Wenger: ‘We want to strengthen the squad everywhere’


Arsene Wenger spoke in the wake of tonight’s disappointing 1-1 draw with Southampton and confirmed all areas of the squad are open for augmentation now that the transfer window is open again.

Obviously, after a game in which Arsenal failed to click as an attacking force, striking options must be top of the list but the manager insisted he’s looking to improve his team from front to back.

“I will be active, yes,” he said. “We are looking everywhere. We are open-minded. We want to strengthen the squad everywhere.”

Wenger also ruled out a move for former Gunner Thierry Henry, hopefully an indication that more long-term targets have been identified, with names like Demba Ba and David Villa mentioned as possible recruits.

And on the game tonight, the boss said, “Considering our performance I don’t think we deserved more today. It is two points dropped if you look at the target we set ourselves over Christmas.

“It is frustrating and disappointing because we did not create a lot and if you considered we scored five at Reading and seven against Newcastle. When you sum up the goal chances there is not a lot.

“We lacked purpose, penetration and speed. All qualities we have usually but lacked tonight.”

Which is exactly why he should be busy in the transfer market.


    • Hello all:
      My favourite analysis of the game is beautifully expressed by the BBC Radio 5 live presenter Mark Pougatch on Twitter: “Southampton deserved that point for their huge endeavours. Again the Arsenal play with a self entitlement not commensurate with their ability. “Manchester United work so hard for the right to play. It’s not rocket science. It’s called life in whatever capacity you live it.”
      I could not put it any better.
      Arsene you know what’s needed

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      • I think that you are right. Notwithstanding the club’s “nett expenditure” on transfers, we have one of the best and most expensive squads in the league. If our players were as motivated as those of (say) Bradford, Norwich, Southampton, Swansea and Villa, which were all assembled and maintained with less money, we shouldn’t have lost or drawn games against them. There’s an attitude problem that I hope Wenger fixes, whatever players he signs.

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      • I agree. Talk of ‘strengthening the team’ leaves me depressed rather than hopeful. It’s not lack of talent that’s our problem. We’ve got more talent, or anyway a more expensively assembled squad, than Swansea, West Brom, Everton, Schalke and practically every team that’s outplayed us. What we lack is belief; that, and the tactics and coaching that generate belief.

        Buying in January is never ideal and no sensible club wants to do it, as Wenger used to acknowledge, unless forced to by long-term injuries to a couple of key players. Prices are high, the best players aren’t available and they’re cup-tied for Europe, and by the time the transfer is completed it’s usually the last day of the window anyway and the new signings have barely started to gel before the season is over.

        Seems to me there’s been a malaise at the heart of the team which looks like it would rather pull the duvet over its head than actually play. The players want out, which makes a bad atmosphere in the dressing room, which in turn makes more players want out. Worse, Wenger has lost the ability to lift their spirits. He doesn’t seem even to know what’s gone wrong, let alone how to repair it. Unfortunately, rather than looking for help and fresh ideas from elsewhere, he seems to be becoming ever more of a control freak – or so the reports of his tense relationship with Bould and Brady would suggest.

        Unless we address the problem of why we’re not getting the best out of the players we’ve got, new signings will just be a waste of money again. Arshavin wasn’t a useless lazy lump when we bought him at considerable expense; Gervinho in his last season at Lille got twice as many goals and assists as Hazard.

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    • Personally, my issue was not with Gervinho coming on for Podolski, but Ramsey for Cazorla.

      Now, I love Ramsey, I really really want him to do well, but surely Rosicky at the front of that midfield would have been a lot more likely to make things happen than present-day Ramsey? Also, considering how Ramsey is usually brought on as a defensive change these days, it might even have given out a signal to the boys to hang on to the point and play the game out rather than going for it.

      Lastly, kudos to Szczesny. I think he was excellent last night. No highlight reel saves, but he was the only one out there looking at all reliable, no fumbling or flapping.

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      • Rosicky probably isn’t ready for action just yet..we’ve seen this before: Wenger not bringing on players that seem suited for the situation at hand..and most of the time it’s because they’re not at 100% yet. Which makes me wonder why they’re on the bench at all!

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      • ‘Rosicky probably isn’t ready for action just yet..’ He owned Olympiakos for the 45 minutes he was on the pitch. That was a month ago.

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    • I mean you don’t have to be that harsh, certainly I would’ve been greatly disappointed if Wenger’s excuse for not buying a long term striker would be “We got Henry, he’s enough”, but if we do get an extra striker + Henry on a short term loan, I think it could give us that little bit of firepower needed while that extra striker adapts. That little bit of firepower may be the difference between 0 and 1, and 1 and 3 points, and when you see that the reason we are in the champs league this season was one point, this little bit of firepower may prove to be vital in the end of the season.

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  1. I hope this won’t be followed by the ” We looked but couldn’t find top quality” excuse on Jan 31st. Very obvious that the first and the squad in general needs strengthening

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    • Unfortunately, you know it will be. It’s the same tired rhetoric he’s spouted since we started selling our best players rather than paying them the going rate.

      I can’t watch interviews with Arsene because I find him ridiculously charming and it’s very difficult to think negative about him when my brain tells me I should.

