Hill-Wood: Our aim is to win trophies


Peter Hill-Wood has underlined Arsenal’s determination to return to the pinnacle of English football by stressing that trophies, not just Champions League qualification, are at the core of the club’s aims.

As the club revealed healthy financial results for the last six-months, the septuagenarian reiterated that the board, owner Stan Kroenke and manager Arsene Wenger have no intention of turning their backs on the path of self-sustainability.

Writing in his Chairman’s Statement Hill-Wood made clear:

“Whilst we have our sights set on a 16th straight season in the Champions League, our aims are higher; our ambition is to win trophies. No-one is more focussed on that than our manager Arsène Wenger, our majority shareholder Stan Kroenke and the Board and it is what we work towards every day.

“Our ability to compete at the top of the game here and in Europe is underpinned by our financial performance which gives the club strength and independence.

“Our desire is to make everyone connected with Arsenal proud of the Club. We know that comes through winning trophies but also through the way we do things and that will remain our constant guide.”

Arguing that ‘the Arsenal way’ is increasingly being viewed as the right way to run a football club, he continued:

“Central to our ethos is our self-sustaining model which gives the club strength and independence. The Board remains fully committed to this path and the rest of the football world is increasingly realising the strength of this model.

“As an early proponent, we welcome the development of Financial Fair Play rules in the Premier League, in addition to those adopted by UEFA. These new rules will be good for us, good for the Premier League and good for the game as a whole.

“It is important that we maintain the quality and level of competition if the game is to continue being a compelling spectacle and we believe the introduction of tighter financial regulation will assist all clubs to compete while remaining financially responsible.”

Naturally analysis of the latest financial figures, which can be read in full here, will no doubt provoke the usual debates about players sales, high ticket prices, meagre sponsorship deals and our enormous wage bill.

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