreact, we are not there yet.

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  49. Does make you wonder why we needed a huge advance on the new deal. Really wouldn’t surprise me if silent stan took all the money out of our bank account and sold to the Russian.

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  50. So, our ambition is now to finish 4th, we’re struggling even for 4th place yet our squad is good enough! How the mighty gunners have fallen!

    Next we’ll be told a 6th place finish is a success and we’re better that 14 other teams in the league!!!

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  51. “It’s a wrong market. The only clubs who sell are in financial trouble and players who move are unhappy. It’s unfair.”

    Well mate stop being a fucking moral hero and get off the sinking ship Weng Weng, just abuse the system and buy a player!!!!!!!!!!!!

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  52. may God punish u and your families if you refuse to buy players as you promise idiot manager you are, foolllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllll

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  53. i once had a dream i was in bed wit Monica Belucci. needless to say upon waking up I was hugely disappointed. but does it mean i regret even having had that dream? nah, it was definitely worth it!

    same goes for Edinson Cavani, Falcao, David Villa, Wilfried Zaha, Wanmaya… etc.

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  54. Laughing at people here. Just the usual moaning and whining. He is always trolling the media, this is not an exception, calm down.
    Someone is coming.

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  55. I rarely believe anything that comes out of that cunt’s mouth but on this occassion I have no doubt he’s telling the truth

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  56. Wenger likes to play games with the press but surely he realises that this is effecting his relationship with supporters when he lies about transfers. I have always been behind the manager until lately but now I couldn’t give a fishes tit if he went tomorrow. Football has been replaced by profit at Arsenal and its a sad but true reflection of our club.

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  57. You can see that the squad is not good enough to compete in three competitions and there is no squad depth even though injury haven’t really hit us, I just hope injury wont come as a flood, if not in February the Ucl returns how are we going to rotate the squad? It’s really quite worryingly, I just hope the forever stubborn Wenger can prove me wrong. Still without a trophy this year he should go.

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  58. I’d have to agree with others and say that this is not Arsene fucking with the press, I don’t think anyone is coming, why not just say yes we are interested and negotiating with potential signings, no names needed, job done.

    A big part of me hopes that the board are making Wenger do the job this way, at least that way I don’t have to suffer the horrible thoughts of Arsene not being capable of doing his job anymore, alas I feel I am wrong though!

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  59. If we would have been in the top 3 now with some points down to the other teams then I would have more understanding that he won’t buy anything in january. However at the moment we are 4 pts. from 4th and a squad that is thin as a hell.

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  60. We need David dein back to kick him up the arse. He has got some balls in terms of spending big money which is required to get world class players

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  61. So after one win against a weak team, we’re strong enough again to take on the league and end up fourth (which we all know is a trophy in itself). The same people that now think Wenger is right are the same people that will be screaming for his blood if we lose tomorrow. It’s his decision and may he stand by it when we finish sixth and trophy less at the end of the season.

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  62. Do we really want to be like Newcastle? They’ve bought a ridiculous amount of players and there’s no guarantee that they’ll save them. Half of those players will probably leave in a couple of seasons. Agree with Wenger when he says he only wants to buy quality. Its always been his way and hes just sticking to his principles.

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  63. Whilst i cannot fault the success Wenger brought this club in his early years I am growing increasingly more resentful towards this man and this board, even to an extent this club! How we can justify the ticket prices and not pump decent money into an average team to make us competitors again is beyond me! I appreciate the media will publish stories to sell papers etc but how can we be linked with som pany players, have a manager tell us he will spend the funds he has available, and then back track and state that he wants the January window abolished and was neevr in for any players is a joke. Arsenal are a BIG club, but over the last few years we have become a BIG laughing stock! I no longer go to games as i don;t see why i should invest hard earned cash into a club that doesn’t invest in itself. I note Mr Kroenke has invested in an $80million ranch and $30million on shopping centres though. I suspect some of the RVP transfer money helped him out there. I’ve said it for 2 years now, the only way the manager and board will isten in when fans stop turning up! Don’t keep lining their pockets and they may realise that Arsenal is a sporting institution with a great history, not just some money making scheme. I fear that the way the modern game is that if we don’t act sooner rather than later silverware is something Arsenal fans will only be able to dream of for many years to come. Dare i say it, let Usmanov onto the board!

