Wenger remains cautious on Walcott and transfers


Despite reports this week suggesting that Theo Walcott had signed a new contract with Arsenal, Arsene Wenger admitted today that nothing has been completed and that he remains cautious over the whole situation.

At his pre-game press conference he said, “As long as nothing is signed, you are cautious. I’m optimistic we’ll get to a happy conclusion.”

Although he did indicate some progress, “The discussions have progressed smoothly but slowly”, and also hinted that he’d deploy the England man more centrally, “He just wants to play. He is happy to play on the flank as well. I see him playing more up front.”

Which would make you think that signing a striker is not high on the agenda. Regarding the transfer market, there was some classic Wenger bingo. Pressed on whether or not new players would be arriving, the manager said, “In England you are always under pressure to buy. We are still working in the transfer market but we only want exceptional players.

“So far we have not found him. We have no problem in players wanting to join us. I’ll give you my phone for 24 hours! We can afford 90 per cent of them.”

Now, if you’ll excuse us Arseblog News is off to make a super, super quality cup of coffee and we might stick an exceptional shot of brandy in it too.

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  1. So loads of players are interested in joining us. But none of them are ‘exceptional’ because otherwise we clearly would have signed them. So basically a lot of crap players are interested in playing for us

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    • Its the hope that kills you.

      I am so disappointed in all this rhetoric from AW, and I am one of his fans.
      We need a star to liven up our team and ourselves.

      I want a reason to get ready, to travel for 2 hours in the potential snow expected on Sunday to watch Arsenal . ( Of course I will go) …but…….

      I know we will not get him in January, but David Villa looks pissed playing second fiddle to Messi last night in the Spanish league Cup

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      • He’s older than TH was when we sold him. Great player though he was, David Villa is past his ‘best before’ purchase date. That’s why he’s on Barca’s bench.

        It isn’t going to happen. At least I hope not.

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      • I would love to see matias Suarez in an arsenal shirt. We’ve been missing a player that can lift a stadium by beating a man out of nowhere with just pure skill and lift the team! I think he would be a great player for us..

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      • M. Suarez is unlikely to get clearance to play in the UK. He’s not played the requisite number games for Argentina and attempts for Premiership teams to secure his services in the past have fallen down on this point. Good player though.

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      • He’s a mental case, as I will be if that twisted fuck joins my club. I hope he plays on sunday, so he can fuck up one more time.

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      • Mancini’s problem is he thinks he can scare and bully Balotelli. That’s not Wenger’s style. Wenger might be more likely to convince Balotelli that he’d be better off not behaving so immaturely and thus get the best out of him. His wages make such a gamble too expensive for Arsenal, though.

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    • That’s 90% of crap players. That a whole load of crap players. Just wonder who we are after in the “10%” group. Messi?Ronaldo? Iniesta? I know monsieur wenger loves to play this game with the media but this transfer window has gone from ridiculous to borderline lunatic with his statements. We know we have the cash and squad needs strengthening, yet we sit on our arse doing nothing as if we are leading the league by a mile.

      Dunno about you guys but I have kinda given up hope of any signings let alone a major one. Its better for my health. lets just accept that what we are seeing now plus a returning diaby will be the team to drive us to the champions league place and/or a cup. Mind says can’t see it happening but I will always have hope and blind faith in any Arsenal team. 🙂

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    • For the past few years, during the transfer windows whenever wenger gives his usual BS…i literally cringei and my skin starts to crawl.
      I used to have a huge respect for wenger’s intelligence, his humour and his wengerism. But after I read about wenger defended the TICKET PRICES and his usual bollox…I just wanted to scream on wenger’s face ” SHUT UP! SHUT THE FUCK UP YOU DELUDED BASTARD! YOU ARE TORTURING US WITH YOUR TRANSFER NONSENSE.”
      I dont know about others, but I am fast losing faith in wenger.
      Before everyone goes happy thumbing me down for being wenger basher ( which I am not till now but cant say in the future) I just want to remind all the fans
      We are fans of arsenal, the football club and nobody is fucking bigger than this club. Not wenger or any clown playing contractual hide and seek.
      How many of us honestly thinks we can beat the like of manutd, city or chelsea to win the PL. Let me put this into context, participating to win the CL is onething and participating the CL just to balance the books is just arsenal. Do we fans think we will ever live to see that day when arsenal will be CL winner. If we are honest with ourselves, we know we will never ever win the CL because we never want to win CL we just want to qualify and play till some serious team spanks us back to PL.And do we play PL to win the title FUCK NO! we participate in the PL to qualify in the CL. We fans are stuck in that fucking loop where we will never enjoy the taste of victory in CL or PL.
      As long as we keep on holding to our past glories and turn blind eye to the future and the way current affairs are being addressed, arsenal will be forever stuck in the battle for 4th place.
      This sunday manc will spank our bottom red, wenger will apply “failed focus crap” ointment and lego haired arteta will say ” how disappointed the team is”. Another loop, we fans are quite getting used to nowadays.
      FFS isnt it about time for something new and fresh. Cant we all reclaim the glory days back or are we the new liverpool.
      January the big month indeed! fucking bunch of hypocrites are running this club into oblivion. Fuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuccckkkkkk!

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      • Finally some people start to see the light. I have been saying for three years this man is a wahsed up has been mental case. This man forgot the simple thing about managing a football club and that is WINING not finishing 4th and call it a trophy. The sooner we get this man out of our club the better, losing time will only make him richer and us poorer.

        This man whow earns 7.5 million a year thinks we can still win the leauge with this squad and he doesn’t need to add to the squad. Add to that, there is no player in the market better than Forehead, Ramsery, Squad, Don, Santos and jenks!!!!.

