Report: Arsenal 0-1 Blackburn


Arsenal crashed out of the FA Cup with a 1-0 defeat to Blackburn at the Emirates today.

Laurent Koscielny passed a fitness test and started alongside Thomas Vermaelen, while there were returns to the side for Francis Coquelin, Gervinho, Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain and Thomas Rosicky.

The visitors had an early chance when a free kick found Olsson at the back post but he could only hack his shot wide. Arsenal had their first attempt in the 10th minute when Abou Diaby flicked a header from a free kick beyond the far post.

Arsenal dominated possession, with Blackburn willing to sit back and get men behind the ball, and nothing much happened. Arsenal won a series of corners, each one less threatening than the last.

There was a shot of the Blackburn manager who looks like he was separated at birth from referee Mike Dean, and that was about as exciting as it got in the opening 20 minutes or so.

After some more corners, Arsenal finally tested the keeper when Abou Diaby planted a header firmly on target, but Kean showed strong hands to tip it over the bar. The young keeper made another good save from his own player after a defensive header was sent looping towards the top corner.

Some more nothing happened. Francis Coquelin tried to win a penalty by mimicking the front cover of Platoon and Gervinho dragged a shot wide. And the Ivorian was found wanting just before half-time after a great Rosicky pass sent him clean through on goal. With just the advancing keeper to beat, from inside the box, he screwed his shot wide when it looked easier to score.

In the second half there was early danger from Blackburn when Thomas Vermaelen deflected an Olsson cross just wide, and from the resulting corner Mikel Arteta had to head away a goalbound effort.

At the other end Giroud got a header from a corner on target, Oxlade-Chamberlain had a left-footed shot blocked and Abou Diaby fired a 30 yarder wide of the mark. It was pretty much one way traffic, but Arsenal were driving a Flintstones car and going uphill.

Tomas Rosicky tried a shot from distance, it went wide. He then tried again and hit the bar, before feeding Gervinho whose shot from inside the box was blocked. Abou Diady then tested Kean with a shot from distance which the keeper grabbed at the 2nd attempt.

Arsene Wenger made three changes, bringing Wilshere, Walcott and Cazorla on and taking Rosicky, Gervinho and Oxlade-Chamberlain off. Almost immediately though, Blackburn went ahead.

They got free down the left, Szczesny parried away a shot, it fell to Kazim-Richards, he mishit his shot into the ground, it bounced up, hit the post and deflected in as a bemused Vermaelen looked on. 0-1.

Arsenal pressed for an equaliser but struggled to create chances against a Blackburn side who sat deep. Nacho Monreal shot wide with his left foot, Diaby had a shot blocked then forced Kean into a good save, and the keeper was the hero again saving from a Theo Walcott header after a good Wilshere cross.

Late on Mikel Arteta smashed a shot into the side-netting but at no point did Arsenal ever really look like scoring.

It was depressing, turgid stuff from a team who were supposedly going to treat this game like a final.

Hardly enough to have Bayern quaking in their boots, and once again a season looks like it’s going to end potless.

Not good enough,


  1. Why is it that shit opposition need only 2 chances to score 1 against us, while we need 50 to score 0?

    Poor defending on the goal, but why are we in a position that we can’t score a single fucking goal against fucking Blackburn Rovers with 150% of the possession? Why were we in a position that Gervinho and Diaby are so fucking retarded for Arsenal that we have to bring on Wilshere, Walcott, and Cazorla to salvage a game that should have been won in the first half?

    This was the only trophy we realistically had even a small chance of winning this season. I mean, apart from the 4th-place trophy, that is.


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      • How can anyone disput what I have said here. And give it a thumbs down?
        Did you not count how many corners we won?
        Do you not realise it is an advantage to any team to convert corners into goals, something we are shit at and not just in this game.
        remember this
        We will win no silverware
        We will not finish in the top four.
        We will finish below the S**** shit
        And we will still think the sun shines out of Wengers arse!!

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      • Thank you for the memories and it is time to say GOODBYE, Arsene.

        For the love of The Arsenal please just LEAVE Arsene.

        Arsene IS the problem.

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      • And gervinho?
        Should have got us the goal that would have seen us on our way to victory! The hell? I’d like to punch him in the face.

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      • And Wenger.

        When teams sit deep he has no other tactical change to make whatsoever. Just continue to pass the ball around and hope a goal comes from his arse I think? moreover when the team is continously hitting a brick wall. The fuck?. Pissed off is what I am ( we are!)

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      • Wenger made three subs at once and from the resulting disorientation in the pitch, the arsenal player subbed on: walcott on the RW (who was supposed to track the run of Olsson {who had the shot} was nowhere to be seen)

        This 3 panic subs at once! is a sign wenger is losing touch with reality.

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    • So we get kicked out of the Capitalone cup by the mighty Bradford, and we have just been beaten, at home, by the might Blackburn in the FA cup.

      This season is the most humiliating season that i can remember.

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      • at least we will complete one “treble” this season

        B-ayern Munich

        all putting our trophy hungry players/manager/board to the sword

        am getting so depressed logging in here now, pure dross delivered on an all too frequent basis now,

        Every year with the status quo is another year further away we are from competing, Moyes is out of contract this summer.

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      • At least Moyes’ side play with heart and determination every single fucking game. I would like to see what he could do with a squad more skilled than he has now. Saying that, obviously he would have to cut a lot of dead weight here.

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      • We’d have a chance of getting get baines and fellaini. Oh wait we don’t like to spend our fortune on goo players. Tony hibbert it is.

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      • You haven’t been watching long enough then. We have had many worse seasons.

        But that was then, and this is now, and we have a first team squad that can take Bradford or Blackburn apart at will, but a second string who Wenger likes too much to replace. He is too bloody nice for his and Arsenal’s own good.

        Coquelin was at the heart of all the crappiest things that happened today because he lacks experience.Oxlade-Chamberlain always tried the “clever” option when he should have gone for the basics because he lacks experience. The experience they need is playing week in and week out for a competetive team. They should be on loan this season, not learning in the first team during FA Cup matches (and they didn’t seem to learn much as the game went on. They were repeating the same mistakes throughout the game).

        For the first time ever I must concede that Wenger fucked up this January by letting his loyalty to his second string win out over the need to strengthen the Squad. Before now I always suspected money was the problem and gave him the benefit of the doubt. This year we were assured the money is there, so it is purely the fear of stunting “potential” that has cost us a chance at the FA Cup. Rest assured it is the second string that needs improving, not the first, and I cannot believe Wenger couldn’t have bought a couple of solid professionals who could have given a bit of grit and common sense football to the first 70 minutes of today’s game.

        Until we strengthen the second string our seasons will always end with a six or eight week spell where we are knocked out of all four competitions. We lose out every year when Wenger has to rest first teamers because we have important games every few days. Every time it happens we get a couple of lacklustre games from rusty and inexperienced second stringers and there goes everything meaningful but the chase for 4th. (Well, that and our inability to recognise that we have a back post and it needs defending)

        I guess Wenger is between a rock and a hard place. I am sure he knows he can only get us out of the doldrums with a few experienced players, but if he blocks the young players route into the team too much then he will lose out on future young potential stars who currently see Arsenal as a club who will give them chances in the first team.

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      • if someone wants to dislike my treble comment above at least explain why, we are a shambles, surely Moyes couldn’t do any worse. Arteta used to look like a goalscoring midfielder, set piece expert, not under us he doesn’t. ( Though I do rate him very highly indeed, quality in possession and has heart)

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      • In response to gutbukkit…if our 1st string team doesn’t need improving why aren’t we at least challenging for the prem? Which is meant to be our aim! Lack of investment and lack of imagination = lack of trophies!

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    • Bunburyist how dare you take the first comment!!

      I was hoping to see Sir Balls: “this is why we should sell Wilshere and buy Bentley”

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      • What we have is a fairly decent 1st team a fairly average back and a piss poor 3rd team that is mainly out on loan or sitting in the stands. what is required is the sale of this 3rd team demote the other 2 teams and buy a whole new 1st team x1 imagine this x1 as your back up
        sagna mertesacker vermaelen monreal
        wilshire arteta
        walcott cazorla podolski

        with your third choices as
        jenkinson koscielny miquel gibbs
        coquelin ramsey
        chamberlain diaby rosicky

        just replace this x1 in the summer
        eastmond djourou squillaci santos
        denilson arshavin gervinho
        park chamakh bendtner

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      • I’ve cooled down. You’re right. Diaby wasn’t nearly as bad as Gervinho.

        Also, to be a little more fair in my criticism, it has to be said that Chamberlain was dire. Just dire.

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      • @Bunburyist

        Gervinho should have scored, but the Ox was terrible.

        When I first saw the team I thought: “yeah!! we’ll win”. I’m speechless.
        idk, our midfield kept possession well but we didn’t attack very well.

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      • I don’t think any individual player was to shoulder the blame today – maybe only in the context of the Ox delivering shit corners.

        Instead we were “too respectful of the opposition”! Blackburn sat back and we were rarely able to play through the middle, so the whole game we crossed from the wing. We were too respectful in that most of the time we only had Giroud in the box, nobody with the follow-up, all the midfielders staying in midfield shit-scared of a Blackburn counterattack! This only changed after their goal, but by then it was too late.

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      • What ?

        He is awful mate, he slows the game down so much that the whole team is at walking pace. He dithers on the ball every time he gets it and the opposition have time to recover. He is useless and will be injured again soon.
        Ohhh but lets not forget that …….
        “Diaby is the key to this arsenal team” Arsene Wenger.

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      • Best central midfielders at Arsenal: Wilshere, Cazorla, Rosicky, Arteta, Eisfeld.. Diaby is the most overrated player at Arsenal

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    • We should have had 2 or 3 before their jammy goal. If they’d scored every shot they took we still should have won with the chances we had. Man Utd’s defence has been poor this season but they’ve out-scored anyone that had a go at them. Our forwards were piss poor today.
      The only player that looked to have a go was Ox, Giroud was in ‘assist mode’ and his lay-off weren’t doing the trick. Gervinho……..made a nice run in the first half, the rest of the match he was…………..ineffective.

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    • The controversy continues

      Mike Dean

      With him as ref we have won 1, drawn 7 and lost 9.

      That’s 1 win in 19.

