Hill-Wood: Our aim is to win trophies


Peter Hill-Wood has underlined Arsenal’s determination to return to the pinnacle of English football by stressing that trophies, not just Champions League qualification, are at the core of the club’s aims.

As the club revealed healthy financial results for the last six-months, the septuagenarian reiterated that the board, owner Stan Kroenke and manager Arsene Wenger have no intention of turning their backs on the path of self-sustainability.

Writing in his Chairman’s Statement Hill-Wood made clear:

“Whilst we have our sights set on a 16th straight season in the Champions League, our aims are higher; our ambition is to win trophies. No-one is more focussed on that than our manager Arsène Wenger, our majority shareholder Stan Kroenke and the Board and it is what we work towards every day.

“Our ability to compete at the top of the game here and in Europe is underpinned by our financial performance which gives the club strength and independence.

“Our desire is to make everyone connected with Arsenal proud of the Club. We know that comes through winning trophies but also through the way we do things and that will remain our constant guide.”

Arguing that ‘the Arsenal way’ is increasingly being viewed as the right way to run a football club, he continued:

“Central to our ethos is our self-sustaining model which gives the club strength and independence. The Board remains fully committed to this path and the rest of the football world is increasingly realising the strength of this model.

“As an early proponent, we welcome the development of Financial Fair Play rules in the Premier League, in addition to those adopted by UEFA. These new rules will be good for us, good for the Premier League and good for the game as a whole.

“It is important that we maintain the quality and level of competition if the game is to continue being a compelling spectacle and we believe the introduction of tighter financial regulation will assist all clubs to compete while remaining financially responsible.”

Naturally analysis of the latest financial figures, which can be read in full here, will no doubt provoke the usual debates about players sales, high ticket prices, meagre sponsorship deals and our enormous wage bill.

Arseblog News is well aware that such topics tend to get people a little hot under the collar…we request that when commenting below you do so with a modicum of decorum.


  1. When will the Financial Fair Play rules come into effect? It seems it’s been talked about for years. I’m starting to think it’s all just made up to worry certain heavy spending teams.

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    • Gonna say this and haters will bash me but it seems to me that in the recent couple of years, we are fucking the seasons up one by one in a marvelous fashion and then the big cheese comes and speaks highly of our aims, giving “hope” for next season. I mean what the hell?
      I am a true Gooner but I am not blind. As much as I love Arsene, I dare say his policies are not working out and maybe it is time for him to throw in the towels. We need change, a big fat fucking change.
      And make Jack captain, please!

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      • Arsene doesnt set the policy although he does abide by them. Changing manager will do nothing unless the board’s policies change, unless the new manager demands cash to spend and the board agree to change their ways. If things above Arsene stay as is, I dont see anyone doing a better job than Wenger tbh.

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    • Honestly its all bollocks. When man city got bought out in 2008 (i think) by Sheikh Mansour he spent nearly £300m on new players alone.. add wages to that and you can imagine the amount of money they’ve pumped in over the last 5 years. The books then must have been heavily in the red with all these new expenses, and so they counter that with a £400m sponsorship deal with Etihad airways, which nicely balanced the books – but I think its worth mentioning that Etihad is owned by his family too… ooo shocker.. a loophole. *sigh*.

      If the big corporations can get away with billions of pounds by looking for tax loop holes, then what chance do the FA and UEFA have trying to level the playing field? The big spenders will always find a way around it, sad fact of life.

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      • It’s not so much about restricting spend however, its more about punishing those who spend outside of their means.

        It’s to stop things happening like what has happened to Leeds and Portsmouth. Leeds spent big to compete in Europe and fell through financially and find themselves where they are now and Portsmouth spent big to stay in the premier league and now find themselves less then strapped for cash.

        The Man City idea wasn’t so much a loophole either. From the news i have heard, it was a way of Man City’s owners of budgeting what Man City spends as they believed that had built a core team capable of winning. Thats just what i’ve heard anyway.

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      • And when Spurs decide to buy something like 5 attacking midfielders this season: Dembele Dempsey Sigurdsson Holtby etc… another overspending team that is not much talked about because a) the media only know how to wank themselves over hilarious Bale-Messi comparisons; b) they are kind of a small club

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      • It doesn’t work like that. and the Etihad 400m is a 10 year deal so only 40m per year. The rules are very tight. audited fully and uefa has a “it’s only legal if we say it is” clause (like in F1). Citeh will either have to change it’s ways or it will not play in europe. I suspect they’ll add a little more flexibility in at the last moment but only if clubs really look like they’re trying.

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      • The FA will not intervene with clubs making financial deals. They made their bed with the poor and ambiguous wording on top of a history of being spineless. Talk of “within market rates” is meaningless. If they allowed the Etihad deal, anything goes. They missed the chance for FFP to make its mark.
        Being barred from plaing in the CL is the last of a long list of sanctions, not least because they want the biggest teams in the the most prestigious competition. City will be playing Cl football, regardless of their bank balance, for years to come.
        FFP has been heavily watered down from it’s original intent. There are allowances for ‘acceptable losses’, losses against development and earnings from ‘the brand’ taken into account.
        FFP also accepts losses for clubs ‘headed in the right direction’. City will never spend like they have done again, they will reap the rewards of being a ‘big club’ and FFP will do nothing but cement their place, and those like them at the top end of the league.

        I was really hopeful of FFP living up to its billing but we’re going to have drag ourselves into contention for the top spots. No one is going to level the playing field for us.

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      • AgentITK says:
        February 26, 2013 at 10:59 am The FA will not intervene with clubs making financial deals.

        I think you’ll be shocked by the effect it will have. It’s probable that they’ll soften it at the last moment for clubs making a serious effort but the PSG deal is pretty much a guarantee they’ll be used as an example and kicked out of european football for a few years.
        They wanted to ‘string up’ an EPL team (as they’re french and hate the EPL) but PSG may have save Money Citeh, provided they make an effort over the next 18 months but if they don’t they”lll follow PSG. The etihad deal is probably OK over a 10 year deal but will have to be used in their accounts in roughly that way, so they can’t use it all in year one.
        Uefa have the ‘it’s not allowed unless we say it is’ clause like F1 and as proven in F1, it can work. The only way out will be if enough teams leave and set up theirown champioship and without the uefa club team (barca), RM, Bayern, AC and manure, that’s very unlikely to work.

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      • @AndyMack:
        I would love to be shocked by seeing the FA act decisively and consistently to enforce FFP, a strong decision on PSG would be a start, but I just cannot see it.
        It may prevent teams from doing what City have done in the future (Hundreds of millions declared in loss over one season) but that will suit City and Chelsea down to the ground, they’re already league and european champions.
        As for any other decent sized club, the notion that they FFP means they spend within means is all well and good but they’re not even close to that after you account for brand, development and acceptable losses before you even get into the £30odd million a season loss they will allow for the first three years. Do the maths, clubs can lose tens of millions a year and not fall foul of the first discilplinary measure all whilst they claim CL/league/cup/sponsorship/TV prize money.
        It might prevent another City/Chelsea but it won’t redress any former balance and it won’t stop clubs spending what they don’t have (debt or owner money). There were steps that could have been taken long ago to help guard against that but they bottled it.

