Sagna wants more clinical Arsenal to avoid Bradford repeat


Bacary Sagna says that Arsenal cannot afford to waste chances against Blackburn in the FA Cup tomorrow, and pointed to missed opportunities as the reason for the Carling Cup exit to Bradford.

Although Arsenal beat Sunderland last weekend, they could have won the game more easily with better finishing, and the right-back says the Gunners must take their chances.

“I don’t think we deserved to go out when we played Bradford,” he told Arsenal Player. “They fought as much as we did. We created many chances but didn’t score and at the end of the game, we went out.

“Anything can happen and it was a warning. We know Blackburn are a serious team. We know it’s going to be hard. Everyone wants to win and everyone knows how important the FA Cup is for English football.

“We’ll go for it 100 per cent. I had a chance to win the French Cup back in the day and it was just great. I would like to feel the same.”

Gervinho, who was especially wasteful in the Carling Cup could well be part of the front three tomorrow, so lets hope he’s got his African Nations boots on.

Meanwhile, Wojciech Szczesny says the game against Blackburn is massive, and says the team will be going all out to end the club’s trophy drought.

“As you know, we’re desperate for a trophy – so we hope we can give our fans something to cheer in the FA Cup.

“It’s massive for us. We’re three wins away from a final at Wembley now so we’ll give it everything.”


  1. in the last couple of seasons, blackburn have made wigan look well supported

    and wigan is a rubgy league town

    therefore the only sensible conclusion is that blackburn deserve nothing less than a massive beating

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  2. This is exactly the kind of game made for Olivier Giroud to bang in a few to put us through, and also in preparation for the forthcoming CL and EPL games. I sincerely hope he starts. He is getting better the more game time he gets.

    Give him the full 90 Arsene.

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  3. Trophy is not just to cheer fans ,winning it should mean it for players as well. Come on get it right tomorrow and maintain that consistency till season ends and win both cups. Anydrop in performance or complacency and arseblog will will comeback with torture ratings.

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  4. For whatever reason our collective heads never seemed right against Bradford or many games around that time. But we seemed to have turned a corner in that area now. We will beat Blackburn.

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  5. I though Gerv was offside when he missed that sitter at Bradford? Not that it’s an excuse for it though, and he certainly can’t say his hair got in his eyes anyway.

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  6. Tony Blackburn has a lovely voice. Other than that can’t think of anything else endearing about this football club. Please thus go forth tear them a new one Arsenal. Then we can worry about that small team from Bavaria. Up the Gunners!

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  7. What is this myth that Gervinho had a good African tournament contribution?

    As far as I saw, the moment he met a half-decent defence in the form of Nigeria, he was completely anonymous and , well you know, Gervinho.

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    • The squad we have is the one that has to get us through the rest of the season. If Gervinho is a confidence player, as has been suggested, we should get behind him and give him a massive welcome back at the Grove tomorrow. In fact, lets get behind the team and give it a bit extra for the rest of the season

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      • maybe to may confidence players not enough take the bull by the horns players? one thing we do need to do though is be behind the team from the first minute to the last.

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  8. I see a 3-1 victory here. I don’t think I can ever forgive Blackburn for giving Mark Hughes, David Bentley and Robbie Savage employment. Oh and Kevin Davies!

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  9. apropos of nothing much at all, just saw an advanced hair studio ad on telly (watching us smash the kiwis at the crigget)

    and it featured jeremie aliadiere

    i shit you not

    i mean i only think of him as a youth player so wtf he’s doing getting hair implants alongside shane fucking warne is anyone’s guess

    but, blimey.

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