Angry Wenger rails at contract story “lies”


Arsene Wenger has hit out today after a newspaper article suggested Arsenal were set to offer the Frenchman a new 2 year deal. Coming in the wake of Saturday’s abysmal FA Cup defeat to Blackburn, it seems very unlike the sort of information a club might leak in those circumstances.

Yet The Sun ran with this today:


When pressed about it at his press conference, a reportedly angry Wenger said, “That is the wrong information. It comes from nowhere and it’s completely wrong. It only has one intention: to harm.”

Far be it for Arseblog News to question the integrity of a news organisation as august as The Sun, but if you were looking to run a story to get people talking and, more importantly, to buy a copy of your newspaper, this would certainly be up there. We know that this would be a first for The Sun, simply making something up that has no basis in fact just to sell papers, but these things can happen.

A bit like all those other stories which claim a £70m summer “war chest” and are attributed to the club leaking the information to make people feel better, when in reality it’s the easiest, laziest, hit-whoringest kind of story you can put out under these particular circumstances.

There’s certainly a discussion to be had about Arsene and where we go from here, but it’s not helped when the media try to create anger about issues that don’t exist.

Our suggestion is to believe nothing, except what we tell you. You can trust us. Honest. Look at these eyes, would we lie to you?

And for more information about our honesty, simply send your credit card details,  your original birth cert and a cheque or postal order for £20 to Arseblog: 7, Dublin and we’ll send you our free booklet.


  1. Was on talk shite this morning too. Tells you everything you need to know about this story. That and the fact they were punting that Stuart Robson was due to comment on it.

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    • It is ‘lies’. Have you seen that fuckhead journalist John Cross’ latest article on the Mirror. “Wenger Meltdown”. Bullfuckingshit. What a complete utter twat. No respect for people these days. We lost yes. But enough of our manager taking shit from some stupid bunch of jounalists who actually don’t care about the club. What the fuck is that story. I watched him on Fans forum the other day and thought he might be a journalist with a little sense. Clearly he’s just like the rest. “Wenger Meltdown” is just intended to be overly negative toward Wenger. Ridiculous. He has a point. 11 international players( god knows how Gervinho became that) but a team of Rosicky, Arteta, Chamberlain and Giroud should beat a team like Blackburn. This journalist is full of shit. He can fuck himself.

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    • Why do you people listen to talkshite?! I’ve never heard anything remotely substantial or even interesting on that program. Here’s an idea…if we all stop listening they might fuck off and put something better on instead.

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      • Fucking hell. Another Arsenal story and within a few comments we are on about the skunk. Forget about Van Persie, the prick is gone. Besides, he’s top of the goal scoring charts, top of the league, well positioned in the CL and in the next round of the cup. You think he gives a flying fuck what anybody here or at Arsenal thinks? Give it up talking about him like a bitter ex who got dumped, just forget the cunt and lets give him fucking hell in April

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    • What a disgusting “newspaper”, run by one of the most despicable people on the planet – hell i would rather have Alisher Usmanov ram me up the ass than have the Murdochs buy any Arsenal shares

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      • Just because he’s young doesn’t mean he couldn’t do the job. Mourinho won the Champions League at 41 let’s not forget.

        The problem I see is what decent manager with lots of experience is going to want to work for a club where you don’t seem to be able to buy players and have so many off the field problems? We’ll end up with someone who’s only in it for the money and be worse off than we are already. At least Arsene has an emotional attachment to the club! That and I just don’t trust the suits to make a wise decision when it comes to replacing Wenger. With Rice and Brady gone/going we’ll be very short of people who actually have football know how in the club.

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      • I fear David Moyes I ticks all the boxes this board wants ticked.

        As soon as I saw this story I thought it was mischief making. I don’t know why anyone reads the tabloids, you only have to hear the tripe they come out with on The Sunday Supplement to realise they make these stories up based on hearsay and assumptions.

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      • David Moyes is perfect for us.

        1. Plays good football.
        2. Can manage on a ‘small’ budget.
        3. Very experienced.
        4. Fantastic man motivator.

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      • I would hate to have Moyes at this club, his record of results in cups, merseyside derbies and against the to four is very poor. I think Everton is his level, he’s not bold or adventurous enough for The Arsenal. I wouldn’t want to watch his football either.