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      • AgentITK, It’s not the FA yet. That’s to come but Uefa comes first and Platini is not gutless. You aren’t far off the truth with tha Chavs and Citeh but despite already being champions, they have problems generating enough cash with their present small stadiums. The city of manchester stadium holds around 47k and their supporters don’t like paying expensive ticket prices. They’ve reducted their loss to 93m (IIRC) this year. Halve that, add new TV money and it’ll be difficult for them to meet the FFP and get new players (keeping a few of the exiisting expensive ones may not be possible). Add in that they will come 2nd this year instead of 1st. They will get more sponsorship but it will have to be comparible or they won’t play in europe and they’ll lose that important income as well.
        The chavs are already set up to some degree. Their tickets ain’t cheap and they have a fair set of sponsors but their ground only holds 40k and they lose money every year but they will probably be ok on ffp provided the only buy if they sell. Winning the CL certainly worked for them but getting knocked out in the league bit really screwed them up after laying out some serious wedge for hazard, oscar, marin etc.
        As for the EPL version, I’m not sure if they’ve sorted the guidelines yet and as you say, the FA is full of gutless tw4ts, so I think that will be much softer.

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    • interestingly someone on the arses pointed out that without the sale of our last world class player we would have made a whopping great loss !

      as there is no one left to sell and with a huge wage bill, will it make us a little vulnerable to the ffp rules ?

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      • They won’t able to tempt our players away with ridiculously high wages. This is the whole point of FFP (I hope anyway), clubs have to earn trophies, not buy them. Whether or not anything is implemented is anyone’s guess, its been spoken about for far too long and could well be brushed under the carpet as Goal Line technology has been for so long. There are some very cowardly and greedy people running football, its clear for everyone to see.

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    • The owners of PSG, Chelsea, Man city can inject money into their club through sponsorship deals. For example- PSG signed 150 million a year deal. So they can continue to spend like they are doing now. I don’t think FFP would have any influence on big spending

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      • The FFP rules have a ‘market rate’ rule for sponsorship, so only a portion of any unrealistic deal can be used to count towards complying.

        I don’t know the background of PSG’s deal, but there is no way that could all count if it is a straight up £150m per season, as it wouldn’t represent what a comparable club could earn.

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      • goon92, you’re wrong. It will have a big effect on PSG more than anyone, as they bought and invested in the club too late. If they’d done it 5 years earlier then they may have got the initial spending out of the way like the chavs.
        Uefa has a ‘it’s wrong unless we tell you otherwise’ clause like in F1, and 150m per annum will not get through.

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    • PHW talks absolute nonsense. It’s been clear for some time that the aim is to make a profit.

      Except you’d have to be an idiot not to see that such a model means less profit in the long term because a) people won’t pay for tickets and merchandise associated with a team on the decline, and b) companies won’t strike lucrative sponsorship deals with a team on the decline.

      The way you make a club profitable is to FIRST make the team a winning one. And you don’t do that by a) selling your best players every season, and b) refusing to invest in players of the highest caliber.

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      • “The way you make a club profitable is to FIRST make the team a winning one”
        They did that and then they built a mega stadium. When they have the stadium cost under control they’ll go back to concentrating on the winning bit.

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  2. The one thing i hate about being an arsenal fan is not knowing who to blame for our trophy drought. Dont get me wrong, i’m not a glory hunter or anything i’m arsenal till death NO MATTER WHAT but its very frustrating not knowing whats going on behind the scenes. So who is it, the board? The manager? The physios? The players? Other clubs being taken over by sugardaddies?
    And lastly, what are we doing to compete for said trophies?

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    • First of all the man who i responsible for our defensive misfunctions for 5-6 years, and who allows it to get constantly worse. That’s the first pillar of our failures, as in 2010 when we had Cesc, Nasri and van Persie we still didn’t win anything, mostly due to the fragile defensive, secondly due to the lack of proper squad (which can be blamed on more parties).

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      • Our useless defense that is the defense which is currently the the second best in the PL and the 3rd in the list of clubs with clean sheets 9.

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    • i genuinely understand your frustration. but it could also be that there’s no-one to blame – arsenal can’t compete financially with corrupt russian oligarchs and dirty oil money. and yes, the equally hideous manchester united do not fall into either of these categories, but they are a freak of nature.. a one off, financially and in terms of marketability. most football supporters of most clubs win nothing. we’ve won a lot in the last 15 years and had an incredible amount of success. right now, it’s just not our time. whose to say it won’t be within the next few years though? at present, with our financial constraints, i’m not convinced there is a manager that can do better than wenger – and it pains me to say that. sure, we can blame the board for not giving him more dosh (and he doesn’t really have a huge amount to play with by top 4 standards when one considers salaries for top players), but then we’re saying we want more debt. some fans may be fine with that – not sure i am…

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      • Surely constant decline and lack of definsive knowhow are not dictated by financial constraints.Just put the financial aspect to one side,and take a good look at what is going on the pitch and has been for years. Somebody is to blame,any suggestions?

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      • I know I’ll get numerous thumbs down for this but the heavy spending of Chelsea & Man city is not the sole reason for our lack of recent sucess & we know it!
        We consistently lose to teams much worse than us with even less financial muscle.
        Defeats to Hull, Swansea, Wigan, Bradford, Norwich, Blackburn etc has nothing to do with the spending of Man city, Chelsea etc.

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    • You can just blame Wenger, players or the board.
      Its a combine thing everyone has to have the same goal and that is to win and sadly with the debt we are trying to win and make a profit each year and with Rubbish Sponsorship deald we have had to sell our best players.

      So hardly a good environment to build success.

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    • @Kenyangoon, If the press were here the headline of your post would be a manipulation of your comments to say:


      All jokes aside, I think your frustration is shared by most Arsenal fans, I think the biggest factor is the mental side of it. Although many other factors are now adding to it, it is purely a confidence and mentality issue.

      Prime examples are:

      Torres – Set the Prem alight. Considered the best strike in the prem and one of the best in the world at the time, just falling short of TGSTEL status. Then his big money move and the rest is history. His talent is still there but something is stopping it or holding it back.

      G***** B**** aka Monkey boy: I hate their team and I hate this player, the diving twat, however, it was just pointed out to me recently about how this guy was the shittest thing in their team and now look at him. I totally forgot about his past due to what he is doing now.

      Basically both are example of confidence and being happy with your game and I think as a Team we have been kicked of our perch and have never been allowed to forget it. Though stability is what we need. Once upon a time we never bought any players in the summer, then we went unbeaten. Since we last won a trophy we have had big departures, or destabilising departures every summer. IF this summer window turns out to be only positive we will definitely improve.

