Arsenal 1-3 Bayern: outclassed by the numbers


Studs and Duds

6 – Dribbles by Jack¹
2 – Dribbles by Robben³
2 – Key passes by Jack (tied with Sagna)²
4 – Key passes by Kroos¹
8 – Key passes by Arsenal (out of 657 total passes)
10 – Key passes by Bayern (out of 478 total passes)
2 – Shots by Kroos
2 – Shots on goal by Kroos¹
3 – Shots on goal by Arsenal
34 – Minutes before Arsenal got their first shot off (Per Mertesacker)
5 – Shots by Bayern before Arsenal’s first shot
2 – Goals by Bayern before Arsenal’s first shot
5 – Shots by Arsenal before they scored
1 – Errors by each of Neuer and Szczesny that led to an opposition goal
26 – Touches by Neuer
25 – Touches by Walcott
1 – Shots by Theo Walcott
11 – Touches by Olivier Giroud
2 – Shots by Giroud
1 – Shots on target by Giroud with his very first touch

1 – Number of times the referee called a Bayern player for a foul on Wilshere
3 – Number of times the referee played “advantage” for a foul on Wilshere
3 – Number of Bayern elbows to the back of Wilshere’s head which the referee “missed”
5 – Number of times that Santi Cazorla was dispossessed¹
4 – Number of turnovers by Santi Cazorla¹ (tied with Muller)
6 – Number of interceptions by Ramsey¹ (tied with Martinez and van Buyten)
6 – Number of tackles by Muller¹
5 – Tackles by Schweinsteiger
4 – Tackles by Alaba
3 – Number of tackles by Podolski² (tied with Mertesacker, Koscielny and Lahm)

Bayern won the battles

Sick burn bro

You need some analysis or do the numbers speak for themselves?


As a team, Bayern upped their game from their group stage averages in nearly every category except passes. They also dominated almost all of the individual duels with superior performances all over the pitch.

The German side dropped considerably in both passes made and in percentage of passes made with the Bavarians making 69 fewer passes on a whopping 10% fewer completed passes. But Bayern didn’t need to dominate possession because they scored with their very first shot and that left Arsenal chasing the entire game. Instead of possession and passes Bayern was called on to press, tackle, and harass the Arsenal offence and they did that nearly perfectly.

Tackles, in particular, were key to winning this game. Bayern pressed high up the pitch as evidenced by the fact that Muller (an attacking midfielder) led them in tackles with 6. They also targeted Cazorla who had an uncharacteristic 4 turnovers (he averages 1 per game in League play) and was dispossessed 5 times (he averages less than 2). Numbers that didn’t show up in the box score were that Bayern also targeted Jack Wilshere. The referee only called Bayern for one foul on Jack but let the German team bully him all over the pitch and I counted no less than three elbows where “advantage” was played or where the referee saw no wrong doing.

The one bright stats category for Arsenal was dribbles and that was Jack’s big contribution to the game where he led all players with 6. That’s a stat which backs up the perception that Wilshere drives at the defenders. Imagine what his dribble numbers would be like if the referee called the constant fouling.

Moaning about the fouls and the referee is sour grapes though as Bayern were superior in almost every position on the pitch, on the bench, and on the training ground. In fact, if anything, this game and that team should be a beacon for Arsenal showing the way forward from the fog that has currently settled on North London; a topic I will touch on tomorrow on my own blog.

Enough analysis for the night?


All numbers today via Opta, ESPN, or my personal databases

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¹Lead both teams in this category
²Lead just his team in this category
³Lead all players with having a head shaped like a novelty condom

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