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      • The truth is it really doesn’t matter who we the fans want, or if your pro wenger staying or not. The board will make the decision either way and I honestly do not think any decision will be based on football matters. It will be made purely on a financial basis.
        We can argue all day as to whether arsene has run his course or not but from a boardroom perspective they have the right guy and the club financially is in great shape.

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      • I agree Parlour people are getting carried away about Laudrup. Rodgers and lambert were being praised to the hilt last season both struggling in there new bigger jobs.

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      • It’s been clear for a while that AW has reached the end when it comes to motivation of players. that (amongst other things I know!) is why players leave and I dont want that to happen to Jack.

        There is no way Moyes would do worse than AW right now.

        Also,if the board will only make a decision on the bew boss purely on financial terms, we might as well stop supporting our beautiful club now.

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      • Volder make the point here, its all the same, the board will make the decision and it wont make one iota what we think. Moyes would be their obvious selection, cheap, loyal and works with a shoestring budget. Stan and Ivan are probably wet thinking about the 4 million wages they will save on the manager per season. I fucking hate them. Kroneke is ruining Arsenal

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      • Imagine these cunts will be in charge of selecting our new manager. At least we had ambitious people like Dein employed at the club when Wenger was employed. Now it will be Kroneke, Gazidis and Fox, fucking football gurus. Frightening

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    • you want this and you want that.

      Thing is, the Board comes up with checklist, looks around and finds that they have their man already.

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      • gooner in manchester makes a fair point. i’m not anti-wenger although i think it’s right that questions are being asked (i’m not yet convinced that the answer is to sack him). what a lot seem to miss is that we DON’T have a huge amount of money compared to those above us (and some of those below). true, we’re not hard up – but we simply can’t afford galactico salaries within our current setup. so the question is, can anyone do BETTER than wenger within the same budget. i’m not yet convinced the answer is “yes” although i’d love to hear from those who do and what names they can suggest. wenger’s reputation does also give us access to some very bright young talent who want to play for us – although it’s arguable that this comparative advantage has diminished in recent years. as annoying as it may be, there is no magic bullet. could mourinho win the premiership on an arsenal budget? i believe the answer is “no”.

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      • @a gooner in Manchester
        Absolutely agree. I suppose that’s what the board does every time we lose, the fans boo or after any other incident. The thing is, that is a very easy solution. The board should make more efforts to try to do everything possible to make this club better.

        Of course it’s is difficult to find someone “better” than AW but then again, if you don’t try how can you possibly find out? Back in the 90s, the AW experiment could as well have gone terribly wrong.

        I think AW is still “good” for Arsenal but I really do have a problem with the fact that there is no peer pressure in the board/manager/club owner constellation. It’s live and let live atmosphere and in such a competitive world as the world football that won’t be working endlessly. That’s just my opinion though.

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    • Man stop chatting out ur ass. Henry was criticized when he first arrived, so too was Bergkamp, Song and countless others. I am not saying Gervinho will 100% make the grade and become a regular we can count on, but I have seen enough to understand why Wenger bought the guy.

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      • Problem is, we’ve also seen why nobody else bought him.

        I know it’s harsh but we need attackers who can stick it in the back of the net or create the chances, half-creating or half-finishing isn’t good enough. He deserves a little longer as if he started sticking them away or his team-mates start anticipating what he’s gonna do, he’d be very useful.

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  2. As blogger says, this is just newspaper BS, much like the £70 million war chest is club PR BS.

    2012, The Daily Mirror reports that Arsenal were ‘sitting on a £57million transfer kitty’ – the day after Arsenal went out of the FA Cup to Sunderland and a few days after their 4-0 defeat to AC Milan in the Champions League
    2011 the Daily Telegraph said Wenger would have a ‘player budget of around £40 million this summer – Telegraph story was the week after that 4-4 draw with Newcastle.
    2010, The Daily Star reported that Wenger would go on a ‘£60million spree’ that summer, story after a defeat to Spurs ended title hopes, and the week after we were knocked out of the Champions League by Barcelona.

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  3. The Shite newspaper and Talk Shite, talk nothing but shite!! won’t ever waste my money on shite or my time listening to shite… else I too would be full of shite!! 😛

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  4. Hi Blogs…
    re. the “£70m summer “war chest”: that wasn’t made up by the press…
    Gazidis said it at the Last Arsenal AGM. He also mentioned it as fact last summer.

