Wednesday, September 17, 2014
Arsenal v Reading – stat pack

Arsenal v Reading – stat pack

As always our friends at have provided us with another fantastic Premier League infographic ahead of our game against Reading tomorrow.

Click on the image to embiggen and slurp down all that statty goodness.





  1. A must win, simple as that.

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  2. Ah yes, the EPL is back on. Gather around gooners. Coyg!

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  3. Barclays Premier League trophy

    Bring me back no North London please… I want to meet my Golden twin of 2003-04.

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    • Barclays Premier League trophy

      back TO north london of course… Fucking Manchester stay has messed my typing up.

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  4. COYG!!!

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  5. i believe with God, hardworking players, commited keeper and intelligent wenger arsenal will make top four this season at just nine matches

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  6. Let’s do dizz palsss

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  7. Wenger’s last 9 games I hope. I couldn’t put up with another season of his pish.

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  8. If your not watching Arsenal v Chelsea on Eurosport get it on. Its a brilliant game.

    Gnabry is excellent, can’t wait for him to be a part of the first team. Akpom looks like a good finisher too.

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  9. Is anyone watching the next-gen match on eurosport..what a match it is. 3-1 down now level 3-3 gnabry scores another cracker.

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  10. if ramsey scores tomorrow it’s reasonable to assume mandela won’t last the night

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  11. Both teams trying to avoid relegation, Reading from the Premier League and Arsenal from the ECL.

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  12. Our season is just starting.

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