Wenger unhappy with lack of Wilshere protection


Arsene Wenger has expressed his unhappiness with the refereeing of today’s 1-0 win over Sunderland, suggesting that his players don’t get the same treatment as the opposition.

Arsenal’s players were subjected to a series of cynical fouls from Martin O’Neill’s team, with one seeing Jack Wilshere having to be substituted, early in the second half.

When asked if he was happy with the officiating by Anthony Taylor, Wenger said, “No, I wasn’t, especially on Jack. I was a bit frustrated because I thought many times, Jack didn’t get the free-kick he deserved.

“The referee let two or three things go that I thought were fouls on Jack. I want just the referee to give a foul when it’s a foul. I don’t want any special protection.

“The referee is not a bodyguard, he is just a referee and you want him just to give a foul when it’s a foul.”


    • It’s not just Jack either. It’s Arsenal in general. Like that BFG clearance that some twat blocked with his hands well raised and all of a sudden was one on one with Szcz.
      I remember telling a friend of mine, “that can’t happen against united”

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      • FUCK. Don’t even let me start on the amount of cuntery the fucking cunt larsson showed. He just fucking stepped on ramsey and got away with it. I hope someone from arsenal learn to fuck other players up like keane or pepe.

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    • And the fucking commentators kept saying we are soft and the players were choosing to stay down blah blah… Sunderland started the game with clear instructions to ‘let Arsenal players know they are there’… Sunderland looked a bit Stoke-like at times and that makes two games in a row our players have been kicked with similarly poor protection from the refs. Such bullshit.

      The truth is it is part of the game and even now when Arsenal is not doing s well, most teams have stuck to the philosophy that to beat Arsenal you have to play physical and kick them a little because the Arsenal way is to move the ball around, you break down play with such fouls then you slow the momentum. And when the ref doesn’t call the foul, it’s even worse. How many other teams get played like that week in, week out without complaining. Fergie would turn red while the FA cowers, Mancini would mourn in Italian, Benitez would bitch, AVB would break down in tears… You get the gist.

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      • You know what’s fantastic though… 2 games against two cunty windowlicking teams who were sent out to kick us off the pitch – and two gritty 1-0 wins. That’s really fucking satisfying and shows this side has a bit of a backbone. Jack is a huge part of that, I’m certain his attitude is rubbing off on the others – even Cazorla showed a bit more physical presence today.

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      • To be fair, this lot seemed worse than Stoke. O’Neill has made Sunderland far worse than they were.

        The ref went from letting everything go by to then switching and carding everything.

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  1. We’ve been getting fuck all for years Arsene, you should know that by now…. Is utter bollocks… Most referees aren’t happy until Arsenal players have been kicked out of the game… Wankers….

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    • Some of our players exaggerate their falls (Arteta). We don’t get the decision. Some of our players try their best not to fall and play on with knocks (Wilshere). We still don’t get the decision.

      There is no way we can win over the favour of referees unless we fire Wenger, drop to mid-table and get rid of any player who is able to pass the ball on the ground for more than 6 yards.

      Then hopefully whoever is behind this will be happy that English football becomes just like Scotland with the two Manchester clubs winning everything every year, and when one of them goes bankrupt, so goes the only source of revenue. Get stuck in lads!

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  2. The FA should have a meeting with all the refs and tell them he’s the future of the England football team and then he’ll get the protection that Rooney, Gerrard and Lampard get. If he was a diver, he’d even get a few undeserved penalties too. As a Scotsman, I don’t care too much what he does for England but if this keeps him fit and protected for Arsenal, I’m all for it

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    • No, the FA should start using foreign refs. I know it will never happen. But, shit, watching United struggle at home in Champions League group stage matches this year convinced me that the playing field in England isn’t level when it comes to the officiating, It just isn’t.

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  3. When an arsenal player commits a player its usually an immediate yellow.If its the opposition first couple of fouls gets waved on..then the ref gives a warning..and then comes the booking..I know some will say cattermole got a yellow for his first foul..but that was such an obvious one..horrible tackle it was on ramsey

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  4. If we ever put up a seriously title challenge again and if we were in the mix to win the league, we would be kicked out of the title chase like we have been in the past. This happens to our players when we are playing well and frustrating teams. Its the only way they can deal with us and stop us from playing. Only a matter of time before someone gets a leg broken again.

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  5. It’s beyond fucking ridiculous already! Ref’s buy into this bullshit notion that Arsenal are weak and therefore it’s okay when teams are rough against us, then they end up letting vile horrible challenges on our players slide. No wonder we’ve had 4 leg breaks on our players since 06, we’re always the most at risk because of it.

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  6. Just wait for the headlines tomorrow from all the idiotic, illiterate journalists in Britain: “Wenger wants special protection for Wilshere”. No he doesn’t. He just wants a foul called when it’s a fucking foul.