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    • Got links for that? I do remember Gazidis talking about money to spend, the point is that stories about having money to spend are too often attributed to club spin when the reality is it’s just easy shite for journalists to bang out.

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      • Hi Blogs… I watched it on the AGM video on the website. Gazidis’s wording was something like: “Arsene has a £70 million to spend when he wants.” It was in response to a floor question about (lack of) new players.

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      • If this is true, i’m not saying it isn’t, and Wenger are sitting on that kind of money, without strengthening the squad with proper talent, then his time is up. If he has the money to make a difference without using them he should get sacked this very moment.

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      • As per Hayley Wright’s transcript:

        Q: You talk about how ambitious we are. I believe fans and board have different ambitions. Estimates by outside bodies say our uncommitted cash reserves are at £70m. Is this money really available for Wenger to use?

        IVAN: We don’t talk publicly about the money we have available despite being transparent. We certainly do make the money we have available for reinvestment into the team. That doesn’t mean that we spend every penny in each transfer window. We have forward commitments, debt and future operating costs. Within constraints, all money we make is available to make a competitive team. The nature of the transfer market is lumpy.

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      • I would say he has more than the £70m quoted by Gazidis. Cash reserves are over £150m – that’s published in the accounts, so it’s a fact. I would imagine only a small portion of that needs to be kept as a reserve, Man Utd keep about £40m aside. So Wenger could probably push the boat out up to £110m.

        I really don’t understand why this is debated, It’s pretty obvious how Wenger operates. He thinks he has the players and doesn’t need any more. To buy more would be admittance of failure, and he’d – evidently – rather get sacked than do that.

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  5. Story’s in the Telegraph too. I do believe that Wenger is considering offering himself a contract extension. I mean, it’s him who decides isn’t it?

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  6. I do find the Wenger issue is confusing. There a big bit of me that thinks he should now go but and it’s a big but I do not trust the board/owner to get a BETTER replacement. Therefore I find myself in a Wengeresque state of indecision or maybe not. Wenger out or maybe In or…

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    • I’m afraid, sacking AW will send the club in turmoil, considering the business and footballing model under which the club is being run. Any new manager would likely demand loads of money to buy ready pros, scrape off the youth development plan and the club will end up with super-rich owners.

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      • Nah, there are plenty of smart young managers that understand the value of youth development, especially when you have less money than those around you.

        I think any guy that comes in will continue the development policy i.e. bringing in the talent when you can but supplementing with the most talented, experienced players you can afford.

        Not sure there’s anyone better than Wenger readily available but there’s a reason we keep collapsing at the same point every season, and if he can;t figure out why or solve it, it couldn’t harm to give another fella a go. That’s the point, rather than all this bollocks about spending money; we’ve had the talent to do more, but we haven’t.

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    • I don’t believe we can find a more suited man for the role. The guy understands our club culture, the football we want to see, the ambitions of the club, and our morales we have as Arsenal supporters. What I would like to see is more football minded people brought in around him. You look at Barcelona, Real Madrid, Man Utd even, they have quite a few members of experienced staff with footballing knowledge. At this moment of time, there is nobody at the club who can help guide the club forward from a footballing perspective.

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  7. Wenger should do the decent thing now and tell the club that he’s leaving at the end of this season. He’s taken the club as far as he can and by staying he will only continue to damage both himself and Arsenal Football Club.

    When I saw the story in The Sun this morning I didn’t believe it either: it wouldn’t make any sense. My guess is that Gazidis and Kroenke are waiting to see whether or not we finish fourth. If we don’t then I believe that Wenger will be sacked.

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    • you Fat sounded like a corrupt FBI inspector trying to persuade an innocent citizen to accept a charge of crime so that he would not face severe jail sentences.

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  8. Well what do you expect from a paper that employs Antony “I hate Arsenal” Kastrinakis?

    Every single fucking story that beady eyed little cunt writes is about Arsenal and is alway negative/inflammatory.

    Eg- Saturdays sun, he does a story with Arjen Robben (another cunt) and asks why do Arsenal not win trophys anymore, Robben replies ” because we keep selling our best players..” and BAM!, another ‘EXCLUSIVE’.

    Odious little fucker he is.

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  9. Whatever really happened, we are in a dark, sad place right now – a day before we play the hardest team we will probably play this season.