      Seriously, this is one heck of a fishy stat… Yesterday I told my mates jokingly that we didn’t have chance with Mike Dean as a ref. I’m starting to believe it..

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      • Oh would you please shut up! We were pathetic as a team today. Szczesny, Chamberlain, Arteta, Gervinho….pathetic. Deserved to lose that game is the only way to look at it. This team is not good enough, Wenger is not good enough. Sad times ahead.

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      • agree we never win with Mike Dean, but the game should have been over by HT. However clear penalty on Walcott denied because he was offside? bollocks, got robbed of a critical penalty in the last 10 mins.

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      • Dean made ZERO contoversial calls.Was it his voodoo that made Gervinho miss with just the keeper to beat. Hes usually Mr. reliable isnt he? Unbelievable

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      • Ken – the offside on theo was wrong. clear as day. that in turn meant he didnt need to give the penalty when theo was fouled. besides that there were the odd calls you might disagree with but nothing critical. when a games not going for you and you get that slice of luck like being fouled in the box or what not, and you need the officials to do their job.

        anyway this is all bs cus really we should’ve won it with each player doing better on their opportunistic – gervinho 1-on-1, girouds headers, walcotts header, and artetas late side netting shot.

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    • Personally, I still think we have a chance to beat Bayern. So, for now, let’s just leave it at that.

      Finishing is the problem for us. Lack of depth is the problem where, if we don’t start our best players, we can’t even beat the like of Championship BlackBurn. We thrive on pace and quick passing; none happened. Diaby and Arteta slowed down the flow of our game today. Since the most recent injury, Diaby doesn’t look the same. Wenger needs to make some hard decisions this summer. Sczecsney, as arrogant as he is, is not quite in the same class with the likes of Neuer or Casillas. Blocking the ball into the middle of the box, that was just not enough. I’m not saying it was easy to clear that ball. It was just, we want something more from him.

      Overall, the talent is there. Just pure frustration for all of us Gooners who are tired of inconsistency and not winning any silverware. When we click, we are scary lethal. When we don’t, pure frustration.

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      • Arsenal can’t even score against teams like Blackburn. How can we score against Bayern Munich (the best defence in the world atm). They conceded just 7 goals from 25 matches and have a goal difference of above 50.

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      • @GUN, football is played on the pitch, not on paper. Last year, we lost to Man Utd. 2-8. That team lost to Man City 1-6. We won against that Man City 1-0. So don’t decide whether we will lose or not based on the stats alone. Plus, Bayern play in Bundesliga where the pace of the game is not as fast as in BPL. If we go out and play with urgency starting in the first half, and play our usual quick, one-touch football with accuracy, we can surely catch them off guard. Anything is possible on the pitch. That said, Bayern is in a scary form. We better get ourselves together and get ready. As to Diaby and other players that need to be sorted out, some changes look necessary and inevitable. If Wenger can’t do that, his time is possibly and sadly coming to the end too. But that’s for the summer. For now, our focus is to beat Bayern anyway we can and finish in the Top 4 or even 3 to get the CL spot.

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      • The same way Blackburn would lose to Millwall or Barnsley or any other 2nd div team in the next round. It’s called consistency Mr Gun, something that’s required in any sport with a season and what separates the champions from us.

        I second the comment above, wouldn’t be surprised if we beat Bayern and then possibly lose against Villa – just not sure which Arsenal shows up to the next game.

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      • No smartarse, the season will be over for me when the last ball Arsenal game is over, even if we were in 15th, and I remember when we were finishing there

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    • Wenger was talking about how there havent been many giant killings under him.

      Well Wenger this year theyve been 2. A sign that he has really lost his touch perhaps?

      The guy is not a winner anymore. He constantly jokes with the press about how “we never score corners!” or “its surprising we scored from a set piece!”..

      Ok so youre acknowledging that were shit at set plays… and have been for years.. and that is actually just FUNNY to you?? That is not a winner.

      Diaby is scared to play which is understandable but forget the nice guy bullshit he is done. He will have a good spell then get injured. In any case dont risk Arsenal success on the guy even if you want to indulge him!

      He keeps going on about “is that player good enough for AFC?” Oh you mean like Gervinho.. BEST PLAYER AT AFCON????????? Or Santos? Enough already hope he is gone this summer it is annoying to watch Arsenal these days. Sad but true.

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    • Start with the strongest team then take off your stars, another fucking trophy less season, I feel sorry for the fans that go every week

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      • Who came up with that embarrassing shit? Gunnersaurus FFS! Got absolutely fuckall to do with The Arsenal.
        Let’s go out and beat Bayern 4-0

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    • Any one that still thinks we can beat Bayern over 2 legs after this farce, needs to be locked up & that includes Arsene.
      This is final straw, I’ve had enough, I’m not giving any of my hard earned cash to the club anymore.

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    • extra time, whistle blows, turn off the game and get a little frustrated. we have these contradicting thoughts on why even bother with watching the game. All these questions on why weren’t substitution made earlier, how couldn’t he finish the chance, why is it that we are always losing against lower teams. Then after cooling down we check the website to find post match comments and reflect on the game, hateful comments arise to let out our frustrations, it helps a little but still leaves us with a little sour taste in the mouth because we know inside we don’t really mean to be hateful. leave the computer alone and come back after and check when the next match is, and then patiently wait for it. It seems watching Arsenal has somehow placed itself in our list of things to do, with it being in the highest order, like its a part of the daily schedule integrated in our system. Oh to be a Gooner, we hate that we like to watch Arsenal soo much.

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    • Well aren’t the dire Arsenal brigade out today. We didn’t convert our chances, can happen to anyone. We could mull over reasons why we could have done better: the referee, gervinho missing, bringing on players too fucking late in the game, and our second string players, bereft of enough playing time, not gelling together well enough to beat such an opposition. Frankly, I’d rather hold my head up for the game on Tuesday. Wenger has asked to be judged, and will be, at the end of the season. I want to support my team so we beat those mangy Sp*rs bastards and finish fourth and get another crack at CL football next year…cause you know what? We need some new players and we need that level of football to get them.

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    • lol, this is hilarious. i just knew today’s comment section would be special. you lot can really change your mind quickly.

      we’ve been much better recently. in general, we’re about the same in the post-invincibles era.

      change doesn’t happen overnight.

      shit happens. could and should have won it, blackburn got a fluke which would not go in in 99 times out of 10. let’s move on and hope the first team will do their best against bayern.

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    • Just all of you, pretending to be arsenal fans, FUCK OFF when you say Diaby, Gervinho or the Ox are shit… Yes just FUCK OFF and just support some other teams because you are the same that just said “I don’t want to see Ramsey in an arsenal shirt again…” and are now saying “Ramsey is great”. Are Arsenal supporters some 8 years old pussies? i am wondering when i read such poor comments about our team players, I just want to puke on you people (pretending to be arsenal fans). Come on Arsene I trust in You!

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      • I can’t help being born a white male and I can’t change the fact that my blood is red. Being an Arsenal supporter/fan is like that too.
        Up The Arsenal!

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      • The Plan B is actually very simple – have more than 1 player (Giroud) in the box when you cross the ball, high or low! Or, have more than 0 players in the box when it’s Giroud who makes the cross!

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      • Or learn to fucking cross!
        We dont have any good crossers of the ball. Not our fullbacks.not our wingers. Its easy defending against us these days. Pack up the midfield and make us move the ball to the wing. Where more often then not we ll put in a shit cross. God forbid when we clear the first defender.

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      • Losing to a determined bunch of lower league players who have a great team spirit and are going for their one and only chance at glory in a minor cup (well, it should be to us) is actually just about acceptable as all big teams have suffered at the hands of giant killers at one time or another., and at least Bradford were a League team, not non-league. I don’t like it as it stays in your head for life, but these things do happen.

        Losing in the FA Cup to a team who the world laughs at for the obvious reason that they are a joke being told by chicken-farming clowns is not the same at all. I don’t care how they made it to this round, or who they beat, they are a joke team, and losing to them is absolutely pathetic.

        You don’t fuck about with the FA Cup. It matters. You try your hardest, and that means you play a strong team. We lost because we made a half-arsed attempt to rest our best players, but with the weakened team we started with doing what our weakened teams always do we were forced to play three of those four “resting” players anyway. Now they are not rested and we have gained nothing for our “gamble”.

        We will be ridiculed for the next 10 months for this loss.

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    • Yeah, now that your life is ruined I’m sure you’ll find a new hyperbolic way of saying “I want to like Tottenham”. Jesus, go away.

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    • Friendly suggestion… Go to white heart lane then. Take a shit in the center of that pitch, find the highest bridge in UK and jump off of it. Cunt.

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      • I suppose nothing is Wenger’s fault then? At the end of day every season is getting progessivly worse, selling best players, highest paid manager in the league, picking rubbish players, the list goes on and on and on. But hey that 4th place trophy will keep you happy right? Make sure you pay your £1.5k season ticket next season.
        WENGER OUT!
        Enough is enough.

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      • no, i said this isnt wengers fault, we had our chances to win in the first half. he puts on 3 solid changes and we concede a shitty flukey goal. mike dean denies a penalty on walcott ruling offside when he wasnt, and its another game we’ve lost when he’s refereed – which is besides the point. the starting XI are more than capable of winning this game, and they didnt, blame for me lies with diaby gervinho and ox today unfortunately, very wasteful.

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      • Arsene is the manager, he is responsible for bringing the players in, selecting the team, tactics (or lack of them) and motivating the players. Gibbs aside he had practically a fully fit squad to work with all week and choose from today. The buck stops, or at least should, with him

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      • @D lol okay mate, ill just join the wenger out bandwagon and get someone else in who will inherit a big sum of money that will finally be made available this summer. personally i want to give wenger one more season, we will finally have money to spend, but if its same old, then yeah its time for a change, but without him the past 7 years, forget trophies, we wouldnt even be in the CL right now.

        as for this game, if bayern wasn’t midweek, you think he would’ve rotated? damned if you do, damned if you dont. he had to rotate, and unfortunately it cost us again. i cant blame him this game, its too easy to, the players have to look at themselves, and i guess i’ll have to agree to disagree.