        Too much power, no pressure to win and people like YOU (people that support Arsne more than The Arsneal) is the reason this man made our club a feeder club. I hate to say it, but I told you so :))). No a pology needed just come with your till between your legs you Arsene’s supproter and join us to get him out of our Great Football club.

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    • it’s been said many a time, but the squad doesn’t actually need ‘exceptional’ players to be improved, it just needs ‘decent’ players and in some cases even ‘mediocrity’ would be better than what we actually have

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    • No probably plenty of good ones. I’d be damned surprised if Sneijder’s agent hasn’t approached us but signing him would mean “killing” Diaby or Ramsey.

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    • You know, LANS is not really so insidious an idea that people make it out to be.

      We’ve all seen how much Diaby can help the team and be a real, legitimate impact guy – exactly the sort of player we would want to sign – when he’s healthy. Obviously that is a pretty massive qualifier, but the fact remains that in all likelihood Diaby will have a largely positive impact when he comes back into the team and until such point that his legs give out again. In fact, in one specific way he’s better than a new signing: we’ve already paid for him.

      So Diaby’s return will be a lot like a new signing. Specifically a guy we sign for free and who will make an impact but whom we will expect to stop making an impact at some point in the (near) future.

      I suppose even Santos will be LANS, but a really underwhelming, fat one.

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      • Diaby feels more like a loan player. I’m not sure where we’ve loaned him from, Dr Frankenstein perhaps? He’s in the treatment room now, stapling his legs back on for another highly impressive few games before they fall off again.
        My only hope is that he will do a Rosicky/van Persie (a combination of Rosicky’s personality and RvP’s miraculous run of good health would be nice) and make a proper, season-long contribution at some point.

        Here’s a thought, I know every player has set-backs and injuries but, I wonder how much we made on the van Persie sale after you remove the wages paid for his injury lay offs over the years? It would be more valid f we were to remove the average amount paid to players whilst injured per season.

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      • I agree. Diaby has been absent for a few months now, and his presence in the team will be huge when he returns. No matter how susceptible to injury he may be, his inclusion into a starting XI will be akin to that of a debut game from a new signing (except we know Diaby can perform for Arsenal at an elite level). Yes, I know it is yet another frustrating Wengerism, but Diaby: LANS.

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    • Besides, according to the Guardian, Wenger is confident Walcott will sign BY THE END OF THE MONTH – gives as whole new meaning to the concept of lightening pace. Should he not not sign, we can of course, as Wenger pointed out earlier this month, then turn our attention to bringing in some new players.

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      • You don’t say. Since it doesn’t normally take longer than a few days to sort out a contract if both sides want it to happen, and since Walcott has now been dilly-dallying for 18 months … He must be worn with having to keep thinking up new objections. Still, only a couple of weeks more of this farce.

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  2. Jokes aside, I will be over the fucking moon if Walcott re-signs. And to be fair to whichever chimpanzees deal with Arsenal transfers, that will be quite a high coup in the last 6 months of his contract.

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    • Walcott signing would be indeed good news. Regardless of what your opinion is, Walcott is in form right now and if he would stay that would send a clear message that Arsenal is not a feeder club. That’s something Arsenal will be if Theo goes, in my opinion.

      I’m tired of defending Arsenal. I’ve said a hundred times that Fabregas was homesick and Nasri, van Persie a bunch of greedy lying bastards. I could justify that. If Theo goes, what explanation with pride can I then give. What?

      (Unless Theo is indeed a cunt and money is on his mind, then again Arsenal is fucked right up the ****. But I would still be slightly optimistic because of the recent contracts of the British core. Frustrating as fuck that Wenger will have to build another fucking team.)

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      • I’m not sure Theo signing signifies that we’re not a feeder club. I’m still not even sure who we’d sell Theo to if he refused to sign. After losing the ‘big players’ we have in the past, I’m not sure keeping Theo is the statement we needed. Have we signified to him that we’re an ambitous club? Have we shown we can break our wage structure to accomodate top-drawer talent? Or, have we given a bumper pay-day to a hot-and-cold player who wouldn’t have earned much more elsewhere?

        I do wonder what would happen if Jack or the Ox fulfilled their potential and found themselves in this position, would what we’ve offered Theo be enough to keep them if it wasn’t for RvP and would be be willing to offer more if it weren’t?

        I’m trying hard not to be overly pessimistic, and I’ll genuinely be glad if Theo signs, but it would be nice to have a little more than this to cheer by the end of January.

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  3. I can think of lots of players who may not be Messi, but could still add a lot to our team.

    If Theo does go on and sign, that’s great news. But it’s not just a Striker we need. Everyone who reads Arseblog has their own opinions on who we could bring in.

    If we can afford 90% of them… why don’t we use some of our cash to help us through this tough month of matches? Arsene, keep your cards as close to your chest as you like. But PLAY A DAMN CARD!

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    • I wish to god he’d stop going on about Messi.

      Like we’re all going to go, ‘Oh no the Messi transfer is off! That’s it then, no reason looking at anyone else!’

      I believe there may be one or two players of slightly less quality who would still improve our squad.

      Wenger must be able to see that.


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      • The thing about the Messi comments that infuriates me is that Wenger is making all of us out as fools. For f**k sakes, no sane and mentally corrected Gooner demands Messi or the Falcaos of this world, we just want f**king good players who adds something to the team.

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      • @AnonymousGuy

        He is and always does refer to the media for the expectations and thoughtless drivvle they print. It’s the reason he’s always so coy and ot’s also why I said here maybe just a month back that we fans shouldn’t take on board Wenger’s press conferences. They are only ever media formalities.

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  4. Exceptional players will want to play for exceptional clubs with exceptional ambitions and on exceptional wages. That description doesn’t fit us so I’d lower my standards slightly and get decent players just to rotate with the poor fellows who have been run into the ground. Just my two cents on this biannual farce.