      Credit must go to our new signings for contributing what they have to this season, so it can only be better from them next year.

      Apologies for the long post.

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  3. Same old rhetoric there isnt enough continuity with the better more established members of the playing squad instead a steady dilution. Only when this changes and iur defensive deficiencies properly rectified will we be the force we once were.

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  4. “No-one is more focused on winning than Kroneke”

    Thank you Arseblog for adding “we request that when commenting below you do so with a modicum of decorum”, it saved me a long long post, lol.

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  5. So, $120m in cash reserves? That’s more than a small country!

    If this was monopoly, AFC would be the undisputed champions. It is great that $40m was spent on new players and contracts, can we have a few more though please.


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    • It doesn’t directly say it but (if i’m reading it correctly) it also suggests that we still own around 200m for the stadium. But together with the other new commercial deals comming on line, I think 40m plus is a genuine war chest for a change. I beleive that previously it’s been more a case of ‘if a real world class player comes up at a sensible price we’ll refinance to make it work, but market prices aren’t sensible’.

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      • Agreed!
        Also I think we are one of the few teams who can pay a fee there and then, rather than Barcelona style installments (which rely upon success).
        I genuinely think all this financial stuff and sponsorship will allow Wenger to focus more coaching and football and less on wages, contracts etc. It would be great if he can say he wants a player and we can get him with no hassle. I wonder how far down on Arsene’s list his last 10 signings were?

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    • Psychiatrist to brainwash them may do the trick…

      “You are successful, you won a trophy last year”
      “You are successful, you won a trophy last year”
      “You are successful, you won a trophy last year”

      Players go out on the pitch in 2013-14 unbeaten! Simples as the meerkat would say.

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  6. Arseblog,

    That’s not fair!

    You mentioned everything I wanted to comment on in my post

    What’s point of leaving comments if you are going to steal the show

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    • Few more things

      The definition of Arsenal way is different for three main stakeholders

      Club: to sell as many super stars as you every year and spend that money on dross like we have.

      Shareholders: to sell their shares for as much as profit they can and laugh their way to the bank. That includes PHW, Dein, Late Fizman, Lady thingy etc

      Fans: keep forking out cash as much you can afford till you go broke

      Players: Play nothing, take away 50K a week at least

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  7. Same old rhetoric from the board and its getting annoying now. How in any way can we compete to win trophies starting from next season. We are so far behind the likes of Man. U, Chelsea and City that there is no point even remotely calling them rivals anymore. We as fans pay the highest ticket prices in the league and its a complete insult to us that we are still nowhere near winning a major trophy. I’m not interested in ‘the arsenal way’ that’s nothing to be proud of. The board are so detached from the fans it’s untrue.

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    • The last sentence if the truest ever stated on here. It should be set down in concrete the size of the vArsenal sign and dumped outside ‘Highbury House’.

      I am really starting to loathe Hill-Wood for his condescending verbiage, every time these yearly/half yearly statements come out.

      FFP will only effect at the margins and the idea that Real Madrid or Chelsea will disappear to make Hill-Wood seem vindicated, is cretinous.

      Still Gazedis should be in line for another bonus on the back of this so there’s something to celebrate, isn’t there ?

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      • I think the worst thing about them is they behave like politicians, or villainous corporate folk. You get little feeling that they feel about Arsenal the same way you do.

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      • No one has said that RM or the Chavs will disappear. Unfortuantely RM are the biggest club in the world (followed by Barca and manure) and have more than enough income to rule FFP however the Chavs will have to change their way. They’ll still be a big UK team but unless they move to a much bigger stadium they will not be the big european club that they want to be.

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  8. Cut the crap Hill Wood.

    Are we or are we not going to continue with the 2 4 5 pie and a pint deal next season? Yes or no?

    I warn you, if it’s a no you can whistle for my fuckin season tickets money, sunshine.

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  9. I know this isn’t the Untold Arsenal blog but can we have an article about the BBC’s frontpage exclusive today.

    I’ve had quite about enough of them. The article is so embarrassingly dishonest that they neglected to note an author.


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      • ‘Arsenal Can Finish Second, says Arsene Wenger’

        Followed by 600 comments about what he might be smoking.

        Wish we took more notice of how everyone hates us – to me that has been our biggest failing. These cunts divide our fans.

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      • I absolutely agree with you – we can look at how our club/board lacks ambition however much we want but a more insidious factor is that the media have been getting the masses to hate us since forever.

        And its a violent, almost far-right sort of hatred – remember the reaction to Ramsey’s leg break “poor Shawcross!”. I don’t know what they want. A Hillsborough-type accident?

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    • The BBC seems to be hit-whoring with their headlines at the moment.

      If you look at the top rated comments on today’s Wenger article, they all just slate the BBC.

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  10. Peter Hill-Wood, Arsenal’s very own Duke of Edinburgh. Old, senile, mad as a hatter. Old cunt has sat on his fat fucking arse puffing on cigars and talking shit for about 50 years. The disrespectful cunt ganged up on Dein and Edlemann etc., who did more for the club that than twat could do in 10,000 years. Time he fucked off for good.

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    • Peter Hill-Wood of the famous Hill-Wood family, who have been on the board/chairmen of The Arsenal since 1962? That Pete Hill-Wood?

      Yeah I hate that True Gooner.

      You Muppet.

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    • Never a truer word Future.

      Who woke that old cunt up anyway?

      And all of those who thumbed this down – get a reality check FFS

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  11. I know i’m going to get battered for this but….Are we REALLY that far behind Chelsea and City? Look at the league table…And i have to agree somewhat with PHW, the “Arsenal way” is the way forward, as long as we spend a big chunk of that money in the summer, which i think we will (i know), we (the club) have been planning for 2013/14 for years now, and in the summer us fans will really see the true direction and ambition of the club.

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    • People like you make me sick. Every year the same, compete for nothing, bin it and hope and pray Wenger changes his ways, which he never does and never will.

      When are you going to get it into your head, he’s not the man he once was?Nothing like it. The players CLEARLY don’t believe in him and he’s completely out of touch with modern football – especially tactically. Tactically he’s so clueless it’s painful to watch. If he had Man Utd’s squad, they’d be 5th and out of the CL.

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    • Usually the best teams set the quality standard, and Chelsea and City are clearly not the best teams. I keep saying that other ‘big’ clubs being shit is no excuse. We are not so far behind them, in fact we might be better than them, but, quite frankly, we’ve set the bar too low. Look at United, Barcelona, Real, Bayern, Juventus and other teams who have done remarkable things. Their achievements completely overshadow City’s and Chelsea’s recent success.