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    • I have a feeling he might bring in 2 signings so as to kick this team on. A striker and a Defensive minded midfielder seem crucial to this squad’s ambition of gaining top 4 membership. On other news did you see this RVP quote from their Wigan game, “This is a special team, everyone wants to help each other. I do feel like am surronded by Champions.” I don’t know abut you but I felt oddly insulted by that o.O

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    • Of course it is. Expect Zaha and that young African guy who reading are also looking at while Spuds are trying to bring in quality like Willian. truth hurts

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  2. Wenger: ‘We want to strengthen the squad everywhere’

    “But we won’t!! Ha ha suckers”

    “When Gervinho comes back from ACON he will be like a new signing.”

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  3. Wenger isn’t stupid. He knows we’ll really struggle to get 4th spot without signings. Here’s hoping some deals can be done. Realistically we should expect 1, maybe 2 incoming.

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      • I’ll better have Isco and Feillani, plus a decent CB (’cause Djourou is leaving).

        As future projects, L Shaw and Zaha look good too, but honestly in case we do sign one or both of them we shouldn’t expect an immediate impact from these two.

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    • Would be pleasantly surprised to see two, especially given that it’s January and deals are naturally more difficult to come by. (Another reason why the club ought to have been more active in August.) If we do get two, I suspect the club will be angling for one permanent deal and a loan.

      On the remarks themselves, I do sense a small but perhaps meaningful shift in rhetoric from Wenger. And I think it was important to rule out a move for Henry: a great servant for the club but we need more than that now. Let’s hope we see some action this time.

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    • Talking on the drive home from soton today, all 5 of us in the car said that even 2 good players just won’t be enough, there is something wrong mentally with this team that seems catching to whatever players we sign.
      Most agree we need 2top quality signings now, that’s even if theo stays, if theo goes that’s 3 we need, add to that squad players like arshavin, Chamakh, Gervinho all of whom seem to be regular subs but offer nothing. That’s 5 maybe 6 and that’s without other squad players that don’t make the bench like the squid who again offers nothing. Leaving Ramsey aside who divides opinion and a goal keeper as cover for scez, I just can’t see us making the number or quality of signing that will make a huge difference going on past dealings.
      all 5 of us agreed that only absolute quality proven players at the top of thier game will make a difference to us this season if even we bought just 2 of the 4 or 5 we need, but none of us had the belief that he club would sign players of the quality we need.

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      • Honestly, we are just one top player in his prime from securing CL qualification. For proof, do you doubt we would be struggling if we still had van Persie? We’d undoubtably have a good number of points more than we do currently had we kept him with the additions we brought in. Alas, as we now know, LP and Giroud were brought in to soften the blow of losing a player of van Persie’s class. Still if we added class somewhere else in the team I think we’d be a good bet for at least fourth. A left back central midfielder maybe? Baines or Fellaini?* LANS Diaby?

        From there, it’s a question of how many more top signings would it take to make us competitive for the title. You reckon it would take 4 or 5 in total, so subtracting the “1” I’ve just identified, that leaves 3 or 4 in addition. I tend to believe we are really only 2 more top players away from competing for a full season, but we could improve our odds of actually winning with a couple more reliably good performers to augment the squad.

        I also doubt we need a striker. We have a number of guys who can perform up front–Walcott (assuming), Giroud, Podolski, Gervinho (whose not terrible as 4th choice up front, he just blows hot and cold). The squad is actually chock-full of players who’d rather play as a center forward than out wide. It would be better served by an ace winger. Hypothetically, with the current players I’d rather we added Ribery, e.g., than we got van Persie back.

        A winger, central midfielder (Cazorla alternating to the wing) and a left back. Three new signings, and I think we could all be comfortable with that Arsenal. Deconstructed, that could be merely TWO new signings–a midfielder and left back. In wengerspeak, it might be only ONE–a left back–because Diaby will be LANS at CM. Arsenal will only add one player this January. QED **

        * Please do not misunderstand me–Baines is clearly not as valuable an asset as van Persie, but he has been a top LB in the league, at his peak, and so would shore up a weak point in our defense and attack. Gibbs just isn’t yet the finished article offensively or defensively. If you personally don’t rate Baines, please pretend I named your favorite LB.

        ** Gallows humor.

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  4. Dreadful performance. We were lucky to get a
    point in the game. our only goal was a Southampton OG! Laughable. Defence was all over the place at times. Sagna had his worst game for Arsenal. Gervinho coming on sums Arsenal up, no real strength on the bench. I would happily accept a 1 million bid for him, don’t see what he offers. This game wasn’t down to Gervinho though as Podolski was shockingly bad. Too many Arsenal player’s weren’t up for the game today. Also, Gibbs instead of blasting it decides to pass it to the on-rushing defenders, he should have scored! { remember this scenario with the home game against the same same soton, he won us two goals due to blasting it!} also with 30 seconds to go, Gibbs wastes them on taking a throw. Did he not want to win the game?

    Performance and result wasn’t good enough,
    considering that Spurs won.

    Onto strengthening,i think after this game it’s obvious we need about what 7 new quality players? Over to you!

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    • And we played a game less than our rivals.Absolutely no excuse for this poor showing.
      Sagna was unbelievably poor tonight.The general passing was dreadful.TW14 is
      great when he gets free but against the majority of teams this wont happen and he hasn’t got the nous or strength to make things happen up front.Wigan and Southampton he has been found out.Sign on our terms or get rid

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      • Walcott walcott walcott
        1. Can’t do much for us with his back facing the goal.
        2. He is not a target man and with schezzers long aerial balls we’re bound to loose possesion almost always.
        3. He cannot hold up play and allow for other players to come into the fray. “get ball and run”
        4. Aerial ability = 0 thereby nullyfying any threat we might cause by our fullbacks actually crossing the ball.E

        What’s positive is his pace and finishing and ability to beat an offside trap otherwise I struggle to think he’ll be a capable CF.

