Santos tipped for imminent Gremio move


Last week the acquisition of Nacho Monreal cast a very dark cloud over the Arsenal future of Andre Santos. Today, with the rain clouds just about done pissing all over him, it appears our smiley happy Brazilian will be hitching a ride on a rainbow back to Brazil.

According to L’Equipe our part-time-left-back-full-time-social-media-fiend is wanted on a six-month loan by homeland side Gremio and could complete a move by the end of the day (even though he was training at London Colney this morning).

It’s reported that Gremio president Fabio Koff is hoping to have the player register with regional football association CONMEBOL this afternoon so that he can play in the Copa Libertadores.

“André Santos is one of our interests,” Koff is quoted as saying by “We talked with Arsenal, but there is nothing certain. It is a very difficult negotiation.”

Despite the difficulties in bartering with the Gunners, it is believed a resolution is very close to being reached. Apparently the transfer deadline day in South America is actually on Tuesday, but everybody at the Brazilian FA will be off on Monday celebrating Carnival. They do love to dance don’t they…

Just last week Arsene Wenger stressed that Santos did still have a future at the Emirates, predominantly because Kieran Gibbs is out injured for a month, but despite the fact Nacho Monreal is cup-tied for the Champions League it now looks as though the boss is ready to sever ties with a player whose ill-discipline both on and off the pitch has made him a target for disaffected fans.

It’s a shame things haven’t worked out for Santos at Arsenal. Something of a panic buy, he does have great feet for a fat fella and a winning smile. Alas that’s not really enough to succeed at the highest level.

It’s likely that the only people truly disappointed by this news will be Arjen Robben and Franck Ribery who were both tipped to tear him a new one in Munich.

Best of luck from Arseblog News, you crazy kid.


    • He did okay last season, was hoping to see more of than rather than him leaving on loan – considering he’s the only backup with have to nacho now.. Looks like Vermaelen will be LB in the Bayern games afterall.

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      • I liked the cuddly maverick, I thought he was starting to show good form until his injury last season halted his progress. This season has been a disaster though from the shirt swapping and “he drives how he wants” to his performances on the pitch. Shame!

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      • agree mate, going forward last season he looked a real threat, and that goal against chelsea was quality too – if i remember right. hope he finds some form, has a good pre-season for next year and comes back strong as he’s got the build to be a real bully in the LB position.

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  1. Hope it works out for him — and I for one wouldn’t be sorry if it was a loan move. If he can get himself sorted out back home in Brazil, I’d welcome him back if he wants to stay with us.

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    • I think he said something himself at one point to the effect of: here in England it’s very different from Brazil; they don’t really “do” defending in Brazil.

      …I could be making that up. Oh well, too late (click Submit Comment).

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  2. Daily Mirror have just said Arsenal denied said claims although they deny everything till its complete. Really hope the story is true. Not arsenal quality, enough of having poor players at the club, this is Arsenal FC, we’re by far the greatest team the world has ever seen!

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  3. Err what? I know he’s more of a mascot than a player but surely its silly to be going into a champions league tie with 0 left backs. Even Meade is injured I think!! Cleary Arsene is pinning our hopes on the ‘we’ll just score more goals than you’ tactic!

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  4. Ok Santos isn’t the best LB in the world but with both other options not available for Munich, Kos and Verm have knocks of varying degrees were not exactly looking to great going into that game

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  5. It’s nacho time santos. But on a srs note though, is angha going to take his place or what? Isn’t he too young?

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  6. what’s with all the loans instead of out-right buys? i’ve got to say, these clubs are teasing us with the possibility of getting our players shipped out to make space for what will hopefully be upgrades in those positions and then leaving us the proverbial equivalent of blue balls syndrome on our wage bill.

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    • It’s because no one will buy a poor player who wants the same wages as we’re giving them. Ask Wenger why we’re paying a King’s ransom to Squillaci, Arshavin, Denilson, Bendtkner, etc. Ask Sp*rs why they’re paying Adebayor so much too. They and we sign up these wasters on inflated contracts. It seems our strategy is to hoard and get all the young talents, so we pay on average more for talent and potential, because we aren’t willing/able to compete for established stars. Hence why we end up with a load of fools. Actually, wait a minute — Santos and Arshavin were established. Anyways, you know what I mean.

      We basically can’t get rid of them. Sort it Wenger!

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  7. Robben hasn’t started more than the occasional match for Bayern in months. Bald v Fat was always going to be a match up in fantasy land rather than reality.

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  8. Unless they are paying all his wages I’d keep him and play him further forward, maybe a handy sub.
    The fact we can’t sell these players must surely tell Arsene that his ‘socialist’ pay structure doesn’t work. If you do well you want more, if you don’t do well no one else will pay you what we do so you see out your contract.

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  9. Thing is he wasn’t actually that bad last season, until his injury at Olympiacos.
    Shame it’s turned out this way.

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    • For some reason this pic made me sad. I know Santos hasn’t had the greatest time here but he does love the club and hasn’t complained about his limited playing time. Good luck with your future endeavors, Andre.

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  10. Fabio Andre Koff, his full name. so, F.A.Koff.

    I’m a gremio supporter, and I think it’s a good piece of business, this transfer (even if it’s a short loan. we just let our LB go because he showed up for pre season 15 kilos overweight) – he’s the guy on the left, btw.

    so we welcome arsenal’s fat guy. hopefully he’ll do a good libertadores cup for us and go back to the gunners in shape.

    (and if yous are interested in our fat LB, I heard he’s on the market on a free transfer)

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  11. So long Santos, as much as we all criticized you for spending more time in the canteen than on the training-pitch, we shall never forget the screamer past Petr Cech at Stamford Bridge in Oct’2011 which leveled the score at 2-2, or the similar goal agains West Brom in the last match of last season which ultimately kept Arsenal in the Champions League.

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  12. As much as he’s not a very good left back he’s good going forward. I would rather he stayed and we had him to cover on the wings. He’s looked especially rusty since coming back from injury. I suppose some regular games on loan might do him some good.
    I wonder if he just wants to go and swap shirts with Denilson…
    Good luck to him whatever happens.

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      • Ssntos was ignorant that day. you can blame the fans as you want but almost everone lost respect for this guy from that day, dont these footballers read papers for fucks sake. we were losing to united and this guy swapped shirts with judas.
        I know its tradition in brazil but with little common sense he could have totally avoided it.

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    • Only in a team like arsenal could it ‘end his career’ lol. Cant believe that is still even a problem after hes apologised

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  13. Good luck for him. He was nice fella and its just weird that last season he was not that bad, and in a sudden, he lost his form.

    Against Bayern, we can play 3-6-1, like Juventus does. With Sagna, Mert, Vermaelen at the back, Koscielny, Arteta, Santi, Jack, Walcott and Podolisk infront of them and HFB as the lone striker.

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  14. We are on track to win the Wenger trophy for 3rd or 5th place in the league
    A couple of quality signings and we will win trophies again
    Well thats what we have been told for the last nine years
    May be it will come true next season 🙂

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  15. From “Cuddly Maverick” to despair…

    At least Weng Weng isn’t beating around the bush with this abomination.

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