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      • What an idiotic reply! You’re probably some kid who knows nothing of supporting a club and investing time and money into it. Perhaps there are people with half a brain who can respond with valid points!

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      • You knew that reply was coming though didn’t you.:-)
        I totally agree, the only way to make them pay attention is not to give them your money. I was astounded to see a home strip in the club shop was £55 for the short sleeve when you can get it for £20 less elsewhere. The fans need to go through a little short term pain by staying away and the board will soon react. Marches\walks\demos won’t change anything.

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      • Midfield Corporal-The short sleeve shirt is onsale through the club shop at £45 and is available from Sports Direct at £44.99.

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      • Actually if may have had a name on the back but it was definitely £55. I admire your loyalty and defence of the club but at the end of the day you can’t dispute the prices we pay to watch football, that the standard is gradually declining and that we are not doing what all we can to try and achieve things as a club.

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    • Im no kid and trust me ive spent a lot of money on Arsenal, but then again thats not really the issue. Whether Wenger spends money or not I never question my loyality to Arsenal. End of.

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      • I’ll always support Arsenal, i never said i wouldn’t. I’m resentful, i want the club (Board, manager) to realise what this club means to the fans. Realise that WE the fans are what makes the club special and not treat it like they are the only important people in all this and that they can’t disregard what WE as paying punters put into this club!

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    • If you think that Wenger doesn’t love Arsenal as much as the fans and he doesn’t respect the fans just cos hes not buying 4 players every transfer window then you’re seriously deluded. Anti – Wengerist’s are paranoid. They claim the board are only in it to make money yet they are obsessed with money themselves. They are the type of angry non-agreeable fan that even if Wenger left they’d move on to something else to moan about to get rid of.

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      • Who said anything about 3-4 players every transfer window?! I’d happily stick with the players if they were winning things. There is also the question of tactics. We only appear to have one game plan. And when things aren’t going our way in a game rather than take a different tactical approach we blunder on. Everyone has their own valid opinion but if you’re a fan who thinks everything is rosey then perhaps you are the deluded ones. Arsenal FC and it’s fans deserve to be competing, winning, striking fear into our opposition as we have in the past. Now we are always trying to catch up. I hate Alex Ferguson, but look at what he does. He adapts. Like any manager he has his fits and throws the toys out the pram but I’m afraid Wenger most of the time seems to just blame everyone but himself. Many of us so called Wenger haters would have our faith restored if he held his hands up and said he’d made mistakes, tried to embrace changes in the way he works. He can clearly produce winning performances from the team but he must realise when he’s at stoke on a wet muddy Sunday afternoon and they are throwing in tackles that pretty football isn’t working. Re-think his tactics and play them at their own game. We showed signs of it in the second half against Chelsea, but I think that was more the players than a tactical change. I want him to prove me wrong, but there appear to be no signs of it. He is too stubborn.

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    • The ”Arsenal cant mix it up” or ”Arsenal have no Plan B” criticisms are lazy media soundbites now. We are well able to mix it up. We’ve beaten Allardyces West Ham twice this season and drew away a Stoke. Why should Wenger change what he believes in just cos we arent winning and some fans arent happy?? He believes in one way to play football. Wenger blames everyone but himself?? When has he ever blamed the players for not performing? Or the board? NEVER. Would you ever hear Ferguson blaming himself for a poor United performance? NO. The only things Wenger complains about are media over sensationalising Arsenals ”problems” and the way they need to know everything they do behind the scenes.