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      • Well said Gunripper. I also think as well as not having the right attributes for holding up play and playing others in, I get the feeling that he doesn’t really want to; that he’d rather have the glory himself. I keep noticing moments when he should drop a bit to link up play or drift wide to free up space and play others in (a la Thierry) but instead he chooses to stay in the middle where he’s more likely to get a goal. I hope I’m wrong but it really feels that way to me.

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      • I believe Walcott works as a CF, but only if we have a Striker in front of him and for that purpose even Giroud would work. However if we can sign a guy like Demba Ba – please go ahead. We desperately need more options.

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      • It’s very easy to blame Walcott and honestly who cares if he’s not the greatest aerial threat?! Heskey is great in the air so using your own logic should we sign him?

        We have an excellent player in Theo that can damage any defense, tonight our midfield let not only our defense down but also our attack.

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      • absolutely agree with Gunripper. my friends keep telling me Walcott is god mainly due to his recent performances, hes not. he lacks cleverness and forever inconsistent.

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  5. I really hope we bring in Demba ba, there is players everywhere available to buy. Just hope that we manage to get a player in as soon as possible before the chelsea game..

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  6. “Obviously, after a game in which Arsenal failed to click as an attacking force, striking options must be top of the list”

    Why the fuck should we concentrate on strengthening the attack when it is the defence that keeps letting us down? We score goals. We give away goals. Which is the most worrying thing?

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    • They’re all intimately connected though. That we’re so wasteful in attack puts undue pressure on the mistakes of our defenders. What are we supposed to do? Buy a defender that never makes a mistake? Good luck finding that. We want to avoid sequences of mistakes that lead to goals, and that really starts from the attackers.

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      • We should build from the back and make sure that everyone in the team knows what to do in defence because thats where you start building a team.
        If you trust your teammates you also dare to be creative. If you always feel like cant make a mistake you wont dare do anything and that leads to mistakes.
        A team starts from the back not the front.

        I could change the question: “Buy a defender that never makes a mistake?” to “Buy a striker that always scores?” Thats not very likely either is it?
        We have enough creativity in the team and we score a lot of goals. If we sort the defence with additions like Fellaini we will become better offensively.

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      • Which player(s) do you have in mind when you say:
        “If you trust your teammates you also dare to be creative. If you always feel like cant make a mistake you wont dare do anything and that leads to mistakes.”

        Our attacking players make the most mistakes out of anyone on the team. To be fair, taking chances is built in to their job descriptions… but still, you need them to do their part by helping the midfield control the tempo of play. I don’t see Theo or Gervinho doing that.

        Also, Fellaini isn’t a defensive player. He’s about as defensive as Diaby is/was.

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      • I think you’d be surprised to find out how your supposed plethora of supposedly superior defenders would be found wanting once in the red and white. You’ve simplified the problem in your head to explain it away. You aren’t solving it… just let Mr. Wenger do his work.

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      • Fellaini is a great holding midfielder which we tend to forget because he is more offensive this year but its mostly his height and power Im after. Which we are lacking.

        “Our attacking players make the most mistakes out of anyone on the team. To be fair, taking chances is built in to their job descriptions… but still, you need them to do their part by helping the midfield control the tempo of play. I don’t see Theo or Gervinho doing that.”

        The problem when the defenders makes mistakes is that the creative play suffers because the creative players tends to get more restrictive if he cant trust his teammes to mop up these mistakes. Every team in the world builds from the back. Even Barca. We suck defensively and we make a lot of stupid mistakes which costs us points. Today against Saints we gave away a goal and that cost us 2 points.

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      • “I think you’d be surprised to find out how your supposed plethora of supposedly superior defenders would be found wanting once in the red and white.”

        Well then it must be something wrong with the club then.

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      • By the way, with defence I mean the whole team but I do say build from the back and get more defence minded players in.

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  7. The right noises being made. Can’t wait to see who we bring in. Only at arsenal could the fans be just as excited about who we ship out…….

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  8. When space opens up for you and you’re Mikel freakin’ Arteta i’d expect you to take a punt and have a shot on goal. Why do you always choose to spread it wide?.

    Everton-Arteta would have atleast tried shooting, comes to arsenal then “it’s walk ball into net”

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    • You know. This is one thing I was hoping to see from Arteta when he joined us that sadly hasn’t materialized.

      I know that he has a different role here but I remember cringing when he was in blue and with 10 yards of our 18 with any kind of space. He was a goddamn menace.

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  9. the funniest and more hironic thing is that their keeper looked petrified from the beggining and we didnt even make efforts by shoting to push him to a mistake and (hopefully) at least we might had a chance from rebounds…also we made their defence look like F@ckin Chinese Wall…

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  10. Fuck me i hope we dont get D Villa. Barca want £3mill more than we sold RVP for. For essentially a 31 year old thats had little to no play due to a career changing injury. That signing will never happen. If it does wengers lost the plot and i give up on this club. Bring in Baines, Lopes and a couple more if possible

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    • Your numbers are a bit off: we sold RVP for around £22-24 million, while Barcelona reportedly wants £16 million for Villa (and would probably accept a little less with some haggling). I also think you vastly overstate the case for bypassing Villa. He’s a player of proven quality and while he’s certainly not the force he was a few years ago, he has fought his way back after a long-term injury and is still scoring goals.