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      • @AGunner Fair play to you my friend. I agree that Wenger leaving doesn’t necessarily mean a new manager will come in and guarantee success, but change is what the club is crying out for. I love Wenger like every other gooner, he’s transformed the club, but recent years have shown he just isn’t up to the task anymore. For me David Dein leaving was a huge blow to the club, as since then no-one has had the power to stand-up to Wenger and put pressure on him to succeed.
        As for “money to spend”, really? Wenger? “Money to spend”?

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      • @D lol i know mate, wenger spending, but thats been his excuse, so lets see if hes up to it next season, if not his contract expires anyway so good time for a change. im happy with our first XI now, they’ve gelled and look good when we click, its just frustrating why we cant rotate our squad and win.. theres no way we can compete in all comps if we dont rotate so clearly we need to get in some good players this summer. guess we’ll wait and see!

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      • @AGunner – did you seriously just say give him one more year, he’ll have money to spend? Has your head really been that far up your ass the past 3-4 years? Wake up, all the money in the world can’t fix terrible managerial decisions and a narcissistic drive to create the world class player, not buy him. His time is done.

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      • Cos he’s the manager that assembled the squad and picked today’s team. He’s also the guy who refused to strengthen his squad in January- more ‘super quality’ nonsense. What the fuck is wrong with some of you AKB’s? What’s it gonna take for people to see change is long overdue?

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      • @AGunner “its just frustrating why we cant rotate our squad and win” I ask you, who is to blame for that?
        “guess we’ll wait and see!”
        No, sorry I refuse to go through another season like this. I wouldn’t mind next season getting knocked out of every competition (I would), just so long as we have a straight talking manager, who doesn’t lie and take us for idiots in every presser, with his “top top quality” rubbish.
        I just want the same old tune to CHANGE, even if it’s a bad change. I JUST WANT IT TO CHANGE!

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      • yeah, i do want to give him one more year, does that make me oblivious, or have my head up my ass? no, probably makes me more patient than you. his “narcissistic drive to create the world class player” was born more out of circumstance rather than desire as we’ve had our hands bound since we built the emirates. fact is we have a board who dont want to pump more money into the club, we have a board thats happy as long as they’re being paid, and we have a manager whose taking the brunt of all accusations towards the club – which i think is the only reason he is the highest paid manager in the league. doesn’t matter how unpopular wenger gets, i guarantee you he will not be sacked, because he’s covering up for the board and is covering their shortcomings.

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      • @D, thats your opinion mate, change can be a good thing, but more importantly it has to be the right change. its no point changing if its going to get worse as who wins? surely not us, the fans. anyway clear to me im probably the very few fans whose left in the pro-wenger camp, my opinion won’t be swayed very easily as there have been darker days in arsenals history when we haven’t won anything for a decade or so, so i guess its time for me to hit the pub before i spend more time debating wenger’s recent failures! chin up fellas!

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      • But AGUNNER, when we rotate our team as we did today we ALWAYS become vulnerable to losing by a single fluke goal.

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      • It’s his *responsibility*.
        He selected the players, he chose the formation. He chose not to buy more players because he trusted this lot to get the job done. Clearly, either he’s wrong about how good our second string is or he’s grossly incompetent at motivating them.

        While there’s questions over some of the players and they need to take a look at themselves, it’s his fault that those are the best players we have and that this is the best they can do.

        How is it not his fault?

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      • @Cygan’s Magical Left Foot


        Do not use multiple punctuation marks unless you really want your readers to think you are a moron.


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    • Honestly think the tide may have turned today. Had always supported the manager ’til now, but there comes a point when you have to change if you want to move forward. It’s that old saying, madness is doing the same things over and over, and expecting different results. Sad day all round.

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      • Yeah, I think I might be the last person to jump off the Wenger bandwagon. But said wagon is moving really slowly and the ground looks super soft.

        Once Gervinho missed you could sense they would be able to defend for the full 90 and, given our recent history, it was almost a given we’d give up a flukey goal. Something has to change.

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    • You know what? I think i just woke up.
      Somethings not right, if no trophy and no top 4 at the end of the season, wenger should offer his resignation and admit failure.

      Ps. This hurts as i love arsenal and arsene

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      • I think he’ll see his contract out for the final year personally. I don’t really share the anger, find it a sad ending more than anything. We would have fared no better with someone else, but the last few transfer windows have been devastating. We must use our resources, and he refuses. It’s that simple.

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    • Agreed, thought he grew into the game a bit, tried not to see the negatives but unfortunately he’s not good enough for The Arsenal.

      This is what happens when you play all of the passengers at the same time. Rosicky (fitness and match time) Diaby (fitness and match time) Chambo (just not himself and over confident in his technique atm) and Gervinho (Is Gervinho). You need at least 8 to be on their game to win.

      Oh well, such is life. Concentrate on the league now please

      Thumb up 40 Thumb down 2

    • Burn their asses and everything else till they get to a point where they get to know what desire means. Fuckers how can you play like that.When the commentator said we havent lost at home in fa cup for a long time i knew it was gonna many past records have we given away this season and last.
      Come tuesday role reversal with bayern with them attacking us defending only difference would we are gonna get fucked because we are bad in defending bad in attacking but still an average side.

      Thumb up 15 Thumb down 0

      • Yeah, those records fucking hurt alright. Same with Schalke, earlier this season, the Emirates was a fortress in Europe. A downright disgrace.

        Bayern was always going to be tough, I just fucking hope, after this disgraceful perfomance, they know how to finish a given chance. Bayern will not do a Chelsea on us so that should give us a glimmer of hope because there will be space.

        Fuck me, this makes me sick.

        Thumb up 18 Thumb down 0

    • agreed Johnny, such a shame cus they have the ability to see off this type of game, but the whole ‘if we dont miss we’ll get another chance’ mentality is what cost us.. we have to take our chances and without theo poldi santi and jack we rarely do.

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    • When he was put through I though “Brilliant! Here come’s ACON Gervinho to start his new run of form in the league”. Then, when I saw the finish I realised ACON Gervinho stays in Africa. League Gervinho never left.

      Thumb up 34 Thumb down 0

      • comes. Not come’s.

        I thought this was one for Poldi. We really shouldn’t need him at home to Blackburn but I’m far more optimistic that we’ll a chance when he’s on.

        Thumb up 8 Thumb down 6

    • Those should have been Arsenal’s priorities:

      PL – get 4th place for next year
      FA – realistic chance for a trophy
      CL – two nice games, but in our situation, not completely relevant

      Thumb up 14 Thumb down 1

      • Except that we can’t afford to lose the money the CL brings us. Without it the “good times ahead” will be “Oh, I didn’t expect to still be too poor to buy players”.

        This January was the opportunity to strengthen the second string so that we could rotate the team without fear, but we dropped the ball. This February is the result, and 99% of the fans saw it coming in November.

        Thumb up 7 Thumb down 1

      • Exactly, which is why 4th place must be the top priority. Once again we made it through the first round which seems to be our minimum requirement from a financial point of view. Progressing one more round – or not – will not make so much of a difference from a financial point of view.

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      • I honestly don’t think we’ll do too badly against Bayern though. We aren’t “shit”, we’re just completely unpredictable, so we should learn not to predict. We might even pull off a hard-fought win. Anyway it’s impossible to do much worse than 0-4 Milan, and it isn’t going to be a 2-8 United.

        Thumb up 6 Thumb down 17

      • Hands up all those who knew we would lose when they realised we had rotated four of our best five players onto the bench for the start of the game (and we know that that means 70 minutes, no matter how poor we are playing).

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  2. Sagna – Bradford game is a warning
    Wenger: ‘We prepare like it’s a final each time’

    Szczesny: ‘We hope we can give our fans something to cheer in the FA Cup. It’s massive for us. We’re three wins away from a final at Wembley now so we’ll give it everything.
    Diaby – Let’s keep showing character

    All talk, no action. Sick and tired of seeing these players talk and talk and then see no actual results. Now I understand that these reviews are not the reason we lose. But it just annoys me to see players who are more willing to talk about winning and working hard than actually doing it. That’s all
    Now we are going to be trophyless for 8 full seasons. What is Wenger’s excuse? The pitch or the fucking handbrake ?

    I am sorry but wenger out.

    Thumb up 107 Thumb down 12

      • his mistakes keep on happening, I remember a match 3 years ago against Birmingham just before we were gonna play barca, Wenger also rested our best players only for us to draw against birmingham and lose our title hopes and then we got smashed by Barca still. same here, we lost our one chance of a trophy for the chance of a fairytale win over bayern that will never happen, and even if it does we won’t win the UCL in our wildest dreams.

        Thumb up 34 Thumb down 0

    • If Wenger can’t get his team to beat lower league opposition in cups anymore then I’m afraid he’s not good enough.

      Thumb up 35 Thumb down 0

  3. i’ve been quite good at managing expectations and taking each game as it comes this season, but i felt like fucking puking when that ball bounced over the line. numb.

    Thumb up 42 Thumb down 0

    • Unbelievable how many chances we missed. Gervinho 1st half?! Okay, their goal might have been a little bit lucky but where is this absolute will to win this game? SZ’s clearance?!

      Players know as much as us fans that this was the last chance for a trophy, it’s in their hands on the pitch. That’s what I don’t get. Yet again we only started fighting and beleaguering when it was far too late.

      Thumb up 13 Thumb down 2

    • And I’m amazed by all the people who said that “side should be good enough to beat blackburn”.
      What gives you the confidence to say that? This is the side who lost to a League Two team, and we were playing the Championship side today.
      This squad, aside from the starting 11 who are average, is shit, plain and simple.

      Thumb up 43 Thumb down 5

  4. It felt like that sort of day when Gerv missed his chance. Not blaming Gerv by the way, he played well today, it was Ox that made me want to scratch out my eyes.

    Thumb up 20 Thumb down 9

  5. This squad just is not good enough to be in 3 competitions. Our starting XI will give Bayern a run for their money this week, but when you throw an XI together like today this is the result we should expect.

    Thumb up 20 Thumb down 2

    • Its good enough to beat Blacburn at home, that we didn’t is just freaking terrible. We had chances that were wasted but if you look at the end of the game we didn’t create enough. Another thing , the endless crossing is plain useless if you only gonna have 1 player in the box, its not exactly hard for blackburn to defend in the box when Giroud is totaly alone inside the box….

