Afobe set for emergency Millwall loan


According to, Benik Afobe join Millwall tomorrow when the emergency loan window opens to clubs in the Football League.

The attacker returned to North London last month having cut short a season-long deal with Bolton Wanderers, however, with Arsene Wenger eager for the England under-21 international to continue his development away from the Emirates it appears a move to Kenny Jackett’s outfit has been sanctioned.

Millwall are currently six points off the Championship play-off places but will be hoping Afobe can prove himself more effective than he did at the Reebok Stadium where he only got on the scoresheet three times in 24 appearances.

In addition to his spell at Bolton, Afobe has also spent time with Huddersfield Town and Reading. The length of the deal is yet to be confirmed.


  1. I really hope something good come’s from this boy’s career. Seems to have a bright future but he’s not able to make it work for him

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  2. I know he is highly rated but I don’t think he will make it at Arsenal. He just doesn’t score enough. You have to have something special to break through at Arsenal. Chuba Akpom looks like a better prospect. He can’t stop scoring and he has terrific strength and technique.

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      • i hope he comes good, would be good to have a few strikers coming through the academy, we seem to develop midfielders the best, decent defenders and gks but hardly any strikers.

        a couple seasons ago there was all the hype about JET, he wasn’t cutting it to be fair and we sold him to Ipswich where he still isnt doing the business from what Ive seen.. but hoping benik and chuba will live up to their potential.

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    • But Benik was profific, strong with great technique at Chuba Akpom’s age. You just never know. I think Millwall will be better for him than Bolton where he only got 6 starts, 4 of them on the wing

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    • well afobe couldnt stop scoring at youth level too, so is bendtner,Lupoli ,Aladiere and many world beatter at youth level

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    • It does seem unlikely he will break into the first team considering there is only one starting striker in our formation. Still, good luck to him!

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  3. as long as he has a recall clause in the contract, don’t really have many forwards and out and out strikers at the club right now.

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    • same with chav where the fat spanish waiter complain he doesnt have enough play but someone told him he has 22 player on loan

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  4. could he do worse than chamkh? this is why no young players will ever make it wenger sticks with his gayboys far too long, arshavin chamakh, dont tell me kyle bartley couldnt have done better than squilachi the last few years

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    • yeah who would have thought that an experienced international with a champions league final under his belt would fare worse than an injury prone defender unable to hold down a place in a scottish side?

      *anyone* would have bet on the injury prone etc etc

      clearly wenger is an idiot

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      • experienced international? it took about ten appearances to know that squilachi was never gonna be any good, when did the young man get a chance? he did well against us for stoke, how many games did djourou fluff?

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      • perhaps we should just not give opportunitys to injury prone players, diaby van persie gibbs ,you could easily add jack cesc , fuck me even amaury bischoff got given a chance lol. yep wenger needs his head testing. again the question, could afobe or even could bartley have done any worse than chamakh or squilachi the last year or two? even after the chances that cham and squil had. could they have done worse? answer and stop whinin like wenger is god

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  5. Well said. I thought Lupoli was gonna be the bollocks….turnt out he was just bollocks. Our best ST hopes are Joel Campbell and Chuba Akpom. They have talent. Its just whether they get game time and have the desire and hunger to make it…….(so close to mentioning MENTAL STRENGTH).

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