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  5. Finding AW’s comments more and more patronising. Perhaps bordering on insulting.

    Nevertheless, looking forward to the city game!

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    • Totally agree, it’s just getting so boring now.
      Whoever runs the pr are at the club should have a word with arsene because i honestly believe he has no idea how much he winds his own fans up.

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      • With AW’s attitude particularly in recent times I dont feel as close to the club anymore. I may regret saying this, but when the spuds had Redknapp I was jealous of the kind-of togetherness the spud fans had with their manager. With AW recently its like us fans our beneath him. Previously, I’ve enjoyed AW’s intelligent attitude, like an airplane pilot who has a posh voice and makes you feel safe. But now, its just coming across as arrogant.

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      • Agreed. I don’t know if any of you saw the Twitter feed yesterday with Arsene’s comments being erm tweeted but I did and I saw the many replies. None of them were pleasant.

        In fact I think it’s safe to say Arsene is now more unpopular than he ever has been. He looks increasingly isolated and detached from the fans, players and all but Gazidis and Kroenke.

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  6. At the rate things are going, Wenger won’t buy anyone. It would only take an earth shattering event ie losing to MC 0-5,before he will buy a new gk and two defenders.

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    • Don’t forget, even if we did lose 5-0 to Man City, you’ll likely hear something like, “one loss does not represent the season. I am confident in this squad’s ability to come back from this”

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  7. Wenger cautious on both walcott and transfers?
    He should be atleast pushing hard for either one of them. Wenger and his “professor tag” should know we need new quality players. No rocket science there.

    I think i’ll join Blogs for brandy now. Better yet, let’s all do

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    • This is exactly what is wrong with the management and the board at Arsenal. They are too comfortable with competing for top 4 and not trophies. If Wenger was ambitious, he would be after titles, for that you need a squad that is capable of doing so. Our squad has proved year after year for the last 7, that it isn’t capable of winning trophies. So surely the answer is to add players? But Wenger etc don’t want to. We know money is available, Wenger has admitted that. So he clearly thinks one of 2 things:

      1) That this squad can win trophies (which it
      2) He feels top 4 is good enough.

      Both of these are wrong, and it just isn’t good
      enough no more.

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  8. Terrible comments from him today. Doesn’t understand the fans at all with comments on ticket prices, transfers, ambition etc.

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    • Wow, Huge H to think your comment actually got a few thumbs up!!!
      Anyone that agrees with your statement is a moron!
      Do you actually believe that if Theo is sold we would buy a proper striker!!!!!
      You obviously haven’t been paying any attention!

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      • The people that gave him the thumbs up are the same people last year who were abusing Rosicky until he came back and pretty much saved our arses. The same people who’ll defend Wenger regardless, the same people who won’t see just what Walcott has done for us this past two seasons.

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  9. On more boring press conference for Wenger. But that’s his job and he’s doing it the worse he can. 🙂 Arsene knows.

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  10. ARGH! We all know he won’t sign. He wants to win things, not look at a bank balance and see that as a trophy.

    And balanced squad? How balanced? Balanced on a precipice more like.

    Sorry that seemed needlessly glum. Happy Friday all!

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  11. Oh, good.

    It’s nice to know that we’re looking to sign someone of exceptional quality, contract talks are coming along nicely, and Arsene is optimistic. All really good, positive stuff.

    On another note, my experiment to put myself in stasis worked. I’ve literally just come out today.

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    • Welcome back! You’ve got 3 more weeks of Wengerisms and transfer inactivity to look forward too, I’d get back in that stasis pod if I were you.

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  12. Can’t believe we didn’t sign Holtby and let the spuds have him. 22/23 years old free established champions league player. Arsenal signing all day long

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      • Yeah, not so bothered about Holtby, we can’t control what other teams do and I’m not sure he’d add much more than another averagely built guy who can pass the ball a bit.

        Our team, however, needs a new Diaby (someone with a bit of physicality who can surge forwards a bit, not convinced Frimpong is ready yet) and another striker or winger.

        Unless all these outs are preparing the way for some promotions and outstanding breakthrough seasons, we could be in trouble if we don;t sign someone.

        It IS typical Wenger rhetoric though so there might still be things going on behind the poker face.

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      • Thats bollocks.

        Remember when they signed Modric and Wenger said he was too ‘slight’ to succeed in the premiership?

        Sorry Wenger, but some of the transfers that have already happened this window i would gladly take. It seems like other teams are making moves, and we’re just sitting here twiddling our thumbs hoping on Walcott (good player), Diaby (who i love as a player, but damn..) and Santos (nice guy).

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      • At least the spuds are signing players and are adding more depht to the squad, so they might not fuck up this year. What a sorry and pathetic thing that is, having to rely on the spuds to fuck up so we can gain third or fourth spot.

        Holtby might not be the player we as the Arsenal shold be looking to sign but what about Gervinho, Santos, Squid, Park….. I would prefer Holtby.
        We are getting more and more useless at spotting talent.

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      • Michu seems happy playing for Swansea. Michu would improve our squad, if not our first team.

        To be fair, Swansea are a better club to play for than Sp*rs, but still…

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      • @RobM

        As great as Michu is, i really don’t feel he would have prospered at Arsenal the way he has at Swansea. Besides, I read he was a defensive midfielder converted to attacking midfielder/centre forward, so full respect to Laudrup for that shout.

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  13. Heading into the weekends game against the current champions with theo as your only striker is a little way from balanced

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  14. If Swansea, Everton, and Newcastle can find ‘exceptional players’ then WTF are Arsenal’s legendary team of scouting snouts doing?

    If we can’t find anyone then we must have the perfect squad already. First it was the money. Now it’s a lack of players the standard of our complete first team.

