Wenger: There are many layers to my Nacho


Arsene Wenger has promised that Nacho Monreal will prove himself a very useful addition to the Arsenal squad having done well to survive a baptism of fire against two of the Premier League’s most physical clubs.

Dropped into the deep end with a debut against Stoke City, followed by a trip to Sunderland a home game against Aston Villa, the Spanish international has cut a solid presence so far with the Gunners securing three hard fought victories and keeping a couple of clean sheets.

Reflecting on the 27-year-old’s bedding in period, Wenger played up his new man’s defensive and offensive qualities.

“The first thing you want from your defenders is to defend well, so we cannot reproach him for that,” the boss told the Arsenal Magazine.

“You will see the other aspects of his game more when his confidence has settled.

“There is no better culture shock than to play against Stoke and Sunderland.

“Monreal is good in the air for a guy of his size, has a quick leap and has looked good. He is very strong in other areas too, his crosses for example, and his forward play you will see a bit later.

“It happened with Kieran Gibbs too, the more confident he became the more efficient he was going forward. It can take a bit of time to express that side.

“There is no better culture shock than to play against Stoke and Sunderland.

“He has not said a word to me about it, but he has spoken with the other players and he has seen all about the passion and commitment of the English game. You can say Nacho Monreal passed that test.”

It remains to be seen who will be Arsene Wenger’s first choice left-back when Kieran Gibbs returns to full fitness. The Academy product was enjoying his best season to date at the Emirates only for another injury to force him off in the 2-2 draw with Liverpool.

As things stand the Spaniard has a chance to consolidate his credentials in England and given neither Andre Santos nor Thomas Vermaelen have proved themselves capable of filling the left-back slot he’s got the full backing of the supporters. It’s a shame he’s ineligible for the Champions League as he was sorely missed in the 3-1 spanking at the hands of Bayern in the first-leg.


  1. Nacho mayne. Seems full of passion as well (celebration with cazorla) and that’s exactly what we need to see in the players. Good ingredient to winning matches.

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  2. Hi guys,

    I know on yesterdays news I said I would write another song/chant, but you all hated it so much I thought I won’t bother as it took me such a long time to think of it. So today I thought of a good idea of a banner we can take to the Spurs game instead.

    On the banner we have a picture of that cool squirrel that ran onto the pitch at Highbury. Then Underneath I will write;
    “Q: what is the difference between this guy (arrow pointing to squirrel), and the spurs fans (arrow pointing to spurs fans) ??

    A: One is a really cool squirrel, and one is a bunch of gimp-lords!”

    What do you think?

    Awesome Arsenal all the way!


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  3. All well and good, but now we need to be a focused and committed team for Sundays match.
    Snatching these points away from the spuds and with Chelsea in turmoil we have to seize our
    Come on you Gunners!!!
    What about Ian Wrights statue?

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    • I think he is more concerned about his Media career, (often at the expense of his ‘beloved’ Arsenal) to even care how he is perceived by fans anymore.

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    • Ian Wright is actually planning on turning himself into a statue. Starting with his teeth, he plans on becoming entirely composed of gold by 2016.

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      • He set the goal tarrif for Henry to beat.
        Short memory some people.
        Or have they forgotten all about all the goals he got for the Gunners.

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      • Fucking hell mate, I’m not suggesting we have him drawn and quartered. It was a stupid joke about his stupid tooth. I don’t see the part of my comment that criticised his finishing ability either. Maybe I have have to give credence to his rambling nonsense opinions too?
        Perhaps I can’t take the piss out of Arsene’s coat becuase of the invincibles?

        By the way, next time you decide to be outraged, it’s ‘shameful’.

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      • Nothing you have said in that last blog had anything to do with football. Your right it was just a joke, a joke from a real Joker!
        Arsene’s coat ha hah ha invincibles ha ha ha
        ha. Stop please my sides are splitting.
        Did you hear about the one where a guy turns
        into gold by 2016? Oh sorry I see you’ve
        have. YOUR VERY FUNNY:-D
        Hold on is that Jack fucking Dee!!!