      Thumb up 20 Thumb down 1

      • Especially when Gervinho is that lone player for half the crosses. Interchangeable striker and wingers only happen in the first team with Walcott, Giroud and Podolski. The second string (which is Gervinho and The Ox, I suppose) cannot do it as we see every time they play. Rest Walcott, Podolski, Wilshire and Cazorla and we don’t have anybody in the team that can create chances for Giroud.

        Leaving all of them out today was the stupidest thing I have seen Wenger do. He put out a team entirely bereft of the skills to create a chance against a parked bus and we were stuck with the Ox hurtling to the touchline and then miscontrolling his crosses at high speed and failing to find the strikers. Of course, half of the problem was that they weren’t in the box anyway, as I’m not sure either of them knew what the other one was doing.

        Thumb up 2 Thumb down 1

  6. Same old fucking shit every time. Plays like its a dead given win, doze off and opposition scores a soft goal. I’ve said it so many times Wenger has issues motivating his team. I really don’t mind a change with that in mind. And Coquelin fuck you, play acting when we’re chasing a game. Idiot!

    Thumb up 42 Thumb down 0

  7. as much as i love wilshere and santi, the game died when chamberlain and rosicky got taken off the field today and wenger really needs to find a solution against teams who park the bus against us.

    Thumb up 9 Thumb down 7

    • No. I was already pretty sure of the result once I saw the team sheet.

      Expecting a team with people like gervinho on it to win is like expecting to enjoy feeding your own genitals through a meatgrinder.

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  8. Fucking disgraceful! Losing at home to lower league opposition with more than half your 1st choice players in the team! Disgusting!

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  9. Our season could be over by Wednesday if we lose to Bayern Munich. All we’ll have left is the fight for fourth…again. We didn’t buy anybody in January except an emergency left back because there was NOBODY who would have improved our team, we were told. Nobody better than Coquelin. Nobody fitter than Diaby or Rosicky. Nobody able to do the basics better than Oxlade-Chamberlain. No strikers better than Gervinho. Our season will be over less than three weeks after we decided we couldn’t find anybody better than anybody in our second string.

    Thumb up 65 Thumb down 2

  10. Blackburn were just 10 walking polesticks. They were so bad, so so bad, and we played like we expected the game to win itself. This wasn’t even first gear, the whole team moved like it was a warm up. FUCKING DISGRACE!

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  11. This is the epitome of what is wrong with our squad. We never show up against the smaller teams and lately haven’t been showing up at all. Everyone (myself included) was happy with the signing of Monreal, but we clearly require something in the attacking department as well. We had TWELVE corners in the first half. We retained what seemed to be100% of the possession. Yet Blackburn manages to finish their chance while we can’t score even 1 of our 30 chances. Something is very very wrong with our club.

    Thumb up 43 Thumb down 0

    • Definitely some time spent on shooting and corners should be in order. I mean wtf, do we even practise corners any more? No one can even cross, its like we spend our whole time doing one twos in training.. which we’re not even that good at

      Thumb up 15 Thumb down 1

      • The Ox often gets into crossing positions, but he’s almost always moving so fast that he can’t actually aim his crosses. He is not really a winger. He has speed but against a parked bus he is not able to use that speed to any great effect.

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    • At least three of them were so fresh back from injury that they were probably not 100%. Sadly Wenger seems to have looked at this as an ideal game to get them match fit. They’d have been great coming on at 70 minutes for the three that replaced them today as we would have been winning at that stage probably. He should have worried about Bayern Munich on Sunday, not Saturday.

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  12. I think that’s it for me. Wenger should go at the end of the season. No other club would put up with this. Losses like this happen all the time in th fa cup, but for it to happen to us again couple with th loss to bradford i just feel like someone isnt doing their job properly.

    It just isn’t good enough for Arsenal Football Club.

    Thumb up 37 Thumb down 2

    • This. As much as it hurts, it’s possible to dismiss one loss to a lower league side as a fluke but to see it happen twice, and to see such a fuck-awful performance each time… sorry but there’s a problem with this squad.

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    • Mata was a target but we couldn’t compete with wanky Chelsea. He chose to go to them over coming to us, presumably because they were offering him more in money and opportunities to win things. Can’t blame him really except that he plays for a classless whore of a club.

      Thumb up 10 Thumb down 1

      • We wouldn’t meet the buy out clause for Mata dithered and dawdled as usual. Deadline for his buy out clause expired they then wanted more money then chelsea came in later on with an offer for him. Believe he was on 60k a week until recently thats about the money we pay to Diaby,

        Today’s game just depressing!!!!

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    • He didn’t want to come to us. had nothing to do with price. We were only allowed to be mentioned as a potential target for him in order to ensure he got the best deal he could from Chelsea.

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  13. Proof if any were needed that our squad is about as deep as a bottlecap and that serious transfer business will need to take place this summer.


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  14. we had about 10-15 corners and not even once we had a perfect cross. Alex oxlade chamberlain is today’s flop of the match.

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  15. Possibly the worst 70 minutes of football I’ve ever seen. Thanks only to Blackburn it got interesting in the last 20. Terrible.

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      • Jonah is an improvement on cunt I suppose jjb, and probably why I don’t gamble as I’m shit at predictions.
        I also said I think we had turned a corner but that turned out to be dead end too.
        Agree manure in the final would have been worse mate because its written somewhere that rvp would have scored the winner just to round off the season.
        On the plus side mrs v is taking me out to dinner and she’s paying so every cloud and all that.

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    • But I do agree with what you said. Its always the way, we concede, then the crowd has a go, then the team have a go. Normally we pop at least one in but whats done is done. Losing to Mancs in the final would be so much worse.

      Thumb up 2 Thumb down 3

      • It would be worse at the time, but unless we were humiliated it would become a “good try” and an “honourable loss” very quickly. I feel no lasting pain about losing FA Cup finals to teams like United… Just hate :-).

        Swindon Town, on the other hand, I still cannot get over. This loss is the same as that, except that Swindon were brave and we just had an off-day. We had a team that could have torn Blackburn a new one, but we lost because we didn’t pick that team. This loss will be with me til I die. I HATE it already.

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  16. I have never seen a person as stubborn and pig-headed as Wenger. Once he thinks he is right, nothing makes him change his way. Even humiliation after humiliation handed to him even by lower league teams.

    Thumb up 33 Thumb down 4

  17. Yeah, playing like it’s a final each game. Fuck off. It just doesn’t look like our players know what to do when we have the ball in the final third. Gervinho is the reason we didn’t buy anymore in the transfer window? Well that is a relief. Bringing back Henry would even have been better, as he actually knows how to score.

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  18. Havent seen the game. Sounds like a typical performance of this season. Im not gona jump on the bandwagon. Im not surprised, in fact, im pretty calm when writing this. Makes a change. Lets just get this season over with, and deal with squad/coaching/managerial/board issues at the end of the season. On to the next one…….(im so calm, my standards have dropped so low, thanks Arsenal F.C).

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  19. Sucker punch!

    We bossed possession and somehow lost. Our attack didn’t turn up. I thought Giroud should have been rested. I thought we deserved a goal atleast.

    Thumb up 10 Thumb down 1

  20. shit of a performance. should have won in the first half. don’t understand why wenger said he is totally for FA cup then put second strings for the starting lineup. does he fancy any chance with bayern munich, who have only conceded 7 in their last 27 matches. gawd! how are we gonna play against munich. spielberg get your screen writer ready, we are expecting another tragedy.

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  21. Defenders who can’t defend. Strikers who don’t. Players who don’t play until it’s too late. Fuck this team.

    Also fuck Mike Dean, what is that like 1 win in the last 19 he’s officiated for us. Oh and fuck Sian Massey. Walcott was onside and that should have been a penalty.

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  22. Absolutely disgusting performance by both players and manager. SAnti ,walcott had a week’s rest. Totally retarted decision not to start them and then bring on gerv et all. Wenger making the same mistake again and again is unacceptable for a manager commanding one of the highest salaries.

    Thumb up 14 Thumb down 3


        Thumb up 11 Thumb down 20

    • du bist einer von denen ,die auch in diesem spiel sagen würde,was für eine tolle aufstellung ,das ist die elf die alles holen wird.oder?? du kleines arschloch !!! wir haben keine scheiß spieler! nein ,wir brauchen einen der mit diesen Topspielern weis wie und wann man sie richtig einsetzt,wie kann man so mit einer elf anfangen wo doch der FA-Cup so wichtig sein sollte naja,was solls.
      für mich ist es eine genugtuend gesehen zuhaben das PODOLSKI dieses elend
      gott sei dank nur ansehen musste und sich eigentlich sich jetzt schon gedanken machten sollte ; warum spiele ich eigentlich nicht in so einer Gurkentruppe von anfang!?Ja Poldi,genau das frag ich mich auch,aber das gab es es schon immer erst mal die ins rennen schicken ,die ohne hin mal froh sein können gespielt zu haben.Fakt für mich ist es!! bei so einem wichtigen spiel wie herr wenger in der presse meint,auch die spielen zu lassen die auch für das CL.spiel gegen Bayern spielen sollte.!! BAYERN MÜNCHEN ist aufgelaufen als wäre Wolsburg ——-Arsenal,genau so muss ein Trainer einer Weltelf reagieren.Auch bei Bayern sitzen topspieler auf der bank!! aber wenn eine Mannschaft gut funktioniert soll sie auch weiterhin zeigen was sache ist.Genau diese spieler die heute auf der bank waren hätten heute mit sicherheit das spiel für uns endschieden
      Weiter so Wenger !! bewahre alle Topspieler für deinen letzten auftritt gegen Bayern München.ich hätte mir gewünscht das wir im Fa cup weiter wären statt zuhoffen gegen eine übermacht wie die bayern etwas zu holen.
      ja ,das wars wohl ,zum thema scheiß spieler wie du, wie auch immer meinst.!!!!!!!!!!