    Oh, and Theo? FRO! Play for us because you want to. Or go and sit on some bench elsewhere. And take your team of negotiators with you. (You can even have ours as a parting gift.) If you can’t recognise a decent deal when it’s shoved up your arse then you probably don’t deserve us.

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  15. What a depressing way to start the day.

    As i cannot physically shoot the messenger, i will follow this message by ripping my work desktop from its tehers, and throwing it at the cafe owner next door, who kinda looks like a korean Ivan Gazidis. sad really, he’s a lovely chap!

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  16. At this rate the only way to see us “going to the market” and really strengthening the squad is if we lose to both Citeh and Chelsea…..after which we’ll scramble for exceptional top top quality crumbs. Besides that I’m not holding my breath.

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  17. Its not like going to the store and buying the best beer. The player himself has to want to come to Arsenal too. Barca have just announced Villa is staying put and Goetze announced he’s happy at Dortmund. I’d like to believe Arsene was, at some point, interested in either of them but, let’s face it, why would either of them want to leave for arsenal? We also have a more or less fixed starting 11. We need back up for Szcez and a replacement for Djorou but which keeper or centre back would join us knowing they’d be on the bench?

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    • I don’t think anyone will consider the window a failure if we fail to sign Villa, Goetze, etc. I would like to see a sign or two that we’re looking for someone though, I might not like who we’re linked with but it does signify intent on the clubs part to move forward and improve the squad. That’s not the same as a signing for the sake of it, there are clear deficiencies in the squad.

      We do arguably have an established first eleven but that’s not even close to enough over the course of a season. Injuries, fatigue and form call for more depth, not to mention the need for options from the bench. I know we can’t compete with Man Utd but they have RvP, Rooney, Hernandes and Welbeck if they’re chasing a game. In our ‘fixed 11’ our three strikers all start the game.

      As for back-up signings, look at the keepers Sp*rs have.

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      • Forget a starting 11, i want a starting 22.

        22 players, two for each role on the pitch, any and all who can be called upon when needed to play the role in almost any game. Given, it’s not easy to have a replacement for Cazorla or Wilshere, but hey, Rosicky is an available selection.

        My problem with our starting 11 is the look they have as if they’ve fought a war and are feeling the weariness and simply not looking ready to give an extra 10% on top of the 100% they try. Where’s the rotation. Only place Im happy with rotation is in defence. Then i get scared. I then remember Squid is 4th in the pecking order… An injury away, as they say.

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  18. so basically he means,”If you’re having girl problems I feel bad for you son.
    I got 99 problems but squad depth ain’t one.”

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  19. Confused, irritated and hopeful all at the same time. The life of an Arsenal supporter I guess.

    My thoughts lately have been that if we could only sort out our midfield it won´t matter who plays CF. Wilshere, Arteta and Cazorla has the passing ability that few players comes close to. If we can find a better balance between the three + the two wingers, they should be able to find the CF in a goal scoring opportunity multiple times every half.

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    • well if that centre forward is gervhino because giroud is injured and walcott has pissed off then i don’t care if we give him 20 opportunities within the six, he’ll still probably only take 1.

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      • The name that should not be named, Gervinho *shudders*

        He is at best some sort of a wild card, but hopefully we have a young fast as lightning goal scorer in the youth rank who just have to run and do the tap ins. What I meant with the previous post was that we do not need a Suarez/Messi who can run through 3-4 defenders every time he gets the ball. Our midfield is capable to bergkamp the ball through the defensive line.

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      • @judgement day

        – your mention of the reserves highlights one thing that does greatly annoy me about the club:

        We’re supposed to have this great youth program and its used as a justification for not buying more established players, yet the boss would rather play people out of position than give a chance to one of these fantastic talents who are so amazing that we dare not sign anyone in case it “kills their careers”.

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  20. Always been a huge Wenger supporter, the positive things he has brought to the club will be felt for generations, however I can’t help feeling that not bringing in players to strengthen the squad would be a gamble of such proportions that a failure to get at least 4th would make his position untenable come the summer. If he is going to claim we can compete when it is so clear that we are such a long way from winning major trophies then he would have to either come clean as to why we fail to improve the squad, or leave.

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    • Have to agree. I don’t know why the club made such a song and dance of our improved sponsorship, I don’t know why they said money from it would be brought forward for us to spend and I don’t know why Wenger spoke recently about strengthening in all areas. My own fault for continuing to listen I suppose but it is confusing. And irritating.
      It does look like the set up for a nasty fall if we don’t make the top four this year.

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  21. The saddest part about all this eloquent garbage wenger is spewing is that I had such a strong hunch before this transfer window opened that all this nonsense about us spending big was just that. I knew it was all lies to satiate the fans. Were just not as massive as we should be, nor want to be. Whatever is occurring at the club is deep, and encompasses all fronts. From the managerial/football side to the financial/commercial in certain aspects as well. It’s just truly disappointing as a gunner to see us beaten to the punch on so many occasions for players, and then sell our best ones expeditiously every year. We are fucked.

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    • The notion of ‘spending big’ in some people’s minds is 20m+ on a player so that was unlikely but when it;s so obvious the squad needs players (I know people say this every year but this is the first time when I’ve thought we were seriously short) and everyone talks about money being available it would be downright stubborn not to think that SOMETHING was going to happen.

      Usually you can see why we don’t buy, now it’s reached the point whereby even 10m would buy us an improvement (or 15 if you consider what Michu could do…hell 15m to avoid him scoring against us in the FA cup replay might be worth it).

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  22. ‘Exceptional players’ wenger wenger you are crazy. In this world you cant find an exceptional player while we have plenty even in African leagues. Iam dissapointed.