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  12. Hate to say it but Wenger really shouldn’t have waited to fill the Striker/CDM/and LB positions,unfortunately even Sagna’s been struggling lately. I wont even bother mentioning who Wenger should sign anymore It’s pointless. Ho many CDM have Arsenal talked to or been linked to the last 4+ years , A Lot.

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  13. lacked purpose and penetration and yet rosicky didnt come on. yes we need players but fuck me we can use what we have a little better. maybe im wrong but last time we rosicky he ran the show in cl. i cant for the life of me understand why we havent seen him since. and if hes on the bench hes fit. what sceanario do we see him play. ahhh sick of this shit

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    • You say Wenger has us going round and round in circles, but it’s people like you that make me want to puke.

      Fuck off. Go somewhere that you are welcome. If there is anywhere.

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  14. Luke Shaw looked good today. I’d be happy with him in the squad.

    My dream signing would be Marouane Fellaini to cover for Diaby when he’s injured…which should see him get about 37 league games a year.

    A Spanish attacker as well, not too bothered which one as they are all better than Gervinho*.

    *Gervinho is the only Arsenal player since Lee Chapman** that I have no desire ever to see wear the shirt again.

    **For the younger fans, Lee Chapman was a useless cunt of a centre forward who makes Andy Carroll look like Messi.

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  15. Funny how everyone hates on Gervinho yet (at least in this game) as bad as he was he still did more in 15minutes then Podolski did the whole game.

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    • Really?!? Wow, so much hate for Podolski. At least he defended (and didn’t fall over every time he got the ball). He also picked out passes for his supporting midfielder/defender in build-up play (and didn’t kill plays with head-down dribbles). What exactly did Gervinho accomplish in those 15 minutes?

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      • You mean the shot where there were 2 open players BEGGING for the ball so they could tap it in?

        Look, none of the players were extraordinary today, but I think it’s silly for you to put Podolski’s efforts below Gervinho’s “efforts.”

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    • When Gerv comes back from AFCON can we absolutely deny he was ever our player. Let’s wipe all records of him with arsenal. CSI style.

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    • You guys are ignoring the real culprit. The Ox was ball watching all the time. I thought he was told not to charge. Why wasn’t he charging?

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  16. Poor team performance really off day for the team what a suck way to start the year IDK what gervinho and Ramsey are doing in this team

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  17. I don’t trust wenger, it is good that we got that result in Southampton otherwise he couldn’t have been saying what he is saying now. We need establish and mature players, the team lack consistency.

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  18. Yea double double stupid looks like my dream came through in this match u dunce cunt ahhaha u need to listen think with ur brain not from ur arsehole!

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    • Err, we didn’t lose today.

      1 goal for each team means that they draw, which means no team lost…I appreciate that may be difficult for you to understand, but do try and keep up.

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    • Arsenal drawing a game was your “dream come true”? Fuck me, you must have had a shit Christmas.

      Tell you what, we’ll agree to stop thinking with our arseholes, if you agree to stop talking with yours. Deal?

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  19. We needed strengthening in all positions fuckin years ago! Now he wants to sign payers after everyone else has improved and caught us up. A complete failure to plan ahead. Now selling clubs have us by the bollox.

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  20. As much as I love Wilshere and Cazorla they had ZERO tackles combined in the first half, that for me says it all. My solution : Move Cazorla to the wing already,play Wilshere as a #10 <that he is, and play Arteta with Coquelin even(for now). Maybe even Koscielny at this point should play in front of the back four,he was pretty much doing that in the first half anyways(since no one else could win the ball back in midfield.)

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  21. We need a central midfielder with a pair of balls. We had arteta , jack and cazorla getting run over by a relegation side today. That’s not good enough, someone needs to be benched, maybe all three of them. How badly do we need a Gilberto silva rite now?

    Diaby is done, he needs to be replaced ASAP. Arteta is not cutting it at the moment. Sorry lads,it’s true. Sideways and back doesn’t win games.

    If I’m Ivan and Arsene, it’s all in for xabi Alonso, and Mario goetze. Then a striker, fuck Walcott off to Liverpool and buy a winger. Pray for fourth and a fresh start next year.

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    • It’s funny that a norwegian comes with a comment like that. Have you ever been at a game?

      We don’t need gloryhunting supporters, get out of our club plz..

      Writing Fuck u Wenger is lack of respect for Wenger, he is a genius, and still is.

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      • Ah, and you clearly know all norwegians? Classic flawed logic there mate, just because you know a few norwegians that don’t watch football you conclude that watching premier league football is not a tradition in Norway? I’m not english but I live in London. Probably more than half of my friends there have no interest in football whatsoever. So by your logic that would mean english people don’t watch football……..

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  22. “We lacked desire” – unforgivable comment from the manager, he is paid extraordinarily well to ensure the team is motivated. Maybe a position we should be strengthening is the managerial one.

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  23. Yeah Wenger should have made more signings, but come on you can’t blame him for Sagna’s back pass, or for Podolski’s lack of movement, for Chamberlain not being able to beat Luke Shaw , Walcott’s free kicks(ther then the goal),etc,etc,etc.

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  24. I think we should stop crying out for strikers. Neither Walcott nor Giroud saw much of the ball today, let alone in any position to score. We have three solid players who can play there, including Podolski, and like it or not we are sticking with a one striker system.

