Report: Arsenal 1-3 Bayern Munich


Arsenal face an uphill task to qualify for the next round of the Champions League after a 3-1 defeat to Bayern Munich this evening.

Arsene Wenger picked a strong side, with Theo Walcott deployed up front and Lukas Podolski facing his old club.

But the Gunners could have gotten off to a worse start when Toni Kroos fired the visitors into a 7th minute lead, shooting into the ground and past Wojciech Szczesny. The Germans doubled their lead from a corner in the 21st minute when the Polish keeper failed to deal with a near post header and Thomas Mueller tapped home from close range.

There were quickfire yellow cards for Bacary Sagna and Mikel Arteta as Arsenal tried to up the intensity and get back in the game, from a referee who seemed out of his depth.

Arsenal did get forward at times but Bayern’s stubborn and extremely efficient defence snuffed out most the danger. Per Mertesacker had a shot blocked, while Walcott and Cazorla tried and failed to find a way through.

Late in the half a simple Bayern attack saw Lahm cross for Mandzukic who had got between the centre-halves, but his powerful header went just wide of the post. Quite a let off for Arsenal and half-time arrived with a smattering of boos, immediately drowned out by a massive chant of ‘Come on Arsenal’.

Arsene Wenger made no changes at the break and started well, keeping possession but still finding it hard to break Bayern down. But after a Santi Cazorla shot deflected off Lukas Podolski the referee gave a corner to Arsenal, and from the resulting set-piece the former Bayern man got one back. The ball came across, they let it bounce in the area and Podolski headed into an empty net as Neuer came rushing out.

The Germans seemed content to let Arsenal have the ball, looking to hit on the break and once more Kroos provided some danger, shooting well at Szczesny, who was found in no-man’s land again from the resulting corner but thankfully they headed over.

As the referee dished out more yellow cards to Arsenal men simply for wearing red and having limbs, Schweinsteiger fired over from a free kick in a dangerous position, before Jack Wilshere almost ran through the Bayern defence only to overrun it with his final touch.

A Podolski shot was then cleared from inside the 6 yard box before the goalscorer was replaced by Olivier Giroud and Tomas Rosicky came on for Aaron Ramsey. Within a minute Walcott and Giroud combined, the cross from the right hand side was met sweetly by the French international but his shot went straight at Neuer.

It was looking positive for Arsenal but in the 77th minute Bayern got their two goal lead back when a Lahm cross from the right hand side found Mandzukic whose effort from close range went straight up in the air, and landed back down in the net. There was a touch of fortune to it but Vermaelen was left to deal with two players and the visitors exploited the overlap well.

Jack Wilshere then forced Neuer into a decent save after a good run before a deflected shot wrong-footed Szczesny but he did enough to force the ball wide, leaving Gomez to blast over from a tight angle.

Arsenal looked for another goal which would provide a second leg lifeline, but none was forthcoming, meaning they need to go to Germany in a couple of weeks time and score at least three goals to go through.

It’d be a massive shock if that were to happen, realistically the chances are very slim indeed, and the last tangible trophy of the season looks well and truly out of reach.

As the game drew to a close the Arsenal fans sang of their love for the club, even as we experience another defeat, it’s something worth remembering.


      • Not only has Wenger got poor tactics and motivational skills, no plan B, no winning mentality, he is a sore loser also.

        He disappeared ran down the tunnel without shaking Jupp Heynecke hand. The man is a disgrace and has completely lost the plot.

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      • Its sad that after all this time its Wenger who’s being made the scapegoat for the club and Board’s serial ineptitude and lack of ambition that has permeated the hallways and now, the pitch. If he ever does decide enough’s enough(please, no) i hope he goes to a team and wins so many trophies that we all see who the real cause of our woes is/are.

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      • @ghunner. There is £70 million in the bank unspent- FACT, but according to out manager there is nobody available that would improve our squad!! Arsene was lucky, he inherited the best defence in England and had a great knowledge of French football just when it was coming into its peak. if Vieira had not been signed we would have won fuck all and its no coincidence the drought commenced with his departure. Imagine, Wenger could not even retain the league once, even with Vieira, Henry, Bergkamp, Pires, Seaman, Adams and a whole host of other world class players. 4 yearsn of success and 12 of failure

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      • Yet we came back into the game in the second half, and were on the front foot until we let in another comically poor goal… like we always do.

        Really, not sure how this team continues to play with their feet so collectively ridden with bullet holes.

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      • this is the thing people need to realise before they slate wenger, when the 11 are on the pitch he cannot hold their hands. They need to take responsibility for their mistakes but always the fans go for wenger.

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      • @ aaaaa: The odd mistake here and there? Sure, that’s on the players. But when it happens over and over and over again, then you have to start look at the manager who bought the players who make the same mistakes over and over again.

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      • Vermaelen should be stripped of the captaincy immediately, he couldn’t lead a fucking herd of sheep. Cazorla was cac. Jack and Sagna only ones worthy of the jersey. Both of them should fuck off this summer. Robin Van Persie made the best decision of his life leaving this fucking shit

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      • Jack should save himself some time andgo to manchester now. Robin can show him the medal he would never has won at Arsenal at the end of the season

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      • @aaaaa The thing you need to realise is that part of the reason people are “going for Wenger” is because it’s his job to make the players “take responsibility for their mistakes”. That’s a very important part of his job and he’s been unable to do so effectively for the past few seasons.

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    • Shoulda had Squillaci to shore up defence. Arshavin to help in midfield. Chamakh, Bendtner and Park to provide some options up front. With Santos as a possible super-sub late on.
      We replace Wenger and finish this mess.

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      • I don’t think the coming generation will have a lot of arsenal supporters if we keep playing like, our USP now is to be beaten in the most incredible way.I remember an entire generation mesmerised by Henry , Bergkamp, Pires , seriously how wud i tell a young to be an arsenal supporter

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      • @ Zeeshan

        It’s easy, just point out the consequences of choosing one of the alternatives:

        If they support Man Utd, everyone will hate them and never take anything they say seriously.

        If they support Chelsea, everyone will think they’re a racist and will be shunned in polite society.

        If they support Spurs, their mother will call them a cunt.

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      • @Zeeshan I am one of that generation, but I only started going to games a few years ago (am 17 now, have season ticket) and whenever anyone asks me why I support Arsenal, there is my reason. How I would love for us to be like that again, but this time with me old enough to be at the game and appreciate the quality of the football in all its glory.

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      • You people make me sick. Out of that shower of shit, you pick the easy target in Ramsey, who, by the by, was nowhere near as terrible as all of our defenders, Podolski, Cazorla, Arteta and Walcott when he was up top. Typical lazy comments.

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      • He was good today. Direct your criticism at the £100k pw man. Theo fucking poor Walcott. Did he have a shot all game. For a fucking central striker he was absolutely terrible, I mean absolutely. Arsenal is going the Liverpool way and their is nothing we can do about it.

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      • I don’t think he should have started but more because I think Walcott should have played out wide and Giroud up front.

        Ramsey himself did alright, ran 1km more than the team average as well.

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      • Shut up, mate. Did you even watch the game? Or, perhaps your football comprehension is mediocre. Ramsey was solid. If any, Arteta was frustrating to say the least. Vermaelen got outpaced, more often than desired, getting no help from Podolski on the defensive front. Walcott was nonexistent. He belong on the right as a winger. He’s not a proper striker, at least not yet. Aside from Wilshere and Cazorla, everyone else looked like a B-team playing against an A-team.

        Why can’t we play the first half as we do in the second half? I mean, seriously, at the end of the day, it is the players on the pitch that have to execute. Say all you want about Wenger. When you see such a discrepancy between the halves, you can’t help but get dumbfounded.

        I admit one thing about Bayern: I envy their depth. When Robben subbed in for Ribery, I was like, “how are we supposed to compete against that kind of depth?” One world class player for another. Look at their bench and look at ours. That was depressing.

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      • Two observations:

        (1) One month ago, the view among a large proportion of the commenters here was that Giroud was a failure and couldn’t find the back of the net to save his life. Now suddenly we get comments moaning about Wenger not starting him. Moreover, I am fairly convinced that there is overlap between those who pillorying Giroud one month ago and those who are ripping into Wenger for not starting him today.