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  12. I am conditionally backing the leadership of the club:

    –Mr Wenger has spoiled supporters over the past 16 years- one need only look at the EPL competition- a collection of ambitious clubs falling into debt or relying on petrodollars for success. I cannot dislike the man, and hope he resigns for the club.
    –The new sponsorship deal looks promising and the kit deal better be in line with the upper echelon of English clubs, or we’ll have missed a golden opportunity. That is one condition.
    –The shareholders continue to not pay a dividend and funnel the money into the functioning of the club. If you didn’t want to be a proud shareholder of this club, don’t buy in. I feel that so far, Mr Kroenke has left the line vague but has not crossed it. That is the second condition.
    –The money not tied up in bank agreements for cash reserves to service debt and the like is made available should the football decision makers, Mr Wenger chief among them, feel a need to draw funds. Again, so far, there has been no indication Mr Wenger is being flatly denied funds. It might not be as big as people think it should be, but that’s business. We’re not Everton, a great club who can’t buy a damn thing without auctioning off a Rodwell or Baines. That’s the third condition.

    It’s very simple to me, and I expect many may not agree. But I’ve consistently heard 2014 as a year for mutliple contracts either starting or ending. I will see how 14-15 shapes up before I decide to grow my discontent.

    If you have an inkling to root for another team, you disappoint me. As an American, I could only read about AFC exploits for many years. US TV (and my financial and programming options) was not kind to me until a few years ago. So yes, most of the period that I could watch the Arsenal coincides with the trophy drought. But you’re mad if you think I’m going to start buying Swansea City scarves. Arsenal FC is *my* team, and has proven the class of English football. I mean that in both results- tops in the 20th C, the Invincibles, and in character- we don’t have a drunkard or a big thumb who bellows for a damn punt forward.

    I look forward to a bright future.
    (apologies for length, I know I’m not Blogs)

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    • I think you got it other way wrong

      supporters have spoiled the club and board.

      Just answer one question

      Who is paying the most expensive ticket prices in the world and who has walked away with millions worth of cash (and that includes Mr Wenger himself commanding over 7 million a year

      It’s wishful thinking that other clubs will fall away. You keep on waiting and dreaming like that forever. The problem is that the manager can’t even make the best of it’s available resources. Look at the number of trophies players have won after leaving Arsenal and look at number of individual errors costing us goals every season. I have read Opta stats that for last three years running Arsenal are top of the league in PL conceding goals from individual erros.

      However, I would not stop from dreaming, after all there is always a paradise for some!

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      • Arsenal charges a massive amount in tickets relative, as I hear it. You’re right on that. When Blogs and Mr Stillman are decrying, that’s strong proof of discontent. I am a fervent hockey fan and I refuse to attend an NHL game due to exorbitant ticket prices. I don’t wish that upon you, sir. It must be given more consideration, and the capitalization of AFC should be as much in sponsorships and advertising as off the backs of fans.

        But, let *me* ask this: the players get a salary, the manager and his team get a salary, but what money have Kroenke or Usmanov taken? Unless I’m grossly mistaken, dividends for shareholders are *not* paid. Does the wage structure need a face lift? You betcha, a recent post on this very site spoke about it.

        I fail to see the point about players leaving. This is not RVP decamping to Wigan and suddenly the club rises up the table- he went to the league runners up. Cesc and Song went to Barca! Almost a guarantee to challenge for La Liga in perpetuity. They went to teams ahead of us in the standings, as an add-on to an already good squad.

        Let’s consider some stats. 2 defeats in the last 10- on par with Citeh and one better than Chelski!

        As for the errors, of course lapses happen. I can’t deny some of the absolute head-hanging concessions of past fixtures. But they’ve conceeded one less than United this season! If they cut down on errors as you say, they’d have more points- the away form must improve, but this sky is falling is too much. If the Arsenal would be higher in the table were some mistakes corrected, with the *same* squad, then it’s not the transfer market that needs help but the training ground.

        I shall dream Spidey, of another 5-2 walloping of the Sp*rs, and European football in 2013-14. Beyond that, I will hope promises implied are promises made.

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      • And where have those players gone to win trophies, Chelsea and Man City, the two richest clubs in England, as for your question “who pays for the most expensive tickets in the world, the answer is, only those that want to…

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      • I see you have bought in to the lies in the press that our season ticket price is higher than sp*rs that’s true but add in the 8 cup games that you get with an Arsenal season ticket that you don’t get with a sp*rs season ticket. If you do the maths individual match days are cheaper. But if you can’t get your facts right you can just spout bullshit if your going to rubbish Arsenal at least get the basic facts right. One more point if Chelsea and man city charge what it cost to cover there losses there ticket prices would be higher than ours.

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  13. “The rest of the football world is increasingly realising the strength of this model.”

    The stength on this model is solely based on Wenger selling the clubs best players to make a profit each year.

    Hardly a strong model by any means their lucky no other Manager would put up with it.

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  14. Fair play to Hill – Wood. Arsenal is a very well run EPL club.
    Great stadium strong fan base and financially sustainable.
    However although we are always promised trophies we don’t win any.
    City and Chelsea have sugar daddies and United have the best manager in the world. I believe most Arsenal fans realise with our budget 3rd or 4th place in the EPL and finishing above Spurs is the best we can do. This summer though we will have more money to buy quality and depth. I believe next season we will finally seriously challenge for the premiership.

    Thumb up 13 Thumb down 6

  15. We know that the people in charge of this club arent stupid and have plenty of stats, info and advisors to help in their decisions, I have this feeling that they have been planning their particular strategy for some years in order to build the stadium, training facilities and improve as many aspects of the club as possible whilst remaining competitive knowing the fact that we are a weaker team man for man against are rivals but hope that are youth, skill in the market and way that we play will still give us a slight chance. I think they have done this thinking that over the next couple of years our brand will become huge, we can be one of the most competitive in the transfer market and get right back to the top of the game but with a few recent shoddy buys and the chance of no champions league i just hope that we dont regret this for a few years to come!

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  16. @Future And people like you make me laugh, just because Arsene gave us the most successful and glorious period in our clubs history, now we have not kept at that level you want him out, ffs grow up, we have no devine right to win the title or to go through the whole season unbeaten, just because we did it a few years ago doesn’t mean it will happen every year.
    Look at the money available to Chelsea and City, how are we supposed to keep up with them when you take into account their spending power??
    We are doing as well as we can with the financial restrictions we have, and if you expect us to spend £100 million every season on players, why don’t you fuck off, whistling “Blue Moon” as you go.

    Thumb up 25 Thumb down 4

    • Typical pro-Wenger bullshit. DId I say I expect us to win titles every year or go unbeaten? We don’t even challenge for the poxy Carling Cup anymore you stupid cunt. We get beaten by shite like Bradford and Blackburn. We can’t get anywhere near competing for PL or CL. There’s winning, there’s competing and there’s falling off a cliff. If money means everything how come they came 6th last season? Behind Spurs and Arsenal! That proves it’s not all about money. You talk shit about financial restrictions when our two shareholders can outdo Abramovic. You haven’t got a leg to stand on. Fuck off and support those other losers in North London, that’s where you truly belong.

