Galindo goes marching back to Bolivia


It’s a slow news week, what with the Interlull and that, but it’s been blasted into action with the news that super-talented, top of the grade, next [insert South American superstar name here], Samuel Galindo is to go back to his native Bolivia.

Galindo, who joined Arsenal after a trial in 2010 (and then was involved in a weird thing where some people said he was older than his passport suggested), has spent his entire ‘Arsenal’ career on loan in Spain.

In his first season he was sent to Gimnàstic de Tarragona, last season he was at Salamanca, and this campaign he’s been shipped out to Galcian 2nd division side CD Lugo.

Now though, it looks as if he’s been allowed to cut his European adventures short and a return to his home country and the excellently named Club Jorge Wilstermann.

Their vice-president, Mario Montaño, said, “We are making all the necessary arrangements. Everything is going well.”

Galindo is due to fly to Cochabamba to sign a contract with his new club, with all documentation between the two clubs in place.

After losing the likes of Fabregas and van Persie in recent seasons, it’s another crushing transfer blow for Arsene Wenger.

Sad times, sad times indeed.

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    • reading this at my office desk whilst eating my lunch, contemplating…

      “WHICH of Nani and Samir Nasri was on the ‘receiving end’ of this vile act?”

      … anybody care for the other half of my coronation chicken ciabatta?

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  1. Well, that’s all my Goalindo puns fucked.

    His name is also an anagram of ‘I am el gold anus’

    Wenger needs to sign more players whose names have comedy potential.

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      • Because from a design point of view, blue makes it easier to read things than does red.

        On the pitch, it is different – you can immediately see red on the periphery of your vision and it it symbolises lust and strength and power and BEOWULF. Which interestingly may be a reason that boffins have found that teams that play in red tend to win more than teams that play in other colours.

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    • oh, it’s brilliant. Vast improvement on the old page, which I’m willing to bet 20 quid was designed by Arsene’s 15-year old cousin or something of the sort.

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  2. Seriously though, if our young South American imports got work permits as United’s, then maybe more of them would stand a chance of making it.

    Recently Angelo Henriquez got a work permit straight away after ONE cap with Chile and only limited club experience. The da Silva twins were similarly inexperienced and got permits straight away. Even Coates of Liverpool, who joined in the same summer as Joel Campbell, got a work permit after just 5 Uruguay caps.

    Campbell had 14 senior caps plus caps at U20/U18 level and still got denied a work permit. He’s now on his second season out on loan. Ridiculous.

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    • I believe, it has to do with the country’s FIFA ranking and recommendations. If the ranking is low, the talent may not be considered ahem exceptional to let him in England without the should-have-played-in-50%-of-internationals-in-the-last-year rule.
      Arsenal did get Ryo. Anomalies do happen.

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    • I think it is a simple as Ferguson knows the football people on the work permit panel and Arsene doesn’t. See some of the crap that they have gotten work permits for like Dong and Manucho ….

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    • “The da Silva twins were similarly inexperienced and got permits straight away.”

      Worthwhile though. The Uniturd fans can sing what they like about Wenger, we know which manager it was who actually went out and spunked a big load[1] on a matched pair of Brazilian rent boys…….

      [1] Of cash of course. What did you think I meant?

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  3. Dammit! I ordered this years kit with his name on the back. Now it’s just as fucking useless as my Pascal Cygan shirt from the 2002 season!!

    What is the point?! We’re just a feeder club for Jorge Wilstermann now!

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  4. Is there really any point in signing kids that won’t get a visa unless they spend 4 years being loaned out across Europe?

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  5. Dear God
    Please may I have the portion of my life back that I’ve wasted looking at this guy, Wellington, Bothello and Campbell et all on YouTube, all for nothing.
    Perhaps you could add it on to my life at the end. Thanks.

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    • At the end grump? You mean when you’re lying in bed with a bag full of piss strapped to your thigh and riddled with bed sores, you want god to come along and say ‘hey poor arsenal fan, sorry about those duff signings wot never played for the club….and nasri. You were due to clock out tomorrow, but here’s another year of the same’ thats just rubbing salt in the wounds.

      I’d ask for one day back, waking up on the morning of the day we unveiled Denis Bergkamp, passing away peacefully in my sleep knowing everything is going to be all right. ..

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  6. I remember the good old days when I thought all these young players would become brilliant world-beaters, and play for us. Galindo, Sanchez Watt, Rhys Murphy, Wellington…and Amaury Bischoff. *sigh* Project Youth is truly dead.

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    • Carling cup final v chelsea. Denillson, diaby, cesc at the heart of a fantastic arsenal team that pushed chelsea to the limit. A young walcott scored with a great finish. The peak of arsene’s young gun project. Never the same since.

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      • Never the same since….5-6 years ago? That’s a pretty narrow view considering you could trace a line from the back to the front in the 2012/13 lineup of academy graduates: Szczęsny, Gibbs, Wilshere, Walcott. Not to mention Coquelin who was brought in as a teen. Still 4 of our own academy graduates in the first team is better than most top slight english teams.

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  7. Meh. We need to fix this problem of players being sent all across Europe before getting a work permit. Vela is doing well now in Spain (better suited to that style I guess.) but I still have high hopes for Campbell and Ryo. They both have top flight experience and their talent is clear for all to see. I hope Wellington makes the grade too. He has all the skills and technical ability. I know our scouts monitor him closely but I wish he was closer to Arsene. He’s still only 19/20 but we need to get him to England

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  8. Do we know if we ever actually spent any money on him, then? I do hope we weren’t covering 50% of his salary while on loan to these ninth division Spanish behemoths?

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    • I wonder how many XX% of Chamakh’s salary we’re still covering… can’t imagine Fat Walrus taking shit-hair on loan at GBP60k-a-week…

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      • Well, there’s always the chance that Chamakh will undergo some sort of epiphany and come back as a ruthless, goal-scoring machine.

        Gotta go. Need to get my fiver on the Pope converting to Islam before Ladbrokes closes.

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  9. I was crushed when our greatest Striker ever (Bendnter) was loaned and now Galindo of the famouus “flying Galindo’s” is gone. Do we ever recover from this? I ask you?

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