        (2) The Ramsey scapegoating by some people long ago descended into the depths of self-parody. It was a lacklustre team performance. Singling out Ramsey, who has improved lately and by no means had a disastrous game today, is just absurd.

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      • I agree to an extent. You guys might skin me alive for this. Dont get me wrong. Ramsey is a good talent… but what was Ramsey’s role in the team? He is a winger, or a wide midfielder. What he should have done was run at his wing back, beat him with pace or trickery and deliver a pass(since walcott started, should cross for giroud) or cut inside and shoot. Could he do that? No.

        Can Ramsey drive forward with pace and beat his marker either in central midfield or on the wing? No. This makes him predictable. The opposition closes down on him quickly and he doesnt have enough space to pick out a good pass(he is good at that) .

        Can he beat his marker with dribbling? No.

        Can Ramsey run back super fast and provide cover to his defenders? No.( he does a decent job against normal wing backs… He did ok considering Bayern has one of the best full backs .

        Is he good enough to start in central midfield ahead of Wilshere, Cazorla, Arteta, Rosicky and Diaby(when fit of course)? No.

        Ina few years he is first team material. But not unless he plays in the central midfield for a season or two and proves himself. He should be loaned.

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      • Ramsey isn’t good enough. He works hard and plays the best he can but he really isn’t good enough. He takes that extra second on the ball which kills many a move.

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    • It was mental NOT to go all out for the f.a cup game. Wenger rested his star players and we got toast. That’s definetly NOT the best to warm up for a

      Hopefully, he’s learned. When there’s a realistic chance for a trophy, go all out for it. Let the unrealistic one sort itself out.

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      • Pissed really. We should have gone all out for the f.a. Knowing there’s no chance we were going to win the UCL, we should have played our best team at the weekend, then take the confidence from the win into todays game (regardless how jaded we might have been)…oh well.

        We were never good enough to win the UCL anyways. But maybe Arsene thinks progressing to quarterfinals then getting knocked out is like a trophy!

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      • Do you guys realize that the next Match might be the last champions league match for some time. Like maybe a season or two. Man!! Can’t imagine that.

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      • “the next Match might be the last champions league match for some time. Like maybe a season or two”… Drunky Munky aren’t you being optimistic?

        1) failure to qualify next year’s CL => 2) Wenger resigns saying he’s sick of it => 3) Sagna leaves => 4) Mourinho won’t cuz he doesn’t rate the Europa League => 5) No money for transfers cuz Kroenke needs to keep ‘profits’ sacrosanct => 6) Even weaker squad next year => 7) Average attendance 30,000 at the Emirates => 8) Sell Wilshere to balance the books => 9) Mid-table in EPL => 10) Scared of making a ‘loss’ on his ‘investment’, Kroenke sells his shares to Usamanov => 11) Finally, we have a ‘turning point’ and we can be glorious again.

        This entire succession of events might realistically take an entire DECADE.

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    • I watch the game expecting to lose and be humiliated because they team doesn’t show any strength n the pitch. Wonderful shambles the club is in now? Thank you but if you perform like that no thank you. I’d prefer to watch cricket or something

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    • Good players in the team : kos, per, Ox, Walcott, cazorla, WILSHERE, podolski, Gibbs

      Everyone else is mediocre. Poor wilshere. For everyone else we need replacements. Better replacements.

      Need a new right back, a new keeper, a new striker, some one supporting wilshere in midfield and a new central def.

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      • Right now I’d include them all bar Wilshere as average. All of them are in horrible form and have been for months now.

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      • Funny thing is, when Gibbs is healthy, that’ll be the one position where we have depth. But with Monreal cup-tied, we were fucked tonight. Both goals in open play came from Vermaelen’s side… And Robben had a couple of runs into acres of space late in the game down that side as well.

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      • “per, Ox, Walcott”
        Mertesacker had another shambles. Lets his man drift away to score AGAIN, no balls in aerial challenges or blocking shots, on top of the ‘no pace’ we know and forgive. Gives away balls with no-pressure passes to the opposition, and rarely carries it out of defence when midfield options are marked and he could easily help out.
        Ox has had a shaky second season. Will hopefully come good tho.
        Walcott, as mentioned by others above, was beneath wank tonight. Gutted that Wenger picks him to appease him so he signs, then picks him because he’s now our highest paid player. He CANNOT work as a lone striker, does not (yet?) have the nouse to come deep to help the midfield and avoid playing back-to-defence, takes no responsibility for the team at all.

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      • I still think Sagna should’ve moved over to Leftback (he played like fucking Martin Keown on steroids at centre-half against Sunderland), Jenks filling in at Rightback, and Vermaalen stripped of his captaincy and left on the bench.

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      • Seven million pounds a year says I don’t have to shake anyone’s hand. I’m so pissed at my team and thinking how to phrase our grit and desire during that 10 minute spell that I have to hurry. I’m also trying to forget you brought on Robben and Gomez as replacements and I’d rather walk down the tunnel and have the media fucking pundits talk about me snubbing your arse than that. Don’t you know Gaz and Kroenke have my family ransomed?

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    • Firstly, lets stop hating on AW for not shaking hands, the guy was pissed off. As was I. I left the pub without even saying bye to the locals. And the landlord only got a disaffected ‘cheers’ (£3.30 for a kronenbourg?!)

      Anyway, for me, we gave it everything. Our defence didn’t have a great game and I was never convinced of Walcott upfront, but we tried – we pressed hard, we tried to counter quick etc. We were just up against a better team who pressed harder than a Devonshire patriot presses apples in an orchard and counters quicker than Usain Bolt in a football team composed entirely of Jamaican sprinters.

      For me, the changes came too late, Giroud and Rosicky were the right changes, but didn’t have enough time to affect the game. Rosicky’s pass to Walcott alone justifies why he needs more time in this team, the best pass of the night. All night we struggled holding the ball up, and Giroud showed his class with virtually his first touch.

      Anyway, I can’t be too unhappy, we gave it 100%, here’s to a reaction against Villa.

      And a word for the dedicated fans, the ones who sung the whole night long and drowned out the few cynical boos. I love them muchly.

      Up the arsenal.

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      • Glad you mentioned those so called fans. How the fuck does booing the team off at halftime help things?

        I had some cunt a few rows behind me from minute 1 giving stick to the players – in no way shape or form supporting the team.

        ‘Supporters’ like that can fuck off and give their ticket to those that would give their right arms to be there.

        Hearing about a planned protest now for the 8th minute on Saturday to represent the 8 year mark. There will be right handers thrown if that fuckin happens.

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      • I totally agree with you. The result is evidence of the gulf in quality between the two teams and not because of a bad tactics or lack of will from the players. They can’t give what they don’t have, it like expecting jOHN tERRY to be a gentleman.

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      • Absolutely agree rosicky’s boot and demmyxsd. Sadly, and I hate to admit it, but we were not and are not on the same level at the moment. For anyone that has/was going to/was even thinking that we were embarrassed by Bayern…they are the second best team in the world right now on form…sadly I wouldn’t put us in the top ten, or even twenty (although I still believe we have the potential) and on that basis we didn’t do too badly, especially in the second half. Again, this is a Bayern team that will put that scoreline, and worse, against many top class teams.

        Again I agree with you both when it come to the boos. Pointless.

        My final point goes to the Mike Hunt guy…you’re seriously going to bring up reading harry potter with a name like that…either you’re one unlucky man…or you’re 12.


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      • Mr Outside of Rosick’s boot, it is people like you that make me glad I support Arsenal. An excellent comment, coupled with the fact that your name represents my favourite thing in the whole of football. I would hereby like to echo your sentiments entirely.

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      • The last fucking thing we need amidst all this: a “8th-minute protest at Aston Villa on Saturday”.

        I truly hope Giroud or Theo or fucking somebody manages a hattrick in the opening 7 minutes so this can be avoided.

        If you’ve got unspent negative energy bottled-up, direct it at those who are at FAULT for our demise: Stan “Asset-Stripper” Kroenke and Ivan “Nick Clegg” Gazidis.

