Arsenal sweating over Koscielny, Ramsey and Rosicky


Arsene Wenger will be keeping his fingers crossed as his players come back from international duty today.

The Arsenal squad has been relatively injury free this season, but the manager will be worried about reports that a number of his players have picked up knocks away with their country.

Aaron Ramsey returned to Arsenal without playing for Wales against Austria having suffered a calf strain in training, and with Laurent Koscielny reportedly suffering the problem during France’s game with Germany, it could see the Gunners lose both players for around three weeks.

Thomas Vermaelen didn’t play for Belgium this week because of his ankle knock and should he not make it for Saturday, the only other senior centre-half at the club besides Per Mertesacker is Sebastian Squillaci.

There are also suggestions that Tomas Rosicky might have been injured playing for the Czech Republic, but those are unconfirmed as yet.

Update: According to @swinestar96 – Rosicky wasn’t injured, he just needed a poo.

If those players are missing it certainly damages the depth of the squad, and Arsenal fans will be thanking FIFA for organising a load of meaningless games in a crucial part of the season.

Fingers crossed.


  1. Stupid meaningless friendlies.
    The only ‘positive’ is that Jack is now the super bestest player in the world ever…..
    We knew that…..idiots.

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    • ooops we did it again…
      we shot our own foot, blamed the friendlies…yeah baby!

      When you think of disaster management, you anticipate the problems and prepare for the worst. Unlike, ostrich(wenger) who dont look at the glaring obvious incoming danger but who bury their head in cheque book. Now we are just couple kicks and twangs away from free falling.
      Our squad was already paper thin …Now god have mercy on the arsenal players and keep the playing 11 injury free till the season end.

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  2. Greaat… Koscienly has been, IMO, our best Center Half this season, when he’s actually played.

    Ramsey, not such a big hit, but does affect our depth a little… Was also kinda hoping Rosicky would be back soon for the extra options.

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    • I think that shows how bad our defence has been if Kos has been our best defender, personally I think he’s been poor after a good season last year, but I think I’d still put him in ahead of TV. I like Kos’s energy but he still has the ability to commit the odd howler or needless own goal.
      If he is injured, we are really down to just two ‘playable’ centre backs, yet again Arsenes squad management is found wanting. It also means Santos will have to play LB against Bayern (swallow hard, deep breath).
      I don’t understand what happened with Djourou, two years ago we were scared he’d get injured as he was easily our best CB, then his injury in the 4-4 collapse at Newcastle spelt the end of our season. The following season he gets a few games at full back, confident shattered and now he’s gone……still at least we saved a few quid not getting cover in at right back when everyone else was injured.

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  3. How long do we have to blame FIFA for?

    Are we the only club with international players playing friendly matches?

    There has to be a balance between signing players who represents their country and those that do not.

    What ever happened to Judas getting injured during internationals. Big turd.

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  4. Rosicky tore open his arsehole taking a shit. Very nice.

    Hopefully Kos is alright. At least Arteta is back so Ramsey will not be a massive miss.

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  5. Letting djourou go wasn’t an issue. Not signing someone to replace him is gross mismanagement. an injury or yellow cards to per/verm could be traumatic. Gomez/mandzukic against squid? Mother of god

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  6. Am i the only one on here who thinks this is arsene wengers fault, we all knew all we had in reserve was squillaci, what did he do in the January transfer window, buy a left back, Great AW management again

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    • He can bitch and moan all he wants about injuries and international friendlies – shit happens, and we are going to be caught with our pants down, again. It’s mismanagement and gross negligence

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    • So, let me get this; you would have preferred if we had signed another central defender whereby we have 3 quality ones already instead of getting a left back whereby there is only one world class? Sometimes I can’t believe what I read! How many good centre-backs can we accommodate if even Djourou could not stand being sat on the bench? Get a grip people, for next time you shall want to have four players for every position when the squad can only be made up of 25 players! Injuries happen, unless you are insinuating that Wenger sells both Vermaelen and Koscielny since they are injury prone. What did you say?

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      • Exactly GCGB,

        ‘gross negligence’….?! Because Arsene clearly spends little or no time thinking or caring about Arsenal…

        Seeing him curl up and rock during every match shows you how much he cares

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      • Are we only allowed to sign one player per window? Yes the need was great for a left back, but so was cb. Yanga-mbiwa for instance is versatile (as he demonstrated against us in CL) and could’ve massively improved our squad for a pittance! Song was allowed to leave as well as djourou – both who could play CB – both who were never replaced. I hope and pray we get past Bayern, but if we get thrashed (probably the form team in Europe ATM) we have to ask ourselves if we were prepared enough? I don’t believe we are – and considering we have money to spend, I believe it is negligent, and at the very least naïve!

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      • Last time i checked, you are allowed to buy more than one player during a transfer window. Also, you do not need to buy, you could always just ask for someone to come in on loan to cover for these mishaps! Our backup isn’t good enough.

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    • As far as I know, Wenger doesn’t arrange friendlies or chooses who plays in them

      We have 3 senior quality centre halves, Squishy and 2 good youth prospects. Admittedly I’d like to see a new one come in, in the summer but 6 options is the same as everyone else…

      Can we not just unite in our hatred of FIFA/Blatter et al, rather than somehow twist it again into the same ol’ Wenger bashing BS. You’re supposed to ‘support’ when you are a ‘supporter’. Derrr

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  7. Can’t we disguise Squilachi so that he looks like koscielny whenever there is an interlull coming up and send him to the french team instead.

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    • Put yourself in his position.
      If you have a sore ankle and are forced to choose between searching for a Scandanavian horse placenta to stick on it or putting up with it and getting a truckload of cash, which would you choose?

      Remember when considering your answer that you are a money-grasping Judas of the highest order.

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  8. It’s not like international friendlies are a surprise. It’s down to bad squad planning from Wenger if we have to rely on Squillaci and Miguel. Obviously he thinks they’re up to the job.

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  9. Forget about these injuries, this breaking news about limitations on spending for Premier League clubs is what really matters today. If this is true then things are about to be turned on their head. We could see then end of both Chelsea and Man City as dominant clubs – and the end of us losing our quality players at the end of every season.

    In a fair battle we can take on any club – even Man United. We’ve proved that in the past.

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  10. what a fucking joke. Roy comes out and says “he will protect the united players because they have to play champions league”

    So do fucking arsenal you twats, it might not be next week but how come all the arsenal players are being run ragged. What now if we are left with Squillaci and Miquel for Bayern Munich? fucking idiots. Alex song could of come in real handy right about now.

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