      Thumb up 9 Thumb down 23

      • Why do you mention how rich our shareholders are – that proves you have absolutely no understanding of how the club is run – how much money they have is fuck all to do with the way the club is run. And on your Wenger is useless rant, you seem to have ommited to mention who you would like him replaced with, or didn’t you think that far ahead, you just jumped on the Wenger out bandwagon like all the fucking twats….

        Thumb up 26 Thumb down 6

      • @Future, fuck off. Not typical anti-AW BS, just plain BS from you. We are not winning, we are not falling off a cliff. So that just leaves the idea that we are competing. We are underperforming, but with our resources, we are realistically only competing for 3rd. So we are currently underperforming because we are not in that position, not because we are not champions.

        Thumb up 9 Thumb down 5

    • Who cares whether we win a trophy or not you fuckwit? Its the fact that we don’t even compete that pisses me off. We don’t compete because Wenger cant motivate, mentor or coach his players. These are players he has chosen, bought and rewarded their failure with extended and enhanced contracts.

      Thumb up 1 Thumb down 2

    • We don’t need 100 million to compete for titles. We just need to change ‘the socialistic wage model’, keep our best players and add quality players. If we kept RVP, Nasri and Song and added Cazorla, Podolski and Nacho to that team, we’d have been competing for titles

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  17. Realistically if we are selling players each year to avoid making a loss then ofcoarse its very unlikely Wenger is going to get big money to spend.

    It defeats the purpose of selling the players in the first place.

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  18. Casper…..err, what? What are you trying to say? That didn’t make a lot of sense!

    Most of you lot will probably rage at me but I don’t mind the current situation. The petrodollars can’t last forever and the financial situations of most of our “competitors” – shitcunts the lot of them – are completely unsustainable, fair play or not. That is economic fact.

    I don’t want to support some fucking wanky club like Citeh or the west London chavvers. They’re tragic. We’ll win things again. And I tell you what, my first game was in 1986, so I’ve seen some proper shite down the years. This team ain’t that bad. STOP FUCKING MOANING AND SING UP FOR THE LADS!

    Thumb up 18 Thumb down 4

    • @Rocky, quite sorry. I thought I was pretty clear- I haven’t found reason to give up, I do not intend to give up, and with Wenger at the helm we’ve had a pretty substantial run, especially considering the rise and fall of a number of other clubs.

      Oddly, you seem not to get me, but I agree with you- the other models aren’t sustainable, the other clubs are supported by society’s dregs, and we will see this through to success.

      If the conditional aspect was the unclear part then here it is: I support the club because I have not seen evidence of: Wenger becoming a useless manager; Stan sucking profit via dividends; and perfectly usable funds being withheld from Wenger. If the new deals in 2014 and on produce money that no one is willing to spend, then I will reconsider the aims and intent of the board and management. Til then, I’m behind them all the way.

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  19. Since when did PHW want to make the fans and everyone connected with the club ‘proud’? Although I agree with the points being made what were seeing on the pitch and at board level doesn’t back up these statements and hasn’t for many years. Less propaganda more action required

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  20. The usual bollocks and bullshit.

    What PHW, Kroenke and the others are really interested in is making money out of the club – which, to be fair, they are very good at.

    If they were really so keen on actually winning trophies then they would be asking hard questions of Wenger, demanding to know why he has spunked up more than 140 million quid of wages on a second-rate squad which may not even finish in the top four. We won’t start winning trophies again until we sort out the crisis of senior management that exist at the club right now.

    Fuck off, Hill-Wood.

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    • How are the shareholders making money from the club? There’s no dividend. Share trading is nothing to do with the clubs money. Perhaps someone can explain how the clubs board/shareholders are fleecing the club cos I hear it but don’t see it. Really wish people would stop banging that drum…

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      • Surely it’s in the interests of the shareholders, and ultimately their main aim, for the club to be successful, which will mean the shares will increase in value, then should they want to sell they will get a better return on their investment..i thought that was how it worked, unless i missed something??

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    • The usual bollocks and bullshit from someone who professed a desire for our team to lose and miss out on CL qualification.

      I will keep it short.

      Fuck off, Fats.

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  21. Annoying to read that Wenger still having major support up there, it’s been 8 years already and there is no pressure, just quotes of trust and faith over his poor work.

    Thumb up 5 Thumb down 22

    • Because they, quite rightly, realise that he is doing well with the resources available and that if we start sacking managers that don’t win the league we will soon become a liverpool or worse.

      Thankfully, the board are not so short-sighted as you and are thinking of the future.

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      • You missed something Wenger-ass-kisser: Wenger’s also not won the CL, Carling/Capital One cup, FA cup and the pre-season shields for 8 years – that’s five opportunities of silverware a season, over 8 years makes 40 chances he’s blown.

        When you don’t even win 1 in 40, there’s something majorly wrong with the man or his strategy.

        You need the glasses for short-sightedness as your continued loyalty to this once great but now past-it man and the board is part of the problem that is dragging our once great club down. Wake up.

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  22. Unsurprisingly todays announcement inevitably brings out the whingers and moaners. While there is a massive points gap to Man U, there is another “gap” that is worthy of consideration. If the league position were based on goals conceded then on the basis of away goals we would be top of the league whereas based on goals conceded at home we would be 14th! This suggests to me that our defenders are capable of defending contrary to the abusive bile uttered on the internet. In my opinion a major contributory factor to the relatively poor performance at home is the abusive and insulting conduct of part of the customer base at the Emirates. The players can hear and sense the atmosphere which in turn will make them nervous and unsettled in the knowledge that they will be abused for any mistake. Speaking personally, I would rather the dissatisfied customers stayed away and that only 40-50,000 people attend who want to support the team unconditionally during games. The home points would improve and we could concentrate on scoring more away from home to turn draws into wins.

    Thumb up 17 Thumb down 4

    • It’s all these fucking “Johnny come latelies” who only started supporting the club cause we were doing the double or going through the season unbeaten, they thought it was the norm, now it’s not happening they get confused and start booing the players and shouting Wenger out!!!

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  23. The 123m cash reserve cannot all be used on transfers, people need to understand that. I’m tired of us selling our best players in order to stay afloat. Wenger has done superbly to keep this lot in the top 4. Hopefully he will spend the new sponsorship money. We need to show some ambition. We can’t compete with Chelshit and Shitty and the two Spanish teams, but we sure as hell can attract 99.9% of the other players. We keep hearing about how we “use our own resources”.., well, we don’t. Instead of “Spend some fucking money”, the board should be to “use our fucking resources.” It pisses me off how much we underestimate ourselves and refuse to spend a single penny of our actual money. Not money gained from sales (hell we don’t even use all of that).

    By all accounts Arsenal could easily spend £75m with no financial consequences. If we can’t then someone is cooking the books.

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    • “By all accounts Arsenal could easily spend £75m with no financial consequences. If we can’t then someone is cooking the books”
      Provided you completely ignore the money owed on the stadium, you’re 100% correct.