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    • We had no chance in that game, barely looked like the home team. Truth is we all expected to lose that one deep down. We’ve not shown up at all this season. Just the fact that Wenger was optimistic at the start of the season is telling. I am a big Wenger fan, and I have said no to every ‘Wenger out’ advocate. But the truth is, on the back of that Blackburn loss- the tide is changing, everyone is waking up to a pattern, it looks bad, real bad. But still the Gunners match on. We bleed RED! COYG

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    • Arsenal never had a chance as Bayern didn’t even have to bring there A game to win this match. English football is best left to England as they no longer have the stones or players to call themselves a competitive football nation.

      Bayern didn’t even stack itself to the teeth for this meetup shows you how pathetic Arsinhole really is.

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    • So Wenger, you said we would see a reaction to the Blackburn humiliation ?

      That was yet another gutless pathetic performance against a team who was barely out off 1st gear.

      This game proves once again that your tactics are motivational skills are pathetic and naive.

      This season is an absoloute disaster and you are wholly to blame. Years of selling our best players and buying sub standard replacements – you have reaped what you have sown.

      Wenger, you was a nobody before you came to Arsenal. Arsenal FC made you famous, Arsenal FC made you a very rich man over the last 16 years.

      Wenger if you are a hounorable man who loves that the club then do the hounorable thing and resign.

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      • There was definetly a reaction but there was a huge gap in quality btwn the two sides, defensewise (what a brick wall!) and attack-wise they were superior.

        A matter of creating chances and taking them. Bayern did that, we didn’t.

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      • @Frred

        We cannot be a defensive brick wall with a makeshift left back and a makeshift DM. Monreal is cup-tied, agreed but the DM is a big problem area. Arteta does what he can, but he is not a tough tackling DM. We are loaded with creative midfielders (wilshere, cazorla, arteta, rosicky, ramsey) and one frequently-injured holding midfielder(diaby). We need a DM real bad.

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      • @aaaaa

        We did not play our hearts out in the first half. Both goals were elementary and were totally avoidable. IF, and I say if, we were a top side coached by a top manager who delegated defensive training to those who know best and pulled (and sold) those players who didn’t stack up at the first opportunity…you might be right.

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      • I liked Mr. consistent for the past few years, but I’m starting to understand why we are low balling him on the new contract. He lost a yard of pace and I think we could do with a better right back.

        Or perhaps I’m just depressed because we don’t belong to to the top 8 clubs in Europe anymore..

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    • Unfortunately we’re gonna have to listen to no end of prats and know-it-alls harp on about him leaving if arsenal dont win something.

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      • Don’t blame him to be honest. the team is a fucking gutless nightmare. And I’m not sure Wilshire would get in the starting line up. They had arjen robben on the bench for fuck sake. We don’t have one sub sitting there thatiI thought “he could come on an make the difference”. Not fucking one. And its not as if we’ve got any injuries in attack.

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    • He’s going to so it all on his own then? Tired of hailing wilshere as the only player who cares. Really this team. Unbelievably poor. No application, no energy. No desire, slow speed of thought, second to react, almost playing for the sake of playing. Vermaelean is not a captain he’s a fucking pussy. Sagna was ducking awful. Cazorla had no influence and in the end why was his ball in so bad from the free kick. He’s a fucking Spanish international and he can’t put a good ball in the box? I don’t know what to say to this team, when they clearly want the Arsenal to crumble

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  1. Spirited perfomance in the second half.. Bayern looked very beatable with a bit of quality which we clearly lack…

    Time for serious change!!!!

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    • We actually played so fucking well in the second half yet still couldn’t beat them. Shows how much we’ve fallen……

      Ramsey played ahead of rosicky? Makes so much sense arsene….pffft.

      If wenger doesn’t somehow deliver us fourth place then I think his tenure might be well up. In wenger me trusts….for now!

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      • Blame wenger for letting star players go and not relpacing them if you want. But we weren’t outclassed by wrong team selection. There squad is just overall better than ours!

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    • “Very beatable”? We were the ones looking very beatable, Bayern just look like the model to aspire to: excellent teamwork on attack and defence, hunger and workrate, everyone knowing what their role is, depth of quality in the squad.

      Of course that last one will require serious spending on our part, but the time has come…

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      • I guess the old phrase “it’s going to get worse before it gets better” applies. Even if we do spend big this summer (good joke I know), here are three possible problems:
        1. By then we may have not qualified for the UCL and therefore are unable to get big players.
        2. Wenger buys shit. Again.
        3. It’s highly unlikely that the team will gel immediately. There will probably be a shaky first season.

        I still think that Wenger wont buy big in the summer. He won’t get sacked that’s for sure; he’s making the board too much money. So what will it take for him to wake up? Us failing to qualify for UCL? It’s too late by then…

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  2. Won’t be here for awhile, cya at the end of the season guys. Going into arsenal hibernation, may save a hint of sanity I have left. Wake me up if we make 4th.

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  3. damn, damn, damn
    mcbain, i’m not gonna make it

    oh stop talking craaazy

    nah nah nah, just do one thing for me..

    get.. mandzukic…

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  4. Tactics all wrong. Walcot at center forward and pumping crosses in. Wtf. Usual first half of no heart or passion. And 70 minute subs. Arsenal are all to predictable. Oh and a loss at the end, the other obvious outcome. The usual February collapse.

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    • Too often the players stand around in position and don’t move at all. Then the ball gets worked around between the centerbacks, fullbacks and arteta,,who passes it straight back. I don’t really blame him no players are making themselves available, it’s like no one wants the ball. They did improve a bit and Wilshire showed his class, he just needs to work on his final ball instead of running into fouls he’s never going to get.

      I don’t blame the players, I think the team is poorly prepared.

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      • I agree to a certain extent, but this isnt the military they don’t have to rigidly stick to their orders (if they have any) they should be able to react to different situations and think for themselves. But they don’t / can’t.

        I think its 50/50. Better coaching and better quality players needed.

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      • Feels like it’s only Wilshere and Rosicky who are always willing to show for the ball, take it to the opposition, and look to create something. Add Cazorla to that list 50% of the time. The others are all-too-often content to stand in position and hope someone does something good.

        Or hide so they don’t have to contribute at all. Theo.

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      • Yeah, Chesney is not good. He’s not terrible but he’s not good enough if this club ever wants to win trophies and stuff again… which they don’t seem to.

        Oh shit, I’m stuck in a logic Möbius strip.

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      • Szczecin needs to be dropped. Fucking joker he is. Throw the tripe out. Podolski was another whose effort and ability and skill were not present today.

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      • 2 games in a row Szeczny has really fucked up.He was awful tonight,not alone though.I feel so sorry for Jack having to carry these cunts.

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      • For me, Szczesny has made some pretty bad mistakes the last few games. Still, there have been a couple of times when he’s been forced to make pretty good saves in positions I thought opponents were going to score in for sure. I think his main trouble is set pieces and the fact that he is put in terrible positions by his defenders so many times. Give him a chance, he’s young as anything for a keeper. He’ll get there.

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      • Szcz is a good keeper overall with a lot of potential.

        But, he’s 23. (perspective is everyone sees Hart as pretty young; but is 26).
        He’s first choice with little if any competition. He obviously wants to improve, but doesn’t have any pressure on him.
        There is no one at the club who can offer him advice or act as a mentor (not sure if he has any contact with Mad Jens or not).

        What am I trying to say? Dunno, but I get a feeling he is one of the guys we should cut a little slack.

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  5. This shouldn’t be a surprise. Bayern are the better team. It’s only bitter because of the Bradford/Blackburn upsets. Anyone who rested hopes on our trophy drought ending with the CL needs their head examined.

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    • Lol! So true, we were never going to beat Bayern so no real surprise, it’s the annual February capitulation.
      Wenger has no 1 to blame but himself, strengthen the team it’s the obvious solution.

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      • Annual february capitulation , well said . I can remember as far back as 06-07 going out of all competitions in feb. If it weren’t for a perennial struggle to hold on to 4th place march and april would be very boring months.

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      • Don’t mean to burst your bubble mate, but be realistic, we lost to Bradford, Blackburn, Norwich, Swansea & any half decent team we’ve faced!
        We were never going to win Champs lge, we’re just not good enough.

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      • I feel the exact same way. I always believe we will win, in all the crazy circumstances we get in. And sometimes, when everyone else is being negative as all fuck on twitter and on here, we do pull through with a crazy comeback. I’m still hoping we will win away at Bayern. We ain’t out til we’re out. Up the Arsenal!