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    • A dark and sad place? In the knockout stages of the champions league? In 5th in the league after 16 years of 4th or higher. I cannot believe how impatient and entitled you are. There are far worse places to be and teams to support. I suggest you man up and support your team, massive match tomorrow.

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  10. Laudrop everyone wants. Does he have experience to manage the calibre of arsenal players. He is over rated. Winning medals with messia xavi and iniesta on your team does not require any coaching experience.

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    • I would like to see Jurgen Klopp as the next Arsenal manager.
      He has succeeded in winning league titles with a young team, something that AW has tried and failed to do.

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      • Jurgen Klopp

        Cons – Can’t speak English
        Pros – Can’t speak English, so the press can’t put words in his mouth!

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      • I’d love Klopp could probably get Gotze and Reus aswell but it seems he is rather a loyal guy rumour has it he has already turned down Liverpool and Chelsea saying he is happy where he is. He also stated a couple of weeks back he is looking forward to doing battle with Pep next season.

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      • He has succeeded in winning league titles with a young team, something that AW has tried and failed to do.

        What a fucked up comment. Do you even follow BudesLiga? Totally different football climate. You really think, Klopp could win PL? He is a fantastic man manager, but below par tactician just like AW.

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  11. Hello Peeps,

    I must again say, i really feel for wenger , all the rubbish he has to deal with whenever we loose a crucial game, but then again it is to be expected.

    The board continue to hide behind the manager, they continue the same trend year in ,year out, we was here last year, the year before last ,even before that one , and i ask them , the board aren’t they tired of been labelled as not doing enough.???

    It is not about war chest , it is not about wenger , it is not about the players , it is about time we stopped blaming everybody else for our short comings ,look in the mirror and say enough is enough, we sold our highest goal getter , we sold our midfield maestro , we sold many and bought players whom are not up to the level we want them to be, we are paying enormous wages , we are charging fans lots of money but we have nothing to show for it. The board will continue to be silent and hide behind the manager , then when we loose they sneak out the same rubbish news , wenger will be given a war chest of 70 million, this i have heard for the past 7yrs and boy no one believes it anymore.

    In the summer , we shold have improved the squad, from a 4th place winning team to a squad ready to not only challenge for titles but win them, maybe rvp would have stayed , maybe song would have stayed , .who knows, but what i do know is the board has lost the winning mentality.

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    • No trophy in 8years. The fact that this is a reauiremnt is a requirement is great as it means we have a high standard.

      Had Wenger gone years ago I doubt we would have changed that earlier mentioned stat. Would would be the likely scenario is; we would have ha a few Mgrs since and we would have spent more on players as a result and we would have more dead weight and less structure and stability.

      We may well have been having the same sentiments as we do now anyway. Wenger may leave and leave on a low but he hasn’t crippled the club or laden the club with problems in the process. The next manager will be rubbing his hands with glee.

      Bottom line it may will the the case that any manager managing today could easily have the same success as Wenger in te last 8 years. Cant be proven nor can it be disproven. But if it could that would certainly put out a lot of fires.

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      • True – the only reason any other manager would want to come to arsenal and would have a chance when he got here is because of Wenger.

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      • “Would would be the likely scenario is; we would have ha a few Mgrs since and we would have spent more on players as a result and we would have more dead weight and less structure and stability ”

        Now how the hell do you know that?

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      • @GiveMeWhatWengersSmoking
        Just look at the past, facts you know simple things like that.
        Look at all the clubs that have had numerous changes, in all leagues.

        A new manager will always sign players cannot always shift older ones for whatever reason.

        It can’t be guaranteed but using your brain a little and possessing some observational skills is how one can, ‘ in the hell know that.’

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      • Well said there. Every season we have been written off yet we still come back and challenge. We have had quite a few miracle seasons challenging with the resources we have been up against. Saying that we should have done better over the last 8 years, we have underachieved due to various crucial long term injuries, and crumbling under pressure with a young team when it mattered. If I was on the board I would do everything I could to keep Wenger at the club. He simply needs more help. We shouldn’t have sold all our experienced players post invincibles all in one go, and we shouldn’t be making panic buys now.

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  12. But what if this story is true? Maybe the board are more deluded than Wenger?

    Stranger things have happened like £7 million a year for a manager who’s won nothing in the last 8.