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  24. how can we take a statement like this seriously ? If you keep selling your best players every year to make a profit how can you compete for any trophy ?

    it clearly doesn’t add up

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    • Hate to say it, but Bale is world class right now. That winning goal was sensational, and his first strike was pretty special, too. He is the difference between a mid-table Spurs side and one which could finish in the top four. The good thing is that he won’t be at White Hart Lane next season: a team in Spain or Man City will be paying his wages.

      Sunday’s game is now crucial. If we lose then I can’t see us catching Spurs: seven points clear with just ten games to go – and playing like shit as we are – would be too much of a gap to close. We might, though, overhaul Chelsea, who look awful.

      I’m not looking forward to Sunday.

      Thumb up 8 Thumb down 23

      • Seriously dude, piss off… What are you even doing here if you can’t look forward to going to your rival’s place, beating them and closing the gap to a single point before they even begin their scheduled late season collapse?

        The difference between troll and tool really is ever so slight.

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      • Come on Fats, i can’t fucking wait for Sunday, give them cunts a kicking in their own back yard, if Ramsey can mark Bale out the game, man for man we’re miles better than them, bring it on..COYG

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      • Open your front door. Light up a cigarette. Walk for 10 minutes. If you’re fortunate, you’ll probably see a major road. Stand there, right in the middle. Pray you get spotted by a large animal who’s lost and hungry. Preferably, a radioactive fucked up rodent.

        You silly fuck. It’s one thing the spuds won today, another their best player scored and I can live with if you acknowledge your opponent but ffs, do not ever glorify those bastards.

        I really wonder you’re a troll or not. Either, it’s a post from a legit cunt.

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      • @A Yank: Sorry, Old Buddy, but you Americans just don’t get how tribal football – or “soccer” – is in this country (that’s England).

        Arsenal Football Club under Arsene Wenger over the last four years has been a slow-motion car crash. And I fear that Sunday will be the moment of impact.

        For us real, LONDON, Arsenal fans, losing to Spurs hurts like hell. Seeing us usurped as the best side in the Capital hurts even more.

        We are playing like shit. I fear a tonking at White Hart Lane on Sunday. And it’s very, very frustrating watching us go down the tubes while Wenger, Gazidis and your compatriot, Mr Kroenke sit back and fiddle while Rome burns.

        On Sunday, this website will be full of vitriol against Wenger and the Board. The difference between “trolls” like me and “fans” like you is that I can see the shit coming from a mile.

        So be an optimist – I’ll just be a realist.

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      • Instead of going through life as a miserable bastard, why don’t you just save up a bit of cash and pay for a brass?

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      • @Fatgooner: I lived in London for almost three years, so I’m pretty sure I can ‘get’ how tribal football is in England. Still having spent time there, I’m certain that simply being in London doesn’t make you any more of a REAL fan. Shit, Gunners in Oz or New Zealand have to wake up in the middle of the fucking night just to watch games. Would probably cost them upwards of $5K just to make it to a match. That takes way more fucking commitment than hoping on the tube and walking two blocks up the road.

        But since you’re being so fucking patronizing let me school you… “Soccer” is an English term. It’s short for “association” (start from the second ‘s’ if you’re lacking the wherewithal to see that), as in ‘association football’ and not ‘rugby football.’ Americans called it soccer because we thought you called it soccer, which you did (not universally, but still).

        Second, if you go back and read some of my comments, it’s pretty obvious that I’m plenty critical of Wenger, Kroenke, the board, the players, shit just about everything, but only because I can justify it. Yes, we’ve been playing like shit more than I’d like but fuck if I’m going to be defeatist before a ball is even kicked in a match. Otherwise, what’s the fucking point? To have something you can be assured makes you miserable? Because you like to complain and enjoy thinking the sky is falling?

        That seems like an utter waste of life.

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  25. Fuck off West ham, your defending is abosolut shit.
    Real madrid get your thumb out of the arse and get that cunt of the spuds so they can crawl back to their 6th place.

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    • Where the fuck was Maroanne Chamakh? I was expecting a fooking hattrick from that overpaid, shisha-smoking, mongrel with shit-hair!

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  26. Between having to read this load of bollocks and the utter pain of the Sp*rs result…..and top that off with the fact that its Monday. I have to say this day qualifies as an extremely high on the sucking scale.

    For fuck sake.

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  27. Just got back from a long fag brake to calm down.

    I simply cant belive the jammy bastards came back and won that.

    I hope we snap bale Sunday and end his season resulting in the Spuds finishing 9th.

    They will finish ahead of Stoke tho their not that shit.

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  28. The one question people need to ask is why did stan get involved in arsenal in the first place. When you answer that logically you will then realise why we are unlikely to be competing for either the premier league title or champions league at anytime whilst he is here.

    Thumb up 5 Thumb down 5

    • Why?

      Obviously wants to make money… granted. But a successful team makes more money, so surely he would want a title challenging/cup winning team??

      Explain please?

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      • Jjb. I see it like this and see if you can refrain from calling me cunt for having an opinion that may differ form yours.
        Stan is a multi billionaire and is unlikely involved in arsenal because the little boy in him said it was a good idea. We both agree that it’s probably for the money. A few million here or there is hardly worth the bother for a man as rich as him, I can’t see it’s worth the aggravation tbh.
        Arsenal have not won a trophy for 8 years but are still one of the most successfully run clubs from a business perspective and one of the few clubs to make a profit. Be it form player sales but that’s another argument. But we do make a profit. One of very few clubs to do so. What im saying is that winning trophies will make us more more money but its negligible in terms of the bigger picture.
        We have new deals coming online soon, including the kit deal which is probably already done, the naming rights have certainly been done already. The tv deal is due to get much bigger including new deals with the foreign agency’s that is set to explode in monetary terms.
        And all this is where I believe stan will take his money. We will invest in the team but my belief is that it will be a current expenditure and not at the rate that many people believe we can bearing in mind the money that will be coming into the club.
        Arsenals value has already gone up since stan bought his shares so again that has nothing to do with success on the pitch probably more to do with usmanov and his battle to buty shares.
        We do not pay dividends that’s true but i believe than will change withing the next year or two.
        Stan is not an arsenal fan has no historic love for the club and has only been here at most 5 times. He is in this for the money simple as that and I’m sorry but the odd few million quid a year that we may make because we no longer have many players of value to sell just will not satisfy this multi billionaire.

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      • “Voldermort says: February 26, 2013 at 3:36 pm Jjb. I see it like this and see if you can refrain from calling me cunt for having an opinion that may differ form yours.”

        I think you’re under estimating the value of a winning club. The commercial deals you are referring to would be much much more for a really long term winning team and I don’t think stan is in it for a quick few million. If this team wins and all the deals come together then he can be talking about doubling his money. He’s easily got enough already so he’s not in it for 10-50m (he’s sunk more than that into the colorado football team/club/center). The family business spends more than that on expanding it’s network by just 1 location and is unlikely to pay back (let alone make profits) for 5-10 years.
        IMO you’re underestimating his ability as a business man and his financial ability to look long term.