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  6. We will need to dig deep in Munich to fetch any form of a result. Keep Giroud as the CF and not Walcott. Sorry Theo, as much as you want to be a striker, you are far from the finished article.

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      • Its been mentioned before but Wenger called it wrong. Walcott stood no chance against Dante. If chelski can beat Barca – who are arguably the best team in the world. Then why can’t we take it to Bayern? Its all Bayerns to lose.

        Thumb up 6 Thumb down 8

    • Save yourself from heartache, we’re out of Champs lge, enjoy the game but don’t get your hopes up! It’s OVER!!!
      Only thing we have to look forward to now is st. totteringham’s day lets hope we don’t fuck that up!

      Thumb up 15 Thumb down 3

  7. So pretty much the same team showed up that played against Blackburn. Lazy passing, aimless crosses, little movement and shitty reffing.

    Not saying we give up the second leg. Let the youngsters have a go. At least we will field a hungry team.

    I hate being so negative but its been a very typical week for this time of the season. Same shit different season.

    Thumb up 32 Thumb down 1

    • You’re a bit late with the Ramsey bashing. He’s put in another good performance. Rinse, recycle and repeat trolling doesn’t work when your wrong.

      Thumb up 61 Thumb down 6

    • As pointed out in the very interesting tactics columns, Sagna has to handle too much when Theo plays as a central striker. And yet the goals did not come from his side of the pitch

      Thumb up 11 Thumb down 2

      • I was talking about him going forward. He has been so bad offensively for weeks. His crosses go nowhere, and the CMs are visibly frustrated with him not making runs inside. He hugs the touchline and can’t cross = worthless going forward.

        Thumb up 4 Thumb down 16

    • i thhought the midfield passed alot of their responsibility to sagna in the 1st half.

      Stop Arteta and you stop Arsenal.
      Damm Bayern didnt have to break a sweat to go 2-0 up.

      Thumb up 14 Thumb down 0

      • Sagna’s “decline” feels hugely correlated with him having to take on a ton of responsibility (play central defence, run the whole line with no support from walcott, have no outlet or cover when Abou “I don’t track back” Diaby’s playing). And still he runs the line all game, does his best to get crosses in (for strikers who are almost never making the dangerous run for the cross) and defends like a lion.

        I’m fucking sick of people ragging on him, tbh. If/when he doesn’t re-sign, then goes somewhere else to win things and get paid more, I’ll stand up and take my hat off to a class act who played very well for us season after season.

        Thumb up 26 Thumb down 1

      • Ramsey is average. Apparently perfect for our squad these days. If you want Ramsey in our line up against Bayern in the Champions League then you are hopeless.

        Thumb up 8 Thumb down 10

  8. As long as Arsenal fans are happy with 4th place in the premier league and finishing above Spurs thats what the players will deliver.

    Thumb up 28 Thumb down 6

  9. atleast we survived any red card,i was damn worried!!!!it seems an uphill task now,they defend like bulls,2 players block a shot,god bless wenger now

    Thumb up 9 Thumb down 3

  10. We’ll do to Jack what we did to Cesc and surround him with average talent, with no hope of a trophy.

    I’ll take a new manager, gk, RB, cb, cb, lb, DM, am and a striker please.

    Thumb up 49 Thumb down 11

    • You’re missing a LW and a RW. Podolski is absent far too often and when he is there he doesn’t defend for shit. Bench player. Walcott too, but even worse.

      Thumb up 1 Thumb down 0

  11. A lesson well taught one similar to manutd semi where crowd were up for it and the squad lacked brains.for fuck sake give yourself a chance at 2-1 of keeping tie alive.idiots.
    Wilshere was the only one for me to do sometthing , everyone else didnt have any movements. Even tactics were wrong , fuck everything is wrong.

    Thumb up 18 Thumb down 1

  12. I hope this is a fucking wake up call Wenger. Not one player out there believed we could win from the kick off. It showed I’m their whole performance just how fucking far away this team is really from competing with the best. And I’m sorry giroud, world class strikers do not consistantly miss from 5 yards out.

    I hope Wenger has the balls to atleaat admit we were shit house. Doubt it very much tho.

    Thumb up 24 Thumb down 5

    • Wengers play book.
      Okay so we will put a centre back at lb cos we have noone else, our best winger at centre forward, our centre forward at left wing, our back up defensive mid on the right wing. Looks about right? Lets see how this goes…..

      Thumb up 29 Thumb down 1

    • Anyone else noticing how often Giroud hits it straight at the keeper with foot or head? Hitting the target is good, of course, but it’s frustrating how many times this seems to happen.

      Not a big rant, i like the lad, but still…

      Thumb up 8 Thumb down 1

  13. I hate to jump on this bandwagon, but is Arteta serious? We’re down 2-0 and he refuses to pass the ball forwards? Podolski refusing to do anything more than jog in the 1st half? I thought the manager was supposed to handle shit like this.

    Thumb up 50 Thumb down 1

    • Arteta seems to have regressed since arrival. At Everton I remembered a midfielder that was always a shooting threat outside penalty area. what happened?

      I know he’s playing alot deeper but i can’t remember him having a shot in anger today.

      Thumb up 12 Thumb down 0

  14. I disagree. It wasn’t depressing. It gave slight rays of hope, it showed that Bayern have their respective weaknesses, and be it Allianz or Emirates, they CAN be exploited using the correct tactics and the right set of players. I hope Wenger knows what to do in 2 weeks, really trying to be positive even with this loss, COYG

    Thumb up 28 Thumb down 10

    • BUT. We don’t know how to coach and employ tactics and we also don’t have the players capable of turning this around. Its a sorry state of affairs.

      Thumb up 26 Thumb down 2

    • Fair play for your positive attitude Pak Gooner.
      Not sure where it comes from but fair play…we are fucked as a team,a squad AND a club while Wenger is all powerful.
      Button up everyone,we’ve got a long,barren winter coming.

      Thumb up 4 Thumb down 3

    • fuck yeah, we beat AC Milan 3-0 in the return leg last year, anything can happen in Munich this year!

      for those of Gunner supporters who don’t believe in God… now may be a good time to start!

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  15. 1. I do not claim to know football better than Steve Bould, but what the fuck is going on with laissez faire, zonal marking on set pieces? It hasn’t worked all season long.
    2. It’s easier to run when you start on the the ground, as opposed to 6 meter deep hole, which seems to be the status-quo with this team.
    3. Something needs to change, because this game is more of the same shit, but on different day.
    4. Wilshere gave his heart out (again), and I command him for it.

    Thumb up 37 Thumb down 1

    • Rumours are Bould is having very little input in the coaching. AW apparently got jealous that our defensive solidity at the beginning of the season was attributed to Boulds better coaching.

      Thumb up 13 Thumb down 19

  16. Crushed like insects. We are a decade, if not more, behind Bayern as a club and as a team. They are everything we aspire to be and right now we are nothing compared to them.

    Thumb up 16 Thumb down 7

  17. Every time I watch koscielny I realize how much better he is than vermaelen. AW decision to give him armband is troublesome now as he can’t drop TV5. And szczesny, as much talent as he has, needs to shut up and start performing

    Thumb up 48 Thumb down 1

  18. Going to get knocked out of all 3 cups by the 3 bees. Bradford Blackburn and Bayern. Sad times for Arsenal. Wilshere will be captain.

    Thumb up 14 Thumb down 1

    • Ye they were brilliant, sang to the end, we were beating by organised,better team, I can’t wait for this season to be over now, it’s painfull to watch wenger now he’s a broken man

      Thumb up 12 Thumb down 5

  19. For all we did play better in the second half, you just don’t know if that is down to Bayern’s mentality changing after being 2 up at half time. You always felt that Bayern had more gears to go up.

    Have to face facts, we were poor through-out.

    Thumb up 9 Thumb down 1

  20. 10th defeat this season, it just gets fucking worse, it really does.

    Will Wenger ever get off his arse and hit the technical box to try and urge them on, or even allow Bouldies angry bald head to rip into the lazy first half performances. The only time Wenger gets up is to berate officials, it’s embarrassing.

    I’ll tip my hat to Arteta and Jack and Sagna, they care, they really work their bollox off, Pod got better till default subs on 70th minute removed him, and Rosicky looked sharp. TV5, Kos, Mert, Szcz, Ramsey look like rabbits in headlights, Walcott was unfortunate, left alone for majority of game, Caz just looked shattered.