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      • Sorry ich hatte noch was wichtiges vergessen!: wer ist eigentlich Giroud?? ist das der komiker der nur tore erzielen kann wenn Walcott ,Podolski und Carzola ihn zufällig anschießen .? der kann sich noch nicht mal gegen einen 2.Ligaverein durchsetzen.obwohl genügend möglichkeiten da waren,aber man hatte ihn leider nicht richtig getroffen wie gegen West Ham,aber er hat ja leider kein einfluß auf seine Mannschafts Aufstellung,Pech für ihn ,denn die anderen wissen noch nichts von seinen sonderbaren Fähigkeiten tore zu erzielen ,naja was noch nicht ist kann ja noch werden vielleicht beim nächsten FA -Cup mit einem neuen Trainer und einem selbst denkenden Stürmer der nicht auf andere angwiesen ist.

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  23. Ox is not ready yet & Gervinho is Gervinho. Why can’t we replace them straight away at the start of the second half? That’s the ideal, simple, common sense thing to do! Jeez..

    Oh whatever.

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  24. Haha did anyone see the cock pretending to be injured? Fuck sake! Hahaha hahaha what a fucking idiot player that number 22…

    Thumb up 15 Thumb down 11

    • Well he did at least have a couple of attempts on goal. He wasn’t bad considering he was coming back from an injury (like half the damned starting team)

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  25. Losing a game to the worst opposition I can remember at home feels like eating pig’s vomit.

    Seriously, Blackburn were absolutely toothless and completely ordinary.

    Arsenal are guilty once again of supreme arrogance. No urgency,no spirit, no leadership, no passion, no drive, no incisiveness, no hope.

    And Wenger looks on weakly from the bench utterly powerless to inspire any change of direction. Lame duck manager.

    Thumb up 50 Thumb down 0

    • That should help!!!!! Get rid of all of them in one go, and don’t forget all the deadwood too. Then next season we will win everything. Yeah!!!!!!

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  26. Fuck this. Lucky goal for Blackburn, though Szczesny could’ have done better with that save . I do not wanna see Gervinho wearing AFC shirt again. Tuesday, it looks like, is gonna be a rough day- unfortunately.

    Thumb up 24 Thumb down 1

  27. Imagine that??? Pretending and rolling around in the 2nd minute of extra time. Fuck off cock! No balls…. Absolutely no bollocks that boy!

    Thumb up 11 Thumb down 12

  28. Like I’ve just been saying Ive spent just over 10% off my salary today and the players didn’t even come close to putting in 20% effort



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  29. Poldi ich sag es dir zum letzten mal komm nach hause.dieser froschesser hat keine ahnung von spielern die wissen wie man eine 6.Liga bezwingen sollte.
    es ist eine schande für Arsenal,aber Gott sei dank hat ja der froschesser dich nicht eingeplant !! gut so ! jetzt werden sie wohl erkannt haben was Arsenal wert ist oder??

    Thumb up 2 Thumb down 19

      • wenn dich das jetzt schon ärgern sollte.!!!! würde ich dir empfehlen andere fussballfans die ihre eigene Meinung vertreten zu meiden.
        Gruß Arsenal und Poldi Fan.

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    • translated the above comment using google and found this
      “Poldi I’m telling you for the last time to come hause.dieser frog eater no idea of players who know how to beat a 6.Liga. Has
      it’s a shame for Arsenal, but God has through the frog eater so do not be scheduled! so good! Now they will probably have recognized what is worth or Arsenal?”

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      • sehr gut übersetzt !! ich könnte dich einmal zu einem Bundesliga topspiel einladen,wenn du mir deine Mail zum twittern gibst.
        Gruß german Arsenal Fan.

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  30. Hmmnnn … that wasn’t very good.

    Diaby was so bad today I laughed a few times when he got the ball.

    The very sad truth is that Blackburn are better at defending than us. I am not even joking.

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    • not much giroud can do with Ox, Gervinho, Diaby, Walcott, etc. flinging shite at him from all sides leaving him trying to climb over 8 piles of shite while they watch from forty yards away. He could have some better positioning + vocal leadership in the final third. Vermaelen, on the other hand, I cannot believe. How do you not track the ball until it’s out of play. How do you stand 5 feet from the ball on the goalline and watch it hit the post….

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  31. I have had enough of this shit. 36 years supporting Arsenal good times and bad but never have I seem so much faith in one manager who in my option has lost the plot.

    Thumb up 17 Thumb down 5

  32. First of all… well, we’re still in the Champions League. Let’s not count oursevelves out before it’s time.
    Second, we do have to change. Wenger showed no mercy to Andre Santos signing Nacho Monreal, can’t see why he can’t do the same with Gervinho. However, on paper, the team should’ve won. Clearly something has to change tactic-wise, because I can’t recognize this team anymore.

    Thumb up 12 Thumb down 2

  33. And who is supposed put the player there to do the finishing??? It’s been his fault for 7years running now. Wake up, man. Wenger should be sacked!!!

    Thumb up 15 Thumb down 1

  34. Genuinely gutted!
    Usual huff and puff with no final product.
    Please arsenal can we use this feeling against bayern.
    Stop doing this to us

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  35. The Ox’s crosses were utter shite, Gervinho was…reverting to his old-new rusty ways of not being able to complete anything. Giroud was running about trying to do something but didn’t.

    Oh but we still managed 26 shots with 12 shots on target, 54% possession and no red cards. pfffft the lot of them can take these stats and shove them where the mental strength oozes out of because we lacked quality today. Plan B was off tune today.

    Bring on bayern…

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  36. What a shocking result again. Gervinho wouldn’t even get his game for Bradford. It has to be Wenger’s fault. He is the manager. There isn’t a chance we can win the champions league. Even if we beat Munich which we won’t

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  37. Arsenal sucks! This season, last season! For a long time! This club is taking all money from honest supporters and not giving back enough! That’s frustrating and sucks! Wenger lost all respect:-(

    Thumb up 16 Thumb down 2

  38. i didn’t expect us to make it to wembley anything can happen its a cup, so yeah one game at a time… but this? and the cl? if you can’t even beat the domestic lower teams how do you beat europe’s best teams??

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  39. How can we go from the fighting, passionate team display at Sunderland to the laboured, completely lack-luster shower we were today? Painful to watch. So inconsistent this season. Wenger has to take a look at himself at the end of the season and do the decent thing – let someone else have a go.

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    • Because today didn’t start with the few players on our squad who play like they give a shit and actually give it their 110%: Wilshere, Sagna and Ramsey. Also obviously can’t deny or underestimate the talents of Santi and Theo, so make it the 5 who started against Sunderland who didn’t start today. If anything it just shows how wafer thin the squad is if we can’t rely on our B team to take care of business against a lower league side.

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  40. Seeing as you didn’t do it after Bradford, you gonna fall on your sword now arsene…? Oh how silly of me, for 7 million a year, why would you….? Can’t sign anyone cause they don’t improve on the players we’ve got….? YOUR HAVING A FUCKIN LAUGH…

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  41. i cant understand how can anyone on the arsenal board not do anything about this. its been 8years and they are just sitting there while handing over control to another sitter across the ocean.

    this have become a normality now. any win feels like a cup atm.

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  42. Arsenal fan for 25 years and this is the darkest season we’ve had. A greedy board and a manager who clearly no longer has a clue. Too pig headed and stubborn to admit he’s lost it.
    Anyone who still believes Wenger is the right man for the club are not genuine Arsenal fans.

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  43. sorry but I only care about finishing fourth these days. as a club we will price you all out of season tickets and then when you fork out your hard earned money to support us we won’t even bother turning up and then ill make an excuse and won’t even accept that we are becoming a mid table club or that we have no ambition. On the bright side I’ve no intention of leaving any time soon.

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  44. on top of numerous, numerous other criticisms:

    you would think that we would be able to score one of our 542 corners we took today

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  45. I have signed up to the site today after avidly following the yoyo news our arsenal delight us with recently to say. FUCK . THIS . SHIT. Seriously, fuck it. The boos ringing around our shiny, red, luxurious stadium said it all. Bring in a team 10% of the 49ers and we would see something change. We don’t have that. We need more than fucking FFP to win trophies. Do you know what I hate the most? I write this with blind optimism that it isn’t over. That we will tell bayern where to go. Stupid? No. .. The love of a fan.

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  46. Saturday officially ruined. Gervinho, Diaby…..ugh. Run 2000% to get to their penalty box……stop just before you get there……look around…..take a dribble…..look around some more…..let their entire 11 get behind the ball…..take another dribble……look around one more time…..lay the ball of to Arteta 5 feet away from you.





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  47. What the fuck just happened? I’m not sure whether to laugh, cry or stay completely emotionless due to how fucking often this happens.

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  48. The match was fixed. Only possible excuse. Come on how many times do you expect arsenal players to play without desire. It was definitely fixed.

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  49. you guys are talking is if that Kronke and Wenger give a damn anymore about winning anything. they have had 5 to 6 years of successfully bleeding this club dry. where is all this transfer money? it’s in someone’s pocket. they don’t have any ambition other than. making sure that they get their revenue numbers

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  50. This would NEVER happen if someone like Mourinho was in charge….it just wouldn’t. The players know Wenger too well and he can’t motivate them anymore. It’s NOT that Wenger is a bad manager….it’s just time fr a change. How could we do any worse with another manager?

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    • That last bit is fucking stupid. We will avoid relegation this season with Wenger in charge. If he goes I would not feel completely confident about saying the same next year. Things could get much, much worse.

      We need somebody to MAKE Wenger strengthen the team by replacing or loaning out some of the players who didn’t do a job today. Coquelin needs to be loaned out and watched carefully when playing for his loan club to see if he is any good. Gervinho should be replaced because he has had many chances and can only turn on the goals for his country, not his club. The Ox needs to be taught to do the basics first and the flash stuff as an occasional extra. Somebody in the team has to learn to cover the back post when a team is attacking us, as we let in most of our goals there.

      But mainly we need to get the motivation away from Wenger, who is like a doll with a pull-string. He has about three phrases he trots out when we play poorly and none are motivational. We must get in a proper sports psychologist with expertise in team motivation. Our team have to go out there not hoping to win, not saying winny stuff but not really meaning it, but with the intention of totally fucking humiliating the opposition and beating them so badly that they dread playing us.

      Barcelona’s success is not just in their skills (they keep buying our players, so we have the same skills), it is in their heads. They truly believe they will win because they are winners. We don’t do that.
      We hope we can bounce back with a better performance in the next game. We wonder why we played with the handbrake on.
      We just need to get some wins under our belt and then we will see if we can go on from there and put a run together.