    I think the biggest need is a creative player that can play on the wings or through the middle. I dream of Mario Goetze, but Arda Turan fits the bill perfectly, as do Belhanda and Lewis Holtby. I’d also like a defensive midfielder.

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    • Today’s game and many of the same sort makes me miss Cesc. The last 15 mins of the game, we lacked sense of urgency and there wasn’t any defence shattering through passes. No one to make the difference when things are not going our way. The team should seriously take a cue from what ManU players are doing on the pitch when things are not going their way. I don’t like ManU but I sort of admire their mentality of not wanting to lose any game at all cost

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  25. I would take a striker when can score 25 plus goal for us but, look at tonight 4 chances created king Henry in his prime couldn’t have helped us tonight. We are weak in midfield physically and tactically Wenger has it wrong hence the reason we are consistently exposed remember tonight was against a team sitting in the bottom 3 and apart from the opening 5mins we never had control of that game. I would never start Arteta I would start coquelin. We need to buy at least two midfielders in the mould of a yaya, diamy. I mean we have one in the shape of diaby but we can’t rely on him. I hate to say this but look at Tottenham other than man u or city they look so powerful and strong we look lightweight in comparison and I fear for us unless we can buy players with presence power and speed.

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  26. Remember the days of having the ball and literally pinning teams in for 90 mins. We are too easy to play against how did they score tonight high pressing and they forced the mistake out of us we don’t press teams we allow them to play And we only start pressing when we are chasing the game. Drop magna for a game or two looks a little tired start jenkinson. We need some die hards on the field players who are ready to die on the pitch give everything not enough of that in our squad right now.

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  27. Not enough squad depth. We are so inconsistent it is ridiculous. My dream would be to get Ba, Shaw, Holtby and Zaha- all available. Cazorla needs rotation and Rosicky probably isnt sharp with the amount of games he has had. 4th place is a big possibility but if we keep inconsistency i would be worried.

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  28. Tj ive lost faith in this manager anyway but he might as well keep with the player we got now its too late to panic buy if its top four were looking i doubt we will make it serve him right for selling our best players to rivals, but this is the kick up the back side we need seriously! Dont cry now wenger u ask for it!

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  29. Ah, the usual early transfer window comments by Wenger – “We will be active” or “we will strengthen by X amount of players”.

    Which will invariably lead to “we only want super, super quality.” and then once the window closes it’ll be “we couldn’t find that super quality player,”

    Call me a cynic and a pessimist but I’ll be more shocked and surprised if Wenger buys anyone. He always seem to come out with these great quotes that raise the hope and expectations of fans only to let us down in the end.

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  30. Piss poor tonight against a team we should beat hands down!

    We need to seriously buy quality, forget these kids like shaw and zaha and injury prone players like Ba! We are the arsenal and we should be making a statement!

    Villa could be an option but I would preferred a top player like Cavani!

    M’Villa should also be looked at, Jesus Navas, Mario Gotze, Howedes… Lots of top players out there.. Time we acted like the big club we actually are… No more untried kids or injured players

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    • From back to front:

      Goalkeeper – Good, had no chance with the goal, was solid on everything else.
      Centrebacks – Average.
      Fullbacks – Shit (Sagna was dreadful, worst that I have ever seen from him).
      Midfield – Anonymous.
      Attack – Even more anonymous.

      Subs – Giroud blended in with the other attackers.
      Ramsey didn’t do much right or wrong.
      Gervinho came on with 15 mins left, and had we not used up all our subs would probably have been substituted.

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      • What was the matter with Bac? He must be ill – that was a most uncharacteristic performance from him. All his passing seemed off. Not like the man.

        But Gervinho – I think its time we offloaded him, or just consigned him away from the first team – he has no confidence whatsoever. He was afraid of the ball, he just wanted to get rid of it/avoid it every time it came to him.

        I am also somewhat concerned about Giroud. I want to see him score in 1 – 0 wins as a matter of course. I like 2 in seven against Newcastle, but I would prefer a string of 1 – 0 wins with him as the scorer.

        Happy New Year Gooners.

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  31. Let’s face it: gervinho, ramsey, giroud, and gibbs right now just aren’t up to the level we want. There is potential in the latter two. Podolski may be up and down but he is still top class. sadly ramsey has just signed a new deal. Even muamba was on twitter during the match openly saying we have players that aren’t good enough. So for me, top signings are urgent to push these guys down the pecking order. And cleaning out the cobwebs to clear the wage bill is of equal importance this January!

    Thumb up 3 Thumb down 13

  32. Begovic/Schezzer
    Walcott…… Giroud…..Zaha/poldi.

    I want this squad for my 2013.

    Thumb up 2 Thumb down 23

  33. And we got man city , Chelsea to come ahahah funny if we get beat in both games all these arsene wanger lovers in ere will committing suicide.

    Thumb up 1 Thumb down 18

  34. Truth is, players like Villa and Cavani will not be available in the January transfer market. I would also love a Fabregas-like passer, but probably will have to wait until August. We lack a solid bench. Look at Man U, they can be consistent even if Rooney is out. They have tremendous players in the bench. Players really need to be awake for the next games.

    Thumb up 7 Thumb down 1

    • We will never sign a 31 year old striker. Its a pace position, and by 31 pace is gone.

      Buying Villa would be a waste of money.

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  35. I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again: this squad is poor.