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  13. Anyone see the video of the conference? Tabloid journalists are cunts full stop, but think AW behaved very poorly and if anything fuelled the tabloids more shit to stir. As tempting as it is go on the attack, AW should rise above it. He lacked any dignity. The bit where he basically told the female reporter to shut up about the last game was just emarrassing. Part of me does think “good on him” but really in my eyes he came across as a mad man.

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    • That is the problem with Wengers rants, when I read the transcript on the BBC website I also had the impression he had gone over the top once again. Don’t act like it’s the reporters fault their asking you about Saturday.

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  14. An idea to see the general opinions of arsenal fans.
    Click green for yes and red for no! Simples

    1: should wenger stay?

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  15. Over it….
    Arseblog said it right today, you watch from the sidelines as an amateur and feel that the game will get away from you. I have no idea how Wenger is seeing things… and that is obviously the Arsenal way and how they want to be.
    I love Arsenal. The complacency has to end. It is that simple… I cant remember a United side in the last ten years even on bad days put in so many lacluster perfomances and fo me that has been the difference over the last thee years. Against Real, United did a job and were effective… we either demolish the opposition or give it away. When were we effective and not lucky this season??
    As for the news today… yada yada yada Fuckin over it. Its Tripe just like the complacency issue…. Complacent Gooners… I hope we turn it around for Tuesdays game and use the embarrassment and push through the rest of the year…
    Imagine all the French unknowns we could sign with $70mio….

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  16. Credit card details on way – from this you may deduct £7.56. Postal order for £6.44 and a cheque for £5.00. I’m sorry I can’t pay the full £20.00 at this point, I need to leave myself a £1.00 war chest to safeguard for the uncertain future. Birth cert will also be enclosed and an Arsenal vs Millwall programme circa 1989 signed by Perry Groves to make up for the £1 shortfall (I had it valued at 86p in 2011 so it must have appreciated by 14p since then, probably more). Yours faithfully, PGunner

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  17. For that kind of money I’d expect to see some ‘interesting’ photos on Page 3. And I’m not referring to pictures of Olivier Giroud flexing his biceps wearing nothing else but Speedos.

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  18. having just watched the press conference, i wouldn’t be surprised if tomorrow’s headlines read “WENGER BEATS JOURNALIST TO DEATH WITH MICROPHONE”

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  19. Wenger generally open and ready to answer any question for the press – and in return he gets abused, Maybe he should take the fergie approach and stop talking to them.

    On a side note I read this morning about how arsenal are in crisis and whats going wrong at the club, no one has mentioned one of the biggest issues… the lack of support on matchday by our fans.
    unfortunatly we have some of the worst supporters in the country, people who cheer ironically when our keeper catches the ball (when he is having a bad game), people who cheer when a player they dislike gets subbed (gervinho, eboue etc..), people who sit there expecting the team to entertain them rather than getting behind their team…
    you never hear our players saying we have the best fans in the world and im sure the lack of support makes it alot easier to move on to pastures new.

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    • Interesting point because we have some of the best away supporters in the country and the really poor performances this year have been at home. You have to consider that as costs of tickets go up so do expectations. Thinking about it though Emirates has never been “home” in the same way as Highbury was either to players or fans.

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      • yes true – and you see the feedback from the players after away games, it looks like they appreciate the passionate support a great deal (the biggest goal celebrations this year have been away).
        im sure playing in front of 60,000 passive supporters who groan more than cheer can not be that motivating, no wonder our players look so much more nervous than other teams – lack of support creates stress and doubt and thus performance suffers.

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  20. The big thing for me is that a story about being offered a new contract, which for every other manager would be a good thing whether its made up or not, has provoked this reaction from Wenger. He knows that staying on beyond the end of his contract is not a good idea.

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  21. nice to see Arsene owning a reporter… i’m not happy with the team but tired of the tabloid hacks jumping on any bandwagon they can find… making up shite does not mean its an exclusive….

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  22. I like Pelagrini at Malaga…..he’s top draw. If Wenger signs a two year contract that will be a 10 year wait for a trophy. Bayern and Villa…two defeats will mean the end.

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  23. was going through the comments here… well, let me just clarify (to a small degree) the whole 70 mil. nonsense if you’ll permit me.

    Jan 2012 –
    “…we can’t afford to spend £50-70 million on an individual player…”

    Sept 2012 –
    click-whoring sites like ^^^ start this transfer kitty nonsense anew.