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  23. Seriously how long have we been supposed to be talking to theo now, well over a year and still we can’t agree. Absolute joke, we are supposed to be the paragon of how a football club should be run and we can’t even get this sorted one way or the other.
    And worse if he does sign we all know what arsene is going to say in regards to transfers.
    If we don’t make the signings the squad so clearly needs, then Bollox to arsene, he will deserve any stick that will inevitably come his way.

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      • That’s £260 a year. We’ll be able to buy Falcao in the year 194320, long after City and Chelsea have gone bankrupt, staged an oil-funded coup, lost their empire, resorted to cannabism and suffered terrible mutations from nuclear fallout. We’ll be sitting pretty. Unless they mutate extra legs, or suckers on their feet.
        This is what the Arsenal transfer policy does to people.

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  24. I can’t believe this is the same charismatic genius that brought in some of the best players the premier league has seen. He’s a complete caricature of himself, he’s become condescending, patronising, distant, hypocritical and an obsessive control freak. I just don’t get what’s happened to him

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    • Theo’s ‘Reverse-Weeble Trick’ ™ of falling down repeatedly but somehow scoring despite that is going to give them hell tomorrow, have faith

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  25. Oh dear, time to get my patented Wenger Translator Device out again. Here goes:

    “In England you are always under pressure to buy” = The fans want us to spend the available money we have to improve the squad, but we won’t. Who do these fans think they are anyway?

    “We are still working in the transfer market but we only want exceptional players.” = We won’t be buying anyone, so dream on suckers.

    “So far we have not found him.” – We haven’t even bothered looking.

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  26. Einstein’s Law of 21st Century Wengerisms:

    “I only buy:
    x: “exceptional quality”
    y: “super quality”
    z: “top, top quality”
    Where any of the above Wengerite elements x, y and z are used, the usual post-match Wenger reaction is “we lacked a liddel bit ov sharpness in zer final thurd” .

    Now, if you’ll excuse us, I’m off to make a super, super quality cup of brandy and we might stick an exceptional shot of coffee in it too.

    Meh. Wenger? Le professeur’s experiment est fini.

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  27. It’s still only the 11th. Worrying starts around the 20th and eating my hat usually around the end of the month. Still plenty of time to conclude business.

    But, we do really need players, like, now. Come on Arsene, do us a favour mate

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    • There is super quality in womens football. We could sign Abby Wambach (FIFA Women’s World Player of the Year) and probably the runners up, Marta and Alex Morgan (three forwards/strikers so beat it Walcott).
      They would cost less than the Squid, add more quality than Gervinho and also add depth to the squad. It would be a great piece of business.

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  28. I’ll never be one of the “Wenger out” people, that’s just silly, but I’m getting rather tired of the “exceptional players’ excuse for not signing players. Arsene’s recent track record in signing ‘exceptional’ players has been pretty poor lately.

    Thumb up 14 Thumb down 8

    • So, you’ll blindly follow Wenger for the sake of following Wenger, even if he takes our team down the pan?
      Most of us follow Arsenal: Wenger’s part of Arsenal, but he isn’t Arsenal.

      Thumb up 16 Thumb down 5

  29. I’m not asking for Messi. That is obviously unreasonable. But Falcao is the sort of players a club of Arsenal’s stature should be looking to sign.

    Thumb up 7 Thumb down 7

    • Agreed, but because of the hideously skewed transfer market he would cost at least £50 million unless, for some bizarre reason, he only wanted to move to us and forced through a transfer. It’s the sort of money we just don’t have (or do, but it would be insane for us to spend all at once like that).
      If we want a Falcao type player, the only way for us to get one realistically is if we do so whilst they are small-time and turn them into a star.

      Thumb up 6 Thumb down 3

    • Falcao?? Do you realise how much he did cost 18 months ago, that is before he scored 40 goals in 50 games for atletico and won Uefa cup? 40 million plus performance fees. Do you seriously consider him “reasonable” and affordable to sign??

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  30. So is wesley sniejder not an exceptional player. 28yrs old and will only cost £8million… how the fck can galatasaray afford his wages but we cant lol

    Thumb up 33 Thumb down 1

    • Even if his wages were really high, This is a £20 mill + player and so the relatively low transfer fee would surely offset his wage demands.

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  31. You should just leave wenger, dont get me wrong Ive been a BADASS arsenal fan for like 20 years now and Ive always supported him but also these days ive almost forgot some feeling. feelings like when big clubs were all scared like hell when they came to highbury,like being proud talk bout our team with ManU fans sittin nxt to us,feelings like “THIERRYY HENRYYYY”,”DENNIS BERGKAAMP blah blah blah MAGIC!”, (still ranging in my head) today i found a video that almost made me cry…http://www.mediafire.com/?tjor12vk5d3vvli i miss those days. 🙁
    u either die a hero or leave long enough to see urself become the villian, Mr Wenger

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  32. Man, I wonder how he spends his own money when he holds the clubs like its on hostage . Fuucckk!!! The guy needs a gold digger to loosen him the Fuck out

    Thumb up 1 Thumb down 1

  33. I hate the transfer window. It’s the same old Wenger. The media will never learn that he wont show his hand so will always use that top quality or exceptional player line. It means nothing.

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  34. I think it’s pretty clear now that Walcott is playing for time in order that his agent can solicit offers from other teams. Whether or not he accepts any of the offers remains to be seen but I must say it doesn’t fill me with confidence.

    Playing centrally is a red herring. Cash and trophies is ultimately what turns heads.

    I sincerely hope he stays.

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  35. AW is not buying in Jan as he is going upstairs end season and new manager “Pep” comes who will want to buy his own players.
    OK OK!!! but dreams are allowed.