    How long has it taken the so called ‘genius’ that everyone seems to worship to figure that out?

    Thumb up 8 Thumb down 7

  36. Ok. *flame retardant suit on*

    This is where a loan of someone like Nani would make perfect sense to me.
    A talented, out of favor, pre madonna that desperately wants to show the world how much money he is worth.
    By the time his personality defects finally kick in seasons over and he’s gone. In the mean time we reap the benefits.
    But SAF would never go for it because he knows better.

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  37. Poor performance, but we should be happy with 1p today, because Southampton deserved to win. I’m sure we will see our arsenal back to the petrogames. go arsenal

    Thumb up 6 Thumb down 2

  38. GiveMeWhatWengersSmoking there only a handful of queer dudes in ere that has wenger poster boy pin up in there rooms that support this fool real fans out on the street want this wanker out!

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  39. Cazorla………lost his magic.
    Ox……………should try attacking the box more and not the wing.
    Arteta….good but alittle too bit resigned in his play.
    Walcott………mr. Anonymous when he wants.
    Wilshere………Not yet there.
    Gibbs……by the book fella. Thus not dangerous.
    Sagna…… Fading but still a beast in my book.
    Vermaelen……got his juice sucked out, ever since.
    Koscienly…..makes a good partnership with Mert or verm with mert. Never the two (kos verm) together.
    Schezzer……. Not a bad ting about him, let down by his front men.
    Poldi……….he’s really the most inconsistent player at the most.
    Ramsey………yep he’s here for another 5 years, judge him then, not now.

    Thumb up 10 Thumb down 2

    • No actually It’s not Wenger’s, he’s changing the way he puts teams together now Instead of only youth, It’s English players along with a few Internationals(Say Giroud/Cazorla/Vermaelen). We could possibly miss out on the CL this year, but Wenger still deserves another year or two to put this new team together. Who do you think would actually do better anyways,Moyes who’s never been in the CL, Guardiola who’s never coached out of his Barcelona bubble(same with Klopp).

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    • Pretty sure the saying is to “beat a dead horse”
      You don’t think much do you?

      …I won’t check back so that question is rhetorical (look it up before you write something)

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      • Hate to get myself involved, but I am an American and I tend to think it’s a little unfair to generalize and assume all Americans resort to petty name calling.

        I’m not positive of your country of origin, but I would hope they dont all generalize and assume and that youre just a one off. Maybe you should do the same.

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  40. it is only when arsenal fans start boycotting matches that AW and his board will wake up, otherwise as long as they continue to get the money ,you will only shout your selves hoarse for nothing becoz they dont want trophies anyway

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  41. We need a CAM and DM that can rotate with Arteta and Santi. There is reason why we always play shit in at least 1 game when we have to play two or three. Santi doesn’t have the stamina for it yet.

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  42. Just when you think things can’t get much worse for us today, you then discover that someone like Toby claims to be an arsenal fan.

    Thumb up 22 Thumb down 1

  43. Thats very hurtful volder looks like im ur worse nightmare then voldermort and arsene bum lickers. U better pray what ive been preaching doesnt come true which is no champion league this season and arsene to walk at end of the season due to pressure from fans.

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    • toby, no one could accuse volders of being an “arsene bum licker”, he is on the other hand a “real fan on the street”, not some mug that comes out from under his bridge whenever we drop a point.

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  44. first of all let us analyze our defence……….sagna is very good right back but unfortunately he had a bad game…….doesnt matter………..but Mr giiiibs for me is absolutely crap and waste…..he doesnt have any defensive sense……..he was caught out of position too many times………..please aw get rid of him………..now i think vermalean is a good defender and he plays well when there is a steady head around him(with gallas in his first season) but he is all over the place when he plays along side koscienly or mertasacker……….so mr wenger get rid of this shit and get a quality centre back like Cheallini or mbiwa…………now in the middle arteta is a good player but he is not a defenive midfielder……..i think that yann mvilla would be best suited for this position………….
    ………now i honestly believe that arsenal has enough quality in the attacking sense to score 2 goals in every match but it is their over all play which pisses me of………..every time u see manu and u will witness a pack of hungry bloodhounds who would thrash and destroy the opponents……..but the arsenal players never play with a full heart and are always afraid to fight……….:(((((((

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  45. We had a reliable defence with Jenkinson. Since Sagna is back, we have defencive problems all the time.

    Walcott? He shoul sign or go, but not bein in the team.
    Yeah, we don’t have options. But we have Quálity…

    We sign 3player, but they cannot perform at same time, so usually 1 or 2of 3 performs poor. Plus a terrible Ramsey/Gervinho, and game is over.

    I feel that my mighty Gandalf, Arsene lost his modjo , so I am not expecting a NAME heading to us this January.

    Of course still pray for it.

    How did we get here? Financial is bit better than 4-5 years ago, but our lovely style is part of the past. Sometimes I feel even Red Nose ‘ Manu can play better. A team known as the best sleeping pills. Shame.
    Anyway, wish u gooners happy new year.

    Crying over.

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  46. Perhaps cazorla needed a rest – not sure if Rosiscky was available or even Eisfield- maybe it’s squad rotation that’d help to keep things fresh.

    Peeps saying get rid of Theo need to consider what sensible team ever sold their top scorer in a Jan window, unless they were financially desperate…….

    Either way, fourth is really gonna be a struggle this year!