    I’m not gonna bother wiv discussing Wengers situation cos it ain’t gonna change in near future, but we really need to kick on now and put a run together and get in top 4, if it’s 4th behind spuds I don’t care, it can be discussed and dealt with in summer.

    Fuck Bayern, Fuck Ref’s

    Come on Arsenal

    Thumb up 15 Thumb down 13

  21. rosicky ramsey and wilshere to play out the season in midfield. enough of the rest of them. if not ive no probs with wenger going if we dont see changes. rosicky brings so much to a stagnat midfield.

    Thumb up 30 Thumb down 1

  22. Heartbreaking how far we’ve fallen in the space of 5 years or so. Can’t even find the energy to get angry about it anymore, just makes me feel sad.

    Thumb up 16 Thumb down 0

  23. What’s the point in participating in the CL if we’re gonna do is embarrass ourselves. That’s like me entering a boxing heavyweight match knowing full well I have the stamina of a fat Phil Dowd.
    Why can’t the board spend some money, surely people know you have some money to make some money. I’m pretty sure if we were to buy Cavani, Jovetic, Hummels and Stekelnburg we could make so much money from shirt sales and merchandise. Real Madrid made back their £80 million in their first year from shirt sales alone.

    Thumb up 9 Thumb down 3

    • the only point participating is not to win it just taking the 35 million uefa gives the club if he qualify foe champions league, just making money nothing more .

      Thumb up 6 Thumb down 0

  24. Fuck. Can’t fault the guys for effort, but in terms of quality, we are fucked. Like properly fucked. Honestly? Arsene has a bunch of good and very good players playing decently, and doing their level best, but even when they’re disinterested, World Class players still produce the required performances. I’m not a pessimist (or a realist), and I’ll follow this club into the depths of hell, but we seriously need some World Class players, like 8 years ago.

    Thumb up 35 Thumb down 1

    • And another problem have, honestly speaking, is a lack of leadership on the pitch. Arteta is composed (bar that challenge in the first half), Jack is a driving and combative force, and our captain is? I love him as a player, but the moment he got the armband, his performances dipped. I think he’s a good leader on the pitch without the weight of the captaincy, but with it? I’m sorry but he’s just poor.

      Thumb up 16 Thumb down 1

  25. I has thought of all these “clever” things to say on this blog but by the end of the game I just can’t be bothered. We just have to get used to the situation that Liverpool found themselves in (although we never hit their heights) after their time and then go into a period of decline to “sort of resurface” 20 yrs later. Just the 1st goal, i mean come on, 4 or 5 passes between defenders, no idea what to do so hoof it upfield, loose possession then they score. No excuses, it’s just all so wrong for so long. Any other field/game/business would not accept to keep someone based on glories of 10 years ago. It’s a bit like finishing with a girlfriend who you love but know its not right anymore, you have to finish it but is really hard to do so. Seems I wrote more than I had meant, Arsenal for ever but I scared and fed up

    Thumb up 21 Thumb down 1

  26. Lets call it. keeper simply not good enough. defenders cant defend. no leaders apart from jack. we need some strength in the middle to help jack. theo is no lead man. sad to see wenger go after bringing great times to our club but we need a change. sadly the yank will give no money to the next manager either. its all about the share price. a sad night for a great club.

    Thumb up 18 Thumb down 0

    • what fuck’s me off is that ManUre are owned by Yanks too (who also don’t understand a thing about football) . so are Shitpool.

      and yet it so happens that OUR Yank owner is the tyrannical, short-sighted type who has no regret to selling our best players to our direct competitors.

      i say we hit Kroenke in the only place that hurts him – his pocket.

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  27. Gutted… Worse part is, we gave it 110% and we still got mugged 3-1…. Shows the decline all these years….

    Thumb up 10 Thumb down 2

  28. Typical Arsenal game… Tho I would have started Giroud instead of Walcott or Podolski and Chamberlain instead of Ramsey…

    Thumb up 6 Thumb down 12

    • Are you kidding me Ramsey did well today, and you’d start Ox after his disastrous weekend against Blackburn? I like Ox but he’s nowhere near ready to start against Bayern. And Giroud over Poldi, who had the lone Arsenal goal of the game? Whre’s the logic in that?

      Ramsey, Wilshere and Sagna played their hearts out. Gutted for the loss but am glad to have seen a spirited performance.

      Thumb up 4 Thumb down 0

    • Theo played really well I thought , He kept the ball well and received balls that werent perfect very well . He didnt really run past their left back , I guess they knew that angle and played deep . I was really impressed.

      Thumb up 1 Thumb down 2

  29. Sorry Jack…

    hoofing long balls to Walcott is like bleeding a stone, whatever happened to big man – little man combos?

    Thumb up 7 Thumb down 1

  30. On that showing, I can’t see us finishing in the top 4, with Everton, Tottenham, Swansea and Man Utd still to be faced.

    Upvote to say you agree, downvote to say you don’t.

    Thumb up 9 Thumb down 13

  31. Why is Jack doing the 1st interview rather than the captain? If the current “captain” is not up to it, make Jack the captain! He’s the only one I hear

    Thumb up 21 Thumb down 1

  32. Maybe its best we are out of everything, (unless a miracle happens) and we can concentrate on sorting our shit out in the league. If we all think its getting bad now, if were out of that top 4 and cant attract the players we currently can on the wages we are paying right now, then the shit will well and truly pebble-dash the fan.

    Finish above them cunts is all I care about right now. Do that and we can keep what we have and maybe add a few more names and also have a mega dead wood sale.

    Its gotta be shook up.

    Thumb up 19 Thumb down 0

  33. Average up front. Disorganised at the back.

    We need the overhaul of players this summer that we should have had last season. atleast 8 out 8 in including those on loan.

    wenger ive lost faith in his ability if his aims are truly to win trophies the league the UCL. Hes either lying, inadequate or really really unlucky. Ill let you decide.

    Thumb up 9 Thumb down 1

  34. i am more worried than frustated. how long do we need to wait? 8 years and we are getting worse each season. there seems to be no light at the end of the tunnel.

    Thumb up 8 Thumb down 0

  35. I think they were a bit fortunate with a couple of their goals. But the team now knows how to defend against them especially in 2nd half.
    Now to score 3 goals against them without conceding at the Allianz, that is the problem!
    Wish them best of luck in 2 weeks, coz they surely will need it.

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  36. Summing it up: mertesacker slow n useless
    Sagna keep crossing a ball into sum1 rather than sumwer
    Vermaelen off pace
    Scezny needs maturity/experience
    Wilshere I feel sorry 4 him as there is no quality 2 support him except cazorla
    Ramsey finished aftr broken leg

    Thumb up 6 Thumb down 13

  37. We looked so nervous on the ball. We hardly shot at goal. Idk what this team needs. I’m lost for words.

    We lacked Giroud’s defensive power – his height. We should start with a proper left back in the next game, even if he’s from the reserves.

    BUT the nothing to lose Arsenal play better than the point to prove Arsenal. Just like the Milan game last season, I can remember I was this shocked. Attack, attack, attack. This Bayern team is beatable!!

    Well done to Ramsey and Wilshere.

    Thumb up 20 Thumb down 3

  38. Well gunner fans back again at square 1 I hate van Persie for leaving but this was the reason I suppose I believe Wenger is stingy with the funds during the transfer window adding quality would defensive benefit arsenal hate this shift seeing vp at united who look like they on they way to a treble or double at least Wenger must wake the luck up otherwise next player to join vp’s I want trophies group will be our future prospect Wilshire

    Thumb up 7 Thumb down 4

  39. Pathetic performance deserved pathetic result. Where was the 0-0 performance wenger was asking for? 7 mins and we are broken, pathetic, even Blackburn can last longer than we do.

    Thumb up 9 Thumb down 1

  40. Losing that 1st goal so early was a sickener. thought we could steal a draw in the end. The trip to Munich is now pretty daunting but it’s football. Anything can happen

    Thumb up 6 Thumb down 2

  41. What a bunch of limp-dick fuckups!!!!!!!!!

    I’m usually behind the team no matter what but today just took the fucking cake. How can they not want to win in a Champions league game against a European Giant?Its the stuff you dream of yet these spineless little bitches flailing their arms everywhere and falling over can barely be motivated to run.

