Wenger essentially rules out January transfers.


Arsene Wenger has hinted this morning that he’s content with the make-up of his squad and that arrivals in January are unlikely.

Although this is bound to send Arsenal fans into meltdown mode, it’s not as if it hasn’t been obvious. It’s January 25th now, we needed players at the start of the month too and if the manager had any intention of adding to the squad he would surely have done it by now – especially given the fixtures that were ahead of us.

So while the admission that he doesn’t like the January window, coupled with the playing down of every player linked with us (ever), is a frustration, it’s surely not a surprise.

“We have two players in every position and that should be basically enough plus the young players we have in behind,” Wenger said at his press conference this morning.

He said there had been no approach for Mohamed Diame, and when asked about David Villa, he said, “We have been linked with Villa, but there’s nothing concrete there. We’re not on the case.”

He further expressed his disdain for the January window by saying that the amount of players a club can buy should be limited (presumably to none), before saying, “It’s a wrong market. The only clubs who sell are in financial trouble and players who move are unhappy. It’s unfair.”

Quite what’s unfair about an open market where anyone can buy anything they want is beyond us, but there you go. Still, there was a chink of light in the increasingly gloomy darkness when he played his ‘you never know’ card which makes people want to believe something’s going to happen.

“But if we find top class players we will never refuse to strengthen our squad,” he said, we assume to peals of laughter.

Arseblog News has long been consigned to the fact that our January spending is likely to amount of £0.00p, so if anything happens before Thursday at 11pm, it’ll be a nice surprise.

Certainly more of one than the manager confirming what we probably knew anyway.

Quotes via @ESPNFC and @JohnCrossMirror

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