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      • That’s a lazy excuse, if you watch the games it quite clear for the past 6 years we haven’t been able to mix it up, song added some strength for a whole but we haven’t had an imposing CM since Vieira or a specific DM since Gilberto. We still get over run in midfield in the big games but Arsene does nothing about it, just like he hasn’t addressed the defence or goalkeeping issues for years. I’ll always be thankful to Arsene for giving me the best football I’ve ever watched but everything has a sell by date and I’m afraid Arsenes is up. My only worry is I don’t trust Ivan to appoint an adequate replacement.

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  64. “… plus the young players we have in behind.”

    Do you mean the ones you keep sending out on loan, or you don’t have the guts to play?

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  65. Plenty of ranting clowns emitting today, if Wenger never spends money how have we acquired the following players in the last couple of years:


    Thumb up 6 Thumb down 3

    • He has spent money yes. Lets be honest though some of the players mentioned are more Tottenham quality than Arsenal quality.

      Koscielny – Has come on well but still gets caught out a lot
      Gervihno – Misses the target more than he hits it, perhaps he’s a defender in disguise
      Jenkinson – Looks to have a lot of talent, but is young and inexperienced.
      Arteta – Good player agreed, would benefit from having a defensive midfielder behind him.
      Mertesacker – Erm, i’m hoping i’m wrong and he will come good but he looks slow and clumsy and doesn’t seem to be very positionally aware at times.
      Ox – Seems to hafve dropped off a bit this season, perhaps a confidence thing but i love him and thinks he is class.
      Giroud/Pidolski – Jury out so far, hopefully next season will see and improvement but still not RVP quality.
      Cazorla – Probably Wengers best signing for many years now, another who would benefit from a good defensive midfielder behind him.

      The key thing is replacing the quality we have sold. We have never replaced Viera. Diaby was meant to be that player but not really much good if he is getting treatment 75% of the time. RVP hasn’t been replaced with a world class striker. We need 3-4 really class players and we will be a major force again. This is our problem. Put it this way, anyone can spend money and get something. Spend £10k and buy a ford focus, spend £100k and buy a Bentley, it’s the same with footy players. We seem to buy the ford focus of players of late.

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      • Unsurprisingly you have something negative to say about all of the players named. I won’t waste time responding to all of them but to assert that Mertesacker is not very positionally aware is ludicrous in the extreme. Germany are second behind Spain in the International World rankings so any player who is good enough to play regularly for the German national team is good enough to play for Arsenal.
        Giroud and Podolsky were bought to replace RVP’s goals. RVP has scored 22 goals for Man U and Giroud and Podolsky have each scored 11 for Arsenal.
        Only Man U (11) and Chelsea (1) have scored more PL goals than us and only Everton (1), Chelsea(5) and Man City(8) have conceded less PL goals than us.

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      • Heres a good stat for you Joe. 19 point behind Manu. We aren’t good enough. Its amazing we are not trying really hard to close the gap. A couple of new faces may help.

        Thumb up 2 Thumb down 2

      • Ha ha, bravo @Daryl Marshall I like this ” Tottenham quality” mark!
        Only I think you are wrong about Mertesacker who’s best is positioning.

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      • If you are not satisfied with any of those players then you are not going to be satisfied with any player who could conceivably be bought in the window. I don’t think this is the team for you.

        Your analogy to cars is idiotic. Are you saying we should break bank and buy ONE player? What if he’s a flop like Carroll or Torres. If you haven’t noticed the teams who buy big, spend billions like it is nothing. That is not going to happen at arsenal.