    Everyone bar Wilshere looked like they couldn’t give two shits.Us fans knew it was going to be tough and we didn’t “expect” to win we just wanted a committed and disciplined performance.Bayern barely got out of 1st gear.Seriously i have absolutely no faith in any of the back five right now. Chesney’s recent form shows he’s no better than Mannone and shouldn’t be starting for us.Vermaelen is an absolute joke though, he’s the Captain,he should be shouting at the rest of the team when they’re playing with any desire but then who is he to talk when he can’t clear a ball properly?

    None of these guys seem committed to the cause. Can’t believe Wenger left Rosicky out of the team after his heroics last season. If we don’t get into the top four then that fanbase that’s “divided” on Wenger’s future will quickly turn into a majority wanting him out.

    WE DON’T EXPECT YOU TO WIN AGAINST BAYERN,BUT FOR FUCK’S SAKE ATLEAST TRY TO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Thumb up 32 Thumb down 3

  42. This match report bar the exact score, could have been written before the game even started….Men v Boys. Complete embarrassment…again. We lost this game last summer. Fuck it.

    Thumb up 12 Thumb down 1

  43. Well gunner fans back again at square 1 I hate van Persie for leaving but this was the reason I suppose I believe Wenger is stingy with the funds during the transfer window adding quality
    would def benefit arsenal hate this shift seeing vp at united who look like they on they way to a treble or double at least Wenger must wake the fuck up otherwise next player to join vp’s I want trophies group will be our future prospect Wilshire

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  44. Why were Arsenal fans leaving early? Might be years before they see champions league again at the Emirates.

    Lol hopefully not.

    Thumb up 12 Thumb down 1

  45. LaSagna was about as much use as a cock at a lesbian orgy.

    The stats said that n the first 30 minutes, we had no shots at goal: the Jerries had 5.

    We were outplayed and looked like schoolboys playing against men.

    That said, there was one positive – we scored from a corner! [albeit a wrongfully given corner, but we won’t talk about that] How many times have we managed to do that in the last five years?

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  46. I’m glad we were crashed like this, I will not comment wenger out his time is up, I will only say that I’m glad because come summer now wenger has no more credits and excuses i don’t like arsneal to win a fluke champions league cup like chelsea and at the end wenger saying that he has the best arsenal squad that he ever had and don’t need to speed and not to buy quality players his last credit was spent tonight so i’ll avoid any comment about wenger to be sacked let wait and see what will do in the summer transfer no more excuses no more credits he knows this himself so i’ll be patient and wait to see how ambitious is arsen next summer.

    Thumb up 5 Thumb down 4

    • That’s true FATS, but lets be honest with ourselves unless Wenger walks out, he’s not getting sacked, & he’ll be our manager next season.
      And as delusional as he might be, i doubt even he has any faith left in this group of players.
      He has no choice but to splash the cash.

      Thumb up 3 Thumb down 0

      • wenger will spend. but i doubt he will change in terms of splashing big money on a single player. wenger will not change cos the fan wants him to. in fact, knowing wenger’s personality, the more the fans urge him to spend big he’ll do the opposite just to try to let everyone know hes right.

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  47. Now I understand why Wenger rested those players on Saturday.

    PS: It was unusual for us to concede a goal from a set piece.

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  48. It happens every year knocked out of the fa cup and champions league in the same week, so wenger can have more of a chance to finish forth, that is his cup….. Wilshere is the best young player I seen in a long time, love u jack

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  49. OK, even the most deluded of mighty Gooners must know it’s the end for our once, VERY GREAT manager.

    For what purpose is AW going to benefit us if he stays? Out of all competitions and with a very real danger or not finishing in Europe, we need this fixed.

    I think we’ve also got to the stage that something needs to be done now, not the end of the season. I know you’ll all say the board will never sack him but maybe the honourable man will finally break with tradition and end a contract before it finishes.

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  50. No surprises. It was all very predictable.

    Oh…..Arsenal started a match slow and on the back foot, we’re punished for piss poor defending and waited until it was too late in the second half to try and get foothold?

    Really? What a shocking development that.

    Apathy is beginning to set in. That sucks out loud.

    For fuck sake.

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  51. It’s time to admit that we just aren’t up there with the elite anymore. You can blame many things but I think it comes down to this fact. Anyway I still love the Arsenal through thick and thin and let’s hope Board, Manger and players buck up their ideas in seasons ahead.


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  52. One huge difference between us and them is most of their team know who they play with and have built up relationships after several years.

    Let’s limp to the end of another pathetic season in the hope that Wenger’s successor can keep a team together for two seasons, mayhaps even longer

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  53. Disappointed with our defence overall today, the rest of the team held their own. Mertesacker had a stinker, he looks like the sort of back-up player we should have instead of Squillaci, not a 1st 11 player if he can’t do the simplest things in an important game like this. Schez didn’t have a good game either but was unlucky. Can’t wait to hear Wenger’s excuses on this one, there aren’t any. Our 11 are not as good as their 11 and that’s down to him.

    Thumb up 2 Thumb down 1

  54. The single difference is simple. People talk about the greatness of the German economic model in football but I don’t believe it … Javi Marintez 35m; Mario Gomez 26.5m; Ribery 22m; Robben 21m; Neuer 19m; etc.

    Spend to buy the best equals trophies. I used to believe otherwise but it just has become too apparent.

    It doesn’t matter your coaching skills or bargin hunting. If you won’t buy the best, someone else will. And they’ll humiliate you with them … RVP

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  55. We have some shite fans.. People who think Ramsey played poorly just don’t know football. Our defense is awful and we really need an experienced keeper until scz is ready because we’d at least still have a hope in this tie. Wenger bashing is partly fair but no other manager would have kept us in this health through our stadium build and I think there’s still good promise the arsenal can return to glory next season with the right additions.. With good support, our early departure could be a blessing in disguise if we keep a fresh squad for the PL

    Thumb up 18 Thumb down 4

    • Who asked for the stadium build? We’ve won nothing in it, it costs 3x as much to watch games in it, and it’s quieter than highbury!. It was supposed to help us stay on the same level as our rivals man united and that clearly hasn’t happened. I’d rather be at highbury if it means watching players i love playing football i love.

      Thumb up 4 Thumb down 0

      • How would we sustain our highbury success? Since then we’ve had the rise of City and Chelsea. Without the revenue this new stadium will bring we couldn’t compete at the top in modern football and a sugar daddy owner is against what this club stands for. It’s sad to see us not at the top and we deserve more than going out to lower division opposition but today we played a great team.

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    • U have to look at yourself people like u are as bad as wenger and u say who no football ramsey played bad he can’t even pass the ball at times, why did he lose his captaincy at Wales wake up and tell wenger wake up to,

      Thumb up 1 Thumb down 9

      • Ramsey lost the Wales captaincy due to politics once Chris Coleman took over after the untimely death of Gary Speed. If you bother to look online you’ll see the story behind it. Ramsey did well today, I don’t know what game you were watching.

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  56. We must admit it arsenal is just not good! Compare the two teams. Check the line-up Bayerns team sheet will scare u! U guys really tot arsenal could beat them!! Jokes on Mr Wenger.. We need world class players. Defence aint good, midfield only Jack and Santi, Up front none of them scare any team!! Plzz

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  57. ja A.Wenger das war eine Lehrstunde für Arsenal: ich habe nur eine frage ?wieso wurde podolski ausgewechselt.!!!!!!! naja du bist der boss!!
    ich weiß nur ,Sauerkraut macht lustig.Am besten wäre es wir verschenken das rückspiel und konzentrieren uns auf die letzten auftritte in der PL.

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  58. We need an experienced keeper. 2 good center backs . 1 right back and a true striker. Oh yeah and Wenger on the French national team.

    Thumb up 5 Thumb down 3

  59. I am not really dissapointed as that was a very good Bayern team that we faced today. I was quite impressed, especially with Kroos, (worth the hype) and I wouldn’t be surprised if they get to the final again.

    Doubt they’ll win though as Robben is still there.

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  60. “But the Gunners could have gotten off to a worse start when Toni Kroos fired the visitors into a 7th minute lead”

    There would be more debate as to much how much worse it couldn’t get at 1-0 down in the 7th minute.

