Wenger talks transfers. Doesn’t really


Arsenal will not be signing Wilfried Zaha according to Arsene Wenger, however, the boss has hinted – in that inimitable way of his – that he might try and lure a couple of new faces to the Emirates before the end of January.

Spinning more than a hot-panted Kylie Minogue the boss changed tact for the umpteenth time this month when again quizzed on possible transfers by the press.

Asked initially about his interest in Zaha, a player he confirmed the club had been keeping an eye on but who now looks set to move to Manchester United, Wenger stated:

“If Zaha goes to Man Utd, good luck to him. We were never in for him. Never.”

A firm line drawn under that one and not massively surprising given the success in persuading Theo Walcott to sign a new deal and the interest from rival clubs.

Pressed for further news on signings, the boss admitted that he and his team were still actively scouring the market but wouldn’t be drawn on individuals.

“I will not give you any names. We are working very hard.”

Arseblog News hasn’t the foggiest whether Arsenal are going to sign anyone by the end of next week or not. One thing is for sure, Arsene’s attitude in his weekly press briefings has become increasingly erratic.

Sometimes the boss appears to enjoy feeding the tabloids a morsel or two to feast on (he could have outright dismissed Cavani story last week), then the following week he’s bristling with annoyance that his riddled answers have been spun into ridiculous headlines.

Unfortunately, whichever mood he’s in he seems unaware – or perhaps he doesn’t care – that what he says gets reported to the supporters who increasingly seem flummoxed by his wishy-washy status updates.

We’d suggest reading between the lines again but things seem very smudged at the moment.

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