    Oct 2012 –
    Ivan skips past a question concerning the supposed “70 million cash reserves” in the snake-like manner that suits him.

    Dec 2012 –
    the 70 million figure is mentioned again by AST spokesman Tim Payton. rumours at the time spoke about how this number was “whispered” into his ears after the meeting and then subsequently reached the media through him.

    all this while, we were told that the money was always there to be spent.

    Jan 2013 –
    Wenger says, “We will spend big (again) because we had restricted finances because we had built the stadium and had to pay that back.” a rare mention of fiscal honesty from the club.

    now can you assholes shut the fuck about the club having big money to spend? no? alright! *blows own head off with a shotgun*
    ^a bit of shameless self-promotion. good day.

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  24. A mate of mine works with podolski’s brother graham. And he reckons wenger went round theirs yesterday and asked to borrow luckas’ parker pen what he uses whenever he changes teams. Changing teams? That sounds like ‘signing contracts’ to me!! Wenger took it and as he walked out he turned round to pod and went ‘nice one, I’ll bring this back as soon as I’ve you know whatted that new you know what what they’ve offered me’

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  25. The whole situation with our beloved Arsenal sucks out loud with big hige bullhorn right now.

    Utter cuntery by “media” outlets like the Sun used amusing to read and get a nice chuckle out of, when we are at least firmly in with a shout for all honors. But on the back of two cup exits to lower league assclowns and sitting 5th behind F-ing Sp*rs….this kind of constant drivel is becoming depressing.

    For fuck sake Arsene, Board, Gazidis….sort it out already you are killing us.

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  26. try to create anger about issues that don’t exist……That line there, the word try specifically!

    Unfortunately too many of our fans actually believe every word the sun and talksport and other wipe your arse on types say, it is a shame and farts in the face of everything our motto and the whole History, Class, Tradition thing…Our fans are really letting us down, in times of trouble, when things get hard, you know who the real fans are, and it isnt the one slagging players of during games, booing and ruining any decent atmosphere or feeling of fight at the Grove.

    wake up people! Please. x

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  27. Why shouldnt the guy let off some steam? if anything it shows he generally does care and I hope he does a Fergue and ignores the biased media for a while.

    Also I always respect a manager who defends his player over a Manager that sells his players down the river when things dont go his way.

    I think we will see a reaction from the players tommorow.

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  28. The only positive to the whole thing is that Wenger was embarrassed by this and that is why he was so angry. It is clear to him and indeed the board, that the results are not enough and giving him another contract reflects poorly on the club’s ambition. That this message has gone through is important.

    Wenger knows that results have not been good enough, and while it is clear that Wenger will not be sacked but, a mutual parting of ways is more on the cards, perhaps even helping with his replacement. I hear Moyes is not committing on his future, and I think this space is worth watching out for.

    Moyes ticks all the boxes –
    1. Could strengthen the defence
    2. Work with a shoestring budget
    3. Have the desire to play the right kind of football
    4. Has multi-dimensional tactics
    5. Knows how to buckle down and ground out results.

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    • Work with a shoestring budget

      Biggest myth ever.

      Heitinga for 10 mil, Distin for 8, Bilyaletdinov for 12mil.
      Yak was a lot too and pissed away a ton for Beattie, Kroldrup and Davies with big wages.

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  29. i wish everyone would fuck off and give wenger a break. when he is gone we will only notice how much he brings to the club. do you not think wenger is the main pulling factor when it comes to recruiting young starlets or even experienced internationals like podolski and cazorla. he has not lost the dressing room and that is clear to see from the fondness all the players have for him. its not his fault the board keep ripping the carpet out from under him every year by selling his best players. how do you think man u would fare if rooney ect was sold every summer? wed see how great that purple nosed prick is at adapting then. in my view wenger is the only thing holding the club together and we need time and a bit of support from the board to make it work we have the bones of a very good team there its the players inconsistency that lets wenger down and NOT the other way around. and before some smarthole asks no im not his mother. rant over!

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    • and i hope arsenal kill those overrated bayern cunts there not barcelona dont be afraid of them. weve got rid of our little pussy players like nasri and the skunk and we have a bit of steel now (vermealen wilshire poldi szezney)
      WE WILL WIN!

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  30. Now all that talk shite needs in good ‘Ol harry and his english translator/decorder. Then we can once and for all forget about the sorry station, ridden with mongs who quite frankly talk shite!