      We have a loser mentality because were were at the top for a few years, but now we are failing each year by “only” coming third or fourth and nobody will let us forget it. We need to get a sports psychologist in so that the team can get a real “Us Against Them” attitude like Liverpool have (the team, not their idiot fans), because with their mentality and our undoubted skills (I’m talking first 11 here) we would be way better than we are now.

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  51. Diaby is too much overrated by Wenger so that his injury can be said as a convenient reason for Arsene’s failure. He is not a game/season changer. He was just an okay midfielder. Rosicky is thousand times better than him

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  52. Wenger must go tonight! This will allow us to get a manager who can motivate the team and will hold the players accountable for their performances. He won’t even let Bould coach the defence. What control freak would do that. We are a laughing stock. This is making me miserable!

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  53. I feel like absolute shit right now, like i kissed peirs morgan’s ass.
    We lost van persie, lost to m***********g BRADFORD and now this! 36 matches undefeated here now gone FUCKIN BULLSHIT!
    i mean we are not suppose to lose the way we are and we stand no chance in cup competitions as one match or the other we mess up real bad.
    I felt like crying today.
    What have we turned into? i’am not even in the mood to point fingers at the players. Just fuck.

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  54. Why the fuck is that we always make the shitiest of teams seem like they are good enough? The players who played today should be ashamed of themselves. We never seem to learn from our mistakes, Some of the players should never put on an Arsenal jersey in the near future. It seems like the only thing you need to get in the team is Wenger’s trust. No matter how shit you are. Gervinho was supposedly the best player at AFCON. Bloody Hell.
    Bringing off Rosicky while keeping Diaby was just plain confusing. Rosicky atleast tried to make something happen. Diaby takes his fucking time no matter what the situation. Its Infuriating as hell.
    I need a laydown. We cant handle Blackburn. What of Bayern?

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  55. The painful part is that, you guys are saying all this now but let them win one game and anybody with a contrary opinion gets a thumb down. You’ll always be fooled by wenger.

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  56. If we are going to be honest, Arsenal did not play too badly but today was bad, luck deserted us, the Referee was a bad omen in itself and Blackburn defended well and were lucky, some other days we would have scored up to 3 goals. We have to forget the loss, there is nothing we can do to reverse it and the manager need not be harassed or insulted. Let us face Champion league match against Bayern Munich and also to qualify for next seasons CL spot. The loss today might be a good thing as events begin to unfold. Hope, courage and optimism are what we need.

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    • We’ve been thinking losses like this could actually be a good thing for five years or more. They never have been yet. We have never been inspired by a loss and gone on to do something good or better. Our losses in cup matches or in humiliating circumstances almost always lead to a bad run. The nearest we came to benefiting from a humiliating loss was our recovery after the 8-2, but that could equally well have been down to Arteta getting to know the team.

      If you watch caarefully you will see Wenger using this trick. We play like wankers and he says we must bounce back and show what we are made of. We then scrape a draw with some shit team at the bottom of the table and he claims it shows our spirit. The players know better so just get more depressed and lose a little bit more belief. Poor losses are bad.

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  57. There was so much lacking in this display, I don’t even know where to start in trying to understand it…. One thing is lack of urgency/winning mentality, poor final ball, a couple really poor individual performances… Didn’t it seem like Rosicky was the one most likely to open up Blackburn and was growing into the game? So why take him off? Was he getting tired?

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  58. That was disgusting gamble wenger took today ,gervinho is not an Arsenal player by a million miles and the rest of them dithered about doing fuck all ,no confidence against a championship side at home!
    Got feeling this week is going to get worse.

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  59. Lack of investment ,lack of direction ,lack of interest ,lack of management ,lack of quality = get that cunt Wenger and his money grabbing board/owner the fuck away from our club.

    Thumb up 5 Thumb down 3


    Thumb up 11 Thumb down 4

  61. i m gettin used to dis…8 yrs. n nothing..!!heh.. b.m looming large on wednesday..i m ready for another humiliation in both d legs…

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  62. We seriously lack quality, wenger lacks passion all of a sudden the least he can do when we playing shit like dat against a team as shitty as Blackburn is keep yelling at the players while they are on the pitch we dominated possession with no sense of urgency what so ever. Definitely another trophyless season, 10 seasons myt just be the majic number

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  63. I will be disappointed if there isn’t a big overhaul of this squad over the summer. Drastic changes need to be made. There are quite a few players we should cut our losses with. There’s no use in booing the team though, doesn’t help anyone

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  64. Honestly thought that we finally had some momentum going just before the substitutions were made.
    When I heard it was going to be all three subs at once I thought ‘that’s going to be a bit disruptive’ and then……. oh……. great……… we’re losing.
    I think the tactic should have been to leave the three subs standing there on the touchline stretching and looking threateningly at the first XI because as soon as they knew that there was a chance they would get replaced today they woke up and started to play.
    Perhaps without the disruption of the substiutions the goal might now have happened but I can only speculate, will never ever know for sure.

    Either way due to the lack of, well, everything from everyone today this whole scenario utterly disgusts me so I’m off to get shitfaced.

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  65. Lordy lord. Is there a very complicated, technical reason that we can’t break down teams who sit behind the ball? It’s freakin crazy. I will say this though, Blackburn deserved naff all from that game. No ambition, just a lot of huff and puff and one whiffed shot that bounced into the back of the net. Why? WHY?

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  66. As an Arsenal fan frankly I have to admit that we have no way to beat Bayern now. No idea. No sharpness. No mental strength. No tactical flexibility (as we’re always going forward for all opponents and making substitutes at 70th minute!) . No leadership on and off the pitch because we have a stubborn manager. 10% chance of winning only comes from Bayern themselves if they shoot at their own feet!

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    • Hey wenger hat sich verzockt mit dieser aufstellung!! wollen wir jetzt weiter weinen ?? nein !! Wir können auch anders,wenn Wenger seine Bank spielen lässt die geschont wurden können wir Bayern das fürchten lehren.
      Es ist zwar der FA cup weg ,aber nicht die Hoffnung noch Schlagzeilen in der CL zu machen .Wer zuletzt stirbt lebt am längsten.
      gruß prinzpoldi aus dem kalten deutschland,aber wenn Arsenal spielt ,scheint bei mir die Sonne.

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  67. Nine years. Thanks for all the memories Arsene but it’s time to say goodbye. I don’t think any gooner feels happy about that statement but it has to be said, we have to have a frank discussion with ourselves. Being anti-Wenger isn’t taboo any more.

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  68. @ABBAS, I feel sorry for rosicky too, thought he really grew into the game and was being very creative, looked our best source for creating a goal. I would have thought that he could have been left on and diaby could have been subbed…? I think it’s time we give rosicky more chances to work his way back into the first team, surely he could play ahead of gervinho at least and be subbed on more often.

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    • “Hmmmmm really” the good news is after about 25 years, the blows seem to soften slightly, either that or you lose all sense of feeling and just become numb to the pain..

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      • He should have Arsenal board’s permission to give money. He tried to do it , but they didn’t allow him.
        Btw even without Usmanov’s money Arsenal can compete for title. Only Profit from revenues and player sales is required to improve this team. But our manager and board are reluctant to do so.

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  69. End of the day nothing will change. It happens every season and it will happen in the upcoming seasons. The only things that can change the club are when the emirates become near empty or another guy takes over stan or wenger which the chances are practically 0%. It’s impossible to be optimistic.

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  70. As soon as I saw Mike Dean as a Rep>I said oh shit its one of that day to either loose or draw,cuz I hate him to be officiating My club>knowing that he’s a cunt who doesn’t love Arsenal.But I cannot hesitates to say WENGER OUT..unless we can see some improvement in the CHAMPIONS LEAGUE!!

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    • In all actuality Mike Dean didnt influence the game negatively. The decisions he had to make were pretty straight forward. Lets not try to Wenger our way out of the facts that remain clear for all to see. We are no longer competitive enough. We lack players of sufficient ability who can contribute to our cause. Unless Wenger spends to strengthen the squad we will remain in this state. And from knowing Wenger the signs do not look good.

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  71. Why are people surprised?
    Wenger’s priority is top 4 and the money champions league football will give us the following season only not to spend any of it.
    Trophies are not a part of Wenger’s philosophy anymore which is why he didn’t strengthen when our Invincibles players started to depart. After the injuries in 2008 Wenger had an opportunity to just bring in 3 players to get us back on track and we probably would have won the league, but instead he refused to spend, believed his squad was good enough and the rest is history.
    It is now 2013, we just got knocked out of the FA cup at home to Blackburn with our 1st team, our only real chance of a trophy this season and will probably get knocked out in a very humiliating way by Bayern.

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  72. Every year in the off season the CEO, the Manager and all the players say Arsenal is more than a fourth place side .” We will win a big trophy this year” they promise.
    I have an unhappy feeling we Gunner win the Wenger trophy for losers.
    Again 🙂

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  73. EMBARRASSING, I think just about sums this up!

    Defeat against Blackburn is ONE thing, but defeat against Blackburn on OUR OWN PATCH is another thing completely!!!
    I flagged up a couple of weeks ago when talking about this match that Arsenal CAN’T AFFORD TO MAKE TOO MANY CHANGES for the game, and so it proved.

    3 changes IS all it takes to transform a GOOD TEAM into a AVERAGE TEAM.

    To be honest, it AMAZES me how Wenger continues to get away with it. After ALMOST single-handedly building this club into a true European force, he now seems INTENT on tearing it down, brick by brick.


    What we are currently witnesses is mis-management at its best, with the vast amounts of money being spent/invested on mediocre players such as Arteta, Mertesacker, Santos, Park, Chemack, Arshavin, Jenkinson, Bendtner and WORST of ALL Gervinho!

    Ask yourself, which of those players mentioned above would get into Liverpool’s first-team, let alone the teams who we are currently competing with?



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  74. Empty that fucking library and changes will happen. I say we block that fucking stadium against Muchen. We will lose heavily anyway…. That should send a message….

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  75. I remember this happening a few years ago. We looked like we would win the game we brought on our subs and lost.

    So you can look at this game in many ways from the Managers point of view.

    1. he wanted to give other players a chance to see if they could be part of his plans going farward e.g. Gervinho.

