Wenger: no Wilshere rest, yet


Arsene Wenger says the time will come for him to rest Jack Wilshere, but that at the moment the midfielder is getting stronger and is able to cope with the hectic Arsenal schedule.

There are fears that playing him too much, and the fact he’s being targetted by opposition as witnessed by Man City’s 7 fouls on him last Sunday, might contribute to an injury, but the manager says the club are monitoring everything and at the moment Jack is ok.

“At the moment I don’t think he is overloaded because he just came back very recently, and you get the feeling that he gets stronger,” he said.

“We have a good approach taking the physical analysis and statistical analysis between what the player feels and what the medical department thinks, and you have to come to a conclusion on that.

“At the moment, all these three are positives so I don’t think at the moment I will rest him immediately.”

And Wenger says the nature of Wilshere’s game is a factor in why he gets kicked so often.

“He has a low centre of gravity, he uses it well and gets in front of people. When you provoke people, sometimes you get hit. That can happen.”

Interestingly, since he returned from injury, Swansea are the only team Arsenal have played who haven’t fouled Wilshere in a Premier League game (the 0-2 in December).

Dunno what that means exactly, just thought it was vaguely interesting way to finish the article.

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