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    • I turned on Talkshite for my sins only to hear Daily Mail Hack Neil Ashton going to town on Arsene. It was obvious there he had issues and was just spewing bile. Comments like ‘Arsenal haven’t challenged for the title since 2005’ simply aren’t true. All the time that ginger twat Aidrian Durham is pouring petrol on the fire. I lasted 5 mins then turned off.

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    • I got a real Wenger against the world vibe from that Interview. “I want to lose so you could all be happy”.

      I think Wenger needs a break. Its just one of those things you know, you have been in a job for too long and it gets boring and you do not have that enthusiasm for it any longer.

      I am not saying Wenger is a bad manager, just that its time to freshen things up. I don’t understand this thing from the fans this blind faith in Wenger. He believes that not player could improve the team, and the fans believe that not one manager could run the club should he leave. That Wenger is the only one for the job.

      I know its unfair on Wenger, and he deserved to have fared better, but you know the results are the there for all to see. He just seems to be stale you know, out fresh ideas, that thing you get when you are in a job for too long. I am sure the only thing this team needs is a fresh approach, freshen things up.

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      • Well articulated point, I feel the same. It’s nice to hear someone make the point reasonable without the vitriol. I’ll always respect Arsene for what he’s done and when I hear the shit he gets off Stewart Robson, Talkshite and the tabloid hacks I still want to defend him, but amongs ‘family’ I’m prepared to acknowledge change is needed.
        I think the whole 8 yrs without a trophy is media hysteria though. From 2006-2010 I think we were competitive, generally in the mix for the title but coming up short, and when you’re paying off a stadium debt that wasn’t too bad. But I think the stadium became a convenient excuse over the past 3 years, when two or three good signings would have kept us competitive. I don’t get why AW hasn’t kept a strong spine to the team, that’s where trophies are won. How long have we cried out for a quality defensive midfielder, centre half, keeper and now striker.

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      • Perhaps true. I think this conference created some serious siege-mentality. And if intended Wenger has done wonderfully.

        To DB10: The Telegraph transcript is not in FULL. I don’t know why they are allowed to do such things; watch the full video.

        To Midfield Corporal: Few think that (and the article I linked below in separate thread) hints that Arsenal cannot win the title without spending over. Perhaps Wenger knows this, and I doubt he is sort of person to create a team to have a good cup-run. He maybe knows at the time it is not possible to create a dream team he wants. Maybe he almost did, but he couldn’t hold down. There are many things we don’t know, and I think if Wenger doesn’t spend money, there’s a good reason why. It is all good to speculate (as we are all doing here) but I think it’s unfair to judge him when we don’t know whether in long term singings could have kept us “competitive,” nor whether everything was really in his hands. Again, refer to the article below.

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      • Really nice points there. Arsene is indeed a good manager; the best we ever had. We all want him to stay but please do away with the stale and outdated mentality of buying cheap, buying young, buying 3 non-proven players often with two ending up as deadwood and the one average at best. He’s experimented enough and when it has worked we have gone on to sell the players (never really reaping the benefits of his work) at their peak! Or nearing it. I feel he’s trying to prove a point but it’s been long enough arsene. Get into the market, buy experience, buy quality, no gambles this time, proven players! then just sit back and watch how it turns out this time. (definetly better than previous seasons) He’s a great coach and with quality signings to add on what we already I don’t see how anyone can deny us the treble next season. One Wenger!

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  31. I think best thing for the club to move forward, is to promote Wenger to a director of football type role so he can still keep an eye on the way the club is run And oops after scouting and transfers and use that economics masters to stop US going under then appoint a first team coach to look after the football side of things keep team selection tactics etc etc. Personally I’d likened a manager like slavan billic or Michael laudrdrup Same systems work at clubs on the continent why not at arsenal.

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  32. Well done Mr Wenger. Really well done. So proud of him..he show how stupid and with how much no sense the media have… in my eyes he have more points of before. He is Mr Arsenal. No doubt

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  33. […] 从其他的新闻中,想必诸位已经对温格在昨天新闻发布会上的表现有所耳闻。我只想说,如果昨天温格在记者会上的表现被定义为“崩溃”,那么我倒要看看,哪一天他真的发怒了,你们该如何报道?毋庸置疑,由于太阳报说俱乐部为温格提供了两年新合约的假新闻,教授很易怒也很郁闷。 […]

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