    2. He sees the champions league and premier league as more important that the FA cup and couldnt afford to play his best side.

    3.He clearly felt the team he players with the strength of the best was more than good enough to beat a championship side.

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    • 3. He clearly felt the team he started with the strength on the bench and taking into consideration the team they was playering was more than enough to win the game.

      But in my point of views he messed up the FA cup was a trophy just winning it would of taken all the preasure off them cause they get everything else right.

      With the Style of football, the stadium and well the clubs won from a finacial point of view.

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  76. I said it so many times>if wenger will leave Arsenal if we lost out FA CUP,CHAMPIONS LEAGUE,and Finished outside top 4>I would love that to happen,becouse every body is tired with the OLD MAN>turn me down as long as you wish,but that’s the reality>Because nobody at the Arsenal board can SACKED WENGER,but to shut his pointless top 4 finish>is to not qualify!!

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    • I agree with you@AlaminIImam…He will have no any other excuse when we finished outside top 4…he should leave and to any club where he’ll get his top,top,top,top players to play with..but not in Arsenal#WEARETIREDOFYOUOLDMAN#

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  77. Been reading this crap for months now. Love Wenger hate Wenger . Come on he should have gone months ago when pep was still on the dole. I love arsenal but this shit needs sorting now

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  78. Don’t feed the trolls. Stop paying overpriced tickets just to watch our team crash out every season while struggling for 4th and to be humilated domestically and in Europe.

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  79. Sadly losing to Blackburn is a low much like the Bradford loss was. These things happen.

    I have a hunch we will beat BM on Tuesday – football innit.

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  80. I am still wondering what Diaby was doing today, he truly had a horrible game. Couple that with Gervinho being back to his antics and Ox just being off the mark, I really wonder if we should have just played the team we fielded against Sunderland. I mean they did have the week off, and Bayern truth be told was always a pipe dream anyway – the FA Cup was our best bet for a trophy, and it would have taken at least a good chunk of pressure off the team if they had progressed further and at least lost in a more respectable manner than they did today. Though that said I will say the team wasn’t complete shite (as they were against Bradford) – we dominated most of the game, we just lacked that finish. I am pretty certain had Poldi started in Gervinho’s place, he would have put at least that 1-1 situation away and the game would have been a different story. At the end of the day, Blackburn scored a flukey goal and progressed through; that’s the nature of the FA Cup. It still stings though, because if we had fielded a different team I have absolutely no doubt we would have won comfortably.

    As for Wenger in or out – I still maintain some semblance of faith in him, though that is fading as days like this draw on. That said, who is an appropriate candidate to replace him and is available and is actually a “fit” for the club? I don’t think Mourinho for all his talent is not the right “fit” for Arsenal, and definitely not Roberto Mancini (who looks to be leaving Man City) – so who? That’s what worries me more.

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    This sums up Wenger apologists very well. Shoestring? Now Arsenal has less money than the likes of Bradford or Blackburn?
    A wage bill of 143m can’t be classified as tight budget. Fact : Wenger uses the resources available at Arsenal in a stupid way. The socialist wage structure was an aberration by Monsieur Wenger and this has nothing to do with Stadium debt or working on a ‘budget’ .LOL!
    Excuses and more excuses to hide Wenger’s ineptitude. Some fans really like to embarrass themselves.
    Even if Wenger spent £500 m on the next season signing players Arsenal would still win nothing because Wenger’s lack of tactical nous and poor motivation skills.

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  82. Very disappointing! Although it’s a collective failure, I really thought that Diaby was extremely poor. There were numerous occasions where he completely slowed down play, when we were chasing it towards the end. Gutted! Hoping for a turnaround against Bayern!

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  83. I wouldn’t put too much blame on Wenger.

    I thought the team we out out should have beat Blackburn easily but they defended well, scored a lucky goal late in the second half then sat in their box.

    We played well but just couldn’t put the ball in the back if the net. Possession was ours but we didn’t put enough balls through to Giroud (+ he sat a bit deep quite a lot of the match). I’m surr Wenger will have some questions for the players. Always a shame to go out of any contest but we have 2 bigger ones still in contention.

    Dust yourself off lads and get ready for Bayern. COYG

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  84. any regrets over team selection…??

    Arsene Wenger I quote, No. We had 11 international players on the pitch at the start of the game. When we made the changes we were at 0-0.

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  85. perfect – lull bayern into a false sense of security and then BAM: arsenal win the champions’ league. fuck the doubters, this is a tactical masterstroke, now 50% implemented – we just need phase two to go to plan now…

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  86. That happened. At the onset of defeat, I feel the stomach-churning anger of all gunners. However, can any gunner REALLY be surprised by this?

    Anyone who thinks this was an ill-selected lineup is delusional. I might not have been a world class XI (not sure we have one), but it was enough for the opponents we faced today AT HOME.


    Arsenal Fans: trophies, glory, passionate football, the Arsenal badge

    Arsenal Management: profits, the Arsenal brand

    Arsenal Football Company has chosen to build a world class stadium, fund it by selling off their own world class players, fill it with good-not-great talent, milk the fans for profit, and make someday promises about returns to glory.

    Here’s the thing: We should never have had to have been in a position whereby we need a “return” to glory. Arsenal Football Company has steered this ship off course, sailing towards horizons that have increasingly less to do with football than they do finances. And while I’m not advocating financial irresponsibility, these wankers need to find the balance between what you are willing to pay for and what you get in return. For a corporation (sadly, what we’ve become much more than a club), they must surely be realizing that their all-important brand is quickly turning to shite.

    Did you see all those empty seats?!

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  87. shit ref, shit gervinho, shit diaby, shit coquelin, shit passing….the game was shit. Wondering how many fuckin goals we’ll concede against bayern. I bet bayern were going LMAO seeing us play today.

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    • First sensible comment. It was always unlikely for us to win the cup. Beat spurs, finish above them and I’m happy. We’ll do better next season when these players have more experience playing with each other. Let’s start having some reasonable expectations. The negativity of the fans isn’t helping. We’re not a bad side this season, just really inconsistent. Our goal difference is neck and neck with Man City’s. We’ve been top 4 in goal difference most of the season. Add some consistency next season and maybe we’ll start winning things, but as things are we are not going to do well in a knock out tourney.

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  88. Anyway, enough about the game. Is that lady arse the biggest fucking bellend in the world or what?

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    • No one is going to boycott the Man Utd game ffs, can you imagine standing outside the ground shouting “Wenger out” as Jack Wiltshire rifles one in from 30 yards!! COYG….Bring on the fucking Germans and let’s show them what we’re all about.

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  89. The performance from the front three in this game was plain pathetic if you ask me.

    1) Giroud was completely invisible this game. He just hung around the last defender and refused to make any runs, only looking to head the ball down or to lay off a floated ball into the box when it came to him. He had zero presence and attacking threat in a game where we were dominating possession, which speaks volumes if you ask me.

    2) Ox showed some flair and had plenty of the ball but kept making runs into the middle instead of burning down the touchline. Whatever for? He was a major reason why the ball kept getting recycled back into midfield, and why the team had zero penetration.

    3) Gervinho was just being… Gervinho. Nobody knew what he was doing every time he got the ball, and I doubt his team mates knew either. He had the same problem as Ox in constantly drifting into the middle, and did not provide any width at all. At least he worked hard enough to have his chances unlike the aforementioned two, but he just wasn’t good enough to make those chances count.

    Thumb up 3 Thumb down 2

    • 1) I’ll be interested to see the stats. I think Giroud needs quality supply. He made runs but the suppliers (Gervinho, Ox, and ?) weren’t actually passing to him when it mattered, in my opinion.

      2) When he burned down the flank all his crosses were taken at a full run and a foot from the goal line, and they all went wayward. More of that would not have helped Giroud score goals.

      3) Yes. I think Gervinho was getting in Giroud’s way, and Giroud reacted by trying to get soem space between him and Gervinho, taking him away from where we wanted him to be. Gervinho should have stayed further on the right and let Giroud actually be the striker.

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  90. Just out of complete curiousity. How many others jump on Football Manager, take a role at Arsenal and then list Diaby, Gervinho, Arshavin, Bendtner, Park, Denilson, Chamakh and Squillaci immediately for any price so that they go, agree to pay them the few thousand a week until the end of their contract. Then take that money and go out and buy 2-3 top players using the income coupled with the huge war chest, then go on to push for the title?

    I know the similarities between Football Manager and the actual football world we live in are different, but if the majority of us do that as soon as we boot up a fictional game based on non-fictional players, who isn’t to say that is what an actual manager with desire would do if he was in charge of this club?

    I have been a firm believer of Wenger for so many barren years, I stood by him and said that he needs a bit more time, like he asked for. He has been overdue on that time for quite a while now. He always says judge me at the end of the season, yet before we can judge him, we are in the next season as a weaker team being told to judge him at the end of that season.

    It’s a farce. I loved what he did with this club, he took us from midtable to the top, his legacy will forever be in the hearts of Arsenal fans. But he has taken us to a place he can no longer compete at, he has stagnated and he is in very real danger of leaving the club how he found it. Just millions of pounds richer.

    Thumb up 12 Thumb down 1

      • I was merely only using it as a tool for how we would all react in Wenger’s position. None of us have ever managed a football club in reality, at least not at this level. In virtuality though, sure some of us have. If we were all in Wenger’s boots, we’d get rid of the deadwood and use some of that giant pile of cash we apparently have to make a few inspired buys and get us back on a level to compete for the title. Would we not?

        My point is that if Wenger is no longer manager of the club, we would bring in a new manager full of optimism, change and desire to win something. Would he, like us, ship out the deadwood and make some much needed investments? Reality and virtuality suggest he would. I was just trying to make the point through a way that would make sense.

        As for the difference between real life and video games, I am well aware of it.

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  91. I still think that Wenger is the man to lead us. After all, he did win us the double – and we were invincible for one season under him. Who cares if we haven’t won anything for eight years? Fourth place is a trophy. I hope that the Board call him into the Grove next week and offer him a new ten-year contract.

    He deserves it for all the success he has brought to our club.

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  92. @fatgooner sorry for the dislike but the minute I heard somebody with a good word for Wenger’s I just reacted. Reacting early eh? That’s not like anything to do with arsenal. Should of hung around till the end, fucked it up and went away with my tail between my legs.