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      • Not sure about he relevance of the voldermort says sentence.

        But maybe your right and stan is in it for the long term and will invest to enable us to compete for the premier league etc. it’s about opinions and mine differs from yours. I suppose this coming season will tell us a Little bit more about the direction that he board is taking he club.
        Not underestimating the value of a wining club, it would obviously be worth more in a commercial sense. But to get us thier could cost us a lot of money and we are already in a great position financially. And that’s without winning a trophy. The deals are done already. Nothing is going to change those deals for the next four or five years in commercial terms regardless.
        And I agree stan is not in this for 5 10 or 15 million. He’s in this for a lot more and that’s my worry with these big deals coming through. They are worth hundreds of millions. I hope I’m wrong and stan is this white knight ready to do right by our club and its fans. I just don’t believe it right now.

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      • Voldermort, I don’t think he is necessarily the white knight but he’s certainly not the short terms scammer. I don’t expect them to suddenly have mega wedge but they’ll have more each year whilst others have less (not necessarily less than us but less than they did and that’ll be new for them).

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  29. Gareth Bale is fantastic lets just admit it. Shame we did not buy this top quality player when we coud have as a youngster. . We have had several years to buy him when we have been in the champions league. But we bought Gervinho, Bendtner Arshavin, Squlacci, Shamak, Park. and hung on to Rosicky and poor old Diaby who hardly play either. Our talent scouts have not bought much quality for years. Hopefully next season we will buy real quality. Bale would be a great start. Still think we will win on the weekend. CMOYG

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  30. Its funny listening to people supposedly our own fans on about how we are shit
    Yet in the last 12 games for all clubs only utd has taken more points than us in the league spurs took 1 less and chelsea and city 3 less each.

    When you look at the reports each year after selling players and comming out barely on top financialy its clear AW is working under constraints ….to many get worked up believing the crap in the press.

    If we get rid of the likes of denilson bendnter and a few others and bring in 3 replacements like last summer it will show we are moving in the right direction in everyway regarding the club.

    If we had gone out of europe at the same stage as chelsea and city and were still as far behind utd as those clubs and had spent as much then I wouldnt mind the moaning

    Get off your arses and support the club the manager and players anb stop the bitching.

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  31. If you honestly believe the board and Kroenke are out to make as much money as possible, why on earth do you think they’re not trying to win everything? Surely, winning silverware sells more shirts worldwide, increases ticket prices, and so on. Given that Kroenke is not overspending to win, he’s either trying to build a legitimate contender or happily taking a decent rate if return. As I’ve written before, I’m afraid it’s the latter, which makes you REALLY worry about this man.

    Thumb up 5 Thumb down 1

    • Correct. A winning team is a better earner and a better seller, but he doesn’t get a return yet (dividend or selling are the only way he gets a return).

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      • Absolute rubbish. Arsenal are the 5th richest team in the world in terms of revenue. The four above us are all winners or have been recently.
        We have not won a trophy for 8 years yet we still a maintain that position as one of worlds most profitable clubs in terms of income.
        So unless stan invests in Madrid barca Manu or bayern he has found his cash cow at his level in arsenal. Sorry but its absolute Bollox to suggest you have to win things to generate money. We are the obvious example of that.

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      • To make real money as a shareholder you invest in a company that does very well or invest for the long term in one that doesn’t do badly. AFC is not winning yet so maybe he’s just invested long term (unlikely) but the present return on investment isn’t worth a man like stan getting involved in.

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  32. Fucking bollocks. Every year we hear about this “War Chest” that arsenal have in the bank and then the same “our ambition is to win trophies not just qualify for the champions league”.

    They have a shocking way of showing their ambition to us fans by completely ignoring the transfer market and reinforcing the positions we clearly need too. To me, it seems that players preferences always come first before the good of the club. Loan moves at the weirdest times in january for the past how many years so our team is depleted to the point where our players break down with injuries at the same time every year.

    Honestly how many years has it been now that we’ve basically gone out of 2 or 3 competitions in the 1 week in February? its becoming fucking ground hog day and i dont understand why nothings being done to fix it. If they truly wanted to win trophies, then they have a fucked up way of showing us.

    I would like someone to fuck the tele-prompter off for once and not read the generic pre-assembled speeches this club has on file for the coach, ceo and board of directors.

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  33. The sad thing is that despite all this money in the bank, our transfer targets will not be proven players. Instead we will probably buy a couple of french-based players for cheap and will be expected to compete against the big spenders. The Manures already have a strong team and they are being linked with players like Ronaldo and Lewandowski. This really sucks.
    Instead of collecting dozens of Gerviniho’s and Chamakh’s, why can’t we get a couple of big players? At the end of the day, we will be paying the salaries of these flops for years while they are warming the bench or are off to some other club on loan.

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  34. Imagine you had GBP50k cash in-the-bank, vs. GBP100k left-to-pay on your mortgage over 10 years (monthly mortgage repayments of approx 1,000 pounds).

    Technically, you’ve got GBP49k to spend on your lifestyle whether that be a holiday, new car, or tickets to see the Arsenal play. You could CHOOSE to repay a good chunk of your mortgage early, but why not indulge a bit with a trip to Portugal, a new Ford Fiesta, or an evening watching Wilshere & Cazorla produce magic at the Emirates?

    Now, what if you were the owner of a profitable Pizza joint with identical financials (50 grand in the bank, 100 grand mortgage neding 1,000 pounds each month to repay)? The ‘value’ of your company (how much a Pizza Hut would be willing to pay you to take over your join) depends on

    Thumb up 0 Thumb down 1

    • (sorry, continued…)
      a. Adding up the (estimated) future cashflows (profits): POSITIVE number
      b. Subtracting the amount of debt owed to the bank when the Pizza joint purchased the premises (debt): NEGATIVE number

      Obviously, if you’re looking to flog your Pizza joint to Pizza Hut for a massive profit, the sooner you completely do rid of ‘b’ (the debt), the better. Don’t be fooled by how Kroenke hasn’t taken out any ‘dividends’ yet.

      It’d be nice to be debt-free, but it shouldn’t be an urgent priority now (look at ManUtd and Barcelona). The prioirity should be on returning to glory, especially when you’re faced with 8 years without a trophy, and the propsects of 30,000 average-attendance at the Emirates next year if we’re non-CL, mid-table EPL mediocre-ites.