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    • Agreed, we deffo have a fair bit of quality and class in Wenger’s recent signings:

      Koscielny: such an awesome athlete he even plays rugby for the France national team in his spare time.
      Gervinho: “the best player I’ve had the pleasure playing with” according to Eden “Boots of ” Hazard. However “not good enough to play for our squad” according to Bradford City manager.
      Jenkinson: the lad spends his free time burning effigies of SAF. Thinks “White Hart Lane” is the name of a pub in Lewisham. Gunner for life.
      Arteta: the only footballer in EPL with a 120% pass-completion record.
      Mertesacker: spends his free time as amateur ‘debt collector’. Will come in handy one day when ManUre fail to make the top-4 and CL and thus face difficulties honouring their GBP500mm worth of debt.
      Oxlad-Chamberlain: the English Lionel Messi
      Giroud: so handsome even his teammates wanna boff him
      Podolski: must be substituted at 78-minute each match because he is so irresistable his missus demands his “services” at home three times each evening.
      Cazorla: previously worked as one of Santa Claus’ elves therefore carries a pocketful of magical pixie dust on the pitch

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  66. Arsene Winger is a clanu, he should better leave that club and go and open a football school where he can train potential players and sell them out and make his money,but he should leave Arsenal because we need trophies!

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  67. Disappointing stand from the Professor after talking big about working hard for signings and resources available. In any case, let’s support the team wholeheartedly and hope we can claw back our favorite trophy (4th place). C’mon Gunners!!

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    • He hasn’t said he won’t buy.
      Remember that when King Bergkamp came there wasn’t endless speculation about him before hand. Not a complete shock but not general knowledge as fact. Same with Charlie Nicolas, Peter Marinello, Viera etc etc.
      This club do not make rash statements before they buy a player.

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  68. basically if this is wengers decision ie hes not being not being shackled by the board then he should take the consequences, such that if AFC fail to qualify for CL or win The FA cup,he should step down and allow us to replace him with someone else.

    this team has been too inconsistent this year and i feel that the lack of a real DM breaking up the the play and feeding cazorla and wilshere has led to us being ineffective offensively and much more vulnerable at the back , maybe we can get song back at a cut price 7million

    also screw zonal marking its just a crappy concept that enables teams to know exactly how to outfox the defenders

    please buy a striker mr wenger or jog on

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  69. “The only clubs who sell are in financial trouble…”

    Not sure why he’s using this reason….Santi Cazorla. Didn’t mind financial trouble then did he.

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  70. 2 players in every position ?

    Someone please tell me who our 2nd striker is ?

    And no its not gervinho or podolski – left forward

    And no its not walcott or Chamberlain – right forward

    Wenger talks out of his back side !

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  71. From AW’s interview: http://www.arsenal.com/news/news-archive/wenger-january-buys-should-be-restricted
    “It is unfair for the league that some teams who have [twice] played, for example, Newcastle, already have an advantage on teams who play Newcastle now they have bought [a number of] players.

    “You do not face exactly the same team so I believe the number of players you could buy should be limited.”

    How does that matter? Abou Diaby, Per, Giroud, for example, did not play against some teams as they were on the bench for some matches, but if they were played the second time, how would it matter? They were merely substitutes, but still it will be a different team. For our opponents, they could be LANS!
    Well, if you are really searching for a reason…

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    • ‘Abou Diaby, Per, Giroud, for example’, but it was tha same squad.

      I don’t really agree with him but if it stops Aston Villa (or whoever) being bought by another arab today and buying 12 new world class players tomorrow, it would be good to have some limit.
      A bit Llike the FFP which doesn’t stop other teams joining the ‘big clubs’ but means it can’t be done in just one season because someone had bottomless pockets.
      A jan limit of 4 wouldn’t be a bad idea…

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  72. The problem for Wenger is not a lack of cash to spend on signing new top players, that everyone agrees are required,but the already huge wage bill that he has run up like a drunken French sailor out on the piss in Marseille.
    Wenger simply just cannot unload the deadwood that he has accumalated over the past few seasons – due to his own poor judgement in awarding ordnary players long contracts and big wages.
    So instead of admitting to this our Gallic genius dreams up fairy stories about not needing to sign new players because he wants to concentrate on dealing within the club – and also offers silly advice about the dangers – and unfairness – of other clubs signing players.
    No manager at any other club would be still receiving 7.5m a year – after making such a mess of things – so that even with the 4th largest wage bill in the league that it’s uncertain that he will manage to get 4th place.