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      • Easy, precious. Nothing to do with football? Ian Wright, his finishing, Wenger, The Invincibles. I was hardly discussing the Oscars was I?
        You’ve really got your work cut out if you’re going to get bent out of shape at every Arseblog comment that isn’t related to football, by your precise criteria.
        As we’re at it, the word ‘tarrif’ (spelt correctly or using your creative effort) has no place in the discussion of football, unless you’re talking about the points awarded for games or gambling odds.
        Besides, joke or not, you managed to miss the point that we are allowed to criticise a player outside of his playing career. Wrighty’s opinions are often poorly reasoned, negative and conture-productive. They’re not conducive to him being given a statue.

        By the way, It’s “you’re”. Reply with gibberish again for your next lesson.

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        Jack mate your boring me.

        If all you can come back with is some
        ‘predictive text’ hang-ups, mabey you should
        check your own. What ia that ‘something’
        productive??? Dick
        Go follow the Spuds where you belong.
        And on you sadly mixing up blogging with
        collecting an Oscar. Well you won’t get an
        Oscar for your comedic ability thats for sure.
        At no point did I mention Ian Wrights
        misplaced comments or his poorly reasoned
        arguments. I was talking about his footballing
        ability when he was playing and what he did
        as a Striker for arsenal. You knob!
        That is why he deserves a statue on the back
        of todays announcement of our fantastic
        Berkamp’s honour.

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      • How old are you? I’ve been talking to a school-going teenager, haven’t I? More fool me. Just in case you are a grown up, I’ll end this long after it should have.
        Wright doesn’t deserve a statue because players are about more than their stats. Dennis epitomised our change in style and culture, he was the prime example of how Wenger changed the club and English football. everything about him deserves recognition.
        Now, as an example, George Graham won a lot of trophies with us (like scoring a lot of goals) but will not be remembered as fondly (won’t get a statue) because he took bungs. Do you see the point I’m making? You need to consider more than just his goals.

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  4. Sorry to all you Kieran Gibbs fans, but comparing Nacho to Gibbs is like comparing Fabio Contraeu to Benoit Asou-Etoto. There should be no question regarding who is ‘1st-choice’.

    What made Gibbs stand head-and-shoulders above Santos was his SOLID DEFENDING which is the minimum we ask of a fullback. Kirean Gibbs was also excellent penetrating the opponent’s final-third into dangerous areas. However, all that work penetrating usually went to waste because his crossing/shooting/passing was absolute sh!te.

    Nacho gives us the FULL PACKAGE. As solid as he is defending, he is EVEN BETTER with his crosses/passes/shots-on-goal.

    Witness the Contraeu-Di Maria combo which makes Real Madrid so deadly. Monreal-Podolski can potentially be just as deadly!

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    • In any case it is very reassuring to have players of that quality fighting for a place. It can only be to our benefit. Wenger can rotate regularly between the two without worrying about losing any quality, I think our RBs offer a similar solution also.

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      • Es tut mir leid, aber wir haben nicht Deutsch sprechen hier sehr gut, auch mit unseren Prinzen auf der linken Seite!

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  5. Gibbs is like 24 or 25 so he still has a little time to improve. hopefully they both stay healthy and they’ll both lift many trophies here at THE ARSENAL

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    • I see a future in which both Nacho and Gibbs are on the left. Gibbs’ forward play and finishing are good enough for him to be a left winger. At the mo, we have Gerv, Ox and Poldi on the left. I recon that Gibbs is better than Gerv and Ox. Poldi seems to need frequent rest periods so why not Gibbs?

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      • Because hes not a winger! He doesnt have the technical abilities to play there. Storming forward from an LB position once in a while is entirely different.
        If anything, should he find form and confidence again, Santos would be much better suited to play as a winger.

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  6. We really missed him against Bayern, Fuck EUFA for stupid rules…can’t a player already registered with a former clube be erased and slotted into another team…Why was eraser invented? to clean up pencil for corrections to be made…

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