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  36. I can’t believe that the news of Walcott being signed after a year of him being a dick and not signing because he wasn’t getting paid enough can be good news. He is player that won’t stay in position and just wants the glory of being a striker. He is not good enough to be in that position for a club the size of Arsenal. As a fan of 25 years its pains me to say this but I hope we lose all our league and FA cups matches this month, not make champions league place over the cunt neighbours and hopefully then we can get rid of that prick in charge. He has run the club into the ground and still comes out and says we have a balanced squad? It’s only a matter of games before one of our bigger players gets injured long term and we’re fucked. I hate what Wenger has turned Arsenal into.

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  37. O my gudles sake,wenga would sings any big player rem’ber diaby n santos iz back. As i always say let all arsenal fans home n away stop going 2 stadium n see hw d money wil came from useless managmant.

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  38. Please for fuck sake sign someone. I don’t care who, how much, what position, where he’s from, I don’t even care if he’s any good. In fact I don’t even care if he’s a man. Just please, even a loan or a freebie, even vinny samways, please just sign any cunt as soon as possible.

    Thumb up 4 Thumb down 3

  39. Arsene might as well just say “flumpfty blumftry flibbety poo flappety splam flam” and it would mean exactly the same thing as what he said in the interview, or in any transfer/contract related interview he’s had in the last 5 years.

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  40. Ring Ring


    “Oh Yann, it is good of you to call. Yes, come join us…”

    Ring Ring

    “Bonjour Loic….”

    “…For sure, more money than your currently on and Champions League football. See you in 24 hours”

    Ring Ring

    …”Sorry John Terry, she isn’t here. I think you have the wrong number.”

    Come on Arsene, not hard.

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  41. Fuck this shit..! I really think this is the end for wenger. The same thing happened to graham remember? George Graham signed fuck all during the last year of his tenure. Then those fucking useless signings of kiwomya, hartson and glenn helder….after that boom sacked. Remembered how george just refuse to sign anybody and kept on playing the likes of hillier and selley and eddie mcgoldrick. Wenger is heading that way i think. No ambition…. Yeah go on arsene keep smoking that weed… Its nice eh

    Thumb up 5 Thumb down 6

    • …and remember the big fat bung that George Graham took? That, more than the poor form of the side at the time was the reason he was sacked. Admittedly he was a fall guy for a lot of other dodgy geezers at the time, but that doesn’t excuse it.
      I don’t see Wenger dealing in that corrupt type of business, more just weird stuff like Danilevicius (ages ago now) who didn’t really exist or something like that…
      Also, Hartson wasn’t a bad signing at all. He was a very useful back up striker.

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  42. If we’re all feeling dispirited, imagine how it must feel for the players. Santi must be thinking “this isn’t what I signed up for – I’m knackered!”

    Could we not have signed a player or two before the ‘fixture pile-up’? Zaha was begging to come….

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    • I’ve often thought that. Imagine how Per felt on that day at Old Trafford, he probably ground his agents bones to make his bread that afternoon.

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  43. I was with the arsene knows brigade…. Not anymore… 2nd week of january coming now…. We abso-fuckin-lutely know he aint signing anybody. We know the fucking rethoric he spews out if he aint signing anybody…. I think most gooners know that by now. Its frustrating, annoying and down right fucking bollocks.

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  44. I can’t wait until this period in our club is over.

    At the end of the day, I don’t give a shit about the Walcott contract. He is an average player who, although I would prefer to remain at the club, Is not going to make a massive difference to our immediate future.

    It’s obvious now that the four quality players who we desperately need in order to turn us into genuine contenders are not going to be signed in this window. Most likely now, having secured Theo’s signature, Wenger will announce at the end of this month that, “We have enough quality here already.”


    We are going nowhere under this regime. The Nutty Professor and his greedy, no-nothing-and-don’t-give-a-shit-about-“soccer” boss are completely fucking up our club. Either this season or next, we will drop out of the top four, and within three years we will end up like Liverpool.

    Only a new owner can save use from this humiliation. That’s why I want Usmanov in now.

    Thumb up 16 Thumb down 10

      • Don’t agree with you, Blogs. Sixteen years ago, Dein was smart enough to realise that Wenger was a class act and so brought him to our club; so Dein would be shrewd enough to realise that Wenger is now well past it and should go. Their friendship wouldn’t come into it. And Dein would also make sure that we replaced Wenger with another top-quality manager. Plus I’d like to think that an owner who’s worth more than fifteen billion quid, and who actually attends most matches, would be inclined to put his hand in his pocket and invest some of his money in the team. Any fool can see that we must now speculate in order to accumulate. Parasite Kroenke is destroying our club.

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    • Totally agree on Walcott statement, he’s starting to believe in all the hype, if he goes to take every free tomorrow I fucking have a breakdown

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  45. Demba Ba and a defensive midfielder was all we need, Arsene. We are not asking for the moon and the sun mate, just an established premier league striker and a big central midfield boss…. Thats all. Fuck it, we’d even settle for mattieu flamini. But, noooooo, mr wenger needs to listen to his fucking big ego right? And fucking do the opposite what everybody is tellin him to do!

    Thumb up 7 Thumb down 3

    • This is the man that brought Paul scholes out of retirement.. their defense is sooo shit.. they just have a world class striker to get them out of shit… whats his name again.. Wish we had one of those

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  46. I’ve been an Arsene supporter for so long but Im almost unable to defend his policy now. It’s clear he’s learnt nothing over the last few years. Every January we always used to say, “if Arsene could just add some more depth to this already talented group of players, we’ll win this league”. Time and time again he did nothing and 2011 was a juncture: fabregas had had enough, and nasri and clichy followed suit, albeit for different reasons.

    What I see from the clubs refusal to sign anybody is this: third place is acceptable given our resources. If we go for first place, that will require us to use up more of our finances and we might lose that battle against billionaire opposition. We’re comfortable with where we are financially so our aim is to finish third.

    The powers that be at Arsenal refuse to acclimatise to modern times. Arsene thinks he can compete with the same first XI all season long.