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  7. 5 minutes or so towards the start of the second half that sum up both Sunderland’s strategy to cope with our midfield, and the ref’s attitude.

    Wilshere gets tripped late/off the ball (unpunished) and has to leave the field. Shortly after, Ramsey goes into a challenge and someone stamps on his ankle (unpunished). A little latter, Arteta goes into a challenge and gets kicked on the knee (unpunished).

    Pretty much a microcosm of the whole game.

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    • you forgot the part when X player passed the ball through the legs of player Y, representing the goal that won us the match

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    • Best part is the most cynical challenges cant be dealt with afterwards, because officials were looking straight at it and did nothing.

      Nice rule there cunts. Makes perfect sense,

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    • Larson kicked Ramsey’s ankle was unpunished went straight away and fouled Arteta nothing given! Cattermole started as early as the first whistle! Fouls every where! The ref had an agenda! Jenks did it twice and he was off! We need refs to give a foul when it’s a foul… We don’t need protection!

      You injure good players like jack?? No wonder England don’t win anything… If Rooney and co are protected because the play for Manu and Liverpool but you let a better English player get kicked because he plays for Arsenal is madness

      England will never win anything untill they eradicate excessive aggression

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  8. heard arseblog saying he missed us getting red cards n 3 points. well…Carl’s the man. superb defensive shift. Ramsey and sagna for motm for playing out of position and playing the best they could.

    Carl simply lacks confidence.just doing the basics.this ain’t time for basics.

    COYG. nervous for 45 minutes.still shaking.need me a drink!!!

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  9. I can understand why gets fouled..Messi gets fouled a lot as well but then Spainish refs are intelligent enough to call fouls when necessary.. Our refs are stupid – if wilshere is play acting then book him. If not, then give him the free kick.. There is nothing in between..

    I am just pissed off with the fact that on one hand Jack is deemed as England’s saviour and on the other hand he is been kicked like they want to finish his career tonight..

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    • Only at Arsenal are the English stars not protected. Not Theo, not Wilshere. And when he goes for an England friendly, he plays the whole freaking game just because Hodgson wants a win against Brazil.

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  10. I find it ironic that Wishere was replaced by our most fragile player. I understand that diaby can provide some degree of physical presence and that perhaps is why Wenger chose this option as opposed to bringing Podolski onto the wing and moving Santi to the middle. As soon as he came on he took a few crunching tackles without a whistle and I flashed back to his incident with Joey Barton. I guess the only other option in the middle was Rosicky who is even more fresh out of the doctor’s office. Oh well fuck it, we won and the response to the repeated rough challenges was excellent from those on the pitch.

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    • I think Diaby dealt with their thuggery fairly well.At one point he was surrounded by three cunts and managed to muscle his way out of it.He wasn’t afraid to get stuck in,made a lot of clearances from their umpteen corners.

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  11. Two weeks in a row we have played characters from The Lord of the Rings we think we’ve got it rough at the Emirates, imagine if you had to watch these Neanderthals on a reglar basis.

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  12. Seriously, how can someone like Lee Cattermole even be called a professional footballer? He is dreadfull and the only thing he does on the pitch is runing around, kicking opponents to the ground and hoping he won’t get a card for it, wich he doesn’t if the referee is a complete cunt like Anthony Taylor

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  13. Not surprised… Martin O’neill is Coach and the return of the thug Catermole …. I wondered how many injuries we would get today… Pity Sunderland do not try so hard against Manure!!!! Strange

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  14. The ref called 13 fouls against us. 6 (!) against Sunderland. Which means we’re a dirtier team than these soft Northeners, apparently. Our dirtiest player must be Theo Walcott (aka “The Thug”), who hurt Danny Rose’s elbow with his face. That’s the second match in a row Theo is doing this, but luckily the ref has caught him this time around.

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    • The home crowd certainly let Theo know what they thought of his thuggery by booing him whenever he was on the ball. Why am I not surprised…

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  15. Are we as a fans can do something about it? Instead of just complaining to each other here? Compile videos to youtube and let it be viral and make the next game referee aware that we dont get bullied by any referee.

    Let our player focus in their game and lets do something. Fuck the manure, other teams are scared to foul them because the referees somehow know that they will get some stick if they take decisions against them.

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  16. Last year the set up a pig-pen of a pitch to stop us and this year they let loose all the pigs on the pitch. Pity they didn’t win either time.

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  17. It isn’t just the kicks and the tackles that weren’t called, there was infinite shirt pulling, dirty niggling elbows and “smaller” offences that disrupted our play and prevented us from moving forward, making a good pass, clearance, etc. These are all fouls – and yet none are called. Just 6 fouls called against them is a complete joke.

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