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  73. Wenger is a good and experienced manager that thinks about the long term rather than quick fixes. He did really well in last summers transfer window and hopefully will be able to do the same this summer (whilst retaining our best players)

    Spending our very limited reserves on players we don’t really want at over the top prices is not a good way to run a club. Its these hard decisions that keeps great clubs great without resorting to sugar daddys.

    if we can make the top four, and this team is more than capable once it gels, then we will be able to grow into a title challenging team with the help of good summer signings. People forget we were challenging for everything a few years ago. We struggled financially and are now on the way back up.

    have faith you knee jerkers!

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      • So 8 barren years, 8 lied to years and paying the highest prices in Europe for mediocre performances and to ensure the pay checks of the likes of Denilson, Djourou, Squillaci, Ramsey, Bendtner, Chamack, Park, Santos et al is a kee jerk reaction?

        So when does it not become a knee jerk reaction? 10, 15, 20 years? Relegation?

        Stop living in the past…

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    • He did real well in the summer’s transfer market…

      So well we are only 19 points from the top and 22 points from the bottom…

      Some are just Wenger fans, while the real fans are Arsenal fans…

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      • No need to divide us like that. I am an Arsenal fan who used to trust Wenger. Not anymore. Other people are not there yet. That’s it.

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      • Sorry mate, but we are already divided. I was a Wenger supporter until last summer…

        Now I see the man for what he has become…his press conference today just furthered my belief that he nor the rest of the management team have any concerns of the people who enable them to be millionaires (i.e. the fans).

        His disdain for our feelings/concerns have the hallmarks of a dictator…

        Stop paying these guys wages (via boycotts)…

        And for the fools who think thsi team wil do us proud this year, please ecplain how the same bunch of players are all of a sudden going to realize they are footballers and start winning games…you wold think that after 50% of the season has been played you would recognize the extereme limitations that they possess at this point…you lot must be seeing the same eye doctor if that is the case

        Maybe some of you guys simply love Thursday and Sunday football games…

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  74. Pfffft. I told you guys we wouldn’t sign anyone in December. You people act as if this is your first arsenal rodeo. We don’t spend money. Duh

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  75. Motherfucker.

    Oh well here’ s hopeing we can limp to 4th again so the board can get more money that they won’t reinvest.

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  76. So what was all that shit about “we’re trying very hard” then Wenger you con man? Oh, I forgot – Rosickly and Diaby are like our new signings aren’t they? You fuckwit.

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  77. I’m no fan of AW and I’m not gunna defend him it’s obvious to everyone this team needs reinforcing (especially the bench) however;

    He hasn’t stated he’s definitely not signing anyone this window, his words were they’re always after talent in any position if it’s available. Lessons learnt from the past with Juan Mata etc he’s gunna keep intrest away from the media.

    By now we all know he has a poker face and is difficult to read. I’m not expecting 50mil signings but I wouldn’t be suprised if he adds one or 2 fringey squad players to compete for places (can’t exactly see squid or the fat Russian vying for playing time which can only be a bad thing for the first 11)

    Used to love him, starting to hate him. I’ll be the first to jump all over him if he decides we don’t need to strengthen, but untill the window shuts I’ll save my fury.

    Victoria Concordia crescit

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  78. Wenger is simply an arse. i wonder what he always refers to by ‘the right player’ II strongly believe , with wenger in charge , the club wont see any success.
    am a gunner but i bet this will be a nother trophyless year.