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  61. failed to deal with a near post header and Thomas Mueller tapped home from close range?
    he stopped a header stricken from a most convenient position
    why nobody fought for the header?
    what was with the coverup after that?
    so what did you expect?

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  62. The worst thing about this, is that the Gunners getting ripped a new one at the Emirates is not even something of a shock. Thats how far the team has slid.

    The defence just doesn’t perform and that is the down thing, the midfield lacked creativity and upfront there was virtually no movement at all. Arteta in patches was good, did a decent job, Wilshire was stellar as usual, but utter bull from everone else. Talk about overreacting, but I think the entire backfour that played tonight needs to go. I know not happening, but the back four needs to be twice as good as they have been over the course of this season. I don’t know if the same players are capable of it. I say rid TV5 of the armband … I mean he is not even close to the guy who once used to be the Verminator. Sagna, I don’t know what up with him but two broken legs seem to have done him in. Mertesacker and Kos, sry but way off the level.

    In the midfield where is the creativity, the pace the movement, everyone was just happy to be stationary and knock it around. Yes they did press well for a bit but that was about as good it was. Yes this is done and dusted, but at this rate forget finishing 4th, finishing 7th will be a fking miracle.

    Also this seemed to highlight the problem with the gunners, they just went through the motions, Wenger went through the motions, the same age old stale routine, sub dot on 70 mins, irrespective of what the situation is, nothing new, the same age old, Podolski definitely off, and for the rest just go through the motions.

    Its a sign of a manager gone stale in the job, no vigour, same stale tactics, no innovation, not even looking to innovate, just going through the motion. I am not saying Wenger became a bad manager, just he is bored and stale in the job. He needs change, a break, a new setting and a new environment.

    The team needs a new manager someone who will bring a fresh approach to the team, some one with new ideas, that will invigorate the team. I am afraid as long as a bored, stale manager leads the team, even Ronaldo and Messi added together will not improve things. Just finish in the top 4, and walk away. Wenger is not a bad manager, just a bored one.

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  63. Would like to see a ros-coq-wilshere midfield with santi-giroud-walcott up top tried… arteta is solid but seems replaceable as if you can remember ramsey did well his position.
    As our blogger pointed out well in an espn article wilshere gets his ass beaten and there is no enforcer out there to discourage it. Rosicky should get a run and it was madness not to start giroud today when knockdowns, crosses, set pieces were sure to be our best chances.

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    • If you think coq is the answer right now then you are sadly underestimating the problems at the club. We’ve ALWAYS had a young player to look forward to, be it ramsey or walcott or the ox. They are not the answer on their own! We need a completely different style of leadership from the manager down to training, tactics and even how the captain leads on the pitch.

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  64. We just wont good enough.

    Its obviously in Theos contract that he has to play up front in some games a lot of my mates said the same.

    Giroud should have scored to level the score.

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  65. A few observations if i may without blowing my head off.
    Bayern are a superior team but this defeat is in no way due to them out playing us. We outfoxed ourselves big time as usual.

    Its sad seeing Vermaelen play these days. His defensive nous seems to have abandoned him and he seems to be making rash decisions more frequently. 2 of the 3 goals were scored with him drifting infield instead of staying on the flanks,

    Ditch Zonal Marking. Enough said

    Ramsey put in a real shift on the right hand side. He certainly was not our worst player on the pitch. I was critical of him before but he looks promising. Give him time in his natural position.

    Santi, Wilshere and Rosicky should start more often. They seem to work really well from the glimpses we have seen so far. Rosicky presses high up the pitch just like Wilshere and Santi and that can only be an advantage. Plus they can pick a pass. Rosicky;s pass for Walcott for the Giroud chance was sublime.

    Giroud should have started. We could have used a targetman to hold up the ball higher up the pitch and relieve some pressure.

    We lost because we shot ourselves in the foot. End of.
    We love you Arsenal. We do.

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  66. After the the Blackburn fiasco maybe it was too much to ask for our team to show any real grit. Passing side to side like a bunch of bitches with no real response even at 0-2 down with our last hopes for a Trophy diminishing. Maybe we were outclassed. Maybe we simply have a shit defense and attack but WHY the fuck do we have war chest of £70m+ and not plan to go to ever go to War!

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    • The players have been TRAINED over years to play sideways. That’s how Wenger sees ‘the Arsenal way”. You can’t blame them. The only time we shine is when someone decides to play differently, tonight was Jack the only player to take on someone. Wenger will probably pull him up for that. Just look at what happened to Cazorla now he has to play AW’s way. It’s not the player’s faults, they are experienced players now, its the way we’re set up to play.

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  67. Let us not go overboard. It is only one game in one competition with two teams playing and only one can win.

    We should great desire in the second half and had many chances. We have enough quality to win in Germany and win the cup. Why not?

    We had lots of resilience but were nervous in the first 15 minutes and conceded. We had many shots but you need to score to win.

    This is my 16th year in the champions league, who else qualified more times than me?

    We have money to spend in the summer but we will only bring in special players that will add to the quality. We already have two special players in every position.

    Mathematically the season is not over, we can still win the premier league.

    Season tickets are due for renewal soon so if you please can show your support to the club and our sustainable model and renew them.

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  68. Has anyone got figures on how much Arsenal have spent over the last 10 years, compared to Bayern spending 40 million on one player. Bet we have spent less than that one player. I’m as disappointed as everyone but money talks, maybe we can spend a bit next year and compete.

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  69. We know Bayern our better than us but when a team that lost 7 – 1 only a year ago can beat us then why can’t we beat Bayern.

    Bayern are good but they are no way near Barcelona when we beat them.

    One thing I don’t understand is that we are goal down at home then why does Wenger needs to wait until 70 mins before he could introduce our only proper striker.

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  70. Ah we’ll that’s another season over! Is it possible to be more demoralised after watching that. Out of our starting 11 two-to-three players actually put in a shift tonight. Wiltshire, Ramsey and Carzola. The rest looked as if they couldn’t care less!! After the second goal the only player I seen actually being vocal and caring about what was happening was Ramsey! So the Ramsey bashers can fuck off as far as I’m concerned.

    We have big problems at our club. Is it finally time for a change of manager? If not, a major change in his psychology is required NOW. Because I’m fucking sick of this shit we have to be put through week in week out.

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      • Not sure what Ramsey needs to do to prove his place to certain fans like yourself; he’s been playing very well since the beginning of 2013. Rather than get behind a player who plays for a team you purportedly support has made strides to improve and plays his heart out for the team, you choose to continually slate where there isn’t much basis to. How peculiar.

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  71. Here’s my match report. Podolski and Cazorla don’t track back. Vermaelen played shit. Walcott makes shit runs and probably only started up front because of his contract and why the fuck does he always back away from a header like the defender is gonna miss it!

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    • Walcott was really bad today. At least Vermaelen was trying and giving it his all. Walcott just walked around and then tried to run past defenders when it suited him. Really pathetic.

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  72. These games show that Arsene has got it wrong on multiple levels. I still think he can turn things around but my faith is not as strong as it once was. The squad needs more than one striker. You don’t buy a cup tied left back and then send the backup to Brazil. That forces your captain to play out of position on the left. On top of it, Wenger keeps trying to “overload” the midfield by playing Cazorla out wide. Please play a striker up top, wingers on the wing and midfielders in the midfield. Set up was wrong, squads needs more depth, someone has to be blamed. I vote for both Wenger and the board.

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  73. If we had been at full strength these last 5 years finacially we would of won trophys but the club has been in a transition phase.

    This this game is the result of that, a result of selling our best players has taken our strength.

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  74. Arsenal. Making grown men cry since 2005.

    Arsene Wenger do the right thing and………….

    MAKE JACK CAPTAIN. HE CARES TOO MUCH FOR THIS CLUB. Not like verm who couldn’t defend with his life to save Arsenal!

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  75. What would be rather have:
    A team that plays at Highbury and competes on all fronts and wins something every 2 and a half years or so. Or a team that plays in a nice new 60k stadium hoovering the pockets of ourselves.

    I know what the directors prefer.

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  76. What annoys me is the way the fans sit there quietly not supporting their team and then blame the manager when we go down again. What do we expect? We need to get behind the team! Especially with that bloody drumming and dancing going on in the away corner.
    That, and the fact that the Clock End was peppered with Bayern supporters who jumped up and cheered at every goal against us, made it a poor show for the fans down our end.