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  47. Look theo hasnt got much of a brain we want clever footballers arteta might be clever but he aint brining much to the team he is way to slow ..gervinho is terrible..arshavin out ..chamakah out..whats happened to vermaleen he hasbeen shocking this season cazorla too hot and cold ..diaby forget bout him sell him never fit..ramsey decent championship player thats bout it.how many of our players
    would get arun with utd …..wislhere maybe cazorla

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  48. Whatever couidnt care less what u think im not hear to make friends the ones that say they aint racist are probably the biggest ones trust. im just gonna tell u one more thing dont thing wenger is going to save this season are any other my prediction will come true this season hes stopping the club from progression ok it has to happen we will find better.

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  49. No more excuse for Wenger, and time for him to go. He has the whole team fit and cannot even rest those who are under performing and he keeps saying he will strengthen but he does not go for he 1st target always going for the third and fourth ones because they cannot agree on price that is why we have so many average players and all the good once sold.

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  50. The club is not intrested in trophies , yesterday saw a documentary on Henry . He says he enjoyed wining the legue in old Trafford and later adds (paraphrased) ” I do not want emphasise it too much then it like giving importance to ManU” that was Arsenal team not wanting even wanting to loose mental battles to the rivals ManU … The present team stands no chance to win the legue or even the fourth position . It may be a good idea if we loose the CL spot it may wake us up from our past glory to current misery . I am very sure we will buy not buy any ‘big’ player in Jan.Personally I am not renewing my membership in 2013-14.

    Will always be a gunner!!

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  51. Toby…did you miss a few steps in evolution? In which case you are a scientific miracle.

    The first primate Arsenal fan.

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  52. What’s going on here? Yes it was a game we should’ve won, but one bad performance and the doubters are going to town, even if the performance was bad, we took 10 out of 12 points from this period; that’s not bad, you know. Speaking of which, don’t get the Southampton are a weak team argument out; Yes they are weak, but their recent form has been good – in fact judging on their November and December form they should be about mid-table; I think people here have been fooled into complacency by the recent big wins and expected another goalfest, like the 6-1 earlier this season. The players can’t be consistent every game, you know.
    I’m not saying we should give the players a free bill of conscience as if nothing bad’s happened, but the comments on here are just doom and gloom.

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    • I see where you’re coming from but to lose/draw even against a team of lower quality is easier to deal with if the performance wasn’t so appalling. At least then we can say “Hey, we gave absolutely everything we had but we just couldn’t get the win.”

      But I don’t think anyone can say that after the match. Their keeper was a nervous wreck at the start of the match and we didn’t even go for a couple of long range belters from Poldi or Santi or Arteta. Their keeper seemed to grow in confidence during the course of the match actually!!

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  53. I believe Arsene is definitely looking to strengthen his team, but the prob is will he be lucky enought to find the right person for right money.
    Lets be honest, the last 3 person we signed are good quality players, Cazorla is W.Class. But recall how we signed them??
    1.Poldi – His Club was in relegation battle and we got a bargain, mainly coz Poldi chose to join us.
    2. Cazorla – Malaga’s financial issue.
    3.Giroud – Release clause + He chose to join us.

    We are still attractive club, but looks like the player needs to have some clause or shld be in final yr of his contract or have no competition for other big clubs for us to sign a quality Player.

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  54. just extremely frustrating, when we put a run together we put a limp display in like this and undo the hard work. Wigan away was lucky and I would have hoped this would be a marker against complacency but no! It appears the players arent challenged, could never imagine a man utd team play with so little heart
    We all know we need signings, its just whether we make the right ones. Arteta is not a dm, put pressure on him and hes useless. Wenger said at the start of the season this was his best/most talented squad, its those statements that fuck fans off more than anything!

    And please gervinho, dont come back from acn, find god, crack anything

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  55. Arsenal FC. Helping relegation threatened teams survive the drop since God knows when!
    The team didnt play well at all last night.
    Sagna looked uncharacteristically poor tonight. Didnt seem to have his heart in it at all. Lack of effort and his clearance for their goal was unbelievable.
    I know Mertesacker gets bashed all over the media for his lack of pace,but without him we just cannot defend. His organizational skills and positional sense is better then any defender currently at arsenal.
    We are too predictable and tactically naive.Unless wenger does indeed sign players i wont believe he will. And bringing gervinho off the bench every game when we need that little spark of magic is infuriating. Is it me or does he never seem to have control of the ball?

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  56. Ha ah its funny how there increasing more true gooner fans in ere playing to my tune.Knew it wouldn’t take long,real arsenal fans pls stand up! Lose are draw more games pls so we can get rid of this joke of a manager! So those deluded arsene wenger eddiots LIKE DOUBLE DOUBLE CHUMP on this website will finally shut their mouths!

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  57. Its sorry to hear Wenger say we lacked purpose and speed then introduce the snail paced Ramsey and the rather wasteful Gervinho. We need a hungry team, one thats genuinely desiring to win and focused. Why keep players who cant click. Sagna looked to be carrying an injury or lost in confidence. Players to dispose ( Gerv, Ramsey, Squillaci, Injury prone Diaby, Andre Santos, Johan Djourou, Andrey Arshavin, Marouane Chamakh…) Players to bring on (The Hunter, Llorente, Adrian Lopez, David Villa, Nani, Wilfried Zaha, Yann M’Vila to mention but a few)

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  58. Great list dan i wish it came to reality but i doubt it. we so need players like this, real quality!
    There so many dead wood in the club that nobody wants that’s the problem.