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    • I strongly believe that with 99% of other Managers Arsenal would now be a mid-table club at best. What Arsene has pulled off really is amazing

      In the last 9 years Arsenal have had a net transfer spend of less than any team in the Premier League and Championship yet we are still one of the most consistent clubs in the world. Its astonishing we are still a top 4 club. If we can begin to reap the rewards of recent investments Arsenal will do alright for many years to come.

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  79. I am convinced of the quality and mental strength of my zip. If a new exceptional coat is available, then of course we are interested.

    I have never been a fan of the January sales. For me, it is the wrong time to buy a new coat. I undertand that supporters are keen for me to buy a new coat in the sales, but I do not expect the weather between now and May to get any warmer.

    I feel that overwall I am happy with the ‘metal’ strength of my zip.

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  80. Wengers too emotionally attached to the team HE built. It was easier in the early days to look at the squad and see areas he knew he could improve upon. Now he looks at the squad list and feels he owes it to those loyal players (especially the younger ones) to give them an opportunity and not to put them down the pecking order.

    There’s no competition for places in the squad now. That’s why they only fire on the pitch when they hit rock bottom (e.g. vs Spurs. vs West Ham). When they all rally together. It doesn’t happen week in week out.

    It’s mediocrity and complacency all round.

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  81. Two players in every position, one who plays week in, week out to the point of exhaustion or injury, and the other who gets zero game time, performs poorly due to the lack of match time.

    I feel we do have the players and we do have a decent amount of depth in most areas of the squad, I’d like to see Arsene rotate more often though, quite why Coquelin hasn’t had as many chances as he should have in the league this season is beyond me. Arteta is crucial to us but there’s no reason why he can’t start a few league games on the bench, at least then we’ll have somebody half decent to bring on if need be.

    One area I really think needs strengthening is the right back position. I love Jenkinson, he’s strong, quite fast, decent at putting crosses into the box and he can actually defend unlike the increasingly unreliable Sagna who just seems like he’s placed a bet on how many mistakes he can get away with during a match. Of course his defensive frailties would be slightly less problematic if he offered anything going forwards but the amount of times his crosses are nowhere near the intended receiver is just facepalm worthy.

    It’s not all doom and gloom though, we DO have some exceptional players, it’s just (in my opinion) a case of rotating better, using all of the options at our disposal and taking it from there. If we can keep everyone fresh and match sharp that would be a huge plus, instead of relying on one player for months on end until they end up burnt out and then relying on someone who has played zero first team football for God knows how long.

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  82. We are not a big money club, we can’t go around trying to buy instant success. We have to be extremely careful in transfers, getting the best possible deals, in order to stay competitive on a consistent basis.

    Even if we spent all of the £60m we (supposedly) have then we would still have had a net spend, since 2003, of less than West Ham, QPR, Sunderland, Stoke, Tottenham, Villa, Man Utd, Liverpool, City and Chelsea. Yet we complain that we can ONLY get 4th.

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    • Well I’m pretty sure that we could have afforded to make the same transfers that Newcastle have and I’m very sure that the squad would be improved as a result…..

      Thumb up 4 Thumb down 2

  83. I was at the Emirates on Wednesday and I was singing my heart out for the mighty Gunners, even at 1-0 down, let’s make that clear first.


    Even after smashing those east London bubble blowers to bits, everyone in that stadium, barring the most important man of all, could still see we need at least 2 players.

    So, what did that very important man say about acquiring those players today??


    Thumb up 3 Thumb down 2

    • You assert that we need at least 2 players, which were the three or more players from the starting 11 that should have been omitted. Share with us the names of the players that should have been purchased to replace them.

      Thumb up 2 Thumb down 9

  84. Two more we have missed out on:
    Tamworth have signed former Jamaican international striker Darren Byfield on non-contract terms.
    • 1641:
    League Two side Fleetwood Town sign veteran midfielder Paul McKenna on loan from Hull City for the remainder of the season. The 35-year-old is the club’s fifth signing of the transfer window.

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  85. We have been linked with Villa, but there’s nothing concrete there. We’re not on the case..
    Zaha? We haven’t made an offer..