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  93. Haha stop moaning, you’re getting exactly what you deserve. Every time this happens you let Wenger get away with it by pressing the reset button.

    The man is old and out of touch with modern football. The game has moved on tactically but he’s just sat still and hasn’t the first clue how to change the flow of a football match.

    As soon as I saw the line up I knew this might happen, yet Wenger can’t – or was willing to gamble AGAIN.

    This will happen every season until the old fool is gone. For god sake, when are you going to take a look at yourselves and wake up? History is history, the past is the past. Arsenal need to move on.

    This website is becoming an embarrassment to Arsenal as much as Wenger is becoming an embarrassment to himself.

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    • ‘The man is old and out of touch with modern football.’
      But modern football, as you say, is crazy. What should a sensible manager be doing? I don’t know. I agree he took a gamble and it didn’t pay off and he does that fairly often. But he’s also done some good things — like consistently finishing above teams that spend more than us. He’s developed good young players. When Cesc left he rethought his strategy and decided to focus on British players. Look at the results with an open mind. How many teams have someone as exciting to watch as Jack Wilshere? Has that guy at Everton ever developed a talent like that? I think not. I was watching Champions League this week and Man U were boring as shit to watch and Real weren’t much better. Real even made a lot of the defensive errors that we are prone to — that Mourinho is a con artist. Let’s not forget that Chelsea and Man U aren’t in it after spending ungodly sums. Spurs and Liverpool didn’t even qualify. Give Wenger a break.

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  94. I wouldn’t mind seeing us playing in the Europa next year. It could be good practice for younger players like Ox and Coqu, and we wouldn’t have the strain of the Champions League drowning us during the season. I would like Arsene to maintain his record of finishing top four though. If you don’t think that is an acheivement then there is something wrong with you. I hope we win one of our games against Bayern Munich just to send a message, but you can’t put too much pressure on this team. We’ve been in transition for a while — loosing Cesc and VP. Trophy drought yada yada: Some of those teams were close to winning. This season and last season, we didn’t have much of a chance. Steady improvement on this season’s results and we’ll be back to it soon enough.

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  95. My Dad took me to my first Arsenal game nearly 20 years ago, in September 1993. He took me to dozens more over the following years.

    He moved abroad 8 years ago, so hasn’t seen a game in that time. But finally, today, at the age of 26, I had my chance to say thank you, by splashing out a total of £115 for a couple of tickets, in what was a complete role reversal. (This on top of the £1400 I pay for my season ticket – but I wanted to get two seats together, so left my seat empty today, and effectively paid over £150 in total…)

    What a bunch of c*nts for ruining it.

    Still, at least we had a nice long chat about the good old days… and there have been plenty of those.

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  96. I don’t see why people are getting into a debate about whether or not we’ll finally spend beyond our player sale income this summer. While extra quality would help us secure the CL and (with a gigantic amount) challenge for the title, why should we need new signings to beat Bradford and Blackburn? Not to mention we played Bradford with a very strong side

    We had good enough players for tonight too, a manager must take some of the brunt when they lose to a mid-table team from the championship

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  97. Fuck this shit ! This is beyond ridiculous.
    Giroud looked lazy as fuck not making a single run behind defender or movement in the box with low first post crosses etc.
    I reaaally had to hold my temper and not fucking smash something when Gervinho bottled that huge sitter.
    Szcesny pooooor goalkeeping, u learn at the mini’s how to punch a ball away from danger man come oooonnnnn !!!
    Wenger sayin’ Blackburn have one shot one goal, while Arsenal had more then 15. That says a whole lot about the quality of the players u bring in, Wenger!
    Man, i’m so depressed thank God its saturday night. Hopefully i wont remember nothing of what happened today.
    Where is this going & when is it REALLY FUCKIN ENOUGH GUYS????
    Damnn this hurts !!

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  98. we were too respectful of Blackburn ?? That can’t be a serious comment ?? We were clearly totally disrespectful of them. We just passed the ball around aimlessly waiting for them to roll over for us. It was a lazy, smug performance totally lacking in any real convinction or desire. And sadly, it’s something we have become used to seeing on a regular basis. We have a team with a ridiculous sense of entitlement totally out of sync with their actual achievements.
    And yet still Arsene defends his players publicly over & over. Of course the AKBs will say he has to keep their confidence up etc etc……but how do you think that’s working out for him so far ??? How about just once coming out with ‘that performance was totally unacceptable for Arsenal Football Club & if those players play like that again, they will not have a future at this club.’

    It’s thoruoughly depressing. We will never forget what he did in the past but it’s been clear for a while now that the longer he stays the worse we get (this is the worst team of the Wenger era & the stats back me up on that) & the longer the road back to the top for his successor.

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  99. “We have just lost a game today and we don’t need to think too much about the eight seasons, The players who played today didn’t play eight seasons ago and we must focus on the next game.” -AW

    Well you fucking managed each of the last eight seasons!

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  100. The majority of folks on this blog spreading their vitriol against AW have never been to the Emirates nor travelled for hours on a weekly basis to watch this team play.
    AW was not to blame today.
    The team at the start of the game was good enough to beat that dreadful dross Blackburn team but for me the moment the ball remained idle on the corner flag because no one took responsibility for the corner kicks…I knew we would lose the game.

    The Ox is not having a good season and we had 12 corners on the first half, and their Keeper saved one…all other 11 went wayward. Not one got to Giroud…..

    Diaby slowed the game down to crawl pace…inviting Blackburn to defend well…and Gervinho could not find Giroud on the penalty area because Giroud was too much up his own backside to try and find Gervinho.

    Those two misses by Gervinho is a great example of a player who is NOT a Striker and will never be good enough to play for the CLUB.

    With the exception of The Coq and Nacho…EVERYONE on that pitch was NOT good enough today.

    That Blackburn team really WAS NOT A GOOD side….and our mind set was to Lazier Faire and we did not “boss” the game…. Diaby is afraid to run with the ball because he is fearful of injury. And Arsene ….know matter what you say….DIABY WILL NEVER BE THE PLAYER YOU WANT HIM TO BE…..SORRY.

    This team had a full week off to rest and sleep and recover……

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    • Well i’ve been going to watch Arsenal since the early eighties, and i think Wenger was to blame, the players on the pitch had more than enough talent and abillity to beat Blackburn – what they didn’t have was the motivation, and that my friend IS down to Arsene alone…

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  101. It took all of one game for an out-of-position Coquelin to get slaughtered on here. Bravo people, bravo *slow clap*. I’m ashamed of some of you.

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  102. I’m pretty much convinced now that the team’s training consists only of full field 1 touch passing games for an hour, after which everyone goes home.

    There’s barely an offensive plan A, let alone a plan B

    Clearly no defensive work at all. Pressing by the forward players is non existent and the midfield doesn’t know how to work with the back 4.

    Nobody on the team except maybe Poldi can actually cross the ball. Even when a good cross does come in there is hardly ever more than 1 teammate in the entire box due to the lack of offensive co-ordination.

    I can’t remember the last time I saw anything close to a decent corner or free kick routine this season. Arsenal has got to be the only team in Europe’s top leagues that never exhibit any kind of a planned set piece. I’m not saying that Arsene needs to get them doing corner kick routines 3 hours a day but come on even most rec league teams have better set piece plans than Arsenal.

    I would say that they spend all their time working on fitness, but we all know what happens when this team plays more than 1 game every 7 days. “We looked a bit jaded out there” etc. How is it that NBA and NHL players can manage playing 3-5 games every week for months, and sometimes even games on 3 consecutive nights, but when footballers don’t get at least 4 days between matches they can barely perform?

    What’s the point in having such a great training center when the squad doesn’t even practice most of the things the football teams ought to work on? I think this is the main problem with the team, as all of the above points are things that can be improved through practice, and in the end it comes down to the coaching.

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  103. I’ll put some money on Bayern beat us, if we win I’ll be happy, otherwise will WIN some money!!

    I bought my neighbour and fellow gunner a shirt and when he wear it to his firm Xmas party his colleagues said jokingly ” what a pity!”

    Well we do not have great defenders to park the bus and it’s not Arsenal so no Champion League. Better luck next year!

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  104. Anyone notice how much Blackburns newest manager looks like our Kieran Gibbs? Apart from that no comment, shit day rolling out of bed hungover to watch that crap then just about avoiding a beating by some prick on the holloway road after by explaining the dross I’d had to sit through. re above, you can get 50/1 on betfair for us in the champos, that’s twice the odds we were at in september, fuck it, I have. Roll on tuesday, Bacary will step up.

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  105. as people say arsene doesn’t change his ways. e.g. why did he Arsene motivates players…why did that attitude and Wengers manners inspire Henry, Bergkamp, Pires ,Lauren, Adams success. and not yesterday those on the pitch, the player should look into their hearts and own level of performance. they are better than that. subbing rosicky and not diaby. was wengers fault, although diaby is tall and better at heading for set pieces attacking or defending than rosicky. never three subs at once as what if a later injury. and yes walcott not tracking back again. which is why sagna has a season of bad performance. giroud as well as gervinho not good yesterday at least he got into a scoring position with his feet.

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  106. I’ve supported Arsenal all my days. I’ve been to many games. And I’ve supported through thick and thin. But… I. Want. To. Kill. Gervinho.

    I won’t be going back to the Emirates until he is gone. twat.

    Mind you, after yesterday, the rest weren’t an awful lot better.

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  107. Teams under Wenger used to be stronger together than the individual parts. No longer. Now arsenal is in a downward spiral and Wenger is powerless to stop it. But the problems are deeper as we have a weak CEO and an owner who didn’t buy arsenal to win trophies but as an investment. Unfortunately I see the barren spell extending more years into the future. I feel sorry for my kids who followed me to support arsenal……at least I have witnessed success.

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  108. Here’s my take on all this shit.
    I’m starting to feel quite philosophical about it all now: rather like a man on his deathbed.
    Although of course, I’d rather we win, with this management, this is not a reality. So if we win a match: good, we win.
    If we lose a match: …we win, in the long term – because it’s a step close to lost-it Wenger, Gazidis, $ilent $tan and the rest of the incompetent, greedy board all fucking off.

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