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      • It (used to be),
        Am I reading the numbers wrong or do we still owe over 200m on the stadium(in fixed and floating bonds) that may not be mega but it’s still not peanuts. It doen’t look like they’re paying chunks out of the number but they are running slightly ahead of the original plan.
        The team has been held up by the long terms commercial deals needed to build the stadium more than the repayments. And they were necessary unless you wanted to pay 5k+ for the cheapest season ticket.
        The commercial earnings have moved in giant steps since the original emirates/nike etc deals and as they’re finishing we can catch up.
        This stadium move is a 10-15 year project not 3-5 years.
        You may be correct about stan but i get the feeling he earns more than enough through non-sports businesses to worry about the sports income in the short term. This is a long game where he knows 100% that it will be worth multiples more if the club is winning on the pitch.
        Leeds FC (or ‘the C*nts’ as many of us know them) were worth more when they were in the uefa CL than they are now but their non-playing assets are similar now/then.

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  35. Out of all the sports teams Stan owns how many titles has he won lately not a lot I’m betting. But his banks fat as fuck so all is good eh . Fuck no

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    • I don’t know if the others teams are doing well or not (couldn’t care!) but until stan starts taking a dividend on his shares his fat bank account has nothing to do with us.
      As I understand it, the fat uzbek wants to get some money (pay a dividend) but silent stan wants all the money re-invested in the team/club. OK he’ll get his payback when he sell his shares but they’ll be worth a shedload more if the club is winning.

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  36. can somebody explain where the crazy numbers for our wage bill come from? as far as i can see from the accounts themselves, the player wage costs are somewhere south of 101.1m p.a. which is the football operating cost:

    “The Group’s employment costs are the principal driver for the increase in football operating costs to £101.1 million (2011 – £98.4 million).”

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  37. Found some interesting information….

    I work with one of the architects who helped design and build the new Arsenal stadium and even lived onsite while it was being built, so if anyone knows the facts he does and so will you now!

    (I have bombarded him with questions and the following is what I have been told)

    The stadium can be expanded and will, it is only a matter of time. This was a pre-required specification of the design to allow it to be future-proof. It was originally designed to be an 80,000 seater stadium with a retractable roof, but because of Islington council objection and time to build as well as cost, it is now at 60,000 capacity. Let us be honest, it is a good jump in size from 38,000 as Highbury was.

    The area around the pitch can be utilised for seating if needed and would provide up to 5,000 more seats. For new stadium regulations, this area is required to be free of seating however. This is a good thing as stadiums that will be selected for the 2018 World Cup have to adhere to this rule, eg Wembly as another stadium.

    Regarding expanding the stadium, there are a few simple ways this can be done. Emirates Stadium is a four-tiered design, simply adding an extra tier(just like the overlapping tier between the first and second tier) will add the capacity required or simply to keep adding steps to the original stadium as it is, ie increase the steps from the back row.

    There are approximately 1,000 seats in the last row of the stadium. If you take an extra 10 steps, then that would be 10,000 seats. Another factor to look at is the height of the stadium. Rules in building it were it had to be of a maximum height, which it is below now anyway as the stadium was built below ground level.

    Getting back to the maximum capacity, it would take 40 steps to add 40,000 seats (This is a conservative estimate) and bring the total capacity to over 100,000.

    The roof will need to be removed and a new roof replacing it, but as you can see it is not a nightmare architectually speaking.

    I can go on and on, with statistics and figures etc.

    The bottom line is that once the underground, overground and road infrastructure is improved in future (Arsenal has to live up to their original promises) then we can see it happening.

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      • It does and im sure when we pay off our debt and are at full strength finacially and winning trophys it will be done.

        Its very smart thinking we couldnt have a bigger stadium at the time so we built the stadium to be expanded in the future.

        Im sure it will be done what other purpose is there to design it that way if they wont planning in the long term to expand it.

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      • The stadium won’t be increased due to the planning permission needed to build the stadium in the first place, with the current capacity a compromise between the club, council and local residents.

        It has nothing to do with finances, or silverware.

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  38. Yeh because of the underground, overground and road infrastructure needs improved.

    They couldnt support the number but im sure they will invest the money needed to improve it which has been discussed.

    It will cost 60 million then the edditional costs to expand the stadium.

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  39. I am amazed that there remains an opinion that AW has done a good job on limited resources and more amazed that people continue to write about his sixteen year record. As a manager of a large company or in tihis case a top football club earning £7Mn a year he has to be judged over a shorter period.

    The truth is that since the European Cup Final the team have steadily deteriorated to the point that we will finish over 20 points behind the league winners and in Europe we are now outplayed on a regular basis.

    I will not repeat the poor signings over this period but you can name at least 12 without thinking too hard. Then we come to the renowned youth policy which in this period has given us Jack Wilshere and currently looks in a poor state.

    Finally whenever we go into a game against a ‘ top’ team we are tactically out thought.I read some of the blogs with a sense of disbelief that we have the third best defence in the league. The third best defence in the Barclays Premier is so far behind the likes of Bayern to make it a pointless statistic. Arsenal had the best two defences in Div 1/ premier history yet no use has been made of any of them from Don Howe to Lee Dixon.

    I repeat again that it is time to move AW upstairs and find a new manager, and the argument that we shouldn’t change unless we have a replacement is a spurious one, there will be a queue of top candidates.

    I write this as a home and away supporter who believes AW to be our greatest ever manager and can’t believe the booing but it is time for a change..

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    • Okay genius the clubs model has been selling their best players and charging the highest ticket prices in the country.

      So tell me how can any Manager working under these conditions win a trophys especially in the premier league against City, Chelsea and Man Uwhen their constantly selling world class players to pay off debt?

      I got a idea lets ask the question if Man United lost Rooney, Vidic, Young, Carrick etc I wonder if they would be winning the league right now.

      What about Chelsea players like Terry, Drogb, Frank Lampard etc do you think they would of been winning trophys over these past 5 years without these players?

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  40. If Jason’s comments are made to me then the answer is simple.AW when he came in to the club bought well and sold well in the past 6 years he has not.

    You quote what would have happened had Chelsea or United lost their stars, they didn’t, they didn’t have some twisted logic of getting rid of great players just because they were 30. The team that lost to Barcelona was broken up far too quickly to be replaced by players not good enough.

    AW has created a wage structure that doesn’t work and we buy players who are not cheap and have been seen not to be up to it.

    I should also add that I never have bemoaned a lack of silverware my gripe is that the side is being weakened year by year. Strangely enough United are a good comparison with the huge dividends required by the shareholders their funds for transfers has been similar to ours.The fact is that Ferguson has shown himself to be far more astute.

    AW should be judged on what he has achieved, sadly over the last 6 years that judgement is sadly goodbye.

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    • It all started with Patrick Vieira and many followed after that and players wanted to win trophys and we was rebuilding its normal.

      2002 the club made a loss and the development of the stadium stopped and from then the club agreed that they had to sell players for profit so began the youth project of buying young players for cheap and selling them for a prifit as agreed by Wenger and the owners.

      So i put it down to circumstances I think hes bought well Arshavin was a amazing spot at the time, Song, Nasri, Cazorla and more but you cant keep selling and expecting to get the right player everytime.

      But read this article for me he did build a team winning squad after the invicibles but it all fell apart.


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