    So, we make enquires, but haven’t got 10 million+ money.
    Anyway, hope Wenger keeps secret by reason and intends to buy.

    Have you noticed Sp?rs always interested a player after there are news can be heard we do?

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  86. Wake up please Arsene.

    I thought the bank is right next door or whatever that mumbo jumbo was you threw out in the last week….?

    For fuck sake.

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  87. After faithfully supporting AFC for 35+ years, riding the highs and lows, following eight years of exceptional averageness, where we have blown around 40 chances of winning silverware, tight-fisted miserly Wenger and the silent money-grabbing board have drained and leeched my beloved club so much, I feel emotionally and mentally sapped by all this shit. I don’t really blame the players at all – they’re only as good as they are and it’s Wenger and the board who chose them.

    I’ll support Arsenal football club to my very last dying second but Wenger and the board are taking the piss out of our great club and its once proud history.

    Arsenal football club and its fans deserve far better.

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  88. “We have two players in every position and that should be basically enough plus the young players we have in behind,”


    Where the fuck are the strikers that we need? I count just ONE out-and-out striker in the entire squad – that’s Giroud. And I suppose that Santos is an adequate replacement for Gibbs? Kiss my arse.

    If Wenger has the money and is refusing to spend it then he really is a complete cunt.

    It makes me sick to see the likes of QPR and Newcastle strengthening while we sit back and completely fuck up fourth place qualification.

    The only good thing to come out of our now inevitable failure to qualify will be the end of this useless, senile old fool.

    I can’t believe what’s going on right now.

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  89. Quote, “our banker lives right next to me at the moment and is ready if we find the right player”
    Well, he has either gone on holiday until 1st Feb or there is not one player out there availible or good enough for Arsenal Football Club.
    Well why didn’t you just say that Mr Wenger. Silly me there I was thinking we might actually spend some money and strengthen a team that has the worst standing at this time of the season than any other since you took over.

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  90. A bit of transfer news:

    But would Fergie sell? he maintains that you need 4 strikers to compete on all fronts, so taking that into account it’s unlikley he will allow chicharito to leave…..

    4 strikers! We have 1, 3 if you count poldolski and walcott (which is bs), either way we need another.

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  91. There can be no justification for Wenger not to buy. We have not been crippled with injuries this year like we have been in the past, yet we are nearly 20 points off the pace. To claim he has got two players in every position is nothing short of ludicrous, particularly as the starting 11 have been shattered or simply not good enough, yet we have no squad rotation!

    We have sold world class players for over six seasons and have replaced them with players not worthy of the shirt on many occasions. I would say of the last 10 transfers, two-three can be regarded as a success, and by that I mean the standard we once had. Of the current crop of players only Santi and Jack would get near the sides that have won trophies. That underlines where the club are. To say the club have suffered at the hands of billionaires is all well and good, but I don’t accept the outright refusal to buy players. Just look at what Newcastle have managed this transfer window, they have recruited some, I stress some exceptional players.

    Arsenal are a business, they charge the most for tickets in the country, sell the best players every season and our expectations are lowered every year with the propaganda of the fourth place ‘trophy’. We are the mugs, and we are the ones who have to take a stand!

    Drunk rant over!

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  92. Out of a 25 man squad we have 16 players who you’d be ok with being in touching distance of the XI. That’s an awful weak squad. What happens when Podolski is sick again and we have to use that useless forehead bloke? What happens when Diaby or Rosicky break down again, no midfield cover.

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  93. Typical Wenger. I knew this would happen immediately after the West Ham game. Lose to Liverpool on Wednesday and then he will start scrapping for the L’Arse minute deals on Thursday.

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  94. Does buying a player involve spending money…? Then we ain’t buying anyone then are we… Why is wenger being paid over 7 million a year to blatantly underperform…? If I performed as he does in my line of work I’d be sacked….

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