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    • Can’t blame him for the performance of the players but management/organization of the team I sure as fuck can! it was easy to see TV was getting done on the left. Why buy a left back who is cup tied? Even if Santos is shit why send our only other recognized left back off on loan? Why have a “£70m+ war chest” and not buy anyone? I don’t believe there is absolutely nobody on the planet he couldn’t find to improve the quality. Why have the likes of Chamakh, Park, Bendtner on our books and haggle the shit out of Walcott because he wants another few extra k. Why do we season after season let our best players go? Why is the clubs ambition 4th place? What kind of ambition is that? You don’t attract or retain the best talent by selling them the dream of 4th! No other Manager can go 8 seasons without winning fuck all. We are worse than Liverpool and that’s worrying! The most distressing and sad thing about all of this is that nobody gives enough of a flying hunkydory fuck…The board, The Yank or Wenger. If getting raped by Bayern was not enough, where is the class in not shaking hands?

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      • Not down the clock end, just sitting there silently. Sorry, our fans down the Clock End didn’t help the team in the first half – until we scored.

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  77. I see no reasons to foul any player in this club>our main problem is and would always be the manager(Wenger)>He’s so stubborn in the sense that nobody can correct him>Hate the Guy,he lost all his phillosophy in football and never accepted that>What kind of man Arsene is for fuck sake??!

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  78. have to say i am struggling to find many positives. we got well beaten by a team that played well within themselves. it was men against boys. we had 10-15 good minutes in the 2nd half, but only because they sat back and let us have it for a while. wilshere was a trojan. so was rosicky when he came on. arteta did his best to get the team going but was let down by those around him and had no options for a pass when he got on the ball. vermaelen was abysmal once again and the rest of the back 5 not much better. scszezny needs to be benched but we don’t have anyone to bring in for him. cazorla was on the fringes for the whole game and even though he’s a quality player he doesn’t seem to be up for a fight when the going gets tough. ramsey tried hard but kept on fouling and looked out of his depth to me. we should have made changes at half time as it was bloody obvious that walcott up front was not working, especially when our defenders kept knocking high balls up to him. really brainless stuff. can’t understand how we keep making the same ridiculous defensive errors week in week out. this is the worst defence we have had in a long long time and we’ll never win anything until we sort that out. once again the boss has been let down by the guys he has done so much to protect and he has got to be hurting really bad at the moment. if i was him, i would really be struggling to see a way out of this mess. if he manages to rally this group to dust themselves off and claim 4th spot it will be a real miracle. if he doesn’t then i struggle to see how he can stay on with the tide of hatred that is building against him. a very dark day indeed…

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  79. If ye needed a left back so bad why not buy the best in england … banes. No wenger has to save money. Lets not waste the cesc, van p money. Not that im sayin nacho is bad just pissed he was cup tied.

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  80. Arsenal- I’ll make you a deal.

    If we can give the spuds a good spanking I’ll forgive our performance today and acknowledge that we were up against one of the best teams in the world and that expecting to win the champs league was a little unrealistic.

    If we can’t give the spuds a good spanking I will cry myself to sleep every night for the next two months

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  81. Some fans are trying to say the board is hiding behind wenger which i disagree.
    The board may be unambitious but i remember years ago Wenger himself said he liked the freedom hes been given without any interference with his work thats why he prefers to stay with us. So I dont think Wenger has been made as a scapegoat.

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  82. Disappointing result, but what disappoints me even more is how we start games. Like my brother said, if we could only keep not conceding goals before half time, we would do so much better and especially when we are the underdogs in a big game like this, its crucial not to concede a goal that early.. The stats easily show and we have all seen, our performance are immense in the second half. The problem is that most of ours big games this season, the game has basically been over before it has gone 25 minutes. United at Old Trafford? City at home? Chelsea at home and away? Liverpool at home? We have a lot of quality, but if we keep getting behind, then whats the use of how we go out in the second half? Most teams in big games, if you are the underdog, if you drag the game further and further and keep the opposition frustrated, it will benefit you. Look at how teams set themselves up against Arsenal, negative teams that park the bus. If we don’t score by halftime, we usually struggle and struggle as the game goes on. I felt it would be the same way with Bayern, but then after only 7 minutes we concede a horrendous goal. Looking at the reply, clearly Ramsey was not paying attention to who was around. Im a big Ramsey fan, but we have to admit that he played his part in both goals. In terms of field play, I thought he did well and covered a lot of ground. He also failed to win the header which resulted in the goal. With that being said, Bayern is truly a world class team. Everyone taught we was getting get slaughtered, but I feel we did well in midfield, but the differance in class was in defence. Seeing how Van Buyten jumped in and blocked Mertesacker shot in the first half and how he lead the line. I thought he would be the weak link, but he suprised me and also Martinez shows you how a true DM should play. A very good second half and a bad start as usual, lead to this defeat. Now, we gotta focus on the CL qualification places and the summmer. Keep the faith, fellow Gunners! I am sure, the club will be active in the summer.

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  83. So Aaron Ramsey had a good game yeah? One of the best players on the field? Okay, someone please tell me how running around like a headless chicken, giving away numerous free kicks to opposition, no incisive passes, not having the ability to dribble 5 yards past a player and atrocious positioning for 2 Bayern goals is a good performance?

    This guy is horrendous. Statistically we LOSE whenever he plays, and visually we can see he is terrible. Takes a normal Premier League player 1 or 2 touches get the ball under control and release it. Ramsey 6 or 7 touches. One other thing people applaud is his work rate. Personally I couldn’t care less about his work rate. He hasn’t got the raw/technical ability to match it. Would fans love it if we signed 10 Lee Cattermoles? Works hard, fouls a lot and offers nothing offensively a bit like Ramsey. Food for thought right there.

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  84. can hardly be bothered to care anymore. it’s a shame we only seem to get up for big games (well, only sometimes… and maybe for only a half of those even) – at the very least, there was a bit of passion from the players tonight, if not nearly enough quality. we never really had a shot at this one, sorry.

    but still, fuck this undermotivated, overpaid squad and the ‘braintrust’ (arsene + board + whoever else seems to have input) that’s assembled them. they’re simply not good enough, not properly prepared, and probably undertalented to compete with the teams we’d like to compete with. generally, i can somewhat handle the ‘undertalented’ bit when compared to teams with gobs of cash. but we’ve spent a decent amount, done a number of panic-buys, and look where it’s got us. do we need to hire newcastle’s scouting team and pardew to do our transfers now? they’ve done significantly better than arsenal over the past few years. it’s really no secret that arsene’s lost his touch.

    i’ve just watched the match on delay, and i’m certainly hot under the collar at the moment, so forgive me… but as the saying goes, “this will not stand.” the current trajectory cannot continue, and is on a collision course with reality and with those supporters that are far more upset than i. i really don’t know who can realistically replace wenger, but something’s got to be done. it’s a gamble, but the bets we keep placing on the current one keep losing over, and over, and fucking. over. again. it’s become predictable, boring, and just plain sad to watch. sorry arsene. bye bye.

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  85. it’s veeeeerrry difficult to think of any other positive concerning the arsenal besides jack fucking wilshere tonight. i love that little genius. monster talent, enormous heart and drive. most of the rest of the squad… need work, serious motivation, and a few of them – possibly new clubs. bollocks.

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  86. Please play Thomas Eisfeld in the second leg. If there’s one player in the squad that would want to give it a proper shake in Munich, it’s the ex – Dortmund kid.

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  87. I went down to the game last night. And I have to say I couldnt watch half of it. Suicidal defending. passing it back and forth across the back 4. there is no Plan A never mind Plan B these days. in the first half, we were abysmal. we didnt turn up. it was utter shit.
    Something has to drastically change. im not going to watch that shite again. Its not good for your health.
    Ramsey and Jack were the only 2 who looked bothered. for fuck sake, every time we had a throw in, not a single player wanted it. at one point, in the middle of the park, there were 5 balck shirts and no red. we were all out wide, bunched together where one of them could cover us.

    no decent tactics/set up from wenger. and the inevitable 70th minute predictable sub. giroud and rosicky played ok. but too little to late. Yes Bayern arre good, but we made them look great.

    Arsenal at the moment = shit.

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