    I used to admire his conviction, but it’s bordering on delusion at this stage!

    Thumb up 21 Thumb down 1

    • Third place? We were so lucky last season to finish third. Wengers and the boards ambition is to finish fourth and we wont do that unless we are lucky. When the fuck did we begin to rely on luck instead of skill?

      Thumb up 9 Thumb down 1

  47. These exceptional players are never around however every transfer window passes 1 or 2 players of genuine quality is snapped up by other teams, we don’t expect a fucking 50 mill signing just not the mediocre shit that he keeps on buying.

    The only good thing of Walcott signing is that another mediocre player in andriano Lopez will not be signed and maybe come the next transfer window we can actually sign David villa

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  48. I’m really tired of this now.

    I’ll always be grateful for what he accomplished for the club, and Dennis knows I have defended him so many times in the past, but I have reached the point where I am just waiting for a change in the top brass at the club.

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  49. This repetitiveness of Wenger’s comments and actions are downright insulting to the Arsenal fans. If he relies on Diaby to be fit the rest of the season he’s gonna have a very rude awakening come late April.

    I think the crux of the situation is the players Wenger defines as “exceptional” are all priced out of our wages. How many times we’ve heard “we will offer what we think a player is worth” and obviously the player hasn’t signed. Cowboy the fuck up and plunk down some proper offers on a couple exceptional players then see that we will win a few trophies!

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    • Late April? I’m fairly sure Diaby’s leg is only held together with a thin layer of modelling glue and and some sellotape. Fuckin’ tragedy given his quality, but we all know that he ain’t gonna hold together for long.

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  50. Yeah from 1996 to 2008…. Thanks Arsene but after that you discovered something thats even chamakh’s shisha couldnt compete with. You have to remember, we are the Arsenal. Not a fuckin mid table team.

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  51. Unfortunately it’s not only the lack of transfer activity thats killing us, but the tactics, motivation and formation with the current personel. You know, all the things a manager should have a handle on.

    Saddens me.

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    • I’m so glad that I’m no longer in the minority of fans that share this view. Slowly but surely change will come at our great Club.

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  52. It would be madness not to buy at least one player. Wenger is an intelligent man and I find it hard to believe that he doesn’t see what millions of others see. One snagging idea keeps coming to mind and that is – he’s saving the money for the next manager.

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  53. C’mon AW. There are 24 players in the squad, including Squillaci and Arshavin and other players that there’s a question mark over their ability. Eitherway, at least one spot (because a few are U21) is open for a new player.

    Or, are we thinking all the players on loan are good enough now?!

    One strong midfielder and one versatile striker would do it! Then replace the deadwood.


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  54. I really think that it is time for Wenger to go to Theo’s house and tell him to sign the contract our he will slip Theo’s lady friend the shocker!

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  55. I.am.so.tired.of.this.shit.

    seriously arsene, we aren’t getting messi but ffs I’d take zaha, ba, and a dm. if we can’t afford the neymars, and falcaos of the world, it’s your job to find the Wilshires and turn them into captain Jack. find the van persies (I know I know I’m sorry) and make them rvps. ffs bring in some manageable yet affordable talent and be a manager. That is your well compensated duty to the club sir. ffs I’m only 26 getting more and more grey hair by the day.

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  56. I find it hard to distinguish whether Arsene is just talking shit to the media cunts or he actually believes what he is saying.

    Also, Exceptional players? Its apparent that we need a new DM and there are players out there who could fill that hole like for a low enough price:

    Yann M’villa – Available for around 8 mil
    Moussa Sissokho – Available for 2.5 mil
    Etienne Capoue – Available for around 8-10 mil
    Mohammed Diame – Available for 3.5 mil

    There are more if we are willing to pay slightly more.None of the above players are out of our price range so when Arsene goes on about “Exceptional players,” its hard to ascertain whether he actually believes his own words.

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  57. According wenger his contract isnt about money and it isnt about playing as a striker. So why has it taken so long?

    Its definately about money. Its definately about being a striker.

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  58. The more i’ve thought about this today the more angry I have become.

    Clearly Wenger is pinning all his hopes on Diaby returning to fitness and staying healthy for the rest of the season. Which quite frankly is ludicrous. 1. He is too injury-prone, and 2. Is he really the player to take this team by the scruff of the neck and drag it over the line and into 4th place?

    Secondly, a quick scribble down of our squad shows we are under the 25 player maximum. We have 3 central defenders and one recognised striker. Surely at the very least we need to fill the squad back to 25 and replace Djourou and Chamakh? I don’t care how poor they have been better to have them to cover an injury crisis than no one at all.

    This is a very dangerous game by Wenger.

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  59. From Sky: “Speaking to Arsenal Player, [Wenger] said: “At the moment no, [no one is leaving].
    “We have a good squad, a balanced one. At the moment nobody can go out, unless we buy somebody.”

    No one is leaving, QED Wenger won’t buy anybody.


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  60. Am starting to think Diaby fakes injuries just to return during transfer windows for wenger to say the he’s like a new signing

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  61. Forget all this, what tells me Wenger has lost the plot more than anything is him bigging up Gibbs yesterday. Not being funny but the kid can’t defend for shit. Nothing against him personally, great enthusiasm and not bad coming forward but he’s clearly not being educated. But the thing is, if you want to compete for the Champions League or the title, you can’t can’t have weak links – you just can’t. What weak links did Arsenal’s back 5 have when they won all that stuff? None. If Gibbs was playing, or Jenkinson, or Mertesacker, or Vermaelen, we’d have dropped points all over the place – like we do. You’d think he should know, but Wenger simply doesn’t understand the calibre of player you need to compete anymore. He’s miles away from even getting that right, let alone all his other fallibilities. The whole thing is a complete waste of time, I can’t believe why a single supporter still wants him at the club. Utter madness.