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  59. It’s hard not to get angry when you’ve stayed up till 1 in the morning and went to bed completely dejected at 4am, only to get up at 6 for work. What a gutless performance it was yesterday! Always second to the ball, losing 50/50 challenges, Walcott can’t even be bothered to put pressure on southampton defenders in the last 10 minutes when the ball’s in the air just content to look on (even giroud put in more effort into getting back to defend), misplaced passes everywhere, players not on the same wavelength, Ox and Sagna completely shocking on the right…all these while playing a team we completely thrashed at home. We had a team of full fledged internationals against mostly championship players and youngsters.

    Can’t expect the other team to rollover but c’mon this performance has to be the worst ever this season. Can’t seem to handle harrying and pressing by other teams..absolutely no will to win. Jack didn’t have his best game by far but so many in the team could learn a thing or two from his attitude.

    Honestly, I’m just so glad our scouts stumbled upon Sczesny. He saved us a point from the shambles that was last night.

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  60. We look like a side playing for fourth. Sagna probably wasn’t arsed because this game won’t matter too much in that race. Most likely, spuds will collapse at some point and we’ll get 4th. United have fewer off days because every game matters as they play for the title. Until we change the target, I can’t see this inconsistency changing, sadly.

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  61. i know its not the time to moan about it but we shouldnt have sold Van Persie. it is,should i say disheartening to see him play well there. i dont mean we should beg him to come back but hmm. i dont think wenger would go for it but Cavani is an interesting player

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  62. I know who I’d like (if the price is right) there seems to be plenty of options this transfer window which is unusual.
    For less than £5M Id take, Luke Shaw, Begovic and Wangama. All good back up options, better than what we got on the bench.
    For less than £10M id take Ba, Michu, Zaha, Remy, Debuchy, Holtby, Pjanic and Dede. I feel they would all push for first team rotation.
    For less than £15M id take Nani and Llorente, although I’m not sure of Nani’s wages and how that would fit in to our wage structure.
    Now I’m not saying I’d want all of these players but a few from that list would see us much stronger in 2013. All look like they may be available for transfer and all are either as good as or better than what we got.
    I didnt see the point in listing any high value players as their is little chance in us ever signing them.
    Then there is the cutting of the dead weight. I’d be happy with just loan deals for most of them and to let their contracts run down. Just get Chamakh, Gervinho, Park, Fabianski, Squillaci, Djourou (if we got another centerback), Santos (if we got Shaw) of the wage bill so we can distribute wages to where they are deserved.
    Arsene gets alot of stick for the transfers of the last 6 years, but I feel now is truely the first time he hasn’t had one arm tied behind is back in the market due to the stadium debt. I think the calls for his sacking are premature and the results he has got on a shoestring budget have been fantastic. But now that we no longer have that monkey on our back there are no more excuses. Let hope for some inspirational signings like the good old days and a start of a new era.

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    • There are other players I’d like to see at the club some of whome i’ve seen listed in other comments, but I cant see them joining or being sold. Fellani would be great but I cant see Everton letting him go this winter (may be in the summer?). M’vila will most likely get snapped up by a money spending club when we are closed to closing a deal, and anyone over £10M and over 29 just isnt an Arsene signing (I only inlcuded Ba in my initial list due to his buy out clause. Dodgy knees will stop him being signed at Arsenal).

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  63. I just think a lot of these players don’t know what it means to play for the Arsenal.
    The difference between these lot and the past successful teams is clear for all to see. Imagine the likes of Tony Adams, Dixon, Keown, Viera, Berkamp, Henry and co. Those guys HATED losing! I can’t imagine anyone in the current Arsenal shirt (except Jack) standing up to the opposition and bullying them like Viera and co did.
    Many years of being average has completely messed up the mentality of players coming to Arsenal now because to be fair to them, they don’t expect to be winning anything because that’s not the club’s priority. And Arsene wonders why the mentality is not right. How ironic! No wonder some of our ex-players look at the team now and can’t believe what they see.
    Hate to say it but when players go to Man U, they need to have that winning mentality because that’s what years of continued trophy success gives any club.
    All I witnessed against Southampton yesterday were just players knowing they’ll get that paycheck at the end of the week.

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  64. Now I’m no football manager, and I love my team, but for fun…

    If I had realistic suggestions to fill each available role (I say realistic, I mean individuals at a reasonable price, as first or second choice – not collectively this is how we should do it), I’d choose:

    Ruffier (GK)
    Abate (RB), Benatia (CB), Hummels (CB), Eraso (LB)
    Gustavo (CDM), Witsel (CM)
    Navas (RW), Eriksen (CAM), Barca’s Pedro (LW)
    Nilmar (ST)

    If I went a lil Dream Team fun though, I’d choose (as additions to the team):
    Neuer (GK)
    Lahm (RB), Kompany (CB), Pique (CB), Coentrao (LB)
    Vidal (CDM), Y. Toure (CM)
    Di Maria (RW), Gotze (CAM), Neymar (LW)
    Messi (ST)

    Of course, pricey ambitions are reason to why it’s a dream team.

    That said, If we could bring some players through for a little more regular rotation, my first choice in the respective positions would be:

    Martinez (GK)
    Jenkinson (RB), Miquel (CB), (CB), Meade (LB)
    Frimpong (CDM), Henderson (CM)
    Miyaichi (RW), Eisfeld (CAM), Gnabry (LW)
    Aneke (ST)

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