Angry Wenger rails at contract story “lies”


Arsene Wenger has hit out today after a newspaper article suggested Arsenal were set to offer the Frenchman a new 2 year deal. Coming in the wake of Saturday’s abysmal FA Cup defeat to Blackburn, it seems very unlike the sort of information a club might leak in those circumstances.

Yet The Sun ran with this today:


When pressed about it at his press conference, a reportedly angry Wenger said, “That is the wrong information. It comes from nowhere and it’s completely wrong. It only has one intention: to harm.”

Far be it for Arseblog News to question the integrity of a news organisation as august as The Sun, but if you were looking to run a story to get people talking and, more importantly, to buy a copy of your newspaper, this would certainly be up there. We know that this would be a first for The Sun, simply making something up that has no basis in fact just to sell papers, but these things can happen.

A bit like all those other stories which claim a £70m summer “war chest” and are attributed to the club leaking the information to make people feel better, when in reality it’s the easiest, laziest, hit-whoringest kind of story you can put out under these particular circumstances.

There’s certainly a discussion to be had about Arsene and where we go from here, but it’s not helped when the media try to create anger about issues that don’t exist.

Our suggestion is to believe nothing, except what we tell you. You can trust us. Honest. Look at these eyes, would we lie to you?

And for more information about our honesty, simply send your credit card details,  your original birth cert and a cheque or postal order for £20 to Arseblog: 7, Dublin and we’ll send you our free booklet.

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