    Thumb up 4 Thumb down 6

  62. What a fucking cunt. Wenger is a fag, he’s not going to buy anyone. Wenger needs to go and guardiola needs to step in!

    Thumb up 2 Thumb down 17

    • Have some manners man. We are all pissed and very unhappy attire the situation, but none of us ha resorted to calling Wenger a “fag”.

      We are still Arsenal fans; show some class please.

      Thumb up 19 Thumb down 0

  63. Arsenal fc is no doubt the only problem of my life right now. Am not really proud of the kind of relationship i had with my late dad but he has never hurt me as much as the team has done and continue doing. Ironicaly and somewhat unexplainable is the fact that i just can’t hate this team for a sec. Am now really used to wenger’s transfer qoutes and i can generate news myself from them “we’ll only sign anyone that can add more quality to our team”. We can get osvaldo (roma), negredo(sevilla), lopez(atletico) and any of etiene capoue or yann m’villa or lucas biglia or even bayern gustavo will just do and ffs they are not expensive. Arsene is still the man to get us back to the place we belong but we need to make sure this unproductive board support him fully. He deserves more than he’s getting. I read the interview where he said “i’m not here to watch others win trophies” which he need for his own personal glory and CV, i realy felt sad for him. Does anyone think AW don’t want the silverware more than we do? He’s my hero and remain so. God! I want my real hero back for real. COYG!!!

    Thumb up 1 Thumb down 2

    • @rochie
      I too used to sympathise with wenger but not anymore. He is the manager of this club ffs, if doesnt want to watch others lift trophies he should get his act straight and start doing SOMETHING ABOUT IT. Nobody is going to give PL, CL, FA Cup or COC to wenger in charity. He has to win them like he used to do it. If someone is stopping wenger from lifting trophies and that someone is wenger himself with his timid transfer policy and faith in the has beens.Wenger and SAF, both are legends in their own rights and were equal until wenger pulled the handbrake. SAF has been plundering trophies after trophies and he is such a success because his transfer policy is very realistic and brave plus he doesnt tolerate clowns & their weekly circus.
      Thats the only difference between SAF & Wenger now. Unless wenger becomes flexible and starts to hunt for the titles and not the coveted 4th place…and acts accordingly.Arsenal might win something.

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  64. really chrispy…
    you think all the fans, all worked up because manager wont by quality players are plain crazy and deluded. They dont know this arsenal like you do. What tactics, formations or motivation you are talking about. We lack DM, ST and winger and guess what wenger has been putting paper all over the cracks. arteta, ramsey, poldi are not playing their natural role, they are just covering the roles. You think tactics, motivation or formation are wrong Hell No! we are missing players in the right key areas. And we have bunch of useless clowns for players who are more fickle then 8 yr old kids and you know why because they are all bargain basement players who lack the necessary quality to succeed in this league on the top. So my friend, lack of transfer activity will kill this club to Europa league if we are still not carefull. And thats the bottom line.
    As per your opinion, if we keep on relying on the current bunch of players and modifying the tactics santi, arteta, wilshere, ox and few others will burn and get injured for another “3 weeks” and we dont have any quality players to replace them.
    I hope i didnt offend you with this, but your ‘ lack of transfer….’ was the last thing I needed coming from the arsenal fan when we have so many well documented problems.

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  65. Arsene Wenger uttered platitudes to the press. as usual, and the result is a stream of idiotic comments, many of which are ignorant and abusive. Essentially he said nothing. The flavour of the month last year was Sahin who we supposedly negligently failed to capture and lost out to Liverpool. Today it is announced that he has been released by Liverpool. I am not aware of any deal being done in this window where we have missed out on a player and don’t bother mentioning Holtby, he is a good player but we are already well stocked with players that provide what he can. The managerial hero of the hour, Michael Laudrup, had this to say today on the transfer window:
    Swansea manager Michael Laudrup reiterates he has not received any offers for striker Danny Graham, but accepts anything could happen before the end of the transfer window.
    “We have not had an official offer from a club for us to say yes or no to. We have not got that,” Laudrup said. “Danny is a good player, he is scoring goals now and we are in the transfer window.
    “But it is the same at other clubs. My experience from when I was in Spain is there are a lot of talks and rumours in the first three and a half weeks [of the window and a few things get done. But then in the last few days or even in the final 10 hours, everything goes nuts – it is like a final sale at the shops.”

    Fair summary of the situation to me. The press know this, Wenger knows this but he indulges in making enigmatic statements to lighten the boredom of having to deal with idiotic questions.

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  66. I think it’s time for wenger step aside for pep. You never know we may start competing again for priemer league and not just for top 4.

    One reason why Chelsea keep winning things despite changing managers is that they don’t hesitate to buy someone when they need.. Ba this time around, Oscar hazard etc last summer. All these exceptional players are going to Man U, man c and Chelsea and so are trophies.

    If we couldn’t afford anyone like Everton then it’s well and good. But with having all that money it doesn’t make sense.

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  67. I don’t need his phone for 24 hrs, I only need it for a couple minutes really. He seems to know how to answer it so I just want to show him it can be used to MAKE A FUCKING CALL (to another manager, for example) as well.

    Now I am not young enough to think finishing below 4th, or not winning a trophy for 7 years, is tragic. I have seen the team go 7 years without finishing 4th! However, back then we were not being told that we could add to the team, but we think it is pretty good as it is. It is inaction when action is needed and possible that makes me so angry.

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  68. I’m going to post something that is as relative to this conversation as Wenger’s recent comments are to, well, anything.

    Alan Belcher the middleweight UFC fighter has a tattoo on his left arm I think it is that looks like Kim Jong Un. I believe it’